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    VOLJ 49.-NO. 7.
Boers Ambush British
Supply Train
Was au Awfiil Spectacle
of i War.
I !
EDglitdi Commanders Criticized for
Ignorance of Enemy's Prcs
! ence near Headquarters.
LONDON, April 3 (Tuesday, 4:50
a. m.). Tlx; lauvt ntws from the front
adds little to the public knowledge fctf
the convoy disaster, in which Colonel
Broad wool !ot a - number of guns
while retreating from his advanced po
uion to tho wattr works seventeen
mill north ;, of ; Bloemfontein, and
where h:s force was literally cut to
pieces by the; Boers, wfoo were con
cealed in a spruit, and opened fire on
the British force from three sides. No
credence is given to the reports diat
fhe Boers numbered between 8000 and
in r) men. The general belief is that
there cmM not have been more than
halt that .number,: but the mere fact
that ever th many as ha'f could have
been collected so. near headquarters,
witlwn-t a knowledge of the British
coniman-ders. provokes much uneasy
criticism. The dieter is regarded as
a direct result of the inability of Gen
eral French to cut off the commando
oi General Olivierj and the other com
matxlocs. -when escaping Jrom. the Or
ange river. -A tory. published last
evening, of the rr-cjrpturc of some of the
uns, looks '-ooubtful. ...
. 1 he report tlmt it he Boers are mi-
Yng in the vicinity bf Taunga' and Klip-
bm . i conhr.nK'd; Lord Methucn s
dilucu'.ties are s apparently increasing.
,IIe has Brcr laagtrs or guerilla oarnls
i m thnc .kk-s' of Bum. amtj he will ire
bliged to wabohj carefullyLjjh-s com
municatroii with the Orange -"river.
Aoril 1. (Sunday).
' Bus'hma-ns Kop,
- I he Boers who! were hidden, in the
spruit, when tiiei Br;-ti-it guns w-cre
captured, were conian-Jed by Reichmann
a German-American. The Boers re
tired this morning where they discov
ered the British scoufc. Following the
scout of General French's cavalry di
vision to the scetie of tlie battle, the
corrc-jmubnt witnessed one . the
most terrible spectacles of the war.
Worses an-1 hitman bodies were lying
tovihtr. with wrecks 01" wagons, food
ami forage. Everything told of a ter
rible tale of surprise ami carnasre. It
would be inKi-s
hie to conceive any
thing more ingenious than the Boer
trap, and live. onJy wonder is that a
single mnn escaped. The Boer posi
tion, .whWt :. protected by a partially
constructed, railway ' embankments cn
?'Mel the entmy to pour, in a galling
fire on three sides 11s well as a double
-:cr of fire in front. .
r Pretoria. April U. Carnonading was
agiin beard in! the direction A B-and-fort
Saturday, and it is stated v'lnt fi girt
ing occurred Saturday around Mate
king. It is aMcd that Colonel Plum
rr's c Jiimn was jforced to retire with
loss. No detail 'have been received.
Washington. April 2 Wcbskr Da
vis, assistant svefctary of the interior,
has resigned to go on the lecture plat
form in the interest of' the Boers. .He
ayst ; I , .
"It is purely a matter of sympathy on
my part. I Mini to South Atrica un
prejudiced, visited both armies, saw
iinich of the Britib soldiers and-iico-pie.
and also imidi Xf the Boers. After
-eeing What I tli!. I made tip my minJ
that tl muse of the1 Iocrs was just.
I believe the Br will win..
dJ.ivis w; asked what course he
would have i1e people of this country
pursue in ordcf- tt assist' tlie Boers, lie
rep'ied: ' i , , , -
"Wo iltoidjilc the world kirow ha
such an uuhojy jwar slrould stop, and
sttp at once." i -
EightccenrMonths-iOId Son ct iMr.
and Mrs -C C Robinson Meets
Death by Drowning -Fu-ncral
Ulr. anjl Mrs. C C Rcbinsonk wbo
reside near the Tumcf road east cf the
Southern, Pacific Company's "passenger
depot "in this cHy. are distracted wKh
gtief over the'drth on Sunday. y fV
cidental drowning, ': of their : chdd,
Charles Hearst Robinson, an unusually
bright little fdlovr, aged only nghteen
inotrJv.: -- '
She rtly , before 11 o'clock the Itttle
fellow was missed -from about the
house and a! search i was rnstttuied.
