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i6f 1900.
ritw uuAiaUtiis Aiit rtiv
Sapc-riateiidrat i. D. Lee Hakes Award of
Contract for Supplies for En-. 1
alar Six Months.
(From I Daily, Jan. 13th.) v
.There were yesterday incarcerated in
the state penitentiary in this city, 315
prisoners serving sentences for various
crimes. In tact, the; number !of uris
oners has practically not varied in the
least at any time thus far thisv month.
Since the first of the year, one pris
oner omy nas ocen received, at the
penal institution, while not a sinele
nan lias been (discharged, having com
pleted -his sentence- Ihis is rather an
fiinsnal record, for generally ihc' num
ber of boarders changes from day to
day by the "reception of new men or the
release bf prisoners upon expiration of
sentences. The diminution of! business
in thi3 regard at this time is attribut
able to the fact that the circuit courts
are not in scsison, hence no criminals
arc being sentenced, ' ? ;....
The only prisoner that has.' been re
ccived this. month is Cliarles Lawrence
who was committed from , Multnomah
county under en cightecn-monthsTsen-
tence, having; been convicted - of the
crime 01 larceny. Lawrence was rear
istercd at the penitentiary last Monday
Superintendent J. D. Lee has award
ed tne contracts for supplies ito be fur
tushed he penitentiary for the ensuing
six mo.it as. Ihc bids were opened on
Monday afternoon. ; They i were not
cunsidered in the. aggregate, but by clas
sification, the: minimum quotation for
each article being favorably considered.
A$ a consequence no one firm received
the contract in its entirety for a single
line ot goods or supplies 1 his system
though it is a tedious task, devolving
much additional clerical work on the
Mate ofiicialsj results in; aj substantia!
saving to tne; state in the purchase ot
s";plie. i - j
1 it will he observed : that no award
was made for 'fish, although the Stcintr
market, oi this city, was the only hrm
that submitted a bid. Superintendent
Lee .concluded that fish, under the ex
iling market i quotations, was too ex
pensive, w ben beef coitkl j be had at
... per hundred. lie decided not to
award the contract for this article.
The only bid that was submitted for
a tewing machine for the tailoring etc
pail merit was also rejected ; for the rea
son that the figure asked was considered
greater than the need of the machine
warranted the! expenditure of.' A Port?
land parly offered the machine for $60
ca-n or S70 on the installment plan.
The award1 ntadV by Superintendent
I -c vrc as follows:
Beef E. C. Cross, , $8.35 per- 100
po'-nds. : "
Groceries Divided between, ITasritt
.- I-awrencc. John Hughes "and Weller
Bros., all Salem hnm.
I'ish -Nr award made. f-' .
Flour Red Star Flouring; Mills. Rob
cn.ton Bros.,!" proprietors, of Turner,
at $.Mtf per liarrcl. j. j
Leather and Shoe Shop- Supplies
Urryman Leather Company,, of Port-
Woo'en Goods T. Kay Wooien
Mill, of Salem. , I
lilcksmith i Supplies R. M. Wade,
Erigusecr Supplies Knox & Mur-
phv. f t
Dry G-wwl- - Meier & Frank Com
laiv, of Portland.
.Drugs Divided between D. J. Fry,
f Snlem. and- the Blumaucr Frank
Company, 'of ; Portland. j
A ITtah Legislator Testifies Against
Senator Clark., Alleging a Con-,
tension Made by Him.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 13 In the
case of Senator, Clark, of Montana, the
first regular witness was M. L. Hewitt,
a miner, who was in Helena! during
tine session of. the legislature in ifrw
lie aid that Charley Clark, son of
Sen.-iior Clark, asked hi m to sec Sena
tor Myers and ofTer him SiooojrtVvotc
tor Clark tor senator. : ,
Charles WJ Jackson, a newspaper
man tesiding jn Salt'Ikje City, and a
niendter of the- legislature of. that state,
testified that lie met ; Senator Clark in
Salt Lake City during the senatorial
deadlock in that state, last ' February,
and that Clark had tried to influence
"him to vote for McCune. for United
States senator from; Utah, intimating
thai, in case he would do so, he would
be paid for the act. I
Jackson Raid he had declined, and
that Clark had the proceeded to argue
the point, paying iwas the custom of
men of wealih to spend money to se
cure an election to. the senate. Jack
. son sakl Clark cited the. case of Sena
tor Ilanna. o( Ohio, as iiij point He
Mid-that Clark stated thai in j his own
ca?e he had used money to secure his
own election.! . ; - j.,
-. - ' ' '" ' "' j ; - ; 1
MANIIV Jan. 13. Advices from
Cebu report a sharp fight 1 on January
"8:h. between a battalion of the Nine
teenth infantry and a body cu1 insurg
ents occupying a strong position in
tle Sudlon mountains- ' The enemy
routed, the Americans capturing
a smooth-bore cannon, , some ritles and
destroying the fortifications. Four
American! were wounded. ih , J
The insurgent general, Florcs,' hav
ing established a renderyous with; too
men at Humingan, province of, Nueva
Viscaya, Captain Benson. '( with two
troops of the Fourth cavalry, was sent
to di!odgc him. The insurgents were
scattered, their horses captured, and
Mho position was burned, the Ameri
cans sustaining no loss.
