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    WEEKLY. OltEGON STATESMAN, 1-KIDAY,: Al'KlEf.6, ipoo.
the eyes must be in '-normaj condition
or assisted iy.
fitted hv a erraduate ooticiark
Children's eyes should be tested fre- H- J. tBheler Sy tb Aeaoclatloa
Has Be a Strong; Factor la Dis
posing of 1889 Crop.
Ail Fralt Growing DUtriet Report an
ExeelUat Outlook, and Price !
May Hal Low. - '...'.'.' j
Charles L. Dailey, the fruit grower
and dealer, as a matter of course keeps
track 'ofthe prospects, and all other
things of interest. concerning fruit. A
Statesman reporter asked, him. las,
evening, concerning the coming fruii
- - ' : I
iMr. Dailcy said that the critical ti nt
for the Oregon crop is now practically
past, ami .that there is almost certain
promise of by far the greatest yicKl it
the hustory "of the state. !
lie declared that fhe thing which
.worries hint most, in this connection
a: the present time, i the propoctj of
the crop being too large; that is. all
tlie fruit districts from which he has
heard, the country over, are looking
furward to most abundant yields. The
prune districts of .'.California. Oregon.
. Washington, Idaho, . Utah, and in parts
of New Mexico and .Colorado, all pro
mise exceedingly well. Of course, thq
"critical foint for Utah and some of the
other districts of the inter mountain
region has not yet been passed,,but
there:, is little likelyhood of any thing
happening to mar tlie prospect of an
abundant yield. ' Of course, the East
ern -states do not raise many prunes.
Hut the districts of the East raising
apples and otlcr fruits are expecting
large yiekrs rne cc-ming setn. an
: these will, of course, compete in some
measure in the markets. and make the
demand less and the prices -lower k
our prunes, f
Even theigh prices for proncsmay
rule low, the abundant crop will Iring
into Oregon an. enormous sum ot
t money if it is ail taken care of.
A prominent prune grower tol l a
Pacific Homestead reporter, a few tiyf;
ago, that prunes can be picked and
dried, by one having his own drier.
Jot less than one cent a pound; and
there is no likelihood of til , price
being that low.
luently. 'Minor detects (A vision, cor
rected: during youth -will strengthen the
s:ght in ifid age.
We make examinations free, and fit
glasses to all conditions of sight. 1 Thorny, indeed, has becn the path.
URD1IHV 11 RIDD - anJ eventful the career, of the Oregon
.n( .i, .r. .X.x, : Hopgrowers Association since its in
ar I - .
no siaic 3i. scicaiific opuciaa i ceotroni and ftermanent organization
last November. But every cloud has a
silver fining and the officers who have
I so faithfully administered the affairs o
iSk? association-, now see a brighter pros
pect ahead. 'In fact they now begin to
realize that the association is in contro
er, the Walkrwa river, Eagie creek and
tanner creek; provide!, that this pro
vision shall ot -apply to WaHowa riv
er untU a salmon hatchery ii built
thrreon: provided, further, it shall be
unlawful at any time hereafter to take I of the situation and will have little dit-
ficu.ty in disposing of all the hops in
the association poo, at fair prices.
As the iSor bop season nears a close,
the fact oecomesr more apparent thai
t!w -association has tieen a stronjr factor
in handling the crop and has exerted
a greater influence on market conditi:is
than even hs promoters had exoected
couid be accompfiished in the inaugural
year of its history. The experience of
uie association during the past year has
greatly strengthened- the organization,
.:n t i.t i it
er fish for salmon fish in the waters of
the WiUamctte river in anjr manner
whatever, except with hook and line.
c&rmnonly termed anglmg. between the
ttirj-rv day of August and the orst day
A November of any year or to tis
for any salmon with anything but gig
or hook and hne. commonly called
anffltnff. at any time, above the mouth
of the south fork of Coos river, cr above
the mouth of the north fork of he
Coo river, on Coos bay, in Coos coun
ty. Oregon. It shall he unlawful for
any person or "persons to take or fish J which -will be more capable of handling
I or -salmon in the w-aters ot any stream line situation ior tne ensuing year,
Rntrletlona on Calrhlnc Salmon aa Pro
acrlbaU by tha Lcgtalatare at Ila
Last 8snloa.
f it r? r -rt .t i... r
4IOBI. v iv-. ! ttccs. tnc jsiaic nsn
conimissioner. yesterday, filed his re
port, with the state treasurer, for the
month of March, showing the moneys
collected1 for that month for licenses
etc., as provided by the sta.e. law. and
deposited the amount s collected.
