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Report of
City Audit
Records of Treasurer and
Recorder Are
Harry W. Stone, of Port­
land, Y.M.C.A. secretary,
educationalist and national
Christian leader is to speak
here. The people of Verno­
nia are to have the rare
opportunity of hearing this
well-known man of affairs
in a series of two addresses
at the Evangelical church
on Sunday, Aug. 27. The
morming address will be
given at the time of the
church service. In view of
the time necessary for Mr.
Stone to cover the morning
lecture, which is, “Hot
Spots in Europe Today,”
the service will begin at
The evening address will
be, “The Religious Aspects
in Russia.” It will be given
at 8 o’clock. This address
has some very startling re­
velations relative to the re­
ligious conditions in Russia.
They are authentic because
they are the observations of
Mr. Stone himself.
Please be on hand early
at each servioe, so as not
to miss anything and invite
your family and neighbors
to come with you. This will
be the opportunity for you
to learn many things about
present day conditions in
Europe which may have
been puzzling to you. Op­
portunity will be given for
questions from the audience.
D. R. Kauffman, Pastor.
Men from the fire association,
the Oregon American Lumber
company and the city fire de­
partment combined in fighting a
brush fire on the O. A. hill at the
head of B street Friday night.
O. A. amid city hose, and the as­
sociation booster pump were used
in extinguishing the flames. Sev­
eral loggers also helped in trail­
ing the fire.
It is thought that the fire was
set through carelessness.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Charlewworth
of Toledo visited at the home of
their son, Wilburn Charlesworth,
Saturday and Sunday. Ray
Charlesworth, Jr., who has been
visiting his brother here for three
weeks, returned with them.
Leased to Tousleys
Time for renewing drivers’
licenses will expire August 31.
Applications from here will have
to be sent in by mail, the last
visit of an examiner to Vernonia
for this month having been Tues­
day. Blanks may be secured at
the Eagle office.
According to figures from the
secretary of state’s office more
than 40 per cent of the applica­
tions for renewals are received by
mail through the main operators’
division office in Salem and ap­
proximately 25 per cent come in
from the travelling examiners.
The remaining 35 per cent of the
applicants make personal contact
through the Salem or Portland
Employing 15
The Hodges mill, idle for sev­
eral years, was leased yesterday
by Judge W. A. Harris, owner,
to F. J. Tousley and A. E. Tous-
ley. Work of reconditioning it
will start about Sept. 1, and will
require, it is estimated, about
one month. Mr. Tousley’s inten­
tion is to start operations Octo­
ber 1 or sooner if possible.
The mill will employ about 15
men, according to present plans.
Timber will be cut from the pro­
perty of Judge Harris and of
ranchers, with possibility of pur­
chases from logging companies.
Archie Adams will have charge
of the logging.
Fire Breaks
Out on E. S.
Log Tract
150 Men Are Likely to
Be Sent Out
Fire covering 15 or 20 acres
and burning at the edge of green
timber broke out yesterday after-
noon in the holdings of the East’
Side Logging company. Fifty men
were sent out last night, and it
is expected that 150 will be sent
Water Service
out this morning to fight it.
Around 30 men were sent from
Asked for Camp Vernonia yesterday morning to
the big fire on the Wilson river,
the most of them going in E. S.
Corey Hill Reservoir To Supply Thompson’s bus.
School to Honor
The Wilson river fire is consid­
C. C. C. Men
ered to be the worst that has hit
Cradle Roll Day
this country in 25 years. Rough­
ly speaking it extends over coun­
| Application for water service try 16 to 18 miles long and five
Program to be Given Sunday at
(for the proposed C. C. C. camp miles wide. Damage to green
; west of town from the Corey timber is now beyond estimate.