The American forces yesterday occu
pied Magallanes, a province! of Cavite,
capturing twenty insurgents! including
a colonel.- - I
Woodburn's City Council Will Make
a v-ontract. .-
VOODBURN (Or.) Jan. it The
residents of this; usually quiet and peace
' community ! have been considerably
exercised during the past ten days by
. ... w uigcs 01 corruption that
nave been hiade in connr.-i r.n
UoodburnV municipal affairs.
nc trouble originated with the ef-
i vi ins common council to provide
the city with an electric street lighting
1- r "nwut January rst, A. B
rvi iiz, lormcriy ot Portland, establish
ed in thscitv an ele.-lr- i;!, .A
01 05 horse power capacity end at once
began negotiations with th? citv coun
cil lor lighting the streets. ? Severa
propos-.tidns were made to the council
but definite action in the matter was
postponed from time to time until fin
I'll 1 EilllanflJHnl -. . ,
--j niiiiuiui i:iori was circuiatec1
concernig one of the aldermen. He
was openly charged with having ap
nroached Mr. Kurtz, of whom he so
licited a consideration ,of $50 for his
voic ana support m awarding the c's
sired contract to Mr. Kurtz, i lie re
port wa3 widdy circulated and created
most intense excitement, the' fit re-t
being the seencs of unusual demonstra
tions throughout the day. r
ine tmpicasant ; factional ' quarrel,
which threatened to nrove a! bitter .-in,!
prolingcd conflict, very happilv ter
minated at a special meeting of the
council tonight, when Mr. Kurtz was
awarded a two-years contract for light
mg me streets wit ten 2oco candle
power arc lamps, at $68 pcrf mon'Ji.
payable monthly. The final adjustment
01 ine maiier gives general satisiac
tion. ; . . i i i
At tonight's meetintr the council de
cided not to make a eeneral itax lew
r ii. . ' t - . . J
! uic iy anu pniy levied a ispccial 2
mm tax lor bridge purposes.
In Justice Hayes court today, before
a 'lry, J. Ji. Kichards. -a local real
estate man, obtained a verdict for $Tx
ana costs, against J. l.lani ; Koss, the
amount alleged to be ducias commis
sion for selling a farm fofthe defend
ant 1. G. Eby and J. C lohnson were
attorneys for the plaintiff. E. P. Mor-
com appearing for the defendant.
There -is no extensive building going
ill liumiuuill dl llie piCSCIIl IIIUC.
In the spring John Lgan and J. If.
rsctilemicr will construct two-story
brick building on Main street on the
properly south of the Oregon saloon.
'Dr. Chns. Stuart, formerly located ai
Buena Vista, is now practicing medi
cine m this city. n
Dr. J. D. Shaw, of Salem, is expect
ed soon to locate in th:s city. '
Scatile. Jan. 12. The British steam
ship, L,lm Branch is on Cape v lattery
with a broken propeller and two tugs
have gone 4 her assistance. A dis-
IKitch from Neah Bay stated that the
steamer Ehhtt Ihompson had iut
passed out. after having sighted the
steamer rJm Br.aiKch disabled ind at
anchor four mites, off Flattery rocks.
The- Elihu Thompson, had given the
rJm Uraftciif a hawser, but soon after
parted it and came in to report her,
ine r.mi urancn. captain I It it. is en
route to 'Portland. Or. from Nagasaki
and is twenty-five days out today. She
1 without a cargo.
Spokane, Wash., Jan. tz. Tonight a
telephone message was received hen
saying the business portion of Kend-
rick. Idaho, was under water, the Pot-
latch river having overflowed its banks
I lie water wis said to ic three feet deep
in the principal streets. The recent
rains and warm '. weather have swollen
he rivers of Northern Idaho.
