The Gate city journal. (Nyssa, Or.) 1910-1937, August 25, 1910, Image 2

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topics or
A smuggled necessity becomes an
expensive luxury when caught.
latest puzzle It to find the
"burled cities” In the Caribbean sea
T ry to do a little work. The report
that the tlsh are biting Is probably a
false alarm.
Three of the Am erican wars have
had a m ortality as high as that of
some coal mines.
Pork Is getting so high ihat to be
called a ham these days Is really con­
sidered a compliment.
Another youth has gone wrong un­
der the influence of dime novels. A
reading is still a dangerous
in f-
L ife, le i It be observed, Is not one
grand sweet song for kings and em­
perors. They have to kiss one an­
I t Is announced that John D. Rocke
feller wears a paper vest when he
plays golf. We know mere clerks who
do that.
W hy should not the young man’s
fancy ligh tly turn to thoughts of love?
Spring m illin ery bills do not embitter
his dreams.
"W e ’ve noticed,” says the St. Louis
Star, ‘‘a fallin g off !h the number o f
women who ask:
‘Is my hat on
straight?* " The women must be leav­
ing St. Louis.
Andrew Carnegie admits that he has
made forty men millionaires, and six­
teen of them have since been divorced
Andy should have made their wives
the m illionaires.
“ I f you wish to live long," says an
eminent nonogenarlan, "work
and eat no meat." Even people who
have little moral courage find It con­
venient to adopt this scheme now.
to act on the rule of the judicious,
who raise some other crop when every­ ( V o r k o f E x p e r t s A b o a r d t h e C o a x *
body la raising raspberries, or wheat,
V e s s e l, th e Kin k H a w k .
or potatoes, or beans, or onions, or
Ly in g at anchor In the Delaware
whatever the fad of the moment R iver off Gloucester Is a little vessel
may be.
painted an immaculate white, which
Is the tyranny of the microbe to be bears across her bow ttw name. Fish
Hawk, the Philadelphia Ledger says.
For a good many
scientists and pseudo-scientists havt She belongs to the United States fish
commission. Her crew is clearing her
been busy throwing scares Into th»
decks for action, laying out long
community by descanting upon th»
spawning tables and toiling away In
dangers that lurk everywhere from
preparation for the millions of shad
these microscopic organisms. People
have been warned not to do this and eggs which w ill soon come to the ves­
sel from the fishermen up and down
that, lest the bacteria lyin g in wall
invade some of their tissues or vis the river.
W hile the Fish Hawk has been em­
cera and set up dangerous or fatal
ployed In shad hatching on the Dela­
disease conditions. Even kissing hat
ware many seasons since 1881, this is
been placed under the ban by some
her first visit here in four years. She
doctors. They have said that bacilli
covers the entire esatern coast from
so small that, like some of the alleged
the Kennebec to K ey West.
devils of the Inferno, a m illion ol
The work of egg collecting is done
them can dane upon the point of s
by the crew of forty-three men, all of
needle, may be transferred
by th<
whom are experts. They go ouT to the
meeting o f the lips. Thus, if one ol
fishing grounds In small boats towed
the kissers happened to be diseased
by steam launches and there secure
the healthy one would become inocu
from the market fishermen the shad
lated— or, I f both happened to be i
which are about to spawn. These eggs
little off the condition of perfect
are fertilized in large pans and after
health, the m ingling of
the atonn
several days are placed in jars in
m ight produce baleful consequences
which they hatch In from four to seven
But now we are assured by an emi
days, the length of time depending on
nent Boston physician, professor ol
the temperature of the water. When
Harvard Medical School, that kissinj
the shad have attained the size of half
is a perfectly safe pastime so far ai
an Inch they are taken to the river
bacteria are concerned— that the onlj
beds and turned loose.
possible danger in kissing Is from
The Fish Hawk has collected as
heart trouble.
