Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, May 28, 1915, Image 2

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I Ok c.l!aitiook ftra&
G. CromaUVt fed. tor
.csued Cwlcc 4 ttlccN c Cutf-Hav anA Friday
BiiU r. iH o,vii et . matter Mav U. 11 l the post . e t ritUmook.
Oregon, under the art of Mareh S, i87.
m s. Kii-i i an A V. AK IS U .W
HtU'crtlstii,. Hales
Kach sureo.unt insertion, line
I ItnanlutiiHM of omtolenc and
pea! Alvortisotronts I1 notices, Per line .
r,rt l-M-rtiim. jht Ht - $ .W HiKine rVf.tonl enie,mo, 1. 00
Ka t- -u!wqueiit 11-sertion. line .06 . OiapUv Advert semcnt, per iwh .4
Hon, a 1 -cities - S.W AI l iHnpfcv Ad mut be in (hto of-
Tim er Claims - 10.00 f,w on Moixlay and Thursday Mow
Noti.-. it line ... .06 mg to inure publication in follow
Card f thanks, per line - .05 -,nK Tuesday and Friday iasues.
Local, line. first insertion .7 Reason re imperative.
w. u: -i f- n candidate who
e:i vTttite1 w the contest fof
to t
Vetes oost one cent oa -h ml can
cast at any one of the drug store.
of t.itiertv for the eeh'brati.m
M hi?-- Jl,v 2. and :rd:
i i Reals, Sylvia
M i el lloyne. Oer
us chiij."lle. Neva
.-!. Utttie Crane,
Kittle O'Oonnelt.
''use. Areta Rver-
M r..i
ix. B .'
... n Of v! ri.
l WaJe, He I
I. Chv..,'h & Co.. J. S.
moot, lirug Store.
Lamar or Till-;
Net Sunday binns Memorial day,
the annual ervlo will be be hi at the
j Christian Church 11 a. m.
TheO. A. R. and R C. will at
I tend in a body, special manic i be
ing prepared for the oecaaton. The
sermon will be preached by pastor
Van Winkle. Let us honor the aid atl
tiler tv at taut attending their spee
11 service.
Next Sunday evening the sermon
! il! be illustrated bv use f a magnet
and naiU. Thia w it he interesting and
instructive btith to young and old. Sub
jeet : "And I if I be lifted up from the
earth will draw ail men unto myself."
POftlOA GRANGE MEETS NEXT.' Singer Batrd a ad the chorus are ao-
THURSDAY t tu urn'an u w'ln n,M nmis, ma-.-
. ntir the service as attractive as possible
O i T'"irhi.'iv. lure 3r), the Pomone ! U all lovers of muic. Y on will find a
Gra- c -of riIlsmHk Countv will meet. rm welcome in our midst. We be
at N tjc" Grance Hall between Sn it 8 i. m. C me to church and
Beaver snd Blaine. This will be the. ; bring U family.
Til. S -
Gra -tri
al c: e .f :
ter. V. Hers
tin: i :mpvrt
members . ' 1 .
to memberm:i
meeting The Pomona '
--e every three inntha ;
i oil Irriirc bi!i(iq iar-!
f Ki.'hI, slate anil na-;
Te di.xcjsaed and the
-rv interesting. Only
i.wrannes axe eligible
i tne Pomona Grange. -
H. A. Van Winkle. Pastor.
The CalifoniLi Jubilee All Star Quartet
of kSoici Colored Enisrlaiftcrs
Cl 'nee Mallet h is moved his
ilv U the ahingle mill.
Mr. nnJ Mrs. Lilbourn Hardin of
Wilumma left for their home Monday,
after -pending a week visiting the
formers sister Mrs. B. B. Turner.
Jim Pal tin moved his family up to
the hinvrle mill Monday where be is
netting- out bolts fur the mill.
B. W. Turner purchased a new Ford
automobile last week.
The young ladies of Pleasant Valley
have organized an Erubtoiderv Club.
They met last week at MUs Flora Ro
biUcnon Saturiiay afternoon.
Alfred Reynolds and Frank Stratton
took a trip to XeUrt clamming Wed
nesday. G. K. Crane was a TillamooVc shop
per f'r ilav.
Mrs. Streben and daughter Bessie
of Tnjutdale visited their cousin Al
fred Reynolds, last week.
