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Volume 1, Number 22
First Council Meet
ing ii Yeer 1923
Advtirtiaing Medium of a Big Pay Roll Community
- --------------
Harris permitting the city MANY MEN REACH THE TOP
to lease or bry the Light & TO TAKE THE TOBOGGAN DOWN
Power Co., was given two
readings, to be given the Why do so many good men prove
exceptionally efficient in their career
third Friday at adjourned until they get SO high, and then pick
aession. Long ordinance de­ up idiotic ideas that make them not
only ridiculous, but loses them all the
fining viol mt language, dis­ prestige they have given a lifetime
turbances, assault, immoral to gain. There is Governor Olcott,
now making himself smaller every
sets, firing guns in City lim­ day in the eyes of his state’« popu­
its, speed, car ying conceal­ lous. A few short weeks has de-
throned him from Oregon’s most
mistreating popular. Has it gone to his head?
dumb animals,* defacing or Too bad.
Then, there is Will Hays, the big­
cutting signs, fences or pub- gest and best campaign manager the
lio building», etc,, and the world has ever known. Hays was
proving also to be the best Poxt-
penalty for the acta was master-General the country could se­
read for first reading. Moved cure. Money, fame or honor was too
great. Hays has started on the to­
by M.II h that bide for water boggan. His sudden decision to par­
and to put Fatty Arbuckle back
bonds be advertised for; car don
in the movies is his undoing. Too
ried. Council adjourned.
bad. Too bad. Olcott is through.
Wednesday night was th«
flrat meeting of the new City
Upon calling the
meetiug to order to swear in
the new member«, the re­
corder staled that three of
them had already been sworn
previous to (be meeting,
Roll was called with m H
present, Reading of min-
utes, and of ordinance per-
milting the issuing of water
bonds of $35,000 for water
system, approved and pass­
Mayor White, Council­
man Sears, Marshal Fowler,
and Treasurer McGraw were
sworn in and signed the
oath of office.
A verbal re­
port of treasurer stated ab­ If a knock will ruin you, a boo nt
will make you. A good advertise­
out $390 in the treasury. ment,
prdperly displayed, is a boost
Recorder’s report read and in several ways, both directly and in­
directly. A merchant once said it
Ruben Hall waa didn
’t pay him, ax no one read his
elected Chairman of
the ad. The editor answered that he
would give the merchant a very small
Couueil to act in absence of ad
free to prove that his ad was read.
Mayor appointed The merchant afterwards acknowl­
that the ad waa answered. The
the various committees for edged
editor worded the free ad like this:
the year that council will "Wanted, 100 cats, at the Jones store
Saturday morning, for which we will
probably order published pay a good price.” Saturday Uiftrr
with the recorder's report ing every boy and girls in town was
there bright and early with from one
for the benefit of the pub- to a dozen cats each. It pays to ad­
lio. Bills were allowed,with vertise. It also pays to quote prices
and offer bargains. A large Vernonia
a little complaint over pris­ atore had us print 500 bills, saying
oners having ham and eggs. they yrould sell a certain big bunch of
child’s shoes for $1.79, Friday and
Surveyor's bill was laid on Saturday only, regardless of the rcR-
the table until next meeting ular price. Result from the big dis-
played ad was that he sold all the
Moved that notice be pub­ shoes, and now has received a new
lish d notifying any dog order.
ownere that if license was
not paid by a certain date
Notice is hereby given táiat
they would be subject to a reeled bids will be received, on
Curfew ordinance tor or before 8 p. m. Jan. 8.1923,
ohiidreu under 16 years old by the Recorder of the City of
was read for first time. Mel­ Vernonia, for $35,000.00 of the
linger thought it might make $40.000.00 issue of Vernonia
Water Bonds.
To bear 6 per
a hardship to some; Hsll
cent interest and maturing ser­
wanted another expreesion ially each year from 1933 to 1943
from the citizens; first read­ inclusive.
ing went through, however.
Charles I). White.
Mayor of the city of Vernonia
A vagrance ordinance was
passed as an emergency
move and ordered posted,- Coyle & Coyle are building
their stairway on the ontside of
the motion being made by
their big building, making more
Hall of the posting. Ordin­ room for the R. & L. barber shop
ance presented by Judge and bath room.
Paul Robinson, Editor and Owner
Hays is through.
The Eagle’s suggestion, last
week, to make a part of, and
extend the Roosvelt Highway
from Astoria on through Verno­
nia and to Portland via The Ne­
halem Valley, is meeting with a
good and strong following from
various soureeB along the route.
A large meeting will soon be
called to further discuss the
question and in the mean time
thousands of interested people
over the state are working for
and talking for the Highway
over this important route. Never
let up. A strong pull and all
together and it will be accompli­
Clumsy Attempt Made to Rob State
RAINIER, Ore., Dec. 22.—(Special.)
