Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, December 27, 1935, Image 9

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Attractive and
Simple Rag Rug W>mans Eyes
This design Is very attractive and
To make parsley potatoes, sprln
kle a tablespoon of finely-chopped a simple rug to make if a square rug
parsley over freshly-boiled potatoes is desired, This rug measures 32
* a *
inches and requires about 3 pounds
If screws are put Into a cake of of rags to crochet. Each section is
soap before you attempt to put them crocheted separately and then sllp-
into hard wood you will find they
will go in much easier.
• • •
One-half cup of soap flakes dis­
solved with a little hot water, to
which a cup of kerosene has been
added, is an excellent cleanser fo>
the bath tub.
• • •
Potatoes are as good as linseed for
a poultice. Boil the potatoes in a
bag when soft, mash In bag and ap
ply as hot as can be borne.
Old blankets covered with art silk
make excellent quilts. Stitch through
blankets at corners and along the
• • •
When broiling steaks or chops,
leave the oven door open. This pre
vents burning and smoking.
An aluminum spoon placed in the
soap suds In which silver is washed
will result In shining silver, Polish
silver with chamqls or a flannel stitched together. This model proves
cloth after drying.
that really charming rugs can be
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made from rags. This Is known as
‘Arbor Window" rug and should be
made up in colors to match the fur­
Big Velvet Cape
nishings In the room.
This is one of the twenty beautiful
rugs shown in our rug book No. 24.
Full directions are given for this rug
and also the nineteen others. Send
fifteen cents to our rug department
for rug book No. 24. If you need a
hook to crochet your rug with send
twenty-five cents for both hook and
rug book.
Address Home Craft Co., Dept. C,
Nineteenth and St. Louis Ave., St
Louis, Mo. Inclose a stamped ad­
dressed envelope for reply when writ­
ing for any information.
WOMAN doomed by radium
poisoning to just “one year to
live” was awarded $10,000 in cash
and a monthly income for the rest
of her life. And the whole world
wondered as to what she would do
with the money and the year of
life allotted to her. Just which of
the great variety of paths known
and imagined would this woman
choose to try to find happiness for
that one year.
It is a question that many of us
have at times toyed with, that
thought of what we should do with
our lives if we knew we had but a
year to live. Here in her own words
is part of the answer of a woman
to whom that problem Is only too
“I could find, I knew, no greater
happiness," she says, “than that
which would be mine by making the
folks happy. Then just as quickly
as possible I would go away some­
where and try to forget everything
unpleasant in the past years.”
Actions speak louder than words.
And the first act of this woman on
receiving her money grant was to
apply part of It to paying off the
mortgage on her parents’ home,
also interest and taxes that had
been overdue,
“It made me so
happy," she says, "to see father re­
lieved of those worries.” Next—
oh, yes, girls, this woman is one
of us—her thoughts turned to new
clothes. She bought the things she
had always wanted, and then went
off to “forget everything unpleas­
ant” and get as much joy and hap­
piness as possible out of every day.
It is a great joy to be able to add
to this true life story, that the
woman of whom we write has al­
ready outlived by several years her
doom of “One year to live.” I’rob
ably none better deserves the wish
in the heart of every person In the
world who knows her story that
many, many years more be added
to them. And let us hope that she
will live those additional years a«
she has lived the past, trying to
make others happy, to forget every­
thing unpleasant, and to get ns
much joy as possible out of every­
day. Doubtless she will—for she
has the insight and wisdom of
those who live with death.
Strange, is it not, that more of
us with unnumbered years ahead
of us do not live by the same slm
pie principle of making others
happy, forgetting everything' un­
pleasant, and getting ns much Joy
as possible out of every day! It
works as well for a day’, a year, or
twenty years.
© Bell Syndicate.—WNU Service.
Snug Bloomers to
Protect the Tots
Just as the renaissance influences
the colors, so does it the fabrics.
The military note creeps Into
fashions whether or not we be­
lieve in wars.
A growing number of women like
casual tweed coats for everyday
wear, and with this type of coat one
may wear scarfs for several sorts.
Schiaparelli offers a new sensa­
tion—a dance dress with panta­
lettes, belt with padlock.
Ermine-trimmed woolen or vel­
vet suits are reported selling well
in many sections of the country.
Pleats are important part of the
fashion picture and occur In day­
time, dinner and evening fashions.
Watch the hood as the newest
silhouette Influence. Presented first
in furs, it Is now used in fabrics
for sport.
Fur hats are keyed to many cus-
tumo fashions.
They may be
trimmed with flowers, bird wings
or ribbon bows.
Warmth is mother's first thought
when winds blow cold. It's then that
two-to-ten-year olds need the extra
protection of snug bloomers ’neatb
their brief frocks. This frock but
tons down the front so the kiddle
may button it as easily as a coat; “Morning sickness” — is caused by an
partly stitched pleats add skirt full­ acid condition. To avoid it, acid must bo
offset by alkalis — such as magnesia.
ness, and puffed sleeves create little­
No Need to Suffer
Why Physicians Recommend
Milnesia Wafers
These mint-flavored, candy-like wafers are
pure milk of magnesia in solid form—
the most pleasant way to take it. Each
wafer is approximately equal to a full adult
dose of liquid milk of magnesia. Chewed
thoroughly, then swallowed, they correct
acidity in the mouth and throughout the
digestive system and insure quick, com­
plete elimination of the waste matters that
cause gas, headaches, bloated feelings and
a dozen other discomforts.
