Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1898-1899, January 06, 1899, Page 12, Image 12

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Limm OF A isilALli SUM.
- a? o
Two BoldJ Unmasked Burglars Did
thi vrbrk-Xo Clew io the '.
w I
fxtr -occurred ii this
last cvbajng
on 6si:iit
a e,
hily a
MMijessr. itiniroiighri
bi it--IT aw within
of ' lhi business Ktl';;n ;l of
Kl,oruv efore io tJ'q.o-.
Jx hihI ornings,i'ie j-ah
3jr-; nnt. was. nei t up
a a"re, y two -uaHM
IJeiW Motorni.m iu
tj-b-'Ol SA -U SKaU h-l
far elew
jri i iia.K'.;
Jt uic -inirJ
kn 1 io
jfot Moiili
o chr k mit -v:i 1 1
for the
: rial
-.-e;,. :
'sjna ;v.
tin- -ar i
... Ml
' Ln re-hi.
, it-, a tie!
. .1 II U 1 4
-ri r" fit-in
I (I j-IJeiO.
it-- r (
ht. In
It l ef and
1 ! .
i:i! i (1
r. ok svA -
esing tl t
bis car !.
tin- lt
"I'lirsJu J
1 rot. .!-
. tWi.r himf--lf i.ui; :4
r. voir, r :n t ! .tn
-?. !n' -l::d J -i'.:i:i li :
fne Ti.M.t'ir sitadi -1 i
ii t!,i! hi ider'fily
I.si,V d ivinl i ii
lered - t;he..;.stoiHiil 1
"ilirw 'iiir. Ins hands!
ithat,t further c in
Imi" !) -second mii 1
yiv-Jil-iiiiv of tln ai)
,' lMtinT)4Jit to u I Iii
t for?I l,y tlif- 'i:iI!k-
t-'uVI.-' Mot i-en itit
I'k- :kav the.: oh; .
Viiii .one . f i
bold-up that
n who, lt-ri.-in
mxii. '1 lii-i-e is
e city.
Incidents of the Voyage of the Last
Salem Volunteers to Leave for
i j the Philippines.'
f Jr
n .i -t run
tyv!r t o:r
S.si .!.
a 14:
n tirAi i hio l
in 1 ' f ft' him to
:ltl ;V:lS :l IUS-
nnwriit in.iicl.lv
lit.vrjiisiiii. wht'ti
.! i.y a
nv 1 1 ' I Ihu
i loinvvi'T-
SH! )l I f. lit
"i-yly 1 okintc
Mrs. i. B, Daris ye.terlay rtkivl
a letter frcm . btr Buslwnd,, in M'tiDiia.
uirlcr date -of Xovemlx't '11, lsifs.rh'
wiiwr. one of tlw' Oregon rttfuit.s. bad
just arrival; at Manikr, but was still
on tward' the transimrt i when the let-
i r was 5ndittd.. Fdlowins art? a (ew
excrr't from the missive:
Uet we arc at our' it'St nation, or
t :ltl--r aiiflK!Pd !iT tht shore. ' lflm
in exceHent' health and spirits," ;nnl am
satisfied witii the country and' ..-limate
s far. I had a mst njryab!e trip
from ; ll':i'n'u, over m quit! fa v-
ai-;e ;veatlie?-. We wf-re just twenty
on days anl". five hoursi en roiib'. 'l:d
; hai if.nol lieetv tVir tlie Vaiene'ud woiil i
i h iv.e ;ai riv''l a day or niore airo. but
, tie oh J. tu! was so slow that Ive lo-t
:il"r('it a ilay's tr ivfl tiitoiih iiavinir t
'wait X-if lir. "e bal . p ri'e't
er all t.lie way i)vcr. until, we
Ui isl-jd 'iiero. and thn we
a saU'; in jsatiuviay eveu.ii-a
j iT cjiiieu i!, and we - all to k
I'dvcr -.Mat n. .out 'arniiii: ot
I t e is an
fir to- sf'i.
f icif vlth iin!
niif-'l.t :ot
fciti tJ VO. ,r
st.ff jrab came frjvKan 1 stt'aick
tie Northwest, and at, s;:i
raie was ilowi:jg. juki ttie sfa
ratler hi'h, "it ws great spot
Niii rolled. tosMl. j)itel:'
i'-ar l. and the wa ves w re
weal li
near 1
f!lrl .V-
;i c .oil
lo-.-k a
f i Kill
. Thf
' ami
lofisiA with, t h; r a ilni
".IW:b;tl 1 Is p... lift
irfz l-.r-iali alo:it
.nirHMl eaiTV V 1 1 1
Viirit- it. ma kingJ
t i.ssenvfs. Alt'l'i'ili
ati'b jjri" his p -
On. ttif
Kit tjntjy
.' t di tnati 1 it. up
r rf.it bastt to comj
i;i-itu their esnjpe.