—A clumfy attempt was made at 3
o'clock this afternoon to rob the State
Bank* of Rainier. A man giving his
name as W. May entered the hank
and at the point of a revolver com­
manded the cashier. Al Fuller, to
“stick ’em up." Miss Leola Weston, a
clerk, made her escape by way of the
front door and rushed into a depart­
ment store. while the cashier net off
the burglar alarm system in the bank.
When the
alarm sounded the
would-be robber became frightened
and started to run, throwing his re­
volver and overcoat as he went. He
was soon overtaken by O. B. Grani-
gan and S. Nassar, local business men,
who were both armed. Sheriff Well­
ington was in Rainier at the time of
the robbery.
The man said he was a resident of
Rainier, having moved here about
three weeks ago from Kelno, where
he was employed by the Inman-Poul­
sen company, and that he had been
working for the Menefee company
here. May is about 50 years of age
and has a wife and two small chil­
dren who are apparently in poor cir­
cumstances. He gave as his reason
for the attempted robbery that he
needed the money.
Business men please bring your ad­
vertising copy into the Eagle office
the first part of the week. Monday
if possible. Not later than Tuesday.
Change your ad copy frequently.
In municipal affairs, in the moral
regulations, in enforcing the Volstead
law, in good and bad conditions all
towns and cities are a great deal
alike. Perhaps some are better or
worse than others. Vernonia is no
The biggest need in Vernonia is
a big family dinner, attended by
every voter in town with good talks
and a general handshaking and a
united agreement to all, as one, work
for the city first and all the time.
All efforts toward the city's welfare
instead of any efforts solely against
any certain man. The second great­
est need is less talk, gossip and plans
to undo things. Every man’s success
means success to each of us. One
failure hurts us ait.
We feel that this city needs unity
and help and good words of encour­
agement from each citizen. We are
interexted in the success of each man,
as it means success to us.
This city today is bursting with
energy to go ahead. This spring
promises to be the best and busiest
around Vernonia ever experienced in
I Columbia county. A thousand more
I people will be living here within the
coming three or four months. Let’s
get ready for them. The majority
voted for water—let’s haxten it as
rapidly as possible, as our city next
summer, of probably 2500 population,
must have it. Rush tue sidewalks,
and all be agreeable. We will all be
benefitted and business will be bet­
ter. The city officials are all right-
let’s help them all we can. The min­
ister is all right, the marshal is all
right, the town is all right if we, our-
ifclves, are all right.
True, we have arrests weekly of
intoxicated men and there are intoxi-
cated men not arrested, No more
here, however, in any city of a
thousand people, hose arrested need
worry over their own plight only, and
“everyone will have His day.” If any­
thing, the fines are entirely too light,
but that's up to the police judge, and
the arrests are up to the police. As
the city grows, we will need more
police officers, and there will be more
people to pay the officers.
We believe in obeying and enforc­
ing the laws as much as possible.
And we don’t believe Vernonia the
worm town in the county, although it
is rotten enough. We all have a
part. We all can help to make Ver-
nonia a good place to live in.
This is a busy time—it is the time
to get on our toes, as it will cer-
tainly keep us hustling to handle the
THREE----- Vernonia Eagle...............
business to come very shortly. We
must prepare; no time for petty
quarrels o.r pulling back, no time for
delay. There is work to do. there is
a city to build and it’s time we were
grasping the magnificent situation;
•he job that is larger than we have
It takes thought, leadership and ac­
tion. It takes men. In unity there is
strength to accomplish the big job.
Neighbors, let’s all get on the job.
Mutual Creamery,
Another new and good
business addition to our city
this week is the establishing
here of a receiving station
by the Mutual Creamery Co.
The station is established in
the Coy'e Meat Mark« land
ready for Lusinei*e a- you
will see by their adv. Oi e
good thing about this com­
pany is their cash policy.
You get,your cream check
right away.
Bring your
cream today and the next
trip your chtok awaits you.
A pay day every day.
Another year is beginning. That
awful period of "paying up” is here,
and wc have to do it. The Eagle con­
fesses that it hasn't made enough
•money to "pay up” with, but it looks
mighty good, and as the new father
of twins remarked, "We are holding
our own.” Thse New Year will, we
are confident, be a good one for all
of us, and it id with the most neigh­
borly sincerity that we say to each
Mr. Stankcy spent Christmas
and all of our readers: “A Happy and
Salem, visiting with his son.
Prosperous New Year.”
Prevent it!
Fumigate Your Home and
Protect Tour Health.
Avoid it!
y, tt la your money—then why
Against Sread of Disease.
Virnonia Drei Co. £
Wm. Folger, Pharmaoiat
Eagle Readers From Many States,
and at Home, Show Christmas
ln it's humble way, this paper has
tried to spread good cheer and an
optomistic spirit throughout the land.
