Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, April 27, 1934, Page 2, Image 2

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FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 1934.
callers one evening last week of
I Henry, Mrs. Liverich’s mother, i
Mrs. Ed Reynolds.
Mrs. Sidney Malmsten ana Mrs.
' Harvard Malmsten returned Sat-
Mrs. John Schlippey is doing
| urday after spending the week
quite nicely at the home of her
Mrs. A. A. Dowling
Mrs. J. W. Neurer
in Portland to be near Harvard,
daughter, Mrs. Tracie Morgan, in
who is in a Vancouver hospital.
Vancouver, where she was taken
Clark and Wilson are grading
W. R. Johnsen and a crew of about three weeks ago.
E. Larson and daughters Anna
Terry McCormick, who has been
and laying rails for the Cedar
and Dorothy visited in Portland visiting in Portland, returned to' men moved the Ivory Bungalow,
across the road beside the Mist AUXILIARY TO SPONSOR
Creek spur.
and Oregon City Saturday night ' his home here in Riverview.
A new industry has begun in
and Sunday.
Vera Varley, from Mountain-, garage over the week end.
Over Sunday guests at the
Mr. and Mrs. Al Hartung visit-1 dale, Oregon, visited home folks
BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY this vicinity. A number of men
are getting out maple warble,
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rey-
ed in Portland over the week end. i Monday.
Mrs. A. F. Kostur and Mrs. H. ' nolds were Mr- and Mrs- Anthony
- i Vernonia will be called upon This material is hauled to Port-
They brought Mrs. Hartung’s fa­
ther and mother home with them. M. Condit spent Monday at the 1 Buckley, Mrs. Ida Rachel andi t0 honor the world war dead and land and shipped to foreign coun-
children and W. Parker.
give aid to the war’s living vic­ cries for manufacturing fine fur-
Betty Schalock spent Sunday home of Mrs. Sidney Malmsten.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Graves were
Lewis Wickstrom was at home tims by wearing memorial pop- niture.
with Jane Watta.
Ole Estes drove to Vernonia
pies on May 26. This day, the
Edith Hambly spent last week Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. from Taft over the week end.
Sidney Malmsten.
I John Libel and son Floyd at- Saturday before Memorial day, on business Monday afternoon.
end with Alma Schalock.
Mrs. John Thomas is working
R. L. Harris went to Portland; tended the ball game at Clats- will be generally observed by the
Ida Mae Hawkins, who is em­
last week Thursday on business. | kanie Sunday. Jewell and Clatska- wearing of the little red flower for the George Devine family.
ployed at Gaston, visited home I
M. Conners has established a
Franklin May and famtiy of ; nie played, Jewell winning by a of Flanders Fields.
folks Saturday.
daily milk route in the Nehalem
Ryderwood, Wash., visited Mrs. ! score of 7 to 2.
Observance of “Poppy
Mrs. Paul Driscoll and son Da­ J. W. White over the week end. ' Guests at the A. Dowling home
here will be directed by the Am­ valley and is delivering daily
vid have been very sick at their They took Mrs. White home
with Sunday evening were Mr. and erican Legion Auxiliary, Mrs. W. to a cheese factory at Banxs.
home on Stony Point.
I Mrs. Newton Trotter and Mr. and R. Hammack, president of the
R. S. Lindsay served on the
Harvard Malmsten, who is ill
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Millis and ; Mrs. Forrester and two daugnters local unit has announced. Wo- grand jury panel at St. Helens
with pneumonia in the post hos­ family spent Sunday at the home Grace and Ida from Wauna,
men of the Auxiliary will dis­ last week.
pital at Vancouver, is doing as of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Harris.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Daggett drove
| Miss Norma Anderson spent tribute poppies on the streets
well as can be expected. No one
A. J. Chapman of Wauna was Tuesday in Portland, going to and receive contributions for the to St. Helens last week end to
is allowed to see him.
home over the week end.
i see Al Pierce and his gang while Auxiliary’s welfare and relief visit Mrs. Daggett’s uncle and
Bud Lindberg of Olney was a
work among the disabled veterans aunt.
T .W. Hudson visited his fa- there.
Mr. and Mrs. Noble Dunlap
week end visitor of Mrs. C. J. ther in Rainier Sunday.
Mrs. Louise Verbraken came and their families.
called to see Mrs. Margaret Dun­
Bruce Cummings arrived home down from her home in Portland
lap at Riverview Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Allen Tuesday to spend a week with and visited her niece, Mrs. Wm. PROGRAM PLANNING DAY
visited Mr. and Mrs. F. Hankle his parents. He has just arrived Bridgers, several days last week.
Jake Neurer butchered a beef
SET FOR FRIDAY, MAY 4 and Clarence Milton butchered
from Honolulu, Hawaii, where he
Mrs. Otto Bittner was called
Mrs. W. O. Porterfield and I has been employed as oiler on a to Wheatneyville last week by
two porkers last week.
The annual program planning
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Banzer and
Grandma Rogers visited with Mrs.j steamship running from San Fran- the death of her father.
Sidney Malmsten and Mrs. Ida i cisco to the Hawaiian Islands.
Louie Sulinska was a village day for Home Economics exten­ their sons Dave and George were
Henry Monday.
caller from Clatskanie the first sion will be held in St. Helens at business visitors here on Friday.
the First Methodist church on Fri­
Mrs. Mary Burris and ner
Mrs. F. D. Lynch was in Port-
of the week.
lad Friday on business.
Mrs. Wm. Bridgers and Me*. day, May 4. This day is an annual granddaughter Miss Beatrice Per­
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gill re-
Wm. Keaton drove to Vernonia event of county interest to wo­ ry drove to Vernonia Friday.
