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<£)Oeiroit Publishing Q>.
Onceóla, c h ie f o f ¿he •Sem inóte^
I E C E M B E K 28 is the anni­
versary o f one o f the most
inspiring deeds In the his­
to ry o f the Am erican army.
I f you go to the United
States M ilitary academy at
W est Point you will see
there, opposite the library,
a tall white shaft, enpped
by the carved likeness of
nn eagle, and with these
words engraved upon one
face o f the base “ T o com­
m em orate the battle o f the 28th o f
December, 1835, between a detachment
o f 108 United States troops and the
Seminóles o f Florida In which all o f
the detachment save three fell without
an attempt to r e tr e a t” On another
aide o f the monument the Inscription
reads “ Dude and tils com m and: Ma­
jo r Dade, Fourth In fa n try ; Captain
Gardiner, Second a rtille ry ; Lieutenant
Itasslnger, Second a r tille ry ; Lieuten­
ant Mudge, T hird a r tille ry ; Lieuten­
a n t Reals, /Third a r tille ry ; Lieutenant
Henderson, Second a r tille ry ; Doctor
Gatlin, medical stafT.” T h e third side
te lls that the monument was “ Erected
by the three regiments nnd the medl-
cnl staff whose comrades fell on the
28th o f December, 1835, serving their
country and promoting their profes­
sion,” and the fourth records that
“ T h e remains o f the dead repose near
St. Augustine, Fin,”
* Such Is the sim ple record o f heroism
In a now Hltiiost-forgotten battle o f
one o f the costliest wars e ver waged
by the United States. T h e war o rig­
inated In the determ ination o f the
U nited States to rem ove the Seminole
Indians from th eir ancestral home In
Florid a to beyond the Mississippi riv­
er. T h e result was protracted w arfare
extending o ve r seven years, during
which tim e Osceola, a young Seminole
w a r chief, and his warriors, some two
o r three thousand In number, had tak­
en the lives o f more than 1,500 regu­
la r army soldiers and at least thnt
number o f settlers and volunteers and
the w ar had cost the United States
tw en ty m illions o f dollars.
E arly In December o f 1835 tw o o f
the ten companies o f the regular army
stationed in Florida were ordered from
F o rt Iirooke, on Hillsboro bay near
the present Tampa, to meet a force
fro m Fort King. In the center o f the
state, nenr the forks o f the Within-
eoochee riv er for a punitive expedition
against the Seminóles. At Fort Itrooke
enough inen w ere drafted from SlnJ.
Fran cis I* Dade's Fourth Infantry de­
tachment to com plete tw o full compa­
nies o f 50 men each o f the Second ar­
tille ry and the T h ird Infantry, com.
tnanded by t'nptnlns G ardiner nnd Fra
ser respectively
Lieutenants llassln-
ger, Henderson, Mudge nnd Keals and
Assistant Surgeon G atlin were the
subordinates. Captain G ardiner was
to command the expedition but when
It was ready to start It was discovered
Hint his w ife was seriously III. M ajor
D ad e thereupon volunteered to lead
the party so that G ardiner could re
main with his wife. On the morning
o f December 24 the expedition, com­
posed o f 100 officers and men. carry
Ing ten days provisions und uccompa-
i m
regulars that there was no stampede
on this occasion. T h e soldiers left
the road Instantly, took to the trees
which stood on the other side o f the
road and poured a heavy fire upon
th eir nssallants. Then fo r fo rty min­
utes they stood firm there, fighting as
coolly ns though there hnd been no
surprise, nnd holding their fire until
they enught sight o f an Indian and
knew that they could make their shots
effective. As a result the Seminolta
w ithdrew their forces and the fighting
Witnesses Fatal
Climax to Old Dispute.
One-tenth o f income Used to
Fight Dirt.
Held W ithout Ball.
T h e defendant was held without ball
fo r the action o f the grand Jury which
began to take testimony to determine
whether the case was one o f murder
or, as the defendant and Ids w ife In­
sisted, an accidental death resulting
from a tussle o f the tw o men fo r a
re vo lv er w ith which Joseph Flood men­
aced his brother-in-law.
John Lantry, owner o f the disputed
house In this village, is sixty years
old and retired.
Ills son, Francis,
was thirty-five, a plasterer, married
and the fath er o f one child.
