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Blue Jays Are
Vietors Over
Sherwood Six
VERNONIA, COLUMBIA COUNTY, OREGON, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1935.____________________________ NUMBER 5.
An S. P. and S bridge crew
consisting of a foreman and six
men arrived Wednesday night
for cleaning out culverts east of
town, and also for reshingling the
HOUSE IS SMALLEST TO station roof.
No material is at hand for
bridge repairs west of town,
Reehers Wins from Wilark though a survey for repairs need­
ed for operating East Side Log­
In Boys’ Game
ging company’s trains was recent­
41 to 21
ly conducted.
Operetta to Be
Given Tuesday
By Two Grades
“Goldie Locks and the Three
Bears,’’ a primary operetta by the
first and second grades, is to be
given in the grade school audi­
torium Tuesday night at 7:30.
The cast will be as follows:
Great Big Bear .... Glen Shipman
Mother Bear .......... Lois Raymer
Baby Bear .......... Glen Pritchard
Goldie Locks ...... Jeanetta Layer
Fairy Godmother .... Ruth Hausler
Saturday night before
In addition to the main char­
smallest house the Blue Jays ever
there will be a chorus of
played to at home they won from
peppermint sticks, dolls, crickets
Sherwood 28 to 23. This is the
and playmates. The rhythm or­
first game the visiting team has
chestra will play before the op­
lost out of the 11 played so far
eretta. Costumes will be made
this season.
by the home economics depart­
Taken as an average the Sher-
ment. A small admission will be
wood team
34 Lodges, 14 Grand Jurisdic­ charged.
than the local team but were a
tions Are Represented
The production will be in
very fast playing sextet.
charge of Miss Mabel Anderson
Baskets made by the Blue Jays
Thirty-four different lodges with the assistance of Miss Ethel
were as follows: Brady, 11 field
and 14 grand jurisdictions were Peterson and Miss Lenora Kizer.
goals and two free throw shots,
represented at the home-coming
24 points; Lane, two field goals,
dinner at the Masonic temple Sat­ White and Sundland
4 points. For Sherwood: Tooze,
seven field goals and two free urday night. 105 Masons regis­
Motor Car Co. Open
throw shots, 16 points; Blue, two tered attendance.
In Old MacMarr Place
Glen Hawkins, worshipful mas­
field goals and one free throw, 5
points; Dadman, one field goal. ter, presided, He presented the
The White and Sundland Mo­
Sherwood had three I sisters following: Frank Peters, Hills- tor Car Co., Chrysler and Ply­
playing on their team and I were boro, senior grand warden; E. E. mouth dealers, will open an
very proud of the fact, A . good Rosebraugh, Rainier, district de­ ayency tomorrow in the old Mac-
laugh was had when they were puty grand master; F. D. Mac- Marr building next to the Pater­
told that the local team also pherson, Vernonia, junior grand son Furniture store. They will
boasts three sisters on the line-up. deacon; C. E. Lake, master of St. handle the new 1935 Chrysler
Helens lodge; Wm. Reed, past and Plymouth line, and also deal
The Blue-Jays line-up
Brady and Lane, forwards; Haw­ master of Thurston lodge 28, in used cars.
kins, jump center; Bergerson, side Harrisbug; Albert Childs, past
A complete line of automo­
center; Vosnick and Bergerson, master of Lebanon lddge 24; Bill bile supplies will be stocked. It
guards. The only substitution was Congdon, past master Gresham is not planned to go into com­
Guertzen playing one quarter for lodge 152; M. J. Hanon, past petition with local dealers, but
master Seaside lodge;
H. E
rather with the mail order
Freeland, past master Spokane
houses, Mr. White and Mr. Sund­
Hazel Shipman and Josephine
lodge; Mr. Lewis, past master
land say.
Hare, having been on the sick
Whitman lodge; John E. Doerr,
list for several days, were not in
On Saturday, the opening day,
master Clatskanie lodge, Messrs.
the line-up.
will be furnished by local
Martin, Christie, Williams, E. M.
