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to irmi
The secretary of agriculture of Bra-
ill recently presented a lengthy me­
morial to the president of the republic
explaining tho necessity of encourag­
ing the coal and steel Industries, which
has resulted In the publication of two
decrees of the federal government.
The secretary's report states that
until there are at least ten coal mines
In active operation In the country the
effect of this Industry will not be felt
In the conservation of the wood sup­
ply. which Is now being rapidly con­
sumed to meet the needs o f the rail­
ways and of domestic Industries. The
steel Industry Is so largely dependent
upon suitable fuel that. In the secre­
tary's opinion. It should also receive
the attention o f the Brazilian govern­
ment. The director of the geological
survey of the Brazilian government
states that by a process of washing
metallurgical coke may I k * obtained
from Brazilian coal, and that this Is
already being accomplished In the
stale of Santa Catharina.
The secretary points out that the
present lack o f sufficient domestic coal
of suitable quality should not Interfere
with the establishment of a steel In­
dustry, which could temporarily use
wood, and that for more than 300 years
Sweden was obliged to depend upon
this kind of fuel, lie al»*i says that In
the K n.ted States some •HYUkX) tons of
pig Iron are produced annually by the
use of iharcoal as a fuel.— Commerce
Treasurer War Work Council
National Uoartl Y. W. C. A.
lu an llllnola pratrl* toan Urea a
mido» »lio laundera »tf'enteen ha»
keta of wash a
week and «ivsry
ntRht thanka IJod
tor havlng p u t
t tty
into the
heart» of women
To her came one
day a letter from
her only son. He
was then at Camp
Khtnaton. Kansas,
learning to be a
aoldier. The let
ter begged her to
come and see him
before he w a s
sent to France
opened the tin
Mra. Oa.ltcn
hjuih ,n wh|ct
\\ ornen of ever* rafe
and creed aro ita w.xrJs. The *»sk
of the War Work Coundl is tremend-
\\hen the l'nlted States entered
th# ( r f l t „ XT me Young Women a
Christian Association was. as always,
working among women.
With the
call to new duties its members did
not abandon their old responsibilities.
The War Work Council ».is formed
as an emergency measure to take
care of the women who were caught
in some of the man's of war. Just as
the parent organisation has taken
care of them through many years of
The varied activities «loci !oJ
upon by the War Work Council fol­
low closely the needs of the
out communities of the country, bee-
rotaries trained in the methods of
were seat
the had Wen hoarding her dimes and the organisation
quart. <s against this day. The money ¡ broadcast
They »e r o instructed to
»a «
tftu '
S n .-v.helow rope t to the National Foaixl of iha
she s*.irteil
she walked the tirsi Yo ing W exon s Christian Assoeia-
eighteen miles
Then her strength t ons in New York the lines of
which could be best followed in the
gave out. and she took a train.
These secretaries
She did net knew that xi-itors to various local.ties
Camp hhmsi.ui st.\> In Junction City work in close cooperation with m.n-
eleven miles sway
So she got off sters. «omen » clubs chambers of
the fruiti at >Yrt Kile». An officer eoinmcrce chinch.» military official*,
The rec­
set her right and she reached June- and charitable societies
Con City after dark. Somehow ¡he ord of a day a de.ugs of a secretary
found a rooming house.
Some on* roads like a novel, an eoonomio
th're «tele five «lolla!» from her
treatbe ard a psycholepieal essay CARRY FOOD TO TRENCHES
fir# of the precie s dollar* she had .11 cvrvpn ssed into a lir.e-a-day entry.
earned over the wash tub and sa veil
V secretary sent out hy the War F-cnch Err.p'ey Carrne Couriers to
Terror stnekeu.
she Week Council must be equal to any
Take Supplies to the Men In
crept out of the house when uo one emergency
Miss IdiUan Kail at t'hd-
Most Exposed Positions.
was looking.
