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    Cbe Cillamook herald
K. e. CromMtv. Editor
.a rtt.u
TSntcrcd sc-oml-cUM mutter May 17.
Orccon. under the not
fldverilslna Rates
f real Ad--ertiemcnts
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Karri subsequent insertion, line .05
Homestead .Notices
Timber Claims
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C. K. Trombley. Editor. Publufcer and
Tillamook, mortiHce hikler.
FK1DAY irNlv
The 33rd annual encampment of the
G. A. K. Pepartmont of Orrs-on. An
Ishod it? wr'. on Thursd.iy and un
Friday morninc the visitor- left for
their respective bottif, one snd kII de-
m.ut emnhntirsllv thst tbe'V .
hd had the time of their lives, and j
tnt iillnm.wk was truly the conven-;
lion city of the state.
Two reception- were civen to the
ladic of the . K. C. and the ladies
of the G. A. K. at the Tillamook
Commercial Club. The first of these
wu iivcn by the ladies of the Club
on Wednesday afternoon and on
Thursday the ladies bclonsinc to the
Grange ere the hostesses. Refresh
ments were served aud the lady
visitors appreciated thee receptions.
Wednesday Evening's Entertainment.
On ednesday eveninc the Christ
ian Church was acain packed, when
the followinR procram was rendered:
Distant Chimes Ladies Tno.
Readin; (Benedict Arnold) Florence
Soni: Male Quartette.
Recitation Millie StillwelL
Whistling Solo ...Lamoninc ClarV.
Flower Drill . .. Little FolVs.
Rcadinc, Paroly Rctsey and 1 are
out J. H. Jobnon.
Flat; Drill by yountr ladies.
Solo .Mrs. Trombley.
Res-dint; (Reverie in church,) ..Mr.
Rhea Anthes.
Solo (Good Bye Tosti) Mrs. Mac
kenzie. One plcasinK feature of this gath
ering was the Woman's Relief Corps
presenting the G. A. R with J.'jt.co.
The Veteran Quartette.
The Veteran quartette was com-!
pocd of M. N'. Morse, J. E. Hall, A.
XV. Mills and Z. M. Parvin. and at the
mcctincs at the Christian Church on
Tucsdav and Wednesday evenings;
thev were loudlv applauded and re-.
oca'tcdlv encored, compliments the ;
quartet certainly deserved. !
G. A. K. Elections. .
Commander, H. 5. Farpo, of Sum-
ncr Post; S. V. Commander, Frank .
Severance, Cornith; J. X. Command-: ,
er, G, C. Thomas. Forest Grove: ' Tillamook ilrum corps also mad a
Medical Director. J. K. Hall Lincoln-' Sne howine.
Garfield; Chaplain, A. H. Nichols, of I . . ; ,
Montavilla; Council .f dtninistra- I , Tht visitinK drum corp. from Port
tion. XV. N. Morse. G. L. H .ker. B. F. ' land played considerably. t was corn
Pike and J. C. Cooper; del. sates to P?ed entirely of old soldnrs. The
National convention. C F Handrf.
W. I). Blanchard. (i. R Castmr,
den, J
Mantz. .. M. Pars in. M-nrvL. Wor- .
B. Stillwtll and K. C. Markee.
Women's Relief Corps.
Prei''i nt. Cvntha Dunlap, No t; S
V. P. hva Rupcr, No. 54; J. V. P.,
Melvin Cooper.Mclvin Cooper, No.
treasure, Edith E Benedict. No. 2.
Ladies G. A. R.
Department Peidr. Charlotte
Parker; Senior X'ice President. F
Maud Hopfi-ld. Junior X"ice Presi
dent. Alice Crcmmcr; treasure, Mrs.
Graff; Chaplain, Addie Talbcrt; De
partment Council.Martlia E. Kerns;
council of administration, Dais;.
Abraham, Mrs. Bcison, Mrs. Glen
denin; delegates at Ian!.- Emm:.
Tucker; department delegates, Mr
Brown Caniine, Emma Krnnbrod-.
nlteniHtt at large Louise Ralston:
depf m r, nlttriates. Mrs. Breamer
and Jiirs bite.
Next Meeting Place.
McMHm ille was chosen as the
jiext i-j place of the G. A. R.
Fmk a!o mcnti'ined, but the
deb s ,m tlr t i-v preferred
wail 1.'. tV,r another vet.r before ex
WUi k an invitation to visit that
Joint Installation.