Mr. Denis of Dallas visited last
wee: v. .th friends in Pleasant Valley.
Mn Kuth Pearson visited friends
in Tii! i-r.ok Saturday and Sunday.
This Quartet will appear in this city
at the Christian Church on Friday and
Saturday evenings. June 11th and 12th.
You will be surprised, entertained
and enraptured with their Plantation
Melodies, Jubilee S-mes. Sacred Num
bers, Popular Airs aid Classical Selec
tions. An opportunity seldom ottered
and never before equaled to the people
of Tillamook. Read the future issue
of this paper for further announcement.
The following Ire insurance policies
numbere-i 513S, 51W, 5100. 5191. 6192.
of the Milwaukee Mechanics' Insurance
Company, of Miiwaikeu, Wisconsin,
have been lost, stolen or destroyed
while in the agency of S. B. White
house of Tillamiok City, Oregon.
that the Milwaukee Mechanics Insur
ance Company of Milwaukee, Wiscon
sin, hereby assumes no liability under
the above enumerated policies. Any
information or the return of any of the
above policies will confer n favor on
0. 'V. Loomis, state agent. Haller
Bldg.. Seattle, SV'ash.. or A. H. Gay
lord. Tillamook, Oregon.
Presbyterian Church Notes.
mur;. .
"A- :
Thlnii ' i
T-.. I:
stuny )f
urg-M ti.
Class ' -
At t'.e
I). A. MacKensie will preach
: and evening. Morning theme :
: ) Scujne in a New Setting."
subject: "Love the Greatest
i the World."
Me School will meet for the
'he lessons at 10 a. m. It is
.c the members of the Bible
all present.
union pruyermeetlng Wed
nesday i.-vening, all the evangelical
chur',;ie-i of the city joined In a fare
well service to Rev. and Mrs. Wae
Ketszie. The Guild Hall whs wull
(ill. 1 v, :h Christians, Methodists,
United Ilrethren, Nazarinea, atnl
Pre1 1 vi .' ' ins. The entire sorvico from
ntart to ; . ish was a splendid oxliibi-
urch fcllowshij. "God bf
: II we meet again."
Ik A. MacKenzie, paator.
M::!aodit Cbnrch Nntei.
Kjr..lay S'- 'r.ool 10 A. M.
C .1 .ri !.'- S rnvjn 10:15.
Mirr.in- Worhl.ip 11 o'clock, "In
Mei..or'am "
( In -s Mi i ti g M.
K,..vurtli ' . 7 o'eloc k.
iAL-nuiK VY(,r-M a I' M. Theme:
"Ok Vort' 'it;.
i'.i-v. Jiw. Gittins, pastor.
Atha Olive I'riddv was born May 1,
1807 in Kastern Kansas. She was lite
youngest daughter ai Mr. ami Air. J,
G. Priddy.
At an early age she niovod with her
parents to Rooks County, Kansni. She
married Lindsey J. White Suutember
9th, 18H6. Ten children were born to
this union, rlvson and Ave daughters,
eight of which survivo her.
In SeptemlMr of HKKS the family
came to Nowbtirg, Oregon. Three
years ago they moved to Tillamook
where she rnada hur home until her
Her death which was csuitxl by
nervous break down, occurred May 28
at Salem where she had been taken for
A' Men a young girl she became a
Christian an'l for twenty-throe years
(ad been a member of the United
Brethr ;n Church.
Her li fo was one of unnelflah toil
during which she nobly fillod a wife
ui d mother's placu.
Sho as laid to rost in the Pitman
Ct-metury near Nuwhurg, Oregon.
She leaves a husband and olfjht
children, two siBtcra and one brother
tieni'iex a laro circlu of friumls to
mourn hur loa?.
See Us for Prices Before Ordering Elsewhere
wish l thank nil r friend for
their ktrnlnei ilurimj 'hf illness tnd .
death of our dear one.
l.indsey J. White and Ktiiiiily.
Notice of Dtisolation of I'silitcuhip
: Notice is hrviy eiven tnat the!