eeth.i el.vse by C«.n;' Sb.evr.tan. h .t-
l.aier in the m;ht a »-'Idler fbund
viag along the street at r. eht'.vU
Trench warfare certainly Interferes
he; t-embii: - ilCthe st-.-cet. and trok
Ktno upon a or'. - ip . couple
A Vhtt- with the figlr-’ r'« mer.H. A fter cap-
her te il e ■ v s o f the Young Wem • >.h s •• \ rr br-i found a y b for 11» ' turing the « y 's (xwition in partic­
h s Chnstuvn
i w . iis
>tfe. «o lha: she unsht come on ular. is the tighter at a l.«s* to know
which the War Work Council had
ciu C’. ere’nr.d
When sbe arrived how be will gx't his regular niti.-ns;
nod as a clearing house for trou
he » * » ref.ise^ the place because for n-> d«»'s the enemy find
: es
The poor wvu-..'.r. she sieke no Knglish. The r money
himself disps-sst'ss. J o f his original
» s » put to bed but she wra h e
ad been all »pent on the m; road trenches than he opens tip with an In­
n serable to sleep
The matron get
«ro. and be »eldicn was d ie back tense K-.rmge design«-«! to prevent
p at daybreak, built a fire, and com 1 at Camp. The situation was lad.
tmmci'.itios and f-sxl fr-xm reaching
Vrtrd her
The son s cotu.nmdinw * Thar.ks to Mis* Hull a CJulaceth an
the new cx-mponts.
'.■fk'e* was marked hy telnpCone he s e »-:e new has an
The Froni'h army believes it luis
**■ h in the n o m sg. an t Ute Ixiy ard don estje. a soldier a s-'.\e! the problem «-Í carrying food to
•ame te his nieihc on the Urws trol
s w : e
ar.d a sole.
r.:er. in Is-''»red treeeh«-s. In Its lunch
ti y ear he evuM catch.
..-!>» . es b.-se
i n s moro
.s. says the Sterenttttr A meric-, n.
f i e two spent
V » - voiced ! -erto from the secretaries' work,
Carrying light lunches and coffee, and
V»*, • • « t ip
b í s r e — t v « « !'» '» * s n *e*ro
- .-«—rids■-« • - th-- m-'r rr the f~st
A nv ;.;Ji ha J
! saà b«' UzJ w. s:.ik<
itili c w
May 1 walk a!-'i e » U
r N'¡T » Nid coM n d t t«TT. !! ssi-o!
âr tv' i-Ki .«Aion; . .
A n >
Ñ ;rv'.r
» l e re Tied
.vu', t ' o ^ v u : v « . < '
b' - . . 4» -•
»!. ■ ' -
mst r-e
"V hat
Aro >.
ta i
. • v-r> -
• *
.* 1 1
« » . . \ O l *.
'» K '
s .. ; ro r_ ed th, >e sp.c..u*u iralizo-J
«legs are more certain to get th r ugb
barrag:» than men. Ea.-h dog Is
eqr. pp-ed v ;:h a sert ef d«nMe bag
s-rspp«h! tight ov.-r its Nxly. and p-ro-
« , .1 w ;:h Eumerou« p-vk- ‘ s f- r f » 4
e cans. ammtmi;l>vn and other srr-
1; is at the military «V«g-:rai- ns
g- ir.ds at Ihsris that dogs are pro-
pgre-l fo r th s serv re. Net «' are
f . UNlegged r ir . it « taught t-
: « iid the enemy and beware e f treka.
br.t a'«, to crawl or. tv cir st-xmach# tn
- b r
t s.'. -c fi- g
•- ñ : ■ ».i
r »ks are proT. ', 1 f.xr these A m »
» h e r they n-.nst p a ss through a poia­
na gas aren.
Who* the asa iron told her t at he:
The Tr k'. $ > V \ oa-r.e oat w :t' R
K 'l » a - iroe. she broke dc-.n and |
k t S. v > » a » î .Y
rrcJ and ct - o .1
-icly x.earts.:ck ; h At
-;«■ :»» V- C X <
■« .• .* ne: knew there was sc r ch
r »f-:
> was ca tfce
pt< left in the «v e ld
she robbe-4.
