Nyssa gate city journal. (Nyssa, Or.) 1937-199?, March 25, 1954, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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burial Notes
Nyssa Girl Marries
G arden Club Plans
A nnual Plant Sale
Beverly Stockham
Celebrates Birthday
Nyssa Girl Elected
OSC Social Chairman
Miss Jo Ann Drown, d au g h ter
B everly Stockham was honored
of Mr. and Mrs. Ray D row n of
Nyssa and Max Oakt-y of Sunny
M onday evening at a b irth d ay
B etty Boenig has been elected
T he ANK G ard en club w ill p arty given by her m other, Mrs.
Dell, Ida., w ere m arried M arch 14
ch airm an for S ack ett D,
hold th e ir an n u al p lan t sale at th e Dick Stockham . T he guests spent
Mr and Mrs. Larry
Sunny Dell at the home of Mr
and Mrs. Ross Buck land. Bishop
Nyssa Bowling alley, n ex t to th e th e evening playing gam es and w om en’s d o rm ito ry at O regon
Neely Honored
, S ta te college. S ack e tt D is one of
post office on S atu rd ay , A pril 3.
M r and Mrs. C N. N eely w ere A lvin M unns of the L ym an LDS
j th e fo u r se p a ra te living u n its in
host and hostess to a m iscellan- , w ard officiated at the cerem ony.
T he sale w ill be open to th e p u b ­ w atching
R reshm ents of b irth d ay cake th e hall, w hich was nam ed for th e
T he bride w ore a w hite N ylon
©us w edding show er given F riday
lic a t 10 a. m.
and ice cream and punch w ere late B eatrice W alton S ackett,
afternoon for Pvt. and Mrs. L arry net gown of ballerina length w ith
B ecause of th e big dem and
served to the following guests: m em b er of th e s ta te board of
Neely. Pvt. Neely, who is hom e •ap sleeves and a P eter P an col
last year, m em bers h ave prom ised
C arole Reece, H u b erta L assley, h ig h er ed u catio n . F o u r units,
on leave from the U. S. A rm y ,1 lar She wore a pink rosebud cor
to tak e a large am o u n t of th eir
an d Miss B erthine Falkner were | sage.
J a n R inehart, Ju d y Wilson, A r­ each co n tain in g sep a rate living,
p lan ts to sell. S everal
m a rrie d recently in O ntario.
H er sister, Mrs Glen F re d ric k ­
lene Sew right, and P am ela A lex ­ din in g and lounge rooms, k it­
1 m em bers have specialized in c e r­
S ix teen guests spent the after­ son was m atron of honor. She
chenettes, lau n d ry room s and r e ­
w ore a grey afternoon dress and
creatio n room s, house over 300
S u ite r’s Iris and Mrs. Ed B agley’s
a red rose corsage.
Guests At Emmett
1 wom en.
prize w inning gladiolius.
Book Club Members Meet
S teve B uckland was best m an.
Mr. and Mrs. P ete F leissn er
Miss Boenig, fresh m an in hom e
M em bers of the Book club met
T he b rid e’s m other w ore a
S atu . rd ay . afternoon at the home1
I n u m b e r of p ink iris for sale this en tertain ed m em bers of th e ir Mr. econom ics, is th e d a u g h te r of Mr.
. bro w n aftern o o n dri
v ith ic o r
o f Miss Emma /w e m p k e . M rs sage of red roses and w h ite c a r­
! year. Am ong th e oth ers to be and Mrs. B ridge club S un d ay and Mrs. Eric Boenig of Nyssa.
ja c k it* Elliot assisted h er w ith nations. W ard W eaver furnished
sold w ill be pansy plants, daisies, evening at th eir hom e in E m m ett.
a dessert luncheon. ( iuests of the , the Wedding m usic, accom panied
colum bine, d elphinium s, phlox Mr. and Mrs. G eorge O xnam w ere
Mr. and Mrs. N orton Bowns
clu b w ere Mrs- R aym ond P rice I ¿y his niece S hirley A ired,
and chry san th em u m s. T here w ill guest players.
and Mrs. Viola S to k e r and Don
of P arm a. Mrs. M url L an caster
High score w inners w ere Mr. of O gden sp en t last w eekend w ith
be both com m on an d choice Day
an d Miss Marjory N ihart.
AJ? “ £™ »al reception w as giv-
and Mrs. F red B racken.
Mr. and Mrs. C het Bowns.
