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Special Meeting
SERA Remains
2 Close Games
Called For Monday
In Force During
Mark Softball
Fails of Quorum
Another Month
Series of Weekj A special council meeting to
Week Is Characterized By
Several Upsets In
Two very close games marked
the Vernonia softball league ser­
ies during the last week. Safe­
way defeated the Nehalem mar­
ket team with only one score
made when “Ole” Olson knocked
in Cal Quinlin in the first inn­
ing. The strong Nehalem market
team held them down for seven
innings but were unable to score.
Both teams were undefeated un­
til Friday of last week.
The game between Miller Mer­
cantile and the Nehalem market,
suddenly changed when Millers
substituted in the place of Wies­
er for pitcher and turned the
game. Tommy Bateman’s unex­
celled pitching found an equal
Beeler who
player after another. The pitch­
ing duel ended in what seemed
a tie at the last of the fifth
when it was agreed upon the
game would end. The game was
extended one inning in which
Millers gaiqgd nothing and the
Nehalem two points. But during
the last inning it was shown that
Millers had one more point at
the end of the fifth that was not
recorded. Because of confusion
the game will probably be played
again Wednesday.
Another game Wednesday prov­
ed to be a big upset when the
strong Adams’ team was de­
feated by the Christian Endea­
vor team. Score: Adams 8, Christ­
ian 'Endeavor 4.
The week was characterized by
upsets, changes in the teams,
stronger by substitution of play­
ers, and reorganization of the
teams. Miller was an example
of this. At first they were one
of the weakest teams but in
the game Tuesday they held the
Nehalem market for a good ac­
count. The Christian Endeavor
snapped out of it by defeating
a team that was recognized as
The Oddfellows demonstrated
that they have a team by taking
Mist Monday 8 to 4. The Mist
team showed the best playing
until the last inning when they
lost the game in the last few
rtiinutes of play.
The strong Union ten stopped
Skinny’s undefeated team Thurs­
day night by a score of 8 to 1.
Slow ball Tisdale earned the
needed run for the Barflies by
getting a safe single and then
limping around the bases.
Considerable crabbing was done
during this game indicating lack
of good sportsmanship on the
part of members guilty of this
Elliot, the backbone of the
Union, showed the fans how a
softball should be pitched allow­
ing few hits and fanning his
quota of players.
Difficulties were smoothed out
by the league committe when
certain issues were brought to
light. Ed. "Bull Dog” Bafford
and "Silent” Roy Raymond dem­
onstrated the proper way to
pitch without breaking rules.
Sportsmanship was stressed and
crabbing or beefing was pointed
out as sure means of taking
the fun out of the series. It was
decided that Bafford would have
consider the application of Tom
Carmen for a beer license was
called for 9 p. m. Monday night,
but because of lack of a quorum
the meeting was not held. It is
expected that the question will be
up for consideration at the reg­
ular meeting next Monday, and
that the license will be sought by
Mrs. Carmen.
The Carmens have been negot­
iating for lease of the former
MacMarr store in the post office
block. Mr. Carmen, a former
state police officer, was city
marshal for about a year and has
lately been in business in Bux­
250 Men are Off
Relief Rolls Through
Ending of Strike
About 250 men are off the
relief rolls in this county as a
result of resumption of logging
says Caley Stanwood, county
SERA manager, who was in Ver­
nonia Wednesday. Save for a few
whose jobs have not yet opened
up the only strikers continuing
to receive relief are about 50
Benson employes at Clatskanie.
No agreement between the com­
pany and its men has been reach­
ed at last report here.
WPA Is Not Yet Ready To Take
Up Work
Because of the inability of the
new WPA administration to begin
its projects August 1, as origin­
ally intended, the state relief
committee has been notified that
the SERA will be continued until
further notice. The plan is for
operations under the old organ­
ization U> extend throughout the
month. As before, Caley. Stan-
Zood will be manager of the
sEfRA for the county, and Loel
Roberts local representative. The
WPA when organized will have
its heaaquarters in Portland, the
county and local units as such
being discontinued.
