Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, July 02, 1915, Image 4

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    No s,-7-l
lu the Stntc t Oregon, at tho dose ol business Juno -MM,
Bale (if ltOlll.
Notice ol Metritis
(NnllCO l llfUcht
Aw ! discount
oan 1181.066,
r. t .! I
0 i r ,i. .!(. worn), Nom;..
u"-.-. oi 32G01
T . s u.n,l debited to eeur eircu-
it,.,n mar vitiu) 25.ocyj.ro
It . i (' . IS. Roods . . .. .... ......,.,.
Uo- i other tha- U. S. Bund piodge!
to Jivure postal saving drMit!i . . .. 2.0S&.W
4! U uKm ouritii pledged a collateral
fo State. .t .Mherftrettsc.r niiispwy
Capital Stock paid in J WS.0to.tH
Surplus fund
able t tv-stal excludC.
N.-.-.r.t . - other thai- l. S bonds o
i:n-i.;.t ttek. t-weed unrdvdgv.!
T, t.-i! lends, uvunltes. etc .
S .' .'! ; t ,.' tt M'Vk of Feil
erfi l,ecre H: k SI, 5V0
1 ! .' i hit.., i . . 900
All ttur tivk i'v!n1:n premium en
same . . .... .......
Ki.r U.u a. d Fixtures .7345.-17
00 et real rnUtf i wwd ...
S Due from KiMirai Reserve Bark
t.ii from ap:Tv'! reserve atfvrts in
N- tk. Chicago ami St. l.dut. t.OTfi.27
Due !n"" appred reserve agvrts to
other r'- rv cities 14.632.96
Hue f-otn harks si'-d canker (other
thai- -.r.-uidoi it vrSi .... ....
l'h.-Kt"' bank in the same city or
town .v- n-ivrttt fcr v -
Out-u.i.- t. tie-eks .vd other caan items . ,493.91
FYaotio-.l v'urre:c, nickel and cenU 22.11
N'otu i f ther iNatior .l Banns
Total com and certificates
tftt.Ql'l'ndivfded profit ja, nisi, in
Reserved fir Uiasj 890,10
Reserved for JiLTO
Los ournt pni, (ntorost find
U.es paid MOO.tO
Circulating note 2ft, 86$. 00
la amount on hamt and in treasury
. ". ... ...W..W. ...... .
iW.8tii.(Wi'" Hu to Federal Rerw Hank, Nom.
6 IHW in appntved rewrv tfnU in
.N'ew Yfrtc.Chiraco.and St. txiuia, .N'oihi,
a Due to approved reaerv agnU in
other reserve eitie. N'on,
r? Due to banks nnd Hanttra (uther
1,778. 1
IHi.' from
. rour
r 1.2SO.0O!
. . . .WO.Ort
f 111 iU
sCaStkOO l,,n inc'Ul11' m .1 or 6)
Individual .iepoaila autiject to Uhech HaV91.!$8
Certirtcatea of drpeU dvw in km
l&.7tmSS hn 30 daya t.61tt,80
rtind ehck l.flN.91
""PiMtal avintra dapMita t,9iaU
JtM.M "te.cwonty.of other municipal Uupoa-
iU aecumi by itm Id of 'Rcoar(M 5.WU.0U
'70 ,)ft,rtiflcat of dvpoaitdwa on or after
a.m.w9 iwn.m
t. .j .... (....! ....... 1 T..tta..M.v
(not iiKn- than 5 per cent on circulation) 1.250.00,WMC
OepoaiU aubjfet tu 30 r wore d
... SUM.
mns.sTlrotfti ;nmitM;
1. V I. KIKCHKRS. Cashier of theaUwe named hank, .in solemnly awenr that the ahuc tatmentLia true! to th
of sr. . MiuwieAK-e an4 belief. W. J. K1EC11KRS t'hu-r.
lot ul
u!-oribeil a d sworn to hefre me this 2;id day
of JjU. IT.. S. J. fi. U'vSKV. N" tary l.blu-
Correct At teat:
H. C.
J. i
1 )i -v tors
Events Occurring
tiie Sla.e Durir.g
the Past
Or Act Printed Wrong.
