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' V- 'I J'-'-J.--- - -- - 1 - - ----
THE V.MU OrtEGOMlSTftTES.'.!!.1!
Published every Tuesday and Friday
the ; y.
2G6 Commercial St- jSalem, Or.
die year, in advance.. j..... ....$( 00
Six months, 'in advance J.. .50
suBscmcrcns desiuixq the ad-
diets of their pap-r changed must stat
the name of their former postofHc, mjt
welt as of th office to wlilch they wish
the paper changed, j 1 f '
- The Farmers Congrc'M, . to. Lc held
in Salem on the v"th nJ 8th of Febru
ary, ought to be made a success, j
One firmer near Salem will buy
twenty-cows in order to be in position
to help, supply the creamery, if it , is
built. He is tired of Raising t'orty
cent wheat for the marliet. !
.Our advertisers Willi
lease take no-
. tic that about 150 $ub
bribers (500 to
Coo readers) will be aid
d to the Daily
Statesman "..' family, conjmencing on
Tuesday morning next.
They live; at
on. Sublimity,
, Turner, Aumsvil'e, Stay
iShftw, and on the farms between Sa
lem and Stayton. They! will get their
papers, ' before breakfast ieacl morning.
Oilier: outlying? points' wilt 'be reached
in the sanfce manner as fpst as arrange
ments can, be jmade therHor until four
or five; th i&and more people in Ma
rion ar'Polk counties
the list of reader 3.
are added to
We think our farmers iare now ready
for a creamery, and that they will fur
nish the necessariy cream to keep a
large one in operation jin thU city.
There is a fair profit in the industry
.for them, and a sire nd safe em.
ploymcnt of labor and jcap'ital. The
creamery, if built, which now scms
more than likely,, will te of subsian
tiaf benefit to Salem a well as I to
the" surrounding conntryj. Itj will Itfing
a large ''amount of monjey 4 here con
stantly, for Keneral distribution. There
is no question concerning the market
for the product. It is a growing mar
ket, too.. ! . .. ' - "H'
The Rocbur.g Flaindealer, the -organ
of Ilingcr Hermann, is aggricicd
because the Statesman
has told the
truth about its favorite'
standing j in
his owh.counv. The Flain dealer at
tempts eontuct , the name f Con
gressman Tongue with h'2 Statesman's
comments. on Mr. Hermann. This i
the subterfuge of a litjtle pap-sucker,
who cannot see a'mvc tliie horizon o ic
.'Small office which lie hald. fhe
Malesman is i'.f obiigeu to consult
with any , man before speaking the
truth on. any subject. We have relia
ble information lo the effect that Her
mann is ah active candidate for thejU.
S. senate, dcpitc hi nsincere denial
recently made; ami that he inspires
the utterances of the jPlaindealcr j in
.reference thereto. iAsluch; he is! a
legitimate subject of'pjnblic comment.
, We do riot think, he shbuld succeed in
his aspirations. He isj a pretentions
and insincere felhw, who thinks the
world owes him; a Hiving in official
place, and we shall continue to say; so
and more whenever wc think occasion
demands. We think -we owe this as a
duty to the public we serve. And our
action in going so is chargeable j to
np motive, different from this; and 'no
man excepting the editor of the States
man is responsible for these utterances.
Teo losi Yeers.
Figure it for voursclf.
From the age of fifteen to
that of . fortj'-fire m woman
give one-third of her time
to the Buffering incident to
th recumtuj periodic func
tion. Ten years of suffering!
And thi condition of things
is popularly accepted as nat
ural, and end red ma a femi
nine dabilitT for which
there is no help I Is there !
no help? There i help for every
woman and for almost every woman
perfect healing in the toe of Dr.
Here' ; Favorite : Prescription. It
insures regularity, dries the drains
which weaken women, heals inflam
mation and ulceration and cures fe
male weakness. It is a tempera
medicine noa - alcoholic and n
narcotic . ;
"t was so -weak J did Bot haw brata to
m'.k Htna oit room. wrUea Mia a laabel
Miller, of Ntrw Ptot, ideace. Calkray Cou K.
