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. , , -ISSUED IX
. . .j. mCach
"N. . - V..V I I I I V "fc. v I 1 I I ' I t I 1 I I i I I I - I I I I 1 y I 1 I 1 I I I I 1 I I . 4Z,7 tlflllllllll I 1 I I
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"Human 11a tore," says tlw BaltiiiKre
Ahierlcau, "hi th sauie. Im a farmer
that It 1h ou any oiie flse, witli, : it
baps, a UttU? niore of tlio ical buuKin
nature and .less of the'artlfclal.' On
that account the faTnirr1 wlH always
trade with those who trouble them
selves tha most to tx lp hint in t lit tll
liclthm of 2ls own agricultural ,iro
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jcofR down to the fnrm aud pre
pare the comlitlous by which thii4 farm
will yield better "profits, is the-f city
which will win that section's favar.
That lawliy some rejslorw bave , at
taehtd themselves to a totally aUeu
city. Discerning buxius mei hava
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Great Redactions
Admiral Seymour's Colamn Saved
by International forces.
Conflicting Br ports Received froa the
Beat of War Heroic right of tho
klariaea with Seyuoar.
lX)XOX, June 29. The casualties of
the Interuatioual forcv attacking Tien
T?iu iweie: Biitin Killed ti; wounded
1; AtnerieaiM Killed: wountled
(Jeiuian killed 13; wounikd 27; Uus-
siaus Killed V); wounded 37. , j
The gun lire of the American? and
British is described!., as fbeautifuL'
Afteij the relieving force passed on to
the relief f Admiral Seymour, the Chi
nese regulars, under Ueneral Xleb, says
a d'.spatch , from , Hhanshai, ;agaiu t-
taeKeKl TienfTsm fiercely had bombard
ed thie ioreigu set uleutcnt. with, a terrl-
We ,ti(r.,-. .Colouol LKrvartlr HritUh.
eoiuumndiHl the column that relieved
Adutitra) Xeymour,: Tlie . Am? rk;an- taa-
riuesl iaruc;patt'I in the culevemeut.
The a'Vmlral was found eutrencJied and
surrounded 'by;uuiieiise;aiacs;of Chinese-;
who were driva 'off by 'the at
tacking column' offer a lirlsk fljbt. Hi
Jiien iuaI made a brtUlant resistance,
ncveif! failing in courage for fifteen days
of cotitinucd lighting. tHiriug ten days
the iiHu were on quarter rations. They
startefl with provision for three lays.
and tihey Could have held out a day or
two longer. - :
Deeming it hopeless to attempt to
bieak through the hordes. Admiral i?cy
mour! essayed a .nlgbt relief toward
Tien jTsin, but he came int coilislou
w ith a strong force of Chinese arriving
from the northwest, and could neither
advahce nor jretreat. . There vas noth
ing to do but1 to ' entrench and to stand
a siege, lie vainly .attempted heliograph
comniiunicatlon. JSeymour men caugut
rrvetial Chinese, who id tlwt the le
gations had bceu burned and the mia
isters killed. The Chinese disiJayed
fanatical courage 'In. tl attai-k. :V.V
- Four ; thousand ' itussians ; lef t Tien
Tsiu tfour days after AdmlraA Seymour,
bit tiltey jM-ver got In touch with him.
. Railway communication f rora Taku to
TIeuiTsin lias been restored, aud a
foreej I 'Js advancing toward Pekln,
1-Mghting was Jn progress Wednesday.
In tlie vicinity of Tse Chu Lin. and
large'l preparatons are b'ing luade . tp
eupisM-t aiKl ri'inforce Ue Pekiu reliev
ing oolurtm. Twenty thousand troop
of alii arms, Sargely Japanese, have now
been Handed. -- "...
Tliei fate of the members of the lega
tions! Still a mystery. The Shanghai
corr4i)oudent of the Daily Telegraph,
wiring at la5 p. m., yestenlajr, says:
lttijs feiorted on good Chinese au
thority, that tlie governuHnt. alarmetl
by foreign' military , prepa rations, has
-k.4uc ati etlict ordering the is remptory
wupptfrssloii of v tho ; Boxer. -and an
nouniHng its decision to protect the le
gations at all liazanls."
Itritish warships - hare sailed from
Ilongj Kpug to reinforce the nllie'l
squadron at Shanghai. Tlie soutlM-rn
provinces are ending trcops towatd
l'ckirii and 11k exorliis of Chinese of all
classes f Shanghai continues at tlw
rate of from 10,000 to 15,0U0 a day.
A fiCSStlAN nKPOltT.
