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Cigarette Sale
To Minors Is
Lester Sheeley, secretary of the
To be Stopped chamber
of commerce, has re­
Riverview Residents Ask
Extension of
ceived from Congressman Walter
M. Pierce an acknowledgement of
TO the resolution of the chamber on
the payment of adjusted service
certificates. Mr. Pierce expresses
himself as strongly in favor of the
[ payment.
Legion Women
To Distribute
Glasses of Jelly
Enforcement of the state and
city laws against selling or giving
cigarettes to minors was decided
At the monthly meeting of
upon at the meeting of the city
council MondaJ night upon pre­ the Legion auxiliary in the Le-
sentation of a petition to that ef­ gion hall Tuesday afternoon a
fect signed by seventy-two per­ committee was appointed to at­
tend to the local distributing of
one hundred glasses of jelly pre­
Marshal Roy K. Nelson ex­ pared by members.
plained that if no complaint
Among future projects is the
against dealers for selling cig­
disposition of a beautiful china
arettes to minors is signed by “Naval plate” decorated with a
someone who has knowledge of! painting of ‘*Old Ironsides”, T^ie
the fact, he cannot make an ar-1
proceeds will be used for national
rest unless he himself sees the . defense.
dealer break the law. Sometimes, ,
A joint meeting with Vernonia
he declared, persons making com- ,
post of the American legion was
plaints to him refuse to sign,;
announced for next Tuesday eve-
rendering him powerless to act.
ning, March 12, in the hall, Re-
He also pointed out the impos­
freshments will be served.
sibility of enforcing the provi­
sion of the law that requires the
John Miller Visits
arrest of boys . and girls for
John Miller visited his family
smoking. “We’d have to build an here over the week end. He is
addition to the city jail,” he de' [ now employed as a mechanic on
trucks and tractors at the Bon­
Councilmen Kent and Davis ex- ■ neville dam.
pressed the opinion that if the
people want the anti-cigarette j
A baby boy was born yetserday
law enforced it should be done. morning to Mr. and Mrs. Archie
Townsend Plan
Fish Getting Scarcer
Says Fishy Reporter Described
By Mr. Berger
Fish and fishing are getting
scarcer week by week. If we
could get fishing news like you
get fishing stories the front page
wouldn’t be big enough. Very
few fish in Rock creek and less
Emil Messing, Larry Marshall,
and Harold McEntire caught two
at Elsie Sunday. Ross Duncan
took one in lower Rock creek
So far as I can learn that is
all the fish that have been caught
this last week. Maybe I missed a
few but if I did I didn’t know
of them. If the legislature keeps
fighting all of the conservation
bills that are introduced it will
be 'but a year or so until we will
have no fish at all. We pay (thru
our license) to support the dif­
ferent fish hatcheries over the
state and then have the com­
mercial fishmerman bottle up the
river with his nets and traps
Emil F. Messing
Made Member of
Reemployment Board
until we get hardly any fish at
all. I wonder if you know how
many thousands of dollars are
spent annually to hatch and
raise the salmon and steelhead
that the game commission turns
loose in our streams each year.
I don’t know the exact amount
but it is a staggering amount.
And yet Mr. Fisherman, hosv
many salmon and steelhead do
you get? Rather looks to me that
we are handing the commercial
fisherman his living. Not that I
object to his getting his living by
fishing, but I certainly think that
I am entitled to more than I
am getting. If you have ever seen
how the nets and traps are set
in the mouth of a river you
would wonder that a fish ever
got as far up the river as they
do. If one does manage to elude
the nets he is so small that he
is hardly fit for food. Yet you
will fold your arms and sit back
in your chair and say ‘■What
can I do about it?” Here’s what
you can do about it. Get in your
local Rod and Gun Club and help
bring pressure to bear where it
will do some good or in othvr
words get organized. You can
bet the commercial fishermen
are organized one hundred per
cent and that is the reason that
our fish bills were all defeated.
If the sportsmen of the state
were as strongly organized as
they are we might have a chance
but for just a few to carry the
battle alone is like hollering
down a rain barrel. So quit
bellyaching and lend your sup­
port where it will do some good.
People Must Be Obeyed By
Officials Is
The Townsend plan is not an
old age pension but a recovery
program, declared F. W. Berger
at a rally in the Christian church
auditorium Wednesday night.
There is no idea on the part of
the sponsors of the movement
that "grandpa and grandma need
»200 a month,” he stated. Their
part is to put the money into
circulation, They must spend it
each month for anything they
may wish but are not allowed to
give it away, he declared. Any
violation of the agreement would
mean that the monthly pay checks
are stopped.
The Townsend plan would ben­
efit young people just as much as
their elders, the speaker declared,
through giving them employment
in places vacated by people over
sixty, and in filling the jobs that
will be necessary because of the
added business created by so
much spending. There will be no
unemployment under the Town­
send system, he maintained.
To finance the system Mr. Ber­
ger asserted a two per cent
“transactions tax” would solve the
problem. He suggested also that
the government print 35 billions
in greenbacks, enough for the
Townsend plan, the veterans bon­
us and all the alphabetic projects
that Roosevelt wants.
“If congress does not adopt
the Townsend plan in 1935 we
will send men there who will put
it over in 1937,” he declared,
“We have the power of the ballot
box and don’t care what Roose-
velt thinks of the Townsend plan,
or what congress thinks, We’ll
send someone there who hasn’t
got a price.
