Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, July 24, 1914, Image 4

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Tillamook County has a new rvnlty
lirm. Mr Kinloy Vnnco, Dealers in
Land, have oonel nn otliec on tho
ground Moor of the Commereinl Hulld
ntr, ot'ivsite the Todd Hc-tol.
F. H. McKinlev Itmeds no introduc
tion to the resident of Tillamook
County, H. T.4Vnce has boon opornt
inii in real estate in Portland for tho
past siv years. Uoth members of this
firm oome direct from the orjtnmmtion
of Oorr K. Konoy Ac Co. the lnri;it
land dealers in the Northwest. These
younc men have had exceptional op
portunities to f.iiniliarixe themelvo
w ith city and farm values in Portland
and the Willamette ValUy. ThU
training es-pueinllj fits them for rvn.ier
ir.g the best service to property own
ers in Tiilptnook wishing to trmie for
citv income property or Vallev farms.
Mr Vanee hits moved hi family to
T'llatnook and for the present i oeeu
punc the Vmtehoue property.
From Courier:
The papers having been returned
from the Secretary f State for the
D;ariration of te ChfertJale Cheese
Company, Mr. WortMtwrton is busv to
day elltnv; stuck. Ho is meeting with
trie su.ves. having already oM stoek
to the amount of SL.450 of the i2.0i
wt c' thev aim t start with.
Following is a hr-t of the stockhold
ers registered up to the time of going
ti press and rep omenta tho most
ctssfui lanohers and bovine?? men of
tht i lare :
Frark Owens, fid. Worthington. A.
L Applewhite. .V. K. Meaner. P. H.
Messner, H IS. Lock wood. J. R Low
ranee, K L. Landingtutn. D. A. Bail
ey, Wrt Sapptngton, Chaa. Kay,
Frark Wjr'hinirton. .1. L. Low ranee.
E 1.. L-! ..ir.gham, D. A. Uaile. W rt
SaFP!";' '" ''has- Kay. FrariK Worth-
Dancing at Bar View
Sunday Afternoons and Evenings. Also Every
Evening Except Monday.
Portland Maunsacgeme,t
Schnauffer's Orchestra
Always a Good Time
D E A L E KS -
Ground Floor Commercial Building
Opposite Todd Hotel
If you wntit to sell or trak- your ranch or city prop
er: v list it with us. Watch lor our list of Kxchnnms
From PoinU South of
Koseburfr, Nov. 18, 19
and 20, and from points
North of Roseburg, in
cluding points on the
C & E, P R & N, S F
C & W and Hranch line
points, Nov. 18, 19, 20
and 21, withfinal return
limit of Nov,:25.
Tolin M. vScott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
liiKton, J. I.. Lawrence. K. I- McCabe,
,W. J. t.omiJ. t'. xV- Shaver. Clm.
I Lumbniist, Joseph Wilson, J. 1- Oay,
K. U Worthinutoii. J. I- Hurko. I-
M. Kraner.
1 A tueetlnc will be hold Saturday
afternoon at Clovonlalo for tin' pur-
' jhmp of perfecting the organUutt'on and
electing oilicers.
A fierce forest tiro is ravins north of
P. K Jfc N. right of way near Tiltitvr.
It was started tv a spark from a don
i key engine. The fire is in the Mam
moral ami Wheeler Timk'r and at last
report was sweeping a ditriet a mile
wide. The dry weather has made the
dancer from tire very great here, ami
extreme caution should prevail.
Presbvtenan Church Notes.
Suraiav School at 10 a. m. Mr. Wal-
' ter Maker. Superintendent.
Morning worship and sermon by the
pastor at 11 a. m. Sermon subject :
"Has Ood spoken to the world? How
does he speak to men today?
The congregation will join the other
churches in the city in the revival ser-
vice at the rink at S HO p. m.
During the month of August the j
church will be cKee. The pastor and
bis family will take their vacation Ht
Biuvore I'nrk. The occupant of Wallu
lah Wigwnm, one blocK north-eiust of
The Elmore, are at hon e to their
friends now.
'). A. MaeKenic. pas'or.
Pin erno of hav. fine hav we'h?r
everybody busy and old Hoss y is '
Kalph Welsh is nil smiles those days.
It is a irirl.
Rev. Ward, of Beaver, p- achetl in
the cratice hall I st Sundav afternoon.
