Vernonia eagle. (Vernonia, Or.) 1922-1974, January 05, 1934, Image 1

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Dewey Is
C. C. Head
Bollinger is Vice-President;
Mills Secretary-
Koster Products
Force Is Again
Logging Up Track
The Koster Products Co. re­
sumed work Tuesday, after a de­
lay of a week on account of lack
of train service.
The company is now logging
from the main line, employing
about 30 men. The fallers and
buckers are not working, how­
ever, as the operations in this
point are practically cleaned up.
Farther up a spur is being built
for 1800 feet into the Ted
Keasey place. Bert Jones and
George McDonald have the con­
W. King, Former
Resident, Dies
In Aloha Home
Operated for a Number of Years
Liquor Ordinance Is
Tabled after Discussion
In Two-Night Sessions
Grocery Store Here
W. J. King, 71, former Verno­
nia merchant and recently a reai­
dent of Aloha, died December 21
of apoplexy. Services were held
in Beaverton the following Sun­
Mr. King operated for a num­
ber of years a grocery store on
Bridge street near the post of­
fice, and continued to own the
building, now occupied by the
Vernonia Radio shop. He moved
from Vernonia in 1932.
He was born in Cape Fair, Mo.,
March 8, 1862, and was married
to Caldona Barnard in 1881 and
in 1915 to Dora Ford, who sur­
vives. Two daughters, Mrs. Etta
Landis of Sunnyside, Wash., and
Mrs. Florence Mayfield of Taco­
ma, Wash., and two sons, C. E.
and B. F. King of Prosser, Wash.,
also survive.
Mr. King had been a school
teacher, surveyor, farmer, mer­
chant and state representative in
Authority of City to Regulate
Sale of Liquor
In Doubt
The first baby to arrive
in Vernonia in 1934 came
L. H. Dewey was reelected pre­
at 5:30 New Year’s morn-
sident of the Vernonia chamber
An ordinance for regulation
to the home of Mr. and j
of commerce at the meeting in
the sale of liquor was intro­
the Masonic temple Friday noon.
duced in the city council meeting
weighing 7% pounds.
E. M. Bollinger was named vice-
Tuesday and was tabled pending
president, and T. B. Mills, as'
investigation. No decis­
secretary - treasurer. Additional'
Brown Is Named ion was reached in an adjourned
members of the board of direc­
meeting Wednesday, and the
Steelhead Is
tors chosen are Judd Greenman
City Treasurer question was deferred until a
and F. D. Macpherson.
second adjourned meeting at
Reported Fine
The speaker at the meeting was
eight o’clock tonight.
Jarvis Davis of Yankton, who
The ordinance embodied cer­
represented the Columbia Agri­
tain provisions of the present
cultural council which is seeking Number of Catche» Are Made by
City Recorder
beer ordinance as to height of
to raise by subscription $1500 |
Local Sportsmen
booths, open display, and ex­
for support of the county agricul- ’
tural agent this year. Need of
J. W. Brown was appointed clusion from pool halls and
the agent’s services as an ac- ‘ Steelhead fishing in
city treasurer at council meet­ dancing pavilions. At the first
credited representative of the' creek has been very good the
ing Tuesday night, to succeed meeting the pool hall provision
federal government in securing most of this week, according to
Albert Childs, resigned. The name drew the fire of Councilmen
for farmers bounties from the local sportsmen. Records com­
of Mrs. E. H. Washburn was Sandon and Veal, who declared
corn and hog codes and the ex­ piled by C. R. Watts, secretary
also considered, the vote on the that they could see no reason
pected dairy code were stressed of the Nehalem Rod and Gun
two being a tie and Mayor Owens for discrimination against such
in his address. From $150,000 club, show that ten steelhead^
casting the deciding ballot in establishments, and Councilman
Adams concurred. The bulk of the
to $250,000 will be available in were caught Sunday, three on
favor of Mr. Brown.
ordinance represented the recom­
this county if the dairy code is Monday, and ten on Wednesday Discussion Evoked
C. F. Hieber was reappointed mendations of the League of
By Sewer Project
worked out, he estimated. While besides, one in the J'Jehalem.
recorder at the adjourned meet­ Oregon Cities as to qualification»
securing the bounty would not be Tuesday the water was too high
In Council Meeting ing the following evening. The of licensees, forfeiture of licen­
impossible without a county for any catches.
office of marshal was also con­ ses, etc. at considerable length.
agent, the farmers would be put
On Sunday Harold McEntire,
A petition for a trunk sewer sidered, but appointment was de­ Concerning this part of it coun­
to unnecessary hardship.
Larry Marshall and Mike Willard on Corey hill is being circulated ferred until the meeting tonight.
The matter of raising money each caught two, and Harry King, among property owners of the A petition asking for the appoint­ cilman Veal remarked that it
was referred by President Dewey Smoky Parker and Harvey Fro- district affected, and will be ment of Tom Carmen was pre­ had “enough teeth in it to run
to the agriculture committee, of embling one each. Jack Marshall considered at an adjourned meet­ sented, and Roland Treharne al­ a dozen sawmills.”
Amount of Fee Puzzle*
which R. M. Aldrich is chairman. caught two on Monday and Lar­ ing of the city council tonight.
so presented the name of Bert
No schedule of fees was in­
Representatives of Vernonia ry Marshall one. The boys tied
The subject came up for dis­ Hall. Mayor Owens questioned
grange were also present at the for the largest fish caught during cussion at the regular meeting both Mr. Carmen and Mr. Hall corporated, and considerable dis­
meeting, and a committee headed I the week, ten pounds.
