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Thursday, June 16, 1927.
to April 1, 1927, is 1227, making E. Fox, representing the station and mechanical power for his own may be combined with orange«, gp- >
a total membership April 1, 1927, an I the committee. “Heaters of conditions in order to convince him­ pies, dates, canned pineapple, or. •»
75 to 100 watts are about right self of the necessity of raising other fruit mixtures. The same in­
of 13,494.
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The membership in 1923, when foi warming two gallons of wa­ colts for replacement purposes be­ gredients with sugar instead of *al3..*
box of apples. Eighty cents frelght
fore the inevitable shortage . in de­ ad dressing are served as fruit cup.'..
I was elected master, wan 9701, bo ter ”
on an $8.00 pair of ihuet would
Tierelg a reliable recipe for lem-
our net- increase has averaged
A three-inch "clamp on" heater sirable work stock occurs-
be one-tenth of their value on the
about 1000 members per year for I cart be bought for >2.25,. It will
The use of the combined har- on pie filling: Mix 3 tablespoon» »'•
___ an achieve- last ■ tadeflhitely.' Heaters to be vester-threasher is so materially re­ of cornstarch with 1 cup ot cold-»"-
the last four years,
The entire freight schedules
mont in yhich I thfrik' We oan ail imnersed in the water cost about ducing harvesting costs that it is water and 1-8 teaspoon salt; place
should be revised and freight rates
$3 In an emergency a hermeti­ rapidly replacing other harvesting over the fire and stir constantly
established more equitably by tak­
i ui
We have many- - thousands of rejoice.
cally sealed electric soldering iron machinery in the great plains east until thickened and the corustareh
Roads and Highway* '
ing into consideration . the . value of horse power of electricity going
the article transported as well as to waste in Oregon that should be
I believe there should be some mi kes an excellent heater. Even of the Rocky Mountains, according thoroughly cooked—about 10 min­
the weight.
put to work turning factory wheels, re-adjustment in the auto license eli ctric lamps may be used for to a study just completed by the utes. Add 3-4 cup of sugar, 4
furnishing motive power for rail­ so that the old car will not be he ting the water if they are fas- United States department of agri­ tablespoons lemon juice, grated
Thirty-two years ago a resolu­ roads, pumping water for irriga­ forced to pay a license fee of tei ed close against the underside culture in cooperation with the rind of, half a lemon, 1 tablespoon
tion waa introduced in the Oregon tion and lightening the labor in from 50 to 100 per cent of It* of the water pan and both lamp Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and butter and 3 egg yolks, well beaten.
state grange favoring the idea of household and field.
value. Probably the most equitable an 1 pan protected to avert heat Montana agricultural colleges, Har- Cook for one or two minutes over
vesting losses attributable to the steaiA. Pour into a cooked paatry
an income tax as a means of mak­
Many water rights for power system would be to have a small lots.
Water consumption was increas- combine itself are generally less shell, and cover with a meringue
ing all classes of wealth contribute purposes have been granted to the license fee on all cars, then put
something to the support of govern­ power interests in Oregon that the cars on the tax rolls, the same ed 5 per cent during average win­ than with other machiu.'S. Harvest­ made by thoroughly boating the
ment. Since that time fourteen have not been developed, and I be- as all other property, -assessing tei weather,’" says the report. ing with the combine, however, is egg whites and adding the sugar
states and the federal government Ibeve a tax should be placed on them according to their value and 441 ‘Temperatures were above freez- not cheaper than with the binder and - a little salt. But at a low
and threasher unless 100 or more temperature (250oF.) for 20 min­
have adopted an income tax as a each horse power, developed or provide that the tax receipt ac­ •in;- 90 per cent of the time.
utes, then raise the temperature un­
‘White leghorn pullets laying at acres are available for cutting.
method of securing funds with undeveloped, of water energy in company the application for a li­
which to pay the cost of govern­ Oregon that has been filed upon cense; or, better yet, allow the li­ an average of about 60 per cent
Most potato diseases are caus­ til the meringue is a light brown.