' partnership of Smith ami Partridge lit
' the theatre twain in rtllftmanfc was .
dissolved May In, I9I
L. K. Partridge. !
! Wednewlay. Jane S, lKlit, begtnRin ,
at 1 p m. at the Wm. tUyne farm k
mite N. . of South Prairie Creamer
The ft l lowing property will be sold:
j 33 fcconom) chirken cw.i Uxtiati ft ;
summer clonv -$w 4sUx4; 1 brwi
1 r coop i x4xl ; 1 lawn mower;! bom'
cutter; 7 incubator ; I bedstead with
f springs; 4 ok aitulfa meal; 3 aa,
; 1 lantern; I ax ; t Wim saw ; tut- .
i i'l tirtiikiuc liuiiiiai'rf i.r citicfceo..
ifeetl tworerx htk! bitiuUrr mikI otti.
appliance foi an up to uat
poultry ptatt; mattwit;; ItmiUmm;
Istovts; i ah Uutor; coal oil can;
ifeethoM-: ' ringvr: wash boi ,
2 squares ; I pifne; brace ,i"J Mu
rine rug; big poultry h.u; otnr
small articles, term fash.
C E. KeiKldm Auet. '
Rare Musical Treat for Ttllaumok. !
Kuhtfitu Si .ii'limii,.KS., Npnxi.'
U-it. irf .i I i tlijn.t. ll ghs .
b.nrlil imiuii 'or ihr fr shy !fn "i
LjiIu 1 uiki. .i the High !..' !
j V..Jm.ii n, l ti!y, June :h
Mii iiii.it i j ailul l Ullii
. xl .si'iiiij -ti''. j itK mmnsl tr.at i
.scr'.l -fi .'H1 be .littl by i,uui
Hartft'-tiiMh. i".i.-n, a rotninrtit vi"
!nisi. )!. Mihh Florence Jack-i,
i hv j.rt'K t.i.ii will prow- r.ue and as
iraftni, t- niting oi number
!.r.vjtli-, ' i -.in t ii-.U r and lulim
p. cr.d il'i Ti'i. ! i i.Uilr thr r 1 1
tic old l ".-'i i .! tlul rrjilily a;
(ell it :bf 'i .irt. wfinh Mr ''i
uiofi i i i'h irxr eml' Tta" 1
ir( i-id ''ili;v tu live In r "!(. S'
H .1 !rn' jr.:m luuf d Wtt ''
trf!M. l t -nt and a wide rn.
Congressman C. N. Mc Arthur Will
Make the Address Friday Evening.
The lilUnitxik High School has a
Kr.iUi.mitg .U , .'4 this ear, llit
ur'est in th history ot the h'S
and. cone)Utntiy there is consider
a hie tiion. l.itcreit ukei) in the gmd
uuting exercises, which will Uk.
pUce at the Christian Church to
morrow (Friday) evening, for which
an interesting program i prepertd
I he address to the graduating ela
wilt he made by Congressman C. N.
McArthur. , t
The graduating class is as follows :
Pauline Beats, Alfred Boquist Htl
i n C:.c, .Margaret Coatc. Thomas
Coairs, Lottie Crane. Lclia Drew,
Frank F.libeson, Gertrude F.binger,
l-urr'i l-.rickson, Areta Kvtrson,
Mildred l-ord, Elva Hall, Hr-nry
I'.'isel, Mil.i Hincr, Marie Hidden.
M'. wan! Li mar, Donald Newman,
yKia Rciwc, Krwin Schnuclle,
i'rfiU flimtcfic, Helen Stain, Myrtle
-.11111 ai d Karl V bite.
'1 lie dai motto is;
"The past forever gone; the future
still our own,"
C!a flower, White Rose.
CUu. Colors, Blue and White.
Clan Nigkt.
Thursdiy, Mar , inij.
Orchestra Koch's Orchestra
Remarks Howard Lamar
flat History , . . W. Thomas Coates
Duet . Gertrude F.binger and
l.i-li.i Drw.
flrn. poem Erwin Sclinuellc
Class Decalogue Sylvia Rowe
Song "Anchored" High Srhool
Class Wilt HrJirn Stam
Commencement Song Class
Clas Prophecy . , , . Pauline Reasl
aistnl by Lelia Drew and Myr
tle Watlin.
Orchestra Kock's Orchestra
Commencement Program.
Friday, May 30, 191$.
