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    VOLUME XIV $1.50 per year,
Bridge Work to
County Line Is
Now Under way
5c a copy.
County Republicans
Pick Officers for
Mr, and Mrs. Ben J. Cline
Newly Formed Club have
sold their residence on A
Mr?. Bernice Lofgren is con­ I
W. B. Bowser of St. Helens^
ducting at Pittsburg a PWA
course in Americanization, in was elected president of the Col­
which 21 are enrolled. Classes umbia County Republican club at
meet five times a week, in two the Lincoln Day banquet in St.
All are Italians.
' Helens Wednesday night. Jess
Plans for a course to be given Lewis of Clatskanie was named
in the Vernonia high school build­ vice-president, Katherine DuBois
were dropped because of of Rainier secretary, and A. L.
Another Gang to Be Added l ing
lack of demand.
Parker of Vernonia sergeant at
When Pile Driver
I arms. The advisory board con-
I sists of Joe Kocarnec of Scap-
| oose, C. L. Wilburn of Rainier,
i Nester Lehto of Mayger and Geo.
Fourteen men of the S. P.
Plumb of Vernonia.
and S. bridge gang are now work­
Attendance at the meeting
ing on bridges between Vernon­
was about 225. After listening
ia and the county line prelimin­
Hoover’s speech on the radio
ary to arrival of the pile driver,
I the club was addressed by Bud
and 18 section men are employ­
Gooding, Multnomah county chair,
ed on the track.
Game Is Scheduled With Ogden man.
The pile driver was expected
All-Stars Feb 24
Attending from Vernonia were
here Wednesday, but for some
A. F. Baker, A. L. Kullander,
reason not know locally failed
The Vernonia Blue Jays won E. A, McDonald and A. L. Par­
to show up. As soon as it comes
the Green Aces 39 to 21 ker.
another bridge gang, according from
Saturday in Portland.
I a
.---------- *-----------
to plans, will be on the job
The game was slow the first i Attendance at
and reconstruction of the rail­ half, the score at the end of the
road will begin in earnest.
School Shows
being 23 to 5. During the
The Cason truck was used yes­ half half
all of the utility play­
terday in carrying skids to the last
were used, making the game
big mill for placing under the ers
! Continued
bunk houses being constructed.
While Brady of the Blue Jays
: been shown in the matter of at­
Townsend Ma» Meeting Planned
tendance at school, depleted for
A county mass meeting of Maxon of the Green Aces was several weeks because of the
Townsend clubs is to be held at
measles epidemic. For the past
8 p. m. Friday, Feb. 21, in the player was Montana French, who three days there have been 58
Artisan’s hall at Deer Island. A- played in turn side, forward and I absent out of 340 enrolled. Re­
mong the speakers will be Willis guard. She gave a good account port was received yesterday from
Mahoney of Klamath Falls and of herself in each position she the Clatskanie grade school that
Chas. Hansen, state area man­ played.
For the Green Aces the line­ there were 78 absences in that
up was McDonald and Quimby, i place out of 270 enrolled.
No Columbia county school has
guards; Donahue and Maxon, ' been
closed during the epidemic,
centers; Wolfe and Chatfield,
guards. For Vernonia: Brady as Dr. L. G. Ross of St. Helens,
and Bergerson forwards; Haw­ county health officer, has strong­
kins and French centers; Geort- ly urged all to keep open. Exp­
zen and Vosnick, guards.
clared, that epidemics spread
Elon E. Malmsten is gravely
Game Scheduled with Ogden
much more extensively among
ill at the home of his daughter,
Monday night, Feb. 24, the children when there is no school,
Mrs. A. C. Knauss at Aberdeen, Blue Jays will meet the Ogden on account of children scattering
Washington. He is concious only All-Stars in Vernonia. The vis­ unrestrained among their play-
part of the time and is under itors have been playing for five ■ mates when ’ coming down with
the constant care of Mrs. D. R. years together as a unit, and j disease.