Milnesia Wafers come in bottles of 20 and
48, at 35c and 60c respectively, and in
convenient tins for your handbag contain»
ing 12 at 20c. Each wafer is approximately
one adult dose of milk of magnesia. All
good drug stores sell and recommend them.
Start using these delicious, effective
anti-acid,gently laxative wafers today
Professional samples sent free to registered
physicians or dentists if request is made
on professional letterhead. Select Products,
Inc., 4402 23rd St., Long Island City, N. Y.
ALL enjoy good noodles—
W E baked,
in soup, with cheese,
and now they are being served in
place of pastry, a much more
wholesome pie than the usual rich
crust, much as we still enjoy
it. Spaghetti, macaroni and noodles
may be used in exchange in the
following dishes:
This enormous cape of parma vi­
olet silk velvet, trimmed with bands
of shirred ruffles, is worn over a
pale violet glace satin gown. Cut
with low fullness in the back, the
one-piece gown Is made with n pep­
lum effect. The costume is from
Apricots In Nest.
Cook one-half pound of spaghetti
until tender, blanch and drain. Add
two slightly beaten eggs, the grat­
ed rind of a lemon, one-half cup
of sugar, one tablespoon of lemon
Juice, cook until the eggs are set,
stirring carefully. Place In a bak­
ing dish or mold and fill the cen­
ter with a can of apricots, sprinkle
with finely shredded almonds and a
dash of cinnamon, bake until just
lightly brown. Serve chilled with
whipped cream.
Egg Noodles Corona-Chef Maurice.
Take a package of egg noodles or
a similar amount of the home pre­
pared, cook them until tender and
drain. Butter a ring mold and fill
An Oriental Conveyance
WHEN in Portland
enjoy th« homelike comfort of
the Multnomah, at rates no higher
than you would par elsewhere.
Absolutely fireproof. All rooms
haee outside exposure. Excellent
food at sensible prices in the
new coffee shop, or beautiful
dining room.
H°m M ultnomah
The vehicle called a palanquin Is
an Oriental conveyance, often en­
closed, used for long distances by
travelers where railroads or good
carriage roads do not exist It is
a wooded box, with shutters like
Venetian blinds. At each end of
the palanquin two rings are fixed,
and the palanquin-bearers support
the conveyance by a pole passing
through these rings.
with the noodles. Bake one hour
in a moderate oven.
Fry one small onion in a table
spoon of fat, add one pound of veal
and brown well. Cover with one
and one-half cups of water, one-half
teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
aud salt and pepper to taste. Cook
gently for 45 minutes. Thicken the
gravy with two to three table­
spoons of flour mixed with the
same amount of cold water. Add
one can of peas, or small lima
beaas. Unmold the ring on a hot
platter and fill the center with the
veal and peas. Garnish with a can
of mushrooms if desired.
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Food« Deteriorate
Removes Dandruff-Stop» Hair Failing
Impart* Color and
Beauty to Gray and Faded Hair
ttOtf and fl 00 at Druggist*.
HiacoxChem. Wk»., Patchogue, N.Y.
connection with Parker’s Hair Ba I earn. Makes the
hair soft and fluffy. 60 cents by mail or at drug­
gists. Hiscox Chemical Works, Patchogue, N.Y.
girl charm. A quick pull, and bloom WNU—13
ers are in place. The kiddie that has
both frock and bloomers of wool
challis will be warm as toast the
whole winter long.
Pattern 0621 may be ordered In
sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. Size 6 re­
p\O you suffer burning, scanty o.
quires 2% yards 36 inch fabric and
Lx too frequent urination,- backache,
i4 yard contrasting.
headache, dizziness, loss of energy,
Send fifteen cents in coins or
leg pains, swellings and puffiness
stamps (coins preferred) for this pat
under the eyes? Are you tired, nerv-
tern. Be sure to write plnlnly your
ous~~feel all unstrung «nd don't
name, address, style number and size.
know what is wrong?
Complete, diagrammed sew chart In
Then give some thought to you«
kidneys. Be sure they function proper*
ly for functional kidney disorder per*
Send your order to The Sewing
mits excess waste to stay in the blood,
Circle Pattern Dept., 232 W. Eight­
and to poison end upset the whole
eenth St., New York, N. Y.
In general, foods deteriorate on
ageing with varying intensity. This
Is manifested by sue visible con­
ditions as mold, rot and loss of
moisture which Is concomitant with
a hardening effect. Many times,
however, this deterioration can
only be detected by the change in
aroma and flavor, as with butter
and eggs, and coffee belongs to this
class. One of the greatest causes
for spoilage in foods is the pres­
ence of oxygen. This gas is Instru­
mental In changing some of the va­
rious constituents of foods which
have an affinity for it and thereby
alters the flavor of the entire food.
The chemical composition of the
Doe Hitch Hiker
roasted coffee bean Is such that it
Bay Hockett of Salida, Colo., was
is very easily attacked by oxygen. the victim of a “hitch hiking” doe.
He said the deer jumped to the hood
Faateat American Snake
of bis motor car, rode 100 feet, broke
The fastest American snake, the a beadlight, damaged a fender,
red racer, can go only 3.6 miles an leaped down uninjured and frisked
RicMourself of
Kidney Poisons
Use Doan’s Pills. Doan's are for th«
kidneys only. They are recommended
the world over. You can get the gen*
cine, time-tested Doan's at any drug