Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, May 11, 1934, Image 1

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I Ninety and Nine
Attendance Is
Beer Parlor
To Hold Contest
. T
Owners Plead
In Church Tonight Large at Pomona
Grange Meeting
For Protection The Ninety and Nine, a men’s
Mrs. Thompson Is
Victim of Purse
Thief in Portland
Airport Work Is
Resumed . Under
SERA Set-up
Mrs. E. S. Thompson was the
victim of a purse snatcher at Be­
organization of the Christian i
dells store in Portland Tuesday. FIRST CREW CONSISTS OF
REGULATION OF PLACES church, is to hold a contest to-1 Many Resolutions Are Passed in
Her loss included over $11 in
night in the church social room •
Session at Clatskanie
cash, her drivers license, keys,
in which the winners will eat |
cake and perhaps chicken and i
(Mrs. Pearl Becker)
taining complete notes of her Two Crews to Work, Each
Pool Hall Applicants Pay the losers will eat beans with a
Man to Get $24
activities as chairman of the local
Their Fees, Get
library board over a period of
Plans for civic betterment will
several years, important notes on
be discussed at the meeting.
Work on the Vernonia airport
kanie Saturday, May 5. Many her community chest work, and
A plea for equal regulation
guests from Clatsop county were an outline of her plans for the was resumed Monday with 19
with beer parlors outside the
in attendance, as the two county coming year as president of the men chosen from the local relief
city limits was made at council
Pomonas took this occasion to Vernonia Study club, as well as
meeting Monday night by Myrtle
rolls. They will work two weeks,
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hold a joint meeting. The near­
Layer, representing the local beer
when another crew, probably
ness of the primary election also
parlor interests. If the local beer
larger, will work for the other
parlors are to close Sunday morn­
two weeks in the month. Each
ings the others should too, she
Some of the resolutions acted
man will work 48 hours a month
maintained, and she would her­
upon were as follows:
a maximum wage of $24.
self welcome Sunday closing all Win* First Place in Annual
A resolution introduced by
Only those who have been on
day if all would comply
Washington County Farm Loan
County Meet
the active relief rolls before Ap­
with it, she maintained. There
association and adopted by Wash­
1 are eligible, said Caley Stan­
should be no discrimination.
wood of St. Helens, SERA distri­
Vernonia grade school won the ington County Pomona grange,
“We are trying to do what is grade school division of the coun­ asking for further reduction in Howard Is High Point Man with bution officer for Columbia
right and what the law is,” she ty track meet at Clatskanie Sat­ interest on federal farm loans was
county, who was in the city Sat-
24 to His Credit
declared, “and we should have urday with 70 5-6 points. Quin­ adopted by the grange.
urday. The idea is to take off
A resolution from Illinois Val­
cy was second with 51 1-3 and
In a sea of mud and a down- of the relief rolls everyone who
Local beer parlors obeying the Clatskanie third with 41 2-3. Oth­ ley grange of Josephine county pour of rain Vernonia high school, is able to work and give him
law often get the blame for the ers were Delena, 29 1-3 McNulty, regarding the administration of with the smallest team which they work. There is no time limit for
conduct of men who go to outside 20; Rainier, 21; John Gumm, federal relief was adopted. This have entered in years, upset the completing a job, as far as Mr.
places and get intoxicated and re­ 12 1-2; McBride, 11; Goble, 7; resolution was aimed at the prac­ dope bucket and placed second in Stanwood knows, and no specific
turn in an intoxicated condition. Wilow Burr, 5; Downing 4 Hud-! tice of giving relief without the the county meet at Scappoose appropriation for any project,
requirement of return in labor Saturday. This is the highest Ver­ The federal government appor-
Enforcement to Be Sought
son, 3.
for the aid given. It was felt
Request that Sheriff Weed be
In the Class A events Bill I that this practice leads to paup­ nonia has placed for the last four tions a certain sum to the state
requested to see that outside French won first in the dash,
or five years. St. Helens took each month for reilef work.
beer parlors close on time was de­ second in the high jump and sec­ erism and that the expenditure first honors with 61 points, Ver-' No skilled supervision is pro­
cided upon after suggestion by ond in the shot put, 10 points in of federal funds for workable, nonia second with 51 points, Clats­ vided for at present, he declared,
beneficial projects of the open­
Councilman Tousley.
all. Amos Iles won first in the ing of industrial avenues of earn­ kanie third with 28 points, Scap­ foremen and other superivsors
Pool Hall Applications Granted high jump.
poose fourth with 17 points and being taken from the relief rolls
ing is best, that the able bodied Rainier fifth with 12 points. Out and getting the uniform wage of
E. H. Washburn presented an
In Class C, Harold Davis won
application for a license for one second in the pole vault and third needy can and must earn what of 15 possible first places Verno- 50 cents an hour,
Insurance Question Settled
pool table and two card tables; in the high jump. A. Crawford they receive.
nia took six.
Several resolutions intended for
Decision to resume work on the
Nat Perdue for two snooker tied for fourth in the pole vault.
Howard of Vernonia was high
i introduction at the state grange point man in the county with 24 airport was delayed it is thought,
tables and one card table, and
In Class D Phillip Millis was
John Howell one pool table and first in the dash and Don Peter- session next month were introduc­ points. He had a chance to score somewhat until the question of
ed and acted on favorably. One
one card table. All applications
providing for the state industrial
son was first in the high jump a3ks the state grange to work 25 points if there had been time accident insurance was settled.
were accompanied by the re­ and second in the daBh.
to run the final heat in tne high
for a constitutional amendment hurdles. As it was Miller of St. Under the new set-up the federal
quired fee and were granted.