About an hour later the body cf the
jifile fellow was J)utkI in the bed of a
ditch which runs pst the bouse ami at
a point abniv., reds frrm be lew the
house. There was about two feet ct
water in the ilitjh but the stream v.-as
very svrift and the lad couEd not keep
l.is fating which accounts for his
drowning. -' - ; ' i- j: v-"- .- '.-V
Funeral services were held at the
heme at 2 .-lork yesterday afternoon
conducted by Rev. II. A. Ketchuni.
The remains ?were given burial in the
1. O. O. F, cemetery.
- ! WAR. !.
Although most remarkaWe changes
have been wrought in the appliances of
war and the jthestructive forces, the
principles of warfare remain the same.
NotwnhAarKling the use o the steam
engine, the telegraph, the telephone,
t.: SKitostat, the balloon-, wirekss teleg
raphy, the long-range rifle and high
power guns. t3e rapid-firo and machine
guns, smokeless powder and high ex
plosives all are governed and . con
tio.led by , the same general principles
of grand tactics and s-trategy that gov
erned irther armies and controlled the
destinies ol notions hnndrcdis of years
ago. The skill and genius of the com
mander and ibe fortitude of the troops
win victories in the present age no less
than, irr the wars of former time 3.Ma-ror-fkneral
Nelson A. Miles in Frank
Leslie's -Popular 'Monthly for March,
Receipts of the State School Land
Department Paid to the Treas
urer Yesterday. 5
j t
. During the month of March the state
land department collected $12,475.02.
oh account of the several 4unds handled
by that oilVce. and the amount vas yes
terday transferred, by Chief Clerk M.
L. Chamberlin- to State Treasurer Chas
L. Moore. The moiiieys so collected
and paid over bclonged-to the following
School principal ...$10,856.79
School interest .. ........ 1,204.08
Agricultural eollege principal. 271.00
Agricultural- college interest. 13.15
Swamp lan4 .... ...... .... 40.00
Total ......
Glorious News
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of
Waiita. I. T. He writes;: "Four bot
tles of Electric Bitters has cured Mrs.
Brewer of , scrofula, which had caused
her great snffering for years. Terrible
sores woukl break out on her head and
face, and the best doctors could give
no help: hu-t .htr cure is complete and
her health rs excellent." This- shows
what thousand-s have proved that
Elcct'ric Bitters is the best blood puri
fier known. It's the' supreme remedy
for eczema, tetter, salt rheum, nicer,
boils ard running sores. It stimulates
liver, kidney and bowels, expels pois
ons, lx'ips digestion builds 'up the
strength. Only 50 cents. Sold by Dr.
Stone, druggist. Guaranteed.
Charles AW Watts, of Albany Passed
Away in the Geld 'Country
News Received Yesterday.
A telegram, received in this city
yesterday from Seattle, conveyed the
s,ad intelligence that Charles W. Watts,
a well known book and job printer of
Albany, died ir Dawson "CTty.'in the
Klondike gold fields, a few days ago.
Deceased is wefT known throughout
the Willamette valley, having lived in
Albany for many years, where he con
ducted a printing office. He went to
Dawson in the fall of j8o8. and was en
gaged in business there during the fol
lowing year, coming op1! in the spring
of 1800. iLast fall he aeain went into
the gold region, bavin? disiJO-scd of his
business interests in Albany.
His family consisting of a wife, son
and daugliter, reside in Albany, and
this news is a sad blow to them. Mr.
Watts was a member f several of. the
prominent fraternal orders, carrying lite
insurance in two or three of them.
Remarkable Cure of Rheumatism.
