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' ..EACH- V
VOL. 49. NO. 19.
Gimp mm i n t worn
Taku Forts Attached tjie fleets of the Powers
on Sunday qnd Were Captured. '
first Conflict Between the Mongolians and the Allied Forces
.Msfe Troops Are Harried to the flowery i ;
LOWDON, yjpne 19. China declar- ing day, the united squadron would
ed war against the world, when the destroy the forts.. .: ,
Taku forts opened fire upon the Inter- "Shortly after .'midnight the - feats
national fleet. The account of what ?n Gefman Ff RuS
. , . "... . ,r., s'an. Vjerman and Japanese -warships re
took place are stul unsatisfactory. The phed. Two of the forts were blown up
unofficial narratives, coming by way of and the rest wcre carried by assault!
5hanhai vary, and bear evidence of Two British, one AmenVan and five
supplementing the mam facts with Chinese warships are in Che Foo hart
guess-work. One dispatch says that dot.' ; - 7T
the Yorktown participated in the bomb- The morning "papers consider that a
ardment. 4 .Another asserts that the state of war practically' exists
American marines formed a part of the f - ,
Morminx force of 200. 'The Associated HERD IN WitivrmM
Press dispatch, from Che Foo. dated 1 - ,N Y" GTO N.
yesterday afternoon, says: -Washington, June 18. The Navy
- "The forts on both sffles of Taku Department : has acknowledge the
are now occupied. The Chinese open- receipt f two cablegrams, received
ea nrr unexpectedly. ine casualties to
the mixed force were as -follows:
'-"Killed British, one; German, three;
'Russian, one, and 'French, one.
-Wounded 'British.- iour; German,
seven; Russian, forty-five, and French
one.-, . r.; ; : , v '
'The Chinese ! torpedo boats were
The Shanghai' correspondent of the
.Daily Mail, telegraphing yesterday,
says: ne forts began firing in ob
diantce to orders : from Pekin. con
veyed in a perriral edict of the Em
press Dowager, by, advice of -Kang Yi,
(president of the miniatery of war).
Several warships were struck by shell
from the 12-inch guns ot the forts.
Tfi ftr 3 w ' ttian 'urjr.i .!...
h. htrnrantr nn nf ti- mxniin.i l
ilandshur. i..
.-.! '"Four hundred Chinese are reported .
killel. ; Tlie Chinese, who were re-
': treating fell info the hands of the Rus-
-" lanI: force;."-. '' i - t
; The Daily News ha the following
from Che. Foo. j"Two of theibrt were
Mown u. Thef thirty-two warships at
Taku aggregated aoaooo tons and car-
ricd .nrc than 3oo guns. . -
The Shanghai correspondent of the
.T:"1?,; nndfr 'stc.rday date, gives
'. uchiii'imih sio o oe
from oflicial sources', of the action at
Taku. ; j .. ; ; -
! "On the afternoon of June loth, in
view of the ' large botlics of Chinese
; troops assembling at the forts, and of
the Jact that torpedoes had been laid
in the river and that all communica
tions were interrupted, the naval com
manders held a council, and decided to
;seid an ultimatum, calling for the dis
bandment of the troops, and announ
cing that, if this demand were not corfi
I plied with before a a. m.. of the follow-
Action Constrncd to Be Am Evidence that
, riat Will Re-oUbllahd
H. B. Holland, manager, of the local
officer of tir Salem, Flouring Mill
Company, yesterday received instru.c
trons to isuc 'Sacks and prepare to re
ceive' wlfcat during the harvest. This
woyild jmpry ithat thJ ctampany pro
poses to rrptace its phint in this city,
or at least arranige for the- handling
and shipment jof th j-ewr wheat crop.
Accompaoinfr -tht? above order, was
advice to advance tb5 price of wheat
another rtcli otw! bw quotation now
stands at 41 KtnU.M, - V '
Smj.a-'rrefrthrrrjf showers wd the
grain and "ail i Vegetation -much good',
btrt tho prccipitatkm was Irardly suf
ficient to bo of any fasting bertefit.