There was a great crowd gathered to
see the new congress come in. The
corridors of the capitol were fdlcd with
citizens and strangers as early as o
o clock 111 the mortunc. : 'although the
house did not meet uniil 12. Most oi
them were women, and Roberts, tne
man with three wives, : was t,hc first
person they inquired xr wnen tncy
got into the gallery. When he was
pointed out to them they saw a perfect
specimen of physical manhood, as dig
nified and self-controlled as any Chris
tian martyr that ever fought, the wild
leasts at Fphcsus. Mr.: Roberts is a
piandsomc man. His face is as fine as
his figure. He is 6 feet 2 inches in
height, and wll prooortioncd. His
icad is large and intellectual. 1 1 is face,
s intelligent, and shows force of cliar
acter. His abundant hair is ruriy ana
i wears a heavr m'jistache. ' His com
plcxion is clear -and almost rosy. He
h.-is a trsnk. clear eye, a periecr ret 01
arge white teeth, a nose of a held mar
shal,, and a heavy chin, denoting firm
ness an determination. Chicago Rec
ord. '
New York. Jan. 12. Charles Elwcrs
aui Laura Sternberg, proprietors ot
the Grand Bazaar, a Brooklyn-depart
ment store, have made an a-iMgnment.
Liabilities, $S'j'f assets, ?77W7-
Loyalty to His Employer.
That votinc man who had a. vein
opened and a portion of his blood let
o-it, so that-it might save the life of
is employer, set a remarkable .exam-
! of heroism. The incident shows
what power- there is in good blood. As
oon as the broken down system re
eeiveI the pure blood of this , young
fellow, the .( patient , regained his
Fircngth. . "Tire blood is the life.
There is only one natural way to get
tfood Idood. and that is from the stom
ach ft it r.ceds assistance, bring Hos
trtter Stomach Bitters " to the rescue.
This wonderful medicine aids it in its
igestion of food, ami rurmsne inc
svstcm witn ncn " r
Ms is done, health naturauy ioi:owa.
t..: .f leeial method of
nave yww;" ., .
anging pictures lartisttcaUy. -v-c.
1 irv nik to hang theru tip-,
iide down." Chicago Record.
I n nihnn rm.- .
fl UIKL 5 VtKT 3flU Fill
Her Terrible Eiperirace Darlas Dm Jf Ijf h
-rRrlcased the FoUowiaS Day ln
f 1 f aa Awfal CondiUoo. i
Ojttagc Grove, Or, Jan.! 10. (Fro
Koseburg , Review). Miss Winnie
X horne, who disappeared Sunday night
was . returned home on Tuesday morn-
if ""'i wicitueu conuuion.
Her sloryj and experience as told is
oncf of the worst crimes ever perpe-
"nu oi uic siaie. -.u.
to Latham from church services here,
the ) southbound freight tram was just
this; side of Latham taking wood, j Just
cfM-e the train started two men caught
""t tiiui S3 sne K3 on tur i.-w
uvr anu put tier on a flat car, she not
khtfwir.g what transpired until the train
pot! nearly to Comstock, when she was
put in a box car. 15et ween tlier mil
Rqseburg four men shamefully misused
net. ine uox car was locked and she
was kept there until about noon the
next day, when two strange men let
her out. She went to a house and got
something to eat and ascertained whqj-e
T nncie liven, some two miles dis-
tit IT : . 1 .. .
uihmi reaenmg mere she was
gien some food and was brought back
to; the station and furnished a tidket
lor Cottage drove. -Marshal
Miller -took her home from
the station. Whert crossing the bridge
she attempted to jump into the river,
saying sue was uisgraccd and had noth
iir; to live fors
iShcriff Withers and Prosecutinc At
torney Harris, of Eugene, came up and
arc investigating the case. A physi
cian states that the case is fully as bod
as ivuoutu. iarce warrant were
sworn out, and the sheriff and consta
ble left on this afternoon's train for
Uosebhrg. where further developments
win ue made. ;
i There has been so many rumors re
garding this affair that the Review has
probed the matter sufficiently td give
the facts that are rcafiy material.' The
dispatches from Cottage Grove, print
ed in the Oregonian and other papers,
arc m ipany resects incorrect, jn ma
terial points. Miss Thorn says that as
she was on her way to Latham from a
temperance lecture at Cottage Grove.