A j int installation took place on
Tblir'! v morning in the skating
rink, wnich was well attended, and
tilts cloud the business of the 33rd
Auto Trips.
On Thursday afwrnoon the visitors
were t:'kr. m au'os to visit the
pieesc i ir ories and sec the surround
ing c .ini'ry. This proved to be high
ly pliasmg to the visitors, over six
ty autos wtrt in the procession, and
as there were not enough machines,
some of them made two trips. A num
ber went down to Bar X'icw owing to
the beach trip being cut out and
taed over night.
Resolution of Thanks,
XVe take much pleasure in publish
ing a testimonial tendered to Messrs,
Peterson & Barnes, of the Hotel
Ramsey. It must be gratifying to
these gentlemen that their efforts to
cater to the comfort of their guests
lias been appreciated. XVe wish them
Ramsey Hotel, Tillamook Oregon.,
June i8th, 1914.
We the undersigned members of
the G A. R ,md families, hereby vote
our appreciation for the consideration
and ipr'".ss ( Irndrd to us by the
man:g' no nt dining cur encampment.
In r"iiili i 'i -i of the extreme
hospi ' d we pssu'c your
management our nay at the Ramsey
Hotel will ever be fondly remember
ed. Respectfully and Sincerely submitted
m m CudV Mel FpliV
1910. at the post oiHce at TllUmooV.
of Msrch S. 1S79.
Kseh suho,uent Insertion, line
Resolutions of Condolence snd
Uxlge notices, por line
HusinessA Professions! csrds.mo.
ni.'plsy AdTerliaement, per inch
.1 lli.nt.r t.U mllut he In this of
fife on Mondsy nJ Thursday Morn-
t,,, to insure publication in follow
tc Tuesday and Friday Iastie.
Reasons are imperatiTe.
manager. First Nattonl3IUnV or
ID, 1014,
I ! .'.- IVpartment Chaplin. I
V U . . it. H... d Kivrr. . Mil
,u. Hrunnsxt'
V- .ifl Vlr. I
. .... Mi. I M
-v . V lUif.
'. fl. I.rllii.l.
tin .ind. Mi
fVr'Htid. Mr M
,-, MarM Fullnf.
H Kidder.
i -'s.'P H.i'd
t- ' .i. Mr
v lrt, and V
v M
V.i-ia C.
G. 4rgtn'. .clan
Resolution of Thanks. t
R-sHvr i th1 e Arties ot trie i
ml .irMV nt "" Krpuniic eieni
. ii' ' - . j i.i ihe Mavor
I ''HUM . i ' ' .dii.
!T aid ii'iii'k i.f l it. ..ii City
otintv for their Vindntss during
i t.r sta in the city. XV aUo thank
ne Masonic OvW for the use of
thrir b- JU'iiitl b.dl.
hsjrffn! - ' - i e-ilended to the
('. '-"id ''iiM ( , . Ri public for their
kifl invi n a i.iit installation
lu ..I at U. A H hiad quarters.
! mpI. .irr - due Comrade Rc
(.'ii ..r nf the Corinlh
!' ! for b e urtrs,. o the l.ulies
of "he Grand Amtv of the Republic.
V. f ai-firrriiir 1 1 ki-idness of Mr
Miilwrll in his km- s to the ladies
lurin the connm.n
t icurcia K. ?ta sa.
Anna Kornbrodt
Stella Rader Greene.
Street Dance and Fireworks.
A larie croud assembled cm firs!
treet o Thursday, where a street
dance took place, which some of tlir
old boys took part in and enjoyed
the fun. which was followed by -sood
display of fireworks.
Visit tothe Beach.
The visitors feft Friday mornini
in their special train, which stopped
at Bar u-w ior two hours to iivc
them an opportunity to witness a
drill by the life savers'!
The balloon ascension c n X edneaday
w- B complete success.
(Jur bswl under me'director.hip of
W. C. Trombley done some fine work
durin the neamiment. Their music
was much appreciated.
.,1 tK7" .mH.ny ",n&
i lime airs w-nicn iwn wen wun ine
The only tnnu to regretted dur
the enenmpment was tns presence of
pick pockets, who siole several hand
bags, some of them containing consid
erable monf v.
One of trie 4muement features of
the encampment was a ho itup. Geo
Grayson, stage driver of the old stage
coach loaded with passenger, mail and
express, came dashing down Firt
Street and was captured hy holdup men.
