Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, July 13, 1915, Image 1

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Tillamook, Oiujcon, Jri.v i;jt i)if,.
S I: It V I &E
sk nny of otu ciml i nrri nbout
first Ni(iofi Service
l lirv .ire all ilcav i wit ii it nii.l
Cm tell you w hv.
first Notional M,inK
a i mmmmv 1 v v
v A' l-, rh-s' a
k - "IK
'NKJJ WITH (joo l i
VA.. T. IfVYoUlAHL" -t,
r"j roR. cool) f
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WO jmrX.
1 1 ' ti .or 1 1 sli i hk h round loi . n . -i u- i hat hits
fl ' hIi i' i ( ii'rrics, provision, hint ..u" vrjjctnhkrs,
" " ' II II l' Iff I VI l Ilill "l . 1 1 1 i . nun, """ ii
tlttrw r . ... it,.... . . V .. ,.,!. .. . . I nit'i, in ,n
tiling iiiiii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t r i'i in !, fiiv iw..
mil .' t I'.....
" .i ii i i mi ii 1 1 n i 1 urn i ,i mi .i i u-1 mm i
I 1 1. LA MDOk, - - - OKI'COX
H . ...kBBr m mm M7
" i1 mit 1 W mj v .-m mm mu
See U for Price Before OrderinR EUewhere
Chautauqua Under
Full Swing.
OprnitiK Altracliotu Good. IVojile arc
KripoiiditiK Loyally From a
Financial .Standpoint.
'Hut f'hinitiiiiiim eipoiHil furtnnllv on
MomUy r.f(i.riHHn. Mr. I'wrl C Millrr,
''hmiUuii.iii ii,(irlnlcnil(.nl for tfte
i:ill.ii Wlittu iioopli) arrlvml hf.f, Son-
tiny nftitrniMn nml on Momlny Uxk up
llli dulliM In ponnovtiwii wti the local
At th oponliiK oxorrUr O. I..
SlirwlwRjVu Uit mti)r of vmlcotnr
wlitch wjji fnllowii ;y a ritmnu frirn
llii- upor(iittmJnt Mr .Miltr. nftr
whleli Uio Ailiiliihfnti tvonrlot k'nvn a
OfKort. 'Ililii roinKjil t hr after
WW iroi;f-iii.
I Ittt AHulplilan Quartet avc anotlier
eoneorl in tin- i-vunlnt: itluilo to
tl wvnntn's c nlcrlalnimnt. Thla
Mtwlfal orKMiittatlnn riTtuinly ilium ilr
tir Uio i:uMla. 'I'holr rlmmo are
ntwloriNl In iploitdid tyl ami Uu'ir
Imtiturou ntlMtlon nm u rumliination
01 tiio ililieulmn nixl tin? mililluip; ri
Uiruhtu mi (ar a tho wnrilinu'n which
wiirii put to murlc ulilliiiely hoailtiful.
Tillamook hn hail tl upjMirtunl tv U
lUlon to iunrli'U in the tnuit that won-
in oin ri'upuct p.ibly hettir Uin
tho Ar!oliliinn Quarti't. I ml when it
eoimm to Dim innttrr of rnnl onturtnln-
imtnl th Ailitlphiaiin ifltiHin anvthiiiL:
that Iib rvr liucn In our city. Thoir
tmiiii wiirV in iIiumIk1.
William Hamilton Millur ilolivcicJ
tint n(Wrij on Motwiay cvonint". Suh
jiict : 'Tim NnlnliborinK rity." Ilia
aildruva was uplifting. Ilo kept hi
luwri't Intormittvntly from lanchlur
to aobrr tlouitit. Hu plead that the
- parent take im much intercut in thulr
! rhikircn na they tin in their Htock ; In;
plead for the luinm ami lie plead for tint
welfare of Uiu town in which wu live.
Ili'wald that the average po'mmtirilty
was noittlinj; out two atreiims of in
fluence tlllll allOUllI llO top(H.'d. On
alrram i the vouiik hlotxl that L'Pu.i
frein tho toivna t the cltlud. The
ultier alrimm i.i the atrunm of mone i
thiil i;oi to the ciitiilut: houe, which i
ia Uiiwl for the upbuilding of
citliw hut which ouihl 'o li ued for
homo development. Col. Millur'n ml
Unani win much npprocintel.
