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VOL. 40. NO. 8.
I I if I . I I . . ' I i . I
M III . It!
Republicans Name a
State Ticket.
A Ringing Platform Was
Ihra'vrats and Populists Wailed
Away Tbelr Time In Perfect
ing: us in
. .PORTLAND. April 12 Three poli
tical state conventions the Republi
can, Democratic ami i Populists met
lir-re today. The Republicans nominat
ed a justice of the supreme court, and
a iood and dairy commissioner; elected
eight delegates to the National conven
tion, adopted a platform endorsing Mc
Kinlev's administration -of affairs in
the Philippines,! and adjourned at 8 p.
m. j j.- -. . . ,' .
Tlie r)mxnrat wrtrt nit 1-i orut
far into the night, and only selected-
delegates 6 the Nationart convention
ami - received a jiont platform, agreed
upon. by 4hc conference convmittec. -The
Populists simply received a
joint platform which -will probably be
ndepted. tomorrow. 'Doth Populists
and Democrat kj conventions will meet
again tomorrow.
Por('anl. April 2. Republican state
convention "today nominated following
ticket: .; . , ." j
Justice of the supreme court C. E.
W'olverton (re-nominated) : -food and
dairy commissioner J. V. Bailey,
Multnomah c ttuy, . , "
Presidential electors -O. F. Paxton.
lunonKuh; Tiknon Ford. Alaricn; J.
C. Fullerton. Douglas; W. J. Furnish,
Umatilla. !l
iDtlegafes to' National Convention
II. E. Ankenyi JacksonTj. D Daly.
Benton; Wallace ,McCammant. (Mult
nomah: II. P4 Kuck, Wasco. Alter-n-'tes
Louis, Sitnpsfn. Coos; E. L.
Negate, Benton; jWallis Nah, Lin
coln; J. W. Knowles, Union.
For circuit judges-i-M. C George
. . . 1 . . 1 . 1 ' it..
illitl . r. . ' t. . 1 1 t I llimillldKU ill niv
fourd district. AV
R. Ellis was nomi-
nated f.r judge in
the sixth district.
District attcmev'S 'First district. C.
B. Watson.' Jackson: Second. Geo.'AI.
Brown. Douglas; iThird. J. N. Hart.
Polk: Fourth, f R. E. Sewall. Mul-tno-ma-h:
Fifth. 'Harrison tAllen, Oatsop;
Sixth. Jame Al Feie, Umatilla; Seventh,
L I .. Menefeei Wasco; Eighth. C. E.
Cochran. Union; Ninth. William Mil
ler. Malheur, j
. 'FolUwingi is the platform adopte-i:
"The Republicans of Oregon1, in con
ven'ion assemble!-; reaffirm their belief
in and loyalty tot. the gold- standard.
We commend ih Republican Congress
for its recent legislation making the
g4d standard 'a "part of the statu'ory
law f the land. So long as either of
our great political parties advocates
the free coinage of silver, the mainten
ance (4 the 'gold Mamlard is the most
important political istte. affecting as
it les the value iof the farmer's crop
and the lal6rer's wage. We call upon
all ho believe; n 'jsound money to unite
with the Republicans of Oregon in the
important elections of this year in orde
that a victory may be won rfor the gold
s'andard so decisive a lrever to pre
clude the debasement of our currency
by the free coinage -of silver. . .
"We indorse the policy of the Ad
ministration m securing the Pmpoinc
IVaruls. a"d demand that they shall be
retained American territory. We
have conf.dencc that the American peo
ple, witlu ut departing from their tradi
tions, wnl! yiv security to personal an-1
property rt". i justice, liberty, and
equality l.cfcrV t!l2, lev.-, to z'A live
beneath its flag.
