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Trouble Is Expected In the topi,
tclof the Empire.
. To Protect tke Foreign. BnMi to of Pen.
laf-Biula ami England to Jala
" tbetr I Freen.
. . - 1- ' j -; :'; "'
LONDON. June U. The last mes
sage out of Peking, to reach London,
left there yesterday morning at 1 1 a. m.
going by way of the j Russian telegraph
through Manchuria, "the Tien Tsin line
being cut. It is as follows:
"General Tung.a Mohammendan, ex
tremely hostile to foreigners, arrived
here this morning and had a longaudi
ence with Prince Tuan, father of the
heir apparent, who is seemingly friend
ly to the Boxers. Prince Tuan has been
appointed chief of the foreign "office
over Prince Ching who is more friend
ly toward the foreigners.'; ,
"A dispatch of more marines was in
response to a telegram from the minis
ters to the consuls at Tien; Tsin for
additional troops. Conveyances have
left Peking to meet the troops coming
by the first train, i .
--The arrival of the Empress Dowager
lias rendered the city somewhat more
quiet than it had .-jbecn recently. The
Protestants have erected a barricade be
fore the building ! in which they have
taken refuge, and I they have a small
guard. The Catholics are concentrated
north of the Cathedral under" the pro
tection of the French guard of twenty
five men. who will hold out to the end.
I am convinced that Peking, especially
the Tartar city, is safe.
"At Tien Tsin the viceroy finally con
sented to furnish transport ior.the re
lief force of 400 under an American
commander. A partial restoration of
the railway is expected to be effected
tomorrow. More massacres of Chris
tians are reported. i;
"Shanghai, under today's date, e
' ports that there has been street fight
ing in Peking since early Sunday af
ternoon", j The 'Russians are. i- making
large purchases of canned provisions at
Shanghai, and everything points to an
outbreak of hostilities. A1I British mis
sionaries wilt probably be ordered to
reHirn ouickly to the treaty ports."
The Shanghai correspondent of the
Daily Telegraph,! says:
''Report from thc Unnan Fit district
say that the French minister has tele
graphed that a crisis is knnvincnUand
that he i advising all foreigners to
evacuate Yung Nan." ; Lv
AH telegrams indicate "that the situi
tion has not in the least improved. On
the contrary, the' disorders have spread
from the neighborhood of Peking to
the capitol Useli. which is growing
turbulent in anti-foreign demonstrations.
Two thousand internationar troops are
approaching thel city and the advance
guard is due to arrive today (Tuesday).
The Russian minister at Peking, who
also acts as envoy of Denmark, is cred
ited with having sen! a dispatch to the
Dani-Ji foreign office to the effect, that
a demonstration has been planned un
der the leadership f England and Rus
sia, in -which all the great powers and
several of the smaller will take part
I Tien Tsin. June 11 The captain in
charge of the ''British defenses here
commandercd a third special train yes
terday, and a fourth today, for the
transport oi at J Russians and two guns,
and sixty-two French umarines. with
stores and one gun for the British. The
Intornttinntt fir near
Fong. forty mile from Peking, but it
is doubtful if they reach the capitol be
fore Tuesday. 4 V; ; ; ...j---
lndon. June it. The Shanghai cor
TesnorKfent of Te Daily Express says:
"Weng Tr.ng Ilo, Enipcron Kwong
' If - ftfr and confidante, who was
dismissed by the Dowager Empresl in
S. scn3s. with the special sanction ot
the Emperor and his party, including
three Viceroys.! a message to the peo
ple of the West.! It says: His Majesty
is convinced through ample trustworthy
sources, that the loyal support of many
scores of millions of Chinese will be
accorded to his proposals for putting an
end to the state of anarchy brought
about by the action of Empress ,Hst
The Government of China hng vir
tually non-existent, the Emperor pro
poses that thejlmperial powers, whose
trwps dominate the capitol. shall re
mnre his Imperial person front the
palace in which .His Majesty is confined
a prisoner, shall declare the Empress
4Isi Tsi and her present ministers to be
usurpers, and 1iall bring the Emperor
Kwang Usu to Nanking. Wtt Chang; or
Shanghai, whichever tin: foreign powers
deem to 3e the most suitable situation
ior ine ncw. capuoi oi mc aauikji. j
pirr under now conditions. . . J
"It is proposed by -His Majesty and
his t risers -that the foreign power
should declare a joint protectorate jand
undertake tne tas- 01 govermns
country through His Majesty.