A small saf wus stulen Hnd taken to a
vacant lot where it whh blown open
with dynamite, after which the bandits
we-re captured hy the oiTiir,
We must say that tnoe wno had the
e-ncarnpment and the handling of the
crowds in chiirge deserve great credit.
As a rule this kind of service is not
appreciated as it should be. However,
we must sav that thf men and women
who worked unceasingly in behalf of
the encampment, did Tillamook a great
Hervice, because of the fact that they
sint over one thousand men and worn
en from our city singing our praises
anC boosting for TIINm'.oV,
Theie was a lem.ic 1 ".iuaion in the
vicinity of the Herald olf ice on Wednes
day. Upon investigation it. was dis
covered thut Attorney Calvin ft. Wor
rail, had been kisned'by one of our fair
visitors. The doughty Culrin casually
made the remark that he was sweet
sixteen aud had never been kissed
whereupon the fair damsel of sixty
summers put him to the test and he
came through like a man. The occa
sion was indeeo tens ani even dra
matic. However, Calvin came o(T the
field of conquest with colors flying.
A just balance is found In co-operation
and not in corporal lonf.
Well the candidates could not all be
nominated and those you nominated
can nos all be elected.
The Democrats knew Dr. Smith was
the man to elect when the Oregonlan
began to oppose him.
A system thut builds up one class by
the destruction of another 11 in opposi
tion to true civilization co-operation Is
a zolden medium between capitalism
and socialism where the rich and poor
can meet together aud realize the Lord
is the maker of them all.
Why can not the game laws be en
forced Ilka other laws, without a lot
of vame wardens as a burden to tax
Teen ml Kill t chance xUr
dlsspt-omlrd csndldsti-s I" Mo!"1- ,
Thry ""d K,H"' l,",u ,,l,wn ',"'r', ,
ti i. i..t .Kvv the lt iiiii lhl ,
Is iHillliimted.
ll. dlsspd"'""! ,
e. -t comfort from thsl thought
A fw i..d lawn that the cmmon
people can understand without htnK
to hire a lawjer to .'pUln them l
w hut we liceil.
"When the righteous rule a mtion
rejoietlh. but when the wicked rule
.i.vmmiI. " .tiihiniiin. Who
liailiill iiii.m, n ....
rulnlin puttlnc '' h"'n !
Uirt on the in'ople, ws it a ris'htcou
IriiislaturvT ,
'He that st pH'th his ears at the cry
of the poor hll cry hunvlf and shall
not be heartl." Solomon. UoeVefeb
Irr, Jr.,shoule memortte thu ore nl
her the cry of the poor miner of Col .
If you ote for the rlnht hour U" H
November, next rar when otl no to
put your hay in, if you work our hired
mall a half hour over the eltfht hours to
are vour hay, you will lay ourelf
liabla for a criminal offense.
Kverylly lni..t for the Count) r'ir.
Sept. 15 to l.s. Thero re a lot of
premium for sonte one. l.el'err) j
Uly try tl set some of thrm.
I think that there i not much dmibt
of Or. Smlth'i t lection in Novi niter.
Whn tho Oritonln and lUadlirhli
opluc a man the ptniplr know hr is'
alright. So you are voting for a ionl i
miUJ whrn voUc for )r Smith.
Gibtsch and Jopbn have rtfetfd
two buildiiiK. one at Vluini and n
at Bar X'icw, to br used is lrlrt-rah 1
office for the operator who routr
the train ( stone osrr thr main linr t
of the V. K A N road. I
Dr. V A Wise u improving hn
property hrrr. and t .ptct ofi In 1
erect j new resiurncr
The pile drivrr for thr drp ra
work has arrivrd and will be 'fl up
in a few days.
Bar X'icw will soon have a pirnd
lie puh club. Pre potatory irps
were taken at a meeting held at t"r
post office Tnrsilay rvrning.
Schnauffrr orchestra of Portland
TTavr lrd the danre ball and wtl'
furnish thr rnnsic for thr dances tins
summer The orchestra consist 01
) C. TouipVm. manager, S. I. I Imh
floor uiaiMifrr, t'lto Schnauffrr.
linist. Jobs S. Owrns. pianist, ami
Arthur Tonr, trap drummer. Thr
orchestra i composed of a gru'lt
menly srl of fellows who art
-l tli' hrt musician u the nasi
mic!i a fin' reinibmation ran not In lp
but maVf ucrr I heir ina.l
piartrrs is Hesitation camp.
