Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, December 26, 1913, Image 1

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Largest Circulation of any Paper in Tillamook County
Tillamook, Ohhoon, Dhckmiikk 130, 101. 'I.
NO. 97
' 1.1
It is the mm of this hnnk to give !
t he best blinking service possible
ami we do tt.
It is ulso our nun to have tlie
very best equtmuent . sueti as
Modern Fire Proof, I Winking , v
Room, Fire Proof Vault, Mnr
giv Proof Safe, Modern Safe
Deposit Hoxes and we have'
ihetn. - - -
Mexico Clly. ITimnelal lutpovar
lnhment nml mi liHTinlii orrsnulxa-
lion ntimnit st'ores .if rebel band Imrr j
reduced (tin provisional government
to what appear (o he u ,lmrt nil
uadoo, bm conservative residents of,
tho fndmd CM Vital profemt believe, I
In vlw of tho r.-cent military opera
Hon nnd the fact lluil Provisional
I'rtmldont HUTltt runlliuini In secure
moimy even though In small amounts,
that tlm nnv.-rtiitiKiit may not (nil tot
many mo-.lhi unlp nomd uun&pcoiMl
turn tor the won... wmir
lit nil tloptiriincnta ihero wn llttlo
.May In meetiUK tlm pay rolU. That
Urn Koveniunmt ay i "
'flost fiimthnr loan I conceded by Max
lemi gnimrally. but lost
slKht of the faot that tho country In
rich nml that Oeu.iral Huerin as it last
rrmri would not hesltnm to take
monuy whero h could ami H.
Alraady the eiiblnet hm. iHsciibsmI
ttto owifnnatiort of iho prorty of ell
Individual who am knuwn to have
arrayed tbemimlve aRatat '.he Hucr
in government.
Events Occurring Throughout
tiio Statu Uuriny tiio Pixst
Booh Will Make naee for Senate.
Mrntlfii. iltirhiK which tlnii' luin-, Hint io ihtmhiii who n not innrrl.l
(i l (Up MMi" airn io ncci'in men ovu.ir
Mllwnuki'o.--The ciiiil(:a inttrrlnKo
law, Milch will : Intu ((jI Jnniiary
I, r'Clol a liloW whim lloraco II.
NS'nlnihloy, uti nttorncy, lnui n ntnto
muni (lit a marrlni;o ftriWiiony In
WUuoiihIii wn iiiiiH'CXBiiry Mini llmr.
fui tiio nimnilc inM.au n wn imolnau.
"All (tint lit r"(iilrM In (hi ntnl U
Mucrta Savr Dank b Holiday.
MxU:o Clty.Owlnu (o vrolra(l
nitt m dm lm Imnktim linttltutUiiin
I'rrnliJpnt llimrta ImttKxl n dfttrr" r
qlnlmliMI LaiildnR holhlay. With tlm
tltl oxcni'Men of n. other lnt(
ippy new Vcar
to mi
e ,i. nil of our natrons and-customers who
tcn.l u-d us to build up such a good business.
tint Motto: "Staisthcthn Ounruntcvil
or Money Refunded."
L tu see you all again next Jyear also your
rf E. ' ttNDEKSON
trt t nt
AllMixy tt Uw iid Notary I'obllc
1 1 1.I.AMOO K
iment : Coal
Root Paint
Lime : Brick
Drain Tile
and WarehmiA Frint St. between 2d and 3d Ave. wesi
vDiinc abhs Prooa
6 I..- now H.mtcd WWtf,fi
ready lor me umiiiBi. , ... r
. . ,iqW
4.im mum tile. 20.oo n iM!HM5i!!2
Waied 0 mile aouth' of Tillaniook on main
traveieci rwu,
inulniof li'tiitra havi. tom from nil
jtartu of iho tnlo, ukUiir aocoptatire. 1
Itolicri A. IJooth. y)u wn wnliMl m I
on byja .It-V illon of fuiiPrt" cltln
hiiJ nVlpit lo hmiino a mll.lu for
tli IiiII'mI HUitit B'imlorIi), line
(l"itirnilii-il (o linoil tli r.timiutt, and to
n.'i'k Um nomliiiillon for lhat offl.n nt
th himli. of lit") ritilillonn imriy, of
whli'hj h haa nlwnyn h;v!i a mtinbcr.
jcooley fUquUltlon Made.