It ti.:« »v a it a saxe b.a» per.. I2Í
She - a-ed
her Ne« « r o d » » » »«nepgth- and i n t o s r s t f e a k
V ie * she went back to her saved him te h.» «roantxy
seMer.eea washing* and her memo-.
From s e n k , south, east and west
n et
: t'e s e p vire« r secretane* sent
Reca »# of the certainty of Jrst thetr repo "ta
The appa" ihg size of
Such cases * « this was Ocrorr.srental
, the cndertak.n* was ro««ea'ied tr :h#
*er.'t\'>n -;wr. to the actixit e* of the War Work OenneU. SyKetnafsatsw
k « i k c - . Ce i
of the A" W. O, A
of the werk was the first siejv Onl T * Fe P*tr>ed Onty a the M r-» -g.
r-ow : t f r » . r ie the Alante ns
of ths » » H nst-aoc* phases certain
Many pears t o - when C.xBule Mack
fteM «\. rda
i w
state tn th* linos of werk were rs« '.ase*.
was th«- Milwaukee ratch-r t&d n t t -
t'moa ha* its nr-.-Nrrs
Urgent ap-
tOooUnced «
. «■) ager. the club epened the sx-asxa with
r e t * for h.
tro >U ar.d its
«X vt -a! sore-arm veteexa p: t V rs.
---- ---- ---
. - » ........... ......
o r - vuT-c-—" wrrk *v - “les
Ù ' '•
V ;
T » ' -x-rtb '.c Ncrty lo a n is the f.rse
m b
a i -be
* w . he pu t ^.x> mi. A v . masi -* P - u ic * arxi f.
J»ext ro a -
vbk M r Paapaame bb M a l l a r m
' C * it
i s i out - K r
*x? r-a- ana'. * * r fganrro aü>ce the ae.~*
the w^r
- as.-pg ihn: rÀsxàge
TW M i n » 'max-m» ut azur t
A t» F-carùi
TV m e w
rv. a . * - T '
- * - « ».-g. à .» r. b » . A
»»X V S> beaten something -ke 16 re A
The kid pi- her w-as s «mets-
“ The
umpire didn't fix e me any the bes:
of ft.' be said hy way o f an t . I t
*N.x* rep cd J.x# t'a it, -xa. w ie bad
.-rorbeuNi the remark ; “ae. l-er d ii the
rp r- ug barrees giro roa any the be-
o í St.“
The t)d walked eff tu a k . f Coe
t i » Mack turned te CMflTImi
say tin* f<c the K j . ' be n .’i * > »
w .xrted oct with toza every
for :be last tw# week*, an i be Vxokeî
mighty r-ud *
t'a it;Aon pnDed a achedc e on; rtf
U pocket « A i g-aaced «-roe h rtÿO-
ly. “ Tbs next zncrmuc gam- Ss on
day. O a a w “ hr t e r z t t -
ed -t^ve the tod pi'.-her for rie t.*
V yUuaig
a b - s * « s - »a Erz-i-a-fe g
I r a i Rosa tec caprared hy A * vler-
B z r i sag isrer exchaigeg. s ì - » in thè
F a n i and Ffrostfde T T - t 1 lay Acwx.
so: re s ìm t but so think I thought
f t t v day when I e r ir v e i la Canada
of Teae-.zg b-xnw. the rrz uîng caairts.
the t r g m - w»a» te E r t i s i the
-fair.lag ta V~x » c i g.xzg > —xss the
cbazaxx re Thaudera. the tw rifi- fight
tg t : Tpces. i f the mazy Tro-nds wbe
fell «X that Woody hart-efie-d. bew I
was w. -ended wad -apruro-i the taire
mar ttvsn sm : 1 h c k t s I at tbs b u d s
i t the i k n a t war t e»«na wbe bad foot
husky úe-maa* bold me A 'w t whfie
they f t « five Mmes ixc <d try w—he
aad s T-pzrta rod * y middy tneer ai tbs
n—raf W a t w bet I wu* w r— di i ta
the paha f t the baud, the f c f t j ani
How the Poles Were Slain and
Starved and Frozen During
the German Drive.
