Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, January 19, 1934, Page 4, Image 4

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The Crucial Round
Everett Rundell
Mr. and Mrs. Ora Kniffong
of Portland were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. D. R. Fowler of St. Helena
spent Friday night with Mrs. M.
Tom Graves was in Longview
Saturday on business.
Norma, Edith, Doris Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Anderson and
Eben John were in Portland
Sunday to visit the girl’s mother,
Mrs. C. I. Anderson who is in
the St. Vincents Hospital. Mrs.
Anderson is reported as getting
along nicely after an operation
for goiter.
Ervir i. 1st mar of Buxton visi­
ted at tne A. F. Kostur home on
Addie Piercy returned to her
home in Ridgefield, Wash. Satur­
day after visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Francis Piercy for several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Caton,
Evelyn, Vera and Oral Varley
were in Portland Saturday.
Mrs. Annie Haiman is on the
sick list this week.
Mrs. Geo. Selfridge of Hills-
boro visited Monday with her
mother Mrs. J. W. White.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Piercy
have moved from the Dan May
■Mermas in waeAfagton Pott
home to the Olive apartments in
kanie spent Sunday afternoon
Aubrey Fitzgerald broke
with Mr. and Mrs. Jake Neurer.
leg Saturday while playing
Mr. and Mrs. Zale Holmes
Merle King’s barn.
were Vernonia business callers
Mn. Jaks Nearer
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Fowler
spending this week in St. Helens
The Natal grange met Jan. 10.
on business.
School Superintendent E.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hambly Condit was at Natal school last Master Walter Carl from Winema
made a business trip to Banks week. Three eighth grade pupils grange with his new officers in
the chairs proceeded with the
took examinations: Leora McCor­
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Lloyd spent mick, Robert McMullen and reguar grange meeting here. The
Saturday in Natal with Mr. and George Holding. Leora McCorm­ charter was draped in memory
of Sister Maggie A. Triplett, who
Mrs. John Estes.
ick passed and intends to attend died recently. Refreshments were
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Wauser Vernonia high school now.
served. The tables were adorned
returned' home from Goble Sun­
Mrs. Louis Carmichael with her
day after spending several weeks small son Johnny left last week with three beautiful birthday
with both Mr. and Mrs. Wauser’s for Seattle where she will spend cakes, for A. R. Melis, William
Rose and Mrs. Elsie Peterson.
a few weeks with her daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Andrews Mrs. Steers.
and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hankle
Ivan Shearer from above Ver­
were in Portland Monday.
nonia has accepted' a position as
Mrs. Geo. Christiansen took traveling salesman selling Mc-
her son Bud to the Doernbecher
Cannon’s products.
hospital Wednesday for mastoids.
Richard Peterson has purchas-
Mrs. W. J. Lindsley returned
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Heiman of ed a second hand Chevrolet road­
Tuesday after spending a week
Portland and Mrs. Gladys Peter­ ster from William Bridgers.
visiting a son in Portland.
son of St. Helens visited Mr. and
George Devine brought a cow
L. C. Gillham, Frank White
Mrs. Virgil Powell Sunday.
over the old Enterprise trail from and W. J. Lindsley were in town
James Brown and C. E. Hambly Clatskanie last week.
Monday to see if they could get
made a business trip to Castle
John McMullen has finished some CWA work done on. the
Rock, Wash. Monday.
working for Mr. McGee on the
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Harris burn and is at his Natal home Keasey school grounds.
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Evers were
are the parents of a seven pound now.
in Vernonia Friday.
baby boy born to them Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Peterson and
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Osborn drove
Today we need the fearlessness
Mrs. D. R. Fowler of St. Helens down to visit Mr. and' Mrs. B.
of youth and a readiness of adap­
will be visiting for another week L. Eastman Sunday.
at the C. C. Fowler home.
Several trucks are hauling logs tability to new rules to better the
Clinton Covert is spending a from the Bob Lindsay place, demands of this changing world.
few weeks with his sister Mrs. where they are logging, to the —Dwight Marvin.
Ernie Robbins.
Birkenfeld pond.
Mrs. Hannah Smith of Port­
Ole Estes has enlisted with the
land, who has been visiting with CCC and is stationed at Camp
her daughter Mrs. Virgil Powell Mist now.
for the past few weeks, returned
Ira Peterson has also been New Shipment of Philcos—
to her home Sunday.
Battery and Electric Sets
given employment on the Vemo-
Majesties, Crosleys,
Mrs. Fred Johnson is seriously nia high school gym.
General Electrics
ill at this writing.
Th state highway department
Norma Anderson of Mist spent has a number of men employed
digging drain ditches, cleaning
Batteries, Tubes & Supplies
the week end with home folks.