The reptjct does not sJkw very heavy
collcctioiM, as salmon fishing does not
he gin until April 15th. in the Columbia
river, after which da.'c the fislieruen
on tliat river, the principal source- of
wealth; in salmon fishing, will secure
their licenses. j
The report shows "oJ1cctions on ac
count of licenses as follows-:
Individual licenses..- ...$32
Orag Iseyie licenses. .'.'
Gill net licenses. .. .. 50
Set net license. ...... . .. ....... 12
i oiMin net. trap cr weir licenses.. 30
Dealers licenses. ...... ... ..... 320
Total..... ... ... $480
Of the above amount, district No. 3
contributed $12; district No. 5.
and district No. 6. $4V.
TU 1 . : 1 : . 1 t: r .1. .
fishing season, passed at the last' ses
sion of the legislature ay: in part: i
"Sec. I. Lt -shall be unlawful t
take or fish for salmon in the Cohim
bia river or its tributaries, or within
three miles outside of the mouth of
said Columbia river, by any means
whatever m any .year, - between 12
o'clock noon -March 1st. and f 2 o'clock
noon April 15th, or between la o'clock
noon on the tenth day of August and
12 o'clock noon em the tenth day of
September; provided, that it shall he
...f..t . m n A n 4 a , . .L.
for salmon by any means whatever, ex
cept with hook and- line, commonly
(termed angling, in the Clackamas riv-
or bay in this state, except 'tire Colum
wa and its tributaries, and excepting
the Necanictim and Ohana creeks, as
provided in this act, from the twentieth
day of November until the twentieth
day of; December, or between the fit
teenth day of April and the first day
cf June; nor shall it be lawful to fish
for cr take any salmon in Rogue rive
Iron November 1st to April 15th. nor
fifcm Angust 15th to September . 1st;
nor shaJI it le lawful to fish for or take
any salmon in . Tillamook bay, or any
of the nvaters of any stream flowing
into snch bay, from the twentieth day
ot November until -the twentieth day
of December, nor between the fifteenth
dav oi April and the fifteenth day of
Jt'Jy; nor shall it be lawful to fish for
or take any salmon in the SiusJaw r.v-
cf between the twen'ieth day of Nov
ctrher and the. twentieth day of Dec
einlcr; or letw'Ctn the fifteenth day c
April and the first day of June, of any
car. 'Ami any person or persons fish
ing for, taking or catchin-g salmon fu-h
in violation of this section, or "fishing
icr salmon fish by leaving or havinsr
in any of the' waters -of this state, cr in
any of the waters over which this state
ha- c'oncurrrcnt" jurisdiction, or who
shall leave or cause to be left or have
or permit an fishvraps. weir. tound-
net, sctnet. fish-wheel, seine or any de-
The unexpected appearance of blue
mokl in the hops was a condition with
which the grower, dealer ami associa
tion SkkJ to contend, and which could
not -be controlled, by any. A-s a conse
quence the market was embarrassed
ami under the adverse crroumstanccs
the progress of the work of the associ
ation was --retarded.--
A ntimber of interviews were vestcr
day obtained wih prominent local deal
ers regarding the -work of the associa
tion and w.vat it has accomplished
since its organization.