Kctrna, Jackson Co.. W. Va. About
thretr 3-ears ago my wife had an attack
r-f rheumatism which ctniiix--l her to
her bed for over a'month and rendered
licr unwble to walk a ste; wi'.hmit as
sistance, toer lindis biing swollen to
doi1b!e thejr normal izc. Mr. S. Mad
dox imsistcd m my usinsg Chamber
lain's I'ain Balm. I purchased a fifty
rent bottle and used it according to the
directions and five next morning she
walked to breakfast without assistance
irt arty manner, and sbe has not had a
similar attack since. '.V ' B. Parsons.
For aale by F. G. Haas, druggist, Sa
Vem. SHERIFFS SALES. Sheriff F. W.
Durbin5 yesterday sold two tracts of land
on executions issued out of the circuit
court. One was in the case of Portia
and Sylvia Knight, plaintiffs, vs. J. E.
Alexander ct al., defendants. The ac
tion was brought for $42.50, and the
land involved was sold to R- J. Flem
ing for $56.50. In the case of Rena S.
iles vs. Royal S. Wiles, execution
for costs, $66.05. the land involved
was sold to Mrs. Sarah L. Stinson for
$59- . i I. :
pils ofr Salem's public schools have by
no mean lost interest in the savings
bank ibat was recently established in
connection with the city schools. Ev
ery Monday morning' a 'very -substantia
deposh is male in tlx bank. Yes
terday's deposit . amounted to $.o.54.
contributed by the various schools as
follows- East. $16.43; j Park. $4-7o;
Lincoln; $3.73; Centrals, $3-63; North,
22-, i- ' - ' ' :
lie Fooled the Surgeons,'
All doctors told Ren4ck Hamilton, of
West Jefferson, O.. -after suffering 18
months from Rectal Fistuta,. hes would
die nn'e?s a costly operation -was per
formed; but he enred Jiimself with five
boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the
surest Pile cure on Earth, and1 the
Ixrst Salve in the World- 25 cents a
box. Sold by Dr. Stor.e, druggist
houses owned by E. E. Mc Kinney &
Co ar various points m Manon coun
ty ere yesterday sold at the courj.
house, at Mortgagee s sale. Sheriff Dur
bin acting as auctioneer at the request
of the creditor company. George
Steel, of Portland, purchased the prop
erties, for $30ooiti ;T
- THE COST. Judge Georje II. Bur
nett yesterday decided the motion to
retax the cost in the case of L J
Davenport, vs. Fred Dose. The curt
found jiwlgment for coMs. amounting
to $51, against the plaintiff. : r '
Kentucky Cocrt of Appeals Has
the Governor's Qaarrel
Military .Aothoritlrs mt the Opt tut IVniiU
tbeShriefTat FrmnkTort to Futrr
Arguments in the gubernatorial cases
were begun before the vourt oi ap
peals today. The decision will prob
ably be reached the latter part of the
Frankfort, Ky. Apr. 2. The mi'i.a-y
authorities today notified . Sheriff Suter
:hat he r his deputies may enter ..he
capitol grounds kT the purpose of
serving processes of a civil 'natt:!.
but that they will not be permitted t
serve any papers of a criminal nature.
HAS RESIGNED W. P. AViilia ns.
deputy clerk and stenographer cf the
supreme court, who recently went east
to visit bis familj. yesterday telcr
graphed his resignation to the court,
having accepted a position as. stenog
rapher in the land department at Wash
ington. J. W. Reeves was appointed
deputy clerk and stenographer to suc
ceed Mr. Williams, having temporarily
filled the place since the lattcr's ab
sence. iMr. Wiliams is an expert in
h,is line, ami will doubtless ioon take
high rank in the department in Wash
ington, to which he has been assigned.
Constable D. C 'Minro yesterday ' ar
rested a trio of hobos who were sub
sequently arraigned before Justice H.
A. Johnson on the usual cbarge of tres
passing, and given the customary n
tence in the county jail, where for sev
eral days t'liey will be the guests of
Landlord Durbin.
Try Allen's Foot-Ease.
A powder to be shaken into the
shoes. Your feet feel swollen, nerv
ous and hot, and get tired easily. If
you have smarting feet pr tight shoes,
try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the
feet and makes walking easy. Cures
swollen, sweating "feet, ingrowing nails,
blisters and callous spots. Relieves
corns and bunions of all pain ana gives
rest and comfort. Try it today. Sold
by all druggists and shoe stores for 25c.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Roy. N. Y
New York Ituyer Is Figurine for tho I'ur
rhane of m Ten Carload Ixit 0er
I'rtxlurt ton (Juration.
