Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, November 16, 1915, Image 3

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j I'W
7 Gill
1 lilt
iL and lv
-Npw Edison
Diamond Disc Phonograph
Vmiv u.l leolir what n muMutl iumi.li Mi 1Iimui Ik,
ncMfv I until yoji h ivr -u-tmllv lnn Ukiiv K!i.jii, with
U a trtlfcl I i- . h ,, ..,.!, ..I ,,, ,,;,, , t) ,,v ,
lt OmI !' lir. I.r I..,.,, i , ', ,.,. ( 11( t
f, H Wl( l .! HI ( " ..I i . . I . , - , ,
New Records Just Out
hive jutet ni'-.- i n , .iwrvkiy lift ul New
i htiun cnii'il- i" v l ! icvonU every wcrlt.
We Haven't a
NKiigle CiiMtoiiu;r
t because
our jjond
wlio tnulcH here hecuune lie HAS to; lie doc i
he wiiiiIh to, liecmute he in Hfttinfied with
Hooun miiii priecn,
. we wiini mi vourauiiKincHHi in evervciny HtmplicH
and you won't lose l)Jivin it to uh.
Groceries, Rubber Boots and Clothing,
a al t t m a .i
Daws, Axes, nans ana a mousana other
things you can get right at
The Satisfaction Store
J'tf. .r mI. Yhmw Hell. R F. 21.
I i Tin lilUmwok County Pomona
(irahgic -will imit at tint Fnlrview
Si. (imnfrt Hall an Thurwlay, Doc. 2.
M CLltLfl , t.,Hr.lu rH Ytllllt VHVM KAMIML iif lllit-!.
9vL ! OtJHl'S U luiw reailif at l.mnti.Sflira.
Sv 1 r. and Ford for te. Wis. In-1,1-, ft. . mibu. ... r 1 mi.
.1 lUi U Orti. Jay luvcr -wl J. M. of Hver,
tj. a r H. ij. pltt. HiHicr fiw" i .ttrrnlrtj , titrtlxlny dinner In honor
Yet llriur pt Aininrr FurrtHuroj M(Mwy tu4n f(irm mortK.KM.
Cj. 1 p. J. Iliml..
(, J I i l'f U1 t.t. j j wMh a !kwoo.l ami Mr.
nutoi 1 iMli, ju'DMififll of ltrJn. wrn I'lllo.
Ak - r4e almut lit" "One M" , nwai huinoH vt.ltor Imlay.
tsmi. I'j irr. fr -lriiit: lmi. j wlh for tfc TllUniwk Fcl tV.
J. '. 1J worthy uf 'l?nl VHpV. ! window of tlwlr "Suturdny Siwlnli."
w T Ut"b hu)Kr ImJk)', j It will (ntf jwtl. t
llU; nil kiwi nt th? Tlllninouli
Drue Sloto.
Mr. W. C. Twmbtcy aivl Mr. J. 0.
lUmttlt of Cilr, Miemlctl llm
funnrnl of Mm. Chrtnlnnnen un Monilay.
Hurnr.)' I&utirtwk nnl on Hoy rrnii
Aiox Imlnhof Cliivurtliilo wur! lulu
A ri!!Urr fntl: Vill ttivo rent
(r U A. (. l.vron,
uim KJim V(rthtntn i vUUlnic
ClotrtJif fricodo lll
Jc -w J.hmUon Fur. C will tve a
lrmc i iftntf frro rth cv)ry
Mr . -J Mr. Jul" llru" at
iikmiI vi.ttor on Sumluy sml Momlav
-. Dr. Wflndi fit irluwi4,
Alo. f uIUnk' hr Ul rcl
All l. if tlrv wimI. -Sc," Sll(xic.
...... .. i... .. niu...a..V ! Mm. IM, Worthincton nnd Mro. HI
Drue s(..re I btllrl Wo""Kln ' Clovunlnlc ctit
.... ti t-i-u r ISuwIuy with I'tllamwik friend.
fan. I....M. If )u h W hrlng S-tunly .Ink .S,.uo.
..,. Fork. Veal nnd old fiulilom-d country
" ,rJfnxg: Tillamwok Meal Cmimnv.
Ul m innthor twl hg. lUturn ,.. ,, .
. Unco Htrnm Hdinhto Hoe,
Kitfcr rtur nd on .Swl frn , t;HlW hull ,m Nuv. 25! nn.l
tr.;. 1 . Ulna, 'nnylvnu Ami nlhor l(M,Hmci until .iftor
.tcr tAU. Hu rr,mtu tfv.ryihtnir .n;,,nknt,v,BB.
Un.. , 1.. tho u.l. ,nic 1(,alrvlcW rtMv Club will
Rt pilo for l.t by I. S. John-; ft wmo of Mri( F . i)osU,r
on. . . ek nml up. on rtl Frldwv. A full iittendmico In
F,r aioi 0. I. U. two inonlh 1 ((rJ,rt.,, Tho Udv inemborn uro ro
oil. t," ) t'tteb K. It. (intr, llsmluck. , ,101l(c(i t0 brttti; their biulmndn.
Tr-,1 );l UH f.,..l in hunt rujudlMlt, lVliiln.iv itunch mouth of Wllxcin Hlv-i
iwtiun .'Fnrel tSiovp, (Ivo blokicr for runt. Tenant muit live on
from Km ..like. Large bade tree, plaee and have plenty of lek. Whit-
oun fruit tree, terrle moJeni filneyUo Ltd. Idvill,e, Oroon. M &
roum house. Ild a,M, inoiiinbrnctiUl(u1.
Win ird equity for ftllmnw.k ! w) WIinl nil of your youiiR cmIvoh
Uty pruiwrty or will trade llu proer- nml wj ,,y ym, ih hlheitt pricen for
ly n 1 i0 iieri'a clear on John "' j ,me. Abo we want your beuf hide
Itlvrr n Mieriunn Co. for rnneh wM ,! nil Mdw of till kind. I'nyinn huh
Kun mmt in I'lllainook oeeti-.n. John L ,4l vtwt, K you have any cows for
II lH .McH.tt. Forest (Jrove, Ore. ! cull ih up oiW either phone. Hell
T.lc your inrm. It pny. ' ..hone ' 'lla.n.tok Live Stock o.
To exchwiRii 1100 inorlKnK' for iUlo.
Ford or Ovcrlwml. Apply to L. J.
Wnltrr ChrUlenncn ol 0- Cotu.ty,
brolhor ol Ftcd ChrUteiuen nttowlttl
Mm. t'lirlntiie.i' funernl here on
Monday, lit win. it rcMdunt of tint
county nt one time and ft hn been nine
yenrn ulnco hu wan here Intt.
Door mnt free with every cnab pur
chttNtj of J6.IX) or more. Atntner Furnl
Co. ,
Ceo. Ilitiilln. the hoili! mover, I
well nreiiiirrd nod enu!niM:d to bundle
till liillortj in his line t;lyu him n cull.
S'nut.M to iMiitow SI, 000, ICO ncrc
irlven n security. Inquire nt Herald
IM rumored that W. L. Campbell
may be 11 candidate for SlierM" nt the
republicnn primnrb'H. Mr. Cninpb.dl
link Imil cooiidernlde erperiunce in tbu
line of work.
For Sale: !'urebrcd Rhode Ulnnd
Hel Cockerel, ? month old. $1.00
each. FmncU Weliih, Hlnine, Ore.
Mr nnd Mrn. Albert I'lmk are In
Fortlnnd thi week. Mr. Flnnk wn
unfortunate In irclllnti n bristle of a
Colli brush slack In her thronl nnd she
taken to n hojiutul there 10 have
It taken out. ZZZ".
We aru inlonnH thnt J. II. Dunstsn
will be n cnndldnte for the office of
county treasurer at the comlnc rc
imbllcnn prittmries. Mr. Dnnitnn hns
many friemls In the county who no
doubt will be Kind In support him for
thl" position.
There will be two shttuline m itches
next Sunday and Monday at tho Tilla
mook Livestock Go's, blk' tur bnrn
one-hnlf mile east ot tho depot. I'.very
Inxly come nnd brine your shot put
ltd shoot little rocks nnd win yourself
a line bit: turkey or 11 duck for your
Thnnksivimr dinner.
The Woman's Civic Improvement
Club of this city, is pttinrdne, a social
event to bo k'lven Monday, Dec. 13.
nnd It in earnestly hoted that every
body will save this date for that nf
fair. This club is n contnunity ortjun
iiutlon nnd nil should feel an interest
nnd nn oblltniion whether members or
not. Remember the ilttto nnd look fcr
future announcements.
W. C. Tromblcy of Hny t,.ity is now
ttt the Hoals hospitnl where ho hns
been operated on for the removal of n
piece of steel which was lodged in his
arm. Tnl r teen years tii;o Mr. Tromblev
was unfortunate in recoiviiu: 11 serious
wound caused by the premature explo
sion of 11 iiii whllo hunting, I'iecr of
metal wero thrown into his left 11 nr.
which was badly crippled for it time.
It was UiookIiI that nil foreign sub
ntance had been removed from the
wound ut tho first drcssini:. However,
about live mouths tigo his arm bcun
to bother him UKitin and it was found
neeessarv to oiterntu. The niece of
steel removed
rusty mid enme
Hlh; all kinds at tho Tillamook
Drug Store,
Money to loan on lirrt clnss Inrm
niortirtr. First Natonnl Hank.
Rumor has ft that Oscar G. Swcnson
will be it cittidldate for the office of
county clerk at the republican primar
ies. Oicar Is, strictly spcnkini'. a
Tillamook County boy. beinir raised on
a Tillamook county farm, his father.
bwciison, bcini; one of our prom-
I'ortlarid'R public schools next year
will cost the taxpayers approximately
Tho annual Oregon Irrigation Con
cress will be held In Portland Decem
ber 2S-30, nt the Imperial 'Hotel,
A flro destroyed half a block In tho
business district of Indeopndenco, en-
tnllSsf; n loiii of 120,000, with nn In
su'anco of about 110,000.
Eaatani Oregon has furnished Just t
hair of the county entries In the land 1
products ctlon of tho Manufacturers'
and Land Products Show nt Portland.
Jonas and Murray, of Modesto, Cat.,
have Just purchased the Harpold prop
erty of Una acre In Uie Honanza dis
trict of Klamath county and paid $40,
000 for It.
Str?nty-flvo editors and publishers
from all parts of the state convened
at Ualent for tho two-daya' annual
inftetiuK of the OreRon SUto Editorial j
association. I
Hceauae a piece of apple lodged In
his windpipe, S-year-old Albert, son of
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Saunders, of
Hlehl.md. died at Haker In St. Eliza
beth'a hospital.
The Dallas hand haa at last won its
flKht for municipal support. After
January 1. 19IC, tho Dallas band of 4u
pieces, will be a rcKuhtr municipal In
L. L. HOY, M. D.
Physician nnd Surgeon
Hull PhoncOWcc 6, Kcsldencfl 5 M
Mutual Phone Office ami Residence
t j
Dr. Jack Olson
Office Hours from 'J a. m. to G p. m.
Oddfellows Building
Both Phones
Attorney at Law
Office In Tillamook Block
Attorney at Law
C. A
in!it rtinrlisT (utnr (d tn rvtr tvuv
r.tte.1 for the position, and will no U'.ltutlon and under control 01 me city
1! 'ttbt receive a stromr folio A'lnv if he . council
decides lo msku the race.
Process Hurley
Ground Wheat
Rolled OnUt
Ground Oats
Hrnn CO lb. sk.
Shorts W lb. nck
Mids 100 lb. sk
Wheat 100 lb. sk
Oats cwt.
P.. Onts GO lb sk.
Ground O.ttsbO lb.sk. 1.40
R. Hurley 75 lb. sk. 1.45
Fruit Sutfar 0.30
Hrookflcld Creamery
nutter .75
I lb. pkt Arm & Hammer Soda 5c
5 lbs. A No. 1 Caracol CofTee LOO
Olympic. Snow Drift and White River
Hour $5.50 hbl. less 25: d!s cash, all
llluu Stem ban) wheat.
29 50
2 00
. 2.00
General practice In all state and
Federal OmrU
Commercial Clob-Hlda:. Tillamook.
Ten e her of lJ:ano
Diploma from the Chicago
Musical College
A complete stock of sheet music
and Technif ooks.
Terms :- JI.OO per months instruction
Factory f(epre.entatlve tor the
And Plaver f'ianos.
A beautiful operetta, entitled "The
Floral Failles" dr "fhe Enchanted
Wood." and a Musical Recital will be
eiven bv the mutc clnss and pupils of
SL Alplionsus A....ny, Tuesday even-
Iiik. Nov. 23 ru, at 8 o clock.
You are promised a most delightful
eveninc since the young ladies and
children of the school lire working very
enthusiastically in preparation for this
entertainment, so do not fail to come.
Admission on It 35 nnd 15 cents.
Remember. Tuesday evening, Nov
23rd, 11115.
K. N. HKXKLE. Mjri.
Located in Jones-Knudson Hutldine
Funeral Director and Licensed Embalme
Ladv Assistant When Reuut-sted.
The financial statement of the state
Industrial accident Insurance commis
sion corrinK the 10 months prior to
October 3J last, shows receipts total
Inj; $77,Kl-05 and distvurseinenta of
Governor Wlthycombe has Issued
paroles to sevon inmates of the state
prison, whose release had been rec
ommended by the state parole board.
TI.0 board considered 2G cases at its
recent meeting.
The Oregon Association for the Pre
vention of Tuberculosis Is preparing
to launch Its campaign for funds by
holding a sw'e of Red Cross seals. Thl3
will hegin on December 1 and will
clotfe December 24.
Don. J. Zumwalt, who has a crow
of surveyors at work on Klamath
Marsh, In tho northern part of Kla
math county, reports Utat the prelim
inary work In the drainage of tho
marsh Is progressing nicely.
Approximately 55,500 head of cen-
i r:p. ":?.p r i: Ll measure, goodwood .
r im ! t ii ii l 4 1 rj ittai " ... ,
range near Coleman and to other LIVERED ANYWHERE
ranges In the state for feeding prepar- j TOrnviQnN fir STMONSEtST
atrv to shipment to coast stock mar-1 JUHWSiUJN dt 2ljyiUJN2tW
Wood! Wood! Wood!
Vine Majjic, cord $5.00
Dry Alder " 3.35
Body Spruce 3.35
Dry Crab Apple, cord 5.50
The undersigned wish to extend their
sincere thanks to till those who extend
ed their sympathies and aided in the
numerous ways during tho illness nnd
ttt the death nnd burial ot our loved
one, Mrs. Fred Christensen. The ser
vices of those who loaned their autos
was tiuito large nnd 'at tho funernl is greatly appreciated
from tho breecti of the' Fred Christensen nnd Family
u. Miner it mi l'ttmiiy.
he c
of I
Tba 51" E' '
In I.imat'nenuflv Inhon.tories you find exemplified
Holiest nri oi vmm , ":; (,lli,,.i0,1H hiends
A (II I I'll lllll II t ll"-" " -
iwi i iiiiuii i' ii fi viii n i siv f .
H VfMM"" ,
vxiuiHite llnvois in i.e. . .. v t u , cltnj,e
.hdMllttrrnnMenieiit ol tnch
BlciiullncHH and puntv t In r 1 of the
riintfint the cova-r l rc : ; 7, s t t cvcry piece
it's itlt'llltlicu ivivii L,l'. i
.iKKoll'B ClHicolnlm.
Ask The Man Who
He will pay you from S'J.OQ to $4.00 more
cr month for your house il it has a well equip
ped bath room
Think of It
Actually from 24 to 30 per cent on the in-;
vestment or about Mi of the net return from
that house you rented. Can you invest
$100.00 any better.
R. F. ZACHMANN about it
Tillamook's Leading Plumbing k Sheet Metal" Shop
Several hundred teachers and edu
cators are expected to gather In Pen
dleton next wdch to attend Uio annual
teachers' Institute, November 17, IS
and 19. Tbu district includes the
counties of Morrow, Wheeler, Gilliam
and Umatilla.
Growers from all sections of the
Hood River valley report that Ute ap
ple crop for the season Is now gathor-
eil and under roof. Several hundred
puckers are now at work sorting, grad
ing and parking the apples In boxes
for the trade.
According to plans announced to
members of the commercial club by
C. N. P.avlin. tho huge applo displayed
by the Hood River commercial club in
the Palace of Horticulture at the Pan-ama-Pnciflc
exposition, may ho placed
on permanent display in Portland.
Oregon's first drainage district
formed under the new state law, has
auc.-cssfuliy floated a bond Issue and
Is now prepared to wor'.. actively to
ward tho reclamation of a large area
of fertile soil. The district lies in
Clatsop county between Knappa and
A statewide campaign for a dry na
tional Issue was started In Oregon
Mouday and 40 central meetings, with 1
spcakors of national reputation, are to j
bo held in all sections of the state i
during the next few days, closing with
a state convention In Portland Novem
ber J6 and 17. i
Hy elimination or suporiutous mas
ter rrom Oregon s house ami senate
Journals o the 1915 legislative session
and condensation into ouo volume, tue
cost of publication this year was cut
to 52753.03, na compared with 54320.50
Roate J, Tillamook.
Attorney-at-Law aaa
Land Office Business.
Office 202-20-i, Tillamook
Tillamook- - Ore.
L. J . Claussen
DiJUTscnEit Advokat
Commercial Building
(Both rhonesJ
J. E. REEDY, D. V. M.
Oregon !
Pioneer Transfer Co.
G. L. DICK & SON, Props.
Both Phones
The Same Price to Everyone
Has Located in the Commercial BMf.t
o J- I D I CI
Ul ?.U.i.v, . - uuunuu . """"-
it.i nut fnr the 1913 Journals, prtutod All Work Guaranteed, Both Phonsa. mm
In two volumes
Twice as many cars have been fur
nished Oregon shippers so far In tho
month of November as during the
samo period In October, according to
tho public service commission, but tho
shortage, although less acute, still ex
Uts, nnd Is especially felt by tho lum
fior manufacturers.
The North Coast Power company,
of Vancouver, Wash., haa filed with
Corporation Commissioner Schuldor.
man Its declaration of Intention to en
gago In business in this state. Its cap
ital is $1,750,000, and U Uaa taken over
tho properties of the Washington &
Oregon Utilities company.
Tho bridge across the Willamette
river at Salem between Marion and
Polk counties has been re-opened and
both business Interests of Salom and
farmers and dairymen are no longor
subject to the euormoua Inconvonl
enoes suffered during the past two
weeks. Tho bridge will romala opsn
while repairs are completed.
,-Mf! u . 9 to 12 a. m.
OIHce Hourst . tn 4!3n
Open Evenings from 7 until S o'clock
Geo. P. Winslow
Tillamook Block
Room 202
Tillamook. OreR
Tillamook County Bank Bldg.
27 acres of rich bottom land ono rail
Smith Pnrk nf Ne-
k.lom n.'vr t'Dnn milo from churek
and cheese factory, less than J mm
from school house. Hns river frontafa
of 600 ft,, clear of any ipeumneranea,
iit..i.i m..tr a AnlAnrltfl fttiirv farm.
For price or further wiormauon can
on or write to owner
Geo. R. McKimens,
Mohler, Or.