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Stennenberg's Closing Statement
of Conditions in Idaho.
'omroui Cltlzeaa ; l'Lac-cl la Danger by
tljt LalfM MImn Oai-laf that
Stalk Troablc-a.
WASinXGTOK. March 30. Gov
ernor StuniiiJerg,9 closing statement
tf' fay attracted" much attention tor
it vn-Nl recital of the series o lawless
depredations, in the Coeur d'Alcnes.
which, he said, had "spread through ike
community. He tuted that the house
of tlt- judge id fbe first district. Judge
Mahew. had tcen enterel a: night by
an armed ami nia'-rfced man, who wanted
to know Siow the ruling 01" the court
was to be made. On another occasion
an armed mob waiteel on the judge ami
told him he had "better rule right,"
' js The Governor aid that fifty citizens
had told him that linear- live would 4e
worrh nothing ti it became known that
t'hey had disclosed the acts of lawless
ness which cctir red. The committee
adjirned until 'Monday.
To Surrred II. It. Miller on the IWwnl of
Hortl-ulturw-w Kegent for
Acrleultarml College.
(From Daily, March 31st).
The state oard. consisting oi Govt
T. T. tjeer. j-crttary of 'State F. I.
Huidar awl dilate Treasurer Chas. A.
Moore, yesterday appointed Hon, E. L.
Smith, of Hotxl 'River. Wasco county,
a horticultural commissibner-at-laTge,
and ex-ortici chairman lof the state
board of horticulture, to succeed Hon.
Harry U. Miller, of Grants Pass, the
retiring chairman, who has resigned -to
accept tlve position of -Am-errcan consul
-t King Chung. China.
' 'Mr. 'Smith is a well kmwrr and prom
inent "horticulturist of Wasco county;
Nie served r three1 years as president
of the oUl State ; Horticultural Society,
aivd he is miw vice-president for Ore
got of the Northwest 'Fruitgrowers'
Association. He was a memler of the
lower 'house oi tlie: legislature during
the- session; erf 1&S0., ! serving with great
distinction- and hKr to hi-nisvlt and
his constituents.? 'He is a stalwart re
publican ad take "great interest in
liie welfare of he party. He is highly
recommended -by teadiiig . horicuUurisii
throughout the country, including the
letiring chainnan of the state board,
Hon.' --Harry B. Miller.
Gjv. T. T. if4" also appointed John
' tl'well. 01 J.Tck!i eonmy, -a member
ilu- loard 1 i regnrts jf the Oregon
"Agricultural loIicgv at CorvalHs, to
Runted l. S. 1'agne. resigned. Mr.
lwe.ll is a protnitKejit horticulturist
and agriculturist.' -aiu! the appointment
w.i made' as a result oi the widespread
desire to have at practical horticulturist
and agriculturist a . nvcnler of the
iMard of. regent. The aipoir.4meivt of
Mr. Olwell was recommended by Hon.
Hairy L- Miller an 1 many other prom-
inviu rtsilents of the state.
In response to tin? requisition of the
Governor California. Governor Geer
ysterIay issiK-tt a 5tate warrant for the
arrest and delivery to the agent of
the state ert California, of xmc J. W.
SIrafiklin, wh i- wanted in Fresno on
a charge of cnlezzlcmein. Shanklin
served as clerk -of the city of Fresno
Ur a time, and while acting in that ca
pacity 'lie collected-, and appropriated to
his own use $120. For this he was in-drcu-d.
btrt he had quietly come to Or
egon, settling in Forest Grove, where
he Va arrested upon the request .of
the California authorities. Governor
Geer'- warrant j was delivered to John
AY. Dumas, agent 'of the state of Cali
fornia, and that gentleman, left for For
est Grove last evening to secure his
man. I
Irill by Jmdgtt BoIa YeaterUay. Agalnal
the P.lHIte--riBdlti: -t Fact
d Conclusion of Law. "
' (From Daily, March 31st).