It. J. Ottenheimer. tocal representa
tive! ior Lilienthal & Co.. of New A'ork.
mi3e the followincr rank ttmmarv
the! present situation:
"While the association has not been
as successful as some oeonli h-m..
hoped, k certainly had "been a ercat
lenefit to all the hop growers. There
is no question n my, miml but that,
were it not for jhe association, hoo.t
wxj!d have been seilinur at two and
Friedman's New; IRachet
. : Is where jrou will now find the best stocks of clothing now in the
' --" "" - - i- " ' " ' - '- - - - : . ' . -" " '- ' 1 - ' " i .' - '
( city at prices that ' defy competition and the assortment is so great that -
n . " i . .,:: ' ; . i
j you can buy men's suit from $1.25 to $15.00, and children and youth's suits, '' t
' 1 we, can lit and suit all comers.- We offer great inducements jn embroidery,- . ,
j I laces, veiling and fancy goods. We have onl about 250 ladies -wrappers left f
that are bargains at; 40c each, extra bargains in fine ladies' shoes, our prices
will suit you fcr very article in our store arc leaders. Remember the place. '
Cormer State and Commercial Streets
Salem, Oregon
AT COST ! AND LESS THAN COST. All good stock, no shoddy
goods in stock. Dry goods, -Silks, Corsets arid Gloves at cost and
less than cost. Closing out the stock formerly Willie Bros.
IS ADORE GREENBAUM, 1st Door South of the Postoffice. -
heing gradually redjuced in New Yor
The Oregon Jlobgrowcrs Associa
tion, during the pajst few weeks, pur
vhaeii! a great aihoiinft of supplies,
which are now beingj distributed through
the local associations- to members of
the state organization, at -wholesale-
rates. ' the association assumes aI
charges for cartage!, etc.. and delivers
ne gvxKJ at actual w'bolesale rates.
Each intiividiial grower tipot placinn
his order with the association for sun-
' ' j .... 1 1 : rr . . I ' ..
initi.L.t f.r r -I, ie uiucmuiy. ikh oruy nas the ass-ocia
of being used to catch fish in anv of the I:" emibIfd outsiders o sell, but it has
saKI waters in a condition 4 take, or amj is selmg large quantities ot
three cents rer pound ever sirure thr-! nlic.. fcnosit mnpv thorp-
first of January. trVt - the start some ! the order is ororhoilv fillfd
..........- : 1 .1... ,. : - 1
Ki v., . 1 itaicu iiai inc iKionn-r 01 a
part of the hops wotrfd oniy result in
giving those oiHside- Hie pool a c.hanct
10 sen. wnne ti.iose in the associatioi
..1 J 1 r -a. . . .
wuuiu get icit. r.ut ine result proved
cp,tci nstp miring the rfosrVl (sason
provided- in this ac-?. r by purchasing
salmon so unlawfully v.augbt, or hav
ing "in his or their possession any sal
mon so caught, shall he guilty of a
misxlemeanor. ami upon conviction
thereof shall be fined in a sum not less
than $V nor mrn-e lhan tirra
h:ps. of its own at better prices than
uiOF-e sroirt outside.
"rot a long time buvers were t
ahled to buy outside of the association
wun au vantage man irom the as
sociation, but now that all the weak
oltlers have let go, the association
suunycr man ever, vvnen the associ-
cense lees tor hslung appliances:
For each drag seine not excecd-
ing five hundred feet in length. $10 00
Err each additional foi in length,' -t
i-the turther sum of
For eacl giUnet. .
For each setnet used on -the Co
; himbia river or it tributaries'.
Fcr each sctnet -used on any oth
i er waters in the state than the
! Columbia river and its tribu
i taries ...
For each poundnet. trap r weir,
For each scow -fishwheet.
2 50
2 50
15 OO
15 OO
iTln"lw nn-Kfria i l.o t:,at:-n was first formed there was rt
i-.ti 513 per cent n me nop-i outside ot
ine association, but now the associa
tion contiols over 80 per cent ot the
sqck remainirrg. so ihat thev virtuttU
can control the situatNm if lhe irrrtf-re
onjy stick togerhcr.
""The stock in California is almoot r-
fiatistetl; what httle is- fleft is hekt at
gmxt hgtires-hy firm holders, and the
sanK- can be saw of Washington
i "The Oregon association has the key-
to tnc situation, and if its members will
.stand hrm. and stick together, the of
ficers will lhave no. difficulty in dispos
ing ot all it he hops on hand at good
prices. in order to sustain and e.i
nance values, growers should stick to
gether and work in unison. It would
be suicidal to break away from the
.-relation at th:s stage of the game.