Joseph Flood Is fo rty and manager
o f a steamship ticket agency In New
York. H e has two children, the old­
est a girl o f five. He occupied a room
on the second floor o f the tliree-story
home o f John Lantry with one o f his
Ills w ife and the other
child slept in a room directly across
the hall.
F o r the Inst few years Francis Lan­
try had held silence In the presence
hfs sister and
speaking only when It was necessary
and then usually engaging In a
w rangle over his suspicion that the
Floods w ere trying to acquire the
house Into which they had moved on
th eir marriage.
H e rarely visited the home o f his
But he told his w ife the
night before the shooting that he
would go over and "have It out with
the Floods." The quarrel endured for
Francis Lantry Informed his
father, In the presence o f the Floods,
that the latter w ere plotting to get
the house away from him. He de­
manded the Floods move out.
Breaks Out Again.
T h e dispute finally quieted down
nnd Mrs. Flood went to her room.
Soon after, her huband went to his
own room. Francis Lantry helped his
father, who was III, tow ard the fa ­
th er’s room. T o reach It they passed
through the room occupied by Mrs.
Flood and her small daughter.
The elder Lantry stumbled and fell
to the floor nt the threshold o f his
room. His son, Francis, engaged with
his sister In a new dispute.
T h eir
words came in furious tones. Across
the hall, Flood, according to his
story later, believed Francis Lnntry
was about to beat his sister,
corroborated her husband on this
By o fx O N
Tlia Inefficient Executive
T h e execu tive whose desk Is clear,
and who alw ays seems to be calm. Im­
presses me us efficient. T h e one who
Is rushing around and nil the tim e try ­
ing to catch up n ever seem s to be
quite on the Job. Ills desk Is covered
with papers and he Is nlw ays out o f
I was discussing with the
form er type the oth er day Ids duties,
and he remarked he had none.
“ I urn Just around here,” he said,
in cuse a fire starts. T h en 1 am on
hand to put It out.”
H e meant that the business would
ordinarily run sm oothly without him
If properly organized, and he wus
there to straighten ent tangles.
New York.— Ten cents o f every dol­
lar spent by the average Am erican
fam ily Is for the purpose o f keeping
clean, u survey o f this little-discussed
phuse o f dally life by Ronald Millur,
N ew Y'ork statistician, shows.
Basing his calculations upon a fam ­
ily o f four, M illar estimates that $1,01)0
a year Is the least price o f cleanli­
ness that can be quoted.
O f this
amount, $469.35 Is the minimum year­
ly total for personal nnd household
cleanliness; $485 for the services o f
cleaners whether employed directly or
Indirectly, nnd $72.80 for civic cleun-
In personal nnd household clennlt-
G etting t B reak
ness the statistician Includes soap,
w ell known w rite r o f crook
polishes, shaving equipment nnd mate­
rials, hot water for washing or bath­ stories manages a la rg e olllce In Mid­
ing, haircuts for husband only, tooth­ town w here be serves refreshm ents
brushes nnd dentifrices, handkerchiefs, and makes frien d s o f both cops and
towels, linen and power or upkeep fo r crooks from both o f whom he gnthers
w hatever cleaning devices that may be his m aterial. R ecently he wns having
used. T h e housewife Is grunted, un­ a quiet drink with a well known crook.
der the Second group, 35 cents an hour T w o d etectives entered his olllce and
were delighted to meet the oth er guest
nt the rate o f two hours a day fo r
300 days In the year. W hether or not face to face.
she receives any actual pay, the work
“ I want y o u ." announced one o f the
“ W e ’ v e been look in g for
is still chargeable since It Is tim e detectives.
which any wontnn might employ fo r you fo r tw o months.”
cash profit. Likewise, says Millar, the
“ No you d on 't," declared the w riter.
cleaning o f railway cars, automobiles "T h is Is neutral ground, and you are
nnd even the grooming o f 10,IKK),000 nil guests here.
I f you wnnt this
man, you g iv e him an hour's stn rt
horses that still exist In the country
ultimately becomes a charge upon the Sit here and have a drin k w ith me
while he Is on his wny.”
“ Food und shelter lead In the cost
“ W e can’t let this fe llo w go,” an­
o f living," says Millnt, “ hut the cost swered the detective. “ N ot this bird.
o f cleanliness Is higher than that o f
W e’ ve been a fte r him too long.”
clothes, education, amusements, own-
"L is te n ," said the w riter. “ I'v e got
ng an automobile and many other ns much on you ns yo u 've got on this
things that figure more prominently
fellow . N ow you are goin g to do us
In the household budget.”