' "We indorse the policy of the A
mi-straf n i Uirring the sur
Te.,; ;n f.4 philmpmes. headed by
....:.,..,. .- iu-unt with nride to the
honorable ' part played by he Sccona
Oregon Regiment m mis
met with victory in every combat and
covered their J state and coun try with
g'ory -on every field. We condole with
the families of those members of the
.iw frtt cheir lives in tne
conflict and extend our congratulations
to t-lus- survivors of the regiment on the
brilliant and honorable record tney
4 - .,t. I-" ! ' I -
AVe regard trade with the rient as
one of the great sources of orr Nation
al wealth in the future, and an open
door in China as an important aid to
u f rito in the Orient.
ltJC grown,'-" "... -x.. ..- r--- f
We commend the successful efforts ol
the present Administration, and espec
ially of its Secretary of State, to secure
ith the several European
ti rioht to the free introdiK
twm of American gofnls into this Rreat
Ernnitc.- -1 I .
"The Republican party ." in Oregon
' Tccognizes the vital necessity of con
trol of tlie organixation ami curtailment
mtil l,v he state within tts board-
.ii rvi,tir.. Jt sutMort in tbe ap-
proaching Legislature to laws defining
and carrying out those oojec-ii..
"We are in favor of retrenchment anl
rtLrrm in the exoenditure of public
jnoneyl we pledge the Republican party
ttx tivnr the enactment of all legisla
tion looking; to an esconomical admin
istration of public anairs.; j . ,
nv. ortint wi:h nride U the legis.a-
ticn adoptcnl by the last ' Legislature;
it al:o-!ished the rrilroad commission;
it Telucel the legal rate of interest to
6 oer cent; it passed an act for the
stif.mts-sion to the people of a constit
utional amendment providing lor the
initiative and referendum: it enacted1 a
registration law for the protection cf
the purity of the ballot. 'As experience
demonstrates tms last an so uc
bersomc in some particulars, we pledge
the Republican Legislators to make ef
ort for. its amendment to the end that
the registration of qualified voters may
be facilitated. ' -
- "We are unalterably opposed to any
rrcmure looking to t lie leasing ot ihe
pubhc -domain. txdievnig" that such a
fen would have an undoubted ten
dency to fasten, the concentration of
land ownership into tlie hsuvd of a few
n4ivikiaU ami against b.? kmg estab
lished American policy of encouraging
bmc building, i ?
"We are in favor of the immediate
construction of a canal between the At
lantic end Pacific at S3?. Isthmus of
Panama, and we instruct the Oregon
delegates in Congress to labor earnest
ly ami coismurwsly for the enactment
01 -siiclh Eegiskuion as wilr lead lo the
construction and operateon f the canal
under governmental control, ;
"We twge the imniediate passage of
tlie (bill! now pending in Congress .-to
pension, the Indian War Veterans, and
we pledge the support of the Oregon
k-kgatsun in Congress to the same."
At 8 p. m. the Republican convention
adjmirnied ine "die. after naming the
state commute. E. M. Croisan ik
Mrjnv coirnty member;
Portland, Or.R April u. The Popu
li and Demrcratic eomxmbkms. tlws
aiKirnoonu aptwrLraeVl conference com-
mir.ee !i w-Wit agreed upon a joint plat
form. Ine commottee rtport was re
ceived "by hch conventions, ut was
ixt acted .upon !by either, a imotion to
postpone' irrtjil tomorrow having been
carrietk J i
The Democrats "elected the following
ckkga'tes to the National Convention
J. H. Raley, UmatiUa; M. A. Milter.
Linn; R. M. Veaftdh. Lane; N. A. Piery,
'Multnomah; John WeJch, Multnomah;
J. O. Bootfhe. Joejihirre; Charles Nick
cll. Jackson; A. S. Bennett. Wasco.
The rau rut platform reaffirms the (state
platform of tin? Dcmooraf, Peoples ami
Silver Republican' 'partKs of Oregon.
ioptie(J in i8q8; favors die income tax
law ami flte -election of Unite! States
SenaDofs by direct vote of tine people;
oppoiHOS govemiment by injunction;' fa-
vr3 i'he passage of an employers lia
btli'ty act, applicable to railroad com-
pa-niK: favors tJe matiatife anl refer
endum ; opposes- wars of conquest and
colontal txrisessyon; favors Filipino n-
k'jen(k3ce and a protectorate by the
United! States; expresses ympaahy wk'ii
ilie Boers; condenns trusts, ami con-
Berrrns live preferat Republican adlminis-
trationi-. The platform also favors gov
ernment ownersmp ot telegraiilrs, and
municipal ownwirs'ai.p of fraiichisies.