?iow is tnc crucial test and if growers
wai stick it out for thirty or forty days
onger tney win win the day,
If those growers outside the pool
wouid staml firm and. not. cut under
the as-ociation prices they will get bet
ter prices than by tumbling over each
other in their -efforts- to sell. TheTe is
no use in trying to force sales, the de-
mana ior an graties is good, and it cer
tainly Kjoks as if prices have reached
"Shotfld we get aiTy1 unfavorable crop
reports- frtm England and Europe.
then wid be a much stronger demand
for tlie iHgrj crop, and in.this event the
association, hy good management, vill
gca a great deal more for the remaining
crop than the individual grower.
For each stationary fish wheel.. 25 00
; A niJSY SCENE. Horst Bros.' ex
tensive hop ranches in Marion and Polk
tKinties. present scenes of exceptional
activity during theprese.nl mild weather
s suited to outiUor. work. The liops
are growirrg rapidly, the shoots having
attained a length of several inches.
Grubbing and cultivating is being rar-
nt-.l on on tltc llorst ranches. A eans
jtH twenty-five Japanese -workmen is. en
gaged at this work o"?be Beak ranch
jnorth rf jSalem. while forty Chinamen
are -similarly engaged on the Dove
ranch. Alany of the yards will soon
le ready for he firs training of th
In Berlin the police authorities con
IrcJ many little things about which the
police of American cities would not
concern themselves once in a thousand
years. Three courts decided recently
that, if the "Berlin police judged any
particular color scheme of a house to,
he impmper. cr too gaudy, or in bad
taste otherwise, they could- order the
painter to change it. Indianapolis
Journal. . , ,
, Conversation enriches- the under
standing, but -solitude is the school of
genius. Gibbon. I
Activity is contagious. Emerson.
Botrt U : A
Ihi Kind Ym Kati lan JBcaK
Pianos and Oraans
We ire new fully prepared to taJk
business to you on any grade of piano
irom the Knabe dwn and on Estey
or Chicago Cottage organs. - j
: The Knabe need no entreduction to
Saiem public, our best teachers can
tell you., what class of goods they are,.
The accompanists at our opening n
Wednesday cvrniiwr can teU tou. and
Hie audience who listened also know.
The Estey organ is so -well known
that no matter wliere the customer
comes from, we only need to say the
name " Estey ami a nod of recogni
tion is the - answer. For parlor ot
school, chapel or church they make all
grades that you3l neett '
I will hare in a. first-class second
hand organ today, .to sell at a bargain.
We are comfrinually making 'trade that
get us soaps in these lines. - - 1
The Ladies favorite The Tribune
After weeks and week of -waiting
we have at last succeeded in gcttyig
them in. You will do well to see th '.11
they are the very essence of easy run
ning wheels. '
Tie 1900 Stearns, $40 4
The finest they've ever built, both
ladies" and gents'. The la die. mcdel
is a beauty this year, handsomely curv
ed frame with metal guard, plain black
with yellow rims, any tire any saddle.
$40. '
Lamps, hells, tires, saddles, bars,
cements carriers lacing and everything
that goes -with .wheels.
Carbide in bnlk zlb. ............ .25c
Majestic and Solar Gas lamps.. $3.00
Duck Toiler brake....... ...... $j. 50
. A. VIGGINS, 307 Commercial St.
Tiancs and Organs, Sewing Machines and 'Bicycles. -
Wm. Brown, of the firm of William
Brown & Co.. said:
"There i only a fair demand, but it
may continue at present prices- until
another, crop is harvested. The asso
ciation U doing the best it can do. sell
ing whenever a fair order is made. We
do not helieve in holding goods beyond
me rcacn ch dealers, a they will do
wrtnout or go cisewhere to buy.
r"The f management of the Oregon
'Hopgrowera vssociation is certainly in
the very best of hands and every grow
er's interest is very carefully and con
sciencHMtsly looked after, njuch more
so than they couM do thenvselvcs in
dividuaHjr. The officers Siavc sold the
mcnijers crops ami kept their own,
showing how fair they have hem to
ward their feltow mtmkrs. Vkh a
constantly declining market, almost
anyone else -would hare done otherwise
ami savcf themselves-.