Messrs Kup,', Tn wbruUe a.i i Kan-
I; A N D
Pacific International
Dairy Show
Pacific Land Products
November 18 to 23
For further detaiU m to fares from any
ipesific station, train schedules, etc,, call 'on
nearest inent or write to
del, of Falrrlew, were looking for wild
blackberries on Nestucca hills one day
tlil week.
An auto not out of lis on tho llaya
Creek road last Friday and remained
in the road where teams could not pass
until the middle of tho afternoon, Sat
urday, which was very annoy hit; to
some of the citUens who had to pas
tl ere to got to their hay they were
An after harvest picnic is being ar
ranges! for ly NVstucca grau;jo ami clt
itens of Upper Nestucca. It will bo
hehl in the grove on Mrs. ,S Smith's
place 21 miles below lllatne and fil
above Heaver on the Hlalne road. The
time. Annual the Sth. Everybody
oome ami lime a good time. Thrro is
a program of one hour being arranged
for at U a. m. -tiul after dinner a game
of hnse ball, ami other amuselnen' H.
I he rantres of the county have a spec
ial invitation from the Kr.uitiers of No -tucca
to attenl while every b i i. i
vitetl to come and enjov on day e i
bratin; the abil'idant harve-i wo have'
leen blessed witn.
.1w i"ils w t - -
illt(uuttl to ) ilti Ml-i
iiii.i .m I )jtv't u alii i-
Vt '' 'M'X ' l'
ti i " t it-i JJVl(Jl' i
W-IH -V 't I t111 I
OV; - - nr.i q-,c
oris - inrj& o;i
?0S - - - - A Ml
- - - - ll'k J
-"t "lirA Jr 'r it SI
OS 11) tlM si I 1.) HIIIIO
Wind up the Encampment.
The general cutmr.ittec which ha I
1; rc of the ( A R. cncitmpmtm,
. t.uti.! tit- the buine at a mectintt
i- j'ur.Uv evening at the Tillamook
' ',niinrvrci.tl Club There will
' ! ;oooo baUnce in the fun I
a !.- .i few matter are traithirnc
.in The committee voted to Riv-s
wi of tht to help feed the poor
l :l(ir p. who will be bnmght to th
i . ir m Portland for a tumiifi -
t mi;, and $50.04) to the Tillamook
ninn rcUl Chtb for publicity work
h.tt remains in the fund will b
!iided between the G. A. K. and W
K C.
l oilowinR h a liat of tUc expendi
tures: h. Severance, stamp f 3.00
Kv.i Rucjcr, itamus ;..V
V. W McRae, aigns 0.7,-.
A. J. Stillwell, ribbon 1.3
T. K. Monk, enlarging photo
of Lincoln j.Oo
A. I'enningtoti, rod $.01
lo'u -Knudoii Fumiturii Co
iikU j.tc
I Siillwcll. mds , 2.t :
t- 1) liaiit, work , . 7.o
I ( arpentcr, work ,6.jf-
'I lone, auto hire 2.V
!-'.r ouveiiir bad(cr 7?-.1'-
( T Hultotri, arm bands .... 9-
1 ) 1 l':irker, tin key I .
Wcit ( oat KItclric Store lo."'-
y v i " (l-l- ation to Timliur . 16. "
I (' Smilh. f.,r Libor 1
HUkc McFall I'ireAvorks 08.00
Frank Severance, money ad-
v.tneed lo.ito
I C. Smith, for boys labor . . .
C K. Reynolds, rent of skating
rink and work 20.00
Pioneer Transfer Co., transfer-
in beds 10.00
Kin;; Ar Smith Co. mils 6.8?
H. Brooks, labor 1.00
C. T. Stewart, labor
V. V. McKac, sins 6,(jo
L. K. Kiii, labor 5.00
W. J. S'cbcr, stove pipe 1.70
K. T, Ilaltoui, iiids 3i'f
J. W. Maddux, transfer .iS
Tillamook Hand iso.
I'" H. Mathews, labor I...'"
Tillamook Headlight, priiitiuv; jo.50
A. F. Coats Lbr. Co s.7 1
F.. A. Hutcliins, rent on lot ... iu.')
It. 15. Hayes, special police and
street cleaning etc 52.V-?