A .p,, " , .
ter of War has received the following
from A ami ra 1 Ah?xierr. oaten iw Ar
thur, June 27th: "During the night of
Juue ii5th, a iletachimut of four com
p.iu'K'S of Russians, Colonel S-hivinsky
eomilianding, and tlie jnie numtier of
foi elgnefs, went to the relief tr Ad
miral Seymour aud brought. 200 of his
wounded to Tien Tsin. j :
; MtvisTniis safe.
Ileriin.' June 2S. The commander of
ii ) Straw flats. 50c
Clnainir nut a line that formerly sold
for -ents to (1.25. .,;-.
'it ;.' Shirts. 75c
A line of fancy bosoms, worth fl.oo
up t 911 spienuiu vaiues, gooi
terns. , i , -!
Soits, $6.60 .
A 'swell line of wmmcr suits for men
worth $sSdt to Jio.00.
!! Boys' Soits, $1.
A' lSlie' of khaki soldier suits, worth
! !i . Bovs'-Waists, 25c
A Terr nice line mad of striped duck
trimmed In plain blue. Size 4 to 10
years. ; .
Alpaca Coats
I r liwllnlr ItlC
Crali suitit. Iack fwnts. Dock vests.
Crash bats, lion suins. ,
the Cerman quadron fat Taku teW-
Kranua uuuwfiite l June aitb, as fol
lows: f :.. :! ..
Tti foreign! ministers are with the
1 ... . ..1
iamuus loree. , ; ,
According to 'reports of Christians, It
Is added, rfidit lug continued at Tieu
Tsin? Jufie 25th. the fortified arsenal
outside the town teing till in osees
.vkn of the Chinese.' 1 !
Washington, June The following
caUegram was reeelvtHl this uiorniug
Ttoui Adtulral Kempff ;
v "Cbe Foo. June 8. Secretarv of the
Xavy, WashtoSfton About liiOO";for-
eign troops ngw ashore. Sokliers or
dered should report at Taku Instead of
Che Foo. Substituted Nashville for the
Torktown at Che Foo. j Yorktown nsed
as diKitch boat, beln wore; suitable.
Kempff.? -J, I .;:.-..!.'' i -. . ;
The W ar Department received the fol
lowiuit undated cablegram from Oeu
eral MacArthur this morning: "Adju
tant, Ueneral, Washington Transport
left Manila ati 8:30 on the niornlug of
June 27ta, with Colonel Llscum Jn eom
maiKl of- thirty-nine officers and 1271
men.- s --. . -;
Berlin; June 28. The Vorwaerts says:
"Kroin an alwollntely reliable uree we
hear 'f he Russian War MinisierJ.has
seut to all the military and civil au
thorities in Kussia ttik'graphW ; secret
ordtq't, to prepare everytlilng for mobi
lization. ' The arders bear the date of
June isfh andflOth." ;1 , :-
WahihgfOn.i June 28."-Minister Wn
tadled at rhe 8tat Department this af
ternoou and exhibited tle . following
cablerani to Stvretary Jlay: 1 -.
-Cahtou, June 2S. The: kgation'min
Isrters liavicgj left I'ekin. are now
twelve wiles from Tien Tsin, with Ad
miral Seymour. ; IJ Iluug Ohang."
; Tbei minister, explained that tho cable
gram! reachetlfjilm"- from the Chinese
miidfUer io IittJon. lie lelieved the
dilatcli to lie accurate, but thfe State
Department oiBclals iare inclined to
doubt it as yet. ? ;'' x
! fniKlll FATi: IX DOUBT.
VailirngtmJ June 2H. Today's devel-
oinieiits In the Chinese affair were
meagre -and the general opinion liere Is
that ; the two messages' reeeivedi-oue
f romj Kempff j and the other from I J
Hung Chang-tcouhl not be accepted as
settling the imiwrtant quwtloa sis. to
the fate of the foreign mlnijrters a
IVkinind thetr families and attaches.
Tbe rtecretary of. tle "avy, by sis-ial
instruction of tlie "President, had J)een
particular, to cable Admiral KempflT sev
eral days ago ito keep the Xavy Depart
ment LuToriued of evcrytlung that haiv
leid within the. eone of disturbance
in Cliiua. aud It Is believed that his
omlion tofiake any reference. -in Ids
ealiegratu this morning,: to th where
atxiuts of tlfe ministers,: was baCtl on
tlie Absence iof -'lnrortnatjon at Taku,
where the Admiral fa with Jils flsgship.
the3 Newark, j If any Information could
le had at Taku, only thirty miles down
the river from :Tien Tsin,, of the. pres
ence;; ot the niiuhter In Admiral Sey
mour's column, .but eight miles distant,
the! the officials hero cannot tinier
staiut bow rJy otiier (ioTemmont ebttld
have uierr facilities, aul they feel
justified lu. waiting fer further advices
before' accepting the Chinese tate
ments ou tha,t ixint as accurate. : x '
MEfcnxrr w o a ujm nx f the
, Tvi UNivunsprnss;
Harvafd Ixt tlie .Klgit-()oaret Shell
r Usice on Acwmht of an Un
;.' avol kible Mlshai. : i
XKW IJDXIKXX. jConn., June 2S.
