Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, January 10, 1936, Image 1

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    < AHIIK’il
To Appoint
(Jtv Recorder
*62.000 in
Taxe* Arc Paid
C. of (J. Hears
Reason» for
for several '
by hign tides j
Bond Issue
Th»- home of Mr. and Mr».
Everett M«Collom near Jew ’ll
hour« i at a time
jiu burned on the rooming of
and heavy wind»
'i krmed part of
of the experience o Mr. and Mr*.
MOTION ON NOMINEE IS , •«■ember 27. With the exception
of a few article* from a l»eu
Earl Smith an I
on Clifford,
room, which wa* the only room
Ruby Smith ana M. J. Hanon
that could be entered, every thing
. while on a trip through Wash-
um '
destroyed including man?
last week.
Limitation lovely Chrotmaa gift*
Makes Estimate intrton
They left Thursday over the
Mrs. Met «»Horn, (Myrtle M<»« •»
North Dank road 1 from Longview
I* Sought by
of Bridge uepair*
had y««ne to a neighbor*« becau**
to Deep Creek, thence to A ber-
N ceded
*h* was not feeling well and it
deen and North Cove, w nere
aa* thought the fire got started
they visited relatives.
In oae
Refusal of the city council to from a defective flue during her
The Oreg«,n American Lumber * place a dy ke broken about two
admitted water which
confirm the appointment of C. absence
corporation paid taxes U edne.*- year* ago
the road from a
F. licit»*? a» city recorder tor the
tay at the court house in St.
a mile, and sev­
coining year, and informal deci ■ furnished hot»»«- in Jewell.
Helen* to the amount o' 862,354.«
eral car* and truck* were stalled
»ton to limit the number of beer.
.'1. m accoruance with the agri
j»ar!<>r* in the city to five, th« ‘ Companion Shoots
went with the county qourt re- there by running off the road
chars«'l«*ri2*--i I
centjy announced. Payment of while f <rding the place. A noy-
thcxounril meeting Monday night. I
Birkenfeld Boy
im. from RFC money a! on a bicycle earned money by
located f'»r the purpose, it be- riding ahead of the cars, pilot­
Mayor Hen S. Owen«, m mak-
During Mishap heve«| to indicate that repair I ing them.
name I
Tne party visited also the new
work looking forward to re-
Judge lleiber *.» recorder, but
in Olympia.
Wesley Mills, about 20, run umptfon of «peration will begin
no motion to apprute the ap
'ointment was made by any of <»f Mr. and Mr*. A. K. Mill* of
R«ilro«d Make* Estimates
the three present, (ouncomen Blrkenfeld. wa* killed instantly
260 Men Employed
E. F. Kelly, superintendent of
Adams, Stacy and Kent, and th« w hen he u aa »hot ju»t above
Oil Big Road Projec*
matter u»» passed over without j the heart by a shotgun in the bridges an«l building* for the
P. and S.. and an assistant were
comment. Mayor Owen» named | hands of a companion.
In Columbia County
The two boy* were »hooting here Monday estimating the tim- ‘
a!»«» R<>y K
Nelson tor reap
(»ointment a* marshal, Earl Smith ' d<>g »almon in the Fi*hawk near
Th«* building bridge* between Verno- i
A crew- of 280 men is now em­
a» water «uperintvndent and D. the old Hammond camp.
O. Bennett aa city attorney, and other boy. »pying a fish, »tarted ma and the Clatsop county line.. ployed on the WPA road project
to »hoot,* but »lipped and fell in where the S* P. and S. track! in this county building a camp at
rath wa* confirmed.
A delegation of beer parlor the stream. and hi» gun waa div- ends. Yesterday L. K Needham.’ Chapman and clearing right of
proprietor* headed by Mr». Myrtle charged. Wesley, who wa* ju»t bridge superintendent for the i way on the Ramier-Apiary unit.
l-ayer appeared before the coun- I aero*« the »tream on the bank, Great Northern, Mr. Kelly and a! The road between Scappoose and
cil to ask that the number of wa» hit just above the heart. !!« party of engineers from the Chaoman is also being straight­
parlor* be limited to five. Mr». I pul hi» hand on hi* brea«t, re­ Great Northern were out for a ened and repair* made on it in
iuiyer *late<| that there were *n | marked that they would have to final check up on estimate*. While order to give better acce«s to the
dlralion* of out*i ier» wt*htng to be getting out of there, took a it 1» not known how soon the camp, where carpenters, plumb­
material will be on hand or when er* and electrician* are at work.
come in here and establish new | few step* and fell over dead.