FaVnrs rrptlrt that grain is badly in
neex! wf rain and express the hope that
tWe preliminany, showet of yesterday
x,ray be foTJowed by a more- copious
downpour. Giasi also is In need of the
rain to insure a good1 bay crop.
v Tor Infaats and Cbildrea.
Bears Ui
eignatura of
BE l'UT-1 iy
There's Vlwhol lot tnore n takmg
census than, the mere counting o
noses. In fact, the enumerator, has by
far the a?iet part of the work, even H
he doesn't thmk so. . ... .,
The men I whose- dnty it . is o -bxil
down" tslie avalanche of facts and tig
HT into tanciWe form, to rednee them
jtrdnitf ttrnits. to cet the ma
of inforation in slvap for the printer,
to tiig ot ytatistics by the yard they
are the worker on wbom the burden
of the task faMs. and tliey must oe spe
ciaH?ts. , .; . , ;.'t-:; . -, ...
Whit, k ii exDccted. that the house-
to-hmise eanvass will be completed
within the required two weeks. Uktc
isn't the slightest pmbabiLity thM St
Louis will, know exactly where - she
tamls in toinparison with ber- sister
cities for nrorrths; perhaps not for more
. than a year. But by July 1, 190. the
lm -ormrai itcmey and- Commander
Taussig.; The (first from Remey is as
touows: . i
"Cavite. June l8. Taussig cables
that the Taku forces fired upon the for
eign vessels, and then, surrendered to
the . allied .forces on the morning of
June 17th. - . - -. -. ; : ,
KempfT asks instructions about join-
nK the other power who are taking
united action tn demanding that the
taku forces be turned over to them,
to secure a favorable termination of the
trouble. -WSIl the Department instruct
KemptT through Che Foo, and give me
the same information?" -
The telegram of Taussig of the
Yorktown is as follows: .-,:
Uie t oo. June 17. The Taku forces
nftQ UDOII the forcitrn urrr it X . m
The British admiral is at j Tien Tsin."
' . ''. . .
Berliit, June i8.A Scfmi-ofticial lis-
patch from Clw Fti announcnl that the
Taku forte had been captured after a
combinetf attack by the foreign var
-lwp. Tbrc?; men ion the German war-
ship litis wire killed, and revert wound-
Tiic dispatch added that the ot-
igrt settlement t Tien Tsin was bemg
fired mo by the' Chinese. When the
fcinatc - left nothino- hat hrm lirl
fro m the German detachment cnt to
Pekai, or from the German : legation
there. . . ? J .
Wahin$rton, Jnne ! 18- Great appre-h-onsik?!?
exists at the' Navyt Depart
jnent as to the fate of the United States
marine guard of fifty-six men, which
were tanded at Tien Tm, and dispatch
ed by rati to Pckin before the railroad
wa -repaired. "; " 4 . i.t.
four principal items of the censtis will
be ready for the public.
Congress has .required of the direct
or of -the census that lie, have printed
by the above date, and, ready for distri
bution, complete records of the popu
lation, mortality, manufacturer and
agriculture. In order that the work
may be accomplish! m the sponeo
tie, liberal aoppropriations were made
for securing the services of prominent
statisticians to . take charge of ; the four
departments. v" ; '
Machines will play an Imoortant part
in 'computing the facts of the present
census They will l do, i automatically,
rapidly, and accurately, a deal of work
tha iiat hitherto been, tedious, slow.
and i naccu rate. There ar se veral of
-machines, each the invetrtion' of
inM former member of the census
bureau, and each the drift oj: 'that pro
lific old motherNecessity.
Each person ire ihe Unhed States--
which include AlasTta. t'orto kico ami
Hawaii will be represented by a card
on which the peTtinnt facts regarding
him are recorded by bo4es punched in
the ca rd.- One clerk can transfer the
data on the enumerators' sheets to 700
of these cards jn.one day: and i,oorj
clerks will be assigned to. the! work as
soon a the sheets begin to pour into
the mill at Washington. Making allow-;,
nee for unexpected delays. t is esti-,
thi th- ervtire census can be re-
duced to tho "punch-card", basis within
four-months. i , .