M Mrioda mtiiiri tooofura and the hem
orrhage uuta be proloti?rd and the fcaa of
blood very excessive. 1 aam aaa apei ta wntcn
the doctor eaid w ere fmintin ,ta. I did sot
gain atreagttt from erne moathljr period to
another : waa very weak; and oei ooa all the
time. Was conboed to tot bed for three
month and the doctor told rac I would -ever
be any better. I lived, in thia way from atat
teen years old to tw enty-three. t was at laat
adrived by a kind friend to try Ir. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, which I did. and be-,
fore I had taken two bottles of it I conld
work all day. I took in all aiz bottles of the
Favorite FceacrintKMi ' and about five vials
of lr. Tierce's Pellets. I used no other
rnediottie.. -1 have never bad a return of this
trouble since." . s
. , ,r . .. , .. ... ........ . ....
Broadminded people will recognize
the propriety of the editorial announce
ment by the Daily Statesman of Salenr
Oregon, when it says:, "n ; .''..-
Some of our good friends are accus
ins: the Statesman of having "son'.
out fit politic. We acknowledge the
compliment. Bnt this paper, if it has
"gone oat of politics." , has gone into
business, which it 13 doing on a broad
er ' scale than ever before. ' And, while
it will not seek to 'direct the course o
partisan political movements, it will
continue to give the news of all polit
ical doings, of every party.
It means not that the Statesman has
abandoned the political- principles
heretofore held, nor advocacy of views
pertaining to the policies of ; the party
the Statesman has supported. But,
that the journal proposes to get out
rpon a broader plane, and thu ob
tain a more comprehensive- view oi
men and events. Far from giving up
advocacy of principles heretofore held.
judging from the toqe of the announce
ment, the Statesman proposes j hence
forth to treat principles j rather than
petty particularities, conditions rather
than individual men, and leave small
bickering to small calibre writers,. All
newspaper men on the coast will ad
mife the commendable stand taken.
seeing in it evidence of -growth, ad
vancemerit, and an evolution towards
a higher journalistic life which will
bring more, of value to the constitu
ency which depends upon the States
man for its knowledge of the ; world's
doings from day to day. May , the
Statesman i never descend from the
higher altitude to which it has risen in
taking the stand evinced in its an
nounccment herein quoted. Pendle
ton East Ore gonian. A y
We copy the above, from Eastern
Oregon's biggest newspaper, with
thanks. I i
Wc doubt very much that a majority
of those who paid bicycle tax last year
will do so this year. The authorities as
well as the people have learned that
the statute will not hold ater. The
paths in this section are used by men
on t horseback, who ride, there without
fear of molestation. They are as fearless
as the big band of Portland attorneys
who positively refuse to pay this tax
arid vainly invite an effort on the part
of the sheriff to collect it from them.
Away with the farce! Rub it out! At
least, ignore it, Woodbufn Independ
ent. . ; - . ; :r : . .. v . ; J
This is not good advice. ' The tax
docs not fall heavily upon any individ
ual, and a very good start was made
last "year in the construction of path
front the " money , realized Ithcrefromj.
Of course, the aggregate amount cpI-;
lected was not sufficient to permit the
making of . finished paths throughout
the, county. Several -years would be
required to make such a showing,
i We think. all good citizens using bi
cycles should cheerfully pay the tax;
and that they should insist that the
legislature at its next session so
amend the law as to render it binding
and beyond the defiance of any Port
land attorney. What kind of an attor
ney is it who would defythe law, which
he is 'hi theory supposed to help to up
hold, being in theory an officer; of the
courts? .
The Albany Herald says the "South
ern Trade Record" has pronounced
the product of the Albany woolen mills
the best in the country. What is the
matter with the product, of the other
Oregon woolen mills? We guess it
is also the ''best in iht country."
The ' Tillamook Headlight reports
lhat the cheese made in Tillamook
county last year brought in frm the
outsider $74,000; butter, $100,000; beef
cattle, $50,000. No, wonder the Tilla
mook farmers are among the most
prosperous in the state. I
The farmers congress to be -held in
Salem on February 7th and 8lh is at
tracting a good deal of attention. The
people of Salem ought to help to make
it a big thing. " .
Our farmer friends along , up tlic
Sautiam bottom will imagine they are
in town.rcading the Daily Statesman
before breakfast, every morning here
after. : , i .,. .
Of course, Salem will make np the
$10,000 emergency fund for Willamette
University. - -r !
.. : ' am. a '
"Young man," said the girl's father;
"do you realize that in asking for. my
daughter's hand in marriage you 'are
asking me to give up my only child?"
"Excuse me, sir," replied the young
man. "but you are evidently laboring
under a misapprehension. I - propose
to tome and live with you after we
arc married, and you will .then have
two children instead of one. Now
what more could you ask?";
, Rcporterr-And. he Iaghed while
you were tving the -opc abot his
r.eck? He must har been a harisned
Leader of Regulators Hardened?