Tuesday when a communication regarding the length of the!. resi­ cussion resulted, J. H. Bush, who
by A. L. Parker is soliciting funds
Wednesday’s catches were made from P. W. Beasley of Portland dence in the city, and their voting was in the audience, maintaining
that the liquor license should be
from farmers.
by Ted Anderson, who caught was read offering to compile qualifications here.
worth at least $250 to the
three, Adolph Nelson, two, and the necessary engineering data
Members of the park board
At the meeting Wednes­
Henry Fogel, Wm. Heath, Clyde for submission to the CWA com­ were appointed Tuesday as fol­
Park Project to
McDonald, Larry Marshall and mittees for $120 cash. Council­ lows: Mrs. Frank Rogers, Mrs. day evening J. C. Lincoln argued
Andy Brimmer, one each. Har­ man Johnson asked where the Grant Thayer, Mrs. Herman Veal, for a low fee that would allow
End Tomorrow ry King landed one from the cash would be coming from, and Mrs. C. A. Mills and Mrs. Geo. more people to handle beer. He
Mayor Owens replied that the Stankey.
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Fifty - three steelheads have property owners should stand
At Wednesday’s meeting the
caught this season at their share. Mr. Johnson retor­ boxing commission was named,
Payroll Ha* Been from $105 to been
Keasey, and ten in the river, Mr. ted that the property owners with Emil F. Messing, E. H.
$107 Daily Say* Foreman
could not stand any more. The Washburn, Dr. J. A. Hughes, J.
Watts says.
A number of boys have been mayor declared that there is C. Henderson and E. S. Thomp­
The city park project will be detected catching trout, Mr. now a chance for the city to do son as members.
completed tomorrow, according Watts states. Parents should be the work at one-third the cost,
to H. (5. Sardón, foreman. Im­ warned not to allow their children and that the opportunity should
provements include building of a: to catch trout at this time of be taken. Councilman Sandon de­ Services Are Held
At Mist for Pioneer
concrete sidewalk from the Ore-1 the year, and will be subjected clared himself as willing to go
Resident of Valley Joe Wangler sweeping the
gan Gas and Electric property to fine if voluntary action to pre­ ahead, provided the people ap­
sidewalk in front of the old Mac-
to the park entrance, leveling vent destruction of the recent prove, and assurance on that
and spading of the grounds, con­ plantings is not taken. The trout point must first be secured.
Services were held at Mist Sun­ Marr store . . . Happy Thompson
structing of a drinking fountain season will not be open until Ap­
day for Mrs. Mollie Wright, eld­ attaching a motor car advertis­
near the Campfire cabin, gravel­ ril 15. Boys are welcome to Spring I* Here Believe* Conklin est daughter of the Ute Dr. J. ing banner to Shorty Lee’s wagon
. . . John Erickson putting in a
ing the ground around the swings catch steelheads. Mr. Watts de­
Spring is already here, be­ A. Ray. Interment was in the
and other play equipment, putting clares, but the young trout should lieves Sam Conklin, who reports family lot in the Vernonia ceme­ window in Nat Perdue's new
pool hall . . . Teck Mills keeping
in a fence on the west boundary, be protected.
that he picked a handful of dan­ tery.
up with the spirit of the CWA
drainage by tile into Rook creek
Mrs. Wrigh, was born March 8, by putting in new stepe leading
delions on Corey hill New Year’s
constructing a new fence around CWA Road Project«
1875, in Bonnersville, N. C. She from the sidewalk . . . Judge Har­
the tennis court, and making of
Are Under Way on
came to Oregon when 11 years ris tacking up his sign that some
a walk up the incline to Second
Cleveland, Baker Rds.
old and spent her youth at Na­ boy had knocked partly down
tal. After her marriage to Mr. . . . Bill Reed and Arch Miller
The payroll of the project has
A CWA project for improving,
Wright she moved to a farm setting up a switch lever at the
We like the new format
been from $105 to $107 a day, 1800 feet of the Cleveland road j
Bridge street crossing knocked
of Vernonia Eagle, but re­
Mr. Sandon says.
at the end of Rose avenue, to;
She was known for her kind­ over by some motorist who was
School Work Pro(re**ing
require two weeks and using 21
ness and for her efficient ser­ trying to dodge a freight car . . .
it meets our approval the
Laying of the concrete floor in men, was started this week un­
vice as a nurse.
Walter Kent snoring at council
real test lies with the read­
the two basement playrooms of der E. R. Treharne. supervisor, j
meeting' when the technicalities
the Washington grade school is in Work on the Baker road, includ­
Mollie Ann Lord of Louisiana, of the long-winded liquor ordi­
Your opinion, favorable
progress this week, and also ing grading, surfacing and drain­
Mrs. Carrie Sweeney of Portland, nance were being read . . . Tim
or unfavorable to the
painting of the wainscoting in age. for 600 feet and employing j
Mrs. Ella Caywood of Mist and poking around the library room
change in size and arrange­
the halls on the main floor.
10 men was resumed after a
Mrs. Abby Sutphin of Washing­ till he found a cushioned chair
ment. will be appreciated.
ton, D. C.
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to drag into the council meeting.
Feathers . . .
and.. .Talons