pi'tulay. the southbound freight train
was just this side of Latham taking
wood. Just before the train ; started
two men caught her and put her on a
flat car, she not' knownig what trans
pired till the, train gotl nearly to Coin-
stock, when she realized that she was
in a box car and that a man, supposed
to be U. 'Patterson, a' brakeman, .was
with her. Later on. after he left her.
another brakeman came into the car
and gave her an overcoat; telling her
that he could not take her into the ca
fn.oe, because the conductor would
f'cet "on to. it." When the .train
reached Roseburg late at night a brake
man ' put her into the caboose, telling
her he would go and; find a room for
per, after which he went away, locking
the door, and did notjTctnrn. 1 he girl
docs not accuse four men ot assaulting
tier, 'arid the . rumors: that Conductor
Bickett and Brakeman Brown were im
plicated in any way are without a sha
dow of foundation, and whatever of a
criminal nature occurred Ihy had no
knowledge of it at all. As to Miss
Thome's character at Cottage Grove
frhdj Iitham a thorough inquiry estab
lishes it to have lccn without reproach
or stain. The officers look with dis'-
trust only upon her statement that she'
was drugged.
On Monday forenoon about 11
o'clock. Car I nspectoj Thomas 'JPat-
tetfton and another employe of the
company went into the yard to repair
a broken winnow 111 the caboose where
in Miss i horn was conlined as a pris
oner. I here they lound The lonely.
deserted girl, shivering with colli and
fright, with her eyes swollen; and red
from crying, zhc would not tell her
story, so Mr. Patterson told her if she
wished to get a place to work she might
to and iiumire at Mrs. Currier's board
ing house. This she consented to do.
but , J'.oparcntly misunderstood his di
rections and asked at other houses for
work in order to buy a ticket. Cot-
tngc Grove. Finally she came to the
house of G. W.i Kruse, at. the corner
of Jackson ami Lane streets, and was
given dinner there. She talked little
of her circumstances, but finnJiy told
them that John Wiles, who lives near
the soldiers', home, was her uncle., She
was told how to go there and walked
most of the way. Mr. Wiles had never
seen hir, 'but received her kindly, but
realizing that she was in trouble and
would not talkx1?aTding it, brought
her back b town. He, also, purchased
her a ticket to Cottage Grove, telling
her to go home and confide in her par
ents, nd made arrangemntsr the
Roseburg hotel to have her looked after
and placed upon the train. The next
heard r.bout the case was the pubiisned
reports emanating from Cottage Grove.
Miss Thorn is about 15 years old.
District Attorney Brown thoroughly
investigated the case yesterday, and one
result of his inquiries will be the arrest
of Brakeman U. Patterson, if he can
be located. Probably getting wind of
- '.. Ji
roaiinR trotiuic, nc aisappcarcu at
Hudson Wednesday ri1ght " and the
trainmen retried him left while off the.
train ib-ccine. but as he failed to report
either to the Roseburgi or Portland
railroad offices, his getting left was
probably intentional. The following
Inorning (Thursday) Constable Voatch
of Cottage Grove, went north, along
the roa'd on the same train, hoping
Patterson would rejoin his crew, but
Was disappointed. Officers kept the
f-!, r.lione and teleirraph wires hot alt
dav yesterday, but nothing was learn
ed ot his whrrea!onts. Pateron is 24
years old and resides in Aibany.
Many'Appearcd in the Cotintr Ocrk's
T Office Yesterday to Register
From Outsfde ot City. 1 , . :
; In t-i rtffire of CountT Oerk W. Wi
fall., yesterday, many voters appeared
A. rvxier. most of thent being from
outside of the city of Salem- Following
ere" those' listed d uring the day :" -
. AmsviHe R. W. Tucker. B. F.
Tucker. ; ' . .1 "
; Brekcnb-.'sh-r-C- F. Elgin
t B'ooks-i Noah Rosenbaum. I Girod.
A. Girod, W. P. MasscT. N. E. Gani
ard. :;.:."-' : .
Englcwood G. E. Hilton. J. E. M
Coy. F. M. Howe. H. W. Savage. S'.
II. Smith, Noah Wckh, Henry P.
Chase. - , : ' '
. Scoits , Mil! Grant C Mills. ' ;
Gcrjyals---E W. Manning.'
Ho11 C. J. Arnold, -G. W. Stege.
Macleay T. B. Paitpn, John Stongh.
D. W. Early, F. II. Gcer. W. T. Rims
den. : '"I."' . - ' V ' '"
Mi. Angel Joerh Kirsch.
Prospect W. W. Walker. G. T.
Wcit.M L. Wilmot. George S, Down
ing, Frank Shafcr, J, Harding. .A. 'A.
