Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, June 26, 1914, Image 6

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Kriilaj murium: tlu It. A. K. Special
tmln. homeward bound from Tillamook
ptoppod hero two hour while two hun
dm! old soldier ami thoir famlics en
joyed themsflvct on Jho beach.
Cttptnin Farley with the Ufoanwrs
pivo several tit ill which wore creatly
enjoyed by the visitors, many of whom
had never soon the like before. In re
turn the drum corps composed of okl
? oUier enlivened the crowd which had
thronged the beach bv their splendid
remit Urn of war soot's. Uvoryone en
joyed the short stay of the M johliers.
Amonc the pasnenfreri on the special
were G. t Morn. Asl. Supt. and W
H. Jenkinr. Traveling l'ftjwmrer Agent
oilteitils of tfio road.
Mrs. Weber, wife of Rev. Weber.
MUr of the Methodist Chureh in Til
lamook, is here with her four children
ami will anjoy the en brcctes in a
coy eottnffc for a month or so.
Mrs. fi. A. Jones and son who ban
boer spending he winter in IVrtUml
have nrrivevl at the beach for the ivmt
mer. Considerable Improvement hove
been going on akin the l-twhe this
The G. A. Jr-tvs Realty Co. ho
oponed i new c ocery store with meat
market in comiee two.
W K, Anderson has enlnrcwl their
place of swim, ami are now pre 'tir
ed to accomodate tint MiMte, both eat
ing and sleepit.g.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gray have rented
their Sea View Home to some outside
parties, and are now Inking life n
Mr. Vttn Nurtrio, our papular barber
has equipped his rooms for billiards,
carom and howling.
rhe opening danea of the e is.m
givoo by Stevens and llsrgcn, t Suit
Mr, on June. 20, was wtll RttendtM in 1
on joyed hj all.
M a Glads lleeV return! from
Portland Tuesday and will assist C. C.
livers in bur horn- during the busy
(3k. 4im
Mrs. Swelling, wife of Lawyer Snel
line of Tillamook inhere with her two sfhMn.
children, digging clams and hunting Mr Momer Da via nnd children re-
crib. They are enjoying themselves ttirnrd Stmriav fn.ro a visit with her
hucely. mother at Oiegun v. ity.
Leonard Burke and John lmlah of The new cafe at th rear of the Kl-
Cloverdaie were in town Friday wUh a more rooming torn I now in full
party of telephone officials consisting operation.
of Koy Ik Walls. Manager. D. t Brown Mr B. H. Wood hni ImiU an ico
and Bdcar Mnttson who came ap from cream and confectionery room on the
I- S
Joseph C Forager lormtr Untrd
Stat.t f-A'ir fro 11 Ob'O who l iefK
inj, trc sriutor nominjdon at the
pri r Arte
Brief News of the Week
.....( w- gf
Supromu SocUm
IV M -r lril4
IMtltlt TiealH Collect V&rvU
frtim t pacltaKea f "Uupteiim
I.bK.hI t-rarkBra or enkci, bih if
voi.r h 'r nut mipply you wnh
n atitt h t of "Jillproiltii" Ua fl
a Mti ttf l. U4mII I(m.
ft .
Me j
- k.ex..
Ull Mil)
rii tali
Tillamook to repair some broion liniis.
Karly Friday morning the Elmore
pickup boat conveying a line of (iah
hoat from the Garibaldi cannery to
Nehalem and when oin out uver toe
bnr the fish boaU in some manner Rot
north of hi studio.
Dr. Wood of iiilUboro spent n few
days last week at hi now cottna in
The life line ha nenin been nichorel
at Kockawnv bench nj mnnv are en-
Samgrl Comprr, the (j-r.
I4ilrr. who i 4lil li l I'
ii'Ml tpcie'' union
J"lli(J 4
adrift and the lareer boat bad a lively joy'" d'P in tn urf.
time pickimr them all up before they
pot out of reach.
Thursday W. R. Conley. in the em
ploy of the S. P. Co. installed the telf
praph instruments in the otlice f Gie
biseh A Joplin at Miami.
A party consistini: of County Survey
or U. G. Jacksjn and wifu, Mrs.