Eiial suffrage s emKorsed.
Thej delegates to the National Con
vention were Tns.tTUc!ted to Kte for W.
J. Br-an r President.
'Portland. Atril ti Ait. lAnx. e-.eninc
s-essioff of rhe Populist owwention. Will
R. King, of MaJleur ciMitwy. m elect
ed chairman of the -state Populist cen
tral comrmttce. A connnstee which
was appoint od. as an act of coui'.esy,
to waat Uxu the nretlting of the twelve
Mroxl!e-of-itJie-Road Ipu lasts ti inquire
what any, common ground could be
reacuK-d by which their -organizations
coukl work in 4armony, reported that
ihe reply he;d 'been that tiie ground up-
on; wmcSi tltey cottlcl work togicT.
was for all to meet at tlie MiikUe-oi-ihe-
Road National Convention and do as
they d"if: that tlie MidUre-of-jlie-Ro.tdV
ers had noHhinf to do with any fnsirn
Port!anL April U. R. S. Slwnidan.
of Dniglas county, was tonight electeil
cliairntfin of the state Democratic com
mittee, diefeart'rng H. B- i Nicholas, ot
Portland, by a vote of 195 to. 00.
Tn afvwnmoIate those w-lio are par
tial to the use of atomizers in applying
liquids into the nasal pa-ssages tor ca
tarrhal troubles, tne proprietors pre
pare Cream Balm in I liquid form.
whkoi wiU he known as rjy s wqmu
Cream Balm. Price including the
spraying tube is 75 cts. Druggists or
by mail. The liquid form embodies
the medicinal properties of the solid
preparation. Cream Balm is quickly
absorbed by the membrane and does
not dry tp the secretion hut changes
them to'a natural and liealtliy char
acter. Ely Brothers, 56 Warren St.,
N. v.. ; .
'Washington. April 12. The President
has signed le proclamation, operang
to settlement the ortJern iiait ot rive
Colvifle Indian reservatjon ini Wash
ington. The proclamation will go into
eff- October icxh next Tiie land
Lopcncd to seiniemein't i all that part of
the re?erv-atiioni wflwefir "nas not wen ai-
Wtrti tr Indians, and conrprijes aoout
1.500.000 acres. It "will be disposed of
under the horrfestead Jaws at $1.50 an
acre. The rigfltt to mbne tn (lire reser
vation -w 9 granted several years ago,
ami At is now opened up for agricultural
purposes. ,
At a Banquet Tendered the Philippine
Commassvon Iast XS iffot.
;Saa Francisco, Cab. April 2. A
fcanquet was tendered the j PhiHppaw
mnkmkoner) ttoiwght. by the mer
chants of this city: The principal ad
a , made bv W-biteiaw Reid. - Ad
r,T KJirKelf to l3ae conrmission, he
I v --- ....... , ' .
C-Mf ? 1 t X . i
"In die enterest of tout country, yoa
will not make baste to extend the priv
iSecre of American cHitetWup. which,
on the one tunu. ui nwn
..1 a.ul Mir aabor market m ad
vance of any readinesi at 4ome to
cflrange wir present laws of exclusion,
t i-w- ratva- hand. wouM openr tiie
door to taicm as states in tlie Union to
take nart m w overnmciu
continent." . ; " -: i
Pacific Homestead. Salem. Or. Best
farm paper. Issued weekly, a j
Roberts Expected to
Strike a Blow.
Boers in Rear of Bulltrs
Transvaal Peace En to j liixeBtxnu
Their Work in Italr-Mora
If ea Sent to Africa '
LONDON, April i. Friday, 4:50
a. m.).- In a roundabout way London!
Iears tliat Lord Robert, whtn wiring
to the Prince of Wales, ar Coienhagt:ni,:
congratulaiion'A upon his escape fromi
assassination, adiled 4 wo or three hope
ful sefltencej pw.endinig an, early adj
vaivce wu'it w:le-rtach4ijj conina
rions. . : !