The extension will afford op­
portunity for completing the air­
port, work on which was to have
been terminated July 31, with re­
sumption under the WPA an un­
certain element. A special allot­
ment, however, will have to be
obtained for renting and oper­
ating the tractor that has been
used at the airport site for sev­
eral weeks, the SERA funds now
available being earmarked for
labor only. For the present, there­
fore, only hand labor will be
performed there.
A $12,000 engineering project
to determine the most feasible
route for the proposed road from
Camp 8 to Chapman and estimate
its cost of construction is one of
the new projects for this locality
now under consideration by the
WPA in Washington. If this
project is allowed, final decision
with regard to construction of
the new road will await the en­
gineer’s report.
Losing Streak of
Vernonia Team
Stays Unbroken
There was no break in Ver­
nonia’s losing streak Sunday on
the local diamond, Hillsboro win­
ning an easy victory 8 to 2.
Without the services of Day,
the pitcher who won several
victories in the first half of
the season but has been playing
in hard luck since then the
boys were forced to rely on lo­
cal talent for the hurling. Nel­
son turned in a good bit of re­
lief pitching. A feature of the
game was a home run by Shat­
tuck of Hillsboro in the fourth.
Hillsboro ............. ........ .
8 11 8
Vernonia ............. ............. 2 5 4
Donin and Daeville; Larson,
Nelson and Turple.
What the
Editor Thinks
“Any fool can lead a group of
men out on strike but it takes
a real man to get them back
to work and arrange for terms
satisfactory to all,” remarked one
of the prominent union leaders
in Vernonia this week. True,
Recreation Club Closes
indeed. The problems of achiev­
ing something really worth while
The Vernonia Recreation club
closed its headquaters tempor­
for the men are more serious and
arily beginning yesterday morn­
more deserving of praise when
ing. It will reopen, according to
accomplished than is the art of
Howard R. Lee, secretary, when
getting them to strike.
needed repairs are made, and a
Aside from the excessive de­
more adequate financing is pro­
mands at the beginning of the
general lumber strike which were
regarded by all except possibly a
few radicals as merely the start­
ing point for negotiations to­
A second in the series of band NEW CAR IS WRECKED
ward settlement, the men got
concerts is scheduled for tomor­
WHILE ROUNDING CURVE . what they wanted, and it is for­
row night at the corner of Sec-
tunate for all concerned that the
orpl and Bridge streets.
I A new Plymouth car belong­ result was so satisfactory. In
ing to O. D. Willard, Journal a- this locality, besides, there is
gent, was wrecked near Al Par­ occasion for congratulation that
The Dixie Mountain pioneers ker’s Wednesday evening when there was no attempt at opera­
will hold their annual picnic at Mr. Willard was reaching for a tion by non-union help, hence no
Tannoc, August 11.
paper while rounding a cbi’te. temptation towards violence, no
The car went into the ditch and need for calling in of sheriff’s
complete say over the series as hit a stump. The frame was deputies and state police, no
they are played on the field. Cor- ( sprung and the motor badly hard feelings. The radical ele­
ked shoes of any kind were bar-; (|amagecj.
ment, too, cuts no figure in Ver
red and a decision was passed
nonia, and when a fair proposit­
that only tennis or street shoes|
ion was put up, the men accepted
Townsend Club to Meet
would be alowed on the field of
it gladly.
play. The members of the com- ■ The Vernonia Townsend club
It is to be hoped that for the
mittee were limited to two rep- twill
i will meet ^Thursday
Thursday _ night, _ Aug-
future there may be continuous
resentatives from each team.
| 18 in the Evangelical church.
of members operation under conditions fair
The position of president was' A large delegation
created and Howard R. Lee was'of the local club are attending to the workers and fair to the
chosen as first president of the. the Townsend picnic at Jantzen companies which make employ­
ment possible.
league. Earl Washburn was el-'beach this week end.
ected vice president and Loel
The Vernonia Recreation club
Roberts secretary.