McGhee and her mother. Mrs. W.
Wiley and Miss Drew came up from
TillamooK Thursday in Mr. Jackson's
ajto and returneil the same day.
Dr. B. F. Ramoo and family of St.
Johns, Orevron were here foa a few
davs the firU of the week.
A ttooknwnvan.
3 Mr. ami Mrs. F. C Turner of Salem
arrived Sunday an 1 are occupying their
c.ttHe on Hi?h St,
Mrs. 11. E. liuhson nad children, j Rreea.
accompunled by Mrs. Whitney ami KanaaK m eltered at 108, and a num.
Seoedln mlnera 111 Montana declare
they vslll kKnore th Wtmtorti Kmlera
lion and ontarife a new union.
The rebd Runbont Tnmpleo as
aunk In battle with the federal un
boat Guerro. and !0 men wore killed
and wounded.
The "Lulu Fardo" daiico, whlftli l
of Portuguese origin. Is the hi teat,
says a New York dtanntch. The danc
la Mid to be really n lulu.
Chicago pasaed throuab the coldeat
day reported to June for many yuan.
the therutc meter regiatertne IX
InvcalluJtia" ' CiH- 0r4t' l'".lr
Auto M Uf4ti4t.e Ci""4
Tortaii The In.; !"
demh of Mary Maah. Uiv.i i. t.
run down by a recltie uu.-.-u .' .
to dramatic lermlnniiou i. ' . . t
i.f John It- Whaley. furrm .-f
.ury inveatigating ht .
tharge of having killed th o-ri
Wbaley waa tracwl t i'"'-" "(
broken glaaa picked ut m i'i- '
de-;hteh fitted perfectly ih u
headlight oa hit autem " "i"
l i 1 1 1 r- lir . . J
1 .11... I. I uikk in. Itnu.. .... .. . 1
V IMi im.I M L.t..t
..f ttt W'iUV nml tlii Ltfn ()titiliitn i mi iw i..it
I 1 1 if . V t U I
tirw ruttnttra. tH'wJoiutplHt: UiuutuU,
OlVtwii av If I'AK
children of Portland, arrivwl on Satur
day and are occupying the Hughon
cittaee for the summer. Mr. Htiirhaon
will join his family next 'A'elnesdny.
Mrs. H. Woodbouiu, of Tortlaod, and
a party of friends arriveJ lust wuuk
fort man aa taken fmm
to the privoner'a bar
After the accident Vhui. t
at grmil peed nnd eavapot !r
It ta alleged On oamc '!
J. H. Oliver U enjoyinc a visit from ami will occupy the Woo lhoue cottage
his mother who lives at Newbers. Mrs. far the season.
Oliver is a member of the W. R. C. The Buyoeeon artificial mitntorium is
and came over with the G. A. R. train, fa t nearint; conviction an J will be
H. D. Jones, a Christian Science open to the public July 4th.
practictioner of Portland, was here The amusement pavilion which was
over Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Jones formerly located in the tent city
was accompanied by "his friend C. A. sroumls has been removed to 12th Ave.,
Armstronsof Den.-er. opposite the nntatonum and a kitchen
Ei linar and wife came in from and tea room is buini; added.
Portland Saturday and are occuoyin The greater part of the bunualettes
.iy Torr. to ahrc-l l fie
. fctt.. I . 1 'UP h hi'! rlil.fr.'
' ' cm 1;..) M.'uiijr uto ! t)
the Jackson cottage on Main street.
They were accompanied by Leon Jack
son, a bruther of Mrs. Minar. Leon
has been attending school at Kutrene
the oast vear and will j)jnd the sum
mer at 'he beach.
being ouilt to replace the tenu in the
t Tit city are completed and the re
miiraier will be completed within a
few days.
Mr. Reed, who will have charge of
th natatorium and hotel arrived from
The family of J. H. Smith r enter- i Portland Tuesday.
tairjinsf their friend3 Mr. and Hi,, J. Pavement is being laid on UiKh Ter
1'. ?j: of St. 'in Oregon. 'r:V oral Bay Street.
Mr. ""J U. Woodi arrivud from
P-irtland ,'aat week anj will operate
trio tea mom opposite the natatorium
on 12th ave.