Eu.K2n Accordii'i? to the wordlnx
of tb.- i: ;3 i'0' rwerst'y distributed
thro'isbout the 5ta.!', aad in which a
print t s error as l!srorered by Dep
uty S- riff I Ikins. of Ijkno county, Ue
pro!iit:tion law wou'd b unenforce
able, it is said. The code uses the
words "r. t 'ess thn J500," when re
ferrine to the penalty, when it should
say not more than ISOO." Tbta
would Wave the law without any max
imum penalty and. it U said, a law
not limiting the penalty la unconstitutional.
Game Officials Named.
Salem. At a meeting here the state
fish and same commission appointed
Carl Shot maker, editor of the Even
ing News of Roseburg, state gam
warden. R B. Ctanton. ei master fish
warden, superintendent of hatcheries
and H L. Kelly, of Oregon City, mas
ter fibh warden.
The resignation of A. H. Lea a i
state same warden was accepted. Mr. :
Lea, who was appointed at a recent '
of the beard, dec.ined the
Douglas Taxraye.-s Elect Officers.
U :urp. The Douglas County
Tax: ". s- League, formed btro, elect
ed V M V' s. i f Guther.in, president:
1; v ' . of Roseburg, first vie?
p . s r W. O. Kdwards of Drain,
s f ) vice-president; G. W. Riddle,
of . ! "i , third ice-president; 11. E.
Sni.'h. '! ;t"3'-burg, secretary.
Tl. ., . i tors Liioje the officers.
The i-urjoj - oi the organizaiion ts to
see (!';. ' ,tv ,i . y In "(.;.t and to
Inn- r;T(:.i .. !! tl... tax
payers ini the count;, off k laN.
retrograd ar Office Admits
Retirement on Bobrka
Zurawna Front.
London. The Russian forces which
for si-.eral daa maJ a I 'termmed
s'.and at Pons, to the east of L"mberg,
were again in rev-eat on the ntir
Trout in that re ion, according to an
official statement issued by toe Aua-tro-Kungp.riau
getitral su-.ff
A ::i;ss:au oiricii: statement admits
that the Rjs:an torctt on th front
betweta Bobrka aad Zuraatui In Ca
licia, south of Lemberg. ar UHUik
back. The statement adds that in Uto
Ca-aaus theater, in the region of
Van. Turk'sn Armenia, a battle b.
tween Rossian v; ? and a great hos
tile force is in progreas.
With the Russian emperor on tfca
Gain ian front, a new minister of war.
General Po.ivanoff, In c'.iare of Rus
sian railita;-) affairs, and the grind
duke's lines still intact, there is a gen
era! expectation that the Russian
forces will yet oppos-.- strong resist
ance to the AustroGwma::s. whose
sweep along the southeastern part of
Galicia still continues.
The latest advices virtually agroi
taat the Russian retreat has been an
orderly one, although obliged to evac
uate such important tt.wnt as Lm
borg, Mikolalow and Halicz. but this,
it is intimated by Petrograd, haa been
for the purpose of seeking better do
fenslve positions, which the. nature of
the. country farther to the east affordn.
Besides the occupation or Hnllcz, a
Herlin official statement announced
that the river Dniester has been
croued by the Gormana along tho en
tire front.
In this withdrawal movement hard
battles have been fought and the Rus
sian rearguards have stubbjrnly con
tested ever mile of territory which
the Aus'o Germane have 'jand.
iiu.r J liurk. tl. ol Nclr.l,.
ti t icituti .it the t H.tuuuuu.i
- held in tliu tin Irom lolv li I.
