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    Bpple IDalley
Mn. Albert Cloward, Mr. and Mrs El-
tnon Cloward and Mra E. A. Summy vis­
ited in Payette Saturday.
Freda McDonald
The Convention of the Ladies Aids of
The Snake River Valley will be held at
the Apple Valley church April 23. This
will be an all day meeting with a covered
lunch served at noon. The Aid societies
that comprise this grour are Vale, Ontario,
Payette. FruiMand, Nyssa and Apple Val­
ley, The program will consist of a paper
on real live topics from each Aid with a
gen ral round table discussion following.
The entiro community ' was saddened,
Sunday, upon receiving the news of the
death, Saturday, of Freda MacDonald,
youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. M A.
Farm For Sale
MacDonald of Apple Valley. Freda passed
her childhood in this community, finishing
On account of poor health of my hus­
the grade school here, later attending
Parma high school and taking her Senior band I will sell my farm, 53 acres joining
year at Caldwell, where she lived with her Nyssa on the east. I will sell a part or
sister, Mrs. Alfred Quast. Upon finishing all the land with or without the buildings,
her high school course she went to Oak­ or will sell either of both the souses at a
land, California where she took a business very reasonable price. W hat are your
course and upon finishing there took a wants; come and see me and we will try
position iu Oakland, where she lived with and arrange to suit you
Mrs. H. R. Quinby.
another sister, Mrs. Byron Johnson tf
Death resulted from an auto accident. The
Hay for sale at Qninby ranch east of
full particulars are not available; the sad railroad trqck.
news being telephoned from Oakland to
Mr. Quast at Caldwell. Her many friends
Some good April showers the
and this entire community extend sympa­ first of the week gave the grass
thy to the immediate family: Mr. and Mrs. I
M A. MacDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred: and the gardens a good lift.
Quast and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur | The Western hotel has came
Kobin .on and family of Portland, Mr. and
Mrs. Bvron Johnson of Oakland and a , out in a new spring coat of paint.
brother Carmen MacDonald.
Chas. Heltzel has gone to the
were held yesterday at the Baptist church {
park to work.
in Caldwell.
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Marshall
entertained a party of friends
from Payette at their home in
Nyssa last Sunday. The visitors
were H. H. Precht and family,
Henry Carson and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Herman Corneilson, and
Mrs. Mary Hagerman.
Serial No 025416
U. S. Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon
April 9. 1981
Notice is hereby given that Eugene B
Conklin, of Ontario, Oregon, who, on July
29, 1907, made Desert Land Entry 025416
for the NW *, Sec. 10. T. 20 S„ R. 46 E ,
W. M„ has filed notice of intention to
complete the purchase of said land under
the provisions of the Act of March 4, 1929.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
the above described land or desiring for
any reason to object to the completion of
the purchase and final entry thereof by the
applicant, should file their affidavits of
protest in duplicate in this office during
the 30 day period of publication immed­
iately following the first printed issue of
this notice, otherwise the application may
be allowed.
R. J. Carsner,
Published in The Gate City Journal
First, April 17, 1931
Last, May 15, 1931
G ro c e ry sp e cials, s a l., A p r . 15
10 lb Wedding Breakfast Syrup, dark,
10 1b
49 lb sack flour
Medium size Van Camps pork and beans, 4 for 25c
Large size 2 for 34c
Waldorf tissue toilet paper
4 for 25c
Our Breakfast Coffee 1 lb pkg.
8 lb lard, 97c. 4 lb lard 52c. Carsten picnic ham, 13c
Make Nyssa Your Trading Point
We can save you money on your grocery bill
W ilson B ro s . G ro c e ry , N yssa
U. S. Is Largest
Grower of Mohair
'T'O DA Y ’S automobile Is almost en-
tirely an achievement of our nat­
ural resources or products. With the
exception of rubber which Is grown
In Africa, India or South America but
manufactured In this country, all the
basic materials that go to make an
automobile are produced In our midst.
Steel, mohair, plate glass, nickel and
lead are not only American products,
but are, together with rubber, used
to a greater extent In making cars
than for any other purpose.
Practically every state In the Ctaion
contributes to these materials, either
In theh- rnw state or In their manu­
facture. For example, our youngest
and fastest growing livestock Indus­
try, that of angora goats, provides the
mohair which is used In making mo­
hair velvet for automobile upholstery.
Some Idea of the demand for this dur­
able fabric, otherwise known as velmo.
Is gained from the fact that one hun­
dred million yards, it has been esti­
Notice Is Hereby Given That by virture
of a lien upon the following described
chattel, to-wit:
One Studebaker Coupe, Model 1924,
Motor No. 46523, Serial No. K 076013,
Filed in the office of the County Clerk of
Malheur, State of Oregon, on the 6th day
of April, 1931, duly verified as required bv
law, I will, on the 18th day of April, 1931
at the intersection of Main and Third
Streets in Nyssa, Ore:; n, at the hour of
2:00 P. M. of that day, sell at public
j auction to the highest bidder for cash the
above described personal property.