Columbus. O . June u.-The state
Uemocratic convention win oe neia i
mormw. -The hotels have , large por
traits of Dewey displayed, and none 01
the Democratic heroes-except jBryan.
There is much talk about dryan and
Dewey being nominated at Kansas City
Those who propose a combination 01
Bryan and -Dewey believe there is "a
doubt of the Admiral accepting.
r Denver. Colo., June U. The stale
cuun 01 appeals today decided " that
membership or contract with the Asso-r-
k" ?rM'-nof "property" which
fh ,Uxff A suit was brought by
the Rocky Mountain iNews, on behalf of
papers in tne city using the serviee
to prevent th A t:.m.ni .t. - -
ciated Press, franchise at f 25 00a
I ho . - .p.
... uvvisum 01 ine tower court that
was not taxable property is affirmed
m San Francisco, CaL, June t I. This
atternoon Judge Morrow, in the United
Mates Circuit court. n1arrt v.
straining order now in force against
. U - I . C f ! - t ... "
c iwim 01 neaun. oy adding a pro
hibition against excluding nhvinnn
employed "by the Chinese frcm attend
ing the autopsies held after death, on
the bodies of their patients.
Grand Rapids. Mich.. Tune it. Ad.
miral and Mrs. Dewey were entertain
ed nere today. 1
Volcanic Eruptions
Are grand, but Skin F.rtint"K-m mK
life ni inv i Riirlrln' Afnira
t J - . ... ua.. .1 1 V
cures them; also Old Running and
v ever aores,; t Ulcers, JJoits, Felons,
Corns. Warts. Cuts. Tt
Scalds. Chapped Hands. Chilblains!
Best Pile cure, on earth. Drives out
Pains and 'Aches.. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Soldby Dr. STONE,
druggist., , ' : ' ; ;
8ook In Tea Foet of Wter Wrnt Dewi in
Three Hlnntea Pnuengers nnd
Crew Snved.
The steamer Gypsy, one of the Wil
lamette river fleet , of the O, R. ,&;N.
Co., running on the - river above this
city and doing a general carrying "busi
ness, met with a dire disaster at I
o'clock, yesterday afternoon, when corn,
ing down stream on -her regular trip,
by running onto a submerged snag two
miles below Independence, and within
three minutes : from the time the boat
struck the obstruction she sank in ten
feet of water. The snag had torn an
ugly hole in the Ixrat through- which
the water rushed at a fearful rate caus
ing -her to sink swiftly and surely; f
The crew of the steamer, together
with the passengers, made their escape
from the sinking vessel, without injury,
but the cargo about forty to fifty tons
of freight is in rhe bold of the ; Gypsy
and is, of course, under water. ; ; The
cargo contained 100 barrels of flour
from the Sidney mills consigned to the
Sidney Flouring Mills Co.. in this city;
there was also a quantity of oats from
'Corvallis. and probablv some flour from
Fisher's Corvallis iMflls and from the
Benton- County Flouring Mills at the
same place. ' ?
Master Shipbuilder Carson, of the O
R. & N. Co. came up from Portland
on last evening's tArbany local. . and.
boarding the company's stframer jModoc
here, proceeded to the scene of the
wreck to prepare fof raising the Gypsy.
Tlie Modoc will proceed to Corvallis.
and return down to the wreck this eve
ning, when she wilt be, temporarily,
taken off her schedule, it is reported,
and remain at the scene of the mishap,
and assist in raising her wrecked sister
boat. It could not be ascertained last
night, just how extensive the damages
sustained were, but it is believed 'that
the cost of making repairs, after the
boat is raised will not be very large, and
that, in the course of a few weeks, the
Gypsy will again run on ther . regular
schedule. : ! . ' ; r l . . ' T H ; '
Would Not Suffer So Again for Fifty
Times Its Price. ! : .
I awoke Jast night with severe pains
in my stomach. I never felt so badly
in all my. life. W?ien I came down to
work this morning I lelt so weak ;I
could hardly work.. I went to Miller
xtfCnrtiv'i drtii? store and they rec-
ommended ChamberMin s Colic. Chol
era and Diarrhoea Kemedy. it wornw
like -magic and one dose fixed me arll
rigl. It certainly is the finest thing
I ever used for stomach trouble. I
sliall not be without it in ry liome
hereafter, for I sliould not care to en
dure the sufferings of last night again
for fifty times its price. G. H. Wilson,
Liveryman. Burgettstown, Washington
Co., Pa. Tliis remedy is for sale by F.