!. oiil is year old S rt he lui
j i .i n prei-tit4(n r us t migrriij (ur
I ' .ir )tx and a I'mti-d .Sutr in '
I ...t lor i inorr He j iht )oung
.: uu.nlxr m caih ln4v when he'
oUi Tut, jt diirtni; num oi the (en
ujti .i. hi li.en in i onurtsi he
ha i n .-.! .in (li
ttw: i . iluoiltU'i v
Th burtid of iela of Orn
rlni!tiirl 4'ollegr hits . thllilmd a
course In ruiul an'hiiei .-.ik1
Kwur i-arliwidn tf huiuriiefcra have
liceii in th Urinity ill llurws during
th past wewk vlevirlni; propcrtiaa
The UW cre l.lllar . lamh north f
liakfr has bui oohl r la".ouo to Mr.
inlrnu N Krnaat of Manltou. t'oio.
Miss Anna Yanlls was rh ht
1 the commercial stub as quaen
i.fjOO.So ol th t'harry fair, to l held Jut; 1 3
I Henry IMlt Jackson, par bat th
; moat prominent Indian on Ihs Kls
! math reservation, dual t Ikmansu at
n advanced aev
' Fhvstcal ciuinn tlon. of th' ionth
. em I'aolllc and lreou Klwclrlc rail
. road at .Ubduy r drmandnd In
complaint filed llh lb slat ratlroad
.ur httndrd and thirty two !
diu rre enrolled at tb summer
I of th Organ Normal School
: at ontlutb, wb astUnJ cls
1 oomwenoad.
S Th - Oregon City Wool Mills has
i bet n awardod (he grand pHfl lot all
1 woolen eahlblia, both foreit and d
, mestic, at the Panama I'aciflc lnteria
t tonal K position
Airompanied by 0wnld W3l. I'olt
M Htales Henator K Cbawherlatu
ts on tour through central Or ton to
titapoct V(irtiu projects which r un
der way and In contemplation.
W r Klnie of tvinevllln hai )ut
; oin:-ied placing atgnt of dtractioit
along tb Central Oregon highway
from the Columbia rhr to th Crooa
and Ijike county boundajry ltd.
During th month ndln Jun la
the Oregon rnglsinitioits show that, at
'IM,u,., .W t'itv nltel fat sal Cttv
llatl Homh tsau of iat.ftm) in ! ' i..rgfwl ti nii-i i,.
w.ntitti(i of H.Wt. lniroat n niliulniiiutti ..f t, ,
it cnt iil mi nntUy. IW8 VVoalny Hinitii, .h . .
ill at. H4tmahlt after ft yar. lv Ctiuil u( the ; t
HI.1 njiil i' r. - K4t up to Jul f'. lh CHiiily of I,,
llU, t'rtnrt ch'ck for a t ! satd 1'ouH iu n,.t
secomiHinv hid to ioaur takitig of nth iuv of JuU.
bonds By t sMUtliit "Wr. Hlhl t,u'elwk n. m , t ti
r jct tl oW tt?i rv" eiHiil In 'I tllamo
Ad!r nil ntmtuttP'fatftM lo John the tlmr i . i , (
Awehtm. Cit lienthWf, 1 tnOOII, , ,. bleed. ,( u ,
" M IK,
' '!
. ill
' - II
i . In I
N'.-iUe la Htity gtvrn (hat ihe M
liming waiiant. towtt
St-tim "V" N" Wi J"' pavmblr
lo Maurcr. Utd jan v. No
liM,' 40t hllK- lo v II N.d.ii
lUud May t iof. N"
p4aidt t.i 1 t' Mnitl.m, !ud lulu
a. tyoS, No IOa iallr to
Si, I VI. .I.id funtr , vl
rtHr I . No 104. i'JW
ahie to Caj.tl tf S'ulserv, 'arl
Jan j, tv No io7i.", 1.1 ai pa iliK
to I". 1'tui. .filed Ui IK iy, ?