Um I'lrich and wifr reccntlv mar
ried at thrir home city, Jeffrrson.
r.. Spent last Sunday wltrTS I.
t'lrich of the Hesitation camp. The
gentlemrn are cousins.
The bonlitp alley . managed by R
E. and E F. Jjckon, i a popular
place and is already doing a good
A party consisting of V. G. Dwight
Albert Marolf and wife, Mr. Snrlling,
S. S Johnson and wifr and Oak No
lan came down front Tillamook last
Sunda. and snrnl the da. nn thr
beach. ,
A large crowd attended thr oten
ing dance on last Saturday night ai :!
this place. The fine music will
bring the people.
I. H. Oliver and R. E. Jackson had
business in Portland this week.
X'ernon Daily in companr with his
wife Florence Urrrfman Bailey art
here from Washington I) C. Mr.
Baily is chirf field naturalist of the
biological survey at Washington. II rs
Baily is aim a distinguished natural
it having made a lifr study of birds.
They are making a tour of the north
west in the study of birds and plants.
Mr. Bailey is mapping out thr count
ry into life zones, and making a
study of correlation of artificial
with the natevr plants. Mr Daily
is gathering material for thr fourth
'dition of hrr "Hand book of birds
f the western I'nitrd Stairs." This
: a valuable book and should be in
all our homes. Mr. and Mrs Bailey
-.ill remain in Oregon two months
ift'r which they will go to California
They are very pleasant proplr to
mret and expressed themselves as br
ing perfectly drlightcd with thrir
triji to Oregon.
XX ( Carroll chirf engineer in
company with ("apt Robert Farley
md others of the United Stales life
saving station here made a survey of
thr bar at the mouth of thr Nchalem
river last week, and found a seven
foot channel at low water.
XValter H. Kent arrivrd from Wald
port last wrek and took the place In
the life laving station which was
made vacant br the resignation of
Don C Ellis, XVe are informed that
Don will become a fisherman.
Fred Bingly of Portland postoffice
is spending his annual vacation in
this county. While in Tillamook
City last week he conducted an ex
animation for candidates for fourth
class postmasters. This is Mr. lling
ley's first visit to Tillamook and he
was very favorably impressed with
conditions here aud the future out
look for this part of Oregon, While
at Bar View he was the guest of his
old time friend H, S. Brimhall, who
handled mail with him for several
ear in the Portland office.
County Court Proceedings.
In the matter of plans and specifi
cations for a concrete bridge over
West Creek, at Braver, the county
Clerk was instructed to call for bids.
Claim of Fort Dodge Culvert Co.
for $-(485.80 was allowed, excepting
the sum of $435.80 for freight.
Claim of the Good Roads Miicbin
crt.LP- 'f s-W.'t was allowed,
Claim of Bales, Krskine and Heyd
for $1000 was allowed.
In the matter of prescribing ami
adopting ' of a text book to be used
in the office of County A
I same was declared a public record.
L. 15. Hewitt.
iv I I
l)tltrict .Spevlsllsl
,'"u' 1 " 1 1 .
. (.. mM Ortlf: menou.r ..r-i...
K. A
Oit'ifti in ,simeoii Hid.
All Wink tJaaiaiitee!
Dr. lack Olson
illllce Hours Irom V . m. to S p. m.
OJJfrllowi RuilJinc
Both rhonea,
Mai LocaleJ in Ihe Commercial BUf.,
Succeedinf Dr. P. J. Sharp.
All Vink Gufjnlvl. lUh I'Umm.
CHlue Mworii
tu I J i. in.
1 1,. jo r- "i.
Ojxu Kvittn Itwn ' until S oM.k
AllornfjtlLw ,
Land Office Business.
oi'iosiru COUKTHOUJl.
J. E. REEDY, D. V. M.
(Both I'tfHirs);
i t Orciion
Attorney at Law
In Commercijl liuiliiinv
Four Foot Fir Slabs
$3.00 Per Cord Delivered
$2.90 in Ten Cord Lota;
$2.80 in Twenty CortlLot.
4 hesd of cows, 3 horses, I Jersey '
bull, 6 calves from two to I months
old. 2 sows and plg. which is of the I
I-ouis Alei Johnson Ette ordered I
sow by the County Court si (irlr.tr
sale June 'U, 1 to t t. m. For furlhtr I
Information call me over mutual phone '
v , , , ("our.