Say, when "we cut him down, after let
ting him hang half n hour, hs said it
i adn't bem even unom for table, fled
been wearing- ths kiigh sm(I colls is
for ten -;'-.
"The Least Hair
Casts a Shadow'
A single drop of poison
blood ivill, unless checked in
time, make the ivhole impure
Hood's Sarsaparilla is the
great lender in blood purifiers,
casts no shidoiv but brings sunshine
snd fushfj. bite every household.
Dyspepsia "For six months my sys
tem is out of order ivith dyspepsia n4
import Hood. Spent Jots of money in
uJn, ' but 4 Hood's SsrsapsrCLt cared me
thoroughly. Jcs. S. Z&aba, Genox, Utb.
: Eruptions 1 had sjmoying erup
tions caused by impure blood, and physU
dans treatment failed to benefit. Hood's
SarsapariSa removed them and I am no
longer annoyed." W. R. Hudson,
Natrona, Pa.
f&CcdS Sauafxniilk
TTooA's Pi Its etira Bver Ills : tha non-1 rrttatintc sad
enly cWU taka with Hood's H-rwparlll,
Editor Statesman: . '
I made a statement in my contribu
tion of last Sunday (and made it mere
ly to support a conclusion), that ,.: the
pants which 1 Perry wore when he was
killed by Willard had no back pock
ets. The statement was made upon
the authority of Prosecuting Attorney
S. L Hayden, who was without doubt
honest in hi 3 belief. The statement
has been questioned. It seems there
was (and is) a back pocket, but it was
sewed up. i Coroner Clough says it wasr
without doubt sewed up long before'
the tragedy. It is now a matter of no
consequence, and reference was not
made to it excepting to sustain thj
ground that Willard was not to be held
as entirely blameworthy for .his last
rash act. I would not refer to the
matter; again, excepting that some of
the parties most deeply interested have
felt aggrieved, and Jiave placed the re
sponsibility for the staement where ft
did not belong. There are always out
siders -to ghoulishly' magnify such mat
ters, and to harrow up the feelings of
relatives, with a view to displaying their
own pharisaic pretensions : of sympa
thy. 5 The most contemptible animal f
all creation is the hyena, whether he
have four or two legs. - f
X Q O . . I
There is an odd bit of gossip. -across
the vraters, saying the Kaiser has lare
investmenti in the Transvaal mines.
Perhaps tliere is fome connection be
tween' this Land the fact that so mary
preaictions 01 tne tacticians pt te
.... . . .... ....
German cities breathe forebodings 4of
reverses and mistakes by the English.
1 I
Before the senate committee investi
gating the charge that Senator Clark,
of Montana, was elected by corrupt
mcthodsa witness said that a lie Was
falsehood told to one having the
right to know the truth. Another
witness declared that an untrue state
ment made with the understanding hat
it is false is not a lie. A lie seemi to
have become a word with ;a different
meaning according to locality. Inj or
dcr to attain to such a high degree;- of
mendacity as to be worthy of the dig
nity of that appellation, an untruth in.
Montana legislature would liaivC to
be a whopper.
' -.j"-' o o o :( " ' '
"'In the beginning God created the
heavens and ' the earth,' -and on ,Hhat
day it ralnel in Oregon," says the Au
rora Boreal is. - ' ' . -
A Salem friend remarks as' the key
to the Pacific, Hawaii will ; likewise
ust fit the locks in, the Nicaragua ca
nal. - - ?
It is evident that Bryan think, he
must travel most of the time' on a
ree pass by rail, in order to keep track
of his chances. ' i
-OOO - J
A Philadelphia paper remarks I that
since Chicago opened its drainage canal
St. Louis lias begun saying, '"Things
are coming our way," but not in a
congratulatory spirit. - i ! '
O O O ; 1
My friend Mr. Scott, of the Oeego-
nian, has undertaken a good sized task
in starting out to get rid of both Sen
ators Mc Bride and Simon.1 Mr. Scott
is an able writer, and he is capable of
ying' bitter things and : making it
uncomfortable for an adversary fwith.
a thin epidermis. Bnt Senator Simon
has not that kind of an epidermis and
Senator McBride can 'stand criticism
and yet keep his heid. These I two
men have many, friends in all parts of
OregOriJpositive friends. .. They j are
not the same friends. Some of the
friends of Mr. McBride are bitter ene
mies of Mr. Simon, and many of the
well wishers of Mr. Simon. "have it" in
for" Mr. McBride. They have not
worked together, and - there has been
no understanding between thern. .But
their forces might be driven together',
in a sort of armed truce, if they ?were
pressed to it and in this case their
combined , supporters . would include
about all the shrewd political workers
in Oregon--the "men who do things in
politics,' and know how to do; things.