“ Home Below H ell’s C anyon” : en for 150 q u ests follow ing the
by G race Jo rd an was rev iew ed by c£rem ony. S haron D row n had
A m ong th e sh ru b s w ill be ±J 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 I t 1111 1 1 1111111111111111111 IJ 1111111U
M rs. M aurice L. Ju d d Mr. and c h a r«e of th e « uest
D eutzia, Jap ó n ica,
sn o w b errie
Mrs. Bud Wilson of Nyssa bought
T he refresh m en t tab le w as cen-
and forsytheia.
th e K irkw ood Bar ran ch from | tered w ith a th re e -tie r w edding
Mrs. F ran k M organ is ch airm an
G overnor and Mrs. Len Jordan. cake w ith a m in ia tu re b rid e and
of th e com m ittee in ch arge of
M r. Wilson uses it as his h ea d ­ groom and pink roses. C ake,
th e sale.
q u a rte rs for his sheep ranch. The punch and ice cream w ere served
* —❖
book was published W ednesday. the guests by Mrs. B urt Davis,
Mrs. S teve B uckland, Mrs. L a u r­
Legion Auxiliary
ence B uckland, M ary S tacey and
M em bers of th e A m erican L eg ­
Birthday Dinner
D ella B uckland.
ion A u x iliary m et at th e hall
D inner guests at th e O scar
F or h er going aw ay suit, the
T h u rsd ay evening. P lans w ere
K u rtz hom e F riday evening w ere new Mrs. O akey chose a blue
m ade for th e an n u a l B irth d ay
M r and Mrs. Pete M errick
. | suit w ith w hite accessories. Fol-
Joe. Mr. and Mrs. H arold . . w U1.L
in n er, a potluck d in n e r to be
Z low ing a w edding trip to S alt
an d G arry, Mrs. Emma .
j given for th e Legion m em ­
Mr. and Mrs Henry O rcutt, Duane th e ir hom e in S unny Dell.
bers and all V eterans of th e area.
and Jim m y. B arbara H enkle, Mr.
D ate set is A pril 1, at 7 p. m. at
and Mr
R aym ond S ager and
e V eterans hall. T hose a tte n d ­
l C :ha. E'.len. H arlin and Bonnie. Wedding Anniversary
ing a re to tak e a covered dish and
the guests w ho had
Mr. and Mrs. Bill M iller gave a
th e ir ow n tab le service.
b irth c
in M arch w ere hon- d in n e r S un d ay in honor of Mr.
D uring th e m onth of F eb ru ary ,
and Mrs. Bill Schoen on th e ir
$325 w as used for w elfare w ork.
th irty -first w edding an n iv ersary .
$10 w as sent to buy E aster d re ss­
I O th er guests w ere Mr. and Mrs.
for fam ilies of th e V eterans
i Mrs Elton C lapp of A1 S m art and Mr. and Mrs. Ron-
C hurch
M en d .a . w ere dinner guests Sun- . aid Schoen.
of th e R oseburg hospital.
d ay of Mr and Mrs. C larence
T he re g istra tio n fee of $30 w as
J a bo u q u et of pink carnations and
Afternoon Rites
C lapp
Wednesday Evening Bridge
w h ite sn ap dragons, on a back- sen t fo r th e G irl’s S ta te r to be
Unite CouDle
Mrs. Tom B urningham e n te r ­
La Rue F ran k lin , d a u g h te r of ! g ro u n d of w hite n et and s tre a ­ chosen soon.
Wilsons Entertain
tain ed at bridge W ednesday e v e ­ Mrs. Jo sep h W hite of Nyssa and m ers.
T he b rid e’s sister, Mrs. R alph Eagles Auxiliary
Mr. and Mrs. M arvin W ilson ning in h er home. Mrs. S horty Don F ra n k lin of Q uincy, Wash.,
en tertain ed at a p arty in th eir B ra n d t was a guest player.
A fried chicken d in e r w as
and Bob C hurch, son of Mr. and Thom as, w as m atro n of honor.
hom e S atu rd ay evening. G uests
P rizes w ere won by Mrs. H erb Mrs. J. L. C hu rch of Nyssa w ere S he w ore an aq u a blue gown given T uesday ev en in g at 7 p .m .
included Pvt. Glenn S chirem an, F isher, high and Mrs. R ay R us­ united in m arria g e in an a f te r­ w ith w h ite accessories and a co r­
for m em bers of th e Eagles A ux- J
on leave from the U. S. A rm y and sell, low.
noon cerem ony M arch 12 at th e sage of pin k and w hite c a rn a t­ d iary. H ostesses w ere officers of
his fiance, Jo Anne Sabin of St-
St. P a u l’s Episcopal church. The
th e au x iliary .
a ttle. Wash., Mr and Mrs. Royce Luncheon Guests
J a c k C hurch was best m an.
j Rev. C arl G ross officiated at th e
C hadw ick, students of EOCE at
F ollow ing d in n er, a business
Mrs. W hite w ore a grey acetate
L uncheon guests W ednesday of double rin g cerem ony.
L aG rande, Dave A nderson of
aftern o o n dress w ith black acces-. m eeting w as conducted an d a n ­
M innesota, Dorothy Erw in, Jac k ie C raig G rasty w ere C aren Jac k so n I T he church w as decorated w ith sories and Mrs. C hurch w ore a nouncem ent of th e n e x t m eeting
snap dragons and candelabra.
nav y blue tie silk afternoon dress was m ade for A p ril 6 at th e h all
Sim pson,
M erle
B urningham , and Ruth and Kim Taylor,
D arby A nderson, Etwin H arold,
T he bride, given in m a rria g e ' She w ore red accessories,
th e an n u a l election of officers.
son and Tony Van Twisk,
by h er bro th er, C harles V. F ran k -
The new Mrs. C hurch chose a for B ern
Dinner Guests
ard F rost show ed m ovies
lin, w ore a b allerin a length gow n d a rk g reen fad e box su it w ith
4*— !•
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. N eely and of w h ite n et o v er taffeta. T he w h ite accessories for h er g o in g 1 at th e close of th e m eeting.
