Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, October 10, 1913, Image 1

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Largest Circulation of any Paper in Tillamook;County
Tillamook, Okhc.o.v, Octoiikk 10, 191.'5.
NO. '5
It is the aim of this batik tofefvq
the best banking jcrvlee pdBtbla
mid we do it.
It is also our aim to have the
very be.Nt equipment Mich ay
Mnderu Fire Proof Hanking
Room. Imi'C Proof Vnultr lhir
jlar Proof Safe. Modern Safe
Pcponit Poxes unci wc have
Dike's Hepatic Salts
wok k nu; livi-k
They Help Your Cold
Dike's Cherry Cough Syrup
Snips, the CMi$;h
n..... n.tt 4
t todi n. c KOCM &. HILL M...O. '
. . . un- a v r Mfimarv
Surve re
Altonirr Lj- anJ Notary Public
tlNl iiKfKHATIil"
TUUtnook, Oregon
Root Paint
Lime : Brick
Drain Tile
A t or-i io a ni?i? r COMPANY
l. ... . - . ni l-j ')A nA Ave. West
t t li i ...... .nMff nri wrr M 4.14 um" - -
'TV a war a A v Ml I iir iv.
ii i a re i m it k .i . ww
IV. 1 cntH.lv of brick and aram
ready for the market at- tlie ionu...b j
i-'N- DIUlirflLE, 20.00,PERllO"Si
JoeJed 0 miles south of Tillamook on main
traveled road
Mtrtu wwf
C'liteago -1'lea for 0Ve to the!
rtUblbbttinnt of Ihr military policy I
of thf t'tttcrvj stat-. .tirrwj tt
lm af ih National r;ni Afx-ui
UM o( the United State. In COtit.t)
tll bnr Tb mUllUing aaarrtrd
lltaj MMrxl Mckl rB rrtrr
tate that of the feoUr army to birr
owHting to ay a to tb aa'loti'
aallitarj affair Thry deplored Un
(act tha I ell meh question ar left
1H U arbitrary fudffteal of tb tee
riiry tf r ami bl department
Tl Wailoe adopts rnolu
ltd oi proWi i'rlott OrmUr S i
of th r i-(artJtM. SileJ prortrfra
In Ihit tb to'TJimrnt "111 not
rccular x-taj to orcUUon. ra
taU iMt dlM-ipilt, of !-lr orKin)
t Alloa iutrc rlj obtrr-4
AmOit rottio prorMni fr a
UM Ui tm aakaiitt to eoti r
tUae for tioaswt for n'Blcfi e!
tbe aaHnia r i-nkf at hoar tlx
tton. tkr btll t fcntr to Uh Vttf
ltal tlu f t kx of tkr otab-r
la lis rt of r or crate vHrst-
Mjrtjufd l Ortvfff Frr Bo. But
5tn3cr CtKi full OUtance.
:.' Yo?k Onthlltlsc u4 ootrl'VJ
)( Uir Nw York Caaal ta tir otrs
toe oamr of U k-otWI wrv-, tar
N'atlOMxJ LaK rrrltl- b- a
cor of to C
Kucb t'.iin RsUx-rni 11 Mu tres
tli l!vr7 of t- rlnl tiH-r. bet
thr .vthMlc drt -.' ar. Urar
lf aJ of crtT IxacUk. Tb- Claala
K3thrr-J li fraw inrtr II Mt.
SiIl llt AlAkOca' tUl a sa
Tir- Otxat IoWai rjyrtj ti
rol of Athk-tlr kliWi. Mrmant.
CrvneiiH an4 Trr b-.ac trattwd
out tn ortlT !!( oi sir tar, oal;
tbr Uttrr -oajJ b ctttfcle latart
On tb- othrr aaad, Ba4cr. li trier
an hidtun. mAU; of Maci deli'
i-rj rouatrr. t lb fil o1taac
Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
County Mutt Rl Cleetlon Date.
trot .ttora7 O'-B-nl rrafard.
In as opCstoc on thr rjujtlon of tb
-lCitoa bieh th Crook county eoan
rrciretly eallrl for S'eabr 4. u tl
low tb pnjple lo lWf on lb turn
Ins of a tl9jrW oo4 roouia UmmJ la
nu. boitla that tb ordr a laraHd In
aassocb at it t tb dat for thr rice
lloft r- t&an 4 tia) bene. He
tntfrprnla tbr ijte taw to O'la that
tb! oiJUas of tb 9ttlon ts)at b
aajr at aaorr lauu: ( dayt sr lra
Una 31 Uj bar tb dzla it', for
WMI AV Parten for Taylsr.