for power purposes. This will force cense to be issued by the county in mid-winter drank a quarter of ed by microscopic, parasites, prin­
Farm Market Review
In 1923 the Grange was success­ development of the water right, tax collector of each county, and a pound of water each day, about cipally fungi and bacteria, but
ful in securing th» passage of an or same will re cert to the state thus facilitate the securing of li­ 44 pounds of water for each 100 weather, soil and cultuial condi­
Wheat.—The winter wheat crop
income tax law, and before the people.
tions usually determine whether a in the United States is now of­
censes and iliminate the mailing eg ’S laid.”
laving labor is another advan- disease becomes destructive or not. ficially estimated at about 90 mil­
act became a law it was referred
The proper control of the com- expense as well as congestion and
tai e of heating poultry drinking For this reason the weather is lion bushels less than last year
to the people and was endorsed by mercial fishing should add to our delay.
a good majority. Records show that wealth for many years to come
A great many more cars would witer in winter. When slight un­ mistakenly sometimes said to cause and 57 million bushels less than
more than 24,006 people paid in­ and prove a source of employment be licensed under this plan, as ite rm heat is applied no freezing the disease. The cause of another the May 1‘ estimate. Thia had a
come taxes for state support who for many people. To secure this nearly all the old cars would carry of water occurs to make the poul­ group of potato diseases is -un­ strengthening effect on the grain
were not on the tax rolls, and control the Gran ;e, the state Fed­ license plates which are today dis­ try man heat the water every time known, but they behave like in- market. Abdut 38 bushels of soft
the total income made ■ in Ore- eration of labor, fish commission carded or left unused because of the flock is supplied with drink- fectious diseases, except that they winter wheat less than last year is
ab e water.
in 1923, exclusive of banks, and the fishermen’s union initiat­ the high license fee.
are permanently perpetuated in the expected which is a factor of some
1'he immersion type of heaters tubers when used as seed. Hence interest to Pacific northwest soft
more than $160,000,000
ed a measure as ordered by the
mty be ustd in any open top con- they are sometimes called degenera­ wheat growers. Foreign crop con­
However, with all the facts and state Grange session last year at
i ta ner; regardless of shape and tion diseases, or running out.
figures before them, the tax dodg- Baker, and it was endorsed by
ditions are reported generally good
m: terial, wood troughs, pails, pans
ers initiated a measure to repeal the voters of Oregon by 30,000
but the yield of spring wheat
the income tax, and the voters, In majority. However, the > fish Ion
throughout North America is un­
“Inside" Information
arr*v*n8 on Sunday at the an i earthenware jars. All the heat
is applied to the water, and it is
1924 cast their ballots for tht re- terests have secured an injunction
Thousand-island dressing is a may­ certain owing to late seeding but
< n , Majestic theatre, is the story of a rei dy for use, merely by plugging
peal largely, I believe, because of to prevent the fish commission
onnaise dressing in which chopped favorable moisture conditions.
the negative manner in which the from enforcing the law, and
In the from the depths of poverty to into a lamp socket. It is easily highly flavored materials are added.
Feed Grains—Prices for corn and
removed for cleaning the vessel. There is no rule about what these oats softened a little last week
vote was placed on the ballot.
meantime the wheels, traps and
The entire state, outside of nets are. all in full operation. Thus| the heights of affluence only be­ Bet it burns out quickly if the ves­ ingredients should be. Some of with more favorable weather for
Multnomah county, voted a major­ the will of the people is being cause of that peculiar power, “It," sel becomes empty or if it is re- those used, and there may be half corn planting, but the outlook tor
. which has been imbued in her since m< ved from the water while the
ity of about 12,000 against the re­ frustrated.
a dozen are hard cheese, hard corn is yet very uncertain. Barley
I birth. People are attracted as soon cu rent is on.
peal of the bill, but Multnomah
I am listing the following
cooked I eggs pickle, olives, radishes, prices continued firm both in the
county gave so large a majority I believe this assembly should act;man c,ara WQuld ljke tQ w)n
celery, green peppers, pimentoes, United States and in Europe,
Evangelical Church
for the repeal that it overcame the upon or refer to the subordinate!
attention until she geta him by
capers, , and onion. It is easy to demand for barley at Portland
Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Rev.
wish of the rest of the sate, re­ Granges or su y.