Reehers Wins from Wilark
Bollinger, Robt. Berg, past mas­ talent.
Camp Reehers ran the score up ters Clatskanie lodge; Mr. Bous-
on Wilark 41 to 21. The line-up
erman, master Rainier lodge 24;
for Reehers was Hines and Aid-
The rock crusher south of
G. O. Clement and M. W. Mar­
rich, forwards; Shearer, center;
tin, past masters Rainier lodge; town started Monday crushing
Kilburg and Taggart, guards.
Judge J. B. Wilkerson, J. E. rock for the Camp 8 road. SERA
For Wilark, Socha and Dufel-
Tapp, K. A. McNeill, W. H. Hur­ labor is being used at the crush­
meyer, forwards; Douler, center;
ley, E. F. Messing, past masters er.
Lewis and Reed, guards; Woodard
Vernonia lodge 184.
and Bockengack, subs.
Among others present were
D. O. Bennett. M. R. Calhoun.
Hall Gets Decision
Willard C. Bouser, Fred Axtell,
Over Thye on Foul
Forrest Beck and Clarence John-
In Wrestling Bout son of St. Helens, Wm. Folger,
Warren Goodwin, Geo. Kent, Le-
Bert Hall of Vernonia won a land Gilbert of Portland, Ernest I
decision over Ted Thye ol Port­ Yeo of Gladstone, Alden Barley,
land in a wrestling bout at the Dr. Marquam and Albert Brosey
Legion hall Saturday night. Each of Clatskanie, Art Lundeen, Cy
Creamery truck men moving
had one fall, when Hall got Williams, L. P. Jaspers and L. out the frigidaire from Lincoln’s
tangled up in the ropes while' E. Stevens of Westport.
old candy kitchen . . . J. F.
Thye was kicking him, and Re­
Music was furnished by Leo I Rose's automobile, loaded with
feree Jim Maloney called a foul. Ludwig, Joe McNutt and H. H. baggage in front of the C. R.
Maloney appeared in a prelrmi- j Norris. The dinner was prepared Pritchard residence . . . R. M.
nary bout with Bob Raymer, and I by a committee consisting of Aldrich explaining that the S. P.
although he outweighed Raymer Emil F. Messing, Lowell Heiber, and S. bridge crew here now
by 40 pounds the Vernonia boy Harold Shipley, Geo. Plumb, E. didn’t come to rebuild for the
put up a surprisingly good fight. Ray Mills, Tom Crawford and O.-A. . . . Earl Smith peering
J. L. Timmons, who refereed, Loel Roberts, and was served by down into water meter holes . . .
declared a draw.
members of .Nehalem assembly, Bill Congdon, Doc Hurley, Bill
Order of Rainbow.
Folger, Ernie Yeo and other old-
timers here to eat turkey at a
lodge dinner . . . Kenneth White’s
new green truck with rear door
EVENING IN VERNONIA and a step suitable for a patrol
Tonight at 7:30 the Vernonia
wagon, he says . . . Judge and
grade school basketball team is
Monday evening Col umbia Mrs. Hieber getting out water
to play the John Gumm school county eportsiMn are to meet in ' statements in the city hall . . .
of St. Helens, and at 8:30 the the Vernonia high school for the1 Mildred Cason substituting for
local high school team will meet ; purpose of discussing seasons and Edna Owens in the library . . .
the Clatskanie high school free ia bag limits of fnh in Columbia I Signs of action on the Maple
the Washington grade school gym. ! comity.
‘ street culvert caved in weeks ago.
Masons Attend
Homecoming at
Lodge Temple
Feathers . . .
and.. .Talons
Dividends to
Be Paid Soon
On Deposits
The Vernonia grade school
first and second teams both lost
to Rainier grade school at Rain­
ier Wednesday afternoon,
first team 24 to 10 and the sec­ COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS
ond team 16 to 10.