Chrictian Church
I hill reservoir was made at coun­
General conditions yesterday
cil meeting Monday night by M. were reported as improved owing
E. Slack, of the state forestry to a rise in humidity and a de­
Cradle Roll day will be honor­
department, and the council voted crease in wind. Dense fog in the
ed in the Christian church Bible
to give the desired service at the fire territory Wednesday night
school hour next Sunday at 9:45
same rates charged local users. and Thursday morning kept the
a. m. The following program will
The council authorized the pur­ fire burning within the limits it
Who opens a series of meetings at the Christian church
be rendered:
iSunxlay. Some of the topics considered will be “If Jesus Should chase of a second hand car for had already reached, and gave op­
1. Ode to the Youngest, Jean Come to Vernonia,” “Jonah and his Fish,” “What Caused the De- . the water superintendent, as the portunity for building trails. It
McDonald; Roll Call of Youngest, preesion and When Will It End,” “Ten Seconds After Death,” “Is > car now in use would require ex- was for this purpose that the
Dorothy Austin; Solo, a lullaby. Hell Here or Hereafter,” and “The King of Kings.”
tensive repairs if retained.
call was sent out that resulted in
Franklin Rogers was reappoint­ the response of many from Ver­
2. Ode to the Two Year Olds,
ed city treasurer and his bond nonia.
____ ____
___ sent
Colleen Fogel; roll call of two
Men ___
are ____
also being
Winema Grange
set at $10,000. Mr. Rogers was|in to replace boys considered too
year olds, Loren Koetur; duet by Grange Helds Picnic
appointed several months ago up-, young for the gruelling duty.
Asks Oleomargarine
Doria Lindgren and Hazel Tomlin.
l ax or Prohibition on the resignation of Albert Reeher’s Rest, mentioned in
3. Ode to the Three Year Old,
Childs, but could not qualify with­ the dispatches as a campsite for
Shirley Ann Brady; roll call of Pomona Annual Event Is Given
in the legal limit because of the
three year olds, La Verne Bas-
Winema grange 652, at Bir­ delay in auditing the outgoing fire fighters and itself barely
sett; duet by Lilian Laird and
saved from destruction, is the
kenfeld, passed August 17 a reso­ treasurer’s books.
Martha Tapp.
old homestead of the family of
lution asking the secretary of ag­
The report of Sawtell, Gold­ Howard Reeher, teacher in the
Pantomime and song, a native
Attendance at the Pomona riculture to use the power grant- miner and Company on their
American lullaby. Presentation of grainge picnic at Big Eddy park I ed to him in the agricultural ad­ audit of the treasurer’s and re­ Washington grade school.
certificates by the superinten­ Sunday is estimated at from justment act to place a tax on corder’s books was read and dis­
Delena Fire Trailed
Wardens from the Vernomna
butter substitutes or prohibit cussed at the meeting. Upon the
300 to 400.
Little ones and their parents
suggestion of Judge W. A. Har­ station of the patrol association
There were races for boys and i their sale in the United States.
trailed a 150 acre fire near De­
are specially invited.
girls under 6, from 7 to 10, 11 | The resolution pointed out ris further consideration of the
and 12, races for young women | I that some action must be taken report was laid over until an ad­ lena Tuesday.
This fire and the one on the
and for women above 40, sack j to save the dairy industry, for journed meeting next Monday
Boxing Match In
Side property are the only
races, fat man’s races, horsechoe despite a decrease of 19,483,000
Legion Hall Is
ones thus far reported in this
pitching and many other events pounds in the production of but­
Postponed to 4th that delighted the crowd. The I ter in the first six months of Theatre Gets
Douglass band of Vernonia pro-; 1933 as compared with the same
period in 1932, storage holdings
As the C. C. C. boys were vided music.
Early This Week Officer R. G. Howard of the
are greater by 33,353,000 pounds
fighting fire Saturday night the
state police was in town yester­
than in 1932. On the other hand
bouts scheduled in the Legion BIRTHDAY PARTY IS
. oleomargarine sales for the first
hall that night were postponed
' six months of 1933 showed an in­ sidered to be one of the best on
until Labor day, September 4.
crease of 37,105,148 pounds over the market, was installed this
At that time Joe Magoff will
same period in 1932, and sales week in the Joy Theatre by J.
lead the fight card, and there will
H. Bush, proprietor, replacing
A picnic honoring the birthday
also be wrestling, featuring Bert of Mrs. M. R. Calhoun of St. Hel­ for June, 1933, were 42 per cent the older equipment previously
ens was held Sunday in Garner’s in 1932. “The dairymen must used.
grove on the Nehalem. Guests have their market if they are to
Dance to Be Given at Natal
were Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Calhoun survive,” the resolution declared. SUCCESSFUL FISHING
The home economics committee and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Strauss
Doc Eby and Bill Armitage
of Natal grange will give a damce and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Elza
BY LOCAL MEN fished in the Siletz during the
Winema Grange Plan« Dance
at the hall Saturday evening, Weed, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar G.