The Vernonia relay team con­ making it impossible for the legis­ Helens had the same time in a money can be used for labor only,
Attorney Job Discontinued
Upon motion by Councilman sisting of Peterson, Schalock, lature to repeal any law enacted previous heat as Howard, so it materials and insurance being
paid for out of local funds. With
Johnson seconded by Councilman French and Iles, won. This is by the people without its being was called a tie.
Adams it was voted unanimously the eleventh straight win that referred to a vote of the people
Howard took first in the 100, regard to the airport enough ma­
to discontinue the office of city Vernonia relay teams have ach­ and that any bill that has been 220, shot put, discus throw, and terials are on hand to complete
referred to a vote of the people tied for first in the high hurdles. the project, it is thought, but the
attorney, held by Lester Sheeley. ieved at the annual meet.
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Vernonia girls who won places
The library board’s appoint­
Lumm took first in the broad insurance must be carried. The
ment of Edna Owens as librarian were Erlene Jenkins, fourth in
jump and tied with three others city council in a special session
Friday night voted to underwrite
to succeed Merle Mills resigned, the Class A dash, Ruby Condit,
for second in the high jump.
fourth in the Class A high jump,
was confirmed.
Holcomb took third in the 440 the amount for one month, esti-
Esther Froembling, second in the
and fourth in the low hurdles. i mated at from $75 to $95. As
Class B dash; Montana French
King came in fourth in the no money is budgeted for the
first in Class C dash and Class C
i purpose it will be necessary to
mile run.
ball throw; La Verne Bassett,
Vernonia’s cross country team secure it from private sources.
first in Class D ball throw and
with Counts, Lamping, Stephens,1
Vergie Killian, fourth in Class D
Woodruff and McDonald got District Library
Hinky Doodle Town” I*
ball throw.
Meeting Attended
Title of Play
No records were broken be- j
By Vernonians
Vernonia Post and Auxiliary
Grade School
Hold Joint Meetng
Hinky Doodle Town.” a conditions.
Graduation Is to
A district library meeting held
two act comedy, is to be pre­
Be Next Thursday sented by the eighth grade in the
the St. Helens Public library
State and district officers of
John Grier Dies
Thursday, May 3, under the dir­
Washington school auditorium
the American Legion and the
After Brief Illness
ection of Miss Harriet Long, li-
Graduation exercises of the Tuesday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m.
Legion Auxiliary were present
In St. Vincents I brarian of the Oregon State li-
The cast of characters includes
Tuesday night at a joint meeting Washington grade school will be
■ brary, was attended by Edna
of Vernonia post and the local held Thursday night of next Albert Schalock, Norman Crow­
Word was received yesterday Owens, librarian of the Vernonia
der, Elmer Michener, Billy Cane,
Legion auxiliary in the Legion week.
The program has not yet been Fred Erven, Clarence "Lamping, afternoon that John Grier, Vemo- public library and by Mrs. E. S.
Aubrey Fitzgerald, Ruby Condit, nia resident for several years, Thompson, Mrs. F. E. Malmsten,
'Visitors included James Trum- definitely worked out.
Cecilia Gough, Esther Froembl­ died that morning in St. Vin- and Mrs. L. H. Dewey repreesnt-
bell in charge of the Legion boy
ing the local library board.
Miss June Ross has returned ing, Bertha Thompson, La Von cents hospital.
scout work, William Graham,
He had been working for Al­
Miss Long, who presided, sent
chairman of the committee on after an extended visit with her George, Marcella Walker, Mil­
dred Wood,
Mava Williams, bert Schmidlin. Monday he com­ out an appeal through her hear-
veterans’ graves, Mrs. Trumbell, sisters in Camas, Wash.
Charles McGraw, Ellis Austin plained of not feeling well, and ers to members of old pioneer
district president of the Auxil­
iary, Mrs. Graham, state chairman also so as to be able to attend and Bill Larson.
, Wednesday morning was taken to I families to give to the libraries
There will also be a short play i the hospital. The cause is thought | their old newspapers or school
of child welfare, and Mrs. Lucille them Memorial day.
papers, old household and busi­
Helgersson, state publicity chair-. Local committees gave reports | entitl d “Weiners on Wednes-j to be acute indigestion.
of work accomplished in Vernonia day." The cast consists of Wil-i He is survived by a brother and ness record books, diaries or any
Mr. Graham explained that during the past year.
l liam Foster, Bill French; Mrs. two sisters in Canada, and fnn- other old documents containing
The local group voted to spon­ Foster, Louise French; Marian, eral arrangements await word infrmation about the life and
it is the intention of the Legion
conditions in early days. She
to make a plot of all cemeteries j sor a girls’ Campfire unit.
1 their daughter, Elizabeth Wall; from them.
Mr. Grier bved alone in the old stated that these records are of-
The Auxiliary announced a tea ' Jack, Their son, Bill Byers
in the United States in which ex­
soldiers of all wars are buried to be given in honor of the | Madame Castanelli, a guest, boarding hous1 on the Harr:« pro­ ten of great value to writers of
so as to place markers furnished j mother’s of veteran at the home Thelma Trudgian; Bunnie, a perty adjoining the old Hodge> Oregon history. Miss Long re-
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by the government when needed, of Mrs. H. E. McGraw on May 22. voice, Edith Ludwig.
Grade School Is
Victor Saturday
In Track Meet
State Officers
Of Legion Visit
Local Meeting
Vernonia High
Takes Second in
Scappoose Meet
Two Act Comedy
To Be Presented
By Eighth Grade