Kauffman, ■who formerly lived have been western champions
five times, state champions one
Natal Farm Is Sold
A seven and one half pound year and inter-mountain champ­ I
Lincoln Peterson has sold his
boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. ions another year. They have | 80 acre farm, known as the
Claude Tackett in Portland Feb­ played two years in the nation­ i Carl Eiler place, at Natal to
ruary 7. Mrs. Tackett and baby al tournaments, once in Kansas i Mr. and Mrs. Jesse George from
are expected to return to Ver­ and once in Missouri.
I below Mist.
nonia next Saturday.
Donald Cole of Longview is
seriously ill with pneumonia for
the second time this winter. He
is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Mill­
ard D. Cole, formerly of this
Mrs. E. E. Garner returned
to her home here the first of
the week and is much improved
Toshi Kuge
opponent’s court Tuesday night,
in health following her recent -The Vernonia
Loggers tight­ Feb. 11.
ened their hold on second place
The first half was very close
in the league basketball stand­ and ended with the score knotted
ings by trouncing the scrappy at 7 all. After trailing 18-11
Scappoose Indians, 39-25 in a with only a few minutes to play,
fast breaking conference game on the Loggers came back with a
the local court last Friday night. spirited rally to whisk in seven
The Loggers grabbed the lead valuable points which knotted the
at tlje start of the game and score at 18-18 and sent the game
kept well in front until the fin­ into an overtime period.
al blast of the whistle. Vernonia 1 Klonke of Rainier flashed in
held a comfortable 20-10 edge 2 quick goals in the overtime
at half time. Neverthless, the period to give his team mates a
Marshal Roy Nelson shooing Indians kept fighting hard to 22-18 hairline decision.
away kids from the Legion hall make a brilliant comeback in the
door before the wrestling match final quarter, after trailing 39-14, Vernonia 18
Rainier J22
—and kids peeking in at the win­ to lop in eleven points whidh Condit, 2
Bauserman, 3
dow during the bouts . . . Paul narrowed the score down 39-25 Parker, 3
Perkins, 4
Gordon leaving his shirt in the before the game ended.
Stennick, 2
Adams, 8
dressing room after the first
Meeker, 2
Rohl, 5
Scappoose 25
tussle with the raw meat eaters Vernonia 39
Klonke, 8
Thorpbrue, 3
Kucera, 5
in the ring . . .Bert Tisdale Condit, 14
Referee, Woodage
Siebel, 3
tightening the ropes so the wrest­ Thornbue, 5
E. Moar, 2 Columbia County League Stand'
lers wouldn’t get strangled in Adams, 16
Dungey, 4
them . . . Charley Barnes sol­ Meeker, 4
D. Moar, 9 Team
emnly ringing the gong . . . Schalock, 0
Johnson, 2 ! St. Helens ................. . 6 0 1.000
Judge Hieber declaring he was
Vernonia ............... 4 2
Referee, Lanb.
going to stay home and listen to
In a thrilling overtime affair Rainier ...................... 2 4
the Hoover speech . . . Sam
1 4
Scappoose .............
Hearing presiding for the first the Vernonia Loggers dropped a | ¡Clatskanie
time at the chamber of com­ heartbreaking 22-18 decision to
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the Rainier Columbians on the
merce meeting.
i i Blue ------
Jays Win
From Green Aces
39-21 Saturday
Loggers Tighten Hold
On Second Place in Race
Feathers . . .
and.. .Talons
street next to the high school
gymnasium to Edna M. Tufford
of the Union Cash store, and
•vill move Saturday to their house
near the mile bridge.
_______ *_______
Conference to Be Held
A county farm outlook con­
ference is to be held at St. Hel­
ens Feb. 27 and 28, according
to word from Geo. A Nelson,
county agent.
Wrestling Fans
See Exhibition
At Legion Hall
Twisting, Bone Bending
Furnish Thrills
C. P. Linn
Local wrestling fans were giv­
en a rare treat in an exhibition
of muscle twisting and bone
bending on the card staged by
Promoters Tisdale and Nelson
Wednesday night at the Legion
Hall. A large crowd numbering
close to 250 was on hand.