The 1 association now controls the
Mtuartion m Oregon fairly well and
prices asked are certainly reasonable
ami we think it will lie able to sell all
good and useful hops."
D:, W.JIewett. a hop dealer of Wa-t-tcrvilJe,
New York, was in Salem yes
terday, the guest of Souire Farrar. Mr.
Hcwett comes from the center of the
hop growing section of New York state
and his trip to -jhe coast rs for business
and pleasure combined. The firm- of
which Mr. Hewett is a mem4er has for
a number of years had business deal
ings wkla Washington growers, from
whom many hops have been annually
purchased. : Mr. Ilewett's firm has nev
er bought any Oregon hops recently
and on the occasion of his trip to Wash
ington at this time. Mr. Hewet decid
ed to extend his visit to Oregon and
acquaint himseCt wit3 conditions exist
ing here, with a view of possibly deal
ing with Oregon hop growers iAs-y, in
the f.trrs. .
Mr. Hewett says the growers of New
ork state are prad-uallr
the hop growing business and engaging
in the dairy business, -which they con
sider more profitable. As a cone
quence, the acreage grown to hops is
Salem Cycle Association to Meet M ondmy
Evenluc-Kauip Cimc to lie Re-
Tried Today.
There is manifested a hesiticy on
the part of Maffon county wheelmen
this year in the -payment of "the annual
bicycle tax. This
case. Wflietimea- smotild oromntlv re
spond and pavf 1hir tax, making it
poss.tile to coivttnnd
struct ion that was
augnrated last seaskm
The delirxiuetivy
his year s tax Sand!
should not be the
the cycle path con-
so. extensively m-
of the payment ot
the apparent indtf
Science that is heing shown among the
large majority "of Cyclists, is account
able for the Tacit that the tax collector
lasc year -made not attempt to enforce
the collect ion of the tax, all who liqui
dated the amount of it heir assessment
doing so voluntarily. .
'the tax became: due tws year on
March 1st and fall delinquent on May
1st, in Marion courrtv- lt is Imorfiba-
ble tlrat the county tourt will grant any
gre-ai extension oi time in which to col
lect the -tax.. Sheriff Durbin says that
when the tax fails delinquent he shaUi
use every effort to compel negligent
wheelmen to pay up. When the tax
'rs declared delinquent' hy the" countv
court, costs amounting to $r are added
to eacli tax: Leis- than' fifty -of the
3500, or more, wlieelmert in Marion
county, have procured tags. '
1-he value and treneral rniwenipnc
of the cycle paths) to both j wheelmen
ana peaesitrian-s is quite apparent. -In
lact, tlKcost oi maintaining the paths
is an insignificant (consideration, when
the general -utility jtihcy afford is con
sidered, with the :stort itiat was made
last; year, even more! could be -accomplished
this year with the same amount
of funds. The paths Khat were begun;
last year can thrs year be completed,
w&iile the onesi that were finished last
season couhjf be graded some and
placed in, a most satisfactory and ser
viceable condition.' With the hind
tliat would he available with a general!
aLau . l . 1. : . .f .1.
re.i)oir-'c 10 ine ia:y mis year, an m ine
paths that the needis of wheelmen in til
sectiom of the county would require,
could he providedj; In. another year,
wrth an . augmented fund, which thv
constantly increasing numrer of wh-TJis
wdl prodtice. all paths could be treated
to coat of fine gravel or granite sand,
that would contribute to their permi-
nency ami great improvement. it is
the dream of local ? wheel entlmsiasl to
eventually have a system of cycle path
penetrating all section of the county.
that will be equally as jpoodj as that
bordering thesquh side of Willson's
Avenue in this city.
