Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, February 08, 1935, Page 7, Image 7

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    somebody kicks the table and the
jig-saw puzzle looks like a
f scrambled egg or Humpty Dump-
i ty.
| Instead of passing a law, like
j they used to do, they pass a code,
Mrs. Edith Varley reports that
I and that code contains evrything
White is improving fast.
’ that a plumber, lawyer or beau-
Editor, Blue Mountain Eagle * ty doctor ever thought of. This
Mildred Hawkins was a visitor
Canyon City, Ore.
is extended to every craft, trade J at the Dan May home Monday.
Representative, Grant and Har- business and profession—a code.
I Reports are Mrs. Frank Hankel
ney Counties
The NRA, with about five hun­ is not improving very fast.
dred codes, will be added to all
STATE HOUSE, Salem—One i of the state codes. They will be I Mr. and Mrs. Gus Olson moved
thing I like about the legislature j passed, and then, everybody will i from Bacona to Vernonia Friday.
Evelyn May spent Friday with
is the squirrels on the Capitol forget them and that is where
grounds; big, silver greys, al­ “too much” law ends with noth- i rs. Babe Watson of Buxton.
ways sociable, hungry and play­ ing.” They are just about as ef-! Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hilliker of
ful. They will climb up your leg, fective as if some farmer back i Bacona visited Mrs. Edith Varley
and go into your pocket after a ' home tore 15 pages from Mon- Wednesday.
Opal Smith and Ray Meyer
peanut, friendly-like and always gomery Ward’s catalogue and
• motored to Astoria on business
looking for something, like a pol­ voted for that.
1 Sunday.
But we must realize that the
Marjorie King left for a visit
What the legislature should do newest thing in government is
is one thing, and what the peo-
We‘have’ to put ’Humpty r' in Portland Sunday, returning
pie should do is quite another.
[ Dumpty
back together again and
The legislature should pass the the "easieTt” way ' to” un«~rambU I Vera White is employed in
Buxton after staying with her
laws and the people write to the egg is with codes. Instead of | mother>
Mrs Edith Varley> for
their legislators and tell them to passing one law, we can pass one
two months.
pass some laws and then “holler1-.thousand
with one
thousand laws
laws with
one code
code and
Mrs. Otto Carlson
about too many laws. Write to|with 500 codes get 500,000 laws
spent Sunday evening witn Mr.
your senator today, but leave. and so> the legislature that
your representative alone.
to retail a few laws has gone in- and Mrs. Dan May.
Miss Evelyn May spent Thurs­
In one breath the legislature is | to the wholesale business—codes, day evening with Miss Mildred
accused of doing nothing , and > Each codf creates a govern- Walters of O.-A. hill.
in doing too much. We have j ment within itself; a little mon-
Mr. and Mrs. I. Diemert of
been trying to define just where (archy> and so we hav‘e a republic Portland were week end visitors
nothing ends and where ‘ too,
au of ¡fS arms, legs, fingers of Mr. and Mrs. J. Elder.
much” begins and have reached and toes—little monarchies, and
Mrs. I. Diemetr of Portland
the conclusion that “too much” if they ever fall off the wall, and Mrs. J. Elder of Riverview
ends with “nothing.”
like Humpty Dumpty, it will take were visitors of Mrs. C. H. Gill
This government is like Hump- a dictator to pick up the pieces. Sunday.
ty Dumpty, and all of the King’s
But, if I were governor—
1 _________
Mrs. James _________________
Burke and son Jim
horses and all of the King’s
“I, governor of Oregon.” It of Camp 8 were Monday visitors
men can’t put him together again. was Upton Sinclair, who predi­ of Mrs. J. Elder.
In 1929 Mr. Humpty Dumpty cated a political campaign on “1,1 Mrs. Bud Rose and Kathleen
fel off the wall and we are Governor.” Well, if I were gover- Lolley were visitors at the C. H.
trying to put him together again I nor> j woujd take my vacation
home Sunday.
with codes and so these cooes re-1 on no pay, when the legislature
Margaret Haiman spent Sun­
mind us of a jig-saw puzzle, with | ( was in session. Poor governor, day night with Mildred Woods.
each little scrap a code, and I ; poor man—and, if you, have tears
Mrs. P. J. Millis visited at the
when we match them all up, we j
shed ’’now”,’rather than
home of Mrs. C. C. Fowler on
get a ten cent picture, and then bring a bouquet when all is done. Thursday.
“I Governor Martin,” must
Mrs. B. B. Hawkins and daugh­
have as many ideas in his head, ter Mildred were in Portland
as the average person has flu Tuesday.
bugs—thousands^ Everybody is
talking to him, writing to him, cause of the serious illness of
phoning, wiring, and even “I, her mother, who lives there.
