Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, June 16, 1914, Image 3

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Start The Day Right
utlftrl lit flUiriif tti f.ti.. !. I a
UlI , lr M M .117 ,e yu !, ilZZJiltl lull " y'M
lit II' )i tl HUfltxJ tklfif ,"n iicrr 7 If ,,
Nyl'i Iron Tonic Bittern
, . ... !,rr,l. .nftKltmrnl- r.lrnrH l.Ue, c
Nyl' Iron Tonic Blttrra
,r the t lt and make fi. Ulle ( lirt rlehlt li
.'rhT.1-' r',,rm'" 0,b,,,ui'" rwniMi ,uS ; r.,f(;;
irti" -i''- "'" "" n-"i laus aim or, .i,,.., I 1 11
a. .1 and oerfnrm. other dullr. il V ' It mrlrhr
T f '.cllOfe'.' "U lo
A 'isb Uillio in nYAl WON TONIC llirrmi r..n , r , ...
.it only ril ft Mttlw 'ul1 cnlti
Ulilnrl Dflil Hlllln irii.d.l I., t
y, (,' I wil yU want. " " "'"I
. ( pfiuvo agenla r r llir celebrated .'Y,, FAMILY HIIMK
1 tmlr lm'i;io plcaic- our customer
j Coc.il nappcninaf .
ji auctioneer.
Munry lo loan on flnl rl. ftm
rirU:if'. Prt National Hank.
Hlf.t.M,f,y 1. ,,m Bn,j ,M)W
U ihe Utile K, ,y )wlt r,rMr, for
ramtin. Hoy Oidiii at the Fruit Pal-
l)i I we the optician. M)r Mm ,,,;'
w"1, t idtcul j If yog want a real fly nry u.u our.
A a f f(f ela.a farm murt- 1 "u 7Ir KfWwi ready lo tue. H.ry.
"V. Arthur II. Ki. IhiU. patim ,f
U: '
I rc
June 72 I i? Don l fur
rj of Mrs, Woivilt, vltltlttj;
f Vn fur all VlfU cif
! .lamouV l'rcl Co.
.. t-o nilal fay li
.'. Mm
,r mall tinier (U(altt;t to
,k l-Vril a, ml ihoy will
' u r un the tamo to nu
. Ilofr, t , us troli alt imIIhC
-rvatlU Iminr Hi ttU v
a Hi;t mip pfM
. llcralil i0c
, ' ,.'ola- of I'ufllsltJ wi
, Hatunlay nf ll V..
.Igtntil Klvrr alltwil aial
haao't KUli MorVcl,
i i-iou SwriiioM, who h
tug Ihhi wear H"I
inf lltf llic MIIIIIHrl.
t water inittoiti nf llio ma.
. Html at tit Pftllt I'alatn.
..l. limtiuln pen with the
i Jl M thrrroM, finUtr
t i 4ltt lo llrarl'l nllli'
rcnl u.. tnlilrU.Ur: irV
Vv, at C I. ClotlK'h (8
a i I ly check liteMmiiytMir
lt llw HUKI.S'SSJ WAV.
- .u Coiiniv llonV.
tar i . court rcirlor
i.. t pilling pn ol'l frlewla In
- V for a cotlilo ' ilaya.
l k to trails homo '!
I wf.tiM kn to i!i .,... i,-ir.i.
l 10 crki ol.l. Jfc. HmlU, Ult;(:f
I.. lUMrr, Ua ,,f WIwoiwIh,
roll,,., ()f Mm, Jacob Ilium of H-m
M. h vUIiIhk ,, ,itr, fhny h4
mil im t hnfurn In 40 year. Mr. Ilah.
I'f asM.tl ,H,r (fU n cr, tht, W!ck
(in to Dr. Monk for flmt cla.a photo
rililrnf. Il .Iway. dfllv.r, t)
The 01.1 KpinUh Kllche.i la a fine
lc loKrt koo.1,, v, rvce aiHl
f """l treatment,
MIm lllanrhti Krremari. ilacrmri
from the Aiuthta.t Kama M. K. Con.
ferencc It vltltltiK at the W. K. Noyta
wmr. Hhe will vlilt friend. h.,-ie
iiHit of the mimnier.
I)r' biwn the Oiitlrlan ihwa not m.
Hi or k from hoime to hoimc. O.nnult
him at Tillamook Hotel, Jurm 22 to 27
KvariKcllitlc tervice each cvenlnir
Ililt week at the Narerrno church. (Vm
ilucteil hy tht; paiitor anlte by ).