I say and g iv e him a chance. W e w ill
all sit down and h ave a drink to geth er
nnd then you w ill w ait here.”
Ancient British Law
T h e w r ite r bad his way, and, n fter
Demands Long Bows the crook hnd been on his w ay an
London.— Another peril o f over legis­ hour the tw o d etectives left. In te ll­
lation was turned up here when It ing me this story the w r ite r ad d ed :
A ll that y e g g needed wns th ree min­
utes' stnrt, and they w ould n ever
are liable to fines I f they have too
few long bows In the house In case It catch him."
Oedarhurst, I *
I.— When Joseph
Flood married Catherine U n t r y , sev­
eral years ago, her brother, 1 rancls,
made a tremendous to-do about It. It
didn't help matters when the couple
went to liv e with the bride's father,
John Lantry.
F or Francis reasoned
that the couple were planning to work
John I.untry's house aw ay from him
And that, o f course— he made bold to
announce to the couple— meant that
he might lose Ids share o f the Inheri­
That dispute developed rancorously
through the years. It reached a tragic
climax one morning recently. And late
In the afternoon M agistrate John
Flood o f N ew York city stood along
side Ids brother, Joseph, before Jus­
tice o f the Peace Edward T. Neu in
Lynbrook and entered for him a plea
o f not guilty to a charge o f murder In
the first degree In the shooting o f
But Captain Gardiner, who had as­
sumed command a fte r Dude's denth,
knew that this was not the end o f tito
affair. H astily collecting the wound­
ed, he moved back a short distance
and Immediately set his men, now less
than fifty In number, at work fellin g
Soon a fte r they left, Cuptaln Gardi­
trees and throwing up a triangular
ner found that he could send his w ife
breastwork. But before this hnd risen
to her fam ily on a transport, which
three small tree trunks high, the In­
was Just ready to sail for K ey W est
dians, henvll.v reinforced, returned to
and, having done that, he hastened a ft­
the attack. In a few moments a fu­
e r Dude's party. In the meantime the
rious battle was In progress. Sur­
ox team had broken down and Dade
rounded on all sides by the Indians
had sent buck fo r horses to pull the
who poured th eir fire into the depres­
cannon. Because o f this delay Gur-
sion In which the little fort hnd been
dlner was able to catch up with the
built, the result was Inevitable. Cap­
detachment that evening, little reallz
Flood took a .38 calibre revolver
tain Gardiner, m ortally wounded, cried
Ing that what he regarded as a fortu­
from a chiffonier.
H e stepped Into
nate circumstance In reality meant his
the hall Just ns his brother-in-law, too,
doom. T h e progress o f the expedition
came Into the hall. T h e latter saw
was slow. It taking Dade fou r days to
Outside the breastwork Lieutenant the pistol In Flood’s hand, leaped
make 05 miles. During that time, no
Bassiner and a small detail o f a r til­
across and wrestled fo r it. The weapon
Semlnoles had made their appear­
lerymen continued to fire their six-
was discharged.
Lan try fe ll to the
ances, although unknown to him the
pounder until every man except the
floor, a bullet through his right temple.
negro guide was a traitor who hnd
lieutenant was killed. Then, serious­
His sister lay screaming In bed. H is
betrayed the route o f the expedition
ly wounded, he dragged himself Inside
fath er lay on the floor In a stupor.
to the Indians and C h ief Osceola had
the logs and fired a musket until a
T h e children were asleep. There was,
resolved to ambush the oncoming
bullet cut him down. In spite o f a
then, only one witness besides Flood,
broken arm, Lieutenant Henderson did
nnd his wife. She telephoned Police
T h e Sem inole leader hnd Intended
Lieutenant Edward Blunt Immediately.
to direct the attack In person, but on
Neither husband nor w ife made any
Indians swarmed Into the little fort
that day he hnd been busy elsewhere—
concealment o f the fact that Lantry
making a sw ift raid near Fort King,
died o f a wound Inflicted by a weapon
fearing that the troops from Fort King
where he shot down General Thomp­
held by Flood. Both, however, main­
would arrive any minute, the Seml­
son, the Indian agent who had once
tained unswervingly that the killing
noles fled.