Orchestra McGh'-e'a Orchestra
S- I'lt itorv Address Howard I amar
iolin Solo Robert Driscolt
V'ati dirfjry Address Freda Schnncllc
"i inn .clo JJylphlii Switzer
Introduction of Faker H. T. Bolts
Vddres .... H.rt. C. N. McArthur
IV-M-nt-i'lon of Graduates .... Karl
W. Onthnnk.
Presentation of Ditdomas H. T. Rotts
f rc!r 'r.-. . . iMf Ohee's Orrhcstra
City Meat Market
John Dannials, Prop.
On Su-oii.l Ar. linst In Willi.im-
A fine line of I'RESH an I SMOKED MUTSJ-ml I ISH j
N cbnc lei mir Bel lo l in-'l,il with tub. jh
niwsil nK U. , l.rld lU.f. N m
iidt tes k with h W ..II ikf lt eej-niiy R'
lint;, unljf y
W will
i. n 1 ,1 re
lieliver t a:
part .'I lh
Cot In
As our Rf.ts.s fed c.tttlf .tro ttov rrady (or the
market, w r' m.tkmy; the iolluw.'.itf (jarlccs on
our meats, lor cash:
ill 12 l2c .iMti
Notice Tu Crudltor.s
tho County Court of the 8tnte of Ore
gon, for Tillamook County, has duly
appoint ciJ the undersigned administra
trix of the estate of John Salvev, do
ceased. All porsona hnvimr elalina
against the said est te an' niiird to
present them pmpn-lv vcriMeil l Unj
iindersigniKl at the olllee of Curl I labor
Inch, Tillamook, Oregon, within six
months from thu dao of tho lirst iuli.
Il'-ation of this notleo. Date of trie
first publication : April 28th 1015. "Tst
MargaretliH Salvrv, ""B
AdrniniHtratrlx of thn IhIo of
John Salvv, Deeeasi'il,
Notice to Creditors
tho UnderHiimii) hug l,eri liv tin- County
Court of Tillamook County, Orognn.
duly appointed as oxeeutor of th last
will and toslHtn. tit of John Guest, do.
coased, and that I have duly (uallfl(jd
as such executor. All portions hnhHm
claims iikii' - .. r,r HH,j ,p
ceased ro hernby required to prcsuut
them with propor vouchurs, to mu at
my storo In Tillamook City, Oregon,
within six month:, fi.i.n tho dato of thu
first publication of tills notleo,
Dali'd thia April JJJIrd, Ulir.."
KJKWilllatn Henry J. fluent.
Exocutor of thu LtiHt will anil
rcatnmunt of John Guoat, DocuaHed.
13 4 2c per pound
nt llc per pound
.it lie per pound
at 10c per pound
at 12 1-2 to 15c per pound
at He and 12 I 2 c per pound
at 12 l'2c per pound
These prices are guarantdd on T.H.tmook
lilMUk t igMlng f'f
Vn itl it ip.
IlK lll.ri.i. It,
MT H . ' '
iiouti: viHN(i
HLHCntli. bU'PUis
Al Ij;Mh,
Hldnwy I. I v. in i
John el i n, i, lt,
Se. i .,
Atlufney ,t , , l (
TUUimajlc 1 itlr iai
Abst.act Co.
liAW, Attatlo t.
M' i' r
Uccf Pot Roast
Rib Rot
Rib Boll
Brisket Boll
Corn Bcei
Hamburger Ststak
Sirloin Steaks
Round Steaks
Pot Roast Beef
Short Ribs and Plate Boils
Prime Rib Roasts
These prices ,'arej subject och.nfjc
I rslcd pi j
tfHH, li 1
I i liuiuf k
nil Mail n
fiord. .
i 'ivtlttaUsn-
dfi Of I .
I ' tnmtk t'c m 1 .
I d bf thr i
V t ix. i Ms
to t
si liltat
Siutit (4
at 20c pel pound
at 18c per pound
at 16c par pound
at 12 c to I jc pgr lb.
at tHc per pound
Notice of Special City Election. ( ,.h.i.. ..1
- o i , it. I will: nv
Nuttcc is hereby given, ihut in pur- 'noritj, tor
une oi a Ktsoluiion adaMed hv ' ' "'tmctiwi -r
(he Common Council of ItlUiniM.k
vuy, Oregon, on lb Uih dy t M.