After they have been assorted accord
ing to ex. mvttvity anld age, we cards
wiH go to smother machine. which wil
.,1. th nfnrmatirjn indicated b
th- Mles Eacb of these tabtriating
,,r,,rn-e tt-ill disoose of about 5.oro
mr Kiv. so that k will lake 14
of them to keep up with the punchers)
. The tabulators are' operated by elec
tricrty and arc wonderful madunes- to
t i i Tt.ii- .-rV is done with seem4
ii Limn tinderstandine, and is fat
"...- that of the best
men obtainable. Roughly described!
the machine consists of a box of neet
.rral nfmes. - These nee1'
dle descend on each- card as (it is e
into th machine, and feel their way
across its face. Wherever here s Jj
hoi- the needle plunges- through and
dipi into a cup ojj0
pktes the cfectnc ctremt. and the re
ZrA, annaratus is adjirsteI accordh
ingly. The recording apparatus con
.;rtZj m et tA ials somewhat similar
zcneu - . , t '
If th pandrin machine hare made
errors, or commissions, the imperfedt
cards are thrown out of the machine
and go back to the markers for correc-
, : . -: i' : -t m
The rfiird Mage of the work, the com
l " tr th nrintr; has to be Oom
. . ilMiitsaml 1 clerks
-i!l hr rctiuired to accompli li
rt. and there is T of estimating
hxw long it will Uke tbem to complete
me ia-sk. .- , . . ; ..; . . .
The fourth and1 final stage is attend
ed to by tlie government printer. It
is the typesetting, printing and book
binding. . , .'
The Japanese) Live Chiefly bn iRice and
Have Great Vitality.
1 He who comprehends the ' true prin
ciple of diet and keeps well under the
tendency to overeat may feet tolerably
safe in eating almost anything t be
fore him, good, bad or indifferent -that
is, for example, it hungry enough
a breakfast to eat plain graham bread
and fruit, he may make Ihe meal on
buckwheat cakes and aple syrup, or on
a chopl and fried potatoes, or waffles
and hohey, says Health Cuhur.
1 Providing one cultivates a robust
habit. 4akes plenty of sharp, all-round
exercise. s4ecps in a profusely ventilated,
cool rJom, wears, the least amount of
clolfcic cortikterrt wkh comfort, his
?ystem. will make good1 Wood ont of al
most any sort of mixed food provkling
that k does not consist largely of wbi4e
fkiur iproducts, wihich can 'hardly be
classcU as food. , '
, Heavy feeders on anial food1, are-disposed
to all kinds :o( inftammatory dis
orders, and when any -such person finds
hrmslf getting out ! of : coradition ' he
htay safely hecrge 5n- the matter -of flesh
food, cutting down he amount of such
lood or omitting it a'kogether with per
iiect safety. A strict vegetarian diet can
inot be caHe"d an experient, since we
(know that. millions 'of people thrive on
St. and rr one could ever "starve on it
With fruit, nuts, milk and eggs added.
mo lack of variety need be felt. ? .
s The Japanese rc a'- healthy, hand
lioine race. They "are plump and hearty,
ibut li-ttie beyond a simple vegetarian
idiet is the rule there.. The iinrikifia
iimn.Walk and trot forty miles a day
with a seated passenger, and seem proor
against fatigue, aiAi they thrive on a
diet chiefly of rice. . '
Millions Given Away. " "
11 is cenainir eratiiying id mc piw
Hie to know of one cencern in tlie landl
who are not afraid to be generous to
ithe needy and suffering. The proprie-
lors of Dr.. King s New Discovery for
Consumption, .Coughs and Colds, have
Kivcn away over ten millian trial bot
tles of cliis-great medicine; .and have
the satisfaction of knowing it has abso
lutely; cared . thousands . of. . hopeless
cases. Asthma. - Bronchitis, Hoarse
ness and all diseases of the Throat,
Chest and Lungs are surely cured by
lit Call on -STONE, druggist and
get a free trial bottle. Regular size 50c
and $1. Every bottle guaranteed, or
price refunded.
At tlie Oregon Insane Asylam-fTfae
Sufferers Iiolited and Their
' WaM Is Quarantined.