M. L. Jones, president of the Ore
gon 'Hop Growers' Association, was in
the city yesterday for a few hours, re
turning to Iris" home in Brooks on the
Shasta express yesterday aiterenooit.
Mr. Jones says the association yester
day made the sale jt 400 bales ot hops
set 5 and 5'A cents. The associatiMJ
has an inouiry from a "New :York buy
er for ten car loads.
President Jones says that a great ma
jority of the growers that ate working
their yards arc of the opinion that they
pick only such part of the 1900 crop as
there may appear to be a demand for,
believing that to be the most effective
way of strengthening the market, and
maintaining remunerative' prices.
Asked what he thought cf the prop
osition of Geo C. 'Breener. the Cali
fornia grower, for an. organization of
the growers of all the hop growing
states o the country -with' a view to
regulating the problem of over-production,
as it was outlined in Sunday's
Statesman. Mr. Jones said he con
sidered quite possible the organiza
tion of such an association. .
"I think fully pinety per-cent of the
growers in Oregon would become
members of such an association, provid
ing the -af her three hop growing states
would join in the ritovemcnt."
During the month of March, the
shipment of hops from Salem vms mt
as large as for the preceding month.
The shipments last month did not ex
ceed i6 carloads, while for the rnonth
of February a carload was shipped
daily. A revival in the shipping bus
incss is expected dor the current month,
in fact a carload, each for Sunday and
yesterday have been shipped already
and it is predicted the snipments for
the month wilt exceed those of the sea
son for any single month.
There are not as. many bops stored
in the Southern Pacific Company's
warehouse in this city at present as
there has been lor several months,
there being a noticeable decrease in
the receipt of baled hops from out
side points The mold is not spread
ing any more and the bops so affected
are being treated. In fact several forces
of men have been working in the ware
house on the damaged bops every day,
Sunday included for three week
Each force, consisting of three men.
is able to handle 25 batees in a day but
the work is very irksome ; - ;
'Bradiordj, of Washington icounty, ar
rived in! Salem 4a st night, having fi
charge Charles 11. Thompson, tinder
a ten years sentence to the'penitenti
ary lor larceny. Thompson was re
ceived by the prison officials and placed
in a cell last night. i
Freight Train oo a 1 Washington
Railroad Is Wrecked.
The TrMtlo Gave Way Carry Inj; Twenty
Car to (lie tialch Helow-Some '
' i
! , Mlracaloaa Eacapca.
SPRING-DALE. Wash., Apr. 2.
larly this morning a northbound
freight train on the Spokane & North
ern railriobjl, consisting of an engine
and thirty-one cars loaded with gener
al freight, went "through i a. trestle et
Sheep Creek, a half iltile north cf
Springdale. - ' L
Chas. . DupJap, the head brakeman,
was sevefely injured, two ribs beifig
I roktn. j I he remainder of the train
crcsv csdancd with a few bruises. Four
tramps .-itcaling a ride, miraculously es-
caied sencus injury.
The trestle is, 350 feet long and forty
feet high. The engine and one ca
had reached the northern approach
when the big trestle gave -way, carry
ing twenty-crs to the gulch below. The
caboose and eight cars 'remained on
the sou -hern approach. ; Not a timber
of the trestle was left in place.
Brakesian Dunlap jumped on the low
er side And rolled down the bank. The
rest of the train crew jumped on the
upper side and were not hurt. The
wrecked; cars caught- fire, and were
burned with their contents. . -
Trtfjt Those Who Have Tried.
I suffered from catarrh of the worst
kind and never hoped lor cure, but
Ely's Cream Balm seem to do even
th;. O-sear Ostrom, 45 Warren Ave.,
Chicago;. 111.
I suffered front catarrh: . it got so
bad I eotfld not work;: I used Ely's
Cream Halm and am entirely well. A.