'Vt 5. a special eltctiim wtl br l-.rl.l
at the City Hall in 'tiltantook lit).
Oregon, on the 1st day of June, ten.
H which election thr re will h tib
milted to the uustiiicd electors of
i "W 9 I '
I Uy ff ir
; ( .blKll '
' hU h tt i
'biff U t -(
t Irrk, I 1
1)1 .
, jd btd, tlx
tl Cdji ,1.
' 1 4 4t it 1 :
! -r fltw(
! ltt(f l H'f It
I enter inl a c 1
j taittlartt ff ! -i
by bw.
WW rt:J '
ng. grading a-
.i4iiiks ift to son- ! jt fi! Bt
fM.r pr auOuHtirt Man:.i '
of emit. i,..htfi
niaittenit ncr ai..
!il. o, l a iiunplrlr matrr t)tcm
"i water wurk. rlttiiit. ur g lighl
yltnt (.r 1 Unit, to create a utmet d
tiKi iii district within said mty, nd
10 put in and maintain a sr-srr system
r sysicms, or stem if dtams tut
mc city, ana to make ta cst id u h
-Wo-! .l
A r cord if
... . ---- 7- i 1 - - - -- -- nitmn ni mc m
iiiiamooa wiiy, tor ineir auopnoB or j-iw m kwhs, wt y pari incrr- i, 1 CMtk.
rejection, a measure to amend Article charge or Lin upon the abutilr jj Tk 1 lini, 1
XI ol Chapter VHl ol the (barter of -d?.et property within said Harbt t. ir.t
1 . l. Vj .. . . l,. j. .t. .... f -"'S If
uy miiiaiive iemnm, ine viu nic- , SIi , iioin, mm
ure being in jyordi and figures a fl I Md 'rr ir emr, Jtal m brruw
lows, lo-wit:
"A measure to amend Article XI ol
Chapter V III of thr Charter of litla
mook City, rrgnti, a n.inl tule
was adopted b thr lH 'i v a t . !
rilUtnook l.it at a m1 rl- ti..n
hi Id in said city on March lot
Be it enacted by the people of fill
-ttniMik City, Oregon, as follow f
Chapter '-'HI.
Article XL
Section i: I in legislative power of j
the city is vested in the Cmnnon
1. -I.,
t C M '
First ! iiati 'ii "
t ( H-it liv'll-o. '
Smtuncnt of Rein: '
Notice of Hciri'iR ol !
Council, but the same 1 subject
and shall be governed by all
initiative or referendum irtviirn of
the constitution of the State of t ire-!
ftiour Utltm thr Cfr.tll ol ihe rU
thrrelorr by issume I .n! or .tbf.
j le, I'r.Aldnl, i,j it r iod ht dlirts
, - f th. fity shall m. I .ti itny t-,mr. es j
t iht.ur 1 fund av-i! 1 le l.ir .suirnl
. tii. rrof including thli'mt inn.l, rui.tl
! t..r th.- turpic of .rirving id in. j
: .!i-!,(. tne, csceeil m the ausmgate
ih -.ii i of Ninety 1 1 ,n,4i,i fioltAr;
) ' $'A'jOO) aillUhr ( lll.r"Vrti nt : Nolet i hrt. t
j l..n. I iti. m ;rt-,.(.l njcr with i)i -Otrek'ne I ti f,
i i ! .m r tiruvii..rs ,,( 1 illmook t lly j wlmt'tratns
wri.- ini'ii, .i
uri f 1 In-
tflut ( ' .1 ,,t
1 i."i 4. tne 1 nan 1 mm, 11 1 ...
.( t .11 .t, :.. . . . , ' i v '
'. ' 11 mu inW 1.1E. irHIIV altlliiiir, .1.
oi the i r. . vfr ''.,ft?lB, "" ;th .isv
faith iind credit of I ilia mo, .t
in ucti iti-nutiiuu'i. ,
iit'iil of Ihe Cuttnril.
gon u the mc i now in force or ! r m tu ier 11.