Quiet asivranoe.; are parsed aronnd
among tin? nurtaTy mi that Lordi
Roberts is- employ itig'jhis great . array
effectively, and Uhat ffte advencurous;
Boer commandoes are kkely to .be cn-r
nK-slcd. Scraps of news a dtaal here!
aid another there have reacied. Eng-
lxnd tomgti tover the coronaratiwiy
idle cables, hvit 1'liey do not illttminatei
the situation, I'iie Colonials, at WeH
ptiier. tt ill (hold off the Boers.
Lord Mtth-uen has worked ea-stward.i
until (he is witfhin tflghty miles of Kroon-;
stad. The Boer scout's have gonel
around Ladymiih, and have apitaptl
ait Dewdorp and other places on Gen-
etal Buller's' tlaik aii rear Officersl
of Bnlkr's irregular horSe estimate thej
Boers in Natal at 18.000, hut .t1iee fig
ures are probably excessive,,! 10.000 be
ing regardixl lx-re as the outskle numJ
bcr. i
Afftir Gentral Hairt's brigade leaves)
him. General Buller -wfll fi1l have ckvse
upon 35.000 men. dt is generally a s-j
suined Wrat this brigade k going to j;n
Lord Rolerts, but rts des!t motion is
really unknown. . i
The Boer mWe to Portugal, regarding
rle use by the British of the Beira rotitej
for tle transportat mn of trpp to- Rho
tesia. may. tt Hive IVonrs-. act agamst
Portugal, lead Gr-at 'Britain to lam)
troops t " lxMtrenc 'Marques .
llic work of 4'tH Boer peace cornmrs
ionem has W.gun. M. Fischer ki
asketl Italy t imtervene, r,nl 1'hie Jtaliin
minister of foreign affairs- Marquis Di
Visomte Venota, has replkid thatL
w1Ie fle would receive t'lie enwym., thi"
best 'be cowkl do would "be to transmit
their propsals to Lomlion, thus follow'-
mg tire course ot the Uni;til states.
Ijomlon. AprH it. It is oa1culateJ
that Lord Roberts-mow has- 2 1 4.000 cf
fective troops, w-iith 1 2.000 mor-fioa!t
or ui?der orders. The war office Jxif
instructed the ofirctirs not to Jake any
more expanding bullets to Africa, fojr
revolvers. 1
Republican Attorneys in
Kentucky Contest
Effort Mad by the Opposition to Benrie
Early Action In Cm of Minor
8tt0Bcer. j
FRANKFORT, Ky., April "vrThe
attorneys for the Republican otticiaiis.
this atfternoon dectinea to sign an agrrf.
mr,t tn itiatn ihe litiiratcin for tne
u.-n rJf th m:jnrr Aitate ofTictS
y'T f l" - -
through the state courts, -so that the
iinrmie court can hear it wnn tnai
fcr governor. No reason ts assigned
The C. B. & Q. Railroad to Extend
Line to 1'orttano. 1
Chicago. April 12. The activity
wh:c4t the Ovk-ago. Burlmgton! I&
r-t..;w-v mvl i &srlar.inr in buihtWt
new Knee, has hrd to a Turnxir. partly au
flirtiVat! hai tlie road H headinir ur
Portland and tflie I'asshc coat. nfite
tlwj officials of the road will not admJt
ljat fliey are aimEng lor, a - t1troitg-h
trairt service on their own rails from
Chicago to v Portland, they have an
nounced ; the proposed building off
line irom Billmgs, 'Montana, to Yelki'w-
i. Ttr TJut mvr 'w will start at
Toluca. whicdi is about forty-five tmies
west of IViJitvg's. ana vnn run o -je
rJ 1w ParL- 9 distance of about
200 miles. It is proposed to fare the
hne in ope rait on- iytie last oi
1 - ? .- . r i
New York. 2. Ytpnl li-J-The
ap!el!aie division of the supreme; coert
"i-,- lunUt k-im-f a decision, m klie
matter of the appraisal of the eftate f.
.v- t-.- nvi K Vnderbilt. The f
der of Surrogate Fitxgeraid. dccUrwg
9 -rriain fund subject to the iitfieiit-
anre tax law. was affirmed. This .was
the fund 'of $$.000,000 held in trust for
the benefit cf the late Cornelius Van-
Principal of Silvcrtoti Pitblic . Scliools
Ordeml Oift onAccoint of His
Alleged j Immoral Actions.