C. Clarke. 341 Shawmut Ave, Boston,
The Balm does not irritate or cause
sneezing. So' by druggists at V ccms,
or mailed- by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren
St.. New York. :
:A:toria. Or., 'April 2. -Hugo' Lind
tstrom and Warren Roljinlsoh, son of
Well-known residents o this cjty, 'are
surposel to have been drowned Satur
day night, the boat in which tbey left
down the river having been foojid .bot
tom upj today.
Asikria. April 2. :At a meeting of the
Fi.-bermen's Union, Ionian, 4he jrice ot
raw chinook salmon, at che opening of
the season, was established at 0 cents
per pound.
Ackernlan, superintendent of public
instruction, has returned from Eastern
Oregon. While in that -section he
attended 'the annual three days' meet
ing of the Inland Empire Teachers
Association at Baker City aid visited
the public schools at LaGrande. Baker
City. Athena, Mikoh ami Weston,
and'the normal school at the last named
place, finding the schools, as a rule, in
a nourishing condition. At La
Grande; on last Friday he .attended the
dedicatory exercises oi the new pub
lic school building. Thi structure,
just completed. Prof. .Ackerman says,
is modern in construction and is up-to-date
in every respect, the lights, fur
nishings and interior arrangements be
ing equal to any school building in
the state for its size.
' A Life and. Death Fight.
Mr. W. A. Ilines of Manchester, la.,
writing of his almost miraculous es
cape from death, sajs: "Exposure after
measleS induced serious lung trouble,
which ended in Con-sumption. I had
IrequcM hemorrhages and coughed
n-ight and da-; 'All my doctors said I
must soon die. Then I began to use
Dr. King's New Discovery for Cot
sumption, 'which, completely icured me.
I would not be without it even if it
cost $5 a bottle. Httnlrcds have used
it on my rccommerKlation and all say
it never fails to cure Throat. Chest and
Lung troubles." Ttegular size 50c and
$1.' -Trial Cxottlcs free at Dr. Stone's
drug stores.
Fulton;' heahh officer at the port of
Astoria, yesterday filed hit owarterly
report in the ofnee of Gov. T. T. Gecr.
The report -' shows that twenty-seven
vessels 'entered that port ' during the
quarter ending March :31st,.- all of
which were boarded and inspected by
the health officer, and in- everv case a
clean ImII tf hcaMh was issued, as all
the vessels were in i a good sanitary
: In almost every m'hborhood there
is some one -whose life has been saved
by Chamberlainr Co?ic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Rdnsedy. or who has been
cured I'd chronic drarihoea by the use
of that medicine. Such persons make
a ioint of teMmg of it whenever op
portunary offers, hoping that it may
be tftc" meam f rat-rng other . lives.
For sale by F. G. Hais; druggist, Sa-
It ii difficult to attempt to maintain
that one own motherly instruction
and the subtle influence of a quiet pre
serve are a greater good. And if. now,
the cJdcr brother and sisters follow
the father oat after dinner, if even the
mother puts on her hat, who can blame
the young children if they go, too?
The servants have the city house eve
nings.- A double day is the New York
day The first tenVhours are for going
to iwork, workm
and returning - to
dine and dress.
he second egmcnt
is for ??oing abroa
It vanes in leneth
according to the
the individual.
hysical endurance of
neraily this second
dayf within the daN
ends tn the small
hours of the next
Where is the
bonne life el such a Vound? Think
heaven, many of us remember the
loadstone of a gentle mother's chair!
New lork Maw and Express.
A Five Days Ilncss Clauses tlie Death
Of Mrs. J. 11 Henderson ot ihi
City mineral !, Today. ,
Mrs, J. H. Wenderson. of this city,
aiel very .sudaenly at J.MCMirmvine at
9 Ojclock Sundiv morning. Death was
caused by a severe anack of jiennwnia
sufverinduced by weakness of the heart.
On Saturday-, Mansh i-ftlu Mrs. .Hen
derson went to 'McMirmville to attend
the little son of hersister. Mrs. Wm
Campbell, who was quite ill. On the
fallowing Tuesday she was aken ill and
daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Barnhart.
sent for. Mr. Hendcrson, wilio
a position at the asj lum, was called
to McMinnville on Saturday, but even
at that time Mrs.: Henderson was 'not
considered dangerously ill. At 8
o'cibek Sunday morning, Robert Hen
derson, a son, received a telephone
message to halter to thje bedside of his
sick mother at the earliest possible
moment, butliedid not reach McMiim
vill until an hour after the spirit had
taken its flight. j .