may hereafter be amrndrd. and sub n', "rrm ,'":I" :'" ' ' t
iect to anv of Ihe initiative an.) .rf- ..' "m" 'u . ;"' d "t'y H
erendum provision of the Charier of i ,,",4l. b..rm a late tlf ititrtrsi
Tillamook C ity ur ordinance leg.tlly I "u'r 'Ii l- f cent per annum,
enacted under pursuance of the con- 1 " l li'dr . mi-aimu .y That
titution aforesaid, or of any of the , V " ,IMf . ""?" of rh bonds.
provision of said Charier, 1 same oe a.Hrrtief and od to
tion at which any such measure is to
11 ; o ei'eh a
j"d irwiit In
r. Whenever any initiaUve I , "i Z'. " " " ,7' "V"" '
referendum measure is to he voted j , , V P-
1 at any general or special tire-! '( in .,. , , ' '"'-"
, the City Recorder shall cause to J-u J .... V. I. .;'.M'L ' ' 1..
placed upon the ballot at the dec- ;',..."". ' ' rh of,'"
t ", iiiiit, u IllilV lie llrr...,u .1..11 I
'in a,
.f Inl..
0 , nt f
1 llllt-o-
the tiiim o 1 -
r j ohje.-l '',,,i if nos
II ' the 4etlle"H-nl ( -
Pt.-I this intl. 1
Atnsii'la I. M
tr U of l
Wesley Son in.
be voted, a ballot title and brief des
cription of the measure to
he voted on in such form as may be
prescribed by the Common Council
in accordance with the Charter "of the
Section 3: The people of Ttlhi
mook City, or the Common Council
thereof, subject to the initiative and
referendum powers reserved to the
people, shall have full power and
authority to provide by appropriate
the County court ni UK ?
of Orujjon for tlu v 1 .in t
I illnnii oh
IllilV lie llrr...,u l..lt
Council, he forthwith espnded In "w !
erection, cftiistruriinn and coiiu.l. i
don ouniy Hall to U liKaud'and
dr Tm!! . !
. v ,. ...v guni . ...
exprnncd in .fh erection, cons Mr ' k, T ... I.
fee iiW"", x Xo, ; '. :
rrrred to the General Fund." I 1 N 1 1 1 1.: , m , .
The number and form in wl.. the I"1, ,,IH',;N. 1-'
hallot title for ial,l ,. . l'i r in the C..
nrint.il T. "i"""" Bt!!'-V ' f '-
' "OOI IS at Inllnus
III Ihn Mutter of I
(Hen, l)ices.-il
To Ihe Heir m 't
PropoaeU'by Initiative Patttiott.
Sball a Measure foi ihe Aim mi.
v...,,r .i! I Oltiliniiik
Oregon, .is p,.,,,,,,,.,! )lV
IM lll,iM I, . .1 '. 1 ,. , '
refirr..,! ,.. .1. ' ' '"y ""I as 1 ai.U'i.riiiif and en 1 1
I ( ., , , ' VI" ' ' III.IIIMIUlt
1. ?v, '-h
1 ... . , " I Old-
- 1 , 'rriori i ju 1 il.
I llllillllH'li. ill I hi-
I lii Till.iiiii'ok i n-, ,
1 Stale, en ttv '. A .
nl tho hour of 1" "'
niio'i uf anlil iii , t
lio ei.tiso, if in ' '
si onlij n"l be t it ... I 1
UU 1 lliii Inl ;
'I he
I 1 .... t
-r . ii lanmok ( ity,
Me.iMire t,riM,,. i.
..( 'i :n ' . ""irows me
tlioriing the
"f 1 li'ipicr
''.7 hiclhrn auil,oriiu ', tt
fi vliT'10 f !,m,, '
L "'V.i'focc-ds t, i. ,.r,i.
u he'e" -
'ittg the t.onitiw.i, f. ti .
us so mmh ulcrto
Osa.r cun'"o' c hy
lcbl limit of Ti a, , 1 ('hv f '"
I , III (I lllll.r. .............
I'. ...villi III
( liui'Sell, the ihiL -i!
il' d Hi-tllHt llllllilno I r
to SUll III I'lll'lo no. ' '
iIcni'I llied rvul 1 1 r I 1
ait unto III TillnniooK
to.wlt; . TZ
, 'B
, -1
. ,t 1'
- ;
; t
1 1
r 1 W:
lit llllliiheied ol" '
of thu IIOllhWlHt .p
northwest inart r
iiinrlof of vei'iim
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