Burton. -.- ' I-:.
Salem No. 1 T.-T. Parker. J. C .
Johnwm,1 - F. . C Pcrrine. Wcbst r
Holmes. H: ;. .
Salem No. 2 M. E. Goodell. Elbs
Downs. S. T. Ricliardson.R. E. Moorcs.
F. W, Hollis. Scr.tt A. Riggs. M, J.
Connor, John H. McNary, D. W. In
man. ' ;.. .,. ' ' - . ;.. . v
Salem J. R. Linn.
Salem 'No. 4 H. II. Vandcrvert. C.
A. Bellinger. C. H. Mcrryman. W. 1 1.
H. Darby. J. If. Howell. I. M. Flake.
John E. Stanten, C2as. . McSorley. W.
M. Stanton, ; , ' ,
East Safcni GilHam Giger.
' North Salem L. T. M.-rry, John
Noren. J. IVuitt. B. W. King, J. 3.
Coolev. II.; T- Bojwn. -,
South Salem J. W. Reeves. Fred
West: J. W Manlev. J. Pettyjohn,
Bliss FiddlcrJ J. W. Hunt. J. B. ronton.
E.1rl H. Jory
Sidney I. C. Necdham.
SirfHniity-W. II. Iowning,
7urnerRohert A. Witzel. W. A.
Wltzcl. R. q. Witzel.
Yew Park-HW. II. Simpson; Thos.
Jory, F. A. Sutton
, The following is from the New York
Producers" i'ricc-Current b( the Oth
inst: " j 1
Receipts for week. ........ .,
Receipts, from Sept. 1
Exports fo Europe for weel
Exports from Sept. .I ...... ,
I mports for week . . . . .......
Imports from Sept.
. 6.001
. 2.306
- 25.705
. , 241
Receipts have been pretty heavy this
week but they ,includc about 4,870
bales in transit foii exjiort. tne straight
lot of 2.005 bales arriving last Wednes
day from the rPacific coast. Business
here has moved along about as of late.
A fair quantity of stock is selling to
brewers, which keeps dealers' buying
in the interior and there are fair in
quiries from exports. The irregular
quality of the hops make a wide range
in-values, but the tone seems to be
about steady, particularly on the more
desirable grades. Really choice state
or Pacific coast can be sold at the pres
ent time equal to 14c; f. o. b. New
York, and shippers would buy consid
erable lots if they could find the qual
ity, which is quite scarce. The next
sirade. generally classed as prime, is
offering at 12 cents and other sorts
from 11 cents down to 6 cents for very
bommon. So 'much of the slock is
poor that our lower quotations trover
a good share of the sales. Only small
interest in yearlings, while old olds arc
neglected audscarccly jruire than nom
inal. Continued b"ying in the interior
of this state is reported at (113 cents,
only a few lots at. the latter jiricc; gen
eral sales in range of 8r 11 cents. Most
of the best hops out of growers' hands,
and buyers are now taking many lots
hat were passed by in the fall.
Prominent Federal Official Resfionsiblc
for Great Conflagration.
The greatest prairie fire known, in
Kansas was in the year i860, and it was
wantonly set by an agent of the
United States irovernment. This of
ficer is now in WasWngton. and during
the Spanish -war his name was more
frequently in the papers than any other,
says the Kansas City Journal. He was,
and is. one of the chiefs of the subsis
tence department and in tbcbccf inros-
tigattons he was very oromnietit-. One
day 111 iSfwi he and a party ot olliccrs
from Fort Ifays were returning from a
wild-turkey hunt in 4hc canyons of .the
Saline. Tlic wind -was blowing a hur
ricane and when a stop was -made en a
high prairie some ten miles north of
Havs ihh officer deliberately totiched
a nwtch to the dry, crisp grass in order
to make a spectac!e. . , '
When the other officers saw what he
was altou to do they made a ilepcF-jk-te
effort to tor him. but the dccl lwd
been done and the red flames were reel-
inz across the prairie, hke a frightened
antelope.' That fire 5wept from where
it had lecn .Started cjear sreross K.1nas
into' what is now Oklahoma. - The
streams and road offered no' ohstaelcs
to it, whatever. While going soitth it
klso turned to the east and If ft a fail
of ruin across Rice, -Reno. Kinsrman,
Harper and other cowrties.' Thou
sands 'of settlers were buriietl out. los
ing not only their houses and thffr
feed, but also their horses and cattle.