The deceased- was a voman posses-sing
rare traits of dliaracter. She was a
loveablc character, an affectionate wife
ami! njother, and a sincere Christian,
evef'making the world better and
brighter for. others. In fact, it "was
while ministering to the -wants of a
patient sufferer ifcat she was afllictcd
w.iWi the fatal illness. The deceased
waj a devont member of the First Uap
tistj church of this cityjand Kev. Ron
aid; McKilSop. tflie pastor, went to Mc
Mirtfnville yesterday to j officiate at the
funeral Which will be held today.
The deceased was the daughter of
Jucige and Mrs. Laughary, of 'Mc'Minn
villje, old Yamhill faunty pioneers.
Boil; survive her. .Besides a husband,
fc!ie) leceaed leave one daughter ami
a tm. viz: "Mrs. Myrtlie Barnhart ami
fo8crt Henderson, both' of Salc-m. The
latter is employed in t3c job oflicc de
partment of the "Statesman and has the
syippa'tlry of the wlKle force in this his
hoiiir of greatest bereavement.
Funeral services will fie held in Mc
MijivnviMe, the old hoing rf tbe deceased,
at 110:30 o'clock this norning. Burial
wiljl be had in the McMinnville ceme
tery. tA great many ofj the friends of
thel deceased, residing iw this city," will
attend the? funeral. I
The Best tn the 'World.
We 'belkve Chamberlain's Cough
RcSitedy i the best in I the world. A
lew weeks ago we suffered with a se
vere cold and a troublesome cough,
and having read their j advertisements
ii our own and oilier papers we -purchased
a bottle to see if it would ef
fect us. It civred us !efore tlie bottle
was more than half uscdj It is the IksI
medicine out for colds. and couglvs.--Tltc
Herald. Anlersortyille, Ind. For
sale by F. G. Haas, drUggist, Salem.
II. G. McKlnley, Timber Land Lo
cator, Arrested.
la Charged TO it h Making Fraudulent Loca
tlona Claim lie la IMiif Prrwcni
d by the Northern 1'acl lie Co.
Horace i G. McKinley, an extensive
timber land locator and well known
here) in Salem, is in trouble with the
gtjvernment officials. ' lie was ar
rested in? Albany yesterday concern
ing which, the following dispa'tch
was last night received .frc-m Albany
by the Statesman: i -
"H. G. i McKinley the well known
timber land cruiser who has been lo
cated in the Cascades- during tnc paE
several mionths. was arrested here to
day on a charge of defrauding the gov
ernment by (hiring men to take up
claims with -whom he ihad contracted
to purchase their claim. lie was ar
raigned before, acting United "States
Commissioner L. II. 'Motntacue. and was
held inxiond to await exarw nation
April 10th. McKinley says it is mere
ly the Northern Pacific trying to down
him in their infPrset and that he will
come out all right." - A ;
McKinley is. a former Salem boy
but of recent years has been in the cm
ploy of a syndicate of timber land lo
cators of Wiconsiri. lie . has spent
evrral months in the ( state making
hfs headquarters in thisjeity at 'the Wil
lamette and traveling pp and down
the valley as his business made it nec
essary. ; .
In connection with , fa's work. (Mc
Kinley had in his employ a number of
young -men of this ckr -and it is feared
if the charges agairret him are substan
tiated it may place his colleague in
rather . embarrassing positions. In
behalf tA these young men. it is to be
hoped that-Mr. MerCinlcT has been,eh
gaged in hcrorable w'ork and that he
may be able to adsfactorUly convince
the government authorities of the un
truthfuHesi cf the charges.
It is estimated that at least 4000
American stehool teachers will attend
the Paris exposition ; T
Paerto Kicaii Bill
Is .Debated.
