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Nyssa Gate City Journal
THE N Y S S A G A TE C ITY J O U R N A L . N Y S S A . OREGON. T H U R S D A Y . N O V E M B E R 12. 1953
Shop Nyssa
and Nothing Can
Stop Nyssa
NO. 44
Goodell Elected
Master of Oregon
Trail Grange
5,000 Aliend Nyssa's Harvest Festival
As King Sol Smiles From Cloudless
Sky; Queen Sylvia Reigns Over Ball
Newly elected master of the Ore­
gon Trail Orange is Alva Goodell.
who was named last Thursday eve­
ning at the regular meeting and an­
nual election of officers.
Others elected are Frank Sher­
wood, oversew; Frank Parr, lecturer;
Russell Oressley, steward; Mrs. Alice
Holmes, chaplain; Fern Runcorn,
retary; Loyd Adams, treasurer; Nel­
son Herrman. gate keeper, Gerrit
Stam, assistant steward; Mrs. Ger­
rit Sum , lady assistant steward:
Mrs. Frank Parr, Ceres; Mrs. George
Cleaver, Pomona, and Mrs. Fern
Runcorn, Flora.
Members of the excutive commit­
tee are George Cleaver, Robert Hol­
mes and LeiRoy Herrman.
During the Grange meeting Frank
Sherwood told of recommendations
made by a congressional agricultural
committee at Salem for price sup­
ports on heifers up to three-year-
olds and nothing else.
Alva Goodell explained the bang.-
control law and LeRoy Herrman re­
ported that cattle that had been vac-
ciniated for bangs had only 2 per­
cent reaction and that Tillamook
county is almost free of the disease.
Frank Sherwood gave a report on
the amount of subsidies to business
other than farming. Farmers receiv­
ed $1,425,000 and other concerns re­
ceived $1,100„000,000.
Bob Holmes told of the small a-
mount being received from feeder
cattle and Frank Parr gave a report
on recent election.-« in eight states
which went Democratic.
There was a general discussion on
the reduction of freight rates for
cattle shipped to drouth areas.
Mrs. Alva Goodell, home economics
chairman, reported on plans for a
pinochle party at the Oregon Trail
hall. All members were asked to
bring tables, cards and luncheon
cloths. Members also are being asked
to furnish food for the series of
card parties and dances. The next
card party will be Nov. 24 an<i the
next dance is scheduled for Nov. 14.
Both affairs will be at the Oregon
Trail hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Seburn and Mr.
and Mrs. Glen Hoffman furnished
refreshments for the evening.
A crowd estimated at nearly 5,MO peoj 1<. t ased on the
num ber ol paper | taU used at the barbet le,
tests oi
Nvssa last Saturday at the first annual Harvest Festival spon­
sored by the Nyssa Chamber of Commerce and the Business
Men s association, a committee of the chamber.
With weather ideal for the event,
youngsters »Lined flocking to the
grade setloo! grounds oarly Saturday
morning where about 700 of them
were divided into various age groups
for the events planned by Elmer
T ie annual Health B nd sale < : Cruson and his committee.
While the kids of elementary
A CRISP, B E A C T IF l'L day added Boys and girls, ages four to 14. were activities, the center photograph becued beef. Three large beeves were Malheur county is now underway-
to the festive spirit of thousands who first to have their fun competing in showing Felix .Johnson Mum;
lMr- used in the serving of the Festival in Ny.s a. Vide. Ontario and Adrian school age were scrambling for tur­
attended Nvssa's first annual Harvest balloon and turkey scrambles, as .
__.. . . . «
, AU bonds were sent to purchasers keys on the grade .school athletic
. ...
. ,
becue roll of beef from his open pit visitors, as viewed in the plct- directly by mail. In previous year
fit-id, the tiny ;■ t.t scrambled for
Iestival last Saturday and parti- shown in the top and bottom photo-
_ „ __, L.
cipated in the day-long round of graphs, left above. The beef harbeeue w*th H. O. Hopkins looking on while ire on the right a* they awaited personal solicitations have been used several hundred balloon < n the
activities planned for their pleasure was the high-light of the day-long holding a cartoo of the sliced bar-1 '.heir turn.—Journal staff photos. but tii.- year, with ever; ne haring Mttool town k ... . i ot the tin; | tl
to work on so many drives, all solic- came away with a prize, while the
Rations are being done by mail, ac- older youngsters completed for 12
cording to Ted Berreth, county bond turkeys
then were divided into
sale chairman.