Sakttat Atxomry M V Weaxarr
falsi wf Attany aatt tbat vitbln a !
day a petition for tte paraon oi Jobs
Tair wrrtac x Hi M-loe In tb
SJtectUry for tif V.lllta; of A- H
f'T7 in Haray eoaaty. will b pr
aald lo OoTor WnH Taylor li
Oi tb Hie tnes wfco ver co3
dratawi to Snr bai;e( oa Ies:b4r 12.
1911. loOotax tbr recUas at
potVi of a )rapo4t eoatatattocaJ
assalatl abotasbiai: cartul ;ssUb-raest.
Waabinstoa. Senator Cvammt oat
llnl is part tb reform pUtia of the
to-called "ooacillalion comeBitte of
K?pobllcan aa-i i'rotr-84Te which
bepa to brln itcral the haMtajc of a
Bj&Uona! H-ptjbHean coaTestion early
in 1914.
Tbe chxat in tbe rpretnlatlon oi
aoaLberm ilat- in the aatioajl coa
testion la a lecoadary matter in the
programme of tb" eocsaltt With
Ibe ppcrt of rcaay K.epubHcan
lftadera who 1M not prtcipate la it
print in the "Kevtosetber" confer
rc In Cateao, they will iaaiat that
the control of the RepQtfecas natkral
eoauniUe crter xsatinc of delegates
In a satlesal eoavenUon b atiotUbed.
"MiTser itat have prtoary la
that corem the election of del "!
it will be aa eay nutter to proriie
by party rale that the certificate le
by local election ofrtcialf thall
b ftoal rrideace entltHac the dele
cata to aeata la the coaTenxlcm.
Where sch If i lo sot exHt, how
eTer. I bHeT that Hpebitcan aa
UfrerUle In each Jtit aboaVd pass
on ail cont'-aU and teule the eUjd
bfUty of iMexatloa before they so
ta the oataoaai coTeatioa.
RoaS Dii Called Scsn.
yedford Atirr a mlas lrfa
Sutt Knclt-.- Bovlby. AMduxat K
Clams- i' W KUtrMse. aad neaabrs
of lb eoanty oort. U t-J aaaocacea"
thai aa the aorrry OTer the SUklyoef
ha l coaaptelr-d bld for the coa
of two cttoa of the re
cently aalhoriied penaisesi hlchiriy
till be rpjccted at osc.
Ceman-Amerieani Osnste Prshlbltlon
St. LocU. The Xatlosal Cffais
AstrricaLn Alliance at tu conTentioa
here adopted a rr&olntloa oondeaBine
the altecpt to eccre the esactiaenl
of a national prchJbltioa law.
Fire Fighting Apparatus De
troyed and Water Works
Out of Commission.
.S'oae, Alatka. Fire hat completed
the destraetios of bliiiard-wrecked
rotkrwin? a nlht aad day of lerror,
24 hours of the wont Arctic terJ
that erer rinlted AUiU'i rsoit fa
xbocs niiate camp, name rtarted In
the nslaa of wrecked bttildiaa aad
iwept the city.
It waa lapeiilbie to eo;e with the
name AO of the flre-nshUn; ap
paratus tu destroyed by the alarm
and the waterworka lo It on t of
coscBSMtoa. The firehocs aad their
cfet-nt were iwept away by the pai.
esdrd oi hoseleti pron3
strasIed aaiaat wind aad ware in
an etfort to collect esoajtb food Irons
the debri to ia:taln life 'or iha--vfi
&sm2 aiHea tor a day or two.
It U etlrated that the k will
reach UaM. So preat was the
dettraetioe at prorisioaa that it is
feered that a famtae will foiicw.
Roitvelt Sail for Untri WHda.
New York Throlor' Rooret
RcJ (varty boond far Saatb Aaaerica.
whre thr rotosel til flrt lecsare
and Ikes cipiorr prtioa of Ibe CO
ttaeat fcKherto aatroJ by he raaa
.-jld oa 'hi teaaralp Vaa Drei.
Seattle Tint I Oamajtd y Fire.
Stattle. Wah f"Ur Saaday dia
fear larse prra aad destroyed
li nsotora ta the firerwi of the
aVattle T1ta. la the ba-a3et ai the
Ttw baildias. caurfaj; of JTS.
j . luiij iauarrc.
'oJoal A14 J Hlethea. editor of
the Ttaae. aad C4ara a Wlhea.
i naaias 4Mr. ald they - ere
lacd U Ore a af tnealary
R z tit rj Alan, i FaUe.
HeaUafloa. Farsetttsc where the
had pUacd a daH bat ctaininx tbe ;
;nlalVK- fesda. Mrt Elher Kir.
arviy apf-otsted potxnltr-M of tbi
tac-. cave aa alams at rabUrry, which
cxzA no little eieltemeat. The i
ssaaey tu Sosad later la iv.e pottof- ,
fice ife.