G. Haas. Salem, Oregon..
Queen Victoria was 81 years old last
month. She looks decrepit, but. in fact,
her general health is excellent, her vital
ity is extraordinary, and her mind is
keen and vigorous. Among insurance
experts her life is regarded even now
as a safer risk than that of her son, the
Prince of Wales, j ,
She has horn and reared many chil
dren. She has suffered many sorrows.
. t . i-.t -'-rtfA haft fovernea
Sne lias noi whij m."-. c
as far as any modern ;BriUh monarch
mar. tor wen om nnj jw-
more than lourscorc c -w...
out. How has she done 5t? ' ;
Largely by following er natural in
stincts and doing, within reason, as she
cleaned, ui t"'i- -.- .
the best medical advice procurable, but
he has suDjecteu jisiv
tinarv regimen. J . j - ----has
Ihed according to . few smip e rles
laid down ior ner vj " "
idiu ' it.. ...1.. turn rnimrrd a
liam lenner. ucr ----
i inTple and careful diet, regular tours
. 1 ... .nn ur 1 nese are as
les not novel in juj. . -----
Ksicians discovered no secret for her
trancis Lak-
'SS won; Vo sa'y: Do
anything fot bkr but do nothing to
excels ' STr Samuel Wilks. another roy
al tihvsician. said:
Every h a nitural tfn,PtriffitnL
I ... I "i.i . - " . . i
hollow that and : avoid excesses. 'A
quacle may tell you you must eat7..' an
ounce of albumen, so much starch, so
much water, and so on. and. vhi
s-hould you do? Go and have a nice
cnop. ; 1 ne instincts ot people are
right. We have done better intellect
ual work than eyer fcefore, and these
have been tte times of tea coffee, to-
"oci-Ui ana aiconoi. vv nat can you
make of that? Again, I iay, follow
your instincts. ; - 1
Queen Victoria's robust health and
great age are facts that those who con
stantly seek to put restraints upon fou
mart desires and natural instincts should
endeavor to explain. Tea, coffee, and
alcoholic beverages are denounced by
"iaoy lanaucs as latau yueen Victoria
nas always used, and still uses, all three
in moderation, because she likes them.
It is not known that she ever used to
bacco, but she does not discouraee ks
use laraong those who like it. She eats
meat Decause he likes it. drinks -whisky
when she thinks she needs it, and
consumes wine and malt liquors regu
larlyi She uses coffee and tea because
she Ifinds theni stimulating and refresh
ing. ,otie never worries about microbes,
and is in some ways the, most Capable
statesman of her reahn. Which of the
confloctcrs of "health foods." advocates
of vegetarian diet,1, tremblers before
germs, and devotees of sterilized water
and milk can equal her record?
The examples of Queen Victoria and
other persons who - have attained to
great age"in spite of lives crowded with
work simply prove that length of life
depends not' on the ascetic or scientific
regulation ' of natural desires and lik
ings. The old saying. "One , man's meat
is another s poison, -contains a solid
truth. Experience and reason teach the
average man what he anay use and from
what he must abstain. But the essential
secret of longevity given a good con
stitution as a foundation is that what
ever manner of life may be found. ra
tional; and pleasing shall be lived for
the; joy and there is in it.
His Life Was Saved. :
Mr. J. E. 'Lilly, a prominent citizen
of jHaunrbal, Mo., latelr had a won
derful deliverance front a frightful
death. In telling of it. he says: "I was
taken with -Typhoid Fever, that ran in
to j Pneumonia. My lungs became har
dened. I was so weak 1 couldn't even
sit! up in bed. Nothing helped me. I
expected to soon die of Consumption,
when I heard of Dr. King's New Discovery-
One bottle gave great relief,
I continued to use it, and now am well
and strong. I can't say too much in its
praise." This marvellous medicine is
the surest and quickest cure ift" the
world for all' Throat and Lung trouble.
