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    It's Not Too Late
To Give To
The March of Dimes
N yssa Gate C ity Jo u rn a l
Early Morning Fire Destroys Feed
Mill; Embers Carried To Sugar Plant
Pulp Storage; Three Alarms Sounded
Journal Classifieds
Are Your Market
To Buy, Sell, Rent
NO. 6
County Political Interest Increases
S'ightly As More Candidates File;
Humors oi Several Contests Persist
The Nyssa Feed M ill, owned and operated by Don K in^ at
318 South First street, was destroyed by fire early M onday
m orning and em bers from the burning fram e building dam ­
aged the stored beet pulp at the A m algam ated Sugar Co.
M alheur county politics became slightly w arm er d u rin g
! th e past week w ith a few m ore filings for county offices a n d
rum ors 7n m ore abundance than actual announcem ents o f
intentions to seek office.
♦ Cause of the fire is unknown.
There will be at least one conte-ta---------------------------------- - .
The fire alarm was sounded >
the May 21 primary election as
about 1:30 a. m. after a Union Paci­
the result of two filings for the Re­
fic switch engine saw the blazing
publican nomination for county
building and sounded a distress sig­
judge of tiie Malheur county court.
nal with the locomotive whistle.
Filing last Saturday to seek the
Firemen, who manned both the
nomination to succeed himself was
city and rural fire trucks, were un-
G. Y. "Red” Chester, who was ap­
Arrangements are being made for ible to save the feed mill where
The Nyssa school is no longer a
pointed county judge last fall fol­
240 persons to attend the annual the fire had a head start before it
lowing the death of Sewell Stanton, “Law breaker” as it has been since
parent-son banquet scheduled for was discovered. They were success­
the last session of the Oregon legis­
who was elected in 1950.
Thursday night of next week at the ful in preventing total destruction
Nyssa high school. The event is for of the P. M. Warren home next to
On Tuesday a second filing for lature which passed a new law re­
the Future Farmers of America, the mill.
FLAMES SPREAD THROUGH the taken shortly after the alarm was again at 8 o’clock Wednesday morn, the Republican nomination for quiring all public buildings to dis­
play tlie state flag.
their parents and other guests. The
Warren, who owned the building tinder-dr.v structure housing the turned in. The aky-reachlng flames. nR ¡n Rr;,jn |,.ft ¡n t|ip remains of county judge was that of George
Supt. Henry Hartley called at
Carlson of Vale. Carlson was for-
dinner will be served by the Future j m which ’the mi’ll was tocated, was
-.»lined by a breeze
»1». W
m 11 and firemen were called to merly an inspector for the state in­ tention to the new flag which w t
Homemakers under the direction of | reported to be away from home re­ Nyssa Feed Mill early Monday
Mrs. Charles Steffens.
dustrial accident commission and flown for the first time Tuesday a
ceiving medical attention at the morning to tatall de-troy the mill, carried embers to the Amalgamated nrevent the fire from spreading.
Andy Kendall of Vale, state FFA time of the fire and Mrs. Warren was
—Journal Ph tc *as the unsuccessful Republican last week, Just below the Air.encai
candidate for county assessor in the flag The new banner carries the
reporter. Is being engaged as the alone. She was aroused by neigh­ tlty of grain. The above picture was shown below. Flames broke out
seal of the state of Oregon on a
1952 general election.
principal speaker of the evening, bors who took her to their hom e.!
I or Dwight Wyckoff said. In ­
Total amount of the damage
Last Thursday Charles Swan, in­ blue background and was just re ­
dividual and foundation awards will could not be determined, although
cumbent district attorney, filed for ceived from the state pu^phasin»
be presented to various members of | all the mill machinery, records and
the nomination for Republican agent.
the Nyssa chapter.
Insofar as is known, the city of
grain and feed were destroyed. The
candidate for state representative.
That position is now held by Carroll Nyssa is the only remaining law
Entertainment being arranged in­ plant is partially covered by insur­
i: ....... al o a R. publi- breaker since the state flag has not
cludes a vocal solo by Irene Jayo ance.
can, who announced at tire same been di.-played from the flagstaff
and an accordian solo by Teddy
A mild, westerly breeze and com­
■time that he would not seek re- since the new l»w was passed.
Bowers. Junius Tanner will serve bustion from the burning building
election. On Friday, County Com­
as toastmaster and Darryl Williams carried embers several hundred
missioner Alva Goodell ct Nyssa
will introduce the guests.
yards eastward, across the railroad
filed for the Republican nomination
tracks and into a ventilator on top
to succeed himself.
of a sugar company warehouse. In­
side is stored approximately 9000
E. Otis Smith, an Ontario a t­
tons of dried beet pulp, conveyed
torney, announced the forepart of
into the building on an endless belt
this week that he would seek the
from the processing plant. When
nomination as Republican candidate
the burning embers entered through
for district attorney.
