Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, December 27, 1935, Page 6, Image 6

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Grove lead group singing and
conducted a devotional service.
Father Jonas of Verboort pre­
Entered as second class matter sented a short Christmas mes-
i sage.
August 4, 1922, at the post office
It was the second appearance
at Vernonia, Oregon, under the
of Miss Boyles before the CCC
act of March 3, 1879.
boys, and many remembered her
former visit last year.
ber of plays written by him have
been published and others used
for programs at St. Frederic’s
to a Review reporter Saturday
that the Rainier-Apiary-Nehalem
highway would follow he route
charted several years ago by
Chandler. “There would be no
time for us to select another
route, even if we desired,” De­
IN ROAD BUILDING Witt declared. “In many places
we have been able to pick up
Chandler’s stakes, while in burn­
(Rainier Review)
Chosen as the base of oper- ed-over areas there will be little
ations for two important road difficulty in following the route
TO PORTLAND PARISH building projects in Columbia
Cuiumoia he proposed.”
This information should set at
County, Wilark Camp is the scenej
Editor and Publisher
of intense activity. Having been iease the apprehension of many
(St. Helens Sentinel-Mist)
w^° feared
feared a less practical lo-
Because of his splendid record I i established and in use for some, who
during the 16 years he had been ll time by the CCC, the camp lends, ca^'on than that made by Chand-
in charge of the St. Helens par­ • 1 itself admirably to this purpose. i‘er rnigrht be suggested. The
ish, the Rev. Father Joseph P. (since exodus of the Conservat-1 rou^e *s the same for which road
Clancyi pastor of St. Frederic’s ’¡ion Corps it has rapidly been ad-1 boosters in Central Columbia;
Catholic church, was transferred Napted to the needs of the engin- county have worked many years.)
recently by Archbishop O. B. eers and workers sent out by j From Camp One, the present j
Howard of the Oregon and Wash­ ' Multnomah County relief offices, road will be followed northwest |
Vernonia Eagle, Dec. 25, 1925 ington diocese, to the St. An­
The camp can accommodate
^ar 85 possible and a section
more than 300, but to date onlyj0^ new road several miles in
The high school alumni were thony’s parish in Portland,
165 men have been received, i len8tb constructed to intersect
The change was made last
invited to attend the assembly I
Wednesday afternoon. Those who Thursday, with the Rev. Father Reluctive of those on relief to the Proposed highway about equi­
came were Ray Mills, Burford John T. Greene of Providence, leave the Portland rea has proved' distant between Apiary and the
Wilkerson, Emerald John, Hazel R. I. taking over the local pas­ the obstocle, but it is felt that • Nehalem River. This well be es-
greater numbers may be induced j sential to provide for the move-
Malmsten, Alvin Parker, Bonita torate.
supplies and men em-
Condit, Eddie Condit, Doris Ak-
In Portland, Father Clancy will to work after the holidays. An-Imen*
erstadt, Robert Hoffman and be in charge of construction of a | other factor which should help in 1 P'°yed on the work.
John Wharton.
parochial school similar to St. I obtaining the total of 1400 men I Attention at present is being
Frederic’s, which was established will be the realization that all| centered in the Apiary-Nehalem
Wm. Gillette of Los Angeles here several years ago under his direct relief has been cut off.! stretch because it is longer than
is visiting his sister, Mrs. J. w. leadership. Father Clancy was It was indicated Saturday by, the Vernonia-Scappoose project,
Brown, in Vernonia.
selected, according to those in­ those in charge of the project. Both DeWitt and Gallagher indi­
formed on the church affairs, be­ that several additional survey-' cated that work on the two roads
Earl Dial is on duty again, cause the school here has made ors and other skilled men could1 would be carried on simultan-
having regained his strength fol- the best record of any of the be used to advantage. The ad­ ously so that both will be con­
lowing an appendicitis operation. parochial schools in the diocese. vantages of work in the open, cluded about the same time.
St. Anthony’s church is located j good food and fair wages are
To fulfill its share of the pro­
Several violators of the cur- near 70th and Sandy boulevard expected eventually to oppeal es­ ject, Columbia County has pur-1
few law were up before Judge gnd is a considerably larger par­ pecially to unmarried men in the
Reasoner this week.