Regular sizes 50 cents and $t.oa Trial
bottles free Dr. STONE'S drug storei;
every "bottle guaranteed. . : :
And Were Sentenced to Two Tears Kch
Taken to Penltentlnry by the
Judge George It. Burnett convened
the first department of the .state circuit
court for Marion county yesterday, and
several cases were disposed of during
the day. No grand jury was empanel
led. as District Attorney a. t tiayaen
decided on bringing in informations in
stead of indictments. .
1 An information was brought m
against Harry 'Wright, the' notorious re
form school boy, charging him with
burglar-. , The young man was - ar
raigned, and he promptly plead guilty,
waived time, and was sentenced to , the
penitentiary for two years.
; An information was also filed against
Wm. Thurrrran. who ", stole a quantity
of old ccHns from the postofhee at Jef
ferson. Thurman was arraigned, plead
guilt-, waived time and1 was sentenced to
two years in the penitentiary.
, i Both of these men were promptly
taken to the penitentiary by Sheriff F.
Y. iDurbin. and given striped suits in
the state's big prison. These were .the
kist inmates of the county prison, and
the jail is now- empty, forlhe first time
in a long while. "
At the afternoon session of the court,
an information was filed against. P. D.
MpCarty, charging him with selling
liquor to a minor McCarty wn ar
raigned, and given time until today to
plead. -;--'- '
The cases of 'Bertha Maguire, vs.-F.
W. Durbin. and C M. ElspasV vs. F.
W. Durbin. replevin, were settled t in
court, plaintiffs securing judgment with
out costs and damages.
" The case of Simonds & Son, ts. F. T.
Wrightman is set for hearing for this
"When." shouted the orator, "when
will come that blessed day when every
man shall get all he earns?,
; "It'll .tome along about the time."
fiercely 'back-answered the man in the
crowd, who was there for that purpoe.
"it will come when every man earns ail
he gets!" . -;":- ..
Last lall I spraineil my left hip while
handling some heavy boxes. The doctor
I called on kaid at first it was a slight
strain and would soon be welL but it
grew worse and rhe doctor then said I
had rheumatism. It continued to grow
worse and I could iiardly get around to
work. I went to a drug store and the
druggist recommended me to try Cham
berlain s Fain liaim. .1 nca 11 ana
one-half of a 50-cent bottle cored me
entirely. I now recommend it to all
It o for sale by F.-G. Haas, druggist,
Salem,.; Oregon, j "I -'... ' ,
-Here's a new suit for you." said the
deputy sheriff on the morning of the
excciuon. ,
H'mr' grunted the condemned;
"for once in my life 111 be dressed to
kilL" Pbiladeiphia North American.
-Fine printing.. Statesman Job Office.
St. Lccls Strikers Rested After
: Oaltrcckcf Scnday.
Governor Stephen Make Cauutic Remark
Agmkwt the City's ISzecntlvo-Koadjr
j j' toCaUJtUltla.
ST. LOUIS, 'Mo., June 11. -The
Sabbath's scenes of disorder and blood
shed werertollowed today by compara
tive quiet throughout, the city. Cars
were operated until midnight on six
line. Up to a late hour no reports of
disorders-, had 1 been received.
Mayor IZiegenheinf this evening is
sued a proclamation 'directing that all
persons'refrain from gathering in num
bers on ptiblijc streets ' or . j in public
places; that air persons, particularly
women and children,: remain indoors as
nmih as possible until the present situ
ation is relieved,; that jeering or abus
ive ; language,; or language calculated
to provoke a breach of the peace, be
tioV indulged in. "And all persons arc
.especially warned against the discharge.
within the city limits, of firearms." All!
minors are warned to keep within doors
during the next three day si
Jefferson Citr. Mo.. Tune 11Gov-
ernor Stephens today gave out the fol
lowing statement, which he had wired
to. the New York World, regarding the
St. Louis strike: ; p ;
. "Replying to your' telegram, just re
ceived, will say, vigorous action has
been taken by the State Government
and the St. Louis police department, to
enforce a respect for; law in St. Louis
to' p'ndteCt life and property. -The Re
publican 'mayor, however, who is a can
didate for rej-rtomination, not desiring
to offend. positively refuses to co-operate
with us. which lends encourage
ment to the lawless elcMrrent and tn-
pedes out progress toward restoration
of normal conditions. The stripping
Ht"woron to -which you refer, was done
I ? .1 . 1 . . 1 . . :t .
