Nyssa gate city journal. (Nyssa, Or.) 1937-199?, December 24, 1953, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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Tuesday Afternoon Bridge
1 in
Member* of the Tuesday afternoon
bridge club met at the home of Mr
Herb Fisher for their annual Chriit-
mas party and gift exchange. Deco­
rations and refreshments followed
the Christmas theme.
Mrs. Kenneth Cottle and Mrs
Henry Hartley won high scores.
assembled around the Christmas
tree to open gifts. Prize- wt:e * :i
by Mrs. Nick Rudelick. hi,h M:
Nettie Bennett ->econd high and Mr-
John Ostrom. traveling.
+ —•>
f u r i a i j\ c t i fr i t i c s
Children’s Christmas Refreshment
C aro le W ilson, Editor
Tuesday Evening Bridge
Phone 2233
Mrs. Duane Akers enter ,:ned
members of the Tut dav evening
bridge club at her heme Prize.-,
Peterson Guest
A t Surprise Dinner.
were won by Mrs. Oeorge Cobern.
A birthday dinner party was given Mrs. Dwight Wyckoff, Mr- Cliff
for W. O. Peterson Thursday eve­ Mink and Mrs. Bert, Ro s.
"Santa Claus In Our Town” was
ning Places were laid for Mr. and
Two tables were in play.
the theme of the December meeting
Mrs Arvel L. Child. Mr. and Mrs.
of the Nyssa Civic club held Wednes­
Henry Zobell. and Mr. and Mrs Nursery Classes Meet
Milton Nelson and Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Houston Wilson entertained day afternoon in the LDS stake
Fred Blacker of Ontario.
members of the nursery classes of house.
Mrs. Bud Wilson, chairman, and
the Methodist church at her home
Mrs. Mitchell Entertains
Friday evening for a Christmas Mrs. J. Elwccd Flinders wrote and
directed a musical tableau. "Christ­
Mr>. George Mitchell entertained party.
Wednesday evening in her home
Teachers of the classes. Mrs. W mas Card Fantasy” , as follox’s:
fer members of the Tuesday eve­ W. Foster and Mrs. Points, assisted Skaters Waltz, Tanya Burningham.
ning bridge club for their annual with arrangements. The morning Peggy Yost, and Kay Hammon;
Christmas party and gift exchange was spent playing. Thirteen children Frosty, the Snowman, Stanley Ses­
sions; I'll B? Home For Christmas,
Guest players were Mrs. Kenneth and eight mothers were present.
Marvin Wilson. Duane Holcomb,
Cottle and Mrs. A. C. Sallee. Mrs.
and Keith Bybee; Christmas Carol­
Tom Eldridge won high and Mrs. Miss Alford Hostess
ers. Vela Dee Pcul-en, Janice W il­
Campbell Baer won second high.
To Friends At Party
liams and Ellen Hunter; Santa Claus
Miss Mary Ann Alford was hostess
is Coming To Town. Reed. Ardeen, Glenn, Fredie Mitchell, David Tuck­
Christmas Party and
to 25 of her girl friends at a buffet
Gift Exchange
dinner and Christmas party at her Keith and Lynn Child and Fred er, Edward Larsson. Ray C. Lewis
Mrs. Angie Cook entertained at home Thursday evening. Also on the Bennett; Toys, Rosemary Roth, Pat. Bill Poulsen, Monti Burbank, Tom-
her home for members of her agenda was caroling and gift ex­ ty Michaelson and Patty Flanagan. ! my Lewis, James Wight and a chor­
Candles, Vela Dee Poulsen, Ellen us o f M IA girls.
Wednesday evening club. The guests change.
Hunter and Janice Williams; Ang­
Others assisting were John Sav­
els, Job’s Daughters; and Nativity,
age, Marion Glenn, Mrs. Mel Beck,
Mrs. Lloyd Wilson.
Mrs. Melvin Cottrell and Mrs. Ken­
Mrs. Spencer Beus was narrator
neth Tucker.
and Irene Jayo, Kris Rinehart and
Dancing was enjoyed after the
Miss Poulsen accompanied the num­
bers. Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Flinders program.
4*— 4*
presented Santa Claus favors to
Odd Fellows, Rebekahs
members of the cast.