It is safe to say thal
many as 125,000,000 eggs in a season
the whole population that has not out 80 to 95 per cent of which have proved
lived the years of romance w ill Jolt
fertile. In nature, it is said, not 5
in hearthy thanks to this learned pro per cent of the eggs hatch. The Fish
The possible danger froir
Hawk has 350 hatching jars, each ca­
heart trouble w ill be to them a negli
pable of holding 85,000 to 90,000 eggs.
gible quantity. Heart trouble Is whal
When the fish are hatched they find
many of them are looking for, and il
their way through a drain pipe Into
It should prove fatal they would be an aquarium, where they remain until
In the stae of bliss of the Insect de
turned out.
scribed by the poet as dying of a ros«
In aromatic pain. Now that the bal
has been started we shall
hear from other good authorities thal
other customary delights need not b<
eschewed for fear of microbes. Per
haps the terror of microbes In con
nectlon with the ordinary every-day
Incidents o f life will fade away w ltt
the belief In Salem witchcraft anc
other delusions.
i -
i \i'< U
J ' li
l * -4
k, ^
ft \ 4
* j
I 'I
li il*
' ' t;
- } i f - :•
^ o d a ii^ater
T h a t M u *t O b ta in
o f It* P rod u ctio n .
A l­
fo b
l," " <
,en are general
j the must set It
|old work Is the
lng w
men i
lil'S TP A n . many
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I'M, v p l
HE girl behind the soda fountain has come
into her own. I f it's a representative of
the other sex who juggles with the tizzy
water, he's a sovereign and a white jacket
and apron are hts robes of state. For soda
water has reached one of the very highest
notches alongside wheat and automobiles
and hash and beer in the scale of life’s necessities. This
Is true all over the broad land from New York as !ar
west as Reno, Nev., or even farther west to Osekuewe,
Cal. Ice cream soda has been placed upon a marble
pedestal and we are all bowed down In worship— old
men, co-eds, stereotypers, summery girls, middle-aged
ladies and David Belasco. Every day, summer and win
ter, we shove our nickel over the slab and murmur
humbly that a destiny would be unfulfilled unless we
had a "raspberry phosphate" or a “ pistachio royal sun­
dae,” with green trimmings.
And all this means things In coin, comparative fig
ures that stick in your brain and make you think of
economy and the increased price of living, the poor
children starving in the slums and other disturbing
things when you're going to turn Into the corner drug
or fruit store for one of them banana frappes, the very
latest thing for 15 cents.
But here's what the figures show: That ten billions
of nickels arc spent every year at soda fountains in
this country, and as tfiere are only a billion nickels In
circulation, it is plain to be seen that each one of them
would have to make ten trips to the soda fountain If
only nickels were used. That the nation's expenditure
for soda water and carbonated drinks this year Is esti­
mated at $500,000,000. It makes It all the more ap­
palling when you think that that is half a billion dol
A newspaper has 5,000 readers for
each 1,000 subscribers, says the A l­
Meanwhile, It may comfort those
bion, Mich., Recorder.
A merchant
persons who think they have had a
The fata
morgana is a singulai who puts out 1,000 hand-bills gets
narrow escape to reflect that It w ill aerial phenomenon akin to the mirage possibly 300 or 400 people to read—
be seventy-five years before Halley's It Is seen in many parts of the world that is, if the boy who is trusted to
comet visits this part of the universe but most frequently and in greatesi distribute them does not chuck them
The handbills
perfection at the strait of Messina under the sidewalk.
between Sicily and Italy.
So many cost as much as a half column adver­
When K ing George said good-by to
conditions must coincide, however tisement in the home paper. A ll the
Emperor W illiam at the depot the
that even there It Is of comparatively women and girls and half the men
German ruler kissed the new king
the advertisements.
rare occurrence. T o allow of Its pro and boys read
three times, notwithstanding the fact
ductlon the sun must be at an angl* Result: The merchant who uses the
that scientists say whiskers are gen­
of forty-five degrees with the water newspaper has 3,500 more readers to
erally full of germs.
the paper's readers.