1 ruse, only to lose him when he G. W. Plumer will preach at 11 make use of small amounts of slow but at San Francisco
pealing the law and forcing prop
1 We must have a state tncome'
. .
*•*•.* v*
such 1 materials as you have on manded for the better grades
erty to again assume the entire tax; vote yes for the bill on the suspects her of infidelity. Then— a. ns. The annual childrens day ha id, rather than to purchase spec­ active, choice shipping grades
Well, see “It.” Antonio Moreno program will be given at 8 p. m.
burden of taxation.
June ballot. If it is defeated, we
ial things to make this dressing. ing at $1.95 to $2.10 per hundred
is featured opposite Miss Bow. Clar­ Sunday.
If the income tax had not been must initiate another.
The easiest way to make a brown pounds and feed barley at $1.70 to
repealed in 1924 there would now
2. A severance tax on all nat-
' '.
gravy to serve with a roast Is $1.75.
be no difficulty in state funds, ural resources.
to stir the flour into the fat drip-
Butter.—The San Francisco mar­
produced “It” with Madame Glyn’s
and the tax rate for state pur­
3. Consolidation of state gov-
ing s in the back as well aa front, pings and brown by heating care­ ket continued firm, but with good
poses would be only about foui eminent so as to eliminate dupli- aid.
The unique story of a cowboy so the chicks can get plenty of fully over a hot flame. Use about producing conditions and heavy re­
mills. Possibly one reason why cation and unnecessary boards and
who turns »eporter and breaks air during the summer and early as much flour i as you have fat. ceipts eastern markets weakened
Multnomah county gave such a commissions.
You will get a brown color if the and trade was slow last week.
"beasta” instead of cows is told fall.
large vote for repeal of the in
4. A state bank guarantee law with a whirlwind of action and
meat dripipngs are almost entirely
Wool—The general situation im­
come tax was because the returm to protect depositor will get his
as it will clean up in 30 minutes tai, this is, if no water has been proved last week. The Boston
for the federal income tax show, money back.
is as rare as it is delightful' in an 1 still want more. Remove from added in roasting the meat. After Ket was fairly active with
that over two-thirds of all the
5. Oregon should have an ex-
the mixture becomes brown, water covering part of their needs
statements filed' in Oregon come cess corporate tax law. California "Man Rustlin,” Bob Custer’s most tre lgh any left-over feed and give
or milk is added to complete the new wool. Country sales in
from that county.
has such a law, and it brings in
Another way to make rich gon were made from 25 cents to
Tire income tax measure sub-' 3overal millions of dollars of reve­
brown gravy is to brown the flour 31 cents. The mohair market con­
i rat bar than too little.
mitted to the legislature by Gov- nue each year, and it does not tre next Monday.
Marceline Day, who was featured |
"he keeping of a flock of poul- before it is added to the gravy, tinued slow but orders for pro­
nor Patterson is a copy of the keep business out of the state.
in “The Barrier,” “The Boy1 try by the home gardener is us- in a smooth, polished skillet. Some ducts picked up a . bit.