During the business meeting, final Have Christmas Party
plans were completed for the an­
Approximately 45 members of the
nual Christmas lighting contest Rebekahs and Odd Fellows met lor
sponsored by the Civic club and Nys­ their annual Christmas party Thurs­
sa Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Don day evening at the IOOF hall. A short
Graham reported on the welfare 1 program was presented as follows:
needs in Nyssa and Civic club mem­ musical numbers, Mrs. Joe Bellon,
y f/
bers voted to give cash assistance. Mrs. Fred Guthrie and John Ostrom.
Mrs. Charlie Grider was appointed reading. Mrs. Dennis Toombs and
representative for the organization. a skit, “ Photography Album" nar­
In the spirit of
Refreshments were served by the rated by Mrs. Owen Gann.
friendship may we
committee, Mrs. K. A. Danford,
Pollyannas were revealed and a
chairman, Mrs. Henry Hartley, Mrs. | Christmas gift evchange was held.
extend best wishes
Duane Alters, Mrs. Walter McPart- Those present drew for 1954 Polly-
for a happy holiday
land and Mrs. Harold Brendle. An I annas.
to all our good friends.
attractive Christmas candle and star
A luncheon was served to the
centerpiece on the table was ar­ guests.
ranged by Mrs. Dwight Mason.
Civic C lub C hristm as
P rogram P resented
P au lu s Jew elry
127 Main
MIA Presents Pageant
"Oh, Holy Night” , a sacred page­
ant was presented Wednesday eve­
ning at the second ward M IA under
the direction of Mrs. D. O. Bybee,
speech director and Janice Williams
and Vela Dee Poulsen, music director
and accompanist.
Taking part were Karma Kesler
and Carl Bair, readers; Mr. and
Mrs. Melvin Feik, Joseph and Mary
and Jack Duncan, Val and Gary
Much happiness
and good cheer
is our •‘Wish
for you
And may every
good thing
be yours the
N ew
and a Happy New Year
to all of my friends
C arole W ilson
held a planning meeting at the Dale
Bingman heme where plans were
made for the Christmas party that
was held Wednesday evening. The
next planning meeting will be held
at the Wayne Chesnut home Janu­
ary 20 at 8 p. m.
Mrs. Bingam served cake and Ice
cream to her guests.
Kingman Kolony
rollyanna Club
Dial 2855
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Duncan returned
home from Oklahoma Wednesday.
Mrs. Duncan is the former Carol
Thursday night guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Kygar were John Howard.
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Conant and Mr.
and Mrs. Pete Duncan.
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong
and Fred Smith and daughter, Eile­
en of Parma called at the home of
Ed Brandt.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Culbertson
visited Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kygar
DUP Meeting Held
Rudy Zimmerman, Medford, a
Members of the Nyssa Camp of
former valley resident, visited at
the Daughters of Utah Pioneers held
the Chas Bowers family and W. A.
a regular meeting at the home of
Callister home this week end.
Mrs. Earl Bingham, president. The
H. L. Holland and Blackie Gideon
next meeting will be held January
19 at the home of Mrs. Edison Child. from Arizona spent four days of
the past week transacting business
in the Kolony and at Sheaville.
Ballous Entertain
Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Hyrum Ballou and
accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Buek
family and Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Clemens, Burns to Boise Sunday.
Jordan and family of Wilder were After returning, Mr. and Mrs. Clem­
j Friday evening guests of Mr. and
ens spent the night at the Thompson
Mrs. Elvin Ballou.
] home.
Friday night Mr. and Mrs. A1
Group Enjoys Caroling
Thompson enjoyed the Christmas
A group of students from BYU party of the Rebekah and Odd Fel­
went caroling Saturday evening and lows lodge at Nyssa.
stopped at the E. H. Beus home
Miss Catherine Thiel cared for the
afterwards for hot chocolate and Carlson children Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Herchel Thompson
and Mr. and Mrs. A1 Thompson at­
Chards Entertain
tended a banquet at the East Side
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chard enter­ cafe in Ontario. It was sponsored
tained at dinner Friday evening for by the Malheur Milk Producers and
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Chard and Distributors association for grade A
milk. Sixty people were in attend­
ance. Mr. Putman, music instructor
in the Adrian schools, was in a
Wednesday Evening Bridge
Members of the Wednesday eve­ quartet and sang two solos for the
ning bridge club met Wednesday group.