We are encouraged by the many
complimentary remarks from Ver­
nonia citizens and business men and
by the many letters and post cards oi
congratulations we have received the
past week. Vernonia is well known.
From Portland we have a collec­
tion of sixteen cards, expressing good
will to Vernonia and complimenting
the Eagle on its building propaganda
and on its Christmas edition, that one
Portland editor classed as the best in
the state for weekly papers.
From Mrs. M. Coleman, of Banks,
a card says, in addition to a Christ-
mas message, “Your splendid Christ-
mas edition of the Eagle is indeed
much appreciated.”
From the County Agent and from
the Secretary of the St. Helens Cham­
ber of Commerce come like remarks.
From the School of Journalism, U.
of 0., is an appreciated Christmas
From a Tacoma reader we quote:
“The Eagle is Vernonia, may your
good work he appreciated, and your
work r.ot discouraged.”
From Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Cleve­
land say in part: “Just a line to let
you know how much* we depend on
the Eagle, and our best wishes for a
successful and pleasant new year.”
A Vernonia business firm mails the
editor a useful and substantial gift,
with the season’s greetings.
out-of-state subscriber
comes a long, cheerful letter, showing
deep interest in Columbia county and
winds up by saying: “I consider the
Eagle Is building Vernonia, and
worth more than the subscription
price, and hope you will accept in­
closed with odr best wishes.” In­
closed in that letter was a five-dollar
Do we appreciate such kind words
and actions? We certainly do, and
our holidays were made pleasant by
them—the best gifts our good read­
ers could possibly make us. To our
friends and patrons and to all whom
this paper may come in contact, wc
wish heartily to you and yours a
full measure of happiness that will
dwell with you, not only throughout
the coming New Year, but all along
life’s journey to theend.
We sincerely thank you.
Wireless informed us soon
niter it happened of the ter­
rible disaster at Ke so, uu
Wednesday evening.
old Kelso bridge over the
Cowlitz river coHepeed, tak­
ing a hehvy toll of life.
More than 100 persona Were
burled into the icy fi- o I
wa ere, wit i about 10 auioe. »
on the bridge at the time,
High »a or and a big lug
jam is i he probable cause
Latest reporta tav 20 to 35
are know u dead.
Sunday night, Christmas eve, the
church was crowded to capacity, and
there were many finding standing
room only. The special Christinas
program, given by the Sunday school
and trained by Mrs. Ray and assist­
ants, was exceptionally well ren­
dered. Each child and class exercise
•>n the program gave their part with­
out a hitch, to the delight of the aud­
ience. The Christmas spirit was evi­
dent throughout the building and the
decorations were beautiful.
“Merry Christmas.” in cedar bows,
adorned the wall back ot the pulpit
over a huge Star of Bethlehem." A
large well-decorated tree occupied
one corner. A free-will offering for
the orphans’ home brought a liberal
The special selections by the choir
were beautiful. Rev. Heverling talked
on the occasion in well chosen words
and in a reverent, sincere and pleas­
ant manner wished each one of our
valley a “Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year.” Large sacks of
candy and nuts were distributed to
the children present—150 sacks in ail.
Everyone present went home feel­
ing better for having, been there.
Thoa. L. Timmons, one of the real
Vernonia boosters, was in town the
Christmas week, after a tour of the
state. Mr. Timmons travels to all
towns of Oregon and in every town
he leaves a good word for Vernonia,
During our activities for the big cele­
bration, Mr. Timmons advertised our
city in every town and hamlet as far
south as Ashland.
Ring out the old. ring in the new.
Watch parties will he held in several
places throughout the town.
Carl H. Johnson, V. P., of the
Northwestern Trust Co., of Portland,
was a recent caller. The Northwest­
ern Trust Co. is financing the Ver­
nonia Light & Power Company, which
will soon be one of the big electric
companies of the state. Work on the
new power plant is under way and
Providence permitting, we can turn
on juice for all the power and light
Mrs. Little spent her Christmas at
wanted long befor^ the Fourth of Vader, Wash.
July. *
L. B. Stuart spent last Friday and
Mr, Sale has his new restaurant Saturday in Portland.
building under headway next door to
the Eagle office, and in another week
Santa Claus was good to everybody
will be ready for business.
in Vernonia.
A Big Year for Colds
A Season Just Started.
Prompt Action Against Colds Means Uraitk
and Prevention.
Folger’s Horehound
Syrup, 50c and $1.00
Folgers Cold Tablets
As Excellant Cough Remedy
Laxative Cold Tab­
Weeks Cold Tablets
Nyala. Combined Cold
Beef-Iron Wine, $ 1.25
A Fine Winter Torte,*
Nyala Liver Salts, 35
Vick« Vapo Rub,
Ment hola! urn, 25c. 50c
Oil Eucalyptur, 25 and
Benzoin Inhaler,
Keeps You nt
m Vernonia Drug Co.