L. h'.7ig has moved td his proper- j
ty on Bay street, a hojse which he pur- i
Mrs. J. C. '-Vjlliams of Banks, Ore
gon is here fur a week or s i She is
tVmpinicd by h?r Urvtn-ir . J. Pal
mer and wife cf Wheatland, Wyoming.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Devine arrived
froTi I'ortUT Sun lay anj will 6icupy
th Dr. RiiiiUo cottage this summer.
.Miss Irene Carter a teacher in the
schools at Milwaukie, Or., arri;eo, the
first of the we?' and will spend the ;
rSir h" '",h"E-p-c"rl";,1EG0N NEWS NOTES
Mr. a:i I VIr. J. L Morgan of Cith
laoiet, SVashlngtnn, are visiting t leir
son Chas. Morgan and son at Garibaldi.
They may remain all summer.
HerJ Pardons of TilUmoak will con
durt a confecti nery store and ice
cream parlor here this summer.
R. E. Jackson is erecting a building
on Main street which will be occupied
by Edward Minar who expects to open
a confectionery store.
Church, the candy man has returned.
Barview will celebrate the Fourth of
July witii a CU n Bake, Drill by the
Life Saver.. Fireworks, Bonfire cm the
Be-jch ami some other amusements.
Look for the posters.
The rnuic fur.ii3helby the orches
tra is making a great hit. The dances
are becoming mare popular anil Mr.
Schriauirer arid all the members in fact
are to be congratulated.
ber of prostration ta the wheal fluid
uere reported becauae of the wtmlher
rej noi,r ujion the Pnuamn canal be aerver with a n:nm. n i
management of their Intention to! o.t the coroner' Jury anl m oiotci
make regular uae of the uaterwny. i h.rvwaa
The progressive irty in Oklahoma - -
baa decided to put a full ute ticket 1 '''an fei an Liont Torn to Miee
in the field thl fall, headed by John ! t'h. io.- mettoo l hirtri. i. .
I. Hlclam cnndloVue tor Koveruer. f rn old, a gmduate of rrnr.i ,n
Anient RUtfrapettea at Vancouver,
II. C, are rufualnc to Join In the sing-
j Ins of "Ood Save the Kins " They
rise nnd turn their backs on the audi-
once when the national anthem it
struck up In the iheotrua frewiently. ,
j War to the knlte acalnat the fedcr
! als with the formation of a third
j league In oronlzed buaebatl as the
I first blow was practically decided on i
here when (he nnttonai tmelmil com
misalon met In conclave with more
than a score of loadurn In the organ-
Ized camp. j
The New Jersey projrefitve at.nr
committee and 'chairmen of tho c.s'in ,.
iy committee)!, at a conference, went
on record an opposed to Jny amalgam
atlou w'th the republican or nn otb
cr part) In the coming primary and
general election. 1
1.4-w rutml-trii oru nnil wocU-riul Linn (r
- til l
' Mil (it till 1'.
K. iV N. ; ttlnti lu-twrrn ! , J,', ,y
A suit for damages has been filetj in
the Circuit Court at Tillamook by W.
C, ')wight and Mr, Kiger against Gie
bish and Joplin. jetty contracters here.
The suit will be tried before Judge
Holmes this week. In their complaint
the plaintiffs allege a violation of contract.
r chased of P. D. Manet. He will remwl'
, el and improve and will occupy .",(.
1 in futurtj,
Events Occurring Throughout
the State During tho Past
Admits Killing Babe.
Prlneville. D. K. Sheldon, a young
mill worker, arrested here on a charge
of having slain his own day-old babe
while Its mother. In Ignorance of what
was transpiring, lay In the next room,
made a dramatic confession.
Sheldon said he wanted to get the
babe out of the way so that his wife
could help him earn a living. He
waited until his wife was asleep, he
said, and then gave tho babe a big
dose of poison, later placing the Ilttl
body by hla wife's side.
Gila Monster Bites Man.
Medford. James King, a carnival
snake charmer, waa bitten by a Olla
monster In the presenco of score of
women and children, dozens of whom
King became hysterical and fell Is
a collapse In tho pit. Attaches tprled
tho reptile's Jaws apart and 'rushed
King to Sacred Heart nosplUL ills
JIfe 1b despaired of.