Hire of I'ortlatwl aiw Mra. Klva Ho
hart of the Dalle..
Home For Sale, hlack mare, 4 year
M, weight alnml IIW kiuimI. well
lirtike atHi aouml, M. Kocnlcki;, Wooila,
Mr. H. 8. Fre.lrlck of Albany, Ore.
of Kalr Oaka Circle No. 7, ban .t
necklace nitric of Canadian nick In
wllh a brooch attached. Notify olllce
of (J. A. II. headiUnrtra or Albany,
A 8AFK DKl'OSIT IIO.X will pro
tert your pr fnim Iwlnj: loal or
dettroyeil. Il.() per year. TILLA
liat by mule lady, u cbnln'puriu; ron
UlnliiK' mall purte which bail In it two
II0.(J lillU iiimI one $,1 j:ld piece nrd
acme tinnll change, 11U11 Bomo couNina
on llullomV Ktinle' return U Herald
awl receive regard.
Vounn America clieen-n done up In
four pound lota are lndd for nalc at the
busineat liou.r. of the. city. Thoy
mike a nc aouv nl t noi 'i Ui friurala
who wwr not able in attund the reun
ion. Ak any of our merchant about
(. Colin, wIki haa been upending
the winter In Southern California ar
rivcnl in the city the Unit of the week.
Ralph 1 1 ime and wife who have
been apendlm; the wintur nt Anhlniid,
Dr., ant in the city.
Don't he deoivnd in buyitiK cheap
flour wlion you can Kt Dcmoul'n Heat,
I Hue Stitm hard wlnml Hour nt the Til
lanxwk Kewl Co. The "Hint" (lour on
the market. Money back if not aiilift
floii. In ihc lMMlIefcr?iiS case Which wa
iiikI beforr the city recorder bt
xrek C (i. Utlwards wait declared in
tiixfni of the charfic and I. Parker,
nho hoarded with him plead guilty
and B fined $50 or iivrn the privi-
ice '
Tu a .
Cf x
T.M f
kit l ortlan I for pruirty I Tilla
m k liniilr' Herald Olllce.
M , Malml, Coyim of thl city,
K 'rd (unit the Monmouth Nor
t week, the will leach here
doo-l milk cow' for anle. See II C
II I M)l,
Tlic Matona will meet In apoclnl
fneel Wwlneaday ovonlnK, June 21.
Sv. lat work, iroml attendancu dealred.
I', irymon, I can tiw any thin t I the
calf 1, ief n Jhavo. 1 am buying Jr
c)m, both aox. J. Morrttl Smith, tbo
Calf Mini.
lb uckeoplnn room mwl furnlahd
rotimii for rent. Knuulr- at Watch
To, r
A . Miller of Portland wh waa
one f thu early nuwapaiier munlof tho
oiii.ty la attcndliu: tho roil 1 on hern
tins ..k.
Black and White
Once Smokctl will con
vince all.
The only long filler
hire Tobacco Citf'n t(
lay lor fic,
AO Hox $2.00
Wier Sprcclicn DcuIkcIi
Keliahlo Dnij-jnist.
the niUinool M. I!. Church during
HMMRi ii a reunion vl.ltor thu week.
Try lh.e Ue Ulnnert at the Old
.Hpanla KlUhen. Thov ar the tnitt
In Utwn foe the mkiihit
Mr. I'arrtah of IUil)rK. at wxt time
cnunty ommbMiomtr of thtt county it
Attending I raunton b(o thtt week
8tnirr aajwina; maciilnm tor tato
on U.tim, at our horn lano ami
Mtute ttor at nilflmook. Or. Iloth
(MM. A. UiMUack, Mgr.
Mr. Julia Wowator. of Salem,
Or.. It among . A. It. vltor
tr ihl Veok. on bit flrtl vlait'lo
1 'amuoa.
"Thet" hf k-oam a lot o damaRori
hai HpfuaJ into Uir inarkit and
awl I tit in mncmrr. 'TU Tillamook
Pood' Co ha dU noUilnj; but iool
I oat.
itom to Mr. 4 Ui. J'raok II.
I'lkr of fay City cm Tuc.day, a girl.
lr Vendt was ihr attending phyi
cUn, Why buy Ra Uamt and Itet Inrd
when rou can rl lUwiern corn fnl
i, - m. kMMH .ml iMA nf t lw. 'I'l Mil !