The petition ior writ of mandamus,
recently filed and heard in the equity
department f Ithe state circuit coun,
wherein Helen! Williams sought to se
cure an order of mandamus. ccmpe4hng
the state land board to pay interest on
money, paid to the board tor swamp
land." and repaid when title could not
le perfected, j The case was a most
important one. j as about $75,000 in sim
ilar claims are depending upon the re
sult of this suit, and the dismissal of
the petition, unless reversed by thcsu
prenie court, saves the state that amount
in money. t , ;
Judge K. Pj Boise, -in deciding the
case handed down findings of fact, con
clusions of law and his decree as fol
lows: - ' . ' : j -
Findings of Fact. - '
r First That one B. F. Hutchinson
Vrchased -from the state of Oregon the
lands described in the fetttion herein.
"Second That feaid B. F. Hutchinson
paid .e state for said lands the full
pr:e thereof In good faith and made
-ll proper endeavor to acquire title
thereto. j -! i
"Third That a;t the time of said pur
chase and payment the state of Ore
gon had not acquired a title to said
-lands from the United States, nor has
sa'd state acquired such title since that
tine, and that said hinds have since
'.aid payment been patented by the
Unised States, to other ersons.
"Fourth That payments were made
to the state on ;.! t-..- : i u . t
mson as follows:
August 30 1873; $,0000
Apr,! 23. ,883 13j6
December 17, l&H..... 207 5 1
J'i ; $.Va 00
, al t.uo wai received by said
state and kept and u-ed by the sta'e
lor money received and finally repaid
vvithout interest to the heirs c said
l- 1'. Hutchinson as follows: ;
April. 20. lf3..... .$120 00
i ebruary ii. i....... ..200 oq
Tj?-!a! --- --- - r - - - -$J- OO
'hifth -That the petitioner herein is
the sole btir to said B. F. Hutchinson.
"Sjxth That- the ietitioner. Helen
W illiams, made ajxplication in duefo'-m
to said State Land Board composed of
thf defendants herein for the. payment
of interest on said moneys so paid as
aioresaid by said di. F. Hutchinson, for
the payment of interest at 5 per cent
from the date of said payments to said
"Seventh That on ' the twentv-sev-
emh day of February. 1900. said board
alter consuJering said claim for inter
est, refused to audit and allow the sane
for the reason that the act under .which
said claim was made, towit. section 18.
of the act aoproved Februarv 18. iHorj
does not authorize the -payment ot in
terest on such claims. '
Conclusion-s of Law.
"First rThat the defendants who con
stitute the: said State Land Board a-e
not authorized 4jy the laws of this state
to audit and pay the claim for interest
set forth in the findings of fact herein.
"Second That the writ of manda
mus issued in this case be dismissed.
"Third That the defendant. - sabl
board, recover of the plaintiff costs and
'"Based on the foregoing findings of
facts and conclusions of law it i order
ed and decreed by the court that the
writ of mandamus heretofore issiitrd'in
this cause e dismissed, ami it is further
ordered and decreed that the defend
ants, said State Land Board have and
recover of and trom the plaintiff their
and have execution therefor."
The petition of W. R. Smith, the di
vorced hus'band of Laura A. Smith,
asking for the appointment of some
suitafblc persc-n to care tor and educate
tour minor children 'belonging to the
comtestants. but awarded to the mother
when the divorce was granted last De
cemfler. came up tor hearing yesterday
afternoon. The petition- stated that,
under the decree of the court' gram ing
the divorce '.the father was giver the
right to visit the children-. but that their
minds had since been' poisoned against
him; that the mother was uaaible to
proierly care t'pr and educate the girls;
that she was about to remove them
from the jurisdiction of the court, and
take them to Eastern- Oregon, and the
petitioner was desirous of having the
children taken from the mother and
given into the hands of some person
who would, under the direction oi the
petitioner; give them proper cart and
attention. When the case came up tor
hearing yesterday the mother of thj
children made so strong a showing that
the court dismissed the petition and
awarded the children to the mother,
giving to her the care of the girls,
The troufbTcs of this family have sev
eral' times Tact? aired in tlie .'courts.