IO?i f I A. 'ihU lo II 1
ilatcd w iu9.S tivi',. j m
tiAyatde ! .Vuf-.1 Vug. Uf'l Ma
I Unit, No ttPjUH, I !. Ir
Thoioi. Maho. -y. dtd Mat l0
rrnwio mualt'd (of in tit. oflKf of
th ouniv . trrk of Ttltam iok -ott
tv. Orraoo. .i if OI f )lrd lot
natmtol within I1 l4t (. iu the
Iml .lv oi toh. I UU. ttr will
cin.ile.i od tmirni thrf-' wil 1
l(e,i ihW t ih iUi ol furtr.
Mv oldtl m( f!ie fiuOly oiil
f H..Mrn.
Count 4 Irfk.
ty Kai!itrn .Vli!!, drp"V
(ho Hlllliiai t ..f On .
UmImI tin- 2Mh .
Amttmla t. ,
lrlrl of ii , i
Wrwtev Moon i .
fml k i' In v rrJtfi.ra
.Ntn ii l-; I 1 1 1 i i i
th Count t . ..rl !
gun, for i ili.n,,.- i i
appoiittml On hi. . ,
llM Of (he liatnlr .Ft'
rad All -
Sgall lt the . . i
prnt i hem i-o , f.
HhderalgtHHl at li " .
lch, lilUn..- , i .,, t
Nuldbi from II. i , ' r '
llcaOon of il. u . ' .
first tNibllratiun J, .
' o
' Hi'.
.dininioii t
zJ n rife
p. i-liu
,!. .
great appropris
an average of $760 per car. tho pwopl j,! & i., ,
of the slate have Inteated approst
maieiy tHi.ooo in gaaoitn drtvsa t
The ;?oo acre W li I'otier ranch.
located near Dpra;. was sold last wea
to the William Nichols family, of Mil
; ton. Cmatilta county, (ur onstdra
Kotic to C'oatrcor.
Salr4 .iumm1' dled l ll
CtHtutt oiut . i i ,llatn". li t oul
Ofrjjoti, d ml urd l".t"'l '
u(!f!- de i 1 t tons t n.it'
Ki !. "lnnii ai
R.ta !. ' (ti.su MjIi .i
Si nit'' Hurkctt has lectured from,
M .im t. U aiiutiitt'in and from Can-
a-i.i lniui A more popular ItH'
inter iMiuiot be found.
!iiiinif a i h i.it.unjiia ticket is not I
a viced ol cha'.. . It w a Ihihu deal ftr'. the f
and one which carries with it a good
tti f.ikti Ku)j! Hungarian Or
chesira n a company of ninr artist
ihey are aiioinpaiilrit by Miss
lion reported to b in (h neighbor
hwd of ISO OOP
vt the nift ting at s!m of th third
annual Western oregun Olrla' fnrf
owing officers were eleet
In i
..Hi. . ! t! ( .
tn.iok ( otil i : .
e! ! Hie i ou nt (
ti. .ii il ..in. . o; ;
( i!(j in. - K t i.
llolt! .it II) o i ,' ..
dai ' ' iii . !
pllO., . if. S
l j.ii bid I..
Clf'.IIU'i chink l.l-.l
l Choi iv I Ink. l o a
r )hev Mil---t
'u i
'ul jtlllM 8f
V io In "
; l 4-1.1 ptu o .
"i pUti
.II tlir IO to-
let k. ol i i! -
wiit it i. i.
. Oi 4 I l i.UH
I .Hilt M l
, n, u-tit
ti the "jlh
al thai 'I'-ir
lttilir.J li
ltfM' to ill1
in.iUKt e.ii... i in
Niilitc (II c
Mlstht Lumi.rr i . , ,
b jailor., havll c U
JlCO tfl iHWInoi -I ,
4lr(, In the .it, '
Mlste of Calif-.ti la
fOllr U hex 1 .,
mooting of 11. r .
id Miami t.nn.i o
th ltth dat .f J . .
mot of ti, vii , ,
UpWIt th iMUC.I I ,
cor pur , ii .