both sky and sea must be calm anc each 1,000 o f
the tidal current sufficiently strong There is no estimating the amount of
Discovering that Secretary Wilson's
to cause the water In the center tc business that advertising does bring
cook book devotes some space to tell­
rise higher than on the edges of th< to a merchant, but each dollar brings
ing of the toothsomeness of the musk­
strait. When these conditions are fully somewhere from $20 to $100 worth of
rat when properly cooked, we are con-
met the observer on the heights ol business.
strained to announce that we have
Calabria, looking toward Messina, wil
When a man is caught In one exag­
lost confidence ln that literary pro-
behold a series of rapidly changing geration he w ill have a pretty hard
pictures, sometimes of most exqulsit» time tryin g to convince the world that
all he says It not colored by exaggera­
A Pennsylvania man remembered beauty.
Castles, colonnades, successions ol tion. The first exaggeration may have
hls w ife ln his w ill and also tho
widow next door, dividing hls prop­ beautiful arches, palaces, cities, w ltt been Innocent enough. It may do no
erty between them, but stipulating houses and streets and church domes harm. But, leaving out all moral con­
that If either started a quarrel her mountains, forests, grottoes, w ill ap siderations, exaggeration and untruth-
■hare goes to the other. The vaunted pear and vanish, to be succeeded per fulness in advertising are mighty bad
wisdom o f Solomon could have gone
placidly sailing over the deep, some until the truth is found out; then, as Do we Indeed desire the dead
no further than this.
Should still be near us at our side?
times inverted, while a halo like s the old adage has it:
“ Truth
Is there no baseness we would hide
People whose alleged reason for not rainbow surrounds every Image. It li m ighty and will prevail.” The exag-
No Inner vileness that we dread?
going abroad Is that they are afraid supposed that the images are due tc gerator must be on the strain con­
o f being seasick In crosnlng the Eng­ the Irregular refractive powers of tht tinually to exceed his last exaggera­ Shall he for whose applause I strove,
He w ill have to appeal each
lish channel may
be interested to different layers o f air above the sea tion.
I had such reverence for his blame,
know that the Paris-London
Trans- which magnify, repeat and distort th* time to a new set of customers. This
See with clear eyes some hidden
aerlan Company hopes to be able to
among any one class of people. The And I be lessened in his love?
•tart a cross-channel service by alr-
•hlp between Dover and Calais within pearances are the castles of the Prln old proverb may be true that “ there
cess Morgana, and the view o f them Is a sucker born every minute." Cut I wrong the grave with fears untrue;
a few months.
Shall love be blamed for want of
is supposed to bring good fortune tc It Is very dangerous to attempt to
found a stable business supon such a
There w ill be sympathy for the agea the beholder.
There must be wisdom with great
foundation of sand.
Kansan who remarked, when the late
T h « F lo rin .
A p ril cold wave made Us appearance,
W e wonder if our home merchants The dead shall look me through and
The florin, one of the most famous
“ This has been the shortest summer o f modern coins, originated in Flor ever stop to think why the big mall
ever knew.”
A ll preconceived no- ence. Some say It gave the name tc order houses are so successful. Their
tlons as to what weather was capable to the city, while others assert that 11 success lies In their continual adver­ Be near us when we climb or fall:
Ye watch, like God, the rolling hours
o f have been upset by this extrordi- was first so called because It had or tising o f their goods, says the Hunk-
With larger other eyes than ours,
nary spring. Only by keeping a calen­ It a flower de luce, from the Italian ville (M o .) Herald. They never stop
dar in plain sight can one tell what florone, or flower, for the same reason advertising because of changes of sea­ To make allowance for us all.
tim e o f year It really Is.
that an English silver piece is called son or for any other reason
crown or certain gold pieces In country newspapers have been fight­
Colleges have many problems to face France Indifferently a napoleon or s ing these mail order house hard for
ln common, but Brown University has louis or the ten dollar gold piece in years for the benefit of the home mer­
Tw o countries chant, and some of the merchants ap­
one which appears to be peculiar to Am erican an eagle.