Yale won lle eight-oiared 'varsity- rfieK
raoe today.'-peatlng Ilarvard Jy a4xut
sibt lengths. AVith- lhe.-fou-Mrnl. and
frrshiHHn rai-e won, aihl handsomely,
too, and with a k-al wlKii neatiiig the
K,iah; St Urn 1a'. r.it-fcltr i-v'iit. defeat
came to Itatvaid In a stidk'ii and un-
epectcd manner. Harding, the stroke,
who. bad displaced the dlsabhd captain,
coltarsLlsffore tlie three and one-hau
mile flag waif reached, so that Vale won
a IjoUow Tlfitory. Tlie four-Oiirod jcacc;
as was exptvUU, proved rather an easy
vk'tory for Harvard.; The crimson sul
stitute tofk the lead- at the snap of thsf
pistol and bud no difficulty in keeping
it. 3 - ! - " s - i- "' --
Tha freshmen contest wa something
of a j-dlsapitoiutiMent t the Js'ew Haven
men. for tor VaCe youngsrters had ln-en
picked a winners. Instead, Harvard
showe-l them tlndr rudtk r for two miles
and the event .was.aoniethlus, In the
nature of a procession. -
' .- :.-.,-'. ,.r j , D i - . f
; ! -. .-" I 11 '. -
Came Too fate to, ltenetlt the Spring
j Wheat Crop.
Chicago. June 2S. July wheat closed
tsiay at Scents, 3J cents lwcr than
yesterday. ' -'
.i Uft were rains in ; North Dakota
ami Slanltoiha. but private advices from
these sections ,au-J other parts of the
utrk-ken Krtkwt-st did not vary much
from the recent tone. ;. The Irk-e Cur
rent made 1 tlie total e.tiuiate" of th'
crop winter .-.and ,prfai,.05fUw,XW
Inui'ueK 3mM.t"J lusJiis ot it spring.
eouimred with Statlstkian Snow's e
tiiuste of JvsMK btwlids. It de-
cLired thai with a reserve supfdy, the
crop would ije equal to tlie demand. anl
that the croi yield would be five if
cent higher than the average for th
past five years, v -
The Standard on WUIeh Ilaytl Poises
" r Its! Financial System.
' i Wacli'lrtnn -'' Jnnp 2S. TIh Hetiart
iTM-nt if mat- is advisd. br Minister
Powell, at Port an Prince, that he
bad- been itnfornied that the Oovero
tofitt of Ilaytl lias adopted the gol.l
statfdard, and that the unit of value hi
the! American jjold dolhtr. ;
-"''! -
' Pacific Homestead, Salem, Or. Best
jarm paper. Issuca weekly, a year
The Prohibitionists Have Namdd
1 Their National Candidates.
'! ;.": '-,':.-; V. -. ' ' -' ? "
Ksmm City la rrrpatrias for tb Ibk .
f -cratle UirloK tirjmm May Itm '
Ther to CrwU Kath ! au
CHICAGO; June 2S. The National
Prohibition : Convention adjourned
sine die tolay; after luivlug placed lu
nomination for President, John I.
Woollcy, of Illinois. "and for Vice
President. Henry JM Metcalfe, of Rhode
Island. Nominations In each lustauce
were. made on the first ballot. Only
two candidates for the Presidential
nomination.: were ballotted for Mr.
YVoolley and lie v. Silas C. Swallow,
ot- PeuuKylvauln Hale! Johnson, of
Illinois, wltlnlrawitig his name at the
l;rt luomer.t and throwing bis strength
to" Mr. '.YVoolley. This undoubtedly had
a- great effect on - the result, as the
convention earlier in the day -bad Ikhui
nearly -stampeded for Swallow by tlie.
eloquent siHe-h of II. I. Castle, of
Pittsburg, aud bad the vfrleu Is of '.the'
Ptainnylraiihi cli'rgyninn forcetl the
ballot at tliat. time, the iresult might
Lave Ikhhi different. !
j iPor Vice' President three eandidates
were Irallottwl for It. ' It. Metcaire,
Thos. It. Caseanlon. of West Virginia,
aiid Iter. 1!. ' I4 Entou, of Iowa Mr.