put him In Irons, and four others. So
was an accident. Flood said he had
It was Micanopy, the head ch ief o f the
A fte r they le ft the battlefield a no Intention o f firing, planning only
Semlnoles, who was In charge that
party o f some fifty renegade negroes to menace his brother-in-law with the
day. On the morning o f December 28
appeared to plunder the dead. They
revolver so that he would leave the
Dade nnd his men had crossed the
found Lieutenant Basslnger still alive house.
fork o f the Wlthlncoochee nnd were
nnd, despite his appeal for mercy, cut
marching along n trail which ran
him down with their hatchets. T h ree
across an open barren. On one sale
o f the privates, who w ere severely Speedy Aerial Train
o f the trail was a stretch o f swntnp
wounded, feigned death and the ne­
Invented by Scotsman
overgrow n with grass five feet high
groes left without molesting them
London.— W ith the idea o f vastly
nnd In this grass Micanopy hnd hid­
T w o others, although wounded, had
Increasing the speed o f passenger
den 200 w a rriors with strict orders to
managed to get away during the con­
transport between big cities, there Is
hold th eir Qre until he gave the slg-
fusion o f the fight, and although one
being constructed near Glasgow an ex­
was killed by an Indian, who discov­
perimental overhead railw ay on which
ered them during th eir flight toward
Unmindful o f the hidden danger,
enrs driven by airplane type propellers
Dade's force marched along the trail
w ill be suspended from a monorail.
with Captain F ra zer nnd Lieutenant
T h e new system, called the George
Mudge leading the advance. Not a
Bennie rallplnne, is the Invention o f
sound came from the Indians until
It was not until the follow in g Feb­
a Glasgow man and Is designed to
the whole column was under their
ruary that nn expedition from Fort
carry passengers 120 miles an hour
guns. Then taking careful alin. Ml.
K in g was able to visit the scene of
o # rh e a d . T h e monorail Is being con­
canopy shot M ajor Dade, killing hlin
the Dade disaster and In the report of
structed o ver the Northeastern R ail­
Instantly. At that signal the tall grass
( ’apt. E. A. Hitchcock o f the First In­
w ay company's track at Milngavle,
was ablaze with flame. Captain Fraz­
fan try on what he found In the little near Glasgow.
er was killed at the first tire and Lieu
log fort, one reads this statem ent:
A cigar shaped carriage driven by
tenant Mudge mortally wounded. Lieu­
"W ith in
trian gle
tw o airplane propellers, fore und aft.
tenants Henderson and Keals were se
bodies, mostly mere
Is being built by the W illiam Beard-
verely wounded and Cuptaln Gardiner.
skeletons . . . lying, every one o f
more company. T h e coach Is designed
Lieutenant Basslnger nnd Doctor G at­
them. In precisely the same position
to carry 50 passengers and a quantity
lin w ere the only officers who w ere un­
they must have occupied during the o f light freight.
hurt. Under the circumstances— the
fig h t; their heads next to the logs
surprise o f the attnek anil the appal
over which they hnd delivered their
Seek Million» in Gold
ling losses— It would not h are been
fire, nnd their bodies stretched with
Juneau. Alaska.— Treasure. Includ­
surprising If the whole column had
striking regularity parallel to each
been thrown Into a panic Imm ediately
oth er
T h ey had evidently been shot ing $5.000,000 In gold nnd a stock o f
Such a thing had happened more than
dead at their post* . . ." “ Shot thirty-yen r-old Scotch whisky, has
once before when white troops were
dead nt their posts"— what better drawn a daring crew o f salvagers and
ambushed by their red enemies. But
epitaph for an Am erican soldier than deep sen diver* here, ready to battle
with the ocean over the hulk o f a
It la to the everlnstlng glory o f these
«unken steamer, T h e Islander.
nled by a six-pounder drawn uy fou r
oxen and one light horse wagon set
out with a Spanish negro to guide It
to the rendezvous on the Within-
becomes necessary to defend the
Reason W hy
The constant sprouting o f skyscrap­
Under an old law, never repealed,
the Bowyers company still has the ers causes nny number o f persons to
right to search houses within three w rite to newspapers, asking why w in ­
miles o f London und demand o f the dows In new buildings are made
occupants that all long bows on the opaque by soap o r oth er material.
T h is practice, Incidentally, has be­
premises be produced.