oyinree gins,-' ociwccn itc agti ui 14
and 16. The girls have been tried and
sentenced- tot terms in the industrial
home for- girls. ' Most of the newspa
pers in St. Louis endeavor to stand in
with the lawless element, and' con
stantly criticize any act of the police
authorities.' r. r-'.-- ..:-'.-; -
'Camping sites have been selected
in tne city ana tne; -details are arrang
ed, and as soon asn am informed by
the proper authorities that a -tumult ex
its in the city and. tnat a conaition 01
awlessness and disorder prevails with
which the cic.il authorities are unable
to cope, the National Guard, will ue
called out to enforce the law."
i Tor Infauti and CMldreo.-
Tli8 Kind Yea Win Always BssgM
SiK&atur of
Troops; .Hurried Northward, and
Second Kaid 1 txpectea Many
' Boers Surrender.
LONDON. June 12 Fifty thousand
British trooos are within half a hun
dred miles 1 of the marauding Boers,
north of Kroonstad, and they are ex
pected, of course, i to. make short work
of them. Nevertheless, outside of the
war office telegrams, no one knows
what 'is going oiui - . . -C T
i South of : Kroonstad there js a wide
gap. The railway is only partially de
tended: and as General Kelly-Kenny
has hurried all available troops north-
aard 'the assumption 1 that there it
danger of a second raid. The loss of
the Derbyshire is estimated at from
600 to wo men. - ;
A Rtrter di snatch from- Maseru,
dated June nth. says: "Fifteen hun
dred ' Boers surrendered to General
Brabant today in the FScksburg dis
trict, r -'.: - - - -
'Machadorp : has been officially- pro-
clained the capital ot the iransvaai.
Oer i7oo trees have been planted in
New Yotlcity during the past year by
"the NrwUYork Tree Planting Associa
tion, of which former Mayor William
L. Strong is president. Nearly all the
planting was done along the river front
and m residence streets, iiut it .
now intended to extend the work to
the tenement feoue district, both for
sanitary and esthetic reasons.
; - - ' MBnnMMMOnnnMMOnMn
Season ticket to the. Paris' expos?
tton must bear the photograph of the
fx-rsniis to whom they are issued. The
Algerian. Tunisian and other Moham
medan exhibitors, however, refuse to
have their jrictnres taken, as it is con
trary to the Koran. . ".,',
- Batte. MonL. June 11. The old
Democratic feud resulted today in
split between the Daly and Clark people
and two county conventions, each of
which will send deleKations to the state
convention. The Daly people had the
party organization and a majority t
the regularly 1 returned delegates. The
Clark people contested in a number of
precincts. The Daly people contested
but one precinct. In this the Clark
delegation was seated. Upon the an
nouncement of the result the Clark
delegates and contestants left the con
vention hall and organized a separate
convention. The Daly people contin
ued in session, elected delegates and in
their platform; condemned the meth
ods alleged to have been pursued by
the Clark people. The Clark conven
tion made, a temporary organization
and adjourned until tomorrow.
A Card of Thanks.
I wish to sy that I feel under lasting
obligations ior what Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has done for our fam
ily. We have used it in so many cases
of coughs, lung troubles and whooping
cougli, and it has always given the most
periect satisfaction, we feel jgrcatly in
debted to tlie t manufacturers of this
remedy and wish them to please accept
our hearty thanks. ttespecttuily, IMrs.
S. Doty, Dcs Moines, Iowa. For sale
by F. G. Haas; Salem, Oregon.' '
Season Is Promising for Chinese
Pheasants, Grouse and Quail
'. ---v.. Will Be Good Hunting.
;'' W
Native ' pheasants. Chinese pheas
ants." grouse and quail, will be plenti
ful' this season, and the sportsmen of
this section are looking forward to big
times m th 'fait, when the - season
opens, says tne Albany -Herald.
Mild weather during the winter and
warm spring rains were boons to the
upland birds. Few of the young ones
died as a result of cold rains late in rhjc
season. 'Besides this, they had the pro
tection of the brush and grass. Here
in the valley all kinds of vegetation is
several weeks in advance thft year, and
the. grafss was tall enough when it was
most needed to afford protection to the
young birds.
"The young birds are now between a
quarter and three-quarters grown. If
the weather continues as it has been
since the first of the month, the second
brood will be reared in good shape
Quail and native birds will be more
numerous this season than they have
been for several years past."