The rain of the past few days has "
been rather a hindrance to the lieachers Boundary Plan Proposed.
who are busy getting every thing in Albany, A plan whereby all con
readiness for summer traffic. fusion over county boundaries owing
Mr. Archies little son came near t0 changes In river courses will b
having a serious accident while playing obviated, Is being developed here V
on the beach with somo ether children. Presentation at tho next session
They were digging sand from under a ' 1,10 't'ljlslature. It Is planned to
log when tho log rolled on him. Only , cur" t,l(J enactment of a law char
for timely aid from some men who n" ,uc' boundaries now exlstln
were working near by he would have Providing that In the future thf
been crushed to death, ' dary H"!S shall shift with tho
People in Iho Mews
Milnr tVrtls of Portland. Mo, ou
Vh't democratic nomination for gover
nor by a good margin.
President Wilson Mined Mrs Grace
I). Caukln, an original Wilson 'ip
porter, receiver of public moneys hi
San Fra n elsco.
The British government has order
ed a warship to Durazzo, Albania, to
Insure the safety of Prince William
and his family. Other nations will
send war Teasels to the scene. It Is
jonn r. v. eyerwiuser, oiiIchi SOP
i... 1 .I...L... .
in-! i.i l'j uimu'ji magnate, was .
(.rt-njuuiii in mi. company a
nual meeting held nt Taco'
Admiral Fletcher, wb
Mexican waters for tr
will return to Wa
with Secretary r
Arrivals t
City said
... . - .
-- ' illt fMtH AlOJlllnv
A ways a Gju! Time
Portland Mu5,c
Sc!iiian!rt'r's f h clics'.r.t
Big All Night Da'nce
july 4th
1 1 .7 " I "I'll I t A I 1L' 1 ..IS. a. a
I e!W I I ll,l,.,llMfi i " ' i - 1 1 I'M I I' A
fa-asss ' .tiwal a i M t a V a a . - .
I IL.I. 1111111111 IV I ' 111 I ' si ,11, I I I
Vb. ai.... I 1 1 . a- a III lull a Si ittl S.n.li . W..
i , . .... .-v..--t- ( ' Ml,
I . 1 I . - a... O.. I ......... - . V I t .
1 a I M M 1 I-1BX1IXI1T 111 WIC a II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I M I I V II 1 1 1 I f II I If f II Wt
I ..I lll.l ll... W.al...a..al I t. I
I llnll I I UaHS 1 1 1 n 1 1 I 1 1 I 111 Illir iillllllllllN I la fl.l H-
.. It MMIIa. aa.....l. .....a.
now fnhliM
P. R.
l.r.t.l..,w .....I f..ll ...I
from mty IMx'. A ,N. Atfcnl
t Jrtiin
I .tt.iftl i,K.aaaaS.aM .1 ta.il I . .tl
the an
na, Wash.
i has beun In
.ore than a y-nr.
Ellington to confer
unlets and tho prt-al
.V ......
t Vera Cruz from Mexico
''retJiont Huerta and 3lr
Cardn. tho retiring Hrltlrti
r, liad nuarreled. liuerta for-
mv.ty tried i 4U(;h 0f sir Lionel's ad
vice. Tho os tat 0f u10 alB Adlal Steven-
wmcn i valuerl at 1100,000, will
un snared hy tho three ohlldre n of the
former v 4c,jrt.a(j0nt of the United
g and
j l.oun-river.
degree of doctor of laws hs
conferred on General William
nrd Gorgas, chief sanitary of
of the Panama canal and Hurnulo
son, Argentine ambassador to tho
Jted States and one of the. "A. IJ,
peace mediators.