No lon ger does each
T h e company o f Bowyers Is one o f come refined.
the smallest and oldest o f the many window have a cross m arked on It.
medieval guilds that still exist In Lon­ Instead It Is neatly painted with its
don. The date o f Its establishment Is own Initials. T h e reasons fo r m ark­
lost In antiquity, hut It Is known thnt ing up the gla ssw a re are th re e fo ld :
it was in existence long before 1371. T h ey serve ns advertisem ents, pre­
At that tim e it separated from the vent workmen from pushing lum ber
Fletchers (arrow m akers), perhaps be­ through the panes, nnd serve to show
cracks o r flaws.
cause o f disagreement on the reform
effected nt thnt time which shortened
the workmen's hours o f labor “ by rea­
Just x Joke
son that bows could not In any man­
H artford Bowel, Jr., an ad vertisin g
ner be as well or as profitably made man who has turned n ovelist— w it­
fo r the K ing and his people by night ness his "M a rried M oney” — does not
as by day.”
lose his ad vertisin g Instincts In the
The present members o f the Bow­ fiction game.
When bis "M nrrlpd
yers company are descendants o f the M oney” was published, he dedicated
old bowmakers, but they pursue their Individual copies to various litera ry
ancient calling no longer, despite mod­ editors.
Each dedication pnge bore
ern Interest in archery. T h e company the words, “ T o So-and-so fo r tils high
offers a prize each year at the Royal services to literatu re.”
M ost o f the
Toxophilite society’s competition, but litera ry editors appreciated It as a
the ancient cup o f the old company good-humored prank, but som e serious­
Is now contested for yearly nt Aider- ly believed thnt every copy bore ths
shot with modern rifles instead o f same dedication.
bows and arrows.
(© by the Bell Syndicate. Inc.)
Miners to W ear Goggles
for Accident Prevention
Bible, Lost in Argonne,
Returned to Ex-Soldier
Shamokln, Pa.— M ine workers o f
the Lehigh Coal & Navigation com­
pany may soon be wearing goggles
at their work. The accident report o f
the company fo r 1928 shows thnt 306
men suffered Injuries to their eyes as
the result If being struck by flying
particles o f coal und rock.
Rcrw lck, Ba.— E leven years a fte r he
lost bis Bible (luring the A rgonn e cam ­
paign, G. Tn.vlor W rig h t has hnd It
returned to him.
S everal days ago W righ t's m other
opened n le tte r addressed to her son,
who Is now in M assachusetts, and
found It contained an o ffer from Mrs.
W illiam Dnvis o f M cIn tyre to send
the Bible to nny re la tive o f W righ t.
She had no know ledge w hether W righ t
hnd survived the war. T h e Bible had
been found by her son.
Mrs. W rlglit forw ard ed the letter
to her son, who asked that the Bible
be sent to him.
Wooden Shoemaker
Busy in Iowa Town
Orange City, Iowa.— T h e sturdy sons
o f the Netherlands in this little Flem ­
ish community clatter about In their
wooden slippers at their tasks on their
farms and truck gardens.
J. Van
H off has built up quite a wooden shoe
business. H e turns out a pair In 45
minutes. And he sells 'em fo r $L
Lessen» Use o f Spuds
Spalding, England.— T h e craze for s
slim figure has caused a notable de­
crease In the consumption o f potatoes,
an official o f the hoard o f agriculture
stated at a potato show luncheon here.
| Can’ t Decide Where
+ to Send Deported Man
4 ,
Ore.— A
T Bhillp Nolan, tittle's famous
* "man without a country," Is
wnltlng In the county Jail fo r i v
some place to go. H e Is Steve ♦
Kindred. Oregon's "man without
a country” as fa r as immigration
authorities are concerned.
wag born In Poland, at least It
was Boland when he was born,
but a fte r the w ar when the map
o f Europe wns remade, Kn-
dred's home town was In Rou- ?
These two countries, Poland
and Roumania, have not decided
which. If either. Is going to ac­
cept Kindred upon deportation
from the United States for U-
+ legal entry.
Survey Shows Increase
in Use of Lumber
Washington.— In an attem pt to de­
termine exactly how much wood, o f
what kind and In whnt form , Is used
by Am erican Industries e ve ry year,
the Departm ent o f Com m erce has
completed a nation-wide survey. P re ­
liminary figures show that lum ber is
in a greatly Increasing demand In the
Inland em pire states and thnt the
prairie states represent practically the
only section o f the country show ing a
C it iz
* " * Shou|d Check
U P on Toy
own-, I
What cun the
»bout the h l g h w ^ . . « *
knows that there 1 , , P^ * "
nume coniai*
th" r“ - '« «raffle
c o n i ', " S
«'■•1er roads, for
....... « a (avenga
highway safety device»;
way, like golf under 12,1» i
- *»
“f *
« « ‘ -xrim
lohn Her
cording to E. E. Duffy, hlghwii
tlonnl writer.