Young MUI* wa* a prominent the bridge crew, now working
Mrlota, whhh would be a great
injustice to the owner* who had’ *tud«nt at Hirkenfeld high *ch«*ol. near North Plains, will be on Mr». Thoma» I»
•tuck it »ut during the depression from which he had been gradua­ the job, expectation is that pre­
and had been barely able to ted. Hi» parent* arc well known paration* will be rushed and ac­
Named Pre»ident
tivity will begin within a »hort
pay expense*. Member* of th« r«-«idcnta of that locality.
Of Town»end Club
council and al»«» the mayor ex- i
It will be necessary for repairs
pressed lhem*ehe» a* willing to i
on the S. P. and S. to be com­
limit the number aa requested A j New Officers in
Mrs. C. O. Thoma* was elec­
before any heavy hauling
suggestion by Mr«. Layer that
ted president, Richard Linn vice-
an ordinance be pasted to that ;
lion tram*. Bridges between here president, Matt Gibson secretary
effect, however, was not adopted
Installed Tuesday and Keasey are in such shape that and W. O. Porterfield treasurer
a» it wa» con»idered unnecessary.
locomotive* are not allowed *o of the Vernonia Townsend club at
a meeting in the Grange hall
pass over them
Ad)ourR*<i Meeting Held
Officer» of the local I. O. O. F.
The flo-»d of application* for Mon. night. The election was un­
An adjourned
meeting wa* lodge
Tuesday jobs continues at the O—A of-j animous. there being no other
held Wednesday night with all night a* follow«: Paul Gordon, fice. but it will be several months candidates.
the councilman present. The box­ noble grand; Clyde McDonald, before the mill can operate.
C. A. Roberson of Coquille ad-
ing commission was apointed by vice grand; Ed Salopionsen, treas­
<lr«-.«*ej the club on “The Psy­
Mayor Owen» with the consent of urer; R. L. Spencer, secretary;
chology of Economics.’*
New Ford* Are Sold
the council a* follows:
Dr. R Emil F. Messing, R. S. N. G.; G.
70 were present.
The Crawford Motor Co. ha*
D Eby, H IL King. J E Tapp. Ilaalington. L. S. N. G.; N. S.
Verne Adam* and J. L. Timmons S«»den, warden; Ronal<i McDon­ sold new Ford V-R’s to George
Wrestling Match Planned
An ordinance fixing ’.he mar- ald. eonnuctar; Howard Reeher, Crawford and Ira Mann.
A wrestling match featuring
T. M. (raw ford attended a'
•hal*» »alary at
a month <!at chaplain; Adolph Nelson, R. S.
ing from Jan. 1 wras pasted unan V <».; (». W. J«»hnson, L. S.- buxines» meeting of Ford agents four middleweights from the labor
emergency V. G.; Del»** Powell, R. S. S.; in Portland Tuesday, whrre the temple in Portland is planned far
Explanation wa* made Ralph Aldrich. Jr., I.. S. S.; A. new financing plan was explain- January 23 by the promoters,
Bert Tisdale and Roy K. Nelson.
that thia doe» not constitute an P. Baya, I. G.; O. M. Plummer, ed.
increase. but 1« being substituted O. G.; E. A. McDonald. trustee
for the method u»ed last year in
allowing 20 gallons of ga* a
month for uss in the marshal’s BLUE JAYS WIN FIRST
car. The new plan conform* with
the budget provision, it was ata-
• *»4
The Blue Jay* won 25 to 23
An offer of the Oregon Gas
and Electric Co. to supply elec­ the first game of the season in
tric light bulb« to the city at a lively tilt in the Washington
promptly overtook by swishing
Toshi Kuge
list price less 23 per cent wa» grade school gym Wednesday-
in a basket, but the opening ses­
Spgrked by a six point rally­
sion finally ended with the local
in the final minute and a half «tuintet holding a slim 9-8 lead.
Mayor Owen» expressed his in­
The Reeher* COC team defeat­
tention of working with the city ed the Vernonia teacher* team of play, the Vernonia Ix»gger» After changing leads about three
swept through to a narrow 32-
council in the matter of appoint­ by the close score of 24-22.
more times in the next cant,
28 victiry over the fighting Clat­
ing a recorder, and suggested
the Tigers finallv rolled ud a five
skanie Tigers in the first con- point lead which they held until
that they get together to dis­
Mrs. Perviae to Bs Here
fefrence tilt on the local floor,
cuss the question. A conference
the end of the half which found
Friday, January 3. The game
of this kind wa* held after the
Mrs. Maude J. Purvine, county was hotly contested to the very the Loggers trailing 20-15.
adjournment of the meeting, but home demonstration agent, will
Close checking by both quin­
z no results have been announced. conduct a class in the making of last toot of the whistle before tets in the third quarter kept
the local hoopsters finally em­ the scoring down, although the
guide pattern* Tuesday, Jan. 14 erged victorious.
