Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, September 28, 1972, Image 10

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I)e«n Larson and Doug Kunke arc initialling «00 pair»
nf underground cable for additional service to Cor-
neliui. New look versus old is for manhole to replace
telephone pole. Underground cable also will be used
in moving line* going to Scoggin Valley.
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General Telephone provides a “ hot line" to hospitals
to provide 24-hour surveillance on patients in
coronarv care units Through direct telephonic
communication with a base hospital, a secondary unit
carries the same oscilloscope picture monitored in
another hospital. Whenever a change occurs on _
picture from another hospital, base hospital nurses
notify that hospital by picking up the telephone and
pressing a button that sets off a danger signal heard
at the transmitting hospital. Units are increasing in
popularity for many hospitals which cannot afford
expensive coronary care units, but need skills of
specialists. Unit provides this service through
General Telephone wires. Similar unit will be
provided in new section of Tuality Communitv
By the year 2000. ladies may be carrying
phones in their purses and picture telephones
will be as common as today's desk phone
According to Lyle Cagley, district manager
of General Telephone Company for the Nor­
thwest, Inc., the telephone system is un­
dergoing a change from mechanical to elec­
He said all telephone facilities will be un­
derground by 2000 and telephone service will be
ultra high-frequency
Cagley predicted the bulk of repair service
now is mechanical, but electronic equipment
w ill elim inate many present service
By the year 2000 a world-wide satellite
should reduce world-calling rates
Newspaper service will be modernized with
improvement of telephone lines carrying latest
press information.
Medical science will use telephone equip­
ment for lifesaving measures as well as
teaching devices.
In McMinnville the telephone is used for an
electrocardiogram (E K G ) printout from a
remote location to the hospital Similar
equipment is scheduled to be installed in the
new addition of Tuality County Hospital
In fact, the telephone won’t look much like
what we know as today’s telephone By then it
will be an extremely complex electronic piece
of equipment which will be more in demand
than it is today.
The telephone has come a long ways since
Alexander Graham Bell invented it in 1876
while working with deaf children
M r Watson, come here, I want you,” were
Bell s first words And they carried more
significance than he ever would realize
Jerry Nagel and Carol Berry complete
wiring to provide service for another
General Telephone customer. Nagel is
verifying that wiring is correct
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■MS tracing equipment to check
' calls Pegs are med to keep line
open so telephone employes can trace source of call.
General Telephone has high record of success for
locating originating point of call and having calls
General Telephone always keeps the
customer in mind, even to designing
telephones to blend with home decor. Terri
Eldien checks features of chest-type phone
and French phone, which are premium in­
struments available at modest cost.