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Silk for High Style Sports Wear
Captivating Frock;
Unusual Pockets
Much of our dissension is due to
misunderstanding, which could be
put right by a few honest words
and a little open dealing.—Black.
This clever dress features a
flattering yoke which dips to a
point in front and is equipped
with twin slashes a few Inches be­
low the neckline to accommodate
a ribbon bow of any color you
wish to use. Most women like
several different ones to which Limited Summer Range
they match their accessories.
Radiating tucks at the yoke and Area, More Green Feed.
waist contribute a smooth fit and
flattering effect, while center By E. M. Funk, of th© Missouri College
of Agriculture.—WNU Service.
seams in front and back termi­
The summer range for turkeys
nate in two kick pleats for re­
served fullness where it will do should be limited in area, with
temporary fences used in rotating
Love Inspired Burns
the runs. An acre of good alfalfa
Robert Burns never wanted to
or clover will be a sufficient area
on which to raise 100 to 125 10- write poetry until he fell in love.
weeks-old turkeys to market age.
It is advisable to divide this one
acre into four sections of approx­
ILL! 5 j
imately the same size, and rotate
the runs, using each about two
weeks before moving the tempo­
"Cap-Bru$h"Applicator (
ikts "BLACK LEAF <•**
rary fence to another section. By JUST A
rotating the runs every two weeks, DASH IN FEATHERS..
more green feed will be provided,
and this is regarded as a more
sanitary practice. A five or six-
foot fence is usually high enough to
Right Thinking
keep the turkeys confined, espe­
Peace is the just reward of right
cially when they are provided with thinking.
plenty of feed. Should they give
too much trouble In flying, their
In Tubes
primary wing feathers can be
Unless natural shade is avail­
able, artificial shade should be pro­
vided during the summer and ear­
ly fall months. Protection from the
sun may be provided by an arbor
of straw or brush. During hot
weather, a large consumption of
feed can be secured if water con­
tainers and both grain and mash
hoppers are kept in the shade.
Throughout the feeding period of
both young and old stock, every
sanitary precaution should be tak­
Be Sure They Properly
en against disease and parasites.
Cleanse the Blood
Leaf 40
STEARNS paste I m
Watch Your
Nyf IDSUMMER means sports,
and this year sportswear in
the fashion picture means silks,
for every outdoor activity from
goll to swimming or just lazing
The smart golfer, this season,
wears a simple shirtwaist frock of
washable end-to-end or striped silk
shirting or of classic silk crepe of
marvelous quality or some one or
other of the new linenlike silks, if
not silk shantung. These smart
and practical silk shirtmaker
dresses often have fly fronts,
tucked bosoms and pockets for
your golf tees as the model cen­
tered in the picture displays. Blue
silk crepe fashions this stylish
and practical frock.
Very feminine and graceful for
tennis are short dresses of soft
silk weaves such as silk jacquards
or Chinese silk damasks which are
light, cool and comfortable. They
are usually cut short, with sun-
back decolletage, offering a re­
freshing contrast on the courts to
the shorts and slacks that are so
commonly worn. New for the ten­
nis enthusiast is a white jacquard
silk crepe frock cut on princess
lines with a gored handling, the
jacquard patterning showing lively
little tennis-playing figures. See a
model of this description to the
left in the illustration. Note it has
a squared decollctage and wide
shoulder straps. Culottes are also
a practical choice for tennis
For beach and bathing very
smart women are wearing silk.
The newest mode going is the little
dressmaker suits fashioned whim­
sically of plain or printed silk
crepes, silk shantungs and other
novelty silks. Kind to the figure
are they, being made in one piece
effects with pleated or flared
shorts. The most practical have
matching jackets reaching just to
the bottom of the suits as you see
pictured to the right in the group.
This model is of daisy-printed, de­
pendably washable silk crepe. The
shorts are pleated and the loose,
matching swagger jacket has a
youthful Peter Pan collar.
For the girl with a perfect figure
there are also the silk lastcx suits
which fit the body like a glove and
have touches of dressmaker detail
at the bosom. The newest trick is
to wear them with one’s jewels.
There is such a variety in silk
bathing and beach suits this sum­
mer that you can have two or three
entirely different types in your out­
ing wardrobe.
Pajamas are a "must have” for
a vacation outfit, whether they are
elaborate models that must stay on
the beach or in the cabana, or the
womanlike strictly tailored types
that can safely receive guests in
your own home or go out to call in­
formally at an intimate friend’s.
They are made in tailored silk lin­
ens, silk shantungs, novelty sports
silks, silk crepes.