, several balanced groups to compete
Following the sale of health bonds. '
---------- ---
Christmas seals will go on sale Mon- Kingman Kolony Tolly-anna clab
Jay, Nov. 16. Member- ot the Ainer. j
the first rural organization to
ican Legion auxiliary in Ontario, express its appreciation by sending
Nyssa and Vale have .stuffed the in the following statement Monday:
Lincoln "The Kingman Kolony I’ollyann i
Heights folded the letter- Typing I dub wishes to thank the merchants
cla-ses of Vale and Ontario high | uf Nyssa and the Gate C ity Jour­
school did all necessary typing aand nal for making the Harvest Festival
Girl Scouts of Ontario and Beehive possible. Some attended the barbe­
girls of Vale placed seals on all cue, the children attru,
the free
movie, others saw the ft.
Four now districts have been ad­ and some partii pated in tl
ded this year, making a total of 37 \I1 enjoyed it very much.”
seal sale chairman, all working to­
ward making the 1953 sale the most In tugs-of-war for cash ut.uds.
Harlan Sager
successful Malheur county has ever
Kenny Gifford
Larry Cox
Jimmy Kodama
Jim Moore
Shortly after 11:30 lire.-, began
Ny sa
forming near the old gym where
Nyssa wi men working in the sail three beeves barbecued by Fei.x
Subscribers who have seen any of the five youngsters, pictured above,
since they earned their new bicycles will know- lusv sincerely they mean are Mrs. Lois Pratt, Mrs. K. K Johnson, potatoes, gravy, onions,
•offee, soft drinks and all the “ext-
“ thank you” to all those who paid a new or renewal subscription during Lienkaemper, Mrs. S. G. Holm
Mrs. D. W. McDonald, Mrs. W 1
The Nyssa Gate City Journal’s campaign.
as” were served by members of
he Nyssa school faculty and the
A complete listing of all candidates with their final standings will In- Raffington, Mr-. Beth Pi meroy, \1
Sam Hartley, Mr Lainont Fife a
Jethcdlst Women’s Society for
found on page ^ of today's Journal.—Thotos by Schoen.
Mrs. Tom Dry-dale.
Christian Service.
Tnree weeks of hard but inter- ♦
As the families were provide with
esting work came to a close last Gifford, who was given
eccnd .he second high candidate in the the winners selected their bicycles
.heir plate dinners, more guests ar­
Saturday night at nine o’clock when choice of the bicycles.
-•.iy district.
that night and the ethers received
rived to keep four lines of people
The Nyssa Gate City Journal sub­
ALL CANDIDATES had to be in theirs later.
Larry Cox, Nyssa, Harlan Sager.
extending from highway 20 to the
scription campaign ended.
Nyssa and Jimmy Moore, rural, the office by nine o’clock Saturday
serving tables for about three hours.
Commission checks were mailed
Five boys who worked in the cam­ finished in the order named and night fc> make their final rep rt-.
Six dens of Cub Scout pack 419 Holiday Spirit Prevails
paign received b’cycles and all others eaih received a bicycle.
When the last of them had beer, to reach candidates Monday and the met recently In the old gymnasium
Even though the unexpected crowd
campaign became history to the
received cash ccmmis.-ions of 15 per
Jimmy Kodama and Larry Cox checked in the campaign was de­
people of this community and a with Mrs. Karl Richards, ideas chair, caused some to remain in line longer
cent of all money turned In.
each earned a $10 cash prize in ad­
than antic pated, the holiday spirit
the work of checking the subscript­ pleasant memory to each of the man for the meeting, r.i charge. Each
The official judges’ count disclosed dition to their bicycles.
prevailed with most of Nyssa’s st re
ions, adding the points, and deter­ splendid boys and girls vho parti­ of the dens presented an Indian sk t
that two bicycles were earned by
Two Districts
in costume for their parents, who operators and their employes taking
candidates living in the rural areas
The candidates were divided into mining the winner». Every rec- pt
Individual votes ran as high as were special guests. Opening ex­ a two-hour recess from work to at­
and three were claimed by candi­ two districts with one of the two coin, bill, and check was carefuly
and the grand total numb :■ ercises were conducted by member tend the barbecue.
dates living in the city limits of first choices of prize bicycles set tabulated by the hard- working and
Last, minute changes In plans at
for all candidates t tal d of Mrs. Walter McPartland’s den 3.
aside for the high candidate in efficient Judges, who were Robert
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4 000,000.
Harry Nakashima conducted a short
Subscription Campaign
each district. Jimmy Kodama of Thompson and Paul H. Penrod.
Many of the candidates have business meeting and presented Mrs
HIGHEST of all candidates was the Nyssa City district was highest
Jimmy Kodama of Nyssa who r- of vili and .ecaived first choice« Then newal subseriptiohr were found In asked the Journal to extend a sin­ L. A. Maulding’s den the ‘’Cubby’’
j ceived first choice of the five prize Kenneth Gifford, being highest in the ballot box. It was getting late cere "thank you ’ to the friends for having the most parents present.
the outside district was given second Saturday night when the last point who gave subscriptions in their sup­
? bicycles.