I'oster, work
15. D. I.atnar, mds 1.10
Mrs. Nettie Pape, 1st baby
prize 50-1
Mrs. C Holdeu and baby prize 2,?o
Doris Wolf 1st doll prize 2.00
(irant Mills, mds 75
ICIcctric I.iht Co 15170
Percy Winters, work fi.oo
Kent Christian Church 1000
J. H. Johnson, drum corps .... 50.00
T. M KvIIokk expense of drum .
corps 12.05
Hotel Tillamook meals for Vet ,
drum corps 67.95
Amos W. Heister, music .... 2,00
I). C. H. Kllison, labor 7,75
Mrs. Alice Woolfc, labor 5.00
Mrs. W, H. Moon, rent on
beds 06.00
Tillamook Feed Co., hay 1,70
Cold Storage, ice cream 20.50
C, K. Keyi,olds incidentals ... 6.00
W'est Coast Klcctric Supply
Co., supplies . , . , 8.30
I. O. (), F. marble slab 1,50
Walter Severance, labor 10.00
I). Kllison, labor 1,50
Lillian Guest, music 3,00
Gram Mills, fruit and suar ... 4.10
Alex McNair &. Co., mds 4,30
L10 Morrison, (rape juice and , 1
wafers 6,90
Rev. E. J. BULGIN, D. D. Ph. D.
Of Portland, Ore, Converted Agnostic North Cdrolitu
Lawyer. Wit, Humor, Pathos, Logic and Arguments that
Convince. HEAR HIM.
Prof. GEO. L. ROSE
Musical Director and Soloist, .HEAR
HIM, Hear his Chorus of 100 Voices
Christian Church incaU to vet
erans' 6.yj
('. F. ftntrr hrnirxn
. t.,w I iVU
's tr.fc
Jones A- Knudsou .beddlut; .. 113.1t
John KhiiiKrr, Imll unmc iu
Mr. Doty, for room.
Tillamook Headlight, prluttny a.oo
M. J. MilUcll cxpciue in hold
,P 1. so
I-.. T. Haltom, mds j y
F.lcctric Light Co.
Donation towards fccdliiK
poor children 50,0)
Tillamook C ommcrcial Club . jo.oo
Valuable Prizes
Given Away
Without one dollar cont fmin
tand MWHrds will In- Kiven by thf Til
mnook Feed Co., and K. F. '.nrhiiiMnn
U those HecurlriL' tl.e most votea in .,
contest for some line pianos. It. (.
-achman is iri vintr nbaolutulv
Iwdy brlnKiiK him the tnont voteji b.ised
upon the rules an uiven below, and Til
HtmooK heed (Jo, Is dolriL' Ilk
The one receivini: the 2nd liiriffst num
ber will entitle her to u piuno by add
in $00; the one huvii.ir thu third
Beat number en .neeuro a piano for
U-i; iiu larKeHt number entitle oia
to h piano for ilOO: tth larm..!
her cntitleH one U a pnr)0 forl0.r;(lth
UirKest nuniher entitles one to n t ,.,.. .
for $115: Mnd the one liuvlnir dm iti,
lareHt number entitle one lo purchase
u piano for $12?.
In the contest for the K. F. '.ach
inan piano the followiun candidates
have been nominated,
Na"le No.Votcs.
Kva Wheeler Ju(t
Noma Wagul ., '' ,"fne
Gladys Veatcli. "
' den hchlappi a6)
May HolKatc 2.,
Sallie Stevens ,1( 3
Kuth HurKe , 2JJ((
Arcta F.vorson ,,,,, "'
Nellie Conrad
Lillian Guest , ' .,
Inez Paul ' 22'
Fay Harris )' 2,L
Lillian Kuar 03
Pauline Heals ,. '
' na Kpplel. J
itclla Goync , 3jj
Mphii'li --sciiaon
Hie Uunb ..
Kose WitliaRi?
Myrtle Eatl . .
Mary lanwr ....