Those present at a party given away small slides and mending
New and Used
by Beulah Harris at her home Sat­ some holes, and the grader has
Battery and Electrci Sets
urday evening were Mr. and Mrs. also been working in this road
G.-E., Thor, Apex
Charles Hambly and daughters district.
One Minute
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Banzer and
Edith and Zelma, Mrs. Hattie
Brown and children Alice and their children, George, David,
James. Edith Harding. Bill French. Richard and Julia, spent Sunday
New Shipment — New and
Haze! and Violet Hudson, La evening at the home of Mr. and t
Used — All Prices
Vem Bassett. Roy Davis, Sonnie Mrs. Lee Osborn.
Frank Baker, superintendent of
LINOLEUM. New Patterns
and Bettv Sehalock. Roy Davis
Clark and Wilson, and their sur­
and the Harris family.
veyor, Mr. Marston, were here
Every governmental official or last week looking after timner
board that handles public money interests.
Mrs. Nellie Dunlap called to
should publish at regular intervals
an accounting of it. showing how I have a visit with Mrs. Nettie
929 Bridge St. Phone 801
and where each dollar is spent. I Peterson Sunday.
This is a fundamental principle) Mr. and Mrs. Don Williams |
and their two children from Clats-
of democratic government.
Paterson Furniture Store
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Spencer
Oliver Andrew was painfully
burned Sunday evening when he had as their week end guests
lit a match in his garage, igniting Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Gillham of
tome gasoline that had dripped Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Rose and
from the carburetor. Both ankles
were burned and one leg as far sons Floyd and Frank motored to
Portland Sunday. While there Mr.
as the knee.
14, broke
Audrey r Fitzgerald,
nzgeraia, is,
orosc ‘ Rose attended
„------- a meeting of the
his ankle while playing in a hay'Safeway market managers for
mow Saturday. He was taken to this district.
Joe Wangler, manager of the
the Doernbecher hospital in Port­
land, and was brought back Mon­ local Safeway store, went to St.
Helens Sunday to help move the
day with his leg in a cast.
Mrs. Ivan N. McCollom is again stock of the Houlton branch to
well after her illness of last week. the one in St. Helens, the two
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. McNeill lost having been consolidated.
their Ajredale dog Monday by
A. L. Kullander left Monday
salmoning. The high water left a for Independence to be with his
number of dead fish along the father, who is still very ill. Mrs.
banks of the Nehalem.
Kullander is keeping the store
C. D. Bushart is able to be out while Mr. Kullander is away.
after recovering from an attack
of pneumonia.
Charlie Benson, son of Mr. and HERD, with Randolph Scott, Ju-
Mrs. E. D. Benson, is ill with the j dith Allen, Harry 'Carey, Buster
Crabbe and Noah Beery, Satur­
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Johnson day and' Sunday, Jan. 20 and 21.
motored to Dallas Sunday, return- Admission 10 and 25 cents. Adv.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Willard were
ing by way of Portland Monday.
Mrs. W. J. Armitage is in Rose­ dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
burg, where she was called last 0. D. McCabe Friday evening.
Kathryn Kauffman, who was
week Monday by the illness of
her brother, M. F. Rice. Mr. Rice ill for several days with a cold,
passed away the following Sunday. is now much better.
Ed Hubert has returned from
A seven and a half pound boy
was born to Mr. and Mrs. Har­ Malone, Wash., the mill there
old Ridenour on O.-A. hill Tues­ having closed down.
Mrs. J. A. Holtham clerked in
Frank Enos, who broke his the Thomas Variety store Monday.
ankle Christmas week, is ill with
The Betty Bright circle of the
Evangelical W.M.S. will hold a
food sale Saturday in the Miller
Mercantile store.
Mrs. Viola Treharne was a vis­
itor at the Pleasant Hill school
John Roediger, who has been
having a siege of the flu, is able
to be up and around the house
Claude Knapp is stiH confined
to his bed as the result of a fall
at the O.-A. mill while on duty
as watchman.
Little Lonnie Justice was sev-
erely burnt on his arms Tuesday
when he fell into a tub of hot
Mrs. Chas. Justice .tad a quilt­
ing at her home last Friday. Pot­
luck lunch was served at noon.
Twenty-two persons attended.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pearce en­
tertained a few of their friends
Saturday with a five hundred
Mrs. E. B. Miner and daughter
Mrs. Jack Slattery of Seattle, J. I
M. Currie and daughter IsobeY
were Portland visitors Wednesday.
Oregon Gas and
Electric Company
«22 Bridge St
Telephone 691
Mazda Lamps
Electrical Appliances
OFFICE HOURS 9 a. m. to 5 p. m
SATURDAY 9 a. m. to 3 p. m