Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, June 19, 1936, Page 10, Image 10

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Classified Ads
Biting insects, of which there
FINE MILK GOAT for sale— are a number of species that
Inquire at Soden’s Barber shop. attack man and some of which
25*1 jare concerned in disease trans-
mission, do not usually produce
59 acres, serious direct injuries. Their bites
River bottom. 30 cleared. Good usually require no local treat­
house, 2 barns, large orchard, ment. For insect bites the gener-
electricity, 4 miles south of Ver- I al rule is to use a soothing lo­
nonia. % mile to school. Daily tion and avoid scratching. Scrat­
mail. Easy Terms. See Rilla Sny- ching insect bites seldom brings
der at H. A. Wilson’s
25c2 any real comfort, but severe in­
FOR SALE— Nice fryers for fection may follow. Many insect
eating purposes. Rooms and bites cause irritation, swelling,
apartments to rent. Meters instal­ and inflammation, and may be
led in apartments. W. O. Porter­ quite painful and distressing.
field, 253 North St.
I whose legs are fitted for jump­
ing and the mouth parts are
Rawleigh routes of 800 fam­
adapted for piercing and suck-
ilies in Northeast Washington,
Southeast Columbia, Clarke (Wn) ing. There are over 500 var­
Counties and Vernonia. Reliable ieties of fleas, and about a half
hustler should start earning $25 of these are capable of attacking
weekly and increase rapidly. man. The bite of the flea pro­
Write today. Rawleigh, Dept. duces a small hive-like lesion
ORF-218-S, Oakland, Calif.
2 which is accompanied by itching,
irritation and redness. In cases
where there are numerous bites
and the skin is tender, an infla-
mation of the skin may occur
and lead to infection and suppur­
(Rainier Review)
ation. Avoid scratching and use
Over at Vernonia the City
a soothing lotion.
Council has just passed an or-
Mosquitoes are found in al-
dinance setting up a new sched-
ule of occupational taxes. The
taxes include every type of bus­
iness operating within the city
as well as itinerant merchants,
house to house canvassers and
others of that type.
The wisdom of saddling an­
other tax upon the merchants of
the town is debatable, of course.
On the other hand, they doubt­
less will appreciate protection
from outside competition, pro­
viding the ordinance furnishes
that sort of protection. The fal­
lacy of most ordinances of this
kind is that they seldom are
enforced, the situation lapsing
in time to its old status after
interest in the new measure sub­
sides. Rainier’s Council recent­
ly discussed such an ordinance
but was advised that it would
not be lawful. It might be well
to observe the Vernonia system
in operation to see how it works
out. If it proves a success we
might wall emulate the policy '
of our neighbor in the hills.
“The permanent of charm
and individuality”
Fingerwaving, Hair tinting,
Bleaching, Hair cutting, Oil
treatments to correct dry
scalp and falling hair hair
6 treatments .............. $5.00
Mrs. Knight's
Beauty Shop
Telephone 1051
Vernonia Hotel
That's the Kind
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Printing possessing quality and perfection of workmanship
that carries a favorable impression to the recipient. No
order too large or too small to receive our careful attention.
Unless you specify otherwise, we will print your order on
FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1936
most every locality where there lieved by the application of a di- [ acid and other irritants. Since
a five
3 the
bee sting is acid it should
_ ’_U— of ______
is an opportunity for them to lute solution
per cent solution of phenol, or counteracted by an alkaline sol­
breed. This opportunity depends
95 per cent alchohol.
ution of baking soda or aromatic
simply upon them finding some
Painful stings are caused chief­ spirits of ammonia.
kind of standing water, he fe­
The sting of wasps and espec­
males of many species have de­ ly by wasps, bees, and hornets,
veloped a taste for blood and which inject irritating substan­ ially hornets is severe, but these
blood is indispensable to nearly ces at the point where the skin insects do not sting unless pro­
all for the full development of is punctured, The treatment of voked. If their nests be inter­
their eggs. The mosquitos inject insect stings depends upon the fered with, however, they dis­
an irritating substance under the kind of insect that did the sting­ play great fury and will pursue
skin which brings more blood in­ ing. The first thing to do is to their attackers long distances.
to the particular part of the skin I remove the stinger from the skin. Yellow jackets belong to the fam­
affected and thus enables the ! This should not be done with ily of wasps. The poisou in wasps
mosquito to obtain its supply I the fingers but with a sharp, and hornets is alkaline and should
quickly. Shortly after being bit­ pointed,
instrument. be treated with dilute acid such
ten, there is an itching sensation Trying to remove the stinger with as vinegar or lemon juice.
Severe cases should be referred
in the affected part of the skin, the fingers will squeeze most of
A raised congested area forms the poison into the wound from to your family physician as the
at the site of the bite. Scratching the poison sac. For these reas- bites of insects, may in some
of the part may lead to second- ons an attempt should be made cases be followed by dangerous
ary bacterial infection and sup­ to remove the entire poison sac. symptoms.
Oregon State Board of Health
puration. The itching may be re- The poison sac contains formic |