The average of insane persons
smong each 100,000 la on the Increase,
according to the statement of TJr. A. J,
Ilasanoff, of Now York. Mnsnaelius
etta shows the highest average, It Is
Specialists are wondoTlng at the
feats of a child profllgy, Italphard
Peters of Hoston, who 'can read tho
most difficult literary -productions
and pronounce correctly almost every
word In the English -ianiuaje. He Is
five years old.
the Circuit Court of the 5tntt
of Oregon lor rillnmook
W'.'iatn Ryan, plaintiff,
Richard V. Rvan. "a so oihrr
n rioii. of partita unknown,
claiming any right, title, lien,
imcrrst or ratatc, in the real
rtatc described In the com
plriinl hrtin,"
To the r)lmc named iMniihtiu
Iticbanl F. Ryan, "alo all other prr
on nt parties unknown, claimiu
any right, title, lieu, intrrrat ol -taK
in thr rt-.'O i-itatr di-srrilxl in the coin
plaint ni-rin:
In th'- name of the Mate of Oregon,
you and each ol you arc hereby r
(mired to appear and answer the mm
plaint of plaintiff, in the above en
tilled unit now on file in the- offic
of the County Clerk of Tillamoul
County, Oregon, beinir the Count v
and State in which the above cutitlcd
suit is pending, in thr Circuit Court
of said County and Stale, mi or In -
lore tlit ilalcmf Hie last publiraiioi
-f this Miintiuins. on or before tip
3ist day of July, iyi.j.
1 on ;"tu earn ol v.ti are hen-h
Ivvcii 'hr.-f '-'i'. Ilarr"a ji)imi."
th.- i.,wti .il I ilUiiKiok. and all ad
ef t bii'i i -I Jt.l I'ii!4fi(t wit!
l dctllli'HCtl JI-I -Ir.rf, Ihi!
Jill lr!r: ,Ur' h- tijii.lr.t an, I .!
clar.tl ( lav (iit'it. title, lirn. i
lrrrt i.r ( ti4ti..rrt in .,r I,.
Mid Un hi ei.ij I .,, c xtil.r.l
hi the .1. len-Uni, J(,, , iU f the-.,
Uf forver trtr. and etii,inrit f.nM
40) tlillli ihcrrin. adtriar tu llie
plaintili. d l-r Mich it.-r an. I
urthtr relief at to the -nft may
rciu ri)tiiubr
Tbin hunini"(i i ptibli .1 .1 in thr
I'.fQiiito'ik llrarld a tiev( 4 rr unit
wtik i"i i totiarculivr itul ttic
e.artr vrek b(tfinniii with the i
mr ol Jimc ivtb, ioi ant! endine
Wllk the taatlc of )nly jut ln, u i
Art and in pursuance ol ihr )
Hunt contained in thr unlrr
(he Honorablr l.m
ludne of Ihf ( ireml
Suir It.
Itv I I.. v.!
.r . II. Ke.
iMerf ai I
,.iiU by
-t Holnic
...... ..( I'm
m... A Count v ..... '-. "'.a-
' t ' T . iirrL'nn urn rh
Vf di r
: . a .
me nnil uar ui juue. mi .
notified that if you fail so to appear
and answer said'complaint as is here
in rcfiuired, for
plaintiff will appl
i. i i . .
in rcuiiircd, for want
till will aim v
titled Court for the relief ileiuandeil
thereof, the
Hie aiiovc cu
in plaintiff's complaint, lo-wili for a
decree that plaintiff is the owner in
ice simple ol tjic lollowing described
real estate, situate in Tillamook
County, Oregon, to-wit: The IC , of
the K y, of Section twenty (so) in
Tdwnship one (i) soiuli of ranpe
seven (7) west of the Willamette
Mttidiat) conlaining ifio acres, in
Tillamook County, Origon; also the
N. I'., 'A of the N. K, M of section
twenty.four and ihc S. A of the
S. R. 'A and the N. W. 'A of the S.
I'-. V of section thirteen (13), in
township one (1), north of range
Losni ve; wt 01 111c wiiiauatte
lerldian in Oregon, containing if-o
J'licresj also lol seven (7) in block
v mc itnn uy ol J
Allnrne for Plsir.iir
?tiit '' t litiin Cum. ui.i i,.,i.
land 'itturt '
Dal -A lir.i till .,on , lhe ,0,j,
lav l 1 11 tie. 11,114.