C C. Ub'-I. .s . r. j.
atioo, at N"..
in Om t it) of I . -
Ay alock ui
Hll ahsil rcmat
d of Jul. I'M'.
ttl advitr.i it-.
ilikfi, aia( Hole . i i
forw, will be . ti
Jolv, at to ..
fat to (mf tl.r .!-1
tugelhcr w ith H.r .
04 sior C
1 ... a
"' u
' '. l
at .j
' '
i ed. rmatdent. Mtsa Madg Humbert,
j If :en; vtco prwatdaot. Mis Margar
t Uibaon. Albany. secrwUry. alia
Aline Henoon. I'orUand. and treasurer
Charlotte Bergb, a soprano with a Miss Ollv Clark, I'ortlaod,
wondcitpt voice. On Thurnday etm- Prtfltuilnary orsanUatlon haa been
ii of Chauwuqua week a grand effected by lb Woodbum Agricultural
cimccrt w U be given by the orchet-1 ...fw,iJI1( ' ...
ira and hiss Kereh """
fhm you
f the fun ia taking ilSTT
I IWl LW. Nl
your own tent and living
oat in tlie open. Buy a
Tent that you know is
atnirmptr tne cntiorcn nave
ctiautauqua oi their own a ailditfoa
to that 'of the xrowo pi. The chit
drcn arc to be told "How th Robtn
got his Red Breast, about the
tongue Cut Sparrow "The Dog
and his shadow' and many other in
teresting torirs, fables and legend.
Btsidr this there will be games of
many different kinds.
Don't forget thr dates, July uth to
.ytit, two program each day.
Nor the price .jo for the season
ticket if bought before the opening
day. Children $l.oa
Notice to ConTTactors.
Scaled proposal addressed to the
County Court of Tillamook County,
Oregon, and indorsed Proposals to
complete the Uco. R. McKirnrus,
Counly Road, from Station o plus 00
to Station 31 plus 80
In accordance with the plant and
specifications thereof on file in the
office of the County Clerk, of Tilla
mook County, Oregon, will be rtcciv.
ed by the County Courl of said I 01m
ty. at its ofiice in the Court House at
'1 illainook City, Oregon, until the
hour of 10 o'clock a.m. on the oth
day of July. 1015, and at that time
publicly opened and read.
Each bid shall be accompanied by a
ccrtifird check made payable to the
County Clerk, for an amount eimul to
1 per cent o the amount of the loial
of said bid, which shall be forfeited
to the County, in case the bid be ar
icptid and the bidder shall fail, m-g-1'
ct or refuse for a period of five days
; iter which the award is made to en
ter into a contract and file a bond
-iti'factory to the Court as required
l v law,
I he bids are to cover
Hearing-, Grubbing, Grading and
' -.iructing a wood trestle from Sta
1 1 o plus 00 to 31 plus Ro, according
Mo plans and specifications on file
i! County Court Corves tin
1 to reject any and all bids.
this the iix( lav of June, ion.
I. C H0M-.1.
County Clerk
lion toward draining over 30,iou acres
rf farm lan 4s in th Kronen prairie
pr ire.! o .!. . 1:0. mil the lota!
..I ai ! '.id. whii.li l.A be toif. iifd
to the I lut. in .ii thr bid tw a.
Kftol and the Im.!!c )i,'l lail, ur,;
Ictt of rrlll! lot 4 i- ffod of hsr .! ut
after h(.li the .mi,) i made t m
ler into a iiii 1 and file a bond
4!uiaiir to n,e t oort a rrtiird
b U.
The ltd arr to . f
i Iraring. Cm.M.o.,- and sradnt
from Station -u ! 00 10 ph.
ow no iroin Motion 40a plus t ,
. . i .-1. . . ... . . . .
- - - --. --,. ... ..i,. iu
dhttnet. and bar U( fdra govern- 496 pfu ANo from Station 404
V 1 iv
. '(
I E 1 f 1 C
are tho produt't of SI yeurs experionce in
tont-iimkiiif. Any Tent niUHt stand hard
Bcrvic-o in ;tl! kindn of futJior. Wliynotgft
tt Ql'AJ.I'JT Tout ono tlmt will bo ready for
uko next year and tho your aftor.