Communities have made,
projecting nnd financing imp
and probably they will coutlm
so. John Ber Capita may * » a
takes are being made, ^ ,
that Ids voice If amused la
would be but n small mm,k, j
nothing about I t The
that the citizen must Inn q
to be a good citizen, 1» ft,;.
may be many other» who ,S(,
him tlmt In the Interest of beu«-
em inent certain procedure» ^
taken or eliminated, ai q, -
niuy be.
T o Illustrate: Recently la
a city official took It upon hi
instigate a street-rcsurftclng
In one district where the
w ere so Imd that a motorist
keep more than one wheel it
out o f the holes. The «reel
w ere so shuttered that obvlot
wouldn't even serve as » pm
base, Inasmuch • s
would soon he ruined. One
ow n er saw the folly of this r
Ing project and busied himself,
his community business
d efeatin g the plan. An la]
ngnlnst resurfacing wai ,
now In all likelihood the
be relieved solidly, savlag the
inanity considerable money
period o f years. There are
tl\,e citizen may serve his at
and also Ids own pocketbook, Ig
reelin g his nttentlon to impror,
w h erever shoddy or unstable
tlon Is contemplated.
P a r t i c u l a r Seaton
f o r Modernizing!
Modernizing Is a year rooad;
blllty. The season of the ;
little Influence on modernlil*'
the movement Is broader than a ‘
Ing season.
During the dead of winter
heat o f summer It la possible k
prove the npiieariince and i
o f the home.
Modernizing stnrts when ttiet
owner begins to make plans lot;
ed Improvements about the I
starts with the Idea that the old-
stead Is behind the times,
when the man of the house I
plan fo r n new heating plant «11
modeled exterior, when the My
the house purchases varied ten*
rles to beautify the home.
A n y effort to Improve the lw
nnce, convenience nnd beauty«
home Is modernization.
E very endeavor to make the M
up-to-date places the home one I
step with the movement
B u y in the Homs Ton
Social economists commonly Hi
that too much of the populationeftt
country Is located In great dtlasT
that conditions would be better if 1»
d rift to those cities should sto$at
If more people would stay In ■
sized cities nnd suburban ando
towns. One cause for this drll
big cities Is that In post /cam
people got the Idea that they l
gain nn advantage by buying l
stiyiplles In these great center» t
helped transfer business ts i
places, and took It away fn »*
sm aller communities. The peofde$
least can do their share to coife
this undesirable drift, by buyingfi
stiyiplles o f their own town t
thus keeping their money to t
their own town, rather than s
It elsew here to build up bigger d
— Newark Advocate.
M a '.in g Best Use of
Houses should fit the aeigl
In which they are built If
values are to be secured fn*
dentini retti estate sites, says
tlonul Association of Real
Boards In a series of articles «
ma .es urban land values. The
hullder would do well to I«*
me nelgl
the other homes in
In which he Is contemplating <
«fraction nnd see thnt hit I k W "
fo rm s to the general cost lertidi
o th e r stru cture s I f he trlshetlt-
ths best use o f Ills land.
When Home Grows Old
Chance Query Recover»
Ring Lost Six Years
Erlgerton, Minn.— A ring, lost
for six years, wag re*tored to
Mrs. W lekernrd because she said
the right thing at the right time.
W hile a tenant occupying the
farm form erly rented by Mrs.
W lekernrd w as visitin g at her
home she ask ed : “ D id any one
ever Hnd a ring on your pluceT
I lost one there about six year*
pulled the ring from hi* pocket
and told thnt he bud found It
two year* ago but n ever knew
It* owner
T h e average home built tenf
o r more years ago needs oily -
exterior changes to give It —
lines. Stained shingles laid rlf®’
the wood or stucco walls; peW
o ld [x irc h changed Into a an» ’
replaced w ith an Inviting «•
som e " gingerbread " removed, at*
ways to Improve the looks i n ­
grow ing old.
Avoid Low-Grade
T h e use o f low-grade
m a tte r w hat kind of workwt^-
em ployed w ith them. Is w * 11
end, to show henry ex pen* ^
placem ents and repairs, placing *•
d u ly hoary load and in entire/
necessary one, on the owueiwt