Itself. There is a complaint that the Austria and Holland, have retained preciate this and some of them do
babies of Providence, accompanied by the florin as a unit of monetary value not. I f the mall order houses would
th eir nurses, take possession of the taking it at a tim e when It was uni practice advertising by “ spurts,” In
campus on pleasant days, and use It versa! In Europe, its usage having certain seasons of the year, like some
as a public playground.
The paths been rendered general by the financial country merchants, they wo id soon
W hile the local
are blocked by baby carriages, accord­ supremacy of the little state of north go out o f business
ing to President Faunce, and the stu­ ern Italy and the Imperfect coinage or home merchant keeps his business
And Luke, where do you expect
dents cannot safely play ball under system of the other countries of thf “ under a bushel," so to speak, or out all this to end?”
o f their local paper on account of hot,
the trees. The authorities of the uni­ continent.
“ End? I hope It never will end. I
dry or wet weather, or bad roads, they don't see why it should.”
versity dislike to appear Inhospitable,
T h e ('o a tle n a M nn.
are g ivin g the mail order houses the
but naturally they feel that there Is
Folding up a little pink note Luke
There Is a man named M. V. Osborn advantage of them before the people,
such a thing as entering upon a col­
out In Arkansas who Is known as the for those houses never stop advertis­ Clark put on hls hat and went to visit
lege career too early In life.
some of his patients
coatless man because only three tlmei ing for any kind of weather or for
"How little men know the hearts
Raspberry Jam, when eaten at mid­
of women!” his sister ejaculated as
night with a hatpin. Is "galoptlous,”
Luke left the room.
lie A le H is O w n W o rd s.
according to the verdict of boarding what the weather may be he weart
In a luxurious house in one of th«
N ot long ago the punishment for fashionable residence districts of Phil­
school girls. General agreement with
this verdict Induced so active a de­ his health ,4s the better for It. He libel In Russia was the requirement adelphia a dainty creature was re­
mand for raspberries In Scotland that drinks no Intoxicants and does not that the libeler literally eat his own clining with a novel In her hands
many small fruit farms were started smoke, but he has chewed tobacco fot words. A man who published a small when a servant brought In a card
a few years ago.
Land which was sixty-five years. He Is now ,3 and In volume reflecting on the unlimited This was six months after Luke had
rented at from five to seven dollars perfect health. Another peculiarity ol I power of the sovereign was seized, taken up his residence In Walton.
hls lies In his habit o f always wearing tried In a summary way and con-
and a half an acre In 1900, found ten
“ Say I will be down in a moment”
ants at from thirty to fifty dollars an a hat. He never takes hls hat off ex j j emned to consume the objectionable the girl told the maid.
In one of the public streets
acre six years later, and the raspber­ cept to go to bed or when eating with j words.
When the door closed she Jumped to
ries sold for two hundred dollars a strangers. His youngest child Is less tlve book was severed from Its binding. her feet, went to the mirror an j
the margins cut off. the leaves rolled stood admiring herself before g0ln2
ton. As from one and a half to four
Th e o n ly W a y ,
j up one by one and ted to the unfor- down.
toua an acre could be raised, the busi­
ness was profitable. But In spite of
Girl from Country— I don't see whai tunate author. A surgeon was In at-
In the drawing room stood a youna
the ’’galoptiousness" o f raspberry Jam ktnd o f a place I could get. T h e n ! tendance to pronounce upon the num- man with a fine head and clear cm
at midnight and at other times o f the isn't a single thing I know how to do ber P°®8ible t0 * lT® without endanger- features. Hearing the rustle of silks
day, the supply soon exceeded the de­
Employment Agent— Very wimple ln* h u 11,e- but h* u reported to have
h* turned * nd caught
mand, and the price fell rapidly, till Just advertise yourself as a maid ol eet the lim it at something like 200.
her hands held out to greet him
last year forty-four dollars a ton was all work.— M eggendorfer Blaetter.