■the ventilator, they dropped onto
Earlier this month George C.
The fame of Nyssa and its sur-
the tep and bottom side of the belt
Beechler had filed feT nomination rcunding communities, as the re ­
as county coroner and William E. sult of blood donations, is spread­
Jed Lewis of Nyssa, manager of and were strewn several feet along
Leggitt had filed for nomination as ing throughout the nation, it was
the Amalgamated Sugar Co., was the top of the pile of pulp, which
county superintendent. Both are learned this week when s(>eci&l
elected presidenet of the Associated nearly fills the building. Several
Republicans and hold the positions tribute was given by the national
Chambers of Commerce of south- j sma^ fires were set in the dried
to which they are seeking to be re­ director of the blood program.
western Idaho and eastern Oregon ' pu^p an^ a f*re started in the wood-
Dr. David N. W, Grant, director
Monday evening. The meeting was en framework of the elevator, but
There h d been no Demccratie of the blood program of the Amer­
held at Homedale and was attended soon were under control.
filings by Wednesday morning of ican Red Cross at the national
by President Leonard Hewett, Jake j Nyssa firemen were successful in
this week.
headquarters in Washington. D. C.
Fischer, Paul Penrod and Tom J covering the ventilator opening with
Rumors Abundant
expressed his personal appr.»nation
Jones. Lewis succeeds Bernard Frost a canvas and both firemen and
Rumors of possible, if not prob­ in a letter to Harold Henigscn. Nys-
of Payette as president of the area sugar company employees shoveled
able, filings were abundant with a ra recruitment chairman.
the embers and smouldering pulp in­
strong move in the Nyssa comrnun-
The national director stated: “Dr.
Other officers are Ed Zimmerman, to buckets before they were covered
to persuade Emil Stunz to seek Sedero, Director of the Boise Reg-
Caldwell, vice president: Joe Coop-, ^ incoming beet pulp The con-
the nomination for state repre­ j ionnl Blood Center, has just in ­
I er, Ontario, treasurer, and Thomas . vey°r ***■$ coulH not be stopped, of dried beet pulp stored in 50 pulp that was s~t afire by* embers search for "smoke signals."
sentative. Stunz, a member of formed me of the magnificent re ­
Jones Nvssa, who was named sec- 1 cven temporarily, or the by-product pound sacks at the sugar factory from the burring feed mill. NiW
—Journal Photo the Nyssa city council, stated Tue cruitment record that the peepfc*
reiary by the new president.
1 " oulcl have Piled up in the su*ar Here volunteer firemen are at noon fires would break out in unexpected
day that he Is not yet a candidate of Nyssa, Oregon, have chalked r
Among business discussed at the ‘actory-
and Indicated that he had little in the patt two years culminatin
i Homedale meeting was a program
Embers from the burning mill
Interest in the position, but several with the collection of 478 pints c
j to increase the use of beet sugar in structure continued to drift onto
of his staunch backers said that January 25, 1954.
] this area where a large amount of sugar company property and sever- .
the chances of hi.s filing before the
“Please accept my congratulation
imported cane sugar Is consumed al fires were started in piles of
deadline March 12, were “good'' and on this achievement and compl
' Chambers of commerce of the valley sacked pulp stored in the open.
Membership of :ne special ill-
Nyssa’s veteran housing units are that his current “disinterest” does ment for me the group of people 1 .
¡ have agreed to help promote White Several hundred sacks of the mater,
A special chartered train will take community choir that v 11 stage the
not indicate that he will not be a your community who have worked
i Satin sugar and a committee has ial were destroyed by fire and water 460 male members of the L.D.S. 1954 Easter canta a has been in­ being closed and the buildings will candidate.
so effectively under your leader­
been named to work with the Amal- and a large amount of it had to be
creased to 60, but eight or ten are be eventually disposed of, it wa^
Clyde Snider, Nyssa attorney, ship.”
| gamated Sugar Co. on further pub­ taken from the piles and resacked.
needed, Mrs. June Marie Wyckoff reported this week by Don M scotched a four-day rumor Tuesday
Klamath Falls, a city of 15,875
Approximately 3200 tons of pulp temple for a special priesthood said this week. More women sing­ Graham, manager of the project that he might be a candidate for residents, and Oregon title-holder
were in 50-<pound bags ready for meeting, leaving nere Sunday even­ ers, e pecially sopranos are wanted, No definite date f ir disposal cf the district attorney. He stated that he until Nyssa took top place Jan. 25,
Margaret and Judy Roberts, shipment.
ing. William Beus announced thi- to bring the number of voices up to units has been set by the council definitely is not Interested. Snider, has accepted the challenge to beat
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Jed Lewis, manager of the sugar week. D. A. Erickson of Nyssa was the total of last year’s 68 singers. but as apartment are vacated, they a Democrat, was reported to have Nyssa’s record of 478 pints. The
I Roberts have been confined to their company, said the total damage in charge of chartering the train.