At the Dregort Hospital for the In
sane on Sunday, it was found that sev
eral little girls, patients' in bc insti
tution, were afflicted wk-h diphtheria,
and the? management hastily isolated
the patient frorn. tlie balance of the
irmates, a building standing, nearly a
quarter of a mite from the. main struc
ture, am! formefy tfsed 3rs a pest-house
bcins' utflizoJ for the purpose. In. tSe
same ward several more childrtm were
later found afflicted with the same- mal
ady, and they wtme removed1 to the
temporary dfphthctia hospital, ihe to
tal number of cases at that place : up
to 10 o'clock last evening. . bdng five.
Of those, one wa's rcjxmtrd in a dan
gerous comKtkmj .-two others wc sei
iously iff, and two lad the diseastf in
a mild form. -!,;
! The? fiv little sufferers alt came front
the same ward, and wlh-fle tbe- ftral.idy
raimr Im said to- be in makgnant
form, the greatest care r being taken
to prevent ts spread. anr tor tnw rear
tan ths ward in aucstkm has been quar
antined and thw dosest watch is being
kept for symptoms among the patients
still conftnod m the rooms where the
fir casts of dinmheria appeaTeil.
'How the drsca'A wsgmatetf cannoi
be said at this time, though it is bc-Kr-vr,!
the earm of the malady were
brought in by some patient recwytly
reciivcd unJcr a commttmeflt. .
The phy-siciants at the a-sylum oeiieve
i.1w r.re-a sorcad of the dis-
.V " . 1- !. .r.i
ease, as iney nave viwiij ""-
control and are prepared tor any omer-
gency. .- ; ; - '
Durbin was taken sutldenly ill with ap
pcntwciMS oil juwwnj 01 .
fr. rfett-Hin wa "nhoned for t Salem.
RWnM shu arrived Llr. lxgan naw
Charhry out of bott, and hejwai aWif
to meet tris wite at tne train. c
4r fnid lha "ouicket trio ?ort recorti.
Leaving- Sahrm at 7 o'clock Thf rsdaf
mnrnimr. slid was in Shartikd at inst
6 o'ctock in the' evening, in ; time for
Supper. This tnp used to rake up erw
best part of four days- snaniko ueao-
HOP SALES lames Winstanley.
nftnager of tlie O. H. G. A., repoHs
thm the later oart of last week of
200 bales' of hops, w!ch he says about,
d'po-cs ot me ssockhoi
nrihnrl Mr. Wintanky says there
is an unusual demand for hops at the
present time, ail buyer naving oraers.
Tbo?pia1 meeting of the stocklaMJ
of the Orearoo Hopgrowers Asso
ciation will be heto in Woodburti oo
Frirfav. thr 20th irtst.. instead of 4the
joth. as previously stated.
n'R LICENSE. E. Frank
Browne and Mis May Freeman were
vesterdar 1 gcartwd a maTnaife ncense
hv County Oerk W. W. Hall, bpm,
the application and affidavft of U. VV.
GUI.. .' --''
" . i 1 " I :
wear, trade with the New York' Racket.
Salem's cheapest one-price cash ore
a mm boom
Et&oseveirs rniliscy Tcck plsll
' cJtlphla by Stern
New TorkB Govcrr ITorklac Despeiwt
- ' ly U 8tna thTll Hau Uppawi
IhtBoathSldfrlltM. ,
Tomorrow, on the forty-fourth anni
retsary of the "day; on winch General
John C. Fremont was nomfitxited by the
first Repubkcan Convention, hdd at
the Music Fund Hall in, tb city, tlfc
Nablonal -Rtpubucan Convecttion will
assemble at the Exposition , Building:
in Wtst JMrHaddptoia.