Loggers were able to narrow the
at 10:20 a. m. in the domestic
The first half was nip an«l lead to 22-19. The Vernonia bas-
science room of the Vernonia
CALL SERVICE TO KEASEY high school. Women who are in­ tuck with the lead changing hands keteers finally found their shoot­
terested are requested to bring seven time* within the first two ing eye in the fourth period and
The Portland-Hank* Stage line, pot-luck lunch.
sessions. Clatskanie opened the found
for seven
onerated by Thor Gronbeck, ha*
scoring with a field goal. Con- pointers which helped knot the
extended it* service to Keasey,
dit soon tied the count by sink- score 26 all. In the final minute
Photographer To Move
upon call.
in«* two free throws. With the and half of play Adam* meshed
J. T. Scott, photographer, will score tied at six all late in the the net twice and Thornbrue
Repair work on the S. P. and
S. Ry. west of here is expected move his studio to Third and first quarter, Adams tossed in a once to boost the Loggers ahead
to furnish asm« little traffic Maple streets, opposite the Eagle lone free throw to give the Log­ to a safe 32-26 margin of vic­
gers a 7-6 lead, which the Tigers tory at the end of the game.
between Keasey and Vernonia.
Litggers IPin First League
Tilt with Clatskanie
Advantages to Taxpayers
Are Cited in
Issuance of bands to redeem
.-school District 47 was advocated
Tuesday noon at the chamber
of commerce by Ivan N. McCol­
Bu-h, attorney, and Ray D.
Fisher, chairman of the board.
The ci rectors are endeavoring
to reduce the interest rate from
6 oer cent on warrant* to 4 or
i *-» per cent on bonus, Mr. Fish­
er explained, and also to -tart
the district out again on a cash
basis. Application for a loan
from the RFC has been prepared,
he -taled. but before committing
itself either to a private loan
from the RFC the board wishes
.hrough *ale of the bonds to the
highest bidder or to a public loan
to get all the facts availaoie.
In either case a bond issue, auth­
orized by vote of the taxpayers,
would be necei-sary.
Mr. Rush explained the law-
under which warrants may be
refunded. Only taxpayers who
reside in the district, or resi­
dents of the district who own
stack in corporations or firms
paying taxes in the district, may
vote, he pointed out.
McCoilom showed how
the payments on the bonds could
be met without straining the fin­
ancial resources of the district,
and told of the advantages to
the community that would ensue
if teachers could have cash that
would enable them to trade at
home instead of warrants that
often cannot be taken by local
business men.
E. M. Bollinger, who presided,
announced that the directors of
the chamber had named Sam
Hearing as president, E. M. Bol­
linger as rice-president. Neal
Bush a« secretary and Emil Mas­
sing as treasurer for the new
1936 Jury List for
Local Justice Court
I» Drawn on Monday
The jury li»t for the local
justice of the peace court was
drawn in the office of Judge P.
Hill. The names are as follows:
H. A. Wilson. W. H. Kent, L.
A. Boeck. Andrew Parker, C. O.
Thomas. G. W. Johnson, J. W.
Brimmer, Harry Culbertson, A.
E. Adams. T. B. Mills, C. S.
Rich, A. D. Lolley, Albert Wood,
E. H. Washburn. A. Webb, W. C.
Lilley, Ed. Bollinger, J. L. Tim­
mons, Cass Bergerson. Ed. Sesse-
man, Martin Christiansen, A. L.
Bruce, W. O. Porterfield, Den­
nis Davis, Herbert Condit, F. E.
Malmsten. Gujr R. Mills, R. S.
Lindsay, W. H. Whitsell, G. E.
Deamer, George Nutt, J. W.
Brown. J. A. Erickson, R. M.
Aldrich, J. W. Rose, A. L. Par­
ker, G. C. Mellinger, L. H. Dew­
ey. S. S. Conklin. D. B. Mac­
Donald, James Emmons. Harry
W’oodruff, Harry Kearns, C. A.
Mills, R. W. Duncan, E. S. Baf-
ford, Roy Raymond, A. H. Tis­
dale. George Epperly, Charles
Dübendorf, Lowell Hieber, J. E.
Tape and Albert Childs.