week end. Doc caught all the
Winema grange at Birkenfeld
Aug. 26. Cameron’s orchestra of Weed and family, Miss Ruth
A 28 pound Chinook salmon blue backs in the stream, Bill
Vernonia will furnish the music, Urie and Billy Voss, all of St.
was caught Wednesday by Loel says, and Bill caught two mud-
and refreshments will be served. Helens; Dr. and Mrs. M. D. Cole 2, in the Winema gymnasium. Roberts on the lower Nehalem. cats, both at the same time.
and children, Mrs. Emma Weed Modern and old-time music will With him were J. C. Lincoln and
t t t
Mrs. Catherine Van Blaricom, be furnished" by the Cameron or­ Harold McEntire. The party-
brought back two Chinooks, one
Golf Match Scheduled Mary Kauffman, Catherine Kauff­
Shorty Lee hauling pulp wood
man, Josephine Kauffman, Fred­
Silver-side, and several jack sal- . . . Ivan McCollom, incoming
erick Kauffman, Mr. and Mrs. E.
mon and trout.
principal, sitting in his coupe
E. Garner, Eloise Gamer and 0. T Bateman Wins
Despite the hot weather gen- conversing with G. E. Finnerty,
Local Team to Meet St. Helen«
Bernice Rose.
erally prevalent that day they outgoing principal, standing with
A Week from Sunday
found the weather on the bay one foot on the running board
Defeat« Astoria Club Man at cold to the point of discomfort. . . . A C. C. C. boss directing a
driver of a truck of camp equip­
A match with the St. Helens
ment to go to Forest Grove and
golf team of 15 men is expected
turn to the left . . . Neal Bush
on the local course a week from
The picnic scheduled by the
AT GULKER'S GROVE trying to stuff a big beetle down
O. T. Bateman won yesterday
Sunday. A match with this team Nehalem Rod and Gun club at
Norris Soden’s neck . . . Hap­
IN HIS SHOE SHOP on the St. Helens playground had Keasey dam last Sunday was can­ against Chas. Sandoz of the As-
Former residents of Ohio and py’s school bus loading men to
been scheduled for next Sunday celled because the portion of 1 toria Country club in the golf Kentucky are to hold a picnic at fight the Wilson river fire . . .
B. J. Cline cut his hand severe­ but was cancelled Wednesday at Rock creek where the clearing of tourntment at Gearhart. His score Gulker’s grove, %-mile west of And the gang trying to drag
ly Tuesday afternoon while trim­ their request. There are some pos­ underbrush and rubbish was to was 78, one up. F. D. Macpherson McNulty station., next Sunday Shorty Kullander into it . . .
ming a welt. A sharp pointed sibilities that the coming match have been accomplished is within the other entrant from Vernonia, with pot-luck dinner at 1:30 p. m. Lode McDonald and Earl Smith
knife penetrated the fleshy part may be a three-way match includ­ the area closed on account of lost to Dr. Northrop of Portland
Vernonia residents are advised rustling men to fight the East
5 and 4. Bateman’s score in the to go by way of the Yankton Side fire . . . Lode’s twins, not a
of his left hand at the base of ing a team of the Forest Hills fire hazard.
the thumb for about 2*4 inches, players.
store to Bachelor's Flat school, bit worried over fire, riding twq
was 80, and Macpherson’s 86.
severing an artery.
then south 14-mile and east %- on a broomstick in their daddy's
The Peninsula South Paw team COUNTY TRUCK IS
The course was in perfect con- mile. “Come and see iron weed back yard . • • Mike Miller, Ben
He will be laid up for a day has been lined up for a home and
AVOIDING CRASH diition, Mr. Macpherson reports, growing as well as other eastern Brickel and Frenchy Rachel sun­
or two, Carl Rundell taking his home match, the first game of
and the entry list was the larg­ plants and shrubs,” writes L. E. ning themselves in front of Mike’s
which will be played on our home
place in the shoe shop.
shop . . . Ben Cline, with hand
course at an early date in Sep­
A Ford truck owned by the est of any golf course in the Gulker.
bound up, explaining how it hap­
Mrs. Ina Bowman of Hillsboro tember. The return, game will be county and hauling two yards of state. The weather was ideal.