If the tnan who set thst fire had leeii
Inov.-n to the "settWs all the troops on
the plain would not. have 'icfti enauaih
to stay their vengeance. - Asit vas, he
sufTctcd remorse beyond description.
Canadian Search Party on Edmonton
Trail Finds No Sufferers.
Seattle, Jan. 12 -The Canadian gov-
ernments expedition, sent to the re
lief . c4 the Moffatt Fxlmonto'n trail
party, has returned to Da wwn after an
tbsence of fbur mnth. -with the ; re
port that in all pfolability the three
tren cpmprisimr it have pcrUhed. The
infortinatcs were A. F. Moffatt,- of
Pembroke. Canada: Phil TJclIoue. 'of
Dnluth. 9nd a CalifornMn ' named
Holmes, who had lived at Fresno.
As well as the handsomest, sad ethers
MT9 invited to cUon any Arnggiwt snd
Set free a trial bottl ef Kemp's Bal
sam, tar the Throat sad Twangs. s rem
edy that Is rusrsAteed to ear sua
relieve ail Chronic sn-l Acute Coukds,
Asthma, Bronchitis Goasorjption.
Price Z9e sad boc.
Plan of Salem Organization tof DbJ
patch an Immisfratiun ipcut
1 ' li Enddrrttl.
(From Daily, Jan. lOth.)
A splendid spirit of co-operation cx
ists among the various commercial
organizations of the Willamette val
ley. This condition will rrdoind i6
the benefit of every community find to
the state at large, it is a verl laud
able spirit and its efficiency will jbc evi
denced 1 in many important natters
that will com? up h?r considcrition.
The" appended letter,; under pate of
the 10th inst-, was yesterday ilcccived
by Henry B. Thiclsen, secretary of
the Salem Chamber of Coiiimcrcc,
from the Portland commercial body:
"At a meeting of fhe trusteef of the
Chanibcr of Ccmmcrcf, Presidtipit Bee
be reported having Had a conversation
with you in which you expressed the
desire that this Chamber of Ccttmmcrcc
could;.sec its way clear to co-ojcrating
with your chamber m matters f of pub
lic interest to the state, and thp under
signed was instructed to advise gyou that
in every matter thatj comes is before
the Salem Board-1 of: Trade, wliere co
operation is desired and advisable, the
Portland tiiamoer 01 commitrce win
be only too glad t" hear fjom yutt
and to act. as far as jt lies in its power,
with you in any such public! matter.
"It is the earnest ' dcsireJ of this
chamber to co-ieratc will .alF the
Chambers of Commerce or loards of
Trade in the tate in any slich mat-
We arc, sir, yours very truly, D. D.
Oliphant, secretary." J -
Tlic plan of the Jlocal Cllimber of
Commerce, thro'ugh jits aggrssivc sec
retarv. HeUrv B. Thiclsen. t provide
the necessary funds w i:h whifh to dis
patch -an iimniHralion agcnt to the
eastern states, is recognzed Is' a most
important undcrtakSng. Ii response
to nersonal letters that were recently
addressed by Secctiry Thklfccn to the
presidents of the commercial organi
zations, or, 'in the ifMciicc iff such, to
some prominent citizen, of I the prin
cipal ckics of Maridil and , o!k coui.
ties, several replied have J been re
ceived, v I ' ' J "'.'
The scheme is encrall1 endorsed
as an excellent one, $i1thong there ap
pears to be some difficulty! for some
of the tkwns to procure the necessary
subscriptions to discharge jjhc assess
ment that has jeen levied, fa'h town
will be expected to I contribute to the
projHf;ed funl of $ix in liroportion
to its, population. ;Upon this appor
' .1' ...Ml I...
ttonmetit alem s snare wui lie auoui
lo per cent of the tptal amount.
The following favorable Jlcttcr was
yesterday-reccivel ly Sccrejary ' Thicl
sen. ' from T. J. Craies, of cCoy:
"I am in recciit f'f yoursi "of the 3d
nst in reference to (the cmiioymcnt of
an immigration agent for Marion and
Polk counties. ,, . v
"Vur plan meets my hearty approv
al and. will intervicxi' such 4f the citi
zens -of this Vicinity -as will! likely co
ojerate and will -advise you .at an early
'fate of the result." f .