F. C. Walcott Toll« o f tho Scene* of
Horror Ho Witnesaed Along tho
Road From Warsaw to Pinak
— Million Persona Homelet*.
Thia I have seen. I could not
believe it unless I had *een It
through and through. For sev­
eral weeks I lived with It; I
went all about It and back of It;
inside and out of It wae shown
to me— until finally I came to
realize that the incredible was
true. It is monstrous, it is un­
thinkable, but it exists. It is
the Prussian systtm.— F. C.
H -H -Et-M -Tt-H -M T -M -F-M -H -H -
The following Is a stntement by F.
C. Walcott, who servi»! ns an assist­
ant to Mr. Hoover during the time
America was doing all that wra» pos­
sible to feed the starving millions o f
Belgium and Poland and northern
Franc«. In this work he was brought
In direct contact with Gorman military
officials, and saw the conditions which
the German Invasion had created
among the civilian population:
I went to Poland to learn the facts
cxxccerning the remnant o f a people
that had been decimated by war. The
country had been twice devastated.
First the Russian army swept through
It and then the Germans. Along the
roadside from Warsaw to Pinsk. the
pr.'-vu« firing line. 230 miles, nearly
half a million people had died of hun­
ger and cold. The way was strewn
with their bones picked clean by the
With their usual thrift, the
cro w s.
to'-ncans were collecting the larger
boces to be milled into fertilizer, but
ficevr and toe bore* lay on the ground
with the mnd-ccvered and rain-soaked
Wicker ba«k«-r« were scattered a1 oar
tho way— the basket in which the baby
swings from The rafter !n every peas­
ant home.
Rvery mile there were
scores of them, each one telling a
d -«'? ’. T tro r«»i te CO"— - b-. '*ev •
i «• ' T '-»•z ;o z -,e T r -
h-r- » » r v
w tjtfiy.
Tb.s.t is the des« '.sno:- « saw - -g
the great road from W s-saw to
mile after mile, more than two hun­
dred miles. They told me a million
people were made homeless In six
weeks of the German drive in Ancust
awd September. 1916. They told me
four banfre«1 thousand 1 ■'à «n the
way. The re*t scarcely half a'. ve.
got thr,-urh with the Russian artr.v
Many of th es.- have been sent to Si­
beria : it is these peeple wh. xm the
Paderewski romm.ittee I» trwlmg to re­
In the refugee cam-«. A V OOP r -
the fig h t were ratb-— -’ by
the Germans, »em b ers c f broker fatn-
thew. They v e v lodged tn V r y - V-
biTTacks. scarcely watim-Txrxvi- ttr-
hgtted. unwurrted 1» the dead of win­
ter. Thetr r id fees, where the buttons
were lost, were sewed on. There were
r e cxxcveti«'nces. they b*ad act e v «
been ahie to wash fo r weeks. FY-h
■—f ^ i ? *
ri*? ^ "•» "
■>' *1 .T. >v *
v . a î t r^tî. i » et ^ v-i i 'i-ï
•• **-T *
1« ttj
Ir. Wamsaw e ktch bad act been 3e-
icr-yed. a city o f ooe aciihcr ii-hab-
ttarts, «s e of tb e r s o « gmosperxus cit­
ies of F c-x re before the war the
«erects were T r ed with T-eop' » in the
panes c i star rat ten
Famished zrd
r » i t e v kei. t? iey Bgtattei there wnti
thev' e'bcxrs M Their knees -V
h .t tgsinst t be bu * tro fee! *
te fift a head for a bit of mon-y or a
tnsrse of bev wd if 0 »>e offered it pen
tsh;zg c f fct ne»-- and coKi
*H! what It rouNi The r.cb gave *.7.
ths: the» > a i th? proc shared their
Msg ere*.