A History of the ColMIJxMled Crime A
Desperate Ilorae-Thlef Hecrtves
Fire Yars. -
Sheriff Newt. Livingstone and three
guards arrived in the city last evening
From Grant county with three men for
the state penitentiary. Two of the
trio, are under liic sentence, having
been convicied of murder, while the
third -will serve five years for horse
stealing. .
The lile-twners arc Uie lurner ana
Al. Keeton, who murdered lorn
Eagleton at Granite on iMarch 22a
On the first ballot, seven of the jurors
were for conviction as indicted, for
murder in the first degree. Alter six
hours the jury reported a compromise
verdict of life imprisonment. , . .1
William Wallace was the horscthef.
For the stealing of five head of horses,;
Wallace received a sentence of five
On a recent trip 10 aaicm, ohuh
t ii'infrtnni was unfortunate. one of!
his prisoners effecting tis escape and
has since tvaica capture. '-"f".1
county s sheriff . nowever, guarucu
against a repetition ot nis ionmi
perience on tnis . occasion w -j"k
his men very-securely ironed. Lach
of. the murderers; earned a 20-pound
Oregon boot; an adornment they did
not seem to appreciate. Wallace, who
is considered a , desperate character,
was well chained, the arrangement of
the manacles about 1tis ankles permit
ting of les than a six incn
taken. , . .
ifThe following the story of the
crime,' as tola in a shicihuu
forty-three representatives ciun
Granite soor alter the muraer .
- "Eagleton came to this district eight
years ago, and was engaged during all
that time in prospecting ani iwn ng,
except during the six mourns prcceuiirj
his -death. w4ien he was a partner of Mr.
Paul Wilson in "the livery ousineii.-
"The deceased owned a number 01
good prospects in this district, as we.l
as one-rhird interest tr 80 acres ot land
immediately adjoining the new and
growing town of Lawton. and on the
day of the fatal affray -he had just pur
chaed ground a Alaimo. with the in
tention of engaging in the livery busi
ress at that point. '
"Tom Eagleton was a man who was
esteemed and beloved by all with whom
he came in contact, a typical i!g-heart-
A vtiwnr. who always scorned a
dirty deed or low action, atvl whose
gcnfTOsity was proverbiaL '
"Onlv mm tlav before his death he
picked tip a yotmjr fellow who had
strayed into camp looking for a brother,
Tom found he was broke, and in rag.
Eagletow bought him a new -suit of
clothes. Wlien the brother' whereabouts
was ascertained, Tom bought me
yourm fellow a traveling ticket and
sent fcim away, with $S in his pocket.
"The trouble which ended in ICaglc
ton's death Iegan on the day Eagleton
sold hit interest in the livery business,
when with a few friends he dropped
into the place where Keeton and Turn
er were employed, and a few sharp
wcds were exchanged over a bet.
Nothing further was thought or the
nafter urrtil later in the evening, when
meeting 'Eagleton in another place.
Turner applied to Eagleton an oppro
hrtous name, at the same time kicking
Ton in the face. A Cight ensued in
which Eagleton bested lurner andj
made him retract ms words. . r
"The men were then separated by
friends, and nothing serions was appre
hended by Eagleton' s ' friends unlit tie
stepped out on the porch, where he -was
h:t over the head by a gun in the hands
of Turner... Eagleton pushed his as
sailant off the porch and ran into the
house, where he was among friends.
"Next day word as irought to
Eagleton that Turner and Keeton, who
for seme reason' had taken up Turner'
quarrel, were looking for him with in
tent to kill iiimi
'"Eagleton remained near the house
until the morning of tlx 224, when he.
stepped across he street o irreet his
brother tMikc, who had just come in on
the stage. - '
"Evidence gix-en beforer the Coroner's
jury proved that Turner and Keeton
walked across the street and deliberate'
ly siiot the unarmred man to death. ,
, "Eagleton had scorned to "heel' him
self, ahhough a number f his friends
had begged hint to do so.
"Thns died bitt-hearted and fearless
Tom Eagleton. regretted and mourned
Jy every one who knew him, and who
will ever respect and honor his name
and memory." j , '.'.-, .-.,.Jt
The Sabbath jschool teacher had been
telling the clasps about Joseph, partic
ularly with reference to his coat of
many colors, and how his father re
warded, him fori being a good boy, for
Joseph -said, told his father whenever
he caught any j of his 'brothers in the
act of doing wrong. :
"Can any little boy or girl tell me
what Joseph was?" the teacher asked,
hoping that .some -of them had c aught
the idea that h was Jacob's favorite.