By a concent rak-t effort o tne to
talities interested ' in 1 this important
plan, the funds could be readily pro
vided and an agent be cnt y the first
of .the coming month. In ifact, if an
agent is to be tmph'ycd it is essential
that a ctmtract he closed wjth hinr at
once that he may reach his fifld of Ialor
in time to influence Oregon's propor-l
tionatc 'share of the spring imniigra
tiotv v Petty jealoikre anl sectional
differences should lc dropjft'd and all
join bands to furtlt-r the proposition
that has been iuaugiirated jy the Sa-.
Jem. Chamlr of'Cobimcrccj and which
m vitally concerns Uic cnljrc WiHam
cttc valley. ,v j ' j V -
Charles Miller, a Standald Oil mag
nate, whose home is. in Frajhklin, Pcnn
tylvan.ia, has a precocious soji less
I ban ten years old Jn whofn hard bus
lnc' sense and worldly - faution are.
highly developed.? One dy Mr. Mil
ler said o. his son:j -1
"My lxy, it's time for you to go
to -bed; I want oit to g ft up bright
and early tomorrow aiid ho to church
wiih me." J
-I don't think I care abiult going to J V,T c":,tV, i 1.
church nomorrow; re, icd Slater Pistoiion"
Vhv not?
! "fjist Sunday thrt prea
ler said he
w? ,mmT t0 prcac
h V devil."
, Well?"
'M know he. will
things, about the
things, about 'him."
say lots of , hard
devifawfu hard
' "Don't yott think, papa that if we
listened to that sermon it "would lc
ratner unpleasant if we cfer met the
devil some day?", . "
i Bot the boy weni to chijrch in spite
of his clever excifisc.i 3
' ""' i ,- 4 ' - '
Black Boys Take" Up thi Pastimes
of the fnghsh.'!
. ) 1
Long ago k was noted thft ntherevc
Fnglshmen went 4hey toot their na
tional pastime with?them: aed n a rc
rent "off day" at Mrffckingj when the
flocrs had for a few; hours c-acd bom'
barding. a cricket s match 4 a crgn
Ized 4y,'the beleaguered S garrison.
There are other parts of the Park Con
irnent in which civilization is accom
panied 'and stimulated by athletics, and
n interesting testimony is to lana
upon that head frcTn St. Anifxcw's col
lege. Kinngani. whk-h owes existence
to the Universities 'Mission i' Central
Africa. Of all the games- plafycd thee
lv the boyv ome of whom j are freed
slaves, football has the firstf place in
popularity, thougljt a few lov have
thown a desire toi learn a little- more
aboat cricket, and the smaller cnes
have a partial rty tjor rounderf. They
had last season four "firit class",
Von "and two Ihcy loU. ta (the first.
" 1
her majesty ship Fox scored four
goals to lieic one; in the second, the
same ship scored one goal to thcir
niJj in the third, against a combined
team of Eurojieans Iroan the town, they
scoired four goals to nil. and in the
fourth, against her majesty's ship Philomel-
they scored five goals to nil.
Thcy would like . very much to have
thin jerseys, with a badge of the col
lege, to present to boys who win their
"tokirs" by .playing in three "first
clasls matches, and it will be no ivon
derj if English friemls providc these, as
well a the footballs, which are wanted
for L30 villages in- Nyasa, and (lie tennis
balls for Joy-s at Magila.
tAsr. 1
8T1L1. AT l!8l f
Suprrmtt'ourt lloltia That I.tclUll- Art
Itrsalntlas: AppraU I Not Ke- '
. tnmrflio-OiilultMiit.
(From Daily, Jan. ibih.) t
. . . r '.
lie supreme court namteii mown
11 opinions yesieruay, in 1 rascs
heretofore argued, Ajuong the rs.even
cases is ouc from Marion county, as
follor s: - - : -
S. B. Catterlin, appellant, vs. A.
Bush, resimndent; appeal from Marion
county. Hon. Cicorge H. Burnett,.
judrfe; on motion to dismiss the ap-.
IH'alp motion -' denied. Opinion per .
et.rijim. This" was a motion to dismiss
the appeal because the transcript was
not tiled in time. The 'question in-,
vuived was whether the act of Febru
ary 22. amending si'ction 5.JI of
thelcHle, applied to appeals taken and
perfected before it went into effect.
The court holds that, wiiile the Fti-tut-1-.
might be considered' retroactive,
"we arc not disposed to give it such
a construction. 1 he riglit to ait ap
peal ii a" valuable one, and, while it is
purely statutory and may be modified
or perhaps entirely done away with by
stattitCj a legislative intent to do so
ought not to be interred ironi aoi;ut-i
ful statutory 'provisions.".
The' cases decided are: .
. Leo Jlaniinerlynck. respondent, vs.