Balim. Sovrnor W.-m lm Unuwl
a MiijiUlllon on Um KVftuor of Cull
fornl for A. II Cooluy, titultr arnl
In Sitn l-'rnnclfo on a uharsi' of KM
Iiik fliomaB Van Pell In Curry county
Id )tfi.r no, UUh-Uvi )oyt who,
with UUtrh't Attorney llrown, worlifd
up to vlilcttm ai;alni Coolly, will
tak 'lilm to Curry county for trial.
Tw.Cnt Fare Moflwen Mao'i Idea.
finfnm. Two cnta a mlln v'",,K,'r
farrt 'on all ntnalll and rlMMrlfl rail-
rwl In Oregon U to thw tmrioTi
pa mat mi," ald Mr. Wiilmbloy. "No
i.irvlcn la vcrnry and (In- iihyidcal
onamlnutlou rcmilfMl hy tho lato law
on n not h" otiforcnl."
Tim conttrtion of Mr. Wnlmalny la
Imri'd on ii di-rlitlon of llm aiaio u
VrnniM court. April K, 1913. Tho dc
oUlon hohU thr.t any man or woman
not nmrrUid at th tlmo may mnk.i a
U'Kal nod valid contract of marrlaKo
without any IIcmibo, niMllcnl oxaiulua
tlou, vrliml, clergyman or maKlatralo.
mtlon ll ta hllirHt thai n (lr Uflk i f j(,m KdmUton of Me-
than th Hank of London nnd .Mr.Ueo MJn llM um,u to lultlatn at
will talio at'vattast' of llm official j mti t,Pll(1, t ha wrlltou
dilpt. which nuiliortifa financial ; jth!rtnry of Hta(o Olcott for Informa-
tlluttin to do a lltt e or an much ( lUj) to ),nw 0 prapan. tho Initiative
huaitiMt aa th dcilrr duriiva what la ,(otitj0,,.
Oregon Tcsehcr Hold Convention.
Kal'int - Many rducatora attended
tlm convention of the U'entcrn Dlvl
loii, OroKO'i H(l TunchiTa' amocln
lion. Iit'ld In thla city Monday, Tuca
day and Wcdnnnday The :ato nupxr
li.'ndfinl unya It wna oim i,f tho moat
Imporlaiil convcntlona of ttachcra
ovur lndd In tho alnto.
ruutirdod a a financial crtU.
Tim antiioxlmatn amounl wUhilmwn
from tho Uauk of lAindon and Mexl.ro
elnro d.;rxilrr lRan dtmamltait
their money, Mivural daya ago. I nr:d
to exvd IT.aoo.oOO pei.o. Of till
nmounl H.f'O.OOU Vwe (IT.OOO.OOU)
win withdrawn alnco lhaf Tiieaday.
General Tannntt U Dead.
HiiokniK'. -Oeiieral Thomaa Iteddlna
Tniumtt. for many ear n readmit ofi
OrKon and VahlnK(on, dim! hen? j
Mn wait a famow tifctire In tho civil
war and wna knoVn nationally.
Tumalo Enolneere Are Decided Upon.
Ilnnd.Tho hoard of emtliieeni who
wll,ytl,eiermlno tlm characler tf llm
hfK dam tlml will bnTmllt to Impound
(he walera of Tumalo crerk for tlm
IrrlKatlon of tlm lamia under tlm
Mnio'a Tumalo necrecntlon, havo been
clmiten nml will hold their firm meet.
UiK In January.
People In the News
Dand OcQlne Tour.
Albany. Tlm OrcKon iiKrlctiltnml
colIeK" cadet hand apieitred In a con
cert In tlm Albany armory Monday
nvenlltK. The concert wan Hie flrn
tn llm huud'a HMtul aiiuunt (our of
flt!r of the ntat.i,
Cardinal Mnrttimlll, formerly papal
P)pmriitti(lve In WimhltiKtoti, la nerl
otuly III. ya n report from Itoum
in.... (,. tt I m iiit tt "tinr,
. . ,,......i. . liaerHirv cf lnt!r or Ordoro Opera-
bom" immmriK tu unt r.iiKi" - - -
taw t m London hlh court bara MIm' W.at n.Klcn.lon at Onco.