The children hour la in chaise of
of Mis Union Orlllith "The IMa
Lady," who tell tho children helpful
atoriua and tvacluta tmtm ..ew L'nmea.
Slut tnkoa the children in charge every
morning m 'J u. in.
1'lie Adelphinn iiiiirlel will sine this
altortioon and eveninu and Col. Miliur
will talk this afternoon un "Karmlni:
iind Iteinc Karuied."
The few fati wlm braved the drfr.
illnt' rain Sunday V sue thrt Utilmen
drub the linavor team arc mumim-un
In dcrlarin Huialay' iino the bet of
the i an. The llttavcra atnrtrd with
Jump tu the drat Innii-c atal had
Uir niiMi to their credit before Uio
Iialian w ere able to (top them. Wil.
ton awl Orincoll acored for the Itudrnon
In the ttb aral the name wont n in one ,
two three order to the iiuventh, both ;
Jldei plavlriK orrorloaa lall. In the'
levenlh Wihton aiiiiln aturted tho flre-j
worku by drawlni; pans to tho 11ml1
tUlnt) and tti-iiluiK second, ho went!
to thud on Drlncollt aacrlfice hit and
fame home on Kowim double. This
brought out the acalpliiK knlvoa and a
yar dance started around tho diamond,
the Indiana annexi-iK ix icorc Ixiforo
WlUon led olf airain in the
uaual paai, uml the
lame performance followed for a total
if twelve tcurvn. The Hcavura man
jKrd to K'et three more in the evnt;.
Bjaklnt; tho final acorc 12 to 0. Tho
trduien tenm made a favorable im
pri'taiun with the f una in their first
Came here, ami it la hoped that thin
team will pluy another iranie Mt home
In the near future. The Reditu n wore
credited witn three clean double playa.
How in uot n k'ootl hand from the rand-
tand when he dirtied over tho bleach
er ami apearvd a foul rulirInK the
taiavera when the base were full and
the kme in danger. 'Iliu lineup for
Sunday uame :
Industrial Review
Of Oregon
About Factories and PayrolU Improvt
menli and Enterprim Throujhoul
The State.
til.'hth with hia
Alltany proplt have Ur!cd a fijfht
bclurt llic Hailroad Cinmimon to
c jinpiii .h)Kj connection between
lb ilill and Harriiuan line in that
tily. I he two railroad tyttem have
p(iit litgc lumi on (idine and tcr-
i ininui m that city. There it compcti
! iioii for buainck in pelting cart, tide
1 track vtiwice. and routing, at well as
I in t relent rale, if the two conipamet
I ar. compelled to utc each other
track to ttrve Albany, they will in
; ttall a joint twitching tcrvice prob
auiy have a joint f night tcrvice, and
it will be the end of competition.
Ind.-pcndcntc VN ilton Brot. Ior-
Kinu tamp hat returned operation.
Leona dawmillt here have increas
ed capacity to 100,004 a day.
Wallowa 450 lb, wool told at En
tcrpr.se for A j-3 ccntt.
How in
I'i tc-roori
II line
1 leaver
'P. Fordner
Oregon Agricultural 0)ckc, Cor
vatlia, Oregon, July Kitrellcnt pro
;re 1 lMrii ma li- in -o.v (eating in
th' 1,'ooa Hay netion acconlinu to f'ro
foMmr H. T. Krenrh, atate leader of
county agricultural at;nta, who has
jnat rcturninj from that oUtrict. Some
Muh producinir cows are being discov
ered by the teitini; wora many of them
running from 350 to S00 pound of butter-fat
per year. On the other hand a
tfood many poor pr'lo-pr have been
located and there are now more beef
cows for sale in the country than ever
before A this work of selecting the
better produce and diacardinp the
poorer ones prostretsea. dairying be
comes still more profitable.
The cream from this section is mar
keted at MarshfieW and other points
where it is manufactured into butter
and ice cream, or sold to the local
trade. The cream is taken everv day
by boat which provides cool, quick and
Late enterprise of the $150,000 regular transportation, lending much
-l- . j ' . r - . T
Standiimsof the Teams
on lost pet.
Hay Uity
dine rule the seas, their sway can
only to long as their enemies are
unpioMdcd with an adequate supply
oi Mibiiiarino.
invasion to water arc a thing of
tut tiatl Thr submarine nail nrvr lir
lartt-f j ,,,de a troop ship, but it can' and will
keep troopship bent on hotiltties oil
1 lie teat.