V.9c SUvertob publie sc&ook are with-o-.w
a principal. , A detailed istatemeiit
of tlie circumstances, that ha w brought
alxjifr ?t-j! unusmal omdiiion, Iwwever,
woukl TKrt be" accepted tor a Shefdon
titolr or, j .en - fact, tor aiijr; respectable
publiea::dn"; hence, my tlie bare facts
iiff given in Shis- connection.
Tlie al!eged imn-irralrty ' of die ex
principal ;was alone resjionsble for his
enforced renmrxr.; ar.J' Hhe -evcTa;ve
of br.9 'rtlalions with -the Sil vert on
iilK;. ' I nefficKricy or t nximjc ttney
was not urged as a reaort for fix un
cvrenwxntotis evacuation of thi princi-uai'-a
tCiair, fjr tlie teacher in question
had tlie ireptftatitm of being a must
compc.:ent mDructnr.
It cs.xttliably riportetl dtast. not long
ago, 'Jjej professor, made an mdeceni
pripoal to fle. daughter of the propri
e.or r the boarding house at which he
was staying. Tfoi eircunRftance did not
iKvome generally known,i tIe board of
dirvciors feeling tlrit the best mterests
oi .the f-riiool demandtxl rSi the scan
dal le suppressed. This was done, but
one Ttightt ll'.ift -wecik' tlie: ki'ow is re-
jmi;ted tfi have entered uhe bvdrom of
ft fcntady herself and his actions
while iri kTie apart me nt were such that
le: no doubt' as to irhe real irrtt-miotr of
his, nocturnal : visit.' The woman was
lxwlly frightened arl ciikrd for help,
ami in the confisioiT ciiat ent-ued the
kkiaty tf . Tasr-- wvuk!-4e .assailant a
disclosed, Tlie indignant citizen of
Silvcni?t promptly- notified tlieir. erst
wdHe principal that his Services- wxiuld
lc no ionger reiiuirevl anij aduisid lim
: leave the city in short order. Th
professor; afked for aio further .cxula
nJliims but rwtificd his family tiwt the
sc3iKl .tf which lie was princiiml haul
been disimtiiiuid fur two weeks on ac
count of sickness, '.the spri rg ai 1 ment,
'.U grippe, being quite prevalent in ihat
com imtli lit y. I he Sillv erton cijio1 lioard
is sawl to; oe looking tor an instriK-tor to
fill the-vacancy thus created.
V I-arge Deal Pending Witlv ."Hop
Growers' 'Association -Present
Conditions Up the VaUey.
Tliere' is practicably nothing new to
teport in 'local hop; circles. All of the
hHs oiftside of the ()regjn Growers
Association pki1, have virtually, been
purchased and a' large per cent of that
portion of the crop has letn shipped
rrt ot 1 the state. Ouotatun range
t to 7 iremrts, arrordimr v niialitv.
' 'James W'mstareley, of ; tbe executive
Cofnniijttee of the Hop Grfwers Asso
cratirini. is in Portkrnid. -wherethe sales
committee of -that organiiza'tion is con-
ilermK the oiffer for a lame lot of lions
The deal nia be consummated today.
D. L. Green reiun;eI vesterdav af
ternoon from Oakland and Drain,
Southern Oregon,! where he has feen
for several days, While. in the south
cer'.ral, part f the state. Mr. Green
purchasel and shipped two carloads of
htps, paying therekir prices ranging
from .yto6 cl-nts per pound. He ways
the .quality of tlie crop raised in the
section visited, for the year 1890. was
average, a part of the yield being of
e'xcepticnallyi gowl quality. Mr. Green
retrts that the blue mold has not at-
peajred s generally , among' the baled
hips fn the southern part of the state
as in the vicinity of Salem. PracticaJly
all of last year's .hop crop grown in the
locality of Drain ihas been purchaset.
reports .(ae-oai-em uuycr.
BEECHAMS PILLS for distress
after eating, i- i - -
- -;C3 Jdm IS T C3 n. Z V. '
Boon tli." 9V1 Yw to ,waTs BoagM
SigniUr. SIX ' Z?-4- :
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' ' 1
j 94 STATE
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