A lire Twtd
.... JI'K)
. . . , -J.' I
. . . . Jfljri
Ocil Kinnaman
Lillun Andcnott '.'.'..
uricn iurrcr Vk 1
Lr pch, '
Irene Stivcr.oo ; Mll)
Antonctt KuppenbeMUer .t
Helen (aw ,
Vt Hlll ., . fji
Htlir Wlr .. . ,(,,,
LnVrrnn Hnlduti ij4!
j Kuth Gnroonl '. . . . Jo r
I The present nuidiiUtr, B, t,p' nw
lCllndilllt.M niimrs will apW.r pc,
surendlnt- w.fk hot the .landing of
the cndiiiMtc will ot upp,r i,R,i
until the nomlnutloiis re closed Sept
1st. ' '
The candidate for tl,c 'l'ilbmo.,1.
eed ( o. arc as follows:
Winnie rpplrtt.
Mablc Davis.
Helle llailcy
Knur Mdioimlil
M.ible Lance
Kuth KiK
llrriir Michaud
Lillian Severance
I.V'll.l l'.lriiirr
t , .
Marv U'liii.,
Stella Goynr
D.linv tiaylord
Sadie- Sh.iv.
1'earl i"o.ind
M'-len llials
Annie Wyss
"elty Kupcr
Helena Durrer
l-illy Anderson
I'-lva Austin
?i'lpha Klinefelter
-'H i r,tu 1
I. enn
Nellie lliirlou
lil-.llrl. II...:.
Alma (ad
ottre. Wade
United Arlisam
rollUwk uriJ the niuM of lh()
iu??o.!ViVTI"! "rrI,;,'" l" U.
20!'."; 4 "ri,'. .lr. I
Xut "icrcliandiic paid I
with due bill.
jti for im on pyi""1'' ,,! '
3t1 for $1 f on due l.d' "!!
ti for Vl.ui 1111 l.4fi;-i "r tUif
JliCc je. And void will br ent
at the lime julrs jrr ma-l.
In rrfcrrncc 10 Isiiiiii; s
accMMiui, tbry nuy be ' l
utymeut of old 4ciii'. ,!,,l
Incurred prior 10 tht 'I.' l'
will not be k'ivril on .'rgtit
coiinls utile ibis pjtii'i '' r'st
i. paid wiibtii thirty iU then I"
vorvs nuy be lotird if I' ' itiht
1 illinH and ii orders
Kl'LK 2 Votes ill " i'l"b
i lime limit id one wrrt. ... ! mul w
ct III the lullot bo. i' mHw
llmi tmrpoir before tbr ii''lnel
lite lime limit, llefor.- If B"
innke a reconl (or )onr iri.t'lin"
In order to faciliut- v ! y lt
rriiietril 10 pUce your "
envelope and seal it I I '
(he number of votes l!- tnumt
contains and the uaui' - I ' t J'",'
dJle you desire lo vole I f on I"
outside. ,
KlM.lv .1 Kinployee., clerks n
rel.ulves ol the merclui" ' "tI,"
p.iprr cJiiimt p4riuiijrr
KULK .. Merchunis l "i n "J
nnru Usuu vuten until rh l"1
luve been properly slin !
thrir firm name. ( iislonitrs iliOuM
refuse. Iheiii otherwise
KULK 5, The soliiiiu.K f v",f,f
In thr iiirrehant's store., 1 Ironl ol
store or 011 premises is prohil'tltil.
K IM.K 6, A vole (hat n scr.iltM
or marked in any way a fit r it lr
the merrliuiil's bauds, shall be thrown
appear that a (Inure has bren Uil'"'
rd with.
KULK 7. Six weeks fr mi IK
peiiiiiK tlatc, candidates will no long
cr be entered, unless by sitd.il '
ritiiKeinciils with Ihe uitrfl'i"
Kulr H. Kvcrybndy is mvilcd o
noiiiluaic candidates, All - ".nct
cssary is to scud In the name '' ?",
yoiiitK lady in the coniiiiiiriU
will eniltlc her to jooo nonunat"1;
voles and she will be enlcrrd
KULK y.Votes are not lianilef
aide alter beiriK casl,
KULK 10. Votes that an not PJ
I'crly stamped willi (be 'l,i;fc,!?n''
lna(ure. or voles with limr llu
pircd will not be ucceplcd,
, KULK li.-A coi.imltlee ffletlrf
by the iiierelianin (11 the caiuKB
will count the voles rarli week
.The newspaper kIvi'" - !P'nf!
'or riicli dollar on new ubsrril"n
nml 1000 voles for eiich dolliir lor
ncwuls or back ittbscriptiuiK'
LootiiC o),u id j jy lii,