pened . . . Mrs. Ruhl taking her
Mr. Macpherson believes that
visited her father. Judge D. B. played the following Sunday on rock was badly damaged Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ruhl and sister, Miss Durant, around to
Reasoner Sunday. Accompanying the Peninsula course in Portland. on the Pebble Creek road when Bateman has a very good chance
her were Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Other inquiries as to matches the driver, Charley Cook, ran it of winning against an Astoria Mias Chari’ -i D.itrn’. spent last say good bye . . ■ Carl Hender­
Christensen and family and Mrs. for fall play have been received into the ditch to avoid a collision man with whom he is paired to­ Tuesday in Portland and visited son painting “No U Turn” signs
Rice and family, also of Hills­ and dates will be announced later with a C. C. C. truck. No one day, thereby making the Satur­ “Old Ironsides,” a very interest­ and traffic lanes on Bridge
ing old ship, they report.
day flight.
was hurt.
by the local team captain.
Receipts of $11,641.02 since.
Sept. 18, 1932, and disbursements .
through warrant redemption of
$6,852.31, and a balance on de-|
posit July 31 of $5,480.12 were
shown in the audit of the city
treasurer’s books released at coun-’
cil meeting Monday night.
The report calls attention to j
the fact that warrants are not i
being paid in the order of en-1
dorsexnent of “not paid for want ■
of funds,” amd points out a regís- ¡
ter of warrants so endorsed’
should be kept.
The total outstanding warrant
indebtedness Of the city amounts
to $19,357.74, of which $18,760.-
75 is made up of general fund
warrants. The outstanding bonds
at July 31, inot including bonds
issued under the Bancroft bond­
ing act, amounted to $97,000.00. '
Of this amount $11,500.00 was
held by the city in various sink- ¡
ing funds, leaving $85,500.00 out- ¡
standing in the hands of the gen­
eral public. $45,500.00 in water
and sewer bonds mature in 1934, MRS. CASE TO GIVE
for which the sinking funds pro­
vided by the city are entirely in­
adequate, the report says.
Occupation Licenses Delinquent
The series of broadcasts spon­
Ssverdy occupation -jr« sored by the state relief com­
to be issued on the current li­ mittee is nearing an end. These
cense list. For the first quarter broadcasts have been coming ov­
of 1933 there are 30 delinquent, er KGW at 11:30 a. m. Tues­
64 for the second quarter and 67 day and 8:30 a. m. Friday, and
for the third quarter. On Aug. 7 over KEX at 9:15 a. m. on both
the council adopted a resolution days.
that occupation licenses shouldI On Tuesday, August 29, Mrs.
be reduced 50 per cent for the Sarah V. Case, home demonstra­
last half of 1933. This change | tion agent, will give the last of
was not made in the form of an the series of talks. The subject
ordinance, and the auditor sug­ for this discussion will be the
gests that if it is the intention canning and preserving of
to reduce the fees a new ordi­ peaches and pears.
nance be adopted in order that
These broadcasts sponsored by
the recorder may be properly the state relief committee and
given by the staff of the exten­
Water Rentals Listed
sion service have been well re­
One hundred forty-six custom­ ceived throughout the state and
ers at flat rates and 176 at meter comments as to their value have
rates are listed in the water de­ been received.
partment records as of July 31.
Total accounts receivable at this
date for the 322 customers were Lumber Code
$4,857.55, of which $4,043.14
was delinquent.
In Effect Here
The report praised the neatness
and accuracy of the recorder’s
books, but recommended that the Camp« Change Hour« of Labor,
books and records of both the
recorder and the treasurer be re­
vised in order that a comprehen­
sive financial statement of the
city’s affairs may be disclosed in
The lumber code, signed by
the future. A new system of re­ President Roosevelt last week
cording the city’s transactions is is being carried out by the log­
absolutely necessary at this time, ging companies operating locally.
the report discloses, since the In observing the 40 hour week
vote of the people at the recent operations at the Clark and Wil­
election drastically revised the son and the Connacher camps are
business policies of the city and seven hours for five days, and
will greatb' increase the volume five hours on Saturdays. The
of book transactions.
minimum wage is 42*4 cents an
Details of the code as finally
Three Organizations
adopted have not been received
Unite in Fighting
here as yet.
Brush Fire on Hill
Hodges Mill Is
James Earl Ladd
Feathers .
and .. .Talons