iU'lforf leaing tle, nr pne of the
tiA'a i orderel the oi
4ers;od and -
Jhfive-; :i gutt .." Ilaviii
-.iiuiiioi. the men
, sr' i !! ("I'di-n l
r.,e I. 'J'he filial
jst'iilire.-il, visitors
ty ot'" fk .Jiv Motoituai
lt . ti i kl v
is not the
tn ii icjiK'Uii'
f Ibe
" l'W'i-'
the pniglars. who Ate.
iyi t Mm- part iff
mil: v ' 'tile ii mi a l:d
m m-liii n-d in s 1 1 .
f I ey :i: con pi ;,! ed
mt tny r rnot e .i
j Jciliii' they wei--c
f"fp.intnl wlili the.
i. ir dariii; l e I.
it id
tW.ii u r..i- ti,.. I I'rojeei iiiu out or me
til 11 M.H li!,. I I.r- t
..I ...j i :. S
I i os.nu i iiao a
oe e I
ib't ther
tl.o ih'hly, :ak-
s f( h. am .mil
I was
bk- nini
lie .jloes IKt
akjn Mus tne
-ik T..
ljg.ilttsl fr'Hi
iitptorii'aii' ti
oijur.iij'i of his
IkM iii
1 hat t hey hrok. ejar over la t and
would nearly wash' us overboard., W-
-. . . ...
but would rear ufi on its ttt ler and
theft-- pitch", forward and I.uw.if.h
and t;icsWf II- would Jreafc cl. vr- over
it. and a Mood of water woiil.lj sve.,j
the decks from Ixiw, to st-erp
not sick for one moment flu?
way. .
"Well, next morning after' thi storm
the vvitnl had-subside greatly
s-ea was eji lining down
twv,s .:;led out of tlu ir bunks
the .night, and when; it .'lieeanrje' li
enough we eould eei two huge rocks,
a Mw miii
oin lxith
au4.ve knw that we tit
iijiitoi ii.an j .'.lwd to bang on for dear lie-
wUi. h ne did
i v. i:v this
it board-d the
(il: ordered tin
I rfc in wlii.il
but' :as in-
that l.e
not ha in-
must not believe all of tne report, as
twothtrds of them t'are sexaggeratL
"Tomorrow , in Tbanksglving; it will
.!. a lonesome one for - me I bow I
will spend the next wltb yoa, LTb.
matt 14 anout to ciose " ; I ' ll,
li.! Holla tkl yesterday Teceiv! a
.letter t roui his son, iLeon O. lIoilaiK,
roije of the recruits for) the iseeond Ore-
Mi.'ln.nnH Tt. t .. .
uu toiuuirri!. ?. iuc iriwr wais nwr
late of Xovemlr 24th, andv was writ
teo wbile on : board." be ; transport, in
Manibt Jiayt the troop baring. ; not
then leen allowed to 'go ashore Ixon.
who aycompanied the jrecruita wfth the
rank $t first sergeant refort a plo'as
ant voyage. ant saysj b is feD joying
exceptjionally goinl bealtli.
. iuyj It. Osbtirn, writing under date
or XijvemK'r 21st. to bis patent.
Rty'jj-. ha leen oy'r to Ilo'.lo ore
I'.iiiii.t islaifd. wbleli is lUitt m les.
somiMt of Manila j by. water.. Hi
had just returned! tbti day of writing. ,
ail !as be is well aii . se.wlii? all
bis iiKiie time. lie says the Cottwd
i" goUig to anto'i as b '-Wisort lor the
two fipauisli vee!s tlha.t' werc raisU.
and t ill pn.b.ili'.y lx there !urfiig the
fi'iK- tbey .-ne imderoinjr reptlrs,. lie
;oiH-eis tf rnii; home wi'jn. his tinv
empires :rrl work at; his; tlv 11 -
w 'sh-es 1J- parents anil frleid a bflj p:
Xmas. i s i "i" . ! '
biiA i ix wa$iii x :t x.