H. D. HOLMES, Constable.
Date of First Publication, April 10th, 1931
Date of Last Pnhlication, April 17th, 1931
mated, are now In service in cars on
the nation's highways.
These augora or mohair goats, as
they are more appropriately called,
originally came from Turkey, und the
United States Imported millions of
fleece annually, but with the Introduc­
tion of the goats into this country, the
mohair Industry has gradually been
transferred here, with a total annual
clip of well over seventeen million
The pile fabric made from this
fleece in New England mills Is gen­
erally accepted as being the Ideal ma­
terial for automobile upholstery be­
cause of Its long wearing quulity, usu­
ally outlasting the life of the car It­
self, because It Is easily cleaned and
because it affords the greatest rid­
ing comfort, all In addition, of course,
to Its lustrous and beautiful appear­
Still another commodity of which
the automobile Industry is Its largest
consumer is gasoline. Eighty per cent
of all gnsollne produced in this coun­
try, or twelve and a half billion gal­
lons, Is used for keeping the nation's
twenty-six million motors a wheel.
The City Council has designated
the week beginning April 20, as
“Clean-up Week” , and hopes that
all citizens will voluntarily ob­
serve that time by cleaning up
and removing from their premises
alleys and vacant lots, all weeds,
ashes, trash and refuse of every
By order of City Council
A. R. Millar, Recorder
You Can Stake Your Good
Appearance On These Pure
All Worsted Twist,
Gabardine and Tweed
A Musical Comedy, in Three Acts
By Dodge & Dodge
Thursday Evening, Apr. 23
Liberty Theatre, 8:15 P. M.
35c and 75c
$15.50 and $21.85
Two B utton Models, Peak or Notch Lapels
Statement of Ownership,
H is to n e N ew Y ork S e ctio n
The so-called Anneke Jans tract !
contained about 62 acre* In New York
city, extending from Warren court,
•tong Broadway to Duane street,
thence northwest a mile and a half
to Christopher street, the Hudson
rlvar forming the basa of • sort of
unequal triangle.
Spring Shapes, all colors $
Friendly Five Oxfords and $ 5 .
Shoes of Quality
Shirt! Plain color.
Broadcloth Shirts,
Fancy stripe or Figure pattern
2.95 $4
The Value of
In helping hundreds of our customers
forge ahead the First National has been
over the identical road you are now
traveling any num ber of tim es during
the past years.
O ur Officers and Directors always keep
pace with the growing needs of indivi-
duals in our community.
Daily they
counsel others whose problems a re ex­
actly like yours.
Toreador Style, 22 inch bottoms,
Silk Monogram Broadway Pockets,
Cream Satteen Trims
A $6 value at
They consider it a real
privilege to give you the benefit of the
seasoned counsel of the F irst National Bank
First National Bank
Sparkling, Refreshing, Ice Cream,
Sodas, Phosphates, Root Beer, Etc
Cigars and Candies, Too
Nyssa Pharmacy
( t D
The first base ball game for the
Nyssa nine, last Thursday eve­
ning, might have been a good
practice game—practice is needed
—but from a score marking
point of view, Nyssa wasn’t any
too strong. Idaho College won
over Nyssa by a score something
like 5 to 1.
$3.85 a pair
ONTARIO “ W here Good Clothes Cost Less”
W e guarantee
to sa tisfy you
w hen w e ac­
cept your order
fo r p rin tin g.
E a r l , W all D e c o ra tio n
Inhabitants In ancient Pompeii were
specialists In wall decoration, painting
their plastered walls In rich, flat tones
and In decorative medallions.
FOR SALE: 400 lbs. of Baby
Notice is hereby given that the unde'
Lima Beans.
Inquire Forbes Ranch 2t signed as Superintendeot of Banks for the
More than Your Money
Has Bought in Years
Management. Circulation, Etc., Required
By the Act ol Congress of August 24, 1912
of The Gate City Journal, published week­
ly at Nyssa, Oregon, for April 1, 1931.
State of Oregon, county of Malheur,
Before me, a Notary Public in and for the
state and county aforesaid, personally ap­
peared Paul Robinson, who. having been
duly sworn ¡according to law, deposes and
says that he is the Editor of The Gate
City Journal and that the following is, to
the best of his knowledge and belief, a true
statement of the ownership, etc., of the
aforesaid publication. That the name ca i
address of the
Publisher is Win. S. Brown, Nyssa, Ore.
Epitor, Paul Robinson, Nyssa, Ore.
That the owners are
Win. S. Brown, Nyssa, Ore.
H. F. B row n, NyssaJOre.
That the known bondholders, mortgagees
sad other security holders owning 1 per­
cent or more of total mortgages is
Caldwell Pub. Co., Caldwell, Idaho.
Paul Robinson,
Swjrn to and subscribed before me this
13th day of Apiil 1931.
E. M. Blodgett,
My commission expires Nov. 22, 1932
A U T O M O B IL E L A R O E S T U S E R . O F
State of Oregon is in charge of the assets
and? affairs of the Malheur County Bank,
Nyssa, Oregon, for the purpose of liquida­
tion. All persons who may have claims
against said bank are hereby notified to
make legal proof thereof by filing a duly
verified claim, as by law provided, with
the Deputy Superintendent of Banks in
charge at the office of the Malheur County
Bank, Nyssa, Oregon, on or before May 29,
A. A. Schramm,
Superintendent of Banks.