K.ed Co. Tho bm imumy eun buy. ' o( l"vinK t.wn. He left town.
t. Andrew johnton. Swc.Ik.Ii Open an uccount wlUCtlui Ol.l) UK
Hal, nt 1 rrrhrr fnm near Foreti 1 I.I AHI.IJ with your noxt pny .check
... r. t.rehrd at the Wilton Hn.r I Pay all bill by check. You'll know
. ... 1 i ... . ...1...... ii ... i. ..1
iimnc uti un(iay. 1 " "" .nu I. j
Now ia ihr tim to look ovar your
Weddln announcement have been
receive! In thl city announclm the
marrlaK of Mia Utile Price of Tilla.
monk Ui F, U. Ollham of Portland, at
Oakland on Juno 10th, They will make
their future home In Oakland, after
making trip about the atate. Mr.
Ollham It atatc manager of California
for a Chicago firm.
flNezt Monday and the remainder
of the week you can conault Dr.
Iwe toe well known eve cclnhat at
Tillamook Hotel. You and your child
ren are afe If you wear hit u per lor
Klaaaet eye tafc and pricct tafc. They
coat you no more than Inferior kind
uually aold and you have the benefit
of hit aklll ami more than 21 year ex
perience a an excluMve eye apeclnllit.
Dr. Iwc tcuarantcea hi xlnrntea In
Klve atlfactlon whether they coat
12. 00 or more. One charge cover en
tire cott of examination, frame, len
c, He nember the date from 22 to 27,
The Tillamook HuildinK" Company
will recelvii bid for au.(yi,IK i(a,
con o f four.fwdwwal. t,,'. delivered
In the ba.emenl . of it muliint! in Til-
He'pulA nm' bvfrU
Tlllarno'ik HuildinK tympany.
y H. T. Hntla. Preafdent.
All Gold Hond Trading Stampt bear
iiK the letter 1 HS or Holtz muat be
In our bunds not later than June 20th
to bo redecine!.
Firt clan work. Heaaonable ratei
Three yenra of aatlafaction to lllla
mook patront,
Phone or leave order ut Jones-Knud-on
Brief News of the Week
machinery and Rot your repair. Tim j
Tillamook Ivh1 Co. earrit supply
for all maehlne
t!..in. ( U 'l.ilmaKr who at
finlnl ll-r 1 . -. r r 1 1 1 1 k "I Ihc MjtolllC
....... I I
illmr I .! . k .1'
,14.1.1 s!.iii ).ird Hrjrrr.
Dr. WcnJl Phyiician
tml tirnrnti niirTX lill
tc'7 lerncci lo iiioie in
neeil ..f it In. -a .r "I'r trenlment. U
Hirmanntly locnt.xl in TlllamiHik City
nnt here only when Mime apccinl o'C
tldii draw a larue number of people to
our elty, and hero every day nt your
ervlrei-. .Satisfaction uiinmted. You
an nel -el nnv atylo nf Umaw or mount
iok you with, at modern prlco.
Conaiiltatlim Free. AbnohHuly
'1 A 1 rvi nude a trip in Srflon
l.i t ck 10 ce about a putilion as
rhrrtc niAir tbetc. lie tcrurcd a
..union mid will move with family
thric at once
Ceo. L. Hamlin, hmnm movlmr. ml
uu mid roallllnk'. Truck to hmiillu
heavy work.
Ilermim TlucBinm win iirrc.ited bv
fiiiiim Wiinlon Lonch thin week '"l
Ink.m before Jnde Htunley. wiiero no
iplei.d KUllty to IhocharKii of Kill not
' tiiiK 011 llui l ay, mid was Hne.1 $50 11ml
Hiind Slmvoil abliiKlfrt "I nr
ihmIn for hhIo. Feo or nridrcHu C. .1.
lim.wr.l. Hemlock, Ore., Mulniil
; I'llOIIO.
i I I D'NccI, formerly of this place,
. llliw of Canyouville, OrcKm,
1 wheic he is in the I"R l'"-'llC!,!i-1
M,eut .1 few .lay lw hv ',ast
' For u Kiiml ilinmir 01 luiythlnk' i thu
' !i , f Ural rlara food-, call at tho Old
'SrifHh Kitchen. Opiumite Liiiimw.
i Cluyil Dawson who hat been at
' ,r. dm the I'.'ive.Mty of O.ckou at
. i.jcnr. icturnc.l to Um rlty lal
'week He ih employed jt ihc Loudly
i llnnk.
