Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, March 06, 1936, Image 2

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er and he are off on a vacation
trip, with Honolulu as the first stop.
— ★ —
Learn One Tiling Well;
Dare to Be What You Are
Give up trying to know everything,
to embrace all. Learn to limit your-
■elf, to content yourself with some
definite thing, and some definite
work; dare to be what you are, and
to learn to resign with good grace
all that you are not, and to believe
In your own individuality.—Amiel.
Mothers read this:
A cleansing dose today: a smaller
quantity tomorrow; less each time,
until bowels need no help al all.
Why do people come home from a
hospital with bowels working like a
well-regulated watch?
The answer is simple, and it’s the
answer to all your bowel worries if
you will only realize it: many doctors
and hospitals use liquid laxatives.
If you knew what a doctor knows,
you would use only the liquid form.
A liquid can always be taken in
gradually reduced doses. Reduced
dotage is the secret of any real relief
from constipation.
Ask a doctor about this. Ask your
druggist how very popular liquid
laxatives have become. They give the
right kind of help, and right amount
of help. The liquid laxative generally
used is Dr. Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin.
It contains senna and cascara — both
natural laxatives that can form no
habit, even in children. So, try Syrup
Pepsin. You just take regulated
doses till Nature restores regularity.
------------------ -By VIRGINIA VALE^——-------
be an epi- I
HERE seems to b<
demic of quarrels around
Hollywood at the moment, our
male stars being the ones to
suffer most. James Cagney
started it, and George Raft has
come in for his share, with
Paramount keeping the upper hand.
According to reports, it all start­
ed with a camera man. Mr. Raft
felt that the beauteous Carole
Lombard was favored by the gen­
tleman In question, and that her
best angles, rather than his, would
be all-important in the shooting of
the picture first called “Concer-
tlna” and more recently, “A Prin-
cess Comes Across."
So Mr. Raft was told that he
could face the camera with Carole’s
favorite camera
man in charge, or
step out.
stepped out. Fred
MacMurray, who
has advanced so
rapidly since he
appeared as one of
the boys in the
band in “Roberta,”
was given the role,
And now MacMur-
ray has added to
the difficulties by
refusing to play the part unless he
is given a new contract with a
raise in salary. The only thing
that’s sure seems to be that Carole
Lombard will make the picture,
with her favorite camera man
shooting It.
— ★ —
th*n one exasperated mother I* go­
ing to have to tell Junior and Sis­
ter that they’ll leave the table
without any dinner if they can’t
stop imitating that fascinating duck
and his strange language.
— ★ —
Here’s a brave man! One radio
headliner after another has refused
to take the broadcasting time op­
posite Major Bowes’ Amateur Hour,
but Vincent Lopez says lie wouldn’t
mind it with a first-class orchestra.
He has been touring the country,
and has learned that all of us who
listen to the radio want real music,
melody and harmony and not a lot
of so-called “arrangements" that
ruin the tune for us. And he has
been making music for the public
long enougli to know.
— ★ —
The Robert Montgomerys have a
brand new son, named for his fa­
ther, and maybe they’re not happy!
Even in the artificial world of Hol­
lywood, it’s babies that are more
Important than anything or anyone
Lily Pons didn’t like her first pic­
ture, “I Dream Too Much,” as well
as everybody else did, which Is
hard to understand; it's one of the
most delightful and amusing pic­
tures made in a long time. She’ll
be back on the RKO lot this spring,
making another.
— ★ —•
Now Hollywood is going to have
a red and white ball, and a lot of
girls are w o n -
dering what to
wear — whether to
stick to the rules
or go in what­
ever they want to.
It’s all a result of
that White Ball
that was held a
while ago, when
some of them
sent to New York
Norma Shearer for white dresses,
and others had
new frocks made in Hollywood—
and then Norma Shearer wore blue,
and Jeanette MacDonald wore red,
and both stood out against all the
white frocks like sore thumbs! Peo­
ple who don't like Miss Shearer
have called her calculating, and
after that party the rather unkind
designation was once again brought
into use.