Joseph Simon Opposes
the Measure -
thinks the Enactment of It Would
PJaee Oregon in the. Doubtful
Colnnin, Politically,
WASHINGTON, April 2 The ad
vocates ud ojponc:iis of the Pueito
Rico tariff and government bill wagevl
a vigorous war, in the senate today,
for more than seveir hours. The final
vote 'on "the bill!, will be taken late to
morrow afternoon. j -,
In a brief ,sieechi Senator Joseph
Simsjn, of Oregon, declared that he
ould vote against tlieneasurc, and
while Ise disliked to separate from the
majority on thei repirfdican ide of the
ohambcr, be felt fully justified in his
course. He was assured, however, lie
said, that the pooplc "of Qrvgon wcrv
entirely in accord .with him in iM)s
mg tle measure. They were, lie taid,
earnestly in favor of Iree trade terwcen
Puertxj Rico and Unrteit Slates as a mat
ter of good faith. He lid not think
the enactment of elue bill into a Jaw
would cause the loss of the tstatc to the
Republican party, "but jf tlnre is any
one act passed by ibis eongressjt'u, will
endcr it doubtful. thi4 i the one."
Simon was proceeding to elaborate.
He said free trade had irct-n promised
to the pcirjyle of Puerto Rico, when- lie
was iinerruptcd by Foraker, with this
"What single pledge or promise lias
bet'tt made to he . pcodc of Puerto
Rico which is tntf kept in this bill?"
Simon was about to, read what Gen
eral Mile, had Announced to the isl
anders in his proclamation, wuen For
akef took the :words out of his mouth,
so to say, reirtarking tliat flic pending
measure was ierfcctly i in line with the
proclamation'. j
SpOoner called attentiMt. to. tlie fact
ihat, I in any event, even if Geneial
Miles1' promises had not been ket. his
proclamation wa In no sense biiKling
upon congress. i -
Simon toxk the ground that the pro
posed act was a serwuts party bvundyr,
as well as a wrong in itM-if. He main
tained that the peojc of the island were
under our flag, and therefore ft sIi'Ufld
not be hekl for colonial exploitation.
Tit; assertion of our pwer to levy the
proposed tariff was in violation -of a
tacit,; but welt: j undcrtfnl agreement
with them, and he could notj therefore,
give it, his support.
THE! war: tax.
Washington;, April 2- A possible re
duction oi the war taxes was foresha
dowed ii a re solution adopted by the
house, today, calling upon the Mulc
tary of the treasury for information a
to the probnble -surplus, that tlie exist
ing revenue' laws .would create during
the coming fiscal year. The resolu
tion was presented by 1'ayneV floor
leader of the majority, j :
Under a suspension of tle rules, bilH
were passci to open to! settlement 4Ht,J
000 acres in the Fort Hall Indian reser
vation, and 2.500.000 acres in Oklahoma,-
by satisfying agreements with
the BannKkand ShoKne Indians ami
Kiowas, Comancllies and Apaches.
Washington, April "it. 'Member of
the senate committee on 1'tierto Rica
tofay made a poll of the (-cna'le on the
Puerto Ricart bill. They estimate a
majority of seven for tlie bill.
Republicans Make Great Gains in Mon
tana Chies They Capture the
i Helena City Council.
SALT DAK E CITY, April 2. In
tlie election today,' for a mtmW of
congress to acceel iirigham II. Kb
erts. King, democrat, was elected over
Hammond, republican-, by about ,2000
Helena.' Mont., April 2. In' rlie ran
nicrpal election bla,y ithe Rep"''''c3in
ticket, beaded by Iviwartls' for mayor,
was elected by a larget majority. The
fRepulilicans also elected six of tlie
seven, aldermen.
'Anaconda, 'Mont., April 2. Tliree
Democratic and three Kcublican aldcr
rrtcn were elcctetl today.
Mont., April 2. The Dfmm
crats elected five out ol rlie eiglit alder
men, today. This is a:loss of two for
the Icmocrats, and makes the city
council a tie, with a Democratic mayor.
For Morbid Conditions take BEE
New York. (March 31. The Hamburg-American
line steamship Phoen
icia, which arrived today from Hamburg
and Boulogne, brought 2,038 steerage
passengers, v . ...