It is a big fight Mr. Scott has; under
taken.. And the weapon ot abuse is
not alwav the best weapon. It has
a tendency to solidify and intensify the
friends of the. abusee: If the fight goes
on it will be interesting, if not edifying,
and my shekels are up on the two lit
tle big men wearing, the senatorial to
gas. They would feel sort of lonesome.
anyway, without a- scrap on hand, and
life would grow stale aad unprofitable
for them if such a. condition iexisted
for a great space of time. : ,K
. Topeka, Kas., January 23.
Editor Statesman, Salem, Oregon.
Dear Sir:- Under ' another cover I
mail you today a copy of the Topefca
Capital containing an announcement
which is unique in the history of jour
nalism.' i Alier cairejul - deliberation
The Capital rublishing Company has
decided to place its plant and the entire
editorial .; and business Vcontrol of the
paper in the hands of the Rett. Chas.
M. Sheldon,? author of In His Steps,
that he may exemplify his idea as to
what a Christian daily newspaper oiight
to be. I he. experiment which this de
cision on our part makes possible, may
carry, with it far reaching influences
upon the press. We . would not vent
ure a prediction as to specific 1 results.
We are content to make possible the
experiment in an absolutely unlettered
way. ; ' i- V:
Any comment that you may feel
prompted to make regarding this ex
periment and ; its probable enect, we
shall be Very glad to receive from you.
1 hanking you for the courteous fa
vor of a marked copy of your psper
containing any comment- or criticism
that you may make, I am, withj frater
nal regards. Yours very truly, I - 4
; The above circular letter has been
received by the Statesman, - and " we
presume by all pther daily newspapers
of th? country." We have read the . book
referred to. . " V
-Our comment is, that the experiment
will not . demonstrate, a great dear that
is not already known. It may help
somewhat the tendency of the . readers
of . newspapers to demand cleaner
sheets. If the 1 Topeka Capital, were
conducted for any great length of time
along the lines winch Mr Sheldon
enunciated in his book, it woul4 mere
ly fall into the rut (or rather occupy a
part j of the field) of the many "other
good religious newspapers in this
country. It would occupy a field of its
ownj Some other newspaper at To
peka! would becupy the regular news
field.; The fact is, that in all large
citie - the leading newspapers now have
praptically separate fields. But no re
ligious dady newspaper has yct been
able to get business enough to iay the
expenses of publication. It was tried
in , New York a few years ago. The
best j field for Mr. Sheldon is 'in New
York. Perhaps he might succeed there
now, though we doubt it. It ii very
desirable that the, large newspapers of
the'-country: should be? improved in
mora! '-tone; but this must -connj large
ly from the public, from l!ic readers of
newspapers. The joumrj will not be-
much better than the pHlblic from
is a
it draws its business and, if it
real newspaper, it must give the news,
good and bad, of the community and
the country. It must do , so, or give
way to other newspapers that wi
V; The experiment of Mr. Shelc
o be only for a week or two
1. v
on is
It will be interesting; and that ii about
Bevraxe of OJatmeot for Catrrh fhtt
conULa Mercarj. --' j . . .
as xa-?rcry will rarely, destroy tho fenoe of
emell and completely derange tha wbcle system
vriica entering It through toe macoas Bar faces.
Such articles should never be used except on
prescriptions fota reputable physician. , as I ho
damage they will do is ten tbld to the good yon
can poaaibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
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Toledo, O., contains no rnerenry, ana Is taken
internally, acticv directly npon tha blood and
mucous surface of the system. In buyinir If all's
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Hall' Family rills are the bct.
The English people thought j Buller
was going down to South Africa to
eat up the! Boer army. Perhapi he is
not hungry.
;.- 'A LABIA. - , , .
Chills and Biliousness is a bottle of
TONIC. It is simply Iron and Qui
nine in a tasteless form. No cure, , 'no
pay. Price 50 cents. ' 1 j y
The news . from Washington tliat
the Nicaragua canal bill is sure to pass
is almost too good to believe.