Jerry Thorn of Payette, district
Highest of candidates in the dis­ choice o f bicycles even though he had been checked and rechecked port in making the campaign work scout director spoke on the “ Ameri­
Sunset Valley—O. P. Council v.a
Under the sponsorship of the
trict outside Nyssa city was Kenneth had a lesser number of votes than and the winners announced. Some of so pleasant and profitable.
named ma ter of the Chalk Bu t:
Nyssa Junior Chamber of Com­
can Boy” magazine and awards.
Refreshments were served by dens Grange last Friday night at a reg­
merce, a Voive of Democracy spatch
1 and 2 and den 4 had charge of ular meeting and annual election of
contest will be held in the Nyssa and CHANGE OF ADDRESS
Word has been received here by
the closing exercises.
Adrian high schools this Friday.
Other officers elected are Ira
On the same date, the Jaycees of Mr. and Mrs. James Huffman that
The next pack meeting will be held
Price,, Jr., assistant steward: Grover
Vale and Ontario will sponsor the their son, Pvt. Gene Huffman, who
Mns. Dorothy Berger, administra­
contest In the high schools of those Is serving with the Army in Korea tor of the Malheur county public
and Mrs. Charles Wade, 3C3 E ■ t Fair” . Rev. Lloyd Pounds will be Cooper, treasurer, and Lester Ra' ie-
zyk, gate keeper.
Main street, Nys;a, has entered the ideas chairman.
has been transferred to a different Welfare department, submitted her
aircraft mechanics school at Shep­
The four winners will meet in a post. Huffman’s address is now U.S. resignation Monday night at a reg­
For the first time since its for­
district contest at Ontario Thursday, 5G211147, Co. I, Infantry Regiment, ular meeting of the board, it was mation, Nyssa high school will be pard Air Base, Texas, the home of
APO 25, care of Post Master, San announced Tuesday. Mrs. Berger has
the largest technial school of this
Nov. 19, to complete for prizes and
host to the Snake River Valley
been in charge of the county welfare Student Body Officers’ conference,1 type In the world.
the privilege of representing the
During his spec'allzed t-aln'ng a«
setup for more than 12 years.
scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 18,
district in the regional contest.
Area residents are reminded of
Paul ' ’ cr.rcd reminded the general
Appointment of a new administ­ according to R. V. Wilson, principal. a student, Sgt. Wade will receive in­
the annual canned food drive for
At the regular Tuesday night
rator will be made within the next
Fourteen students from the 16
the Malheur Memorial hoeipitaJ to
meeting Jack Church was appointed
ten days by State Welfare commis­ schools comprising the conference, him with the thorough knowledge erver corp meeting featuring Air
membership chairman and Ray Fox
and basic skills required In servicing. Force training will be held next be held Saturday at 9 a. m. Hospital
totalling 224, will take part In the Inspecting and maintaining aircraft Wednesday evening, beginning at 8 auxiliary members, assisted by Girl
George J. Sirnio, director of health
voted into the membership.
conference, purpose of which Is to currently used by the U. S. Air Force. o’clock, at the Nys'a city hall. Scouts, will make door-to-door pick­
Guest speakers for the meeting j and physical education of the state
discuss problems and programs of i Sgt. Wade served In the United Ground observer corps observing ups.
were W. E. Phillips o f the state department of education, was the
the student body.
Articles may also be left on front
States Marine corps prior to his en­ and related subjects will be discussed
accident commission, Bernard Frost guest of Henry Hartley at the Mon- j
Registration for the day-long con­ listment in the Air Force on Dec. 12 and a new strip film on ob-ervins steps, at the P well sarv’ce at an in
and Paul Penrod of the Idaho Power day noon meeting of the Nyssa Lions:
or at the hospital.
will be shown.
company and Tom Jones, Union P a ­ club during his visit to the Nyssa
The Nyssa Civic chib is sponsoring ference Is set for 9:45 a. m., followed 1950.
public schools Monday.
cific agent.
a tea and open house Wednesday, by the first of two general sessions
Sirnio’s visit here marked the first Nov. 18 at tihe Nyssa public library at 10 o’clock. The Rev. Harold Nye
official visit o f a member of the from 2 until 4 p. m. In observance of of Nampa will be the principal
state health department since 1949. National Book week. Hostesses are speaker.