Another practice session will be a-rc not being rented to new tenants been urged by a group of Republic­ Portland blood center’s monthly
there could be as high as $10.000.
home with illness.
The special will leave Weiser at held Monday evening at 8 o’clock at
At the present time there are If ans to seek the nomination on the bulletin, “Bleeder's Digest.” gave a
7:15 Sunday evening with the first the Methodist church.
vacant apartments, but the vacan­ Democratic ticket with the possible report of the drawing which was
described as “a staggering 478 pints”
contingent cf 70 delegates. At Nyssa
cies have not cccured in such a support of the GOP group.
110 will board the train, Nampa will
There were reports cf others in­ that puts this community ahead of
manner that any one unit of four
provide 130 and Boise 150. Nearly
apartments has been completely terested in other county nominat­ Klamath Falls. "Klamath Fall' a n ­
ions, but none of the people ment­ nounces that it recognizes a chal­
230 applications were turned down
vacated for disposal.
because of lack of facilities a t the
City Manager Robert Applegate1 ioned could be reached for confirm­ lenge when it sees one and accepts
Boy Scouts of troop 419 held their
temple, Beus said.
.same;’ the bulletin stated.
that when units are ready for ation or denial.
regular meeting Monday evenin'»
The special train will return mem­ The events for patrol corners were sale, they will be offered to the
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lobb are spend- t A daughter was born to Mr. and
bers to their respective points of whipping of ropes and discussing of highest bidder.
a few days in Caldwell with ' Mrs. Ray Noyes on Feb 11 at the
W hether or not th e city should approve a liquor-by-the embarkation Tuesday morning,
compound and simple fractures.
> Holy Rosary hospital In Ontario.
drink license for Nick R udelick to operate a bar in connection
These were also discussed during
the troop meeting.
with Brownie’s Cafe w ill be settled next Tuesday evening a t
Mrs. Charley Grider returned
¡6:30, City M anager Robert M. A pplegate announced yester- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bracken are Vernon Pond and Bob Storm held Sunday after .spending five days in
in Salt Lake City, where they at- a drill during the meeting for their Portland. While there she appeared
A tie vote at the regular council Just completed for the previous four tended the funeral services Monday merit badge on firemanship. The as a guest speaker of the Public
¡meeting Feb. 9 resulted in failure to year period.
for Bracken’s father, O. J. Bracken, j Legatie drill was played during the Health Education league of Port­
(approve a motion to favor granting
who died recently in voeur d’ Alene, game period.
land and appeared on KOIN-TV
the license. A special meeting was
Idaho. They are expected to return
The meeting was closed by the She discussed registered Jer ey cat­
(called last Thursday noon for the
i Panther patrol.
tle and the Jersey milk program.
specific purpose of voting on the
Issue, but councilmen were again
Friday w ill sec the finish of beet slicing at the N yssa
tied even though one more member
A m algam ated Sugar Co. plant and all sugar from the 195,1
was present.
beet crop will have been m anufactured by next T uesday,
At the regular meeting when the
it was announced this week by Jed Lew is m anager of the*
Malheur county sportsmen, a n d ;
“matter was first voted on, Council-
♦ N j .i and N
men R< bert ThompShn and Lloyd especially members of the Malheur
When the campaign ends Tues-
voted yes; Councilmen i County Game League, will hear
the Nyssa plant will have op­
Thoma Jones and Clifford Mink “sales talks" by representatives of
fer a total of 140 days thi*
voted no. Councilman Emil Stunz the Isaac iValton League and the
and will have processed in
ib.-tained. and Dale Bingman and Wildlife Federation at a special
a half million tons o i
lugh Tobler were absent.
j meeting called for next Tuesday
sugar output for the
At the special meeting last Thurs- evening,
Nyssa factory this ypar will be more
jay noon, yes votes were cast by
Dr. J. E. Long said that arrange-
The grocery department of the than 1.400,000 hundred pound bugs
rh >mpson, Stunz and Mink, while ments have been made for a dele-
Eder Hard ware Co. will cease t o 1 of sugar
lay votes were cast by Jones, Tobler gation from the Caldwell Isaac Wal- (
exist Saturday when that part of
The Nampa factory complete«
ind Wilson; Mink and Wilson hav- ton League to be present and pre-
I the store will be closed out and the slicing last Friday and had atota
ng changed their votes after the sent details of the sportsmen’s or-
hardware department expanded, of 132 days of operations. With th»
s*ue first came up Feb. 9 Bingman ganlzatlon that has both national
Edward Boydell, who wltii his completion of slicing cperatioi
va absent from the special meet- and state affiliations. On the same
father, A. H. Boydell, manage the here, the two factories will havi
ng because of an eye injury.
program will be at least one speaker
store, said that work already has processed sugar irom approximate!)