Mi-tealfe reeelvlue, an overwhelming
uajorlty of : the vote cast.
Immeiliatelyi after the announcinent
of the result '. of the ballot ". for the
IVsidentIaI nomination. Dr. Swallow
wtas prtiHjed as a Y'iw Preshleiitlal
nominee. Tlie convention went . wil l
over the suggestion, but Dr. Swallow-,
after a "hurried inference with the
Pennsylvania delegation, refuwd to
accept the nomination. Dnrlug today's
session Chairman Stewart, of the Na
tional Committee. -caUcd for "contribu
tions for the campaign. , and over
7lJU0 was realized lu a few, minutes.
Kansas City. June 28. Convention
signs lire appareut, but not very plent
iful.- No one lu Kansas City talks
altout anything but the coming I ein-
ocratic National Convention. Ihey
art getting ready for the-crowds, too,
and Intend to take- care of.- all who
may come, notwitliwtandlnjt the doubts
that have existed concerning the abil
ity of the city to handle n great Na
tional gathering. Among the couveu
tlou signs are picture of W. .T. Rryan.
and the "eeriess young, leader of
tHsi," looks n lone from many win
dows of sliopK aiil hotels.
: Over at the Convention Hall every
effort Is lielnu made to .complete the
building by ; Wetlneslay morning, and
the men in charge renew their pro
mises that the Convention will not
lie delayed a minute by .reason of lii
complete .arrangements. There Is an
-impression'" that ' Rryan may come to
Kansas City during the convention,
and some of thise.uow here think, a
grejit denionstratiou '-which would fol
low bis -appearance--' would curry the
enthusiasm nil over the -onntry and
start the convention off with a hurrah
that would is? . lteneficiiil.
Tliere Is the faintest' intimation that
there may be a -.eon test over the plat
form. It is not that Il'ryan not only
wants -the. Chicago platlorm re-nillrni-cd,.
but that he also desires the in to
1 deelrttu -refternled as Mrongly
as it was In the Nebraska state plat
form. 4here a re other Demoi-rats who
think a strong r-arriruiatioti of the
Chicago platform In few words, and
then to pass on to 4Imisrllasm,'
trusts ami other new features will be
sufficient. -.'.' 1
An Influential Roer, Who Attetnpte.1
to Raise an Army. Captured by
i Radeu-l'owelL
IX)NIKX. June !. Lord . RolsTts
has M'lit bulh-tins of two small fights,
occurring' on June 20th and 27lb,, In
-which the Roerswere dimwnilltecL In
a dispatch from Iretorla, datel yes
terday. lie says:
"A smalt force of mounted : troops.
with two guns, comimiiideil by Lu-uL
CoL Dreiis?r. was attackid by the
enemy, on lis; morning of Juue 2 o.
seven miles north of Snekal. They
beat off-tlie enemy and burned their
laager. The easosltie were three
wounded ami ten killed. Hunter, tetn
srarily onumandiiig lan Hamilton's
brigade, made one . march yesterday
from Heideliierg toward Frankfort,
without meeting any opismition. Tlie
enemy attacked our Roodvalsprult
post on the l all wa y. . yesterday, but
were easily beaten off. j-
rlJaden-Powell n-tsrts the c-aptnre
of an infin-ntial Itocr named Ray, who
was endeavoring to raise a comtuaikio
In tlie Rustenburg district.': Tlie pat
riot brought In over li rlflin. More
than - rifles and lom Inferior gun
have been taken during the last few
days. j,-.. - :-.
iiy acclamation:
Waterloo, Ta Juue 2. Speaker
Henderson was renominated by ac-
clamation, totlay, by the! third -'district-ltepuMiean
-onveuio. for his tenth
term as Representative 'in Cougress.;
Where lie 51ade a IVrilous Trip ta
lu -vest I gate an lnexrlornI
r iNection of Couutry.
2S. The steamer Al-kl .-arrived, rrom
the North tonight, liringtng sixty ias
scngcrs and $2.VM10 In gold dux t from
Dawson. Among the , passengers on
the Al-kl Is Lieut. J. S.! llerrou, of the
Mth rnitHl States Cavalry .who a
year ago st art ed frtmi Cook's-Inlet,
with a small command, and crosstHl
a hitherto unpenetrated country, leatl
lug for hundmls of in I leu over moun
tains, valleys and plains, to the mouth
of the Tanana. The object of the ex
Itcditlou Was to ssevrtain the feas
ibility of a route through Alaxka, and
obtain Information as to iniuerals,
timber and general data of that sec
tion of Alaska, between ' Cook's liilet
and! the Yukon river.! For nearly a
year: the party was without news
from the outside world.