First published.Feb. 27,1931
Last publication May 29, 1931
In the County Court of the State of Oregon
For the County of Malheur
In the matter of the Estate of
John Newby, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given. That Lillian
Newby, executor of the estate of John
Newby, deceased, has rendered and pre­
sented her final account of har adminis­
tration of said estate and petition for
distribution and discharge as such exeu-
trix; that Monday, the 20th day of April,
1931, at the hour of 11 o’clock [in the
forenoon of that day in the County Court
Room in the County Court House in Vale,
Malheur county, Oregon, has been ap­
pointed and fixed by the Judge of said
Court in sn order made and entered on
the 12th day of March. 1931, as the time
and place for hearing said petition, at
which time and place all persons interest­
ed in said estate may appear[*nd object to
said account, settlement thereof, and con­
test the same, ¡and all persons concerned
therein are notified to be present and show
cause, if any there be. why said account
and report should not be approved and
allowed and said estate settled and said
executrix discharged.
Lillian Newby,
Executrix of the estate of John Newby,
Date of first publication 20th of March,’SI
Date of last publication 17th of ApJil, ’SI
In the County Court of the State of Oregon
For the County of Malheur
In the Matter of the Estate of
Harry Newby, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given, That Lillian
Newby, administratrix of the estate of
Harry Newby, deceased, has rendered end
presented her final account of her admin­
istration of said estate and petition for
distribution and discharge as such admin­
istratrix; that Monday, the 20th day of
April, 1931, at the [hour of 11 o’clock in
the forenoon of that day in the County
Court noom in the County Court House in
Vale, Malheur county, Uregon, has been
appointed end fixed by the Judge of said
court in an order made and entered on the
12th day of March, 1981, as the time and
place for hearing said petition, at which
time and place all persons interested in
said estate may appeal %nd objett to said
account, settlement thereof, and contest
the same.Jand all persons concerned there­
in are notified to be present and show
cause, if any there be, whyjsaid account
and report should not be approved and
allowed and said estate seltled.and said
administratrix discharged
Administratrix of the eiU te of
Harry Newby, Deceased.
Dite of first publication, 20th of Mch. 1931
Date of last publication, 17th of April, 193 1
N. Y. Woman Lost
14 Pounds of Fat
O ne 85 Cent B ottle of
K ruschen Salts Did It
"I am starting on my second bottle of
Kruschen Salts and am real pleased with
results. I take it for reducing and so far
have lost 14 pounds and I think it is do­
ing wonders for me. I do not feel so
tired evenings when I get home from
A generous bottle of Kruschen Salts
that lasts weeks costs but 85 cents at
Nyssa Pharmacy or any drugstore in
America takr one half teaspoon in a glass
o f hot water every morning before break­
fast—cut out pastry and fatty meats- go
light on potatoes, butter, cresm and sugar
that will help Kruschen take off your fat
Before the bottle is empty surplus fat
is leaving you-indolence changes to ac­
tivity you’ll feel younger eyes will bright­
en step grows spry. Millions know this
you ought to know it, Kruschen Salts is
the ideal treatment for constipation, in­
digestion, headaches, nervousness and
Take Kruschen every morning it’s the
little daily dose that does it if nou joy.
fully satisfied after the first bottle money
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
For the County of Malheur
Oscar J. Pinkston, Plaintiff vs
Ollie Pinkston, Defendent.
To Ollie Pinkston, The above named
In the Name of the State of Oregon,
You are hereby required to appear in the
above entitled Court and cause within
four (4) weeks from the first publication
of this summons, which data of first pub­
lication is April 10th, 1931, then and there
to answer or otherwise plead to the com­
plaint filed herein and if you fail so to do,
for want thereof, plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded in the
complaint on file herein, to-wit; For an
order and decree of said Court That the
bonds of matrimony now existing between
said plaintiff and said defendant be forever
dissolved, and that an absolute decree of
divorce be granted said plaintiff, and that
the Court may make such other and fur.
ther order and decree as may seem just
and equitable in the premises. £
You will take notice that this summons
is served upon you under, by virtue of and
pursuant to an order of the Hon. W. W.
Wood, Judge of the above entitled Court,
which order was made and entered on
April 6th, 1931, and directing that the
summons herein be published for four (4)
successive and consecutive weeks and five
(6) publications thereof in the The Gate
City Journal, published at Nyssa, Oregon,
the date of the first publication hereof is
April 10th, 1931, and the date of the lsst
publication is May 8th, 1931.
E. M. Blodgett,
Attorney for Plaintiff
Residing st Nyssa, Oregon
I 41
• 4 »
Plant a rose bush.
Chicks For Sale
White Legh irn. Barred Roeks,
Rhode Island Red and Buff .Or­
pington chicks for sale.
We also do custom hatching of
chicken and turkey eggs.
Phone 204W1
Ontario, Ore,