"I know"," one of the iittle girls said,
holding up herl hand.'
"What was he?"
"A tattlc-tale," was the rcpl.
' No Right to Ugliness.
The woman j who is lovely in face,'
form and temper will always have
friends, but one who would be attrac-
tivc must keep her health. . If she is
weak, sickly aifcd all run down, she will -be
ncrmus and irritable. If she has"
constipation or kidney trouble, lier
impure blood will cause -pimples,
blotches skin eruptions ami a wretched
complexion. Electric Bitters is the
best medicine n the world to rrgulnte
stomach , liver ami kidneys and to pur
ify the Wood. I It gives strong nerves,
bright eyes, smooth, velvety skin, rich
complexion. It wiH" make a good--
looking charming woman of a run
down invalid, j Only 50 cents at Dr.
STONE'S drug stores.
11 - 1 1 I- -
It Should Be
Laved Tigl
Minnie, - N ot i 1 it . a tut
t Only at the Wil.
Stiff corsets are unknown in France.
French corsets are always supple and
bcndable, andj this inucli accounts for
the ease of J'jrench figures, which are
never tightened excepting at the waist,
leaving the bust and 4vips anile free. In
England the figure is usually tightened
in too much at the bust nnd hips, which
gives too straight: a look to the figure'
and makes it stiff and uncomfortable,,
movement being rendered .ungraceful
by this stiffness. .
-Let any girl tryto lace her stays only
at the waist, and let her select her
stays, as soft fcml light as possible, and
then see if hefr figure -be not as grace
ful in shape ind as' elastic as the -most
graceful and clastic French figure. No
tight straight-down even lacing will
ever make a pretty figure: .
If the. corset cannot be made cx-j
pressly to suit the figure, then let it
be laced only in the middle at Ahc
waist. lEvcn jthcn no real corset sifould
be worn by girls until they arc well in
their teens- 'Remember, the softer the
corset is thejeasier.it will be, and the
tighter it may be laced at the 'waist
without feeling uncomfortable. This is
the only way to mould the figure, it
is said, without injuring the health. .
It JVVlll jSurprlse You Try it.
It is the jmedicine above all others
for catarr4 and is worth its weight in
gold. Ely's Cream Balm docs all that
i claimed for it.-B. W. Sperry, Hart
ford. Conn, j -
NIy son was afflicted with catarrh.
He used Ely's Cream Balm and the
disagreeable catarrh all left him. J. C.
Olmstead. Areola, 111. , .
The Bahni does not irritate or cause
snccjiSng. Sold by druggists at 50 cts.
or mailed by. Ely Brothers, 5O Warren
St., New York. .. .
Horseshoes which wear unevenly can
be repaired, by an Autralian' patent
nail, which pas a head much larger than
the common nail, the four nails cover
ing the worn surface. of the shoe and
raising it to the right height again.
A combined cuff button and holder
ha been patented liaving two parallel
metallic jaws, controlled by a sliding
wedge, with a shrank on the inner jaw
being similar in design to an ordinary
cuff button.
An improved tobacco pipe has a re
movable diaphragm stretched across
the interior of the bowl to strain the"
smoke before it enters the mouth, a
spring frame engaging the edge of the
bowl to hold a ring t in place inside,
with a strainer stretcned across the
ring. ' .''.!" , '' -
Two Indiana men have designed a
sound-locating device, comprising a
double-faced drum, with opening lead
in or from the center of the droni to
tubes fitted with ear-pieces,' which indi
cate by the Increased vibration on either
side" which face is receiving the sound.
There, ha been designed a handy
pocket tirescription scale having a flat
case, in one end of which is hinged a
leaf carrying at its upper end the pivots
on which the balanced rod is mounted,
with a sliding weight to counter-balance
Jthe contents of the tray. Chicago.
News.. J ; - . .. ," ' ;
p'.d Gentleman And have you any
brothers or tistersrny little man?
Bobby Yes. sir. I've got one sister
an one-an a-ha'f brothers.
Old Cemieman Wat?
BolAy Yes, sir. Two ' half-sisters
and three haff-brothcrs.