I ish.
Wilark has been designated as
A farewell banquet was held
All the logging camps sur­
in St. Frederic’s Dec. 3 which Camp One. Four other camps
rounding Vernonia are closed to
was attended by a number of will be established at strategic
celebrate iChristmas, and probab­
points on the Apiary-Nehalem
prominent local men.
ly 2000 men in the territory ad­
Father Clancy came to St. Hel- and
jacent are off duty and now
ens in Nov. 1919, directly from ways as rapidly as workers are
sightseeing. The big mill will overseas where he was a chap- found to fill them. Camp Two
close four days, we hear.
lain in the United States army, will be located about half way
About all there was to the between Apiary and the Clat­
local parish at that time was skanie River, and Camp Three
the old St. Mary’s hall. Through | will be about midway on the Ne­
Father Clancy’s leadership the St. halem side. The plan varies slight­
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Helens parish has built a church ly from that first announced.
arship competition was made two (St. Frederic’s) at a cost of Camps Four and Five will be sit­
operation of Pres. John F. Dobbs $17,000; house, $3,000; school, uated somewhere near the end of
Pacific university, Forest $15,000. He has also assisted in the Vernonia-Scappoose highway.
securing churches for Vernonia, |
Superintendent Gallagher, who
v •
Rainier and Birkenfeld where he | is in charge of the work, and
Four non-camp members con­ held services one a month in Engineer DeWitt, head of the
tributed to the last all-camp as­ each place. Father Greene has state WPA department, revealed
sembly Thursday.
also assumed leadership of these
Featured was Miss Ruth Boyles parishes.
Under Father Clancy’s coach­
of Forest Grove, who played sev­
eral violin solo numbers to CCC ing St. Frederic’s school basket­
members who gathered some 150 ball team was winner of the
strong for the recital. Miss Boy­ state parochial school champion­
les was accompanied by Hugh ship in 1930, '31 and ’33 and
Paul, Jr., who on several form­ was in the finals in 1934.
Father Clancy was well known
er occasions had visited the camp.
Bennett of Forest as an author and hunter. A num-
Vernonia Eagle
chased two Ford, two Chevrolet
and two Dodge trucks fitted with
dump bodies. The first of these _
was delivered last Wednesday.
Superintendent Gallagher is more
than pleased with the fine spirit
of cooperation showed by the
county. He foresees, however,
that several machines will be
required which the county is not
in position to supply and for
which no provisions were made
in the WPA grant. A shovel and
caterpillar dirt mover are es­
pecially needed. Efforts are be­
ing made to secure the loan of
these from parties interested in
the imrovement.
U/ is + iæs
Trading Co.
Camp Reehers
Auto Company
Vernonia. Oregon
Stuffed with food
starved for vitamins
V i n e s s
— • —
Vernonia, Oregon
T he foods your children eat as­
sume new importance in winler.
No matter how much they eat,
they may not be in vibrant health
unless they get an abundance of
vitamins A and D. These two vita­
mins help guard your children
against winter’s ills.
Through thu long wecJcs of in­
door days, children lose vitality.
They miss the outdoor play, the
summer sunshine. Vitamin A
helps protect little bodies against
infection in general. Vitamin D
furnishes the “sunshine” values
that prevent rickets, and build
strong bones and teeth.
Fortunately, yon can make cer­
tain that your children obtain a
plentiful supply of these two val­
uable vitamins. In M c K esson ’ s
V itamin C oncentrate T ablets
of C od LtvER O il . Children like
their tempting taste. Each deli­
cious, chocolate-coated tablet
brings all the vitamins in one
teaspoonful of Cod Liver Oil,
U. S. P. X. (revised 1934). Also,
each tablet contains one grain of
dicalcium phosphate.
They’re so easy to take. You
will enjoy trying them yourself.
Help build up family resistance
with these delightful food ele­
ments. Get them at any reliable
drug store. A dollar bottle brings
you 100 M c K esson ’ s V itamin
C oncentrate T ablets .