'Use i?e'st Kno.wn- MejntK-r of tin
iak i:Mi:;:.
l!ie ap.tai
,-tllld tlie
Several of tliT
J.u.on. AirtHiit H o'clo'k . we nad
steamed throu.iMi the strait anil wciv
Ihr T :in, tl'" 'bina oay and. turning ilowti
lfr J 1 the western coast y. Iaizoii island, we
steamed a king the eoast ,of the isianl
all -day Sunday and Monday. It is a
l'aut;ful island, and the scenery is
tine all along. At o'clock' a.-nr.. on
I Monday. we sighted the norUn m
ixiint of the harlior." an'!' .Cofrigedor
island in tlw -rnonth of; the barhov.
We tiifH'sl into the entratu-e tit :tr
and into Manila ihiy. after we had
mist .r.inpt-
Wremni. who
l.tikine-3 p trtiou
adj ti e aKiriii.
litest clew to
liojw.t vcr. sup
M.ijing in this
-aipear . to l.-
wi-rk ti 1 1 lit hiltIi
r task . in a
uwl l-Mlt it is
ems we I a., tiy !ls-
liv!;itiu l'CMI.t of
: passed the island. There was a jtn-x-;
ty and cozy a little cove, on the inner
! side of the island, and a. small villag
?iestled in flier'. There is a revolving
i ItjlOhotis' ' on . the top of the fo k
Isla ml. and also fot tinea tion. 4nd 'be
i'liiranc",. through w hich we cam.
whew I-wevs th-et entered on that
inemora'ble night.
i "l W!n von I'liiliil navje steiiPint
tive volcano that we aw on 'Tims.1.i
It was
MOHK LlTlii A!l'Oji HKiiUN
f-'Jif.L'to Ike"ov?r IfKuitgcs for'Xh-
, Jf itJIiiltt" nt t f a
ontra '1.
"i h 4 a Jje r. V ' i wi t
"'Ji: if'.V. .of t'. l:f;;-!
vtitzer l;JO! .V
iji,' b:.tei'tl';.iv hi
ctiiiur! a sitii in r'iir! ne in .No, 1,
of the M.iri'on ininf;y ei.'i if -ourt.
.t7aifst I. 1. flibl Hniie!-! tJouly. of
II .ks to 'P O. er !" V'i h flller-
at tt pVr o'ltr. dVonf )eioiir 1",
nib'g.tj to l e tlif an.oitpt of dam
a3tr- iriim-d t,y paiutin liy tb- noii
f I'lSUn enf of a, bop Nufttt-t ,!5 tl1"
iiirl of the defendant.
j tne icotrdsaint. jilaUitlus arege
heikl:ints 'eoutrai'lt il with tbt in
;t Jil v lb, J s hi, to klivtr at ltro ks.
n i vr: iK'rotv in oUf lotb. 2
nim.Li "of tlie b i trep at the
f iJikrtel prii j of S cf ics j er pound.
J'laoili(fs further allor' tiiat on Attg-ftl-.ljfi;t
they advni eed $sr pick
: Li t;otev to def'niLints, .who have
fJiiKV rfitrtid to deliver said liop. by
which ffl"t fl:iiiitifPs l tin ' to hav".
lmt damage! to tle extent of $1,073
nntt for which tbev ask Judgment.
the re-
and it
i morning a weeK ago tota
grand. It was the most fiorth rly ami
the onlv one we saw of the Ixtlroii''s
We sight-'! it aNuit oVkx-k in tie
mornin-g. and it .lookei' like
lhuiioii tf ;i huge fir'. Wei
i within" a ' u t "H i v t m : 1. of i t
f was the n.tost w i:d and the prettiest
M-ilt sight I ever saw to sm-, tjils i inubt.v
t:ivof J'o- k iK-!chmg' tort li votijm
tire and ''smoke.' f its nam'. Was the
"1'arrol.oiia'le J'aj.irivts.' .
"Two weeks 'ago'.- on Sunday. one
of the tiieitM'ti of the ship's crfw died
at .'5 "o'elock a. rh., ani we burj'd him
at s-a at H a. ru. They " had him
sewe.l hi a canvass sack and jibl otlt
n a bench batatie,sd -oyer t lie rai ling,
and. afti'r the chaplain bad ciAiclutbl
the servj'efS. they tip! up. flM- Ix-nell
and the liotly slid down lntjo the
water. The lody was weighted an!
it sank iaimetliately, and thf on ir
tet, com Mist d of three othr ser
geant and myself sang fUtl'ktl in
the Cradle of "tb T'p.. It tas the
saddest, most solemn and impressive
cer'Kny I- ever witness-!. .