; Tl cymbals of a conqutrmg army
never clashed with more vigor than
they do here tonight. Amid tlie thots-f
.TnU-f warriors "flwrre is but one choice
hyr leader McKinley again will lead
the gray beard's and the -young men in
the November battle. When Sena tor
Foraker cotcludes i bus peroration in
the convention on Vednestlay, a stortni
wiM and tuinulttwu whs hake the
grea-t hall. - ' . -. ' ,; ' 1 j
But that outburst of enthussasrit will
only be the forerunner of a pandemonif
uni that will reignj if Roosevelt slfoufd
be named to stand beside hint an tlie
coming batke. The afampede iia bis
favor started yosterdtay, and" threw t?
town ko delirium. It swept through
ihe delegations, who had come with
avoitte sons to present like a praute
fire. The bbom for tire candidates
of other men collapl like slie&s-, when
t struck them. ; I lie secret was not
hard to find. ; Piatt and. Quay, whose
object is to humiliate Hanna, claim the
victory. They might coigratirlate
thenrselves on tlfdr. workJ Tlicy wicld
od to magic.an's wand. Tlie secret
lay oown in Mve iH-arts ot tlie Kcpubi
cans of tlie country. - Roosevelt's name
tniik that of other canldatcs, initairt-
y struck a rcsjonsivc chord iir the pop
ular breasts It capttmxP the heart ot
the convention. It mattered not that
eveni 'Roosevdt arid ls frionds; poured
water upotl it Ibcir cflorf were as.
futile -as hand grenades agaurst a con
flagration- The people wouux near 01
no one else. They wore ibis pictures;
they shouted hris name, and they con
ridqred ham; today, a-s already nonwra
ate4. The to-n was Rixwevelt md.
t tZrn.-rtKTF Roosevelt was sincerely
anxknrs to avoid the nomination, but
human rrattrre ivx Us limits, so. at 4
o'clock ; thi afternoon," after a day of
terrific pressure . tron- uotn siovs,
Dwfi ;cisf a statement Though
il thrasts aside the crown w words, it
wai regarded as J virtually a surrender
to the; will of the convention. .)
I But "the opposition 4nv worked des
peratcty attd the stampede for, Roose
velt has betn chocked and' turned, ami
thai which scomed 0 certain lasi
cmn well m gh impos jble tomght
Roosevdt himseW and mVdose per
sonal friends aref working among the
delegates and assuring them that tiic
.-,miiKr was not tleslrcd by turn;
and Senior Hnm and :rtfeants.
aU working togtttrer. are
for thi result. It has been a day ol
diard work, of earnest endeavor, a
tonight thenen most imertrs
that tlw Roosevelt boom h btn fin
ally faicD to; re.4. : ; ;i : ' f-'V
Philadelphia, June l8.-The; delega
tion , f rom treon went jo.
Roosevelt's room tooay. at
said: "We want to assure you
while .e want t your name
ticket we will respect your wishes in
the matter.", -.!"
TfuiiiAmitite lnn iR. Following i
A inimi. if.i .
USl OI COiinniiV'-'v
- Chairman ot delegation, m-
McCammant. - ,
(National committee memucr, ; uc
iPermanent r organization,
A. ("J- . ... .. -
y.i.m..!. vvi ir. ..-Mo.aniinitiri..
Rules and order of business, Kulus
3. ".Moore. - . , 1
To notify nominee ,tor rresiacm
Henry E. Ankcny. " - V -T
not if-rv nominee for vice-president,
I nomas Mciiwen. i. .
Resolutions. John u. Laiy.
T X-.1t T xm-Ainrt ttv ,frft bin whih
MSt, l.lt J " " " .
hand'ing.some heavy boxes. The doctor
I -called on said at first it was a slight
ctraiat inn tdqiuvwjuii ncii. iwi ii
. . ... c mnA lnrlir ihpn said I
had rhemafism. It continued to grow
worse and I could hardly get around to
work. 1 went. to a orug store ana vne
Hntirirut rrcmumeuded me to trv Cham
beriain's PaintBalm. I tried it and
one-4ialf of a SOent bottle cured me
entirely.- I now recommend it to all
It is for sale by F. G. Haas, druggist.
daiem, vregon. '
.It may be asserted that electrical ele
yators are more economical per se, that
a further ; eat a is obtainable by
operation in conjunction with -lighting
woTk. and that, the generating plant re
onired b the1. additional cot of a sin
gle"geBerator-nit; the combination of
S:l services under one character of
tmer finally that the service can be
operated by outside supply without the
expense of installing a generating plant.