_ *_
— ★ —
ODDS and ENDS . . . George
The new Chaplin picture certain­ Brent has sold his plane—and bought
ly was worth waiting for; Charlie a faster one . . . "Timothy’s Quest”
is so delightful when he sings that is one of those sweet, old-fashioned
you wish he'd talk, tao, but he pictures that we all like . . . Ann
probably never will do that In a Sothern has a new RKO contract, for
picture, because he speaks with an seven years . . . And Ida Lupino has
Oxford accent that wouldn’t do for a new trailer for her automobile
his famous tramp character at all. that’s a whole cabin . . . While War­
Paulette Goddard is so pretty and ren William has bought land for a
such a good actress that now ev­ private landing field, adjoining his
eryone is clamoring to see her in ranch . . . Which reminds me that
another picture, and Charlie has the reason Major Bowes doesn’t join
promised to direct her in one very more of his units in the field is be­
Carmel Myers (surely some of soon. At present she and her moth- cause the Major doesn’t like to fly.
you old-timers remember her as a
movie star!) announced recently
that radio was a perfect field for
a husband and wife, She knows
whereof she speakk: her years In
Hollywood have shown her what a
motion picture career is likely to
do to a marriage, and she’s been Important in Building of Carpenter said, much construction
broadcasting long enough to see
was done on the "make and break”
Engineer Models.
how much more happily married
or "shot In the dark” plan. This
people can co-operate on the air.
Columbus, Ohio. — The art of was costly and the final results un­
And see how many radio teams whittling, once a favorite hobby of predictable. Now, through the use
support her contention. Jack Ben­ men and boys with “time on their of models, engineers nre more cer­
ny and Mary Livingston, Fred Al­ hands,” but now almost forgotten, tain of results, he claimed.
len and Portland Hoffa, (and In the may be revived to become an Inter­
days when they were on the stage, esting and useful profession—that
Portland just appeared in minor of building models for engineering
roles In her husband’s productions). purposes.
May Singhi Breen and Peter de
That's the opinion of Samuel T.
Rose, Julia Sanderson and Frank Carpenter, for the last two years a
Crummit, Ozzie Nelson and Har­ member of the engineering faculty
riet Hilliard — the list goes on at Ohio State university and now on
and on.
the staff at Swarthmore college,
The Almost Forgotten Art of
Whittling May Be Restored
Get quick relief with Cuticura. A world­
wide success 1 Sold everywhere. Soap 25c.
Ointment 25c. Write “Cuticura,”
No Need to Suffer
“Morning sickness”—is caused by an
acid condition. To avoid it, acid must be
offset by alkalis— such as magnesia.
Why Physicians Recommend
Milnesia Wafers
These mint-flavored, candy-like wafers are
pure milk of magnesia in solid form—
the most pleasant way to take it. Each
wafer is approximately equal to a full adult
dose of liquid milk of magnesia. Chewed
thoroughly, then swallowed, they correct
acidity in the mouth and throughout the
digestive system and insure quick, com­
plete elimination of the waste matters that
cause gas, headaches, bloated feelings and
a dozen other discomforts.
Milnesia Wafers come in bottles of20 and
48, at 35c and 60c respectively, and in
convenient tins for your handbag contain­
ing 12 at 20c. Each wafer is approximately
one adult dose of milk of magnesia. All
good drug stores sell and recommend them.
Start using thesa delicious, affective
anti-acid, gently laxative wafers today
Professional samples sent free to registered
physicians or dentists if request is made
on professional letterhead. S.l.ct Products,
Ins., 4402 23rd «., Ions Island City, N. Y.
Pride is of such Intimate connec­
tion with ingratitude that the actions
of ingratitude seem directly resolv­
able into pride as the principal rea­
son of them.—South.
From Your Doctor
if the “Pain” Remedy
You Take Is Safe.