I has been accomplishing a fine
July 25— Nehalem mkt. 11, c.
| work, and it ought to have ade
E. 4. Union 8, Skinny’s 1
quate support to assure its contin­
July 26. Safeway 1, Nehalem 0.
uance. If it does nothing else but
Miller Merc. 9, Union 6.
keep boys out of the streets and
July 29. I. O. O. F. 8, Mist 4.
away from dark alleys at nights
Skinny’s 18, V. A. Co. 6.
it accomplishes something worth
July 30. Nehalem ?, Millers
while—and its possibilities for
C. E. 8. Adam's Grocery 4. 1
Percentage closing July 30.
many and various as well.
This does not give the standing SEEN AND HEARD
of Adams’ or Millers’s as it would I The S. P. and S. locomotive
Howard R. Lee, who has given
be affected on that day by the ' getting stalled on the O. A. spur of his services freely and gener­
game that is at issue.
I because of weeds on the track* . ously without pay of any kind
Pct |. . Les Sheeley trying to bum a I deserves abundance of praise, and
3 0 1000 cigar of Doc Bigelow when he I something more tangible than
2 1
666 thad a pocketful already ... Ed praise and more useful for buy­
2 1
666 Bollinger hammering on the Ver- ing food and clothing if he is
2 1
I. O. O. F.
666 nonia Auto shop roof ... A good to continue devoting a full day
1 1
500' crowd out for the council meet- every day to the project.
1 2
Adams' .
333 ring that didn’t happen. . . Lowell
3331 Hieber painting shelves in the
1 2
If starting the mill were as
C. E.........
1 2
3331 Nehalem market. . . .Daddy Kirk easy as starting rumors about the
1 2
Union ...
3331 rustling a crowd to go to the mill the saws would have been
0 2
000, Townsend picnic.
buzzing long ago.
V. A. Co.
• • •
• • •
Union Members
Approve Fact
With Company
145 TO 7
Grievance Committee To Iron
Out Points of Dif­
By a vote of 145 to 7 Clark
arid Wilson logging employes
decided .at a special meeting of
the union Saturday night to
accept the terms arranged by
conference between the strike
committee and a committee of
company executives. Return to
work was immediate, some jobs
beginning Sunday and the main
work on Monday. Except for a
tew fallers and buckers whoso
jobs have not yet started be­
cause of the large amount of
logs that are down, «very one
who was on hand has gone back
to work. A few places are being
held open while the union is try­
ing to locate the absentees and
inform them of their chance at
their old jobs if they wish them.
The terms are in line with
the general agreement made be­
tween employers and the Saw­
mill and Timber Workers union,
in this case it specifies an in­
crease of five cents an hour in
the lower brackets, with the pay
lor skilled labor to be arranged
by conference between commit­
tees representing the employers
and the union. The company ag­
rees to meet with committees sel­
ected by the union to discuss any
grievances that might arise, re­
quiring, however, that members of
the committee are American cit­
izens or at least have their first
The first agreement made with
the company was not accepted
because of certain changes des­
ired by the men. These changes
were made in conference Friday
at Linnton. The committee re­
turned to Vernonia at midnight,
and the union meeting was called
lor the following evening.
Via Ennis is president of the
Vernonia local, Dick Lynn vice-
president, Otto Mauer financial
secretary, George Baker record­
ing secretary and Ben Dowler
Word has come from Washing­
ton. D.C. that the post office
department is considering ar­
ranging for first day covers to
be sent by airmail from Vernon­
ia on the day that the airport is
dedicated. Request for this was
made of Senator McNary by K.
A. McNeill and Lester Sheeley of
the chamber of commerce com­
Attend» Funeral of Brother
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Armitage
attended on Monday in Portland
the services for Victor M. Arm­
itage, brother of Mr. Armitage,
who died August 20. Victor Arm­
itage was an expert carpenter and
cabinet maker, and built the fix­
tures for the Armitage Drug
store in this city.
Mr». Dewey Ha» Guest»
Overnight guests of Mr. and
Mrs. L. H. Dewey Wednesday of
last week were Mrs. A. H. Win­
dust of Seattle and Miss Dorothy
Baty of Bellingham.