TO GET 25%
The first team line-up was as
John May and Bob
Peterson, forwards; Don Peter­ Settlement of City’s Claim
Makes Amount
son, center; Howard Rundell and
Elvere Thompson, guards. Lind­
berg substituted for Don Peter­
Announcement of a 25 per cent
dividend on commercial accounts
and a 10 per cent dividend on sav­
ings accounts was announced
this week by E. D. Kahler, depu-,
ty superintendent of banks in
charge of liquidation of the Bank
of Vernonia. The larger dividend
for commercial accounts was
made possible by the recent
Two Girls Have Narrow Escape settlement of the city’s claim for
$22,000 on deposit at the time
From Serious Injury
of the failure. The dividends will
The cars of Elza Varley and be distributed February 8.
A petition to pay Clark and
Oliver Graves were badly dam­
aged in a collision on O.-A. hill Clark, attorneys for A. A.
Saturday night. No one was in­ Schramm, superintendent of
jured, except that Mr. Varley banks, in the matter of liquidat-
was cut on the side of the nose tion of the Vernonia bank,
$1517.50 for services rendered
and under the right eye.
from the beginning of the litia-
The Varley car, a new Chrys­
ler, was coming towards town, gation up to Jan. 1, is before
Judge Howard K. Zimmerman,
and the Graves car out-bound had
and will be passed upon during
drawn over to the left side of the
his next trip to St. Helens, around
road in front of the C. L. Brock
the middle of the month. The
place in order to deliver milk. Mr.
amount covers all work done
Varley, misled by the headlights
since December, 1932, including
of the other car, attempted to
the bank building deal, recover­
pass to the right, and the bump­
ing notes and other assets of the
ers caught, causing the Varley
bank exchanged by the officers
car to skid into the Brock yard,
of the bank prior to closing,
turning completely around. Gwen­
and is the only settlement with
dolyn and Florieda Graves, who
the attorneys, Mr. Kahler says.
were riding with their father, had
a narrow escape, as they had
opened the door of the car to Local Pastor’s
get out, and an instant later
Brother Exhibits
would have been directly in the
Unique Art Items
path of the oncoming car.
Mileposts carved with histori­
The frame of the Varley car
was badly sprung and the Graves cal scenes, to be used on Oregon
car was also seriously damaged. highways figure in an art exhibit
by Walt Pritchard and Louise
Utter of Eugene in that city last
FOR COUNTY TO BE FEB. 14 week. Mr. Pritchard is a brother
of C. R. Pritchard, pastor of the
The Columbia county allotment Vernonia Christian church.
Each milepost has a motif of
committee and the county agricul­
tural agent attended the meeting some historical event or charac­
of the allotment committees and teristic in the locality of the par­
county agents of six counties at ticular highway. A representation
Portland to consider the 1935 of Chief Multnomah, wigwam
and Indian scenes, is carved on
Corn-Hog sign up.
to arrangements the design for the Multnomah
made there, the first corn-hog highway.
Mr. Pritchard is exhibiting also
sign up for Columbia county will
be February 14 at St. Helens statues made under the public
where the community committees works of art project, oil paint­
of the county will meet to receive ings and water colors. He is a
instructions on signing up the graduate student of the Univer­
sity of Oregon art school and
contracts for this year.
plans to take commissions for
At this time N. C. Donaldson,
garden sculpture. Miss Utter,
compliance agent, will be present
with whom he is associated, is a
co assist with this work.
junior in the art school.
Later community meetings will
be held for the sign up of the
E. M. Bollinger and E. S.
corn-hog raisers of the county.
Thompson attended a showing
—Geo. A. Nelson, county agent.
of the new Chevrolet Master
series in Portland Monday after­
URDAY NIGHT AT • some neighboring town.
On Wednesday night Jewell
The Chung Wah team of Port­ will play their first game here
land, a fast moving sextet, will with the Blue Jays at 7:30, and
play the Blue Jays Saturday on Saturday, Feb. 16, the Inde­
night at the grade school, com pendent Aces will play here. Af­
mencing at 8. The game will be ter these two games the local
a double header, Camp Reehers girls will make several out of
probably playing a team from town trips.
Two Autos Are
Damaged in OA
Hill Collision