. ll- Y- llloe.
Administrator of the Johnson K.
With the stowtJ Intent to ilrfcat
H'tiator Hmool or ro-rb ctlon lbs ilarrv
ocratle snd prorrr it.t, Conn
Hons, hnhl separately In Halt lki,.
comhlnrij on a state ticket, nominal
Inr. Jame, H. Moyle, of Salt Ukr,
democrat, for the senate; Krnnk II.
Stephens, of Halt I.nko. democrat, for
supreme court Justin-. James II Mays
of Halt Ijike, PrncroMlvo. and I.ewU
l-arson. of Manll. pe'mresslve, for rrp
Mount Ln in Violent eruption
Ui'ddlni;. Cnl. I'lre. amok... strain,
volcanic tshrs. rotka and doaill) khi
bulcheil. not only from tho crntur
which opi nid up near the summit of
Mount Lassm May 30, but also from
two tiw cralurs that burnl opmi more
than n mllo from tho firm of tin- m-w
craters, and I tin first known loll Is
one dylti;, 0110 Injured and two do
men ted.
W -VrJv
by keepi R him In shabby old IUrri..
We are selling Hr.rness made of the
best stock attprlce. that ought to
tempt yoi
will not only Improve thu appear use
of your howe, but contribute- to your
safety as well, Uany a runaway could
be avoided if the old Harness had btn
ditcarucd in time.
El. J. Claubsen
Dld'THCHKU Ahvokat
CinHmctviul Huiltlinn
Ollioc JOIM.OI, Tilhimook
Tiltiuttook - Ore.
! G. L. DICK .V .SON, Pioy.
i W4h l'U
Vhe Sunic Price to tivrryoita
Ulu(ntall aw
lilltMiiouk County (tank Bldq.
Geo. P. Winslow
rilUllHk IlkK'k
Boom 'M
TllUmook. Oregon
i K N IIKNKI.it Mri
. . ... . . i.. .I. i
liKtln) III lilimiini- r urnicriy --iitii
y Carl I'.Ul.f
Fun(l l)lflo ivl 1J.isi4 Kmbalitia
lidi Assistant When tr.Utrl.
Painter and Paper Hauler
Contracts Taken
Ksiimnte.s f,,nrnishctl.
,U XVnrk l.tiitruatrrit.
TilliuiiiMik. Dr.
' ' - ... .. ,
11114 Architectural drawings for t he sumc
Intel v free of charge. Will jivc you the
no.ssihle liiMH'cs on mill work nnl all othfl
m' inaterml. Mr. Straunhaii is nmnufact:
nielli mr ninny kiikih 01 material viiii'r
ilie coiiMtrtictiou of huilclius thai is not
the local inarkel.
Give him a call- consultation and bolldttg
free at all times. Next to Todd Hotel.
It A I.
s 1 . 1 u: 1 j r n.j.. nn p new
--- 1 ui 1 ricca uciorc ui uti k
M T T T A afs A mr Alrl
a aSwniTlVyVan. VIaTa. A " "
We have now a limited Hupplylol brick
tile rcfidy for the market it the followiitf
BRICK, . . 0.00 PER 1
afl 1st! ajst.aSsBiay.aAa . -.an TUfl I
Ti". unsm iiLt. iu.uu rin
Located 0 uiileH Houtli of Tillnuiook
traveled road.
Subscribe for the Herald.
Comes Twice a Week
b. C hllM
lllliliiiwil i
OfWr Uuim f
1lW Ai
r'urni.iMn;,, .
lv fur .i l itf?
in w.r (iw MahLfcV
, y-l--. inr (chUr ......
MY L'Vrur,iii
. . vun aii
H-nl. A Vhiit, uw
Ih will irti r
a far iKith .t uj,i .
fill I " s.
5. M
i StW
s,v.,,, kui.i p,lUl,f
llllto bl K it,
I . . a i c i i.i. -
v ir.rr
1 t ifi it
J I l I . I . Ilk
II t as .
S-fj Trrsi
" - t - - . t -
Tillamook Tl
lw-, AUtrxU, It
JsurTe;lt;f, s
I lotS
,J Ttt.l.AMtKlK,
f . . 1 ' . . 1 r ... I ....nil I