Doris Vosnick, who has been
” dropped into the
A. F. of L. LOGGERS representative,
executive chamber to weep upon playing guard on the Blue Jay
Local No. 18742 meets second his shoulder—poor man.
team, was unable to play the last
and fourth Thursdays in the
You are lucky if you have a two games because of an attack
month at Grange hall, 8 p. m job, or an acre and a cow, and of the flu.
Visiting members cordially invit­ i are not governor.
ed to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Dial are
Fred Lumm, president.
to return to Vernonia about
Feb. 15, when Mrs. Dial will
reopen her Annette Beauty shop.
A. F. & A. M.
Mr. Dial was here Friday and
Vernoma Lodge No. 184
Mrs. Wilbur Davits left Wed­ Saturday from Willard, Wash­
A. F. & A. M. meets
Temple, nesday morning for Chehalis to ington, making preparations for
Communication I be with her mother, who will un­ I their return. They have been
travelling extensively since leav­
First Thursday of each dergo a major operation.
month. Special called
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Birdsong and ing here several months ago.
meetmgs on all other Thurs­ daughter Patty Jo of Clatskanie
day nights 7:30 p.m. Visitors were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Har­
most cordially welcome.
ry Culbertson Tuesday evening. I
Glen F. Hawkins, W. M.
Wilma Stolen and Kathryne
F. D. Macpherson, Sec.
McKenzie were guests of Mar­
jorie Lange and her mother
Thursday evening for supper.
Order of Eastern Star
The government is behind
Nehalom Chapter 153, O. E. 8. They served Chinese noodles and
Regular commu­ gingerbread.
every deposit you have—
nication first
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Lisenby
and third Wed­ and daughters, Wilberta and
up to $5000. That is the
nesdays of each
month, at Ma­ Noreen, visited at the J. W. Mc­
finest guarantee in the
sonic Temple. Kenzie home Sunday. The Lisen-
world—as certain as the
All visiting sis­ bys live at Gales Creek at pre­
ters and broth­
existence of our gov-
ers welcome.
Mrs. I. N. McCollom has been
Mrs. Oscar George, W. M.
ernment! Make your de-
in Forest Grove this week be- i
Leona McGraw, Sec.
posits with confidence
they are guaranteed, by
Federal Deposit Insurance.
Life of a
Pending Laws
Discussed by
Pomona Grange
the date of the primary
from May to September
vided in H. B. No. 7.
The next meeting will
Warren grange at Vasa
May 4.
as pro-
be with
hall on
Subsistence Homesteads in Coun-
ty Disapproved
Legislature matters were di*
cussed at the meeting of Pomona
grange Feb. 2 at Beaver Homes.
Some of the matters acted on
were as follows:
Regarding the support of AAA
and asking the continuance of the
same a resolution was adopted
asking the legislature to support
H. H. No. 97.
Regarding the establishing of
subsistence homesteads in this
county by the Portland chamber
of commerce. The organization
went on record as opposing this
move, as it was felt we now have
enough people needing help with­
out importing any.
Regarding careless and drunken
driving. The grange went on re­
cord as favoring a law making
any automobile driver responsible
for damage he may do to life or
property, insurance being com­
pulsory along this line.
Asking that stumping powder
be made available through the
government relief agencies, that
those having land to clear may
be able to buy this powder at
cost with the privilege of1 de­
ferred payment. This resolution
also was carried by the grange.
The Townsend old age pension,
came in for its share of discus­
sion, all seeming to favor some
form of old age pension, but
this resolution was finally laid
on the table and no action, taken.
The dog license law came in
for its share of criticism, as it
was felt that the present method
of handling the matter is expen­
sive, and too large a share of
the money collected goes for its
collection and operation. The
grange went on record as favor­
ing a change in the law to make
this tax a part of the regular per­
sonal tax, and to be collected in
the same way as other taxes, by
the sheriff. It was also voted to
broaden the law to include poul­
try and other farm animals be­
sides sheep and goats.
The grange adopted a resolu­
tion opposing the changing of
100 lbs. «2.25
Trading Co.
everyone spends
everyone works
Vernonia Eagle has on hand
a supply of
Red Cardboard
Suitable for Valentine
Large Sheets
3 FOR 25c
Portland—Banks Stage Line
Leaves from Vernonia Hotel for Portland via
Buxton and Banks, 8:00 a. m., daily.
Sundays and Holidays, 8 a. m., and 4:45 p. m.
Leave Portland from Central Stage depot at
5:00 p. m. daily, except Sundays and Holidays.
Sundays and Holidays, 10:30 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
FARE: $1.30 ™EY
10 B°T
The Forest Grove
J. A. Thornburgh, President
R. G. Thornburgh. Cashier