M. imbi, from ..u, practice of law. on.-U. .). Newel. enKtaeer
KM luncl.ea are IhiIiir aerved ln; r" " ' , .
church at Clncltinutl by Huv. A. . - " . ... . ,. '
Kelly. Hot .oup, coffoo and aand.Krnpo iron. o.-... ...., ,
wlchea are aerved In opposition to tlm ' lmK... opera, ona on ...
I i . . i a ext.miilon of that project Imniedlatoly.
"liZZ S nmiruo cxHICaed -0M. Aa thla order haa been eagerly awn.,
,ni:;,.,U.m0rn. ur.W dec.arMl ud,
Modern Voodmcn Knd Rate Fight.
Hook Inland. Ill Tho executive
council of U- Modern Woodmen of
America nnnouncMl that It had aban
doned Ita URlit for Incroaaed Inimr
mice rnten and tlml tlm question
would not bo propoaMl at thu national
head cMitp meetlriR to bo hold In Juno
at Toledo, Ohio. unl It orlr.lttntvd
'tni tlm mciiibcmhlp.
Colonel Roosevelt and Chilean
Ex-Diplomat in Heated, '
WiuhinBtou. Mnmb.;ra of tho dpk
mntlc corpa, eapeclally repronnntii.lv
from tlm Houth American countrlMt,
wero crontly liiteroated In a rirt
reachlni; WhhIiIiikioii that ox I rtab
diit Dooenvell and Dr. Marahnll Mar
tinez, at one Hum Chilean mli'.laler
to tlm United Stitea, claalmd In Sa(j
llano do Chllo on account of dlv. rnt
vlnws on tho Monroe doctrine.
Tho reporled debate nttractod un
luiiiil Interest hero hccaunc both of
lh tirepnred Hpeechei. wero reKOwed
before delivery by tlm Chllenn foroln
In bin addrciw nt llm Iloonevclt ro
tbn Mouroo doctrine as n dead laauo
and arKuliiK tbat the condltlona which
Knvo rlim to IIh promulKadon by i'roa
j Id'ont Monroe In 1813 hnvc nlmoal on
, tlrcly dlaappeared.
Thin atalntnent la rnld to Unvo
nnueed th Ire of Colonel Hoancvdt,
' who replied with aomo heat, hobllnK
I that the Monroo doctrine mill " a
vital principle of the forclr.n polloy of
; tlm United mnttV Ho Ih itald. too, to
j have imiiBM-Urd to tint Chilean dlplo
' umtlHt Incidentally that It wna II! ad
, viand on anch nil occaalon to luauaur
' ale n controvi'my.
Nothing official hna renched tho
Chilean legation here concurnlnB any
i phone of what dlidomatlnta aro In
clined to PoimlJer a delicate altnatlott.
vocacy of Kovorumoiii owiieri.nu u.
(cleKraph and telephoim Ilium.
ProHldent Yuan Shi KalV plana for
permanently doliiK away with, the Chi
miH.i pnrllaiiient received umiuallfled
IndorHeuiont of tlm civil mid military
Kovcrnora of tlm provinces.
Thr aaln of Joo Tinker, former
mitniiKer of the Uoda, to tho llrooklyn
biiMolmll club for IW.OOO won ratified
by tho Cincinnati hiiMcbnll club.
Governor Mcdovorn of WlMCOimlii
miya thai thorv Ift no poHHlblllty of a
Hpoclal hohhIoii of tho IcKlMlntiiro to
coimlder tlm aocnlled oukuiiIc. mar
rliiB I- MtrilHtcTH favor llm bill
nnd doctorH lire opponed to It.
Vlc Prealilont Mnraliall will locturo
U ImiHl four wcoka after Iho oloao of
tho prcHunt 8fMHion of coiiK'ona,
ho will rocolvo $300 n luoture, H I
ania. Ilo will (our throtish Ilia Middle
wcatorn clllca.