The top bout was between the
fast and tricky Jack Curtiss of
Mississippi and a burly gent cal­
ling himself "Hobo” Chambers
and professing to be from no­
where. We don’t know about that
but we do know that he went
This match was a mixture of
assault and battery, mayhem and
what have you, and at times at­
tained the proportion of a riot
embroiling the referee and some
of the ringsiders. The two ruf­
fians wasted no time getting into
action from the first bell and
from then on there was never a
dull moment. The wily Curtiss
took the first fall in 12 minutes
with a body press after a ser­
ies of body slams. Coming back
after the rest period both went
to work using everything but
the ring posts until referee Paul
Gordon after several warnings
gave Curtiss another fall on a
foul. Curtiss, however, refused
the foul when the enraged Cham­
bers attacked Gordon. The match
then became a three cornered
affair between the two gladia­
tors and the referee. Gordon
finally extricated himself all in
one piece and allowed the show
to go on. The Hobo then start­
ed his strangling and kneeing
tactics again, and the referee
awarded the match to Curtiss
a second time on a foul. The
crowd voiced its approval.
In the other major bout Ernie
Piluso, the “pride of Portland”
and Jack Lipscomb, confirmed
“meanie” of Oklahoma, put on
an exhibition every bit as rough
as the Curtiss-Chalmers battle.
Piluso was too much for Lips­
comb and took the second and
last falls after yielding the first
one.. Lipscomb lived up to his
reputation as a hard customer
and took the first fall in ten
minutes easily after reducing
Piluso to a state of helplessness
by rough house tactics. Piluso,
however, came back and took the
the match in two straight falls
with a body press in seven min­
utes an another in three minutes
after cleverly getting out of an
aeroplane spin.
For the curtain raiser
Lemke, Glenwood brakeman, and
Bob Raymer, Camp 8 logger, con­
tinued their feud from the last
card, the bout ending in a draw,
each getting a fall. These boys
may lack the flashy class of the
hearliners, but make it up in
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School Bonds
Are Awarded to
Portland Firm
Interest Rate Is Four Per
Cent, Premium
Atkinson, Jones and Co. of
Portland were low bidders for the
issue of $37,000 in funding bonds
to retire outstanding warrants of
School District 47, and the dir­
ectors voted Saturday night to
sell the issue to them. The pur­
chasers asked 4 per cent inter­
est and offered a premium of
cents per hundred, totaling
$220.15. They agreed also to
pay the fee of the bond attorneys
who pass upon the legality of the
Supt. Ivan N. McCollom went
to St. Helens and Portland Mon­
day to obtain necessary signat­
ures and place the papers in the
hands of the attorneys. Printing
of the bonds and investigation
of proceedings will take a week
or so before the call for warrants
can be made and the transaction
High School to Vote
The Vernonia union high school
district will vote Feb. 24 on the
issuing of $45,600 in funding
bonds to retire warrants. At the
grade school election for the same
purpose Jan. 13 the vote was
8.3 to 1 in favor of the bonds,
and it is expected that unques­
tioned approval will be given the
high school proposition also.
_______ *_______
Of Branch Bank
Is Discussed
Establishment of a branch bank
in Vernonia was advocated at
the chamber of commerce meet­
ing in the Masonic hall Tuesday
noon by T. M. Crawford, and a
of ' Mr.
Crawford, Lester Sheeley and C.
F. Hieber was appointed by pres­
ident Sam Hearing to interview
bankers and find out what could
be done.
Mr. Sheeley presented also the
matter of housing, which he sta­
ted would become very serious
as soon as the mill begins oper­
ations. He suggested the repair­
ing of old houses with the help
of the federal housing adminis­
tration, and a committee consist­
ing of Mr. Sheeley, E. M. Bol­
linger and Hmil Messing was
named by the president to get
information regarding to necess­
ary r^ocedure in the securing of
Mr. Sheeley also reported that
the Nehalem highway would be
oiled from Pittsburg to Mist this
summer, according to information
he had received from the state
highway department, and that
the Beaver Creek highway would
be improved as far as Buxton.
However on account of the round
rock, he was informed by J. W.
Bishop, state highway mainten­
ance engineer, it would be im­
possible to make it hold until
oiled, an improvement not con­
templated at present.
_____ »______
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Walker of
Bank? visited their daughters,
Mrs. H. E. McGraw and Mrs.
Frank Hartwick Sunday.