At the Nov.emier. term of the
circuit court, the! divorce suit of the
couple took up sojne time and resulted
in- a severance of the marriage tie. A
.short time after this. as a result of a
dispute -l-etwec:- the -divorced husband
anj wife over tlve ovifnersh'p of a cow.
two sons of the couple assaulted and
shot the father .seriously wouivdinp
him. and for this the two young men
were indicted for a-ssanlt with a deal!y
weapon; and a trial Ivad at
the February term, resulted in a hung
jury, when .the ca-e was postponed for
further hearing to the June term' this
year. Several civil cases, over the pos
session of a horse ami some other per
sonal property were next lrought up.
but. as a result of the ftorts of Judge
George H. Burnett. Tilmon Ford and
Other attorneys, the caes were com
promised ami -settled.
Other orders made by Judge Boise
at the session1 of the court- yesterday,
were a follows:
W. T. Slater, receiver, vs. W. H.
Wild: decree ami default.
Frank C. Baker, vs. S. W. Bard, et
al.. sherifTs di-ed; order 'granted.
J. F. T. It. -15 rent a no. plaimtfT. vs. C.
F. BrtTKaiK. a suit in-equity; objections
to fimlings' filed.
A Few Sales Are Made ami the Stocks
in this State Are Being
Reduced Gradually.
(From Daily." -March 31st).
The hop market is quiet, though the
officers of the Oregon Hop Growers
Association report several sales rang
ing up as high as 6J4 cents per pound,
while they claim to have aa offer for
a jarge lot aS a good price. Dealers are
picking up a few choice lots occasion
ally, at 6J4 to 7 cents per pound, am!
the holdings in the state are gradually
-being reduced.
Valentine Loewi. the .New York hop
factor, in the Producers Price Current
of March 24th. says ot tne market
Keceipts tor iweeK
Receipts from Sept I ....
Receipts same time last year
Exports to Europe for week.
Exports from Sept 1... ......
Exports same time last year.-.
Imports for week......
Imports from Sept 1..... ....
So. 107
vt tne receipts htcn .io "--
were from the Pacific coast, leaving
lesshan 600 bales from this state, and
of these more than one half were in
transit or export. -Ad,vices from the
interior markets report fewer sales of
late, chiefly because of light supplies and
getferally defective qualities. The
figures that we published last week
regarding Ihe stock still in , growers
hands, have caused a more thorough
investigation of the present holdings
and we are inclined to think that there
are less than Ojooo bales unsold in t.us
state, outside of Jew. York City. It is
difficult, to give very reliable estimates
from the Pacific coast, but the best in
formation that we have warrants the
statement that the amount of hops back
In California. Washington and O-egcn
is between 32.000 and 35xj bales. Our
local market is in much the same condi
tion as reported of late. Not much
new business hs transpired this week,
but the deliveries to brewers are on a
fairly li?eral scale and stocks are being
reduced steadily. .The feehng as to
values is steady, passiMy firm on really
for Infants and Children. .
The Kind You Hare Always lloalit lias borne the signa
ture of Cliak. II. rieU-her, and lias been made under his
personal supervision for ove 30 years. Allow noJ one
to deceive you in this. .Counterfeits, Imitations ; and
Just-as-oo4l are but Experiments, and endangrer the
health of Children ISxperieiit-e agaipst lilx peri men t. K
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years
TWt CfWTIOH COITWHIT. T7 M J mm r ITWtfT, f TOM crrr.
Walter Morley
desirable grades, the
which is small.
proportion .of
State. 1800, choice, per' lb...
State. i8yy, good to prime...
State, 1800. poor to fair..
State. 1808
Pacific coast, 1809 choice...
Pa. coast. i8r. good to primp,
Pa: coast, l&jy. com. to fair.
Pacific coast. iSiS
State and Pa. coast, old olds.
13 ;
ioa. ti
Wri .
io'i 12
If" 0
.(a IP
2(" 5
FIXAL MEETING. The. gen-cra-l
coniiTittee on arrangements, 'or the reception-
to Cot. W. J. Bryan, .held its
final meeting last night to wind up its
affairs, prior to tlie dissolution of tin
organization. All bih's were audited
and ordered paid, trfe total .expt'nse
Wing $150.17. and all tlnse. having any
claims agair.-st fix- committee, were re
quested to call orv the treasurer,. Os
wald West, at the Ladd & Bush liank
today. and receive the-ir nroixy. Ainple
funds are on hand to pay nil c':unis.