Clmrlea W. Wnpponatoln, ex-Mllo
oblof tif Hoattlo, wiih Kninlu ctmdl
tloiml pardon by (lovornor UUwt, wltU
thw unfloralniKiliiB that Wweruiteln
h1u-.1I not Hvo In rlonttlo, but am M
ranch back of l" Wauhtagtw.
Ifti-VroBWcnt Taff, jioklni t
dlnntr kItoii to ex-aovorBr Frfci
of the J'hllllipliiuu, aald U far41tli
oducted oImh of KlllpUwf f h rt
now working for tbe nuiMimy
Inland moroly wutitod t ffirjlott the
iKnorunt renBMM. TU .ltrMf
dojil exproitod llttlo ooMiifMlR
i l...n.illnny or the M1MMQO l
i,iJm Ban LlndMtf
ChJcKO.Jud B 1. ' Uf
founder of tlm Juvntt Wirt U Den
ver, Cole, and MUa mrUm Uro
voort, HtupduuKlilur of Dr. P. J. CUV
pert, of Detroit, Mi.' WKI rrUd
hour nfter tlm meHiniKO wna received
ii crow of' men wero buny loratliiK dm
firm conatrucllon camp. Thin will bo
aboiK (wo mllea went of HcriulMtou,
Tlm 70,000 acreH contained III tho
wont exteniilon will bo rnclaluied by
unit, Tlmro nre 10,000 ncrca In the
flral unit, Tho principal part of tlm
work will bo tho coiiMtruotlon of tlm
dlveralon dam ncroHH tlm Umntllla
river, mnklni; n ronervolr of tlm rlvor
vnlloy. TIiIb dam will bo located two
mllea wont of llermlaton. KoIIowIiib
tho compledon of tlm flrnt unit, a
Heaond ilnut will bo built ncroHH tho
river near atniiflold, convurtliiB a
Inruo part of tlm Umntllla moudowa
Into n niHurvolr.
Uaker Sherllf Rclucce lo Cloee Cop-j
perflcld Oalooni.
Uaker, Or. Kd. Hand, almrlff of j
linker county, flatly refued (o carry
out Uovenior V.tH(' order (o clone
tlm aaloona nl Copperflcld, and aald
thai the only way ho know that the
r.overnor could have hla wlahca car
ried out waa to declaro martini law
at Copperfleld and take In llm nillltla
nnd enforce the law with their naalat
iiiice Mr. Hand docluroa that the dla
trb t iiuornoy htm ndvlacd him lhat
there la no law on tho atniuto book
which would wnrnuit hla cloHlns the
Copperfleld anloona or any other aa
loon which baa a llceiiae, and that
llireforo Mr. Woafa tieromiilory or
der muni ko unobeyed.
Sheriff Hand. nnd Dlatrlct Attorney
(Jodwln were disponed (o make llRht
of condlltona nt Copporflold, and de
clnred that tlm Kovornor had been led
to bellevo lhat a condition of lawleitn
neaa exUted, whim, an u inatlur of fact,
(hero wn nothlim. tlmy wild, other
than ii neifthboiliood iiuarrel.
All of Commliloncd Officer of Bat
tallon Suffer at Ouayma.
ilermoHlllo. Sonora. Thw commla
rlonctl offlcera and many aerRunnta
nnd coriKirnla of the Tenth battalion
of the federal jwrrlison at Ouaymaa
wero executed In thai city. accordJnR
to word brought here.
Officer and inoii of the Tenth wero
dlmiriued sevenil daya uko by Hentntl
Ojedn. federal coinninndant, when ho
dlhcovered they weru plotting to do
horl to tho InaurKcnt aide.
Accompanied hy three of tlm federal
officers who aurrundered to tho lll
HtirKeiita at Maytorenn, Oeuural Obro
Kon, field comiiinnder of tho constitu
tionalism In western Mexico, returned
hero to iikbIhI In locndUK (bo scaKered
. . . . . t... ..-..i
Kroiipa Of fOtUirill HOIUiern w.iw
dcaorted from dm Cuaymiia narrlaon.