During the discussion Thursday representing the Wildlife Federa- j
been started to expand the hard­ one million tons of beets. This year's
loon. Tobler proposed that .special tion who will outline all aspects o r ,
ware and appliance line. A special operations represent approximately
tudy be given the possibilities of that group. Dr. Long said.
section will be devoted to appli­ 25 percent greater production than
¡harzi;* license fees for operation
Temporary officers of the Mal-
ance demonstrations and displays that of the previous year due to in­
>f card tables. He suggested that the heur County Game League were
giftware will be enlarged.
creased beet plantings In the valley.
resent >5° annual fee per table be elected Jan. 12 and a special com­
The grocery store has been oper-
Between 150 and 160 campaign
pressed to result in higher fees mittee was appointed to investigate
ated continuously for 38 years, hav- employees will be laid off beginning
r establishments located on Main the possibilities of dissolving the
lng been establi*hed_ln 1916 by_A. | Saturday and the regular crew will
organization and forming a county |
H. Boydell and Jess Thompson. The start immediately on the n.ainten-
euch a change would require a unit of one or the other of the na-1
___ # ________
I grocery
became a , ______________
part of the Edef ance program.
rx ordinance to set the license tional groups to be represented next NEARLY 800 MUSICIANS thrilled the mixed chorus, directed by Glen pubUc" under the direction of Prof. Hardware several years later and
Almost all the employees who will
■©s. No official action was taken, Tuesday night.
the audience last Friday evening R. Lockery, associate professor of i.oran was thrilling the audience had
operated in conjunction be laid off a t the close of the cam ­
:thcr for committee study or in-
The meeting will be held at when they **-----*
staged the
finale ------*-
music and
“ ■ * grand
----- J **—
— ' director
* ’
with the hardware store by Boy- paign operate small farms in the
of ' **--
the * Idaho
tuza tion by officials, but the mat- Brownie's Cafa beginning at
7 of the annual music clinic for Vanda leers. University of Idaho. when this picture was taken. Band dell since that time.
immediate area and will not bo
u- expected to be discussed fur- o’clock,
Snake river valley schools. Pictured and upper right, girts gless club, dl- '"»'mbers presented an excellent
among the unemployed, the sugar
: r next Tuesday evening.
above is the massed band, backs to reeled by Norman Logan, director performance, while student vocal-
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Drimer
and company manager commented. Sev­
»Mrs. Mary McConnell, Mrs. Joe camera, being conducted by R. D. of University Singers and a member i*ts In
Following action on the license
both the
the other
other sections Davie of Casper, Wyoming are vislt-
eral of them operate small busi­
ijplication. Grant Rinehart, ac-
a.ultof the vocal music staff at the V
l' of ..._. ,_______.
. . » _._
ing at the home of Mrs. Deimer's nesses and are able to arrange their
„ . . Bellon,
_ Mrs. Helen Austead, and Gregory,
- -- director
------- - of bands andkof
i . __ , _»
ntant. will explain a recently j Mrs Warren Rlchison were in Boise assistant professor of music at the I.
blended In perfect unison.
parents, Mr uOd Mrs. Campbell work to coincide with the sugar
—Journal Photo OAcr
g&pleted audit of Nyssa city funds i Monday.
University of Utah; upper left Is
“The Battle Hymn of th»> Re-!
plant operations.
FFA Parent-Son
Banquet Planned
For Next Week
Nyssa School Now
Law Abiding With
New State Flag
National Director
Blood Drive Gives
Nyssa Back Pat
Nyssa Man Heads
Assoc. Chambers
Snake River Area
Chartered Train
To LDS Meeting
City Council Tied Twice On Request
For Liquor By Drink License; Third
Meeting Tuesday For Final Action
Veteran Housing
Project Closing
Pond. Storm Give
Drill At Meeting
Father Dies
Game Groups Will
Meet With Local
Fish-Game Fans
63 Singers Join
Community Choir
Guest Speaker
Sugar Factory Campaign Nears Close
With 1,400,0(10 Bags of Sugar Having
Been Processed; Employees To Farms
Eder Grocery
Closed; Hardware
Store Expanded