The committee did trot meet -vfirh any
difficulties in its lahors. ami al! arrange
ments were found entirely satisfactory,
the meetings, on the occasion- of Mr.
Bryan's visit here, having come- off
without a single hitch- in tlk proiyani.
Gregoire yesterday petitioned ;the ro
bafe curt lor letters of guardianship
in the cae of Zcnaida Gregoire his lit
tle daughter, aged 10 years. The littlv
girl has an estate valued at $350. ::nd
consisting 01 realty, arid' a guardian i.
necessary at thisstime to manage this
property. Judge Terrell appointed Mr.
Gregoire as guardian of the girl an-i licr
estate, fixing the -bond at $700.
The Appetite of a Goat
I envied by all poor dyspeptics
whose StiiiTach ar?d Liver are u-t in ir
dr. All such sltould - know that Dr,
King's New Life Pills, the woii k-rfu!
Stomach ami Liver Remedy, gives a
splendid appetite, sound d:gc-tio-i and
a regular ttxxlily ii;oit t'nat insure-, per
fect hv-a"7ii an-J i;rc-at energy. " Only 50.
at Dr. Stone's tlrug stores.
Dcvehfpmeiit Company filed articles of
incorporation yesterday, at the cpiiol.
arid will engage r dealing in coal
laivdi. and operate coal and other'mini-s.
Tlie principal office will I? Ucated in
Portland. The company has a capital
stock of $5000. divided into .-hare val
ued at $i5 each. J. V. 'Carntbers. V,
H. Grimstaff ami W. M. KiTiingsworth
are the incoporators.
M rrow paring crop because they're
rl fnh -i nil . I u-. - ' f ha 1-tit. Fur
bale everywhere. Itefuse autiKtitutem. j
Stick to i-Vrrjr'B 8i and proupcr.
1'JOO H-ed Annual free. Write for it.
D. M. FERRY A CO.. Detroit. Mkh.
Your Work Solicited.
Those wishing to sell cream to the
Creamery, now being built' in Salem
by T. S. Townsend. will p'ease call n
or write Secr.etarv H. B. Thielsen. of
the Chamber of Commerce', and. if ar
rangements cannot Ik: mJde to collect
by teams, we will have tt shipped hy(
boat or rail. . T. S. Townsend.
ceived by the undersigned committee
at the office of H. A. Johnson, J;
for wood, as follows to wit: Up to
noon, of April 0, 1900. a deposit ot
soc per cord for oak and 25c per cord
for fir, will be required of the suc
cessful bidder as a guarantee of ful-
fillment of contract,! which deposit j
must be made within 5 days ot ac
ceptance of bid. The wood to be de
livered at the following named places:
East school fir, 125 cords; Parkj
school fir, 60 cords; North school-;
Oak 10 cords, fir 60 cords: Lincoln
school Oak, 5 cords ; fir 60 cords;
Central school Oak. 5 cot ds; fir 10I
cords. The oak. to- e of good spl.t
body, or grub wood. The fir. to be of
what is know as large body v.ood,
net second growth. The right to re
ject any or all bids is reserved. m.
M. Cherrington. II. A. Johnson. II,
C. Fletcher, Supply Committee,
School DisL No. 24, Marion county
Oregon. dt-w 3-
Signature of
Dealer in all kinds of
Woven Wire Fencing
Send for circulars. x
lit is- very rare, .indeed, for Vnen to .-be
wrong in their feelings coix-erning pr!i
litf rrriscojwluct; as rare to Ijk. right in
tlxir specu!atiiyn upon the cause ot it.
I fiave constantly .obseryetl" that the gen
erality of Hrojile are , fifty years, at
lest, -behind in their politics. Burke.
Eureka Harness Oil Is the best
pit-servut 1 vc of new leather
and the liext renovator ot old
leather. It oils, rioiteiiK, tlack
uiuud protectit. l."ie
: Eurefea
on your ht hnrneC7mir old hnr
nmi, and vour narriatapton. ml ttK-y
VJ --) nly li-tt-r but wear
ixslfroni half j UV to five Ballona.
: Umax J fcTMAUU OIL l.
From G to 25 per acio.
I These lands arc in' Marfon county,
rjreuron, and are ofTercd on easy terms
f payment. They Were taken under
t !ret closure ' by non-residents, hence
ajre offered .for less than similar farms
likld by resilient owners. For full par
ticulars .and description call on or
address Macmaster" & i'.irrell. 311
Worcester block, Portland, Oregon, or
i -
f Whereas: Pudding. Kivcr and its
tributaries, in. Marion Ci)untj;s( rcgon.
iave- bicn stocked with blak spotted
1jroit: ahd'for the protection f the
.fame an.fl by authority vested in me
Under the' provisions .of the Act of Oc
ober 17th. tN. I declare said streams
closed: and hereby give notice that it
f-hall be unlawful tor any person to
fish for.' catch or take.. any'-.m-untain or
bro:k tjtnit. i'T any blnck spotted
trout, or any other f id .fishes from the
waters' of the aforesaid Pttdding Rive'.
r 'any of its tributarie in ari':n
jrou'nty. Orogim. above a pint known
rts MeCal'ister's Flouring "SI ill. l.-ctween
the 2!h day r f April. no. and the
11st 'day of April. iio: and any person
fishing for. or catchmg. fish in any of
he alove named streams, between the
dates herein mentioned will ire (rosc-
jrtite'd to the .full extent of tlie law
Kilt KK.VCR POST, enl M with
,.CacboJ'ncum Avcnarius..
Will out' wear OeJar 'It U lfls a H.i lical
Memwiy, Afrawist tfilekn Uee-lt-s
ai'itc'aJiMi to the wall of poul
try hmws wiil perrn iiit-nily -!
. iiTmimili- ll LH'K
I KtfKilM: llcallhy Tii.-kfii.i-Plenty erfrs.
Write it'T circulars asi-1 prices a:il meii
tlorj thl tmper.
tt. II. VAle: & AKit.
WANTED The undersigned wants to
; secure a number' of -vvjood choppers
to cut 500 cords of wood. Will pay
go .! price for cu'ttfr.g; on'.y four miles
southeast itf Imkp.endtTice. For fur
' ther particulars, call' on or address
O. T. Murphy. -Irdeprndence. Ore
gon. " ' 3:0-- w (l)
tHE QUAK ER-tlnT-roved sqt'are
folding bath cabinet. Price $. Mrs.
T. P.. Fairbank and Mrs. J. A. SeH
wood, exclusive agents. Ca'l; on or
ar!res. 383 Front street. Salem, Or
cgon.Si Agents' wanted- 3:3--tni w 1.
Evaporating and ; Cannery . Co. ' is
ready to contract for pens and toma
toes for the coming season. For
particulars call at!
- cannery.
their office, ?t the
rx 2?yii w
tows also some yarllnjf and 2-yer
dds, for whlth the 1. highest market
'': prte will te paid. Tboma-WaU
Co.. Salem. "i 5-27-tf.
LADIES Learn to cut your own
' dresses-by the famous Stover Tailor
Syrtcnv' for sale at Mrs. A. II. Far
: rar's : dressmaking parlors, over
Cress market; wtm.
FOR SALE Two thousand poapds.
of hop wire, and 100 sacks, good as
new. . Inquire oi
Mac'eay, Oregon.
Harvey Taylor;
3:30-21 w V)
ill: v m
V 9i 11 ,iWH
I ..m yj ii'-i
-I i
i i i a it i i i ri ii ri r-f '
Lad' rirTi-?.Ji
ifi mx : iry
CaAtEeKSP CAilUtT lURDILft SIWINI a ACMINC f i..HrfcU... ot.
pmrfritfmiiitmrtmrj.r s-tlv . rtprtouud.nMl tm
mm lirM o acand TUB fctkhT AtuAl tot'
""."LmL-"? Special Offer Price $15.50
.nn 7i nsulur rb Ml lulM. SIVE it TMAtf MCVTUI Illlll in
TQrowih.-H8r,tn(l we will rvtisrfl your, 15. mnj a My yirtl .r. Bt,
stinfied. W hU tmmt mmh mmf rntrmmt FWwia; ttmwUi .4 .a,
ta.H. II1.M, ail.m .n. mm, mil full iHCnj".i in nr.r rrm N.taf
licklM(ulq. bu(li.iVa f'-r this DBur Mai l.ailkT lilttUlva mt
the fiMlm'Mlu r.rr mnerrt iy mm wnu.e.
ti-meots,(fferif4r .k.ii mrm uiui-rrtouaiiuLmv, with iirhwia.
I rS t uUrtUlwlt fctrat lKn muion auf mm.m
' 1 wam: BtrHiHK aunt, wiia m
ll aulm
1M-rr.iwt beat
I ' ''Kr;; f rl SOLID OUARTER SAWED OAK Mf"l CaliiitT.n a.iuw4.
t t y-f-V . v j V.' -3 lttib-ilrtripn.iclri.m aiiriil ) l b uml m mvmim tmmtm, mm4
Kit Jr, l"r;V'TH5'l' mr Uie other n-l with full lenirth tal-1 mmi hfmtt In l-l.r
. i Ma m mm i u- . - 1 1.
fM.AO, and then Jf cTiTTiMVtht jvm .re aijn lUa to inoOt far yor fra.Kt m$nft,t thf 910 AO.
T BKTI'MS TOLB If tit toT time within thre mtrntht yoti nmy yoa rw not ttitird. OHitftlt 1Vl94fv
JDOif'T 35K1-AV. IMcajTi, Hwiitwfc At t4. ar" th'r'ihlT "-"liaol.- I-uit.tr .
AUdress, SEARS, ROEqUCK fit CO. (Inc.) Chicago, III.
In tho Circuit- Courf of
Oregon, for the Courjjy
State of
Di'partinent No. 2. j
1. T. (leer, pMfrmijr: V. I. Dunbar,
ccr-.'tary of s-tatcj anll Chas. S...Morc,
vta:e tr:a-.tircr. of. the KtTite i Oregon,
Lair. 1 15oard, oi the
.tate ( i Orej
hi plaintiff, vs. Jeore
: . i i. ; u .1 A ;
Aitken. J'anu
.viiKeii uiiu ivintud .in-
ken his wife. AiiKtt.t. SchillinR, and
CicorKt F. Vlkman. arliHr- in trs'le
as A. ShcillittK & Co-J and Watlams &
C.. a corporation, iklt'emlants.
To Ai:gost Schilling an.l (irorc I.
Volkman partners in traele as A, Schill
ing & Co.: '
In the name of thej stale of Oregon,
you are f'U'ril to ajear and an.'wer
the complaint filed against you. in the
shove' cniitled suit. (n or heforc the
last day f the time .irtserih'l . i'f the
order- lor 1 puldicatTou of 'unimons.'
made herein. trwif.r the third day
of April. i'o. and i-if yem fail so
to an- r. lor want hefeof. the, plain
tiff will take juilKHiint against James
Aitken and KcIk era j Aitktn. his wife,
for the -sum ( $45.'j flold coin of the
Uiiiicd Stales, and interest on sai-1 sum
in like K'dd coin at ;the rate of S per
cent, per annum, froi the lifth day of
October. 1)5. until i.aid. and $75 at
lorneys fees and the cost-i anil dis
bursements of this ujit and a decree of
this HonorauV couri. that plaintiffs'
r.iortpasre be declared a f(-rst lien upon
the following described -premises to
wit: Iletfinuin'K ."t tie sv. corner of
the donation land cl.aim of James An
derson atsd wife in t 8 s.. r. I west,
Willamette Meridiani- Marion county
Oregon. being Haim s No'. .53,
notification Stt. 36. fsituatrd in Ma
rion county. Oreghn. and running
thence easterly"' 20 chains." to the tract
of larr-1 ( heretofore ileeded to II. Doc,
thence north tweMtyj-scvcn (27) chains
t. corner of an . rigiity-acre tract , of
said 1!. 1. c . herctofone deeded to Thom
as Anderson,; thenccl west 30 chains,
.thence south 27 -chafus. to the place of
beginning and containing fifty-four
acres of land morel or less; an that
plalntifts" mortgage j lien Je (oreclosed
an.l that t1:e abo c jdcsc'rifkd p.ctnisc
be sold by the sherijl of Marion coun
ty, as ty daw provided and that the
money' ar;ing front said sale be ap
plied to the sati'Mction of plaintiffs
judgment, attorney "f fee an 1 costs,
and for st ch o"ther and further relief a
in equity may be juj-t: and further that
your judgment lien i against Jame Ait
ken Ixaring date the twenty-fourth
day of June, i9)j, je .declared subse
qvent in time inferi4r in right and "sub
ject to' plaintiffs ?nortgage. and that
you be foreclosed 04 all right cat at? or
interest in or to sijd above described
preznbes and. of; ail right to. redce;n
thi same except as by law provided.
This ftimmors is iscrved upon you by
ordrr oi the Hon.R. IV fcoi&c. . judge
oi the aboe entitled court, for de
partment Xo. J, siid order bearing
date the sixteenth day oi - February.
1900, elirectblg the ;iame' published- in
the Weekly Oregoti Statesman, for six
consecutive weeks, and the date of the
first publication (d this :immons bing
the twentieth !ay pV February, 1900,
and the date of the Jast ': publication
thereof wiiLije, an! the same will ex
HI f VI s
tors nil
oi Mum,
An Extra FIno High CradoSaddlo
tZjZZXi OUR PRICE, $28.50,
1 l,M4vtNMit, w m1 OMtt
U tarn
This Saddle is made on a iSHor
lo-lncn CCnuinw uouosina vr
Nolson Heavy Steel Fork....
einrrri-i-Y .ri.:c-Tri kvwhiuk wnti
1 kl '. Iwil or Ml unite. tm l re-w-J iiiti
cr I iu-H ctklM.w lnu kwiiaal. m rtuMiwJL 11
wxrZ lonn l.r !!, In. h t ImcLle a IT-rtk., h.i y
cottnn wtl lxk- -' front nunlt. eottua
hKltinit Bank -u. !i. cvanncUiNC tra. i--H , " "
iock- aut pis. i
as i!!utrat--i. UrlfM t mtt A pMif4c
"7r'j1 m.FXwm i
urRaE roaVfiEe'vtHicLE. harness and soole
CaTLOCUE.hAm4alulllinol Ckran fUch
Outfits at tb loet fKiccs Ntr auotsd. AUUma, '
The Miners'
and Prospectors
Unaffected by cold
Winchester Am-
rimtuili01l is used by cycryi
ono nnd sold everywhprc. ,
Send name and ; address on - a
postal card for i4S-pagc illus
trated catalornic. It is free
- i - ..
Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
4 18 Market St., 5an Francisco, CaL
mtil winii tun BUI KHiM
f-r 1 1 yr.
la A marrlrm.
- v I
in t- -.. : - 1 :!
r't' i. ".r.r'-i ' "nin "
i II
8- B
f 1
J 3f
txF.Kl oU tiMrftteWSoirl:i.vt finish, (1ntt ntcaH trm r ull. rvt m four
cjrt-r, 1ju tt-t4- trclir r-nuinMii ytb irtm tmui HwH Imrw ll-vti Arm
fcav4, ponttiv four hhhjob ft?J. self thrulinif V)trntincr nhuttl. automat
botjttm windrr. vljuBUil4 be.rlrir, paten. U-noioa UirrmiAtt Autirr9i lx
rhret. rt)umbt iriM!r foot, niprovrt rttitiUJciMTi'r. puft mJlt lr,
avtnt drvw iru rl. at4 TwaM lyr 4t'rwima mm4 araaftitMl mm4 aWaatlfvilf
Mel irlaa'l CUARANTCED tlM IimI m-riMt, mU 4mrl mm4 mmr
Mtm ttmrMm m4. hry km mUmr9t tm fsratl and otr a In
tructioa iiook tlU )uat hw ani rn mn it U 1 eitUr via n r mt.y
( larw ork. A tO-lar iatiaic Uaaraat.a antwlttt Try uiai-btui.