W. J, Leaton I Sentenced.
Mnrahfiold. Wlllluin J. I.eaton, con
ylctod of tho thofl of I30S5 of atn-ot
fund of tho llttlo town or Kiut 8ldo,
nor hore, whllo city rocordor tlmro,
won Hcntoncod to from ono to ID yoarH
In atnto prlaou and to pay a flnu of
0170. Tho flno I 2 for every aoi
btr bo atolo.
Hungarian, Pheaeant, to Be TrUd.
Klnmath rails. Twenty-four palm
nf Hungarian phenannt, rccontly ro-
colvnd from Kuropo, will bo aent to
UiIh couuty oon. f Ttmy are aout tua
alzo of the ordinary plioawmt, but are
bellovod to bo hardier and mora capa
ble of carlnK for thomielve than tbe
Mongolian pheuaunt. ,
Taxation Vafue loom.
Aatorln. The aegregatlon of the
valuation of, tho holding of the pub
lic aervlce oorporatlona a fixed by
hn BtatA tax board ahow that MU,
I taxable
Litter Vlelta Centralla.
Contrnlln, WnHh. (lovornor Mfter
won lu (Vnlmlln to Unik over thu ty
phoid Mltuatlon. Tlm governor had n
detldetlly optlnilodc view of tho all
untlim. Ilo anld that he had found
ooiditlona not half as bad iih limy had
bcon rumored.
"I think It will' bo only a abort tlmo
bnforo tlm opidomlc U mutter of his
tory," mild tlm imvenmr.
Idaho Soloiu to Stay Home.
ll0H(lA hohhIoii extraordinary ot
tlm twelfth Idaho leRlalaturo will not
bo called by C.overnor Haines. After
RlvltiK coiiBlderatlon to tho domnnds
from various secdons of tho atnto for
nn extra scshIoii, Im Issued a state
ment hero rcfuslHK to net.
Brief Kews of the Week
Tho KansiiB Htimaim society Is urfi
lri5 n law whereby tho horses may imt
bo worko.1 lonuer than 12 hours n day.
Nowa couma from I'anuina lhat dm
INinaniu caual may bo open to ships
In Janimry, provldliiR that no more
lldoa Hike plnco.
flan Kmnclsco has comtni'ncod n
trial of tho public street dances. Tho
city furnlshe tho music and tho
UllhtH, mid tho tnngo nnd Urn Itoston
dip uro dancod to tlm dollKht of tbo
Intornutlonal labor unloim will with
draw their deposits umnuutliiK to bo
twoon M.000,000 nnd 16,000,000 from
tbe IndlnhnpolU bai)kH January 1, be
oauso ot friction reaulUug In that cUy
over labor (rouble, - .
nookoopera aro considering tho Plau
of taking tholr bee south In tho win
tor time In order that the honoymak.
or may keep btuy tho wholo your.
The plan waa suggested t llm maul
Iiik of the Northwestern 'Beokanpers'
association hold at Chicago,
What I said iab ile"BioH valu
able fruit tree In tho world, nn Ava-
4t. ,0t t , Z of AatorlZ . H- Woodtili, W Whlttlor. Cul
Club AbUs For Highway Fund.
On on !lv Tlm Clackamas Im
proM.iifnt c''.:b has adopted resolu
.'.onu ael.lr.E tho county court to apply
la tho state highway commission for
rl o' tN V- S.000 hlsbwny fund, nnd
'a tb o. mo be expended on tho
!f'r irl wry thremjb Clackumds
. ;utv. ...
' rV.i'e to Teat Cows.
n.-.ltrB. .V rystom of herd record
hoeplnu If h-biB Installed In Polk
couuty sclmols under tho suporvlslou
of W. A. Burr, of tho oxtonslon deiwrt
moat of tho Oroton .igrioultiUral ool
lege. .
iiiih neon insured rtr 30,000 ngnlnst
flro or frost. Tho tree lust year not
tod $3J0fi lu fruit aud budwood.
CoiuiuIshIoii men nml other doulors
In buttur aud eggs In ChlcnRo declare
thero lmvo kuou no shlpmonta of these
commodities from Canada to speak
of allien lh now tariff bill puttlnff
them on C - '.no list wont into effect.
Tillamook, On.
la Cblcw.
1 K-l . )..