Parades are attractive. If good, but h . .1 m V * 10? convfr*aH°n In which
the market price, and those who had
1 .».
s a r_ ° W much bl®**nre her
The biggest liar ln this country li people laugh at them If they are n ot letter, had given him since taking up
entered the business late lost their
This Is but another Illustra­ talking of starting a magazine to tx Re careful ln getting up a parade of h i. residence out of the world he
any kind
tion o f the failure o f the average man devoted to the Truth
burst forth In expressions of love He
C o n d itio n *
lo w
rowth of the
lars, which would buy fifty-five Dreadno«
three times the value o f the yearly ouiptn
biles and would pay the debts of all tk
churches four times over and would defray I
slty expenses of half a million student!
than double the combined yearly cost o(
navy W ow ! The amount of soda water
ly Is estimated at 479.062,500 gallons, vkj
pensed from 120,000 fountains. The average]
fountain is $2,000, so you get a total Invest!
And In these days the Sofia fountain Is
and winter. From year's end to year'«
and Jingle of the soda fountain in Uncle
never ceases. The tim e was when for
the fountain was about as idle aa the strav
parasol. Public fancy has changed all that.]
the dispenser of fizzing sweetness works nc
in January as In the dog days. Not that btl
hpt drinks only In blizzard temperature;
Soda fountain drinks tickle the palates ol
less numbers the year round, and thua it
the dlsher— the handy little tool that sods
tendants have for scooping up the ere
Besides the direct profits, the soda (oust
into the drug stores people who buy me
perfumery, toilet articles, etc. The cost of
itself Is far from representing the entire
In a small establishment the druggist finds 1
leal to buy his soda and cream, in a large one]
it himself, and therefore buys earbonat«
syrup percolators and other apparatus,
sories, too. must be provided.
Ireqult'1' that sh<
1 over that it Is
Innatural attitud
Ime serious and
T often makes he
L of her life.
j stoopless dust
|]y been inveutec
l work of gather
ions on the Hot
Inclination or bet
inent has a long
[Trrled convenie
■ time the handle
L of a lid whic
lion of the dust
I on the floor an
—gathering up thj
n closes, hiding t
■and preventing
Itiy the wind or
tld fear in all Its
Lp ln the sunllgh
Ir sweet ripens it
Iply refuse to gr,
lour years or anti
l i t allow yourse
¡birthday, that j
told of hls poor prospects in Walton
“ Luke, do you Into* l
and asked her if she thought she could asked.
share them with him.
“ Of course I do." he ■
I would not go,” was the startled bly, "though there Is 1 1
in both of us."
I.uke drew back, hurt, stunned, un­
"H ave you forgiven m«r|
with a sob.
"L o n g ago," he whlspi
Edith Lowrie remained fixed ln her
Her eyes were wide open you forgiven yourself!"
and her figure was erect. She watched
“ N e v e r !”
her lover as he flung himself into a
“ Then do so for my ah
chair and shaded his eyes with his you, Edith, darling, gootl-H
hands. She glided to his side, sat on
And then it was ill l
the arm of his chair and even smooth­ City World.
ed his hair with her jeweled fingers.
I f he felt her caresses he did not re­
spond or even move.
My dear, dear friend,” she began.
"What would you do with me? It Is
your Ideal that you love, not me. You
would soon find that out and then— ”
Her hands fell among the folds of
her dress. She crumpled the silk be­
tween her
as she spoke.
These silks, this lace, these jewels
the pictures, books, the soft carpet be­
neath my feet, all are simple necessi­
ties to me. They are not objects of
my love, but part of my dally life.
\\ ithout them I would not be what I
am, nor what you think I am. Think
of me at Walton in an old calico
dress, bungling over my work. Your
sister would be a very queen beside
me, and she as well as you would de­
spise me for my ignorance.”
With a strong effort he drew him­
self from the girl's embrace and went
from the room as one In a dream. He
said no word of farewell and she made
T° rt *° ditaln b>m As he passed
from the house Edith went to the win­
dow and watched h i. retreating fig-
sh7n»” J r\ D0 SUfh thln* a8 r 'c a d -
ship. she asked h * s e lf aloud.
