Talent news. (Talent, Or.) 1892-1894, July 01, 1894, Image 4

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T ai ext On. July, 1. 1S9L
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A grand basket picnic is the order of
the day on the Fourth on Upper Wagnei
I creek. Rev. Ira Wakefield will deliver
the oration ami Allen Abliott is to read
the Declaration of Independence. Every-
! Ix>dy cordially invited.
Harry Lynch leaves thin week for Cal­
The app'e crop on Wagner creek will
I m ? nearly up to the average. Peaches on
The “Shorty ” mine has closed down for the lower grounds were nearly all killed
the present.
by frosts but Mr. Joseph Rapp’s hill
escaped and will bear a heavy
Jas. Purvea’ is slowly recovering from orchard
crop. Plums and ¡»runes will be scarce.
his long illness but is yet very feeble.
There was never a greater yield cherries;
Nearly all of the first alfalfa crop in the price in Ashland dropping to a bit a
thia vicinity wan damaged by ram*.
There in a fine prospect for a large
yield of grain in thia ¡»art of ‘.he valley.
Mrs. Z. 1*. Webster, who has been quite
ill for sometime ¡»ant is slowly recovering.
Mrs. Geo. Veit, of Southern California,
is visiting her brother-in-law, John Veit
of Talent.
Grant Getts from Eastern Oregon is
visiting his sister, Mrs. P. N. Hogue of
We learn that the Ashland Peoples
party club has stricken the names of T.
E. Hill and W. E. Grow from its roll of
membership for not being true populists
and supporting the Jeffrey-Marksmjry-
Rawlings ticket, but perhaps the report
is incorrect. It may be that Messrs.
Hill and Grow have turned out the bal­
ance of the club for going back on the
Jas. Helms has had his dwelling house
tied up. The familiar scream
in Talent repainted, II. S. Evansuf Ash­ of Trains
the locomotive is not heard in the land.
land doing the work.
The people will wait with more or less
Nellie Foss has returned from her vis­ patience for the Union boss to crook his
it in Cal. accompanied by her grand­ finger the right way, when trains and
mails will move again. Fourth of July
mother, Mrs. Wilkison.
orators those that can reach their ap­
Lettie z\dams has returned home from pointments can ring in a few fresh point*
Medford where she lias been at work for about the grea-a-a-t and glo-o-orious free­
some time past.
dom we Americans enjoy.
Mart. Pellet has had his dwelling
house near Talent moved down closer to
From the ¡»resent outlook the Ashland
the road. Oscar Stearns doing the work. celebration
will be minus the oration of
Jack Garvin, who has had a long seige the eloquent Tims. H. Tongue of Hilh-
with infiamatory rheumatism, is out and l»oro. There is a famous “silver” tongue
on Applegute, however, that might !•»
around once more.
substituted. The latter tongue can wag
A Mr. Winn ami family, from Umatil­ on any occasion on short notice. 'The
la county are camped near Win. Neal s great American bird of freedom impaled
pla e on Upper Wagner cree k looking at <»n the end of that silver plated tongm
the country.
might be expected to do some lively flut­
At the meeting of the South Wagner tering but its efforts would be vain. A
(’reek Literary Society last night the fol­ few wags and our historic eagle would I»
a ‘ gone goose.’’ Wonder if the commit
lowing ofli< era were installed: -
President, Art Ablrott; Vice President, tee will act on our suggestion.
Edward Robison; Secretary, John Veit;
’Treasurer, Bl in Coleman; Marshal, II II.
< ioddard.
P ' Y Tr,rVT T
A ' A A «
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\ X K* 14 ' I k AJiU i,
A»- we go to uress we learn that trains
will start today. We hope so at any DENTIST,
Of! ice oyei Rank.
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