Lane's He? Crss Hurrsr-.er.
Kajene. Lane county's bop crop,
now nearly all barTeated. I etimated
at 7C"J bale, or approztsatety UiSSr
CK posnda. Thtt i the Uraeat yield
yet recorded la the cocnty Tbre car
lead were loadd lor hiptnent to
La Grande C-.octtj Ecin.
Grande. Th chzrtr electloe :
prortded for aa elrtle f connitj-!
ilor.T wtehla daya. October J ;
ha k r j-t t the tirse for the eke-1
Una oi three coaralMteseTi. tire KJe '
electire body ender new po-emirst.
Trouble Ojt tn Brt sf W&ad Hsldi.-.g
Sea Ceck Opn.
Seattle, "W'ah. The iteanship Spo
kaae. which eat oat fraatic dbrt'ess
Mcr.alt while he was c'f the tast
eofeft oi VaacoBTer iiland. arriTed
hers eadaaaa;ed aad with all her pas
Ma rers wiL
She did aet ran arocad as report
ed. Vit narrowly escaped tarnins tar
tie from aa larah of water Into the
head frwa her nain discharge becaaae
a chip of w-&oi caught aad heid opa
the a coca. The steamship i
ftop;-ed to pic? the tube tn the main
condenser. he saddealy tcct a rSo
leat lis: to jort. whea a distrt fis
cal was seat oct. r. .ra
Joepftlrtc County Crapes Flit.
Cranit Pa. The crap crop ca
Jo"phlne cocnty will t-e cd an eacel
ieot guilty a well as eaorazocs in
CcaatUy thl fill The asos has
bej Weal for th r.p-nl.ii; ct the
crape, and the pjeM?nt warns weather
aad bricht reabne ar STtaK the Ja
ncf Tokay a b-eaatlfal pcrpie ninth.
Wtit. Oiostt ar.a Kay Are Sued.
SAUm. Or Carwalt J4ee Kelly
baTic walae4 the oaaaarrrr to the
twit of AtloraM -CwiifirtJ Crawford
j ataiaat Gc-rraor Wt. Secretary of
Stat Oteott aad State Trrvmrr.- Kay
for aUC-l roacfal eipe-adltare of
afeowt t I1 PKaM7
toriac fond, the at:ara-y-caeral ha
ni is xnded cacsplalat. charclac
, tbat tae Uale had be-pa dacaced la
that uteat
Leaain; leanean Oie.
Boae. JdAho -V!r. R Z. Jahnn
arr.ied at tr home la ae cnex;ct
aad fare bar two wii, leadins
florae?, tae frt new of the death
a Ceraaaaj f i czr ot ltt
'oreaxnt oiUiea oJ liabe. -o eiptr
r4 spSBit- If footnc a paralytic
troke tixt day btiiare.
tfln Lilt Tariff BML
Loaaoa The sw? -rr M
t aait sa prautn ti AiaarKat
Ore Best Agrfcunural Exhiert
End After Breakin; AH RetsrSs.
SaJeta Orewa preatet iate fair
caae to a cce Saturday nlsbt Per
fect we-ather. exot-llent exhibit and
Mate prde hare filled the ccCfer oi
tie aftcctauoiL and fcr the first Use
tn it blitory It 1 o! ot Jbs- "There
m'.ll I a sreater eihlbttloa next year,
for the niaaaseaeat already ha taad
arranjwnieai to ealarce tu epe-.
Secretary Mere.dlth iy tht i the
am tine the fair ha paid ex;nM-J.
The total atte-ndaace this year was
between 9.W tni The larse:
ialty crowd was Wedaeday. Saleas
diy. when were pretest.
Award la the children A Industrial
derartsaeat at the tatt fair show a
larce p-pcod trance of tirl mic;
the 111 of prite winaera. This cra
;tiUa. ladndlajr prodacu of the
tardea, needle aad ;ttltiT hoaw.
broasht est peptti la the ttate pnlBc
(Chcol froa almost trrj Mctiaa lo
Sectary Cimfti Frtt Corf man.
watea-Secretary uamKw (
rea4t:e4 the ntac of Private Wal
do li Coilmt. of the waety-thirw
.riUtr who was dUboaoraWy
ditciarsed ti a lo lt :atliiar I
. . . r -f .