Say "Willamette" at yaurHlorv ank
to nee our trade murk on the Tent. It Is '-5
your guaruntee we atand behind It. n3l
0..1.. 1... .11 i, . 1 1-1 1 . it 1 , r 0
'HI C9BIC 11 an 1 1 c 1 1 a 11 1 e lit. 1 1 1 , . . .
Hirscli.WeiB Manufacturing WnjE Bg
4-' - 7
Form r!
' ' 1' m ' Ti-n - Awn.n Co.
Plit'fuiVI, ul.l'.oOh
7f vrk
Mft Spa.
DONT SI'OIL A (JfiOfi llnst-ii-'
1 by kuepinK him in wlmbhy old IlariieHh.
! Hll! HO I If IIIM'lll-RH lllllllo of II...
meut as gn a drainage enitieer to
make the nwressary drawings and sor
At a aMMting of th directors of th
Oreo Hnj.growers' aasoclatiou at H
lain, tho exei utlv eommttt reporiud
that th- o'KBiiUtiUoii had a member
ship of . that the apiUi stock of
Ho 1,1100 had been suhaenbed at. I a
part of It paid, and that the aaaoeia
Uon now eontroia wore than 60,000
tmloa of hops.
U'ds will be callod vary aooa for ths
ooustructloo of th proposed irmln.il
buildings for tho O.-W R, A ft. at Ths
Dal loa and I'iiot Rock Junction below
I'etulleion. The com puny ha aln-1y
uwardt'd the trackago work to Twoby
brothers and this with the structural
work will represent a total oipeudl
Dire of lioo.ouo.
Plans have been completed for thu
now 50,u(m training s hool building
that is to he erected at Monmouth for
tho nan of the tiormul school In train
ing teachers far gnulo work. Tho nr
ctiHeet'M v.'ork has been approved and
grouiid will hit brokun July 2(. The
Btructuru will hn nntctnd on u threo
acre tnict purebnsed last yenr.
Work on thu construction of a hirgn
mlloage of new trull and tolephonu
Hues In tho government ftiruat lit Ora
Boii mid Wnshlugtoii la to ho begun
the first of July, according to mi
iioiiiicouiniit iniiilu by Auitue Asslsttini
Korester llucli. In ail he says the do.
piirtmeni iiliiua to construct 301 iiillos
of trull and 138 inlls of telonhonti
linos, bualdos t'i lookout siatlotm nud
two brlilKiis
An adverso rnport on tho plan ()f
R. C. WiiHlihiirn, prosldmit of (ho Oru
Kon JllMtorlcnl aHHOclntlon, to convflrt
Tuliltt Hock into (iltbor a imiloiial park
or a national monument, was mint to
Hecrctary of the Interior i.aun hy
CoiiiiiiiKMiouiir 'I'allmuu, of the i; iral
land office, who expreshca the opinion
Tublo llock In not of iiiifleient Import
auco to be muilu :i natinii.tl park, nor
of Hiifflnliuit hlHtorlcul MlKiilfieancn to
hu mailo a 11 14, 1 1 (j 11 ul mouiiinunl.
Onu hundred and eighty ucelduuih,
threo of which worn fatul, witrs re
ported to tho Htatu Itiduittrlal lu-ulduiit
coiiimlHHlon durliiK thu weolt. Of this
total, 103 were mihjnct to thn wnrlt
miiui'h coinpHiiHatlon act, 4G worn from
public utility corporulloiiH und 31 worn
Not It K H ill 1
th ui-drifc-i
t State of W lioalt 1 . .
pursuant to
glvrt. b tb 1 o .
of Oregioi, f r :i . .
moot, mII ni (,'
highest bkhlrr i .i c
rt eaah t-1 1 n -p
Thuradnv the .