I The Whltn IsKIm,"'!' ,lnK nw
chlneH. Vibrator mid rotary Hliuttlu
HlyloH. For h.iIc. on uy termn nt Jonea
Ktiudton Furnllure Co.
of thu month by look i in; over
chock. TilUmonk (Vmnlv Hank.
Mr. Hoy J. Auriorwm in mnkinn n
brief visit to h mother and niaters,
Llllltin iiimI Kuby, in thia place, after
which be rctumea lilt work as electrical
engineer which he ha oiicce.nfully fol-
iljii.l willi Cari Uiwni ince Krjduutioit'at O. A. C. in
appointed n3.
Let no one, (lit uln v to your eyes
who in not restored at the county
court house In Tillamo'ik. You lav
yourself liable in the eye of tho law,
fur n wltmtas in court if no murei Dr.
Uiwe will rck'intor when ho nrrivea
next Monday, ilo does not peddle.
Notice to the Public.
I am now located in the Mrs, Mills
properly between Slillwell Ave. and
Stcoud Ave. Mast, llnec blocks West
..f my old location, where I am better
prepared to serve you than ever be
fore. Thankiiik' you for our liberal
patronage in the past and soliciting
a continuation of your valued orders,
1 iu"' , 1
Yours lor business,
Kaspcr Zweifcl,
Mutual l'lionc
SUM LAftira
15, 25 and 40 V4II, 35c
60 WaII - c
100 Wall - - 80c
150 Wall -
250 Walt . 2.90
I'lOttrU l.aau flc Ultra.
We .IflUcr lamiw lo ,ia; I'art of
llic city. Tclfalioiic ut. We do
wlrliic t ' prlcr cow.
il.trnt with al warkiimnthlp.
TlUaaeok lliotrle 81,Bl,,Bi
UffbC ft IOl 00. "ar.
Klnrn will tend n batttillon of lnfnn
try and a hand to the Panama-Pacific
oxpunliloii nt San Francisco.
K neneral holiday wna obnerved
tbrouithout iho south Wodmmdi-y In
!:njur of tho ntiiilvuraury of the birth
.if Jt-rferAOU Davla.
One purmm wua I.I. . '.si and a nuui
her hurl in a revere wind storm whlei.
awopt Suporlur. Win., etiurlnn propert
ilnmane udtmalml at $500,000.
Ptvo fruxbnien at thu Acndomy n
AimaiKjlls nave been nrreated In coe
mctlon with tho death of Willim.
Howtua. vl'.i.m of hazers.
FlrearuiH cim he Kolit only by li
ctuiKed dealcra In C'IiIchko, nd then
only lo jHirsoii who hnve a permit
from the chief of police, accordlm; U
now ordlunnco.
The Hllnola liar association ndopleV
resolutioiiH prohlbllliiK its members
from kivIiik out Interviews for pub.,
cation In cases In which thoy are In
teitsted. The publicity practlco lb
held to be uuethlcul
Thursday the mni;nlficent Kionu
ment erected In the confederate sec
lion of the Arlington national soldier'
cemetery wiir unveiled with Impreii
i.lve ceremonies In which President
Wilson and other notiiLiles look pan.
Who Is
The Sharpies Mechanical
Milker Users
Why Not
.Become a customer also and
get paid for it in increased
Why Not
Relieve yourself of all dccndancc upon unreliable
help and drudgery.
Why Not
Make up your rnlnd at once nd inveat in a Sharpies Milker. 1 he ei t
Cup with the Upward Squeeze. The mwit wonderful Invention of the
present time.
Call at our "Uirc and we will show you a machine In operation.
Docks and Warehouse Front St between 2d and 3d Ave. West
People in the News
Society Is too quick to Intercede In
behalf of criminals, says former Jus
lice of the supreme court of Wiscon
sin, John 11. Wlnslow.
John O. Hockefeller's wealth hat
been estimated at $311.226,3G7 hy the
tax returns, In Cleveland. Most of
the amount Is In Standard Oil hold
liiB. Victory for prohibition In California
would mean a loss to tho industries
of the atnte of a sum estimated at
$700,000,000. says William 11. Schuldt
of San Francisco.
Jacob Furth, n lendlnR financier of
I'liKul Sound and head of the Stone &
Webster Interests In the State of
Washington, died nt his home In Seat
tle. Death was caused by heart trou
ble. Mrs. Joseph R. Knowlaud, wife of
llepre enlatlve Knowlaud of Califor
nia, who Ih a candidate for tho United
Stales senate, announced that she. will
slump the state with her husband.