Each school will furnish a faculty
Adrian — The American Legion He was accompanied to Nyssa by library board members Mrs. H. R. advisor and student chairman for
auxiliary of Adrian is sponsoring a Miss Mary Bowman, state supervisor Sherwood, chairman, Mrs. Carlos one of the seven discussion sessions,
Buchner, Mrs. B. B. Lienkaemper,
arnorgasbord Saturday, Nov. 21 at of health.
with Nyssa high school supplying a
For the Lions club program Mon­ Mrs. Bernard Eastman and Mrs. recorder for each group.
the Ad riait Legion hall. Serving will
begin at 6 p. m. and continue until day noon R. V. Wilson, principal of
Following the noon-day luncheon,
8 p. m. Plans are being made for a the high school, showed a movie.1 New books will be on display. A to be served by th Nysat chapter.
white elephant sale and bazaar at
Future Homemakers, students will
interested people.
ing the progress of viation.
the same time.
re-convene for an hour-long general
session before adjournment at 2:30
p. m.
Subjects for the group discussions,
and the schools in charge, are as
follows: student council, Payette;
year book, Parma; newspaper, On­
tario; pep club, Wilder; G irl’s Ath­
■X —OCA- - MÙMïib: ftÿ *>■ ■ V
letic association, Adrian, and letter-
1 men, Vale.
Health Bond Sale
Is Now Undeiway
5 Boys Earn Bicycles In Nyssa Gate City Journal s Subscription Campaign
Bicycles, Cash Awards Earned
By Boys and Girls of This Area
Six Cub Scout Dens
Join For Meeting
Chalk Butte Names
Grange Officers
JCs Sponsor Voice
Democracy Contest
Welfare Head Gives
Resignation Notice
Nyssa Host to
Siudent Council
Conference Wed.
S-Sgt. Carl W ade
To Aircraft School
Civil Defense Meet
Here Next Wed.
Canned Food Drive
For Hospital Sat.
State Health Dept.
Official Visits Here
Civic Club Tea
For Library Fund
Adrian Scouts Hike
To Rimrock Sat.
Adrian—Saturday Henry Moore
took the Boy Scouts for a hike to
; Rimrock where they cooked their
dinner over a campfire. Joe Mackey
and Clifford Looney won their sec­
ond class cooking badges and Butch
Butler, Jimmy Packwood, Stanley
I Mills and Burton Smith won their
first class badges in cooking.
Donald Scott, a Cub Scout, was a
guest of the older boys.
4 Speakers on TM
Program for Friday
sors and government officials who
visited the Amalgamated Sugar Co.
in Nyss* last Thursday are shown In
the above photograph. Seated from
left to right are Jules Dubois, pres­
ident of planters association; Jed
Lewis. Amalgamated Sugar .Co.
manager; Leopold Drnaat De Smedt,
member of Belgian senate; Paul
Charles Wahl, secretary of the Tirl-
emont refinery, largest in Belgium;
Louis Philippe CluMiers. attached to
social service, Tfrtemont refinery;
Robert Louis Lemaire, assistant pro­
duction and organization manager,
and Richard A. Forbess, Amalga­
mated Sugar Co. plant superin­
In the back row are Pierre Guy
Cabuy, assistant production manager
for Sucreries des Flanders; Yves
Hrtiry Marte Couplet, engineer for
Sucreries Couplet; Emanuel Albert
Cauwenbergh, secretary of ad­
ministration for the Belgian ministry
of economic affairs; Raymond de
Terwangne, technician of research
Speaking far four minutes each at
the Friday morning meeting o f the
Nyssa Toastmasters club will be
Ted Morgan, Ken Renstrom, Emil
Stunz and Bob Thompson.
They will be introduced by Walter
roundtable tojic will be presented
by C liff Main '
Art Walz, president, will serve
as general critic and speech ev»lua-
department of the sugar works sect­
ion; L. Pohl, interpreter, and Rene
Raphael Verschaeken, research di­
rector of the Belgian agricultural
The group Is on a tour of westeth
sugar factories, conducted by Ver­
non Green. Washington, D. C., pro­
ject manager for the EOA. At Nyssa.
they were particularly interested in
Mrs. Yiu*iie Duns was rallrd to
the chemical plant, the record out­
put of sugar and the «torkpiling Salem Friday by the death o f her
methods used here.— Journal Photo. aunt, Mrs. Amanda Anderson. She
will return this week end.
\ STEEL ffltlDGE now spans He
east channel of the Snake river
which separates Bridge Island from
Idaho, just south of Nyssa. The low­
er photo shows the 16-ton Oructurf
after It was floated from the island
to the Idaho mainland by way of
a ferry that has servrd as the only
connecting link. Upper left Is the
bridge after It was assembled on the
island when unsuccessful efforts county and servrd as "engineers" as
were being made to move It across well as construction foremen for the
thr channel on a two-inch cable. L. huge job of completing the work.
II. Larkin and son, Avery, are pic­
The bridge was in place on the
tured in the upper right hand pic- , piers this week, ready for the ap­
turr. Experienced loggers in addi­ proaches to be built. Work of build­
tion to farmers, the Larkins were ing thr approaches at each end will
chief promoters of the idea to buy be done by the Farms-Not us road
the bridge span from Malheur district.
—Journal Photo