A meeting of the .Naiem Cycle A$..t-i
ciatxin, ha been called for In lay
evening nent. the same -to he herd in
the city police court .room. I : The an-?
nual election of otticers will take place
and much importapt business will com
up for consideration. The Salem
wicetmen propose to. have an active
organizationf again this year. - The,
wlieeruxn ot the -Capital City are unan
imous in snip-port) ot the tncycle law
and the tax k imposes They will d.i
all in; theh- power to assist the officers
in the collection of the tax jand for the
protection of, the paths hy assisting in
securing the conviction of persons tres
passing -ch-ereuiion. . . :
BnllcHin of the Oregon E-xperimen(
tv Station Recently Issued. Which I
1 May Trove Helpful. f
V - V . 1
The Oregon Agricukural College and
Experiment 'Station, at Corvallis, Ore
gonv issued a, bulletin, under date of
April 2d,' regarding the potato rot, and
the remedy forMhe same, which, if taki
en due n-o:e &tby the agriculturis-t sj,
may prove of greaMienefit, and prevent
ilie production of a defective crop. The
bulletin says:
"There seerhed to beXa general comr
plaint last year of black or brown spots
in potatoes. ' Those examined ;-t the
bacterjologicaJ laboratory of -the e-xpen
ment station were found to be affected
with two diseases, one called brown rot.
... t.:t. :. -4 1 - 1 .
w tutir is cujhu y a germ Known as
bacillus solanacearum, the other caused
-by bacillus of potato rot, producingv ja
pwetro-t. x
1 licse diseases prevailed last year
more generally, perhaps, because ot thie
moist, warm -weather in August, a con
dition conducive to the deveHpme.K f
those micro-organisms. ;
"Every effort should be made t pre
vent perpetuating brown rot. j
"One of the first step is, icv.vr to
piant a seed potato that has the least
spot or blemish; the next precaution s
to dip the -seed potatoes, after they
h;ve 4een cut. in a solutioti of corr'osivj?
sullimate fbichloride of mercurv ) five
ounces to ulhirty gallons of -ater. I
, 1'lace the cut seed m a sack and
Stibm-erge thenr in this solution tor t he
hour; this will kill all germs .nd fpore
present, ami insure a more wholesome
crop ot tubers. 4
.T-u:. . . t ir
1 111s iicannrm nas uccn mifiiiv 15
commended for the prevention of po
tato scab.
"It must -be worne in mind- that c
tosive -snblimate is a poison, ami must
be ' kept 'from children, animals, sore
hands, etc.
flmflag the Building la nmdlneu for the
Contrctom IluslnH Not to Be
For Infantf and ChUdren.
Tiie Kind You Haw Alwajs Boogh!
Bears the
Signature of
The case of State vs. Samuel Rama
charged with ' Srii-ing npon a bicvele
path, will he. re-trjied hefere Justice II.
A. Johnson at 10 to clock HttHs mortvutg.
This is ttar same lease heard in Justice
Johnson's-. department onf Wednesday,
wvien me jury ianeet to agree. V
1 Ibl Aici Yaa Kara Ahrars Bsc
Fine printing. Statesman Job Office.
(From Facific Homestead, April 5).
A. II. iWright. who lives about three
miles west of Mchama. Oregont thinks
he has discovered an aid to orchardisls
in Guinea fowls. They are great
rustlers,, and they exist almost entirely
on insects. i hey nick the bugs Ironi
the Itrees 7 and wherever they can find
them and they have very sharp cye:s
and keen instincts in this direction.
Mr. Wright say their eggs are as good
as hens' egg, and that their meat is
excellent, especially when young.
They qIso fight the hawks away from
the little chickens. There are ndt
many of these African fowls m the
Willamette valley now, and Mr. Wright
thinks ft would pay farmers to : try
Ir. Wright has made a god record.
in a Smalll way, with his poultry. He
started in last spring with fine chickein
hens and a rooster and three turkey
hens and. a gobble. He ; has had
about $35 in cash out of his poultry,
without selling any eggs, and he his
his original stock and eighteen extta
IICII9. - 4
?Twicc-a-week Statesman, $1 a ycajr.
' j.
The local market quotations yester
day Vere as'follows:. j
i Wheat -42 cents at the Salem Floujv
ing Mills. Co.'s office, J
Oat 28 and 30 cents (buying), j
Hay Cheat, '.buying $8; timothy,
to f 10.