These assumptions have been the
cihw of mnch disputation, and in
nnmber- of :caes where incompletely
studied havt: IcdTo .decisions ini favor
of the adootion ol electrical operation
of elevator machinery. The resaits of
the use of the dectrical high-speed n:a
chines are now before us and can be
briefly summarized as folio:
Without the addition of a storage
battery, the high-speed electric elevator
is not so economical as the hydraulic
The additional cost of a storage nat-
tery.with interest and dcpreciaTion
thereon, outwdchs any economic gain
Without a ua tenr. the service vr-
not be cotnfciicd satisfactorily with
ightin ; work.
A higher class and greater extent ot
abor is necessary with dectrical eleva
tor machines.
Th cost of maintenance and repairs
is largely in excess of the. same items
with . hydraulic machines.
The cost ot outside electrical supply
s too irreat to admit of economical
consideration in this class of building.
The reason for this disappointing re
sult, to mv mind, is to be found in the
basic fact that the service is a radically
unsuitable application of electricity-
inald iPelham Bolton, in The En
gineering Magazine for June.
Arthur 'Hodges, Clerk of Crook County,
the Regular 'Republican Ionun.ee
, for Re-election.
Editor Statesman: Mv attention has
been called to an item in The Statesman
concerning mv recent candidacy for the
clerkship of Crook cuunty, which is, in
effect, absolute If. iiutrue.
. I was not repudiated by the Demo
cratic unty convention held in this
county last- spring, and I dnl not tanl
as a Gidd, Democratic candidate this
year, but was noniinatcd.by the Repub
lican county convention long before the
meeting of the Democratic convention.
The so-called Democracy never had a
chance to repudiate me, for I left the
party in 1830, when the Populist hen
hatched Bryan and the Chicago plat
form, and I have not since that time af
filiated with the Democratic organiza
i Prineville. Or., June 16, 1900.
The Statesman is pleased io k . the
actd in the case. Havitug received its
wrong information from an exchange
which is usually trustworthy and find
ing this information to be erroneous.
tins paper .gladly gives space to Mr.
Hodges' letter, and expresses its 'regret
at bis defeat, "lie was for many years a
painstaking and competent officer of
Crook county, and was deserving1 of re
election. .
Itl iA Vm U Ulnars CflogW
cfRVAis hill aue&ATr.
Tlie Fourth of July to Be Duly Ob-
served ty a 1 wo- Days 1'ro-:
gram iMusic and ' St6rt5. ; . i
TIki : Hrrivmg ' lit tic city of Gcrvais.
01,1 1-TcncU prairie, north of this citv,
will celebrate the Fourth of July m
splendid style tlrts year, cfPorts bang
made to make the holiday program one
of tJie best icver enjoyed in that live
place-on a. similar occasion. Two
days will be devoted to merry-making,
and a number of iniercsftai-g cveiAs
have btOi provided, beginning at 2 p.
m-. on luesday, July 3d, and ending
wr.n tne jrrani oan :n tne evening ot
Wedtiesxlay, July 4th. Following is
t-lie two days program:
2f milc bicycle race First prize $7.50,
secoiiid prize $i-5a ;
iRoad race of carts, owners to drive
Weighing- not less than 150 lbs., best
m X half-111 lie Meats winner to take
all. ( Ptrrse $10. ;
j-rnmatc trot hir local horses Best
3 in 3. mile treats. 1'urse 50.
Running One-fourtli mile "dash.
Purse $50. ;:-' " '".
iRnmwng Tlrrte-dghts mile - tlalw
Purse ?3n-
:jo a. tru G ra-ml parade, under di
F. A. WELCH, Salem, Or.
Save expense and express by. pur
chasing near home. Can supply the
finest stock at very reasonable prices.
Correspondence solicited. ; "
Alii EfEST STRAINS. J - ' .
Rabbitry located near Marion Square.
Inquire at Statesman Office.