"I Infve arriv'd at. and snn. Manila,
and If they do not need us I am ready
tt come tiome to the true and loving
ones I Je'ft across the !'. Wne sea
i. There aire some of 4tbe boys that arp
totll;Jt!C VIpS ill
i- of the United
. WA'III V;tX. I)c. .".o.-js-n .r
l n jMatias IJoniero. ; M.-xiean :i;n!i!is
s;t Intl t the I'nitcd States, died iif ih
-if' . J . . ' .
c!.ii;ssy here . at 4:lo tins . m-irninj;,
U'-lli-e-tlay last an. i -i it;n for a;
i --. j i . ; ;
ii: nttl -ris was ix'rfttffnml liiiiOtl I I th
a J!irb--.sridv. mid altlloiigb f the Op ri-
tii.li W;rs entirely suCre--ft.il tlef re
si'irng shork proved.! greatM" thjih b
'tci! l bear. . 1 p t.i 1 ::io this moirtiing.
h 'tvt'vcr. it. was tlwutght be was in a
fair "w.-fy -.( 'recovery 1 but at that ti if
a high fcrer set in. and he sank np
idly, until death, i'jjt to this h tr no
arrangements have l-en n:ile tor He
fun t ab but 'it Is siiijl in 'all proj-i1lli
ty i-b will take phit'e ISmulay :iftruoou
at St. Math-ws atli.nc church. I In
retn-tms will be taken to Mexico s :ue
timv in' tlwi, near future.
Uorero was. prob:ii!y the 1 sc-
knoWn . inemlHT ' o the .diplomatic
corpi iii Washington. '-and ' w:i for
sometime its dean. When TSreat Hrit
ain rais her mission fo an mbasy
the added-"rank placed -'-Sir .tui'.an l'atin
cefofe. Iiritish anbissador. at . t'.i
bead. of the corps, though junior in
years, of service to Ito me ro. who was
raised rec'iitlv Crom'tlve rank of min
ister to that of ambassador. Uomero
bad represented bis county at "Wash
ingthn twenty years.
Kotnero was one of the most eminent
statesuwn. writers and d'P'niaf of
Mexico- lie was -Imrn in the. city of-
Oaxa"a in 1S.''.7. In Kilt Uomero cam;
to Washington as tirs.t secretary of
th-e M.exk-au legation, and he remained
Ii:re in that capacity until August.
isrn. when, in tlw atMicc f tire min
ister, be Jtccaine charge d'alTair-s. lie
r'turnel t. Mexico in- Is US" to take
part ill th .war against 'the French,
and ivas appointed tohuiel by I'rei
dent I'orfirio Iiaz. who apjiointe I him
as chief of staff. Soon after that Pres
idents Juarez accredited him as eiivoy
extrabrdiuary anl : minister pienii-oten-Hj
tryjto Washington. II- remained at
hSs post from t K tolter, j lsiUt. until
-.JafVit.irv. 1so,s.jfc.fii his return V Alex
ico r; beca mefprota i y .' of the treas
ury,. bHj resjgfT owing tio ill health,
Afrjef rtivering health he was
agiiliir male secretary of th' tr.-asury.
tliii serving as postniasfcr-i"!. ral.
and jn 1SS2 he r-tuinel to Washing
toif a nvoy extraordinary aiid" minis
ter; i!eniioieiitiar.w A'ith the Xc: p
lion of ten iifmh; whktn h again. be
ca the- sH-r-.tary of the Mciean treas
ury, his ls'rvb'-e at WasiiWit ui wis
iiMitiliuous until ib'jtth. Asa rcpre
stfiital've of his country in thei nil,.!
stag's Romero' ha ; shown' s hi'mse a
niost efficient and able diplomat. .N.1
-ffrts were most sin"''ssful vii
sttviigthening the friendly t Us 1
tvwen t!wf;two nathnis. aud. with th.s
oiyeit in v:iv. h' wrote a great d-al.
bis prtxiiK-tions always receiving the
ii;gh'St e neon in tn s from the. press of
the I'nited States ahd other countries.
Ittring the last fevV months! tj'ie tirs.t
volume of a valuable work frorri hi
pen appear, entitiHl "Mexi'o , and
tbe rnitel states," being a sttvly tf
the snbjeHs afftvtinz their, political,
toyimercial and cial relations.
tmntrie of the world, ! I
lbeir duty . now is to Island by the.
lone star banner. :. w&k-h siiriiiQes in.,
Jeenlence and lruerty.rthej rreatest
b:-ings of heaven. s j -
"Itemember rbat Cnba. iha's not
fought and. endured for a change of
musters, bnt that- her" peoilie mighl
ie their own master.