'I) July, ni
I)fisrtuient of the Interior
V. 8, I.AM) (il-TICI-: at Portland,
iH-i'im, June 16, It 1 1.
iNOTlClils hrn l.y given (hut (tenrge
l-rcslmiir, of lleiivi-r, Oregon, who, on
Nuvmiihrr 1U(M. iiinde addltloiiitl
(il. .i.'nil Lnti . ,i, o7r,, (or KJ N'lvl
Melioi, A and .s', 1 NWJ, .-t-etlou ,Hf.,
K.wi..hli .'I South, Itm U West, Wl.
. iiiiiitii) Merldmii, nut hied notlre of In.
tuition to tuiiki! l'ii n live vear Proof,
o eMMl likh fhiuii to u,u liiml iibov.
dimerlbwl, befute the Coiuily Clerk of
lllliilliiiolt v.omity, (iit.gon, nt 'H.
iuTi "" i',,M '"' "( ''
t-liiimni.t niitni-s mi win esses:
Itt'Uhen Y. Illalock, J.ibn Itorbn, HII
" 1 t 'i I), Tiriike
Jnnlor, all of Ktuivnr, Oregon. '
'.I. I'. Illgl.y.
to all to whom tuiisf.
Notice U hrrcby givtii by the .Slate
Hoard of 1 t r. 1 1 ami (Jamc Coiiiinlss
iouers thai, in accordance with Ihc
provisions of Section 5316 of Lord's
Oregon Laws, that portion of Tilla
mnok River, in Tillainoolc County,
Urcgoii, above n poinl 100 feet below
the lowermost puiiion of th mouth
" -nbk vr, except tltnt portion
of lillaiuook River within too ferl
from any portion of tltu mouth of
iriiak River, ii hertby opened to
fjalinon uliiiig, tdher than with
one and line, touiinouly called
aiiglim:, from and af 1 July s .,,
as approved by statute,
I ( mill of I l. .
lor the p j
Killaiti tirrii
Ofegoii, Mil! '
ty Coori
gou 1 11 '
Oregw ' f'
. ,yl, '
n' llinr o" '
Lach bid '
'r. ccftlfi"! I
TilLiiii.K.k '
rlll t I"'
uctt bid, win
the County, i"
and Ihc bid !
refine for a "
whleh tin .
to .1 conltail
facltny l (! '
The biil
ting and k- b "
Iniilillng -'' 1
acrots KilUm '
the old wi"d'
plan and ( "''
office of thr l 1
The Counh t
right to fijef
this Ihr tin d.i .
J C li
l'lrt publican""
Utst piiblicatic'i
- " f
I .1 Jl
I ll
I '
1 1
I led,
I I .(. Ill
I ur J-
Notice 10 vuii
.... ..1 in 1
..i.o.. H i .hi " r" ,v
.(,,.., nf I Si - k l01"
fr Ilia I r- 1 '
III Mi lt I la.
at wrsi v rn . ,
be rctfivr.l l
rut ....b r,..in!i "i Kon
f.ire 111 v lOt II. Ii' I 1 .
tt .....I ... il..,i Mm- n itii'"
.ii. iiiiti 11 " -
tf..i. 1.1.1 1 .11 i.r
n rertifleil rhrtk iue -
.,.111 1. f',.,.ii' lor "
....... I ,.. r ..-r relit III I".
such bill, which - ,
.1... r iu :. r.ne an w
.. ...l , 1... l.i.dler h IM 11 1.
rrlu.c lor a pr. .
.iI.IaI, iit fsiiTirii ii 1
" ..... , 1 . u
a -I flMll r "
III IWIIII"-. ..-- ftD
factory to the toun
In u .1 .
ts ... inr
... " :.; f the cou
IIK illiu kihih'ii. 1 .ntl
I. nil. Dins' rdllltll 1 1 1 ' .
. ill 1 1 til a UM
plans and sperm..""";.-. ..
;.n..- r rniiiiiv Clcf.
. . I... rtlllllll'
Halil work to i'v .r. V Tht
. . . . . . - . 1 1 (i ij
oriore ji iuiiiii .i''i .-'.....,(
Court reserve; lltv "K , ,
nnd nil kills, Dainl ,l,c
nl Iniw. IOIJ. -
Plrst puiiiicaiio", .
Last publication July f1"'