Take Laxative Bromo Qninine Tab
lets. All druggists' refumi the "money
ir u tans to cure. .; vv. wove s signa
ture is on eacn Dox.f 25 cens.
Ignorance is the i curse oft God:
knowledge, the wing wherewith; we fly
to neaven. snakespeare.
A:.:-'" 0-k, O.O? C a X-U. ' l "
Sam t-a , tol Haw KTi Bcc!4
; Bigxatw S! 0
Earnestness is the cause of patience;!
11 kivcs cnuurance. overcomes i ; nam."
Strengthens weakness, braves dangers, policy of insurance for $2000. The fun
sustains hobe, makes light 0 difiicul-, ral arrangements will te completed to
ties, and leisons the sense of weariness day. and will be announced in tomor-
111 u ci turning mem. iiovee,1
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
: kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind.- dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheert uines soon
disappear when the kid
neys are but of order
or diseased. -
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it Is not uncommon
for a child to be born
i5 afflicted with weak kid-
1 neys. If the child urin-
Ti -es too often. If -the
urine scalds the flesh or if.. when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon 'It. tne- cause 01
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards - the treatment cl
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The imild and the immediate effect -of
Swamo-Root is soon realised. It Is sole
by druggists, m fifty
cent i and one dollar
sizes. Yoa may have a
sample bottle by mail
free, also pamphlet tell- Horn or a wup-Root.
ing all, about it, including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. Ia writing Dr. Kllmei
Co.. Bingham 165;" ', ;;Y, be sure anc
mention thia paper.' "
'.'r':-'C''(ra!obevDemocrat.)i-''''- V
Vicksburg, Miss., Jan. ; 18. Leading
republicans of Mississippi held a con
ference in this city today, at the resi
dence of ;IIor Wesley , Cray ton. ..lion.
A. M. Lea, United States district. at
torney For the Southern district of the
state; Hon. James Hill and Maj. John
K. . Lynch were 'among thoe present
The state is a unite for the renomina-
tion of President McKinley. It was
agreed hat Lea, : Ii ill and Lynch . will
go to the convention as delegate at
large;- Mr. Cray ton will go from the
Ihird tlistrict.
i ' Min in the Future.
" Many; men of learning devote much
time to the study of the man of the
future, f They all agree that he is to be
very superior-to the present generation
urcat physical strength is prophesied,
but this at least is within the reach of
everybody. Hostette'r's - Stomach Bit
ters will bring health and strength to
anyone ,who uses it faithfully. It cures
constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia,
biliousness, malaria, fever and. ague,
and hyer'and kidney troubles. It makes
rich red blood; -and with pure blood
comes health. It builds up the whole
system, putting" vigpr into the nerves
and blood, firmness into the muscles
and health into the bowels. Give it a
trial, and see that a Private Revenue
Stamp covers the neck of the bottle.
: - MAN.
(Pendleton East Oregonian.)
Portland. Ore., Jan. 27. Republi
cans throughout the state are mani
festing much interest in the taking of
the federal census in June as they be
lieve that with a full enumeration Ore
gon stands a fair show to get another
representative in connrress. Wallace
McCamarrt, chairman or the republican
congressional committee of the Sec
ond district, has given considerable at
teation to the subject.
According to what is considered a
conservative estimate, the population
of Oregon, this year will be about 425,-
000. 1 here was a steady tnnux of
newcomers all last year, and many are.
now going into the mining districts of
Eastern Oregon. In additton is the
immigration that will come to the state
between now and the June census.
These increases lead, many to think
that the ijOpulaiton will be not far
from : 475,000. With ' a tlrtrd represen
tative Eastern Oregon would receive
one, Portland one and Southern Ore1-
gon one. :
For Infants and C-dldrcn.
fhe Kind You Keys Always Bcugh!
Bears the
Slgaature of
Ist week a delinquent subscriber
said he would pay up if he lived. He
died. Another said: 'I will sec you
tomorrow." , He's blind. Still another
said: "I'll pay you this week or go to
the devil." , lie's gone. There are hun
dreds: who oiitrht to take warnino- ' r,f
these 'procra-inators and pay up now.
-FinIcjr.CSp.) Slope,
Smu-! tts Ay IM liM TM Haw A!-jrS Rtfi
(Mrs. Nellie I. Lottritz. accomnanif.l
by her. little daughter, left yesterday
morning for Sunrpter where she has ac
cepted a position as bookkeeper with
Johns Coy ; :
ARNOLD. -At the family 'home in
. , North Salem, Oregon, at Hto,;p." rn.,
Monday, January 20, 1000.' Edward
, ; Arnold, aged 36 years, of quick con-
sumption. -. : . - . " A.