. "We are none tbe les "grateful to
"tle peonle of the United. tate for
tiiir aid and supp.rt- an ! in doing
wlut they have done to free Cuba
from fnain tlier have but repaid th -r
great debt which thjey owetl to bur
n'tvnlfy, j'ustiee &wl right for the aid
they received from . Lafayette and
prance during tlelr war . for iiidepeu-
detK'C," i- ' ,S ! " i, - '!
which be
s f tbe
Chamxvy Diew, ,the genial ami
iK-reiinial orator, now a tiortor of
la w. bv the, grae . of if"mf eollegtv
niak' a spewh r ceritly,., a'tj, & re i
rih ir. Xew York, in honct of tieti-
oral Mi!tv in the courve cf
dil.ited. upon Mni gei'.era
wilts in which tbe United States- hal
in'u engage!, who bad' btnf.ii 4tK-e! f
nronlcnt. A ing otaer tilings, he
said: "(Jcneral Scott uiissd the pref-
i k'i:-v l ocrftise ef his; tinfortjonah k-t-
ter f - tJeiS-pta-nt .' of the 'Urination
begiu iiig, '1 have' jest risen"' from a
neace. with
kind wonls that are ntti;
earth, and a" the reft of man-
in the in
at alL
n the, nations of
i j..
says tl.ere'
p;' " Ukei nnin. af
:s, Chaun'ey is in
habit of . uttering nai-y ft'iitigs at'
asi-.ns, aitiu ne nil
hasty plate of s i
ter dinner "isftt.fke
"ra n-1tni" on t-v. b
lufi etpiontly in:;
it s- stateini'iifs
I i:e
in;h-ciirr te audi' niisle.idj;ilg.
refereu.'-e to
filxi.t'e. Is one
jtt, .pio'eil
lpe gcnor.il
Witl.Wferd & yatt. bf AHjany are bonKtc aml ,noy. iVe very sick. We
trlii-r.evt for the litvimiff cot notation
Mrs, Hi Well nas instituted InMli
mme depart inent. "an ajta hnjent suit
ar.ilnt Mr. ami Mta. I. W. ting, of
JVtrmtit, for $H77,'., alhged tLbi-iue
m.n$ pnmiisKuo note for .'Ht.7. ex
"initrd on XovemlK-r ..S. ISSM aiid due.
er rmniths atcr date. W. T Slater
si mf Wa a. K a: ser
are plaintiffs at tor-
A Iitressin Ae-Wlent n a Happy
Home in KngVewood. -
ChrVtian. tlie T-ye;ir-ld son of Mr,
salletl :ln and dropped anchor nlong-
side the united Ptat.es cruiser itaj-Mgii.
' at H o'c ijck last; night, A bre.e rriiles out
from Slinilav There w?e. 8!aynl. and
.are yet. lietween two i powerful.' dark
land grltn' men-of-war. 'and the lights
jof Manila before us. Tlie other cruis
er is a Jerman. the "I;nen. All the
other warships. Herman, English. Jap
anese. American and the eapturet!
Stwinish vessels are at Cavlte, twelve-
miles rrom Manila. 4ut :ln good view.
"We thought that we, would bo sent
ashore -today, lut were not, as we
were all vaccinated again t.vlay. and
will not go ashorp until tomorrow or
Mrs. Christ la u Kkh. reionts of Tbtirsilar. X good many of the Jboys
ICii'jlewoo.l addition to this vity. who --of drSTcrnt reghrK-nts came out. to e
wss tnr Tearfully I- -aldetl Thurslar. s today from .Manila, in the native
b'mI i the lxoW of-bis-parents at 10 Juntas, or -canoe?, and tonight some of
o-'cioeki yesterday morBlng. j.ine company K,loys came out. .'.fe
H motlier. in r'movhig a boiler of ones. Emmet Jones ami Percy
water from the tovt a WcntaUv Vnzh came out first, and came aTard;
'ircpitbd tthe snin, the 4 on t I'm c.m r- bad a gxftl talk with all of them, they
Injf Jh'e I-year-ld lad. Vho iw as waled - are wen ano iooK one.-. .x pea a uitie
n tbe1 fltxir Ivslde tbe rtove. - later j:omeo t.itoert ana la.csoc-
The r;ltk fellow , stiff.! untold ag- wooacaiue out. Dut j they were ..too late
' - I ... . I . . 1 1 - IT
a)iv, bat lre thi? ! p:unf mahtnily. jwid o ge on ihmiu. iwj nr,- uiuiw wen.
le. until death ko.v is neaitny gnu strong, ana. so i
; ill Aorwooi.
I Tile .Oregon tioys ar located in the
from 'Spanish! 'arracks in the 'walled city.'
or Old i Manila, and tbe 'Pablce., and
have tlie ftsest quarters in. the city.