Grange bill, with lower exenip-
Condition of the Grange
Friend,” and other Metro-Goldwyn-1 ua iy advisable, according to the housekeepers keep flour browned
lions and lower rates, and cven
It givps me great pleasure to be Mayer productions, and who has j Ur
ted States department’ of agri- in this way on hand for gravies,
Eight hundred fi/ty-four thous­
with its faults, it does establish able* to report progress in the con-
Flour loses its thickness power and new telephones were installed
the principle of a graduated in- dition of the Grange in Ordgon for just completed the leading feminine | eu ure> provided he has the room
wh on browned, so some additional
come tax.
the past year. The not gain in role opposite John Barrymore in an . can keep the chickens out of white flour must be used in mak- in the United States in 1926, bring­
The legislative and executive com- membership from April 1, 1926
ing total installations to 17,574,-
ing a thick gravy.
be seen Tuesday and Wednesday on.
at the Majestic theatre in “Rook­
Keep in good repair fences a-
St. Helena plans $40,000 high
ies,” Metro-Goldwyn-Mayeris new roi nd pasture where the calf grazes. number of ways. As a breakfast
farce comedy based on life at a I Do not teach the calf to jump fruit it is cut out in halves croaB- school auditorium and gymnasium.
citizens’ military training camp.
or , be a rogue by allowing it to wise, and each section is cut
An explosion finish, with Tom rui at large or go through or around with a sharp knife. The
Mix rolling off a fifty-foot tower ov< r poor fences, Better have a seeds and tough eenter are remov­
Case/1 Rhaunaiit Dendj
'n a powder barrel, eluding des- gats for it to walk through than ed. Granulated or powdered sugar
neradoes and returning to rescue ba: s to jump over.
is passed. For a first course at
a beautiful .girl and his faithful
imber when mature should, if
Rheumatism, Neuritis, Lum­
pal just as a terrific powder blast prt cticable, be cut just the same similarly prepared, are garnished
bago, reduces pain and swell­
demolishes the tower, provided as wheat ot oats, no dead or di­ with a preserved cherry or straw-
ing of joints,
Purifias the
j thrills for the concluding scenes of seared timber under any circum- berry, a bit of firm red jelly, some
. <
I “The Broncho Twister,” Fox Films i sts ices being allowed to stand, Malaga or Tokay grapes with seeds
back guarantee by tbs
I latest release starring Mix. This He ivy stands composed almost removed, bits of ginger, or other
[picture comes to the Majestic thea­ wh >lly of mature trees, however, tasty preserves in fairly firm pieces,
Exclusive agent for Vernonia
tre next Thursday and Friday.
she uld not be removed all at once Grapefruit salad is often garnish-
un ?ss the owner expects to pro- ed with pimento. Or the grapefruit'
Electric Water Heater»
vid s for the new crop by plant­
Are Helpful to Poultry ing.
Velvet beans should, become an
Our sales arid service include:
Electrically warmed water is
much preferred to cold water by Im ortant factor in developing the
Fada and
poultry in cold weather, and the livestock industry in the south and
heat may be applied at a cost as a rotation crop which helps
Gas and Oil
about that of running two electric su< reeding crops. This crop is the
at the
lights, says a joint report of the me st vigorous-growing annual le-
Greasing and
Oregon experiment station and Ore­
gon committeee on electricity In St: tea. One or more varieties of
Battery Charging Washing Service
agriculture. In extended tests pul­ vei cet beans can be grown suc-
Tire Service
lets drank one fourth more warm­ cei sfully in nearly all parts of
ed than cold water in freezing the cotton belt
With our splendid facilities for handling meals
Power expense is the one vital
"Drinking water for poultry may f ac tor in producing crops over
we are certain you will be especially pleased with
be conveniently warmed with one wh ch the farmer has control. The
of several styles of simple elec­ thi iking farmer will keep down
the service we can give you regularly.
heaters," says the report, wrlt- his expense at all times. It is 1m-
I|| ten by George W. Kable and F.
th< relative advantages of animal
Oregon State
Grange have endorsed the incoi le
tax measure, and we appeal tq
every voter who favors an ineome
tax us a means of re-adjusting and
re-distributing the tax burden to
go to the polls on June 28 and
vote for this bill.
The Majestic
ill2* - The Central
- - Gar
a&e was opened
for business by the Fen
ner Radio on June II
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