HemdreSs etf tb-usat *«
were peris t a g
P a y * a^ rzgtt the
f . «ate* Is 'hefice aty eyes—a pc-T ?
s a g » » * , a ta th t f j i ï g
The » h e r e suatfcnent Ve V " F i V
n * t la a tirrib ie arr*igt=>en: of the
Eut. bas Mb more rerr.b-le that be
What has k trp en e; J l
îm B e x -e m
5s »srth-ro
France and every other ever try th it
has be* s SSgkt-d by the B u i s proe-
eoce w mid happes ts. Azne-ca *1 i f
the aT es. by ary chance fa£ ts wjz
this w c>
P would ®eau tbe eusiive-
xnemt .•< A me— .-it n e t tb? s i r ng
and Acs k of Aaaerlcai w.nner and
*n a
E th e r tbe B n <r btastr. ?
V L ii D BY S E a im HELMET
SSt ä * i
f i
« t
n iX
SV—arrrii« f^or » far-
K t z l Lane
Fr*—* a f t t c y
V«. scorer b«e* » « *
Frwnrv L e*
rnro-xro-c s.
O c v Q » Ceawr •
**. 191
Important Industries of the Country
Are to Be Encouraged by the
he governm ent of
' i
Published evt
for a loan-all you can spare-to
make up a total of Six Billion
This money is necessary to keep
those boys fighting in France-to
keep them we!! fed, well armed and
i well supplied with ammunition.
I If you lend as they fight, viciory
S will come, and if you lend as will-
irgiy victory will come quickly.
Entered as
1Ö10, at
One year, in
?vx mouths n
AH copy Í
merits shouK
printer not I:
to insure ita
Be Generous
With Your Limit
Buy Liberty
Bonds Today
Any bank will help you.
This space contributed by
I The Bank of Nyssa
Winchester and
Shotguns and Rifles
A ll Lines of Amunition
And everything a Sportsman Needs
Tho Get
their pre®
break thr
than they
mer of 18<
and von Id
thing that
through, f
The prese
der other
who dubt
Germany 1
He has be
began ope
the end o
yet reach«
L. L. Mundle
Paras». Idaho.
! Automobiles
c ab
while Ion
anteed wi
wrtges se
that the
arc cheap
build ship
when the
and now ’
for them,
o f all ski
now been
turning o
mid not e
B ixf -.frirediit- dei v?ry a: pre*er; p-iee* or
■* atike«: B«*iek S-.x Roadster
Boick £ix. I '*
?bF«?“Cfr T.'dri-g Vette »i» Roadster. W ie Six T e o
« a xr,d Den FYre P iw e n fr Teticg-
No *vre-T>e'tA -xa pe*
for decooMt^Liec
I Eastern Oregon Auto Co.
PfcoM :i# R
a une, Or.
Tb* ■vT »rrroe "ed ba- • » » r k*.? -a «roba
T h o u íir d s r f G c T rrr rren' p o s itio is * j * a p * n to too
Fxtrx»ce saia me*
120» j carxr-teec ■ ikree MbÜM
IL .hi« two week» fo w of m siadeets were eporirted te
rrvtnueert p »1 t i— - A h r ie t Sld9t to SIJW l * e i c r
M ire te ppPMre TM for f«v cramestf prestios».
Y «- .'* a * w ? yte w #-< o *.T wort j. v; * • *
«s i t «
sreL. I b e x rer tue : « t r r f
b ri t «ry » « » h « »
** « i be
or vker or «r*r wort, fbe a a h j * z
ri>TWk te :ae
T'emr » po Hbosee n tbe x*tte-. Tae
f - ? " rot* ; .« -rroc yea to erte* «chocs tmd prepare y e«’ -
I' te cr e ? «> l ; oS*e axeri and I k .p via tbe war Wi:
t e e òc
ko* r j . he 0 Tfxx.r?d M.iaiay. ScptfgaVsr Sfcb
*•*- - • ' « W >f
.-wa't. roc mt> *rmr srry I*v
----------------- WRITE bORCATALOG----------- --------------
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