Japan can never invade this country
out japan can keep ut front takin -troops
to the Philippines, or bringing
N'.i doubt the '1 1 1 In tin im ik farmer
will he pleased to learn that the Knrbex
Miiliufactiiring Co. of Portland have
perfected 11 Stiinili lloriti): and Hunting
Machine which will be demonstrated
the bahiliie of the week at Mr. 11. A.
Kinniimnn'rt farm by Mr. Holt the In
ventor. Tlu representatives of tho Co., Mr.
Holt and Mr. Mum ton will bo pleined
to ntiKwer nil iiuiuiriott on thu grounds
during the Deinonntralioua or in the
evening at thu Todd Hotel,
liryan, "1
of Milmia-
Ojktr Plan. Ball Dav.
fill. '
minor a 11 anninu to t icr-
nil.. .
"" "iKKoai crowt nvor In the city
i.ir, ..... .
"uy lieu ,iay, Moiulny. July II.
rl'lnrteil friini iinlniu ISO n I'i'i
'ai tiiiiiiron will emu. 1 . 1
m of thlM dlalrlRt and tliut initio
vvti I ,, r.ii.ti in In lint
I iU.lili) tn t in I.I uirlv Hull
, 'i win ,o horn III) m nuten,
s lll"t l .tiu tho comnilttno In
- im ifcia I lint ueiir v "0.00 will
"'u ii.' 'I'lin , will Im mi nil.
' ni..i ,011.
b.i i.' 1 11 1 1 1 u .....1 1 1 r..t.u
II t. " ""I IIIUltlllK lllllin
'.frilled 1 1 ,,f il...
"Kin' n's coiiiiieiiB'ttlmi luv (ire
Variety Store
Tillamook, Ore.
t r.rK wound" 1
"I'lr.ion.illy," s.iys Mr.
Unmld like to ace the use
1 iiu s abiiuiloui'd entirely."
Ii the submarine an influence for
war or for peace? Mr. Hryau, I think
oxerlooks the fact that in the subma
rine lies Ihe hope of the nations
winch .lie weak in naval force.
Ihe submarine equalizes the game
of war between nations.
(iennaii) has kept luiglaiul's fleet
bottled up ever since the war began,
so far as offensive operations against
uciiuau pons or the German fleet
are concerned.
In the submarine area, peace has
ptevailed between these fleets. It is
the enfoiceil peace of terror. The sea
fighls between Hrilisli ami Cierman
w.nsliips have occuried mainly in re
mote pot lions of the globe not yet
covered by submarine operations,
These (lei'ls are paralyzed by the
Milium hies. When any agency is
shown to be effective to paralyze such
fleets, no more of them will lie built
under any sane ami honest naval
Germany often boasts that Hritain
in no longer mistress of the seas; anil '
it Is true. Since the deadlines of the ,
rbMuirin.' ha Iwn proven, no nation
is mistiess of the seas. Insofar as the .
. Iiem thence.
c cannot invade Japan.
Germany cannot invade this count
ry. '
No nation can ever acain invade
.Hiy other nation by tea provided as !
any tubuurines are built from this!
time on as may be expected.
Submarines cannot light one anoth-'
.r. for the simple reason that they
vatliiot find one another. The age of ,
iht- submarine will be an age, not 01
lighting, but of a consciousness of the
impossibility of fighting.
When once the usclessness is rec
ognized uf warships floating on the
surface, ihe submarine will be a shirld
lot cveiy maritime nation. There will'
be nothing for it to strike. Then-fore 1
' it will bring naval wars and naval iti
1 4sious to an end.
j As the universal shield of the niari- j
' lime nations, the submarine will be 1
I the most potent agency for peace 1
j ever known; for it will make the seas
impassable for troops. j
The greatness of Wilson's mission 1
today lies in the fact that he stands
lor the principle oi forbidding the use
of the submarine as against merchant
Once this principle becomes estab-
I lished we of America may build sub- j
! marines .mil laugh at the suggestion 1
of invasion from the sea or of war
vsith any nations save those border-1
ing on our frontiers. llerbet Quick,
111 Detroit Times.
run ana uamc uornmutton is in
troducing bullfrog tndutlry to supply
Mtluonablc grill with frogs leg.