Flour 75 cents per sack.
Mill feed Bran, $13; shorts, $15.
Butter 2Yi to 7ViC
Eggs and 10 cents, cash.
PoultryrChickens 8c per pound.
Pork Fat, ajA gross, SA net.
Beef Steers, 4aMc; cows, 345
3wc; good heiter, 4c.
Mutton Sheep, 4c on foot
Veal 7c dressed
Potatoes 2o25 cents.
. Tlie force of janitors, at the capitol,
yesterday ibegan the work of arrang
ing the south part of the building wr
the cor.ractors, pre para tory to making
the changes recently authorized' by the
State Board of, Capitol Building Com
missioners. Carmts in the Ttvm-,s" nn.
the groundl floor in the south wing
were taken 'upl and furniture shifted, mi
a to be out of the way of 'the work
men. Several more -men have been'
engagedto aid in this work, and the
furniture, carpets and other movable
.fixtures in tlie representative hall will
he taken out this week, so that, by the
'beginning of next week. t!ic buil-ling.
or that part of it. in which the changes-
will fe -made, will -be ready foe llu.
operatirts d the contractors.
After the .work of the contractors be- i
gins, tlie dWorways connecting the rep
resentative hjll with t'he main fmild.ng i
will be closed.so that no communica- I
tion may be had between the two ami;
thai .he vork in-Mhe hall may not -in-!
t erf ere with -the transaction of public
Intsiness in the several state' dtjiart-
ments. .
In giving the contractors, jvlv-i snh--
mittetl bids., in jresterdays Sra!esi'ia:i. ;
-tlie nanie of one was inadvertei'Iy t-ir.it- i
ted. "aixl the lis.t of bwfders is again
given below, including all whor,i!!nnit- j
ted bids, the figures bein&j' for syel!W '
fir and oak floor, respectively, foY ihe !
room, above the representative chamber'
to be used by the state library:
Ert & Van - fatten, balem Yellow
fir. $8244; oak. $8844,
Erixoir & Van Patten, Salem Yel
low fir. $0202 oak. $10,522. j
N. Ely. 'Salem Yellow fir. .Qoo: ;
oak. $1 1. 000.
V. II. Lang & Snins, Indianapolis,
Ind. Yellow fir, $10,979; oak, $12,379.
L. N. .Ronev. Euc-ene Yellow, fir
$it.ooo: oak. $13,100. . 0 f
Bentley Construction Co.. 6alem
Oak. $14.4 SO.
'Ferdy-She.'is all ihe worldl to me!
What would you idvise me to Ido?
1 erc-y bee a little uore of the world..
old chap. Puck. - i
large stock of millinery must be soldi
ilw fore the isl oP.May. As I start for
(Lape Nome at that time. You will
never have another chance to buy goods;
socheaply. Mrs. 1). 1. T-eiiter. .Pro-!
prietor of "The Paris.' '
DENHA'M. At 4he family home, in
i'ortland, OrcgonT' March 30. lono
to 'Mr. and Mrs. Fred Denham, a
son. ' - ' . . . i-
la all ita aUec tt .
boold be cleaulioeM. -
Ell's Cream Balm
eleanMa , sootbea sad heals
the died membrane.
It cores catarrh and drives
away a cold la the b4
Cnam Bmlm Is placed into (be nonius, wpiwm
trret tb membrana and ia amorbed. Belief la Im
mediate and a cur follows. It U not drying-tux
not produce aneeKisK. Large Siae, SO eente at Dtu
giaU o by maU; Trial Size. 10 cenU by mail.
ELY BBOTHiU, w warren evrecw iw
Se C. STONE, M. D.
Proprietor of . )
- ..." - , : I ; !
The stores. ( two In numrwr are lo
cated at No. 235 and 333 Commercial
street, and are well stocked with a
complete line of drugs and medicines,
toilet articles, j- perfumery, 5 brushes,
etc., etc etc
las had some 2. years "experience In
the practice of : medicine and now
makes no charge for consultation., ex
animation or prescription.