I have a fine lot of Belgian Does, bred to excellent : Bucks. Pricc3
ranging from $0 to Don't fail to call and see them. 1
-,: Address .;
C. D. MINTON, Statesman Office
All first-clas3 strains obtainable on short notice.
rection of Grand Marsha! Smith, "form
ing -m front of the city-hall, thence to
llrombury's ' grove. , . -r
10 a. m. Musk, by, St. Paul ' brai
band at Thonibury's grove.,
Invocation by Rev. T. BroniMette.
? iSingmg, "Star Spangled Banirer," .by;
i Reading, DedaVationi ; of , , Indepen
dence, W- H. Ei;an. " ,
; Mpsic, by St. .Paul brass band,
i Oration, Hon. D. Soli Cohen,
; -'Music by band.
l u:3o p. m. Baseball on Gerval
diamond; Salem vs. Gervars, : Pure
fJU ,.,'.. ......
2 p. ni. Racing at the track of tho
Gcrvais Speed -:Assocbrkw, as ftl!ws:
: j-minte trot, for locail horses,' best 2
in 3. mile hears. Iurse $50. .
i Jlixeil trot and pace, 2 in 3. tm'le
3i!cars; records m bar. Purse $(.
Ono-fotirtn mile slash, l'urse $50.
One-half mjk? dash. Purse $50.
In tlliee-eniing.a-grand ball at the city
ball. Every care taken ro protect the
public and to nalve. the visitors' stay
SlKK?ring of firtxTackers or shoulinK
of Iwickstcrs wi!l not be allowed in the
grow during the exercises. .
Hospitality Adtls One More Fancy to
the List of Novelty "Parties.
At a rcctrt ntcrlaurmcnt, wlvich was
bfiii rKvel and original the guests
were requested to present, in stmie
manner, tlieir birth monUi, sjs What
to Eat.-
Most of them wore the- birth stone
suitable to the month which, as old- le
gend 4cl!s us. is sure to protect against
misfortune, the jewel acting as a talis
man. A few substituted flowers apjiropri
ate to their birth 1 month. One young
lady, w I ioe birthilay was 'in January,
wore a string of tiny silver beads wirid
tinkled imisically wflierevcr he went.
Another, daiming January also as her
birth month wore a' broodi shoeing an
11k! miin and an infciht, representing,
tht old and ik year. 3
September was-adorncd with goldeti
rod paper hearts, ' (dcrced 'with - arrows.
Many puzzled thir brains over
younff girl wearing a white apron, with
several bar of music on the hem, un
til oo diseovereil it to be a March.
April was , rrjrccitcd by a paper
food's cap, awl May by a pretty sprui-g
gtw If, decorated -with violets and lifies
of the valley.
It was an easy matter to guess" July,
with her triorlorcd streamers and nu
merous flajfs. -August
wore a' iwhFte. organdie and
carried a palm-leaf faiK
(September, was -adorned with goldcn
rod anvl purple a-rtcrs. T . -
lcttjpr'ii daughter wor a rich y-t-kw
gown, ijearly covered with glori
ous .autumn leaves, amlton her lirad
perehed a Vap of the same - brilliant
leaves. ' -.
Novctnbcr's eostutne was most strik
ing, being a jMstcr: design represent-"
ing Thanksgiving. , .
' December's was a picturesque suit or
white tider-lowri flannel, ornamented
with holly berries aiid running iine.
Eath gitcst was requested to furnish
one dish appropriate to the month in
whidi she was born, 'hi this way the
suprK'r was quite out of the ordinary
ari the only tax on the hostess, witll
the exception of her one dish, was Jor
coffee, pickles and cake.
Trizes were awarded for the most ef
fective costume, as well as the most
striking one. , t.j
A Card of Thanks. '
I wish to sy that I feel under lasting1
obligations for ' what Chamberlain's
. . . e .
tougn Kemetiy nas uone lor our ian
ily. We hatt used it in so many cases
of coug-hs, lung troubles and whooping;
cougli, and it has always given the n wis. t
perfect satisfaction, wc feel greatly in
debted to flic , manufacturers of this
remedy and ish them to plcasc.-accept
our hearty thanks. Respectfully, Mrs.
S. Doty, Des Moines,' Iowa, tor sale
by F. G. Haas, Salem, Oregon.