Captain. Potirman. of company M. has
been quite ill for two months, and is
gettins well now. The 'first Ii-uten,
ant Is sick: and a good maty of the !
'non-coms. -;
"You uitist not believe all ytvu re id
In the papers, or they will hive you',
crazy. All is peaceable here now. and
there Isj; no 'evidence-of ns having, any
vlt?) n'mflrkihlt' fortltiiile.
! relU?vel him ol his. sufferings jester-
' tay iswtning.
FYmeral sej:vUvi ; will lie bekl
tbe Carman Baptist church on'. North
ttage street at 1 o'cloek this after-
V i
ixt;To issurcg manifesio
An Appeal Sent to the Island I'rjfins
a Demand for an Irttlepenleiit
'.:oerhmrnt, ;
t!erk- W. W. Hall yesterday re-cTrc-3
n letter, frogi Daniel McC"n
m of. k?nns I-Vrry, Elmore county.
IdsHo. concerning the whereabouts f
Ccorgre ItockhilL Rockhlil's name can
ot N'fonni on, tbe Marldn conmy as-aHrssDW-nt
roll, and no sifch person Is
known to reside in this vicinity. :
tif.tih'e. This is a nice place, and the t
healthiest time of the jear, so you
NEW. YOKTv. Dec.
to tne n orui rrom asiiinartin says:
The Cuban ide'egatjon to the 'Bite I
States lias just prepared aand ent uv
;nba an elalorate e.rHal in ccrfular
forrii to 1-' whlely lbtrit.ntel ti ;ll
n.itivts to remember that tbey fou-rht
for in Jcpcnduee and not f-.r ai fli.t
lion. .( -
The nianlfesto revlewitl.e struplf
to throw off Siiin's tyranny, and re
ointshe glories of tle Tletoryjantl
refers to tlie action of co?ijrrW In
regard to, a stable government belnj;
established. - ! , j . i' ' '
toIf amtexatlofl were desire-L it
would lie lietter to hav it brought
aliout now than later, and for tbat
reason it is desired bllut the question
t-noni.i ie-ettiei diiaiiy at the present
time. Yet it Is suf.i ilentty" known Hint
Ctiltins inale war :pd fiHtglit for i
dcpemleTM iMt fori Annexation, ian I
th-at all the precltiost b!otd ihat has
tteen shel and -all the hardships en
dured and all the sufferings were t
?f in hid.ndem, anl twthlns s:ort
of that.
"It is ridiculous to try to Answer j
the acenaUof s Oiat tl;Cnban pecp-'
pEe are iivlolent. that- t."icyare vmelu
e-'e iunfalthj'ul and . niable to por-
ern thf 4ns Ires. Thir .iridnsfrj-.; libor
and enerrv Ivave mide ijuba iii many .
respects one of llw m st prtdiictlTe
of .these. 'I
said nothing about i a "hasty piste of
Mtiiit" in hi, l. tter ;- ept ingj the' res-id-ntfal
uoiiiinaiioii 4 If is 1. tar 'was
1 1 iv "short." in striking conr.it with
flic lengthy, la!frt?d. and pro-y !i,s
ouisiiioiKs t-ommoh ; of late I years on
m -h 'otx-jislons. in which the noiiiiiiee
waits week s, ami p'rhai moiiths,
e gitating "his l.-tjter of ;i..itinc!f.
but reallv watching to se.;tbe trend
of p'tiblic opinion, s as rto :sha; e h s
iiltei:in''s aworlihgly. Ilk Meuerat
Scott's let ten of acfeitaii e jtbere w als
nuthing .esiweiallv noticall exipt
tlie expression that he; apjed the
loiniiiaif nt "with the tfesolht ijois annexed'"--that
is, the iilatform. Sott
was stri-t.lv. a soldier, 'and; evil-ntly
OHaii'f no indirect. li ly rhesv ' ivxtk
Tlie ivgitatioii.of the slavery question,
over tlie lispositi;u f the ti rrl tor,
actltiired frjm Mcxb-oJ bad thre'it
eitetl the stability of .tlie -V'nion. ,but
bad leen quiete tenonirily by the
Rkjitiou of the "oompromise' meas
ures' In cwiffress, under the lewd of
tJlav and V.lster. Tbe wlnile ctun
try w-i s wcarj' of the di-turb.in e.
flint had accept cj the' omipr n;ise
measures as a ."linallty" that Is to
fj:v. the conscrviitive portion of the
ctatntry bad . flotie so, lint. In th
tu-rthern ntates a' large I tody of tlie
whig arty w-ps under the t-nnt.nd of
s stripo, who refit sel to
is a tiuallty.T'
th w.iiig iiati-Hial voit-
i ill favor if tie touit-
p:-otni.se. measures.; u mtiinaie;!