„ .7 „ „ dark’ dreary day ln M e m b e r
»even years later the vines on the
wereK dPhH8lCif! f 8 h° me
were dead and covered
,n Walton
with snow.
£ r!H g7 Und WaS Whl,e and flake» m-
I m d v f n T ' p ‘ he a!r'
I-uke Clark
was dying. From hard work the Deo-
Ple of the little village said
A Pale little woman, almost a child
ln ap,
ancei dregsed ln deep mmirn
muih to
', .
,hr° Ugh ,he hoo.e.
alarm of thp one servant.
would n o 7 i l 0n See‘ ng the patlent and
would not be satisfied until Dr Clark's
•iitor came to spp th- ..
'“/iarK s
With th* .< f • *h 8tranfle visitor.
¡“ ¡ r S ? 5
beside" the be,” h e r*h f a“ h,“r kn* * ,
A faint m i l t cros^d hla faca.
Id young thought
W i t h O n l y F iv e Fssilltol
\ illissse 11«» Kleetrle I
rain from all kin
ledatives; they w
¡ure Is the great
I Is ever young,
[her; love her.
pld excesses of all
Sous. The long 1
irate, regular lif<
■p mental cobwebi
l brushed off by I
jountry, or by tra
¡ver look on the
views of every
kht drives away t
ktlvate the spirit
«content and dlss
pirrows premature
alt beautiful tho
¡hts, truth thoug
*nce, of youth,
Ivslclans claim th
Tshing ln a darke
I to accustom chili
I sleep ln the dar
¡■-r living for set
lie foods, In aildit
1 health. It would
used susi'i'ptihtlit
|er relish have be
usage Is not onl
but it Is a wo
lilgia, If attention
| the muscles of th
excellent also
|all nervous condtt
Ingrowing nail
i and clip the nal
i In the center ol
J rule are a 11:; le r
Biut by cutting th
I a little and are
iesh at the sides,
the time.
Yarrow is probably tbs
lege in Missouri that has'
light plant, a Kirkivllle
spoudeni of the Kansas
The population of Yarrov
the fam ilies of a grocerji"
smith, a millei and two
ers. Each family has its
New Type c
Ilantly lighted by electncM(
The electric light pl*^j ►e eyes of ihe t
Ik matured won
and operated by >4ichssel
|p. The exclus:
has for twenty years or
old-fashioned water mill J8be who has o
Mr. Webber is an invent!» •amend her are
recently he conceived tbs] ling of the past.
taching his water machins" Intensely practlc;
|*e living that a
horse power dynamo and
ding and evolv
trlcity for himself and
¡itch as the wot
dynamo was installed at
8he is not
cost and for the first tia»
[ely pretty thini
tory of the village ol »
trie lights were turned oil Ileus tar; and w
Mr. Webber says he HP* ¡lived down ma
Jiment and cm
ln a larger dynamo and
entire southwest corner o! | but who Is In
spirit of Y
ty. He says further t&fl _ V
T* that In ord
river as a source of
should be developed, as f I must look her
l*ud young wit
possibilities for Kirks»!»
Plum; she is s
towns near the stream
tety humane qi
ested ln a project to P®
1 unconsciously
dam across the Chan
* endearing qui
K trksville and to instil1
¡tlally exhlbttlo:
power plant.
* °f years. Imp
The dam that now W *
rjC sweet femli
for hls m ill la only
pman when she
and was built In M *
delightful su’
furnished the power for
This Is
toned under shot *a
leal Bernard
more recently he h**
•etted that n<
wheels o f comparsU»«
•be has reac
which now give him
. »nd not wort!
seventy-five horee-pow«.
| kttleth! —The
flclent for grinding
wheat and running “ ■*
light plant.
A lot o f valuable t w j *1
explanations and apo»**
onom jr
»nstlvely few
1 th. economy
1 •Hplies 1• Uri