Mi' C. Banliehl and Thomas Rand, ap
pellants; appeal" from Multnomah
county, Hon. p.. IJ? bhattuck, judge;
artirnu-d. Opinion by Associate Jus
tice C; V.. Wblvertou. f
Conrad 1 oung, respondent, ys. 111,
razur, ct al., apiH-liants; appeal Horn
iilluomah county, Hon. I-.. I. Shil
ck, .." -judge;, reversed. OpiiiicAi by
ssociatc Jnstiee 1-. A. Mpre.
T. A. Garbade. resiKindcnt. s. The
Inarch Mountain Investment Coiniiany
apiH-llant; appeal from Multnomah
cu;nty, Hon. A. I Frazicr, judge; on
motion to allirm judgineiil; ' motion
overruled. ?Opiuion per curiam.
J. 1. Osborn, jprsMmdcnt, vs. Ncw
crg Orchard Association, appellant:
appeal from Multnomah county, Hn.
A. L. . I-ramer, judge; cm motuMi for
affirmance - of' judgment; judguictit af
firmed. : t Jpininn iht curiam.
Otto Morh-11. vs. Otto Morrcll. I.
f, Stoddard, et .al..! 'respondents;' v'.
t.has. F. l-rd, ct al., apnllant$; tn-
I'cal from - JMtiitnoumli county, Hon.
v.- D, Shattutk, judge; aflirmed.
Opinion by Associate Ju.stjcc F. A.
ioore. 1
Minor orders were made a? billows:
I- Willielm.- t-t al.. aiun ll.-mts. vs. R.
C: Snijth, ct- al.t respondents; ordered
on motion that respondents' time to
serve and file their, brief be further ex
tended thiry days,
. FJla Rathbone, "administratrix, re
spontlcnt. vs.' 'i'he t). K. He N. Col.
appellants; rdcred on stipulation that
ajipclkint's time to ; serve and lilc its
brief herein be extended to February
101 11. . . 1 ,, j
E. F. llaniinin, et al., re jont:iits,
vs. C. 1 . Iirown. et al.. appellants: or-
leml tin innlation that appellants
have untiT February . 15th to ucrve and
file 1 their brief. . - .
David M, . Dunne, ct al., respond
ents, vs. Portland -Street Railway Co.,
et vftl.. appellants; orlcivd on Mipnla
tion that appellants I have until I'Vbrit
ary 10th to rrvc aud fde their brief.
teo. C Mcllolt. appcll.int. vs. F..-t).
Downing, ct al., rcspotKlenls; motioir
for rule'. on. clerk to supply omission in
transcript allowed, j - : 1
Thomas Spencer, j respondent, vs. I.
P. Carlson, appellant;', appeal from
Clatsop county, Hon. T. A. McBrile.
judge; t reversed and complaint dis
missed. Opinion by Associate-Justice
R. S. Bean. j--
E. B. AV'atsn, et al.. respondents,
rcgou- t.onipaiiy, ap-
lo dismiss appeal
J. I- Iwis, respondent, vs. John
.Craft, ct ah, appellants; motion to dis
miss apjenil overruled. -
A. G. Braucr, respondent, vs. City
of Portland, appellant; appellant'
jctition for a rehearing of the case de
nied. ' . : -; - . ' t
The Northwest Door Company, ap
lcllanrs, vs. S; TomlinvW ei al., re-,
spondeiits, and II. I- j. I'isher, ct al.f
appellants, vi: S. Tomlinson, resfxuid
cut; rule on clerk jto supply Omissirm
in transcript allowed.
The case of W. H. Saylor, respond
ent,, vs. Christy Oakrs and Thomas
Duffy, apiellant, j and the Dundee
Mortgage & Trust ' Company, respond
ent, vs. John II. Goodman," appellant,
both apcals from IMuItnomh county,
were arjp'ed and jsnbirtittcd.
Arsa (Cal.) Tomolropic;
Edwarl Wilson aind family of Roa
noke, Illinois, wcr visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Kindig, last week.-. They . went i,
from here to' Salens Oregon.
San Bernardino, Cab:
M. McDonald, of SaJcm, Orcgrm .
arrived .yesterday from the- north and.
is a guest at the Stewart.
Las Vegas N M.)j Optic:
.Dr. Pearl Hafip, cousin of V. A.
Henry, and a relent graduate of the
St. Louis medical university, stopjed
over in thii city fori a few days visit.
with Mr. .Henry and family, en route
to her home, at Salem, . Oregon.