Chatter Box Club
+ —4*
Bobby and G loria w ere S unday
Mrs. Leslie T opliff w as hostess d in n e r guests of Mr and Mrs. gown w as fashioned w ith a sh o rt aw ay costum e,
lace jack e t w hich featu red an
F ollow ing a w edding trip into Joint Birthday Party
to C h a tte r Box C lub m em bers at
E lizabethian
co llar
A satin Idaho, th e couple are m ak in g
V irginia Lew is a n d R ichard
C lifford F a u lk n e r in O ntario.
h e r hom e W ednesday afternoon.
crow n of seed p earls held h er th e ir hom e at 106 E. M ain.
Lew is w ere honor guests a t a
Mrs. E dw ard T opliff was co-host­
fin g ertip veil in place. T he veil,
O u t-o f-to w n guests for th e b irth d ay p arty given M onday by
ess. Mrs. Jam es O. S tephen was Dinner Guests
of brides illusion, was bordered w edding w ere Mrs. Boyd Cole th eir m other, Mrs. L loyd Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick S tockham w ith w ide lace. T he b rid e carried and Cookie and B illy of Ogden.
a guest. Mrs. W illis B ertram p re ­
Dry Goods
V irginia w as 8 and R ichard was
sided over th e business m eeting. en te rta in e d a t d in n e r S un d ay for —
c-i *
Mrs. W ayne Sim pson announced Mr an d Mrs. A. . E. S p v ark s and Skating
Ward Reunion Held
noon play in g “W hoopee” and
th a t the signs w ere ready to be
T he an n u a l w a rd reu n io n of B arb ara G lover w as prize win-1
In Ontario
erected on E n terp rise and G rand
M em bers of th e S un d ay school th e Nyssa LDS F irst w ard w as ner.
Ti 11 ri 11 in 111111111111111111111 u 11 mu m 111111111 iiniin um urn minimi irmi 111111111111.7
Covered Dish Supper
class and th e YF of th e held T h u rsd ay ev en in g in th e $ «numi:..
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Neely en-1 ■)
A history of the club is being
C hristian ch u rch and th eir guests, w ard chapel.
g athered and Mrs. B ertram has terta in e d at a covered dish supper members of the Come Double
H en ry Zobell w as m aster of
urged all m em bers to tell the sec­ T uesday evening. P laces w ere Class w en t to O n tario F rid ay e v e ­
cerem onies
th e
p rogram
re ta ry w h at they know to bring laid for Mr. and Mrs. L. A Mes- ning for a sk atin g p arty . T he 32
given as follows: M ary Ellen
th e records to date. The sec ret­ sersm ith of W eiser, Mr. and Mrs. guests re-assem bled at th e C h ris­
W ynn and S tella Moss, read in g s;
a r y ’s book was destroyed by fire Dave S tohr and fam ily and Rex tian church for refresh m en ts.
resa B ingham , O regon solo;
— :•
S ta rk of P ay ette, Mr. and Mrs.
sev eral years ago.
M ark and V ern M oncur, E rnest
Mrs. Jam es S tephen, J r , gave H arold S hannon an d S h erry 1 of Surprise Party
B unn and P hil W oodard, q u a rte t;
on F ru itlan d , Mr. and Mrs. M arvin
Mr. and Mrs. Jam es H uffm an j Jo y P eterson, D iane Low and J e r-
’■Wind”, consisting of a poem and B euzer of New P lym outh, Mr. gave a su rp rise b irth d ay p arty 1 ry M yrick, sk it; K ath y Low,
and Mrs. E A. D eitrick and son, recen tly for T orvold O lson on
sev eral stories.
! Royce Zobell an d S tev en M ann,
R efreshm ents w ere served by Mr. and Mrs. Estol F au lk n e r and his 81st b irth d ay an n iv ersary .
| song; Boyd B lair, V alene M it­
th e hostesses. T he next m eeting Mr an d Mrs. C lifford F au lk n er O ut-of -tow n guests included Mr.
chell and C arolyn D uffin, piano
w ill he held A pril 21 at the How­ and De A nne of O n tario and Mr. and Mrs. C laren ce K im ble of
j solos; A nna Mae Fife, record im i-
ard F inger home.
and Mrs. L arry Neely.
P ay ette.
[ tation and H e rb ert and V irginia j
Sanders, novelty dance.
* —❖
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players. F our tab les w ere in play.
P rize w in n ers w e re Mrs. O. E
C heldelin and W ayne Sim pson,
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