A court martial sentenced Vlco-Ad-mlral
Matsumoto of the Japanese navy
to three years' Imprisonment on
ibarKos of accepting bribes In connec
tion with naval contnicls.-
The theory of Dr. Samuel Pierre
pont Lnncley, who proclaimed to tho
world that ho had solved Iho problem
of tho uir several years before henv-Inr-than-alr
machines had been suc
cessfully navigated, was vindicated
when Glenn Cnrtiss, the aviator, wont
aloft in "Langley's folly."
City Can Regulate Auto Speed.
Salem. Or. That a municipality vir
tually Is free from molestation by the
leitlslnture In bomo affairs, was tho
Blst of a decWIou by the supremo
court. Uuder tho opinion; tho leulsla
ture Is prevented from passlufi any
act which would Interfere with a city
In auy matter terruano to tho clty't
Specifically the dtclalon hold that
the Oregon otolor tehlcle law, which
allowt a rate of tnoetl of autoauobllcs
In cities of 21 mllea an hour, doe not
apply In Portland, which has ordl
aiicc limiting t l'l to 15 miles,
Story of Writing of Famout War Song
by Julia Ward Howe.
Mrs. Julia Ward Howe told the story
of how she camo to write her stirrlnK
sontr, the "Battle Hymn of the Itepub-
I lie."
"It was durl.is the second year of
the war." she Mild, "and I bad pone
to Washington with mr husband mid
my Mstir. the Itev. .In men Freeman
Clarke I baii wished many times that
1 could do sumethliiK for my country,
but the w-ny seemed closed. My bus
baud wa.s too old and HI to po; my son
was only n boy. My children were so
'young that I could not leave my home
for lone myself. While we were In
Washington there wns 11 great review
f the troop across the river. We 1
drove out to see It While it was In 1
progress there was a dash made against (
Mime of our troops by the enemy It ,
wns repulsed, but the review wnsiiban
back to Washington mid we with
"The progress of our carriage was
slow, fur the roads were crowded with
the soldiers To encourage the men
we began sinking various songs and
hynilis. an. I they would Join In the
ehoru.s. After we bad Ming Mobu
lliown's I'.oily Dr. Clarke turned and
asked me why I did not write some
new words for that music. I replied
that I had tried several times, but nev
er could seem to write any good
"The next morning Just about
o'clock I woke suddenly. As 1 lay
there In bed the words of the hymn
began to form themselves In my mind.
I pit up and by the faint light of the
early morning scrawled them on a
piece of paper and then went back to
bed nnd sound asleep again. That Is
the way the hymn was written." Sat
urday Kvenlng Post.
"Fiva Minuta For Memories."
A custom which Is becoming nation
:il Is the silent dedication of the rive
minutes beginning at noon on May 'M
in those civil war heroes whonow are
parsed away. Soldier, veterans, pub
lic men und Jn-t plain citizens nil help
to observe the beautiful custom of de
voting live minutes to the memory of
tho men who fought to keep this coun
try one nation.
First Northern Memorial Day.
The llrst observance of Memorial
day In the north was in ISCtl at Wa
terloo. N. V., when General Murray
had the veterans of his post decora to
the gravis of their comrades. In 1S67
T. C. Campbell or Cincinnati marched
his post to the graves anil laid wreaths
on them. In KSilS. following General
Logan's request, there was a general
observance of tho day whorover Union
roldiera were burled.
Gilford Plnchot, who received the
Progressive nomination for United
States Senator from Pennsylvania at
the primsr.es.
Mcrtlng Called to Concentrate Sup
port for Measure Before Congress.
Washington. In aa effort to con
centrate Fupport for a suffrage meas
ure In congress, suffrage leaders is
sued a call for a meeting of all lead
ers in the movement In the United
States at O. 11. P. Belmont's Newport
home. Marble House, July 3.
Two bills, one by Senator Shafroth
and the other by Senator Urlstow, are
before congress. The suffrage lead
ers are divided as to which measure
Is better, but they hope to settle all
difficulties at the meeting. Suffrage
workers from nearly all states, aud
representatives of the congressional
union and tho national American wo
man suffrage association will participate.
Metcalfe to Make Race.
Omaha. Richard U Matcalfe, vice
chairman of tho committee to arrange
the formal opening of the Panama
canal, has decided to accept the peti
tion filed In his behalf for the demo
cratic nomination for governor of the
Btate of Nebraska
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