Mrs. Reuter, Mr. and Mrs. Tom
at the Moore Hotel for a no host
dinner party. The women had a Duncan and Miss Sherryl Reuter
called at the John Thiel home Sun­
Christmas gift exchange.
Guests were Mrs. Tom Burning- day aftemon.
Miss Linda Sparks was a guest at
ham, Mrs. Harry Miner, Mrs. B. B.
Lienkaemper, Mrs. Ward Tyler, Mrs. the K. I. Peterson home Saturday
Joe Maughan. Mrs. Herb Fischer, night while her mother, Mrs. Arlene
Mrs. Ray Russell and Ethel Mary Sparks, enjoyed a party of the bank
employees at the East Side cafe in
Pern Hatch spent Friday with Mrs.
Planning Meeting Held
Den mothers and council members Art Sparks.
Mr. and Mrs. Art Sparks were in
Caldwell Wednesday.
Guests of Bill Toombs and Mrs.
James Phifer Friday night wer Mr.
and Mrs. Dick Kreigh.
Mr. and Mrs. James Phifer were
in Nampa Saturday.
Mrs. Bill Toombs left Tuesday for
Clarkston, Wash., to be with her
mother who recently returned from
the hospital.
Saturday night Mr. and Mrs. Rube
Graham called at the Toombs home.
Mrs. R. L. Price spent Wednesday
in Ontario at the home of her son,
Doyne Price. In the afternoon it was
necessary for her to take her infant
grandson to the doctor in Nampa.
Mrs. Thelma White of King Ave.
accompanied Mrs. Price to Nampa.
Leon Price spent all day Sunday
with his parents. He lives in Brogan.
1 Mr. and Mrs Herb Thomas visited
I Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Piercy Sunday
I night.
Mr. and Mr- Dale A-hcraft erijoy-
, ed a drive Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
. L. H Dierking. They had dinner at
[ Nampa.
Mrs. Oscar Shaeffer was pleased
j to have several relatives call on her
1 Saturday. They were her mother,
Mrs. Lenaghen of Anderson Dam,
her niece and daughter, Mrs. Rey­
nolds, her sister, and husband, Mr.
and Mrs. Dachman, Boise.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ashcraft at
tended the Christms party of their
Mr and Mrs card club Thursday
night at the Herb Thomaa home.
Sharon Fox enjoyed the freshman
class party in Adrian Sturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Pox were callers
110 Main
! Sunday afternoon and evening at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Pox.
D e e -Ute Bakery
Amalgamated Sugar Company
o f t resu lts
At Christmas time the latchstring is out for friends and family, an«J
in particular the holiday season is a gala one for the younger generation.
Comings and goings to exclaim over Christmas trees and gifts provid«
many occasions for little parties and impromptu refreshments. And no
trouble at all for the youngsters to take care of their own entertaining
if gay paper plates and cups are used.
Rest of all to serve at these informal gatherings is a delicious drink.
Cookies, candies and nuts may be passed, but a beverage is sufficient as
featured refreshment, l ’ale dry ginger ale, well chilled, is excellent for
children’s parties. It gives sparkle and tang to fruit juices and com»
bines with liquid and powdered flavors to make fine thirst-quenchers.
Here are two drinks the younger set will like.
Party Special
T cup apple juice
2 tablespoons heavy cream
14 cup chocolate syrup
Pale dry ginger ale
Combine apple juice, chocolate syrup and heavy cream; mix well.
Divide among 4 tall glasses. Fill glasses with ice cold pale dry ginger
ale. Stir gently to mix.
Sparkling Cocoa Flip
14 cup instant cocoa
1 teaspoon sugar
14 cup light cream
Sparkling water
Blend cocoa, cream and sugar. Pour equal amount into each of 4 tall
glasses. Fill glasses with ice cold sparkling water; stir gently. Serve as
ice cream sodas, using chocolate, vanilla and coffee ice cream.
W e all wish to extend to you Christmas
greetings and good will, and may boundless
Holiday cheer b j yours. To our ever-widen­
ing circle of friends we are especially grate-,
ful this year.
313 Arcadia Ave.
We'd like te
"bowl" you over
with a whole flock of
good ' -fish*» . •.
continued lucceu end
happiness to you
end your loved one*.
Dept. Store
207 Main