Icrtaarr btid that Uf CTideace he
tor je cesmauxial At ran Steieni
Or. w it-KsmcStil to ntaWlfh the
ciftif. The J ha atmxtfi wide-sjirea-i
attention on teeoreel c
elurrr that ibe Kldlf " ton:
4 ec awxwsa t hl x1a1c k'
Barrcom Gor".t Bait
Rciars. The rtoa cUIued aa a
barrowa in the HtKti McOefiaa when
ncebsrs was -wet" wa raided by
Sheriff Qaine and two barrel of tr.
one barre-1 of aiceilane!n: wiaet and
Lboct ftftea barrel of jty bottle
tilt netted.
Wet" Ton WanU ESertls-i.
RtMbcrc. Thinj-two rotr) of
Sctherfln. one cf Docclis coanty'i
threw wet tow-sa, hara filtd a tit ion
with the eosaty eoart aakiac far a
Ucal cptiaa lctk thare aa liaraaa
bar 4
a a l t r a r I IXaw
Fl D LA l Jj W
pLlt(a. H'- V.'sV aad CaklM 1
sua lux Crfc-x.3 - ' -t9 v"
ur at tht pre tit Utae lhaa fc a
avsabwr af yexr. "!" li awi w aa
ot aa! Kkwte f BaV
Brief News of the Week
A department of besiae efficiency
ben added to the pebttc school
syttesa of Lo Aafelea.
Creece s preparin? for war with
Turkey. rerTe ha ring be-f-a called
to th colors. The lamaedlate ertcsa
taon of Dfdacalch hat bra ordered.
Tie anion itaiica at St Paul. aed
by erery road entering the city, was
destroyed by fire, caciter daaiase cf
si4.e? to i
The state exejistive oononilie of the
.Vail-Saiooa 1 ei.cn of oihers CaM
forala ii op;oed to the ?r?;oirl inl
tiatlTf canspaiES far prohXbttion tn
Caiifamia in 1J14-
Sf-ealer at the ustsiaa of the Na
ttooal Vho5eale Grocers" at-wwlafSoa
la Chiciro crped the enactment of
Baifoms pere fcoi law a oe sate
tloa for the prot tlit ven of Hrtas
The CnlTerrtty of Ktaa has rt a
baa os the tAApo dasce aaic other late
femas af daaetac IeotS the er
eaainatiea of a latac dab by the
ontit-t aad fraterniu.
Dmrirr. the its which ha Jnit
ended. 14.l .merieaa Kler are
ad to have cense to westers Curt.i
The aastKtsnfnt ii twoed by Brae
Walker. coaaaataeser of taaricratiea.
lacreas-e oxer tsrft year i hown
People in the News
Secretary of the Interior Lane,
crtatfy teajfOTed la health, has llt
Calif oraia for Wtsblrcion. D. C. He
ii accttnpatued by his wile.
John D Roelitiriaer ovm mar per
aanal property than any otter jerwn
ia Sw Yort. Ht ast-eatzaeat lor
liir was J5.M
nepreatAtiT Gardner. repabiScas
caaddxte lor governor of Muiachn
itiu. declare lhai he to c; ;oitd to
woman tnlfrace.
Usrint the Ul of his lather, the
Crown Prince- of Sweden wOl aiasme
Ut datfe of Kirr Gcttaf, whe to tnf-
frtnt frets tffeda ot an o; ratios j
fjsw a; ;-ei: lid tit. .
Ea Prealdeat Txft ha accepted the J
tewltatfes of the Voard of traKe-e of '
rYtacetoa nalTersity to attend the
sedicatic f tht Grover CltTeiand
ave3oriaJ. October 1- ,
John C- lsfax-ui. ui tn Cai-
caco, ada.'j i 1JK 18
blackea the rt4--u.uoa ' uvset S.
ysrV. fors&erty seneral maaactr tit
tk jsstTiTlTi1 at a-lai Cdiaar,
Sslier"a Secretary Takes Blame.
Albany. N T. Gore-raor Salier re
erntly attempted to necKiate a tcr-cil-
with Cbarle F. ilarphy. leader
cf Tammany Hafl. to haTt his im
peachmtnt trial 'called off," so .Una
A. Ryan, ten of th .ew Torfc finan
cier and trtctioa magnate, teifit!
at the trial
Sareciy. a yonth of -', shonJdered
the blame for the emistion of unre
ported contribctlons from the scer
aor's campatfn statement, testifying
; was prepared wjthort the taowl-e-ige
of Salter as to details.
Crrtmsf Lister JnJna Bench In Leo
tare ts Jurist.
St-atUe. Wash. -1 won"! resign
Thry eociinl pall me off the bench
with a irfoi." decUrtd S-pric-.- Jcdse
John E. Hamphr.e foOowing a tar
chamber coafeivac with Governor
Litter and memttrs of the saptrior
"Th- trwcbl has been smoothed
ovtr. ad Govtraer Litter. -There
wta te so extra niea of the lgi
laaare ts dtorobