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.Roberts' Move on Pre
toria Begins. j.;
The Report of a Bloody
Ii How kxpretcd Dallj-More Troop?
Ordered to Be Sent Inland
from Cape Town. . I f
lONDOX, April i. (Sunday, 4 a.
m.). The war otrice issued no t art her
wwj tonight, ami a iew dispatches re
cti vetl from the seat of war, fararjth
evidence of .having heer delayed by, the
crflior. -According to a special dis
patch front Pretoria, dated yesterday,
Lord 'Robert has conKiienced lm' ad
vance northwa-rd-. The dispatch rays
there are daily skirmishes, and" that a
big -haitle is imminent. Tfiw, however,
may refer to the ojKralion preceding
tlie engagement at Karro Siding, which
ha appanmtiy cleared the way as wtll
a secured m advantageous position,
whence the next operatkms may; be
conducted. . (
Tucker" division is nOwstrorvgly c
cupying a Boer camp at Karro Siding,
wtb the way cleared" to Brantfort,
winch. i reported already evacuated. ','
Orders; fcave heen received- at Cape
"Txwn for the eighth division to oe disf
tnrfarked and sent north, immediately
o: it arrival. . ! ' :
Iindoa. March jr. The "war office
3a po-ted the -following dispatch from
Roberts,- dated Bloenrfoniein,
March 30th, evening: j H
"Keprt point to the enemy's hav
ing itrandiort ami proceeding in J
-northerly direction. The casualties in
yesterday's engagement were 'more nu
merous i Han at first refiorted. Ofikers
killed, two; wounded, eight. Rank and
file; killed, ten; wounded, 159; niissing;
thrre." ' ;
New York. March 31.- (A dispatch to
the Herald from Pretoria say : Gen
eral Lmiit Botha has lieen appointed
: to succeed General Jotibert as commander-in-chief
of the Transvaal force.
If fa Ttlitr,-,t i Tl. (rr ti TitrrirYc
of Enforcing 'Demand Made
: on Turkey. ' i i ,
i . !' ' . !i : ; ,
-IX)N DON. (March .It.Tlie Russian
activity has heen the international Itact
,r for the week, and diplomatic func
tionaries attached to the cott of St.
James are asking themselves: j
"What does it all mean and where
will it end?" I
The Russian ambassador strides bland-
- a a -
iy. ana assures nis dear mends ttiat it
oceans "nothing, absolutely nothing."
but just the same, speculation ii acute.
There are many men. of fair standing
and tolerable knowledge of internal under-current
s. who are wilfinjr to say
that war between Russia and Japans has
now come within measurable distance.
But the Associated Press learns that
no such view is laken by the British
foreign office, which, during the recent
troublesome times, has sized up the in
ternational situation with wonderful
correctness. The next few weeks rnay.
perhaps, bring up a tremendous war
scare, but the salient fact remains that
Japan is not ready for hostilities. '
As Jar as Great iBritiatt is concerned
Russia's military -rather than navel ac
tivity is chiefly interesting.' The! for
eign office is devoting careful investi
gation to the warlike preparations oc
curring in South Russia.
There seems no longer to be any
doubt that Turkey, for her tardiness
to r.raect Russian , demands regarding
railway concessions, is being mertaeed
by her northern neighbor, and many
sign point to the fact that Russia ;in
tendOto settle herself in the northeast
of Csia Minor unless Turkev trives ,irt.
ready a quarter of a -million of Rni-
M3-n troops are maintained on those
borders, while the Black Sea squad-on
is Teady for business at a moment's
notice. To what extent the British
moral assistance can be- given to Turkey
in withstanding Russian demands is
the question which is. at the present
moment, occupying Lord Salisbury's
attention to even a greater extent than
the South African war. In view of the
troubles of Great Britiarr in South
Africa, it is more than probable ( that
1 urkey will meet the demands, and that
Russian troops will he withdrawn
At Bed Time
I take a pleasant herb drink, the (next
morning I feel bright and my com
plexion, is better. iMy doctor j says
it acts gently on the stomach, !livr
and kidneys, and is a pleasant laxa
tive. It is made form: herb vand
is prepared as easily as tea. It is
called Lane's "Medicine. All drug
gists sell it at 25c. and 50c. Lane's
Family Medicines moves the bowels
each day. Jf you cannot get it. send
fir a free sample. Address. Orator
, -F. Woodward, Lt Roy. N. Y. !,SM
'-'" ; S I..
Method-'of the. New" York Juvenile
(Asylum Are . Questionable, j ;
New York. March 31. -The Herald
says: 'Demands will be made on the
Stale Board of Charities for -an- investi
gation of the New York jTivtmle asy
lum's methods of indenturing;' children
left temporarily in its Charge Three
cases have been discovered where child
ren who had been surrendered to the
asytum for two years have been inden
4red to Western farmers for the entire
period of their minority. "White slav
ery that rs -what it amotms to." declar
ed Michael J. Scanlan, counsel for the
'Society f St. Vrincent de Paul, wlio is
invest) gating the case of Joseph Billoti,
whose three children, two girls and a
boy. have lieen apprenticed In Illinois
untd ,they became of age, despite the
lathers protests -. I 4 . ' '
'Mr. Scanlan say lie ftas learned it is
a common thing orj the a-um author
ities to disregard the temporary, sur
renders anj the protests of parents' in
jending. diUdren out of the state to
wirk. on farms umil thry become! f
age.: . i-. yy. i .-v"-
'Amended hy.rhe President So as to Tix.
the Age Limit, V"
'Wa-liington, (MarcSt .3i.-The Presi
cert has amenled the civil service law
so' as to autiiorize the Civil 4 Service
Commission, acting in accord witfo the
lieads of the fhrpartments interested to
fix maximum age limitatioa 4ith re
spect to entrance to positions for wnich
such maximum age limkatioffrs are not
now fixed by the civil service rules; and
in ' addition" to the" ajre limits already
fixed in that sectkniJ the rule, he has
fixed the -age limits! for 'apprentice in
mints ar.d assay offices": ad 18 to 24
years for "'keeper, a-ssi-stam keeper and
officer of lightships in the Hghthouse."
at 18 to 50 years; for "matron and a
itar matron" in the Invlian service, at
25 to 35 year, and for "observer in the
weathtt- 4areau service" t at 18 to 30
years. ! , .'. y
Soldiers and sailors wha were granted
preference under section 1754 revised
statutes, are already exempted from all
age -limitations as such. V
i J 1 - .
On Sunday, Is Agitating the Mind cf
1 the Authorities Frenchmen ;
Are Not Pleased.- r
PARIS, March 31. The Inportant
quesu'on, whether the American and
British section of the exposition shall
be open Sundays, came up this week,
engaging'the serious attention of both
the American and British commission
ers, upon whom pressure is being
brought to bear by sections of their
respective countrymen to close their ex
hibits. 'United States Commissioner
General Peck's mail has brought a 3jig
batch" of protests on this subject. and
.the commissioner finds himself in a
dilemma, as the closure of the American
section, on what wall be the most pop
ular visiting day of the week, certainly
will not meet with favor from French
men The British commissioner has
received an official intimation from his
government, to go as far as possible
toward conciliating the religious feel
ing on the subject. i
The American commissioner intends
to close the bureau on the Sabbath, and
Commissioner General Peck will con
sult with the French authorities with a
view of coming in some arrangement
which will reconcile the susceptibility
of his own countrymen with the French
expectations, and "with the custom here,
which makes Sunday a public holiday.
The exposition authorities say the Unti
ed States would he quite within their
rights in closing their exhibits on Sun
day, but that is would he regarded as
a very unfortunate decision.- Sunday is
always the greatest Jay of the week,
and shuttling up the American buildings
would debar hundreds of thousands
from "viewing -what will undoubtedly be
one of the most interesting and impor
tant exhibits.
New York, March 31. The Trans
port Sunvrier started on her voyage tor
Manila, with troops and supplies, to
day; Congressman E. II. Driggs, of
Brooklyn, after a thorough inspection
of the transport, declared; that the
charges of extravagence and lavish ex
penditure, of money on the Sumner were
Telling of IIf Trip sod tbe Strange Van
tomdn That t'ar-inaj Und-
Tbe Heat EiccuIt.
Miss Grace Carter, of this city, is ia
receipt of a icttcr from Miss Bessie
Ixrd. daughter of ex-Governor W. P.
Ijord. t'he present American" 'Minister
to the Argentine RepufbUc The lettfr
was written soon after the arrival of the
famity in Buenos Ay res;, where they are
nowpleasarrtly located, and where Min
istcT; Lord has entered upon his duties
as Ui? oip.omatic representative of the
United Statics G-ernment. ; Through
the kindness of Miss Carter the States
manirs permitted to gKe its readers a
few excerpts- from the letter, showing
some! of the customs prevailing in that
faraway country, as follows:
"We have arrived in-Buens Ayres
at last, reacliing -here on February 4th.
The day was very-hot. the hottest tlsey
5ia fiiad here in thirty years, out. for
tunately. we arri-ed rr the evening; as
it was. we witnessed tlte thun-ier and
ItRhtnin-g. which is vxTy severe here.
On that day 280 persons were stmstfuck,
ahout 79 dying irom the effects
''When we left W'ashlngtoit we pailed
for Europe on the Kaiser Wilhelm der
Grosse. a very large and commodious
steamer. 'We spent two days- in Lon
don, England. We visited Westmin
ster Alibey while there. We took the
sleamer (Mark for South 'Amertca.
spending twenty-three days on ithat
boat, besides six days on another. We
landed in one of the Spanish ports! and
m rhe Canary Islands on the wayj
"The customs- are very strange here.
A girl of a respectable- family cannot
go out on the street without an escort.
Sh- walks either bet wren- her father and
moi'her. or in front of her nwther; I
have not been out of the house for
three days until today, when- I went bi
cycle rding. The girls do not ride bi
cycles much bere, and ride in the parks
only, .s " '.'''.'-'-
"When a person dies here, all of their
relatives, no matter how distant, wear
mourn-ih, even the children- 3 and 4
years of age, and" instead of wearing
crape veil from the back of the hat, they
wear it in front 01 the face. : The hearses
are very beautiful, and I know you have
never seen -such, grand funerals. Ev
erything is black. d can scarcely de
scribe them.
"Everything is expensive here, and
the house rent is very high. Fruit is
not good and we have very few vege
tables. I have not told anything about
the cky yet. but it is a .very beautiful
place; the streets are narrow, hut Jthere
are very' beautiful park. -The sdiools
are not very good.-;;;-;;."-;1-;v. "v r,
- - : t ..: i ' ; ;' V. :
Chicago.' .March 31. Robert Borger,
partner of E, S. Dreyer. the banker, re
cetly convicted of embezzling, was to
night found: guilty and sentenced to an
indefinite term in the penitentiary. The
specific charge against Borger was, re
ceiving funds "for deposit when he knew
the bank to be insolvent. '
San Francisco, (March 31. The
steamship Hong Kong Maru, which
sailed Hhis afternoon for the Orient,
carried as passengers Rear Admiral
Kempff and Rear Admiral Remey.
Keni)fT will relieve ; Admiral Wat&an.
and Remey - will take charge f the
ships on the China and Japan station.
In Korea Are Such as to Provoke the
: 1-' Japanese.- : -.;.
London. March 31. The Times has
the following from Seoul, capital of
Corea: 'M. Pavloff. the Jvussian mfnis
ter. recendyfdemanded from Corea the
cession of a coaling station to a Rasr
sian steamship company at Atkinson
Point,; commanding iMesampho harhor,
and to prevent a counter-claim by Jap
anese of the neighboring area, he de
manded that Corea should not alienate
in any form any portion of Kojedo
island to any other power.
Yesterday, at an. imperial audience,
for reasons not given, but surmised, M.
Pavloff modified his orignal demand,
asking instead of Atkinson Point anoth
er site within the treaty limits of Me
sampho. Thns demand is unobjection
able. 3 At the same time, however, he
insisted on the nonalienation cf Kojedo.
His action indicates that Russia claims
the reversion of the island, which is
of high strategical value as commanding
the Corean Straits, and is bound to pro
ycke Japanese "opposition. -
To Be Started on the Pacific Coaf
' Great Benefits Expected.
San Francisco, SMarch 31. -Dr. Wil
liam P, Wilson, director of the Phila
delphia commercial museum, ami Wil
liam Harper, chief of the bureau of in
formation! of the 5ame institution, have
TeaJhcd- here from the East for the- pur
poce of fending their advice and co
operation t othe promoters of the Pa
cific commercial museum.
Dr. W'ii.-on and Mr. Harper are en
thusiastic over, the pro.-pect of seeing a
commercial museum smarted on the Pa
cific coat. and make the unqualified
predict iort that, with gonl management,
it will accomplish a world of goo-r for
the commerce of the country, ansl di
vert much of the trade of 'Australia and
the Orient to t'he Pacific coast.
The Nez Perces Wish to Be Sent t
the Wallowa Valley in the
State of Oregon. '
WASHINGTON, March 31. Chief
Joseph, x5f the Nez Perce Indians, lo
cated on the Colville reservation in
Washington, has filed -with the commis
sioner ot Indian affairs a petition to re
moSe his band to Oregon. Chief
Joseph says that he desires to be lo
cated in the Wallowa valley, at the con
rluence of the Grand Ronde and Snake
rivers, near the Seven Devils mountains.
The commissioner of Indian affairs to
day said, if the Wallowa: district was
not too thickly settled it might be
practicable to grant Chief Joseph s re
quest, but he feared that condition?
would not permit this action.
Indianapolis, IntL. March 31. It f
believed by prominent Republicans that
Kentucky Democrats are here waiting
for a favorable opporturKty to take
-Charles P. rinley. ex-'secretary of stat
of Kentucky, and carry him to Ken
turkv to be tried for conrnlicitv in the
Gthel assassination1. Fin'ey is knowty
to be in concealment here, living at the
residence of the sheriff, part of thr
coun'y ia:l here. Republicans say any
nch effort will be resisre.l. and that if
the two factions meet, there will un
doubtedly be bloodshed in this -. ty.
i Washington, March 31. Owing to
the enactment of the new financial law
Secretary Gage has sent to the house a
request tor an appropriation for 7.807
500 sheets of distinctive paer, for th
rational bank currency, to cost $41,826.
iGejv Pieter Arnodus Cronie. called
"The Lion of South Africa," has the
reputation of boing not only a brave
pofdier. but one on the ablest of living
strategists, says- tffoe Pitts-burg OiToni-cle-Te'iegraph.
His life, like that of
Pits'sdent 'Kruger, has 4wen kvoted to
the "service of his country, both in mili
tary and iri civil 'officers. 'At the out
break of the present war General Cron
je estaibli.-Jied the siege of Mafeking.
permrrfg i!p there the British force un
der Colonel . Baden-Powell. He soon
took command 4" the Boer forces at
Kim3Kr!ey. and with tllne exception, of
his flying trfp to General Joibert . at
Ladysmirh. he has-been) on the ground
theire ever HsmceV -General 1 Cronjc is
decrJbed- as a laical Boer in appear
ance, a man & undaunted- courage, an
excellent marksman. :
Consul Win slow, at Liege, Belgium,
says that there are three retort coke
ovens in use im his district that are
adapted to the treatment of the by
products. They vary in size, owing
to the amount of volatile matter con
tained in coal, from : 30 feet long, $Vi
feet high and 14 inches wide for coal
containing from 15 to 17 per cent of
volatile, matter to the same length and
height and 19J-S inches wide for coal
containing 2Sjer cent or more of vola
tile matter- The cost of erecting one
of these ovens in Belgium, with a ca
pacity of 1200 tons of coke -per year,
is about $i8.vt. They are . said to be
easily charged ami emptied. The coals
tl.it are coked in his consular district
contain 16 to 21 per cent of volatile
matter, as against 36 to 35 per cent in
the United States.
Fine printing. Statesman Job Office.
' :V-" .- r -y V-'v; tl-'-'- 1
Puerto Ricaih Measure
to Be Debated
And Passedi by the Sen
ate jSoon.,
Fairbanks, of Indiana, Opposes His
CelJeagne, Attracting llueh ;
v Interest. t
WASI 1 1 NGTON, March 31 So far
as the committee in Charge of the measr
ure i cpnerned. rlie Pdertp Uican bill
was: completed toid ay wisli ; the except
tioii of two amendmems wliich end'r
tori hail requested should lie over until
Afonflavs The fir?51 two days' debate
on the bill witHegirt at 1 a clock Moi
kiy. At 4 "o clock luesday aJtcrnooa
the vote will be taken on fhe pending
amendments and ifrill. ; !
A feature of today's session Wasi the
exhaustive diseusi.jon of fhe pending
rneasurei, hy Fajibanks 6f Indian.
Particular interest was mnPfested !y
senators, on bosh isides fi the chamber.
in te speech, in vjiew of thje attitude oj
"Fairbank's colleague, Beveridgc. He
slpc)ritVi vigoroully and unequivocally
the pendiiTg measure.
Wellington. March 31. Tlie house
today finished a hard 'week's work by
passing the fortifications axpropiation
bill. Not a sing'4 amendment vas of
fered, and the bijll passed as it came
from the committee. I carries
093.43R.' 'A three hours' political debate
was precipitated ljy the general ioliti
cal "speech made hy Shattuck of Ohi-..
many members on both sides being
drawn into it. J a
San Juan. Puerto Rico. 'March 24.
Untir the tariff question iJlsettlcd. busi
ness in Ptrcrto Kico will remain at a
statndstill. -The laboring classes are on
the verge of starvation; there is wcrk
for them to do. hut the planters, who
need their" ?ervicf.s are without , fuu'Is
with which to employ them. People
here say "let t'he tatrift be settled either
by a freie trade biljl. or the' 15 or 25 per
cent bill, and he!fecl?ng of tmcertainty
will be raised, trade will 4c revived and
Puerto Rico will boom."
Atuonnt Tamed Over to Treaarer Veter
.1 m
terday First toro-uver for tli
V ear of 1899.
(From Daily. April 1st.)
'Sheriff Frank W. Durbin j-esterday
made his first turn-over' of rax . moneys
coHect-cd since thie assessment roll lor
IS(X1 came into hi-s hands, the !r-por:
sho-wng that $9759Li6 has Mean collected
and this-aamount i -was paid tyver to
Treasurer A; L. Downing.. The assess
ment roil was received by rlie sheriff
on March 7th. an;d as coHections were
slow tor a lew dayrs aft-er that date, until
the fact that they j were payable became
generally known. the amount rccetve!
Kr the first mo-nqh is--very satisfactory1.
the amoum so cotiectea is apportion
e.l. among the various fumls as .shown
in the statement as civei wiow;
State, county and1 -state school. $8225 ie
City of Salem
508 42
City of WxIbtTrtn.
Poll.. .. .. .. i. .
SiK-eial sbeep tax;..
Genera sbetp tax.
iSchool district No.
School district No.
School district No.
School district No.
School-district No.
ScTjooI district No.
School dijtrict No.
Srhtfol district 'N(.
School district 'No.
School district No.
School di strict No.
School district Nd.
School di-sfrict 'No.
School districi No.
School district No.
SS 00
1 1 12
1 33
14 49
5 33
8 42
n 91
460 46
' . t 35
132 80
2 60
16 50
5 5
.15 t8
24 57
: 7 30
29 30
' 7l
; 3 .V
7 65
Srhool district N
School district N
Solrool district 'N.
School district 'N. ttS...
School district 'N-o. 121..
School district Nd
123... .
?9759 6
John Aslem. Charged With Riding os
a Bicycle 'Paah. 'PeaIed Guilty
and Pay a $10 Fine.
(From Da
ly. April 1st.)
Jolm Aslem, of 'HayesviHe. ' was yes-r
tftf itrt ori a jwarrarit charging htm with
injuring a otcycie.patn toy naing; there
tt;on. . Tle compjaint was filed by 1L
c ueairy. ot vnmawa. v j 1
rd tlx. Pm II ' A tAinvn m-etA-
afternoort, wlienj Ihe pleaded guilty to
inecnarge aiw wjs tinea sio tne mm-
! . f - 1 ' !, . M -
imum nne wmcn? ije pasOi
'I I'm 1 hj fire i".-otf1 rmr
lion m Marion coanty for the offense.
A mimber of persons have been arrest
ed, charced witrn the misdemeanor, but
owing to the lackjof sufficient evidence,
it was impossible to secure a com-Ic-
Bishoo Vincent! "drv the- m,'
srratulations of lh'ip niih'ir fnr th uric
words , he addressed the other day to
me young , men ot tne University qf
Dnvf C T-nirr Vine f A "
become ministers.!" he advised, "unless
you have a special call and special tab
ents'for that profession." j On Sunday
morning, when too many; of us must
iisit.ii iu bcriuuns; oy men,' wno snouia
have'btcn lawyers or miners or farm-
ers 1 or merchants," Bishop' Vincents
words apjeal ".with double force. - Uur
ing the remaining six. days of the week
we are able to endure; with a fair de
gree of equanimity the thought of the
public imperfections of the misfit min
ister., One of the saddest spectacles
presented to the view of man is -a
brother, exalted perhaps by divine love
atyii filled with love of s his fellows,
haltingly an"d blindly endeavoring . to
point the pathway to a better life, which
he himself does not clearly see, or,
seeing, is unable to find language to
adequately describe.
In the ministry, as in every other
profession, only a modicum of success
can lc the portion of those who are
unfitted to be the teachers of the peo
ple. Energy and industry may win far
them some .. degree of recognilron.
Theatrical methods may attracf the
sensation-seeking crowds and so ac
complish a great popular success, but
neither the misfit nor the play actor is
a great or lasting moral power.
SIPY. 'Mrs. Hetty Green, the famous w'oman
millionaire, . is again in Boston, - con
sulting lawyers. In an interview she
evprCssed some candid opinions about
lawyers, doctors and poor relatives
her own in particular and discussed
the Molineux case, the Paris extposi
tionjand Jay Gould's claim to fame.
She said she -was tired of lawyers,
and t believes that when a man cheats
another too bad ,'the Texas ..policy
should be pursued: shoot oft a leg or
two. or blood-letting.
tl propose to live as long as I can."
she said further. "I've been sick, and
theyij tried to frighten .me into thinking
I had pneumonia. There are 700 rc!-atives-vof
nfine now waiting for me to
die, but 1 "don't intend to die n'sht
After declaring that she wouldn't go
to, the Paris exposition for anything
in the world she switched onto- the
Moliqenx case. She called the Union
club of New York a poor one. and
said unrepeatable things about Mrs.
Roland iMolineux and the ro.ooo' ton
many degenerate women in New York.
"It makes me laugh." she said, "to
think of Jay Gould's name beinc in
scribed on a roll of honor in the Tem
ple Fame. Why, they can't do that
jf they try.1 The people whom Jay
Gould has fleeced would tear it down
and all the other names would want
to be draped in crepe. Mrs. Russell
Sage makes me tired by the wav she
,is putting Helen Gould forwari and
talking to her about 'her dear father
If Helen ever wakes. nr to know what
kind . of a man her father was .niong
men it will be a sad day for her.' .
All colors- are made- of the purest
silk, and they measure three feet nine
inches broad by three feet deep, ex
clusive of the frincre. which is about
two inches deep. The f-taff to which
the f cord is attached measures cighi
feet seven and a half inches. The
cords and tassels are of crimson and
gold mixed.
An orphan bearing the rather unique
r.uirre oT 1 iitfs Elmer Nicholas Lyrcn
te touml a- home w.r.i a c-hari 'able
woman in ibis c;v. After Ins other
little wants "have been aite ulcd tc. h
pa tit through'. Ii;e migat - ie n-.acic
smoot'her arid- pleasahter by the elimin
ation of ilie TuLts Elmer from his
name. Inte- Ocean.
Several motor cycles are being used
in So.uth Africa for patrol and scout
ing work. Each is capable of noing
thirty m iles an hour and as the Trans
vaal veldt ia specially suitable for rapid
motor" traveling, good work is being
accomplished with the aid ot these
London is twelve miles broad one
way and seventeen the other, and evcpy
year sees about twenty miles of new-
streets added to it.
FIVE-.CAND1I1ATR.S fok noNons is
Commeneement Kzrrrlne Will lie UId In
the Flrat Methodist Clinrelt on
Taenday - Kvenlnf .
(From Daily.. April 1st.) 1.
On Tuesday evening next, at the
First Methodist church, will occur the
annual commencement exercises of tlie
Willamette University medical college,
and il.so the nurses training department.
On tins occasion a class of five young
gentlemen- w-ill be up for graduation
'iKJllOrs from the medical 'dmnrtrnMrt
arsd one young lady, Mary M. Myers,
irom me nurses class.
T:re crnrliistfc ar (,:n T ' -V n
dtrs, E.G. Kirby. J. H. Robnett, F. IL
Brown, and F.. R. Bowersox. Tlie
class has selected as a motto the appro
priate quotation: "Vincit qui se vin
cit." " - i
The program of exercises which" will
iThe Best and Safest f
I ; Family Medicine i
t BHioas and Nervous Disorders ;
( Sick Headache, Constipation,
T Weak Stomach, Impaired Di-
eestlon. Disordered Liver and
r Female Ailments. v
: The World's Hedicine::
Aioad SmU Exceeds 6.000.00O Boat.'
' 10 ceau mad 25 cents, at all drag stares. ' j
Beeehsm's Pills hare the largest sale of '
njr l'roirietary Mediriiic ia the world, aivi
1 thiA litts iu-n &diuved . '
T Without tbe pubTicaUoa of testimonials T
begirt p4nvptly at 8 o'clock; ''ii a fa'-
PraycrRev. John Parions. " " ; j
I MusicIiistrumi.i fiT.
1 Address- lh P. 11. D'Arcy.
So!o Mrs. Ilsllie l'arri-h-liin-'f s
iiQ.T.vcrruig di-rts Prfi hi W. C '
Haw'cy. ". .. "
M-llit.iic- Instrumental. - r. , f -
Charge Ut cbDr. W. J. William
son. '. .'.- - ; .;
jS-olo .Mfs. llailie I'arrish-HingtL
I Bcr?ediction'. '.. j.
i'Four ushers have been selecied f?(:tn
t.e junior .'members of the college.-v-z '
J Rex Byars.. R. RUmgo, Walter
llru-je, 'X. iC. Tamiesie..
1 : ' .'. ::
To Avoid 1'aylns the Two lVr Ctut T
j 'i on its iteeelpts, Hetfiilrrd by ' '.
I ' the Ore con I-jt w. ' ...''.
1 ' -
Recently, the Bankers Life Ascia--iio:i.
of. l)es iMoines. Iowa, fi-lt-d iu
statsrr.eift whli State Treasurer Clu.
S, Mct: sl.' wir..g rhe amoiin; of b'ui--;'
tk-ss transacted ih Oregon during the
yfitr iHijij.' aiM asking 'that 'the associa-'
tion be relieved .from 'paying the 2 per
ctriT iax oft the r.-t rt-ceip!?, oti the
.ground that, it rs a mtuual assurance sv
cicty. and as sndi cm unvler the hta".
of fraternal and mutual lcm-fit c iu'cTiit,
tftus iK-tag relieved by. law from- paying .
the tax. " ' '. -''.
Mr. Moore -siAmitted .he matter t
.Attorney Gewral U. R. N. BLic'Jtiiiiii
';ir srr opinion. .'and that gentleman
yesterday made a reply to the tre.ivar
j's inquify. 'He holds, in effect, that,
the B.-Uikcrs Life; Association r ni ex-'
etv.p: from paying, the tax. as i-t is tti
v.'har ttrtler the law is conskjvred as a
'fraternal or mutual benefit .a-sociation. .
u'r.d the )TH :-;ons . th it 1:n? t jv.t
rtvcr it claim. Tlie a-- o.-iatitn .will, j
-therefore, be omrjx-i'ed t pay the tax.
pVovidtd by the stattttc for foreign iti
si'r.ircf companies .doing busln-i-vs in
the state t trcgn.
iThe state treaesnrcr U in m-etpt of
ityc fir-.j payment on account f .fhe S-
shite tax. owed by M.ithnomah couiu.
';1k reniiltaivc rect-iv 1 . . $i'5.rt.
-.fhile- that county's -total tax is i),
.556.50. T'he treasurer of YamlHIl county a!sn
sent in $3000 on account' of tlu' iS-)
tax; being the 'first "..payment rceivul.
Yam'hi'd's total indditeilnv.ss ht tli.it
year was $30,007.08. The .same officer
forwarded $166.85. 4cin-g. the int-reit-'hn?
011 accoriiTt of the deliir j'ier.i tax
:.pr the" year 180S." ; " '
Bears tbe S? VC3 NtlT3 Ex$t
If yon nfu to mlq '
Vatir tM KK an4 OKMIK
Kl.kF'TU MHMhrlk.Vlll
KHL, hlOl.l.K OK IUK-
irnt iiiiio, eoitriMt,
HlMtl.lil. Wiikt OK
1 1 atK, rUito rtiur Mrut.
I i f Ipl'l as4 , itlaU numlwr
of liHrtu woutiU luHiy or
1 limb kl h letter s hown la
ftcMiAbruu r. v.-wnifiuik
rrrj Hwrtt fmk rklr rllt
rUI. miarrintpv mrrtxt -
Bit joii 00 not tlrj It. jvrfetllv
nii(atrt4'i7 una ;iii n nMt
othci-H jret touli tUe lrtr' f.r.
rettirn .t our exittrnsc uhd wi juill
refund jrolirmoury.
rlA.I Ifci.i. uwiinv. ' '
ll.lr Inrciar, ' s I, tft-Oll; Ik!
iere, H I. t'-.";
A ! (. ii.Uti koee l.prinfr. C tmU,
t.(t kaee cap. U la . Ji.xwi
carlrr alwkla. I K, J.MI; mm
ImW, e tm k. aj.oot aaklei. a tot.
l.ont aM.HBti.ai krt. Km, tin., tnrnu tLurrir
HviffHtrtrr. jia,U cf iMtft llala threat!. luttrr. (.,-! witu
proteeiei! riiliber thread, 14 bielara a-Ma, ft. Ut; lOIrkai,
i.lit It laefcra. t:.iO. Wrft tor kurj-ery Oa'ol. cua.
5Fwn Rn cehts-
va. I j a
this m,
nal aewill
Violin Ontflt I tJia3i-.-. I
u. 1. n!jc 7.ana"-l
i.n. Thta vtolla i i . J
tr iirn C
t'j -xu:iilnathfi
a. ahaiaa Mra4laHaa J!al, uiac7 of old vxmI. enrti
innil back and aides, top or aeaitoneil pine. khwi'iK
1-wle. UHl lor vl,Uim,era ll,M aiili puHilaif, Urtt aM
rmmr M.fc4 lrlaaiiac. IHIS ISA IIGUIA3 58.00
VISUM, tMtIf"Uy HnOhel. liiKbly (Hli-iu
ffttf umv aaJlt. Complete with a iaalae Itrarfl wmd Ianc
l aw, i atira art af alrlaf, a aeal, a, II aua ataMa
eaae, larre aleea af raala, aji4aaeafiaa ae tmmmum m a
laxirartJaa itsaka paMUknL llll HJ tlHI .HI .(rul
raproas ofliee. and If found asartly a reirentiiaMl
th realM aaraaia aa rwf saw ae aeanl af, av the ex
preaa ascent S3.7S lew thaiocent deoalt,r.a
earraeaarr-, aaa taa aatat K yaara.
fall aa wUlRfee aaa lattered Hayrraaara akart, hfc-h ran I
adjnated i-y any violin Hhout ciiaiiicinir taa Inatra
id nt and a IU prove a valuable amide l. befinif ra.and
we will alao allow the inxtrtimeia to be returned altera
rtsya' trial tl not found entirely aatlaf.-attory In rery
rvwnert. SalKf aellaa aaraater4 ar aiaaey refawlra la faU.
Afl drets. SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. OnOChlcago.
ISaaBS, aUEQLCk A CO. are tk.r.agHy reliahla.tiar.a
Cat thi ad. oat and mall to a- (lend a
amall Mmnl, of ywneliair.ruteioaetotaa
luott. H HO BOkkt I we Will make and
end too hy mall. potiU,a fmi
illlB SlallTAU aaaa eaaakaaTla- II 111 1st U
tWITCH. aa eaaet awUk, iuaJe "
. . .. i . u ..am, e.laMl human n ''
a lone from eel acted bam
tM oenoea, short stem. We will Inelwe
ta packar with Swltrb. enflUdcnl jatatra .
to return It to If net aerftvtly aatWartarj,
bat if found exertly reoreaenled snd
moat etraordlnary alne end yoei '
to keep lt.Ukr aead a.l .May ewM
itiiriwTiit okdkiis run s aiTi"
At Sl.a SatM amonir your fileoda ana
end to aa wtafcea aay aaaaey. wa to
-- k i . nA mAw eaceial
Plaae le Sfleea eaya, aaa a Hewhai -
write te-eUyrorrKKKPULJiltMOt r KB. AUmm,
Ladies Hair Emporium nwM
' aead faa aee erleWalrd La HI Nii Villa", ay
waalee La Barte Aaarrieaa made I nalraexn t of
ftreat beauty, perfeet rosewood flnlali. '"f
biarhly pollened. Ilandaomely Inlaid amnad
oumf hole and w.lakd atrlwe ka keak, a-",
keead top adaa. r'lnirer board awuntt.-ly fret
ted with raixed freta, lalaM peari aaaUlaa fat
taliaeaee. klfcl LAK s0.l 1 1 K. '""
aaa aweet tonea, rorntMiea floniw -
an ara aat ef k-U aaamy aleel airiara aa
nttaekle tai'ieqlue aaa wbics tcatrnsa any
one hnwtoalay.
kXaSISI IBS eriTAE at yaer "PJ
eVe and if fx. nd enactly a revrr'n!
and tbe prtateal aarraw ae ae ","
heard ef pay th exprexa e'ent 3.t-
leas He, ar S3. It aad ntna ekanr and
tbe eootnlfcte ontlit M imirt. Batialao-
tlon Kuuauletd or money refunded In flt . !
SPECIAL PBtlKluSI OFFER, "..i.i w.
.t eta in fail we will (rive s letteree aw,
It fa an accurate raid, bavin all Sou.
: aod Bate la full view, and em be
to any fraitar without etanjrimr '? ' .
amn. vitn ane nae oi tua wiienoa irnrr - 7 '
one can learn to play witliowt the aid of a u-arir.
Write for tree mm teal inatrnmentxnd lanoantona ,
rWalorne. tTwytklaa at laareX wtotlrmit erWea.
(jktll, kokJUAK CU. are Ikaraatjfciy ratlaale. 4uar..
I Pacific Homestead, Salem, Or. Cet
farm paper. Issued week!. a Jrcir
V i. " 1 -rrar ,i,o
j ' I to la paid for M days after teeld If
I if V a krf ect I T a 1 1 faetryjinl r a '"
. -i S laaaaUeh wa m4 j-m fr r
V f I W.tenaeaOetaa.,wlaSa'atoea,