Deceased was employed as a plumb
er in ; a local establishment until three
weeks ago, when he took a cold." which
developed" into quick consumption, and
he sank, rapidly, passing away as indi
cated above.. Deceased leaves a wife,
feur small children,, and his aged par
ents to mourn 4iis untimely defriisef , He
was a member of Valley Lodge No. 18,
a r tt . w : .u:i. i-u
i row's issue of the Statesman.-
m - xam -
j7M S S
In winter I get up at night
And diess by yellow candle-light.
In summer, quite the other way,
, I have to go to bed by day..
-Robert Louis Stevenson.
Life -may "change, but it may fly not;
Hope may.; vanish, but can die not; ;
Truth be veiled, but still H bnrneth; ; ;
Love repulsed---but it rcturneth. .
: '1';. ; 'sy'- ' - Shelley;-:
CLOVER SEED Good clean clover ,.,
i seed Irom the Hubljard ranch. This j.
! years crpp. Leave your" order at No. !
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: Co Salem. ; 5-27-tf.
pay the highest cash - price for all
. kind-? of tmuhry.5 Urrtc n llros: ' No. -
323 Front street, Salem, Oregon. Op
posite DS. Bentley & Co. ,
.. - .- I :.30-2t s-w..
ESTRAY EDTvvo heir-. one a
brown, two - years old: the oilier ia
red yearling. Both half Jersey. . , t
liberal reward will be paid for return
I of same to"-J. W. I'oiscr, , 1 'A miles
I nortli of Fair grounds on old stae
. roadv ' . "' -. -!' ; ' ..t 'wt. j ,
We have recently added a full as
sortment pi grass anr; garden, seeds to
our stock. Both in Imlk and packaged
We are. now prepared to till all orders
at the lowest prices in the state. Call,
or write! and secure our prices bcfort,
buying. . We have only KELIABLli
SEED. ' ' ! ..
No. ff Court .St.,1 Salem,
We take EGGS in TRADE and pay
stores Ipaid 162-3 -in trtodajt amj
we-paid 18 cents. We 'keep allTinds o
COFFEE from i2xi cents and upwards'
' ' . "1 -. ' : j '
TEAS all kinds. that can- be had on this;
coast. ' ' ;""
Yokohama tea Co;
No. 249 Commercial St.',.
!' 1 ' . 'Saiem,.Of. ' .. ' . -"I
Now is the Time
To do effective spraying on fruit trees, i
etc. -ihe eggs of insects are rhmden
in tlie rough places in ttlie -bark of the
trees and the trees are"u bare of leaves
so that all parts of them can be reached
by : the spray.. Every egg destroyed
now means hundreds of insects less
for i next summer.' To make . SUKE!
uf killing them use V
Which spray at a very , high pressure
and arc sure to penetrate to the hid
ing places of the eggs nd destroy tlicm.
The pumps are. practically, non-wearable
arid non-corrosive and with prop
er care will last lifetime.
R. U. WADE & CO.,
Agents, Salem,. Oregon.
500 Men Wanted !
to cut railroad wood- at Wolf Creek,
Josephine county, Oregon. Price $1.25
perNrord. Wood received and paid for
in cash monthly. Car fae refunded tb
persons cutting' 100 (cords, or money
advanced for sanie it security is furn
ished. Call on or write
J. T. TUFFS, Superintendent,
1 .'.'' Wolf Creek, Oregon.
Kllt FENCE POST, coated with
..Carbolineum Avenarius..
Wilt out wear CefJ.nr It In als? a Radical
llemetly Afralust Chlckn Lice. 'i .
Its pplica.tlon to Ihe-lnwl' walls of poul
try tiouiKa wiil .prnian-TUly ex
tt rmtnatp il LICK.
rtnults: Italihy C'hlokt iis I'!nty
Write for circular and prices aud men
tion this pnpr. - .
R. M. WAUK & X., Asrwts.
. , , f-.
Your Work Solicited.
From G to 25 per acre
" These lands are ' itf Marion county,
Orearon, and. are offered on easy terms
Of payment- They vere taken under
forctclosure by non-resident, hence
are offered for less than similar farms
held by resident owners. For full par
ticulars' and description call on or
address Macmaster Birrell, 311
VV'orcester block; Portland, Oregon, or