at 10 o'clo- . 11 ti.e
day at the fi.o t 1
Moose in TiIUm
County. Orweoe. ti . :
& real pr. p-r( I
( of the l
eeaaett to It
Lot tiiiin'wrml ..- .-
of th 1 rth r.t .,
HirthWfiat .(u.rl.r
quarlor tif ceti,,i v
south, rnndir ten .
pltt H to pt oyij aft4 ettrMlr
btil Will be fririlnt oh r ,lU ., r ,
or on the wlioir thfrr loifrthrt .!" Mertilf
cording 1..1 pUos and ipi-tiftiation. 00 Oregon,
file lald tbl.
The t iio! Cotllt I'lOif. (h
right to , ,r, t af,y rfd 4 i,,
flSted t) l Jlfl! dav of foM. IOM
J C H.d.le..
t 000! , ( I, ft,
irnl pub't. .1'ioti June .m;i
last publlrattoti July Hth
' 1,
ti :
' lu
A 1 tkr.
K. J ( 1.
of the l..t.
Motlee to Contractor.
Scaled broposaU a.! lresed to the
tounty Court ct I ilUmook Count
Oregon fir the proposed construct
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Hayoccan County Road from button
io Staiion jj, p,ilt oa9 in I ill,
imiok ( iHinty, t trefoil, he irce.v
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,'.' it 4'fflie m the Court House ji
lillanomk t it jr. Oregon, mini the
hour of 10 t, clock am. on (he 10th
da of July, 191 ad 4l ,jiat tu,
publicly opened and nd
Kach bid h..ll be atconipanird b .,
certified clink llladc payable ,. (he
f.ounty ( lerk fur an amount c.,-.ul t..
s per cent of ihe amoiail ol U.e .,t.!
oi said bid, ulurli lull be fmfriie.l
f 'he ( ounly, in ;a- ihe bid be
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ii wmeii me award I. made (o en
ier ,-o a contract and file , hd
MlUfaclory to the trourt rrquired
The bid are to be for isoo ru v. I
o. tunii piared rip rap from uii.,,,
i aiaui, J05 tdui 0K0 o( il,
H tyocenn t ounty Road,
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..aiiolu inerroi on lib in ih
n oL r"i the l mnty ( l, rk. '
iiiiiiik f iregoti.
. , .ii.iiv 1 ourt ii-iervin
ru- it to rej.il .my and all bidi
n.'le 'I Ibis the ..;th d,iy f ,l(.
I llulilin
I.i,-, ....10 . . ''"UI.IY C,
i" , 11. ,111011, liny i.i, ,()t
l -ll pllblltation July t silt. Km.
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38 utvildnuiH, sitwmlllH worn socoml
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(ilKcurdcd In tun". ' "" "" ' CroMH, MarHlifbild, mid Stnvti Hnwiike uli', '' ' ' ' "t .1 U
Vl ., V43S HMfn : ClalMlmnlo, worn killed while logging' J... , , ' '""' U Johnst
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1"H,. the w.oli tharowar tepor.
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"""i-. !-. Hi acid, ,,,, rll- ,,
wlib h iMin. fatal, and of tb total r.
I'rled 104 w,,,,, Mnbj.,,,1 , tll WHrK
"'' 'luiiiiuuisiui. act, U rere fro,,,
"li'ity oorp Mwtionu 4nJ u
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Vim will lie limrir 1 '
'I lie lllielii. Kiinii. 1
Hcvli-r we lime Hi -' "
AiMrIiI ( rlir
Hlilnuy K. llunilorHon, P"
Hiirveynr John I.uliiud I ltt!rHon,
Hucy. TrciiH
Attornuy-iit.l.aw. Nnmry I'"1'"'
Tillamook Title d
Abstract Co,
l.sw, AlmtraetH. Utnl W'
Surveylur, Ins'iriuif'
iiotii riu
by u train ut Ht, Jt.l.un. wur" "ud.