Col. K. D. IWIggln, land commission
er at 11am part, is among the passcu
gers, on the; Al-kl, bringing the llrst
news from that section. He says the
camp has proved Itself , far lwttr thin
winter than ever j 1h fore, mid
creeks. lere(oonv eonsideriNle worth
less have turned out big cold produc
ers, and he estimates the clean-up
at 2,iH),otn,. :
San Francisco.'. Tune 8. Tlie steam
er Portland, which arrived, from Cats
Nome, rejKrts that the steamer Rose
craiis, formerly the transisirt Mls-
sourl, has gone aground alsitit sixty
tulles south; of Caie , 'Nfliue. While,
her i situation Is not considered mtII
ous, it Is thought she will have con-.'
sidcrahlc ditliciilty In getting off. The
Iloseerans lias a cargo of govern
tneut' supplies on ltoant. "
Iast of tlie Events Which Make the
Saudwlch Islands Part f
! This Nation.
V . " "-' ) . ' !,.-. j i
HuXtH.rH;, June l.-Tlie last of
the. three great eitocli-maklng events In
Ihe; hlst.ory jof the 'annexation of the
Hawaiian Islands to the-l lilled Slates
of Aniertcai took place: this morning,
wlun livcfuor .Sauford, E. !de, the
first cxeeulire o? tlK! ; new American
territory, 'was Inaugurated. , .
f Certain negrotf including two r
time promliM'nt religious 'k-aders of
tliat race, tiM't in PhHadclpiila recently
and organlwd a distinctively tiegro
lltlcal ; patty. The aiirtoiiiitHl pro
gramme of the organization was ratlwr
vague, but lit appeared; to conleuiplale
the nomiuatiou atst supinirt ofcandl-
lates for poblie Miices simply ns n
gros. Such a plan was s evidently
futile that )itt!c. attention was p.ild l
the movement. ' Rut lt. would appear
to have attracted some supinirt anions;
Southern -negres. for 15kcr T. Wash
ington has taken occasion -to warn his
people ii ga hist it. In an Interview nt
Nashville on Saturday Mr. Washington
paid; j ' t
"A colons! man's ii.rly would go forth
with a chip' on Its shoulder, and what
we want ks tsaoi with, the while njan,
and not war. Ijet the; -olored ispl
tlevore tlM'lr attentkMi . to: tlie'cenfiis
enumerators w ho ar now among- tiiem.
Tle records of the ndvancenntit of th:
negro rest r-ti.tlrely with what he Is
able to tell the census man. Iet us ha ve
usre to tell the census enumerator and
less to lell the-politician'1'. . '
- These are-the word of 'bard com-'
moil wihw ami reason and. 'are con
sHtent Willi the attitude Mr. YVahiru.
ton has always t.ikcn. This atlilit'V,
In brief, is that the Way for Ilie bhick
man to win the whlt hum's respect is
to prove his ability to acquire-prorsTty
and go ahead In tlie workl '-"Achieve
economic equality" ban ls-en Mr. Wah
Ington's constaut advice to his 's-opJe,
"and Kditlcal equality can no longer
denied you. ws for social equality,
that will take care of It, c if." Th
whole effort of the Tukegce Institute,
wIktc 31 r. Washington is doing such
oomtiKHilsnjio wfrk'for th- ncfro, has
Iscn to Inculcate aili enforce these
primli!es. TIs peopk of Sak-ni and
ot 1m r Oregon cities have recently had
tin pleasure of listening 1o' me of
Tukcgce graduatsr and teachers.
Prof. ;ilehrlt Stewart, an example of
tlie product of the; method of Mr,
'Wasliingtion. '.;H ""
"My doctor ordered a trip to Eu--njf"
for me."
i "Did yon follow Jils dln-ctlon'f"
"No. He prosenti'd his bill and twk
tls? trlfi to Europe hiuiMif." Val-
ingtou Star.
"Was that dramatic venture n.
tessT " - -' - --
1 "Ves, iudcel; the taw arrest til thn
dress. ibe'sod" the manager, lie susl
the author nii'l thoautlKir Mied the actress.-
'iik-ag liecor;.
f IWlsl-Why don't you consult a doc
tor atxat your )n.oniiiui?
i S!oMi4-Wlwt! anl run no more bill?
(hy, it s Isiaus of what 1 owe bim
now that I can't sleep. Pblladvlphit
.Pacifid Homestead, - Salem. Or. E?;t
farm paper. Issued wetkly. t a year.