The state highway department
cetly moved to Cedar Creek,
and witnessed the track meet men interested in the home dem-
onsration program. Mrs. Sarah V. put a number of men to work
where Mr. Gill is now employed.
Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Gillham
Tom Hall joined the CCC’s and made a business trip to Portland
Visitors to the valley last week Case, home demonstration agent, this week cutting brush and weeds
hais been sent to Reedsport.
Portland included Mrs. Sa­ with the county executive com­ along the Nehalem highway.
Harry King and son Earl and
die Larson, her daughter Alma, mittee is completing arrange­
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Peterson mo­
The home nursing class met
a Mr. Taft of Portland were troll
and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew ^ar­ ments.
to Portland Saturday. Mrs.
Wednesday at the home of Mrs.
fishing and report a fine catch
At least five delegates from the Anna Osborn accompanied them.
son and baby.
of 22 trout
Mrs. Clarence Malcolm was a 15 organized home extension un-
Mrs. G. Van Vleet and Mrs.
Joe Lindsley is visiting his
Edith Hambly left Tuesday for
Monday afternoon guests of Mrs. i its of the county will plan to F. Harding from Jewell called
Kelso, where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Geo.
come to St. Helens for the day here on business Tuesday.
Rymal Johnson.
Miss Ethel Gross was a Tues- to participate in the plans for
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lindsay were
Roberta Williams
Mrs. Johnson of Portland has
day evening dinner guest of Mrs. work to be carried on during the Sunday evening visitors at the
been visiting her sister, Mrs. day night with Anna Devaney.
coming year.
A. D. Dowling.
Joe Banzer home.
Bob Lausman of Portland was
The Coffman family moved last
Organized projects in foods
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Milton
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turner in Keasey on business Tuesday.
week from the Jim Hill cottage, and nutrition, clothing, recreation went to Portland last week end
spent Monday evening at the
where they have resided since and dramatics, parent education taking with them Mrs. Wilbur
family of Salem visited her Tues­ last summer. Mr. Coffman has
home of Mrs. Hall.
and home management have been Milton, who has been here for the
Drury Crume from Idaho is day.
been transferred from Mist CCC carried during the past year. Oth­ past two weeks visiting relatives.
visiting relatives in Riverview.
camp to Mt. Hood. The Larson ers will be planned for the year
Miss Millie McMullen spent the
Noble Dunlap of Natal visited TOMMY BATEMAN TO
family are moving into the hill 1934-1935.
week end here with her parents.
his mother, Mrs. Margaret Dun­
Besides the program plans for Millie is teaching the Vesper
MONTH’S VACATION) Mr. Hayden, the roaa eons, will
lap, Monday.
the year, some special features school.
Miss Violet Hudson broke the
move up from Birkenfeld and oc­
Bob Seal started logging on the
O. T. Bateman of the post cupy one of the August Birken­ for the day will be introduced.
arch of her foot Thursday of
j This meeting for all county home- old Nels Peterson place this week.
last week when she fell at the
feld cottages here.
' makers will start promptly at There are several sets of fallers
*bome of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. for Covington, near Enid, Okla­
Donald Sundland and Bernard 9:30 in the morning and continue and buckers working now.
homa, where his parents live. He Sundland were Sunday Clatskanie
throughout the day. A planned I
Virginia Cummings spent Fri- has not been there for seven visitors, going out for tne ball lunch will be served at noon, whieh
day night with Edith Hanmbly.
will be representative of one of ier; Mrs. N. Swarthout, St. Hel­
opportunity of
Alma Schalock was ill this changes.
A moving picture concern stop­ the projects carried in foods and ens; Mrs. L. J. Wegner, Goble;
meeting many of his old class­ ped here in the village and show­
nutrition during the past years. A Mrs. C. H. Lambert, Scappoose;
Leonard Malmsten spent the mates, however, will occur at a ed pictures for three nights last charge of ten cents will be made Mrs. A. M. Winn, Chapman; Mrs.
'week end at the home of his par- high school alumni reunion in week.
Ralph Valpiani, Clatskanie.
to cover expenses.
tents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Malm-j May-
There are only four more
The county executive commit­
Mr. Bateman expects to be weeks of school.
A chapter of the Veterans of
tee who with Mrs. Case are in
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. 0. Marston 1 gone for a month? His place here
The W. M. S. will meet with charge of arrangements are Mrs. ¡Foreign
Foreign Wars
Wai has been instituted
were in Portland over the week will be filled by Eugene Shipman. Mrs. Hedlund the second Wed- Charles Beach, chairman, Rain-1 at Westport.
end attending the opera.
nesday in May.
Mrs. Ida Henry was in St. Hel­ POMONA GRANGE TO MEET
Miss Millie McMullen spent the
MAY 5 IN CLATSKANIE week end at Forest Grove.
ens Monday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Hankle made a
The John Libel family were
trip to Hillsboro Saturday oa
grange will meet Saturday, May
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Christiansen 5, in Clatskanie for the regular
session. It is expected to be a
visited in Olney Sunday.
Mrs. Francis Piercy, Addie and large meeting as it is a joint
Ed Piercy, all of Ridgefield, Wn., session of the Columbia and
visited at the home of Mrs. Dan Clatsop County Pomona granges.
A large class is scheduled to take
May this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Liverich returned the fifth degree. The lecturer’s
622 Bridge St
Telephone 691
Monday after program at 8 p. m., will be open
to their home
spending some time with Mrs. to the public as usual.
Oregon Gas and
Electric Company
»praying and dusting plant»
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for your clothes. They'll come back snowy and clean
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Trading Co.
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9 a. m. to 5 p. m
SATURDAY 9 a. m. to 3 p. m