IT rOTQ YOU NO THIN ft aaaaitaaiTita mmrtom. cot..ar it with
the thi id day of i April ioo.
pire on
Attorney for Plaintiff.
2:20-0 tw. ' I- ' ' ! .-. - ' r
The tno3t radical ' remedy apalnat
chicken lice an.l the best. wyol-pre-servlng
ialnt I C'arbolinetim Avenarl- '
ou.-, manufaetureil In fJermany only.
The farmers all over) th country
count -amonKat their heaviest expenwea
to run the farm, the lumber bill. All
are undoubtedly Interested tr lrnrn of
a. medium to reduce the name at lat
to half It forjner. cofitJ Thia medium
I Carbolineuni Avenarlous, a wood
prefKTVinjj paint based on 25 yeara ex-.
po-Hi-nce. Many are of the opinion that
jialnt, tar an 1 lln.ee.l oil will prraerve
the worn! ngalmt rot and dueay. These
eoatinga or.ly form an air-tlxht cover,
but do not 'ojestroy the albuniinunt
part of the wood, which always atart
the rot. The coa'tin;. with above men
tioned materials prevt-nt the evapora
tion of the -wood and the' eonaekuenee
i-i Ory ret. Carbolineiim Avenarlus, on
the contrary, peintiatea deeplyi Into'
Him wood and d( troy all present de
cay niatterp. The Oarbolin.um Avena
t i ii.-. is applied with a Lrimh and irn
lirt a niee nut brown color to the
wood. It in usd on the farm for paint
ing farn- granaries, fililnK!-, alios
po?rts, bridges, chicken coops etc,, and
all woodwork above and below j the
ground. Carbblfneum Avenarlua Is al
so the most) radical remedy against
chicken lick, i Jt you want plenty of
eggs arid healthy chkken., the chick
ens must be free from, lire an I mites,
f'arbollneurr. Ayenartua will keep your
henhoune fret from this plague. One
coat applied to the I.iside of the chick
en coop will keep It clean from vermin.
Kerosenlntr and" whitewashing, which
has to be repeated every month. Is -done
away -with and expens for sul
phur and Insdfct .powder are saved.
Whoever dial res. farther information
about Carbollneum Avenarlus should
write to .''--!
It. M. WADE & CO.. Agents,
tf. ' ! ' Balem. Oregon.
01 01.50 AliTI FAT. BELT
t-T I . W mm hnihb tlM- lr.ra. RI:WS A II
M 1 ft AC UU-i Im- tmm r.tUUKI I.KSt v.
vsT-r tr mJ Jx- mt" "ssr lm
V :' V? mt a.lt run m
K na of tmn
f , wmwmwm wr . mw
V J bUnl av.l.
Ta will ..mp-i.t. lMMMHnM
i mMr& u In wlUxwt til fclt.
-l 11. La. max uid H-ndlouoilh SI. SO
and f ttlUntnhrrriiM, ttfci1l. wM,bi..iru4
nmhM Im tm vonwl th. bo1 j . Iwyi-1 mrt,aB4 mm will
wal taoW4iia,wa hf tmlmmmi witb tl-. undenUiul
nr Utmtt (It I. ct fmrfr.i-tty mmtittmrttiry ami I to
brttm that r-UIJ .t f . w.rti mBwmnir yi,m ru r turn It
at omr mMfmmmm. M.wfiw a-M mmm Trwt.i.1...
Dr. Fennsr's KIDNEY
Backaclie Cure,
For all WkJm-jr, t:kmd-i-r ana I nnnry
Troalilr. Ijmmws fla.-k .ll-rt lsife,kta
Vim-mmm. )Uvmlii, tint Wc-tlln, -(.
I Unfailing in Teauile Weakness.!
Pacific Homestead, Salem, Of. Best
farm paper. Issued weekly. $1 a year.