“If you had a hired man you’d
tell him what he had to do or
get out,” Mr. Berger insited. “No
man whether president of the
U. S. or dog catcher of Vernonia
has a right to disregard the wishes
of the people,” he commented
In conclusion Mr. Berger ex­
pressed his confidence that the
Townsend plan would be passed
within sixty days as an amend­
ment to the president’s relief
Emil F. Messing of Vernonia
was notified this week of his ap­
pointment as a member ot the
national reemployment committee
for Columbia county. Other mem­
bers of the committee are W. W.
Dillard, St. Helens, chairman; W.
A. Russell, St. Helens; Emil
Cle*n-up Day Set
Adams, according to word receiv­ Mueller, Clatskanie; William
A committee from the Verno­ ed from Clatskanie by A. E. Ad Reed, Rainier. Guy V. Lintner of
nia study club, Mrs. H. V. Hol­ ams.
Portland is state director.
comb, Mrs. E. M. Bollinger and
Mrs. H. M. Bigelow, expressed the water superintendent’s, was INFANT SON OF
the desire of the club to coop- up for final passage. Roll call re­
Gravel Trains to
erate with the council in making sulted: Davis and Hartwick, aye;
clean-up day a success, and Adams and Kent, no. There being
Start Next Week
wished to know when it would a tie. Mayor Owens voted in fa­
Raymond Lewis,® aged three I
For Highway Work
be convenient to set the date in vor of the ordinance.
months, son of Mr. and Mrs. 1
order that plans might be made. Warrant Ordinance Introduced John Ross died Sunday evening I
Beginning next week 12 cars
The council designated April 13.
Councilman Kent introduced an at eleven p. m. after an illness of! of gravel will come in daily on
Riverview Want» Water
ordinance forbidding the recorder three days..
the S. P. and S. for the Beaver
A committee of Riverview res­ from accepting any school war­
Services were held Tuesday at Creek highway work. River gravel
idents consisting of George Dror- rants for water rent or occupa­ Brown’s mortuary, and interment from Portland will be used, and
baugh, Wm. Heath and Earl Dial tion licenses except from employ­ was in the local cemetery.
unloading will be at Braun’s.
presented a petition with thirty es of the local high school or
one signatures asking for exten­ grade school districts.
sion of the city water system into
An emergency clause was at-
their section.
tached, and as the ordinance re-
Councilman Kent replied that ceived a unanimous vote it goes
although the city has water to immediately into affect.
Mrs. K. A. McNeill, treasurer
sell and welcomes new custom­
of the Vernonia Merchants as­
ers he could not spe how the
sociation which sponsored a num­
water could be put down there,
ber of prize contests in 1932,
even though there is plenty of
has turned over to Loel Roberts, 14 or 15 to be Emloyed by
it in the reservoir.
local relief agent, a bank dividend
Next Week
The main extending to the west
of approximately six dollars for
end of the Riverview bridge is
elief purposes
only a one and one-half inch pipe,
The Bennett and Johns mill
Organization Formed
and for fires prevention and gen­
started yesterday morning with a
J. C. Lincoln Back
Organization of a Townsend
eral use there should not be less ■
J. C. Lincoln sold his restau- crew of about twelve men. There club here was urged by J. C.
than four inches, Earl Smith wa-1
Men busy sawing lumber in the rant in Portland last week and will be about fourteen or fifteen Culbertson of Clatskanie, who
ter superintendent, declared. The i Bennett-Johns mill . . . Jim Mon­ is back at his home in Vernonia. at work in the mill by next week,
presided. Bert Woods was named
committee representing the pe­ ger going up the steps to see
He is undecided as to his fu­ Mr. Bennett says.
as president and Mrs. A. E.
titioners was advised to see if | what the boiler is doing . . . ture plans at present.
A. E. Jones began hauling Jennings secretary-treasurer. Ar­
some means of furnishing the Ben Bennett out on the slab chute
logs to the mill last Friday, and rangements for future meetings
pipe conld be secured, as the city . . . Et Tapp and Geo. Laird
on Saturday steam was up and a were left until a later date.
would not be able to do it.
loading slabs on the Trading
The Vernonia Brazing and Ma­ few logs were sawed.
Street Light Ordered
Company’s truck . . . Marion chine works sold its 1934 Chev-
At present only enough lum­ EXAMINER TO COME
Dr. H. M. Bigelow presented a Gaines packing lumber out to the rolet demonstrator to a Portland I ber for planking the loading dock
petition asking for a street light dock ... at the Townsend meet­ man last week, taking over a ! and ties for the railroad spur are
at the east end of C street, ani ing, Jim Brown modestly think­ Ford coupe in trade. Th? firm being cut.
Martin Redding, examiner of
upon motion by Councilman Davis ing the other Mr. Brown was oromptly sold the coupe to Chas, j Local men are being emp'oyed. I operators
chauffeurs, is
the request was granted.
nominated . . . Mrs. Jennings- Kilgore, principal of the grade some of whom worked for Mr.1 scheduled to be at the city hall
Salary Ri»e Debated
passing out handbills for the school at Birkenfeld.
' Bennett when the Lindsay Lum- I Thursday, March 14, from 11 a.
The ordinance granting an in­ meeting . . . “Abe” Lincoln again
--------------- ■
■■ —
! her Co. operated here before. 1 m. to 5 p. m.
crease of the city recorder’s around town » . . A bathtub on
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Douglass Many of them have been un-
salary to ninety dollars a month, the sidewalk in front of the and daughter Zonweiss Douglass, ■ employed for some time exec^. I
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Garner
equalizing it with the marsha. » Shamrock parlor.
visited in Salem Monday.
| for SERA work.
made a trip to Portland Monday.
Mill Operates
With About 12
• •