Scvtt a a iwpular hero, to plea' tbe
anti-slavery seliitiHielii and g;4n yoicsfc-
;nc!r:,J Scott;
but a weak JK'
at that tiiii? r g.udel Irim a Award's
candidate, ami withj nnfeh trtitb., tot
all of Scott's ntias wirianted tic-
oiibllc veC- lit. However, hb
Uiilitar- reputation vaih d , hiin but
little.- atitl his . lffe.it was" fotxshab
ow tsi from the starts During tt'e i an
1'as.s, he nude a trip to the West, got
ing us lar-tis Keniu ky, ani that
Journey setiled bis ..;.' Ids' luipri
d iit-t- at Ijouisvllie ;i.l i:r.d iviug vote
kfiOui him bv the thousand. let.w is
iWliy 'iiii-staketi. It .was the tiistrust
of ;-oi t bv tbe .iir.try bee-tuse of bis
un3t4sfac1ory attitiKiev as -to- the
ilav'ery iiuetsiloii that lel to his ovi r
wheliiiing dfsit. itiid not the ..mere
jfefertii-e to a. -'hasby plate Of otii.f
ah extressic. ik t in bis letter of ac
jOyptatKe, In liLs fontMi.ptiil'f fling
at the great sber, D'ijw !esc nd
el alnoust to the level of that stupid
"doctor cf divlnity"ln Ptrtbuvl who,
not- long wtKe, from his liflifc
'V.r T ",rr-;-t . .I against Frant Isl H.i Crosslty.1 Ilabr
ukeiy 10 i aijpti. ii i tiff aaid deten.lantt were liuei
X3- York tnewsiiaper'
is a jrspoil tbaf ttie julge of tlie
snu-enac court of that state wear
gowns w bile sitting on the ltiMli, anb
tha t is I seems
it is. Iti is argue!, ties, will lie merely
extentling to . their leks exalretl lireth-
ru ibe uractice of the judaes of the
prellate dlvlshm ami of the' court t loaVe th.feu.iauti iL ount
aiiais or tnat t.itft wbo lime flnl r Inhriman tre.iticenf
worn gowns for 'cvenu years, tlie further alleges in her coniiri
ahl.all of them rjow among it'll, most
proslH-i-ons- ioniipoiiivialtlrs bf j the
I'll Ion. The listiiiicsii,, ccrtlj tak-ti
front j Louisiana lji 1S'2 will be left
Iq Havana, soon to become tn.Anier
NTS A DirCHtCj.-rrAfter m arly;
tlkirty ywrs of ' 1 anoliried -4fe,: VMri
llnitUH J. Cros.le3 has instituted di-J
vme) iH-tKWiIlttgs. in Deiu rtent X.
1. of the Marion ilunty circjult court
In tbo state; of MisKortrl on
1S1- and coutlhuetl to live
nut il,- August: 1 7,f whets, '
California, pLalnllff Kas
-" i asat av. iiu- m i vviiijio wa-ii
a j tlm ib'fend.mt. used abtisLve Linguag
In lrj S4in Iteki aoulsiama as well to her. and ; In nddressing her hbi-Iw I
as i iiii. j u ui t-;i e-ire cut n u- hs! im viie eniwieis. - -as an issue or
lenSl itbe prc-Vlnc ofi Ixul'siana. the marriage tberei 'were lom tvvo
essentials of civ-
f , t'.ie
hit h was In all the!
liz.Ttioh T'.iind Cufa. Out
proVihOe were iiKidi Severn I stabs, "j. l
iirio of i tlHMii Llrger tlv.ln Cuba. city.
May I
while ii
obliged ti
ot cruel
lint- th. if
Walter E.Jnhd Jatiies O. t'rt ss-
loth of syhi-nii are imito of age
eott and tk s, D.rwning. of t;rus
M.. ..,,............ .'. M . 1LI...I.K
Hi- ilifiuv,tt.,iii uv .1.H1I111IU
i i- ;'
-i w
All s'tgns pbint to a better real estate markc
. " '" " ' J . ! "..' i 4 V' vt -'
now 0.1. rncos are pouna to graauaiiy aovance.
get in orr tlie ground floor We orint below only a oartial
list. We have rjundreds of bargains "No. trouble to show -
Mi Ai s a
kuuuji Bate i fs '.uuiiic aim luu uiti uui liolo'
and take a ride Jwith us,w
Moils' and three io
all fcui-wl; plenty of!
s in West Salem;!
fruit.. ;
Housf and lot n'ar Iteutk-y's Store
on State street;' ac-Jf , hcuse: '-'"'.
A nie bouse and
of Salem;
barn, oil fenoWl : 5 njcres in cul
tivation; gooa water.cau level lanu.
20 acres of land north
Sewanl auf h
ftcee-Dt li;e tnCasiirets
v'Utio:i resolv
S '
oY) -acres one-half 'male west of Mar-
bn. partly cultivate!; flye aires of
acres-of fruit.; large
tli row
and chickens.
En gew
good water,
was I an Mvai sllir. I
litb-ian. Tiie country, j
on Cottaie
A good hoiisif nhd lot ort C'iurb
srt. uiee-loatlou.
7r n crest of lanl In 1 ol k coi i n t y. rl.
near the town of Zena.
cultivation: thlsi rlnhd Is
large ' hoiise
and lnrn: two
fend small.' AVill
n horses, wagiins, tools., cows
$900 x
House, barn and; 2
rod; all feiu-eii
Hous nr.d larn, Inrge
Park; good location;
not be fbuilt for less than I.jOO.'
Til acres of land 1
ton.; house and sotne
spIeiKli'd water
rr r.i I H nll.Tf .lL Bl'EttUV UfIP
i "I "' i . ' I
acres iof lanl In
; plenty of fruit;
I. ..-
lot In Yew
liouse alone can-
nilM'from stay-
, House, barn and sonic other build.
ing.. 1 2, acres i of - ground, alii nlccir
foiK-en. i mile Trom, town.
nor nc-fc but if taken toou can lie had
at $20.
iiliont all in
cheap at $.TQ
40 acres of " land! y niile:' from Sb'a.w,
10 acres In. orcbarl, 0-year-old -trees!;
fpr'ng; water; all fonel; 35 acres in
cuuivation. itaiairce in futsture nar a
go si ctioo and riiarket; fine: bouse
and Imrn this Is ra choice piece ojf
land.. - - !,-. i -
210-acre farm five miles south of';S
htn:"100 acres in f
in gixwl pa'siWrei (lye springs on place
Gootl buildings: pi
fnc: mIyKi )er acre;.
of It; Uss tbairl half ; prtce
172 a-rs of I tnJ
Oregon, all Jn cm!
ings; god wat'r
vatlont coO build-
ti nn trw tirl.tn '
it Acres' of lard :5" hi kg.
Portia r l. good j house :ar.d
other xbidl. lings; ; acre- T in cultlvatllu; goisl -prln
a; watj-r, tile- tKat Ion; will trade
JweathiHg out
ghter ago 1 list
chsrge! Weiister with
thfeateiiiuos and slai
Oregon, In the I mtet Statts senate
anl de birfsl ;et eral Taylor to h ive
leen Ok? weakest pnjlnt tno0un-
50. A disitatcITT ev-r ibwi, awun; iitat me i.ntir,
. . I . . : s m i -
in Ills inaugoral adIress, had $s.rbl "w
We Write . .
, - l i " -
Accident Insur,
: I . r- I .'... -;:. ;-.:' - : J . .Ih
-ar -war av ! I I vi ' ' t a i- rf-n r '
we Loan Money on' Farms, in sums 01 szuuu ana
upwards, at) 7 per cent. We IiOan Money on City
mm - - am - . - . .
nty of frn t. Joo t
Ji'M t Id nk
for. thi
: -
Property, bf hvitlf which
niontlily installments.
Gl h
Salern, Oregon.
payable in
In Statesman Briildine,Cfifst
tp the right, npsajr3 f
' V;.'. '.''; -' ..- I l-X.-'. L -x -. i,v-- r. f -'l,'r'-'i'.:::-l:;:.: vr; -ffr .-;, '
! 'Vr 'iJiMWilMclp4
- ' - j '- , j - j j ' .'.'.'- . ' . .H, j-.-- ''; -; . j- '' j' ' ':
i pan Be Dqneilhthe- i :':'-I'i i':;':: ' ' V
.; " ! -.-.-. I - .. i j - -.. - a '- ' :-- .- -V ' ;
1 s
'" "r.; ' i ' H; i:"" -; 1 ' tLS ff ; ; :::!: ":-:iV"fe'--V'ttf K-VV -'K '""V1-:---'!'-'
: " -,. ... : : SALEM, ; REGCN;;
r !.': ! i'-': '-H-1' - i ' U i:-!v-' : ; - I "1 -'-v "-. "'i "'"' "r.-'!: -;".P . "1 '-ii v(
, fl
I :- .