Bathing suits with halter bodices
and wrap-around skirts made of
print silks in gay peasant design
are also very goodlooking, and add
infinitely to the picturesque beach
The craze for prints increases
rather than languishes. It seems
to be prints for everything and in­
stead of growing weary of them
there is that hi them that intrigues
more and more as the season pro­
gresses. If the entire costume be
not of print then fashion offers a
compromise in the way of acces­
sories of vivid silk print Such ac­
cents as belt, triangle scarf and
bag of colorful silk print enliven
many costumes.
© Western Newspaper Union.
Offer High Quality Eggs
on the Roadside Market
the most good. The pointed pockets
with shaped turned over flaps are
novel. You’ll want to make more
than one dress, because the pat­
tern is so easy to follow and the
fabrics so numerous to choose
from. How about seersucker, nov­
elty cotton, linen, crash or silk?
Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1916-B
is available for sizes 12, 14, 16, 18
and 20. Size 14 requires 3% yards
of 39-inch material. Send 15 cents
in coins.
Send for the Summer Pattern
Book containing 100 Barbara Bell
well-planned, easy-to-make pat­
terns. Exclusive fashions for chil­
dren, young women, and matrons.
Send 15 cents for your copy.
Send your order to The Sewing
Circle Pattern Dept., 367 W. Ad­
ams St., Chicago, Ill.
© Bell Syndicate.—WNU Service.
Whims of Fashion
V OUR kidneys are constantly filter-
I ing waste matter from the blood
stream. But kidneys sometimes lag in
their work—do not act as nature in­
tended—fail to remove impurities that
poison the system when retained.
Then you may suffer nagging back-
ache, dizziness, scanty or too frequent
urination, getting up at night, puffiness
under the eyes; feel nervous, misers-
ble—all upset.
Don't delay? Use Doan's Pills.
Doan's are especially for poorly func­
tioning kidneys. They are recom­
mended by grateful users the country
over. Get them from any druggist.
Poultrymen who sell eggs at
roadside markets should offer only
the highest quality product, says
J. C. Taylor, associate extension
poultryman at the New Jersey Col­
lege of Agriculture, Rutgers uni­
Roadside stand patrons will pay
fair prices for good quality, Tay­
lor reminds poultrymen, and many
producers have built up a year-
round market through a reputa­
tion for being reliable.
His suggestions to poultrymen op­
erating roadside markets follow:
Sell only infertile eggs. This
means that no male birds should WNU—13
be with the laying flock.
Collect eggs twice a day and
store them in a cool, clean cellar
away from strong odors. Expos­
ing eggs to extreme fluctuations of
temperature causes rapid evap­
oration of their contents.
Sell all eggs in cartons—not In
paper bags. The carton provides
a means of advertising, reduces
breakage, and makes handling eas­
In the hub of
Portland Oregon's
shopping and theatrical center.
Golf is a game where enthusi­
asts are offered more accessories a
season than can be squeezed into a
dozen clubroom lockers. All are
intended to improve a duffer's
game, but most of them turn out
to be gadgets that fail their pur­
One really successful accessory,
however, that will be very much in
evidence on the golf course this
summer, is a belt made of braid­
ed, silk-covered, elastic cord. The
belt looks like one of the corded
belts so popular this season for
sports wear. The rubber cord sup­
plies the extra “give” that every
sportsman seeks, and makes for
maximum playing comfort
The belts come in the lead­
ing summer colors, including black
and white combination, polar bear,
marine blue and plain white.
Wear a white jacket with your
dark frock.
Linen is used for many tailored
summer evening gowns.
The fashion of women's hats with
real vegetables has reached Lon­
New paper weight crystal but­
tons. shaped into small balls, have
bright colored pictures inside.
Newest version of smartness in
toppers is the high crown hat that
looks like a reversed flower pot.
When well chosen, and properly
worn, the simplest nosegay may be
as attractive as the most expen­
To the list ol accessories that
fashion is matching with colored
gloves, Molyneux adds tinted stock­
Worth sponsors for the beach a
suit consisting of a backless
blouse, short jacket and knee-
lengtb bloomers.
» -
All poultry is 11,000,000 pounds
short of last year.
• • •
Size of the egg depends on the
hen's breeding; size runs in the
• • •
Paralysis Is still a mystery.
There is no general agreement as
to cause.
• • •
A permanent pasture for turkeys
saves money for the poultryman
and benefits the turkeys.
• • •
Dark combs may indicate enter­
itis, blackhead, ptomaine poisoning
or congestion of the lungs; also liv­
er disease.
e e •
Chicks that are confined are
more likely to develop cannibalism
than those that run out-of-doors
early in life. > v
these two splendid hostelries cF,
fer you every comfort and luxury
at extremely moderate cost
Portland's newest and finest ho
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t heathman