Don’t Entrust Your
Own or Your Family’s
Well - Being to Unknown
you take any prepara­
tion you don’t know all about,
for the relief of headaches; or the
pains of rheumatism, neuritis or
neuralgia, ask your doctor what he
thinks about it — in comparison
with Genuine Bayer Aspirin.
We say this because, before the
discovery of Bayer Aspirin, most
so-called “pain” remedies were ad­
vised against by physicians as being
bad for the stomach; or, often, for
the heart. And the discovery of
Bayer Aspirin largely changed
medical practice.
Countless thousands of people
who have taken Bayer Aspirin year
in and out without ill effect, have
proved that the medical findings
about its safety were correct.
Remember this: Genuine Bayer
Aspirin is rated among the fastest
methods yet discovered for the relief
of headaches and all common pains
. . . and safe for the average person
to take regularly.
You can get real Bayer Aspirin at
any drug store — simply by never
asking for it by the name “aspirin”
alone, but always saying BAYER
ASPIRIN when you buy.
Bayer Aspirin
If You Have
“Acid Indigestion”
Incidentally, Harriet Hilliard isn’t
going to have much time for broad­
casting. She has made a hit in Hol­
lywood, and Is going to make an­
other picture very soon. And just
to prove that she's famous, a new
carnation was named for her the
other day.
Marlene Dietrich Isn’t too happy
over the new shake-up at Para­
mount. She liked having Ernst Lu
bitscli at the head of things, and
now Winfield Sheehan, wlio for-
merly ruled the roost at Fox, has
stepped in, which probably means
wholesale changes. Sheehan lias
tlie reputation of being loyal to the
men who, through the years, have
been loyal to him—which Is more
than you'd think likely.
— ★ —
It looks a* if Donald Duck, the
Disney character, would ruin the
speech of a lot of American*. If
you've seen the grand new polo
game picture that Mr. Disney re­
cently turned out, and heard Don­
ald's furious and not wholly inco­
herent squawks, you’ve also heard
about half the audience imitating
him a* they left the theater. Whole
conversation* can be carried on by
mean* of thoae squawk«, without a
real word being said — and more
whose views were expressed in an
article written for the Engineering
Experiment Station News, published
at Ohio State university.
According to Carpenter, the engi­
neer who is handy with a knife has
a distinct advantage with the in­
creased use of models In engineer­
ing. And he adds, “Model engineer­
ing is in its Infancy.”
“Building models has often been
thought a hobby, the making of an
elegant sailing ship for the mantel­
piece being the goal of every home
craftsman. It has become much
more,” (Carpenter said.
“The hobby followers have uncon­
sciously developed their art of rep­
resenting detail to the point where
engineers, beset with problems of
analysis and verification, have elect­
ed to use models to help them in
their calculations.”
He cited as examples the San
Francisco-Oakland bridge and Boul­
der dam, both of which were veri­
fied by models.
In the old days of engineering,
Records Minut* Action
A new electric measuring device
records the action of one millionth
of an ampere, or about one-tenth of
the ••wing-power” of a house fly; and
the newest X-ray machine produces
rays that can penetrate three inches
of solid steel.—Collier’s.
Disturbed Stomach
Almost Instantly
OU can relieve even the
most annoying symptoms of
acid stomach in almost as little
time now as it takes to tell.
The answer is simple. You
alkalize your stomach almost
instantly this way:
Take — 2 teaspoonfuls of
Phillips* Milk of Magnesia 30
minutes after meals. OR-take
2 Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia
Tablets, the exact equivalent.
That's all you do! Relief comes
in a few minutes. Your stomach
is alkalized—soothed. Nausea,
and upset distress quickly dis­
appear ... It’s amazing.
Results come so fast because
Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia is a
potent natural alkalizer. Every­
where people — urged to keep
their stomach alkalised — are
finding this out.
Try it. Get a bottle of the
liquid Phillips’ for home use.
Only 25¿ for a big box of Phil­
lips’ Tablets to carry with you.
Watch out that any bottle or
box you accept is clearly marked
"Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia.”
sauta acinirv