1'ilot Kock Record make pica for
product of home flouring mills.
l'endleton Pacific I'owcr and
Light Co. reduces rates on electricity
for cooking -rd per cent.
North Ocnd L. C. Reynolds ships
.xw.ooo fc;t of eclar to San Francisco.
ilill tyttem taking over Western
pacilic gain entrance to 'Frisco.
Portland city let paving contracts
patt week for Sjo.ooo.
Coquille City Council has bought
large order iron pipe from Coos Hay
1 ron Y orkt.
it. Helens Lamb Timber Co.
building logging road to Deer Island.
Tillamook Arcnz Construction Co.
Salem, lowest bidder on county high
way. Eugene Hermits for six months
oast. SsO.rm.
Hay city Bids for street improve- ments were in charge of J
mem rccciveo 10 juiy 15.
Union County has up $400,000 good
roids.bond. issue,....,.. .
Grande Ronde Bids will be taken
on 10 miles road to coast.
1 Astoria Docks commission would
open Astor street and eliminate Un
ion town hall.
! W'arrcnlon building gravity water
system from Lewis and Clark river.
Wauna, Clatsop County, to be con
nected with Columbia highway.
Montague O'Reilly Co. has large
1 force at work on their St. Helens
1 quarry.
j North He mi has ordered three inure
1 streets improved.
j Klamath Falls yt miles dyke com
pleted on E. 1. CcCorinack ranch
Why allow costly duplication of
I public utility plants, asks the Oregon
j Voter, when in the end the consumer
1 and taxpayer must loot the bills'
1 Lakev ievv Goose Lake project, to
j irrigate 30,000 acres, completed.
Springfield Willamette pacilic bal
lasting a mile a day.
North Hend Franchins of Eugene
Coos Hay lmc extended to Jan. 1, 1015
Cornucopia Mines sent out amal-
gam bars ninrth $l,ooo in three das
: to me goou quality or the cream.
J Dairymen merely place their cans on
. wharfs or on small home-made float
' ing docks where it is taken up by pass
, ing boats that later return the empty
j cans to the same places.
I The Ditching Inlet Association held
a picnic on Mr. Selander's farm, a
beautiful and ideal place according to
Forfes'-or French The speakers'
platform ii in front of a natural am-
phitheatre constituted by a low coast
hill which is sufficiently timbered to
give the desired shade. On the top of
this flat hill another open grove mikes
an ideal place for spreading the tables.
Between the table and the speakers'
platform the audience found comfort
able and convenient seat arranged on
the green sward. The picnic arrange-
L. Smith,
county agricultural agent, who made
an address explaining the progress of
"the work-. Professor French also made
an address on the subject of efficiency
in farm management. Local dairymen
made short talks on their experience
in the work of testing and all spoke in
keen appreciation of iu benefits. An
orchestra composed of people of the
country surrounding furnisned splendid
music. The ioe.il singing furnished
was al?o of a high orJ.T of excellence.
"It is reallv retnarKable." savs Pro
fessor French, "that such splendid
musical organizations could be brought
together in such a small pUce. Two
violins, base viol, cello, and other
instruments were u.ed in the orches
tra, four members of which belong to
Mr. Selander's family."
Other picnics of like nature were
held on the three following days at
Myrtle Pi ing, C qu l; . mid Langlois.
These meetn gs wn- addtcssed by Mr.
Smith and Mr E. I! ritts, extension
dairymen of the cl ege
r mm
s '
aKiaaBlC WmW
W wmmmmWmlWMmmWimWnnMmr1mmm?
The man wit.i .none
.over the one who ma re;
denca'of the community .:iJ
When you KtNOW tlut tin nn-.-Jro o
ponds not upon the amount of mo:.e you
v w u.jvantag
v ,c, the confie
yoir success de-i-pend,
Lt upon the
cut'.in- out EX
U .cuotantly 1N-
Tho Liberty Bell, a relic of the Rov
olutlon, which lelt Philadelphia on a
tour nf the country July 5.
amount you SAVE, is it not time you wero
TRAVAGANGE, starting a b.1.. .. aUo.i.. .
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1 Make OUR bank OUR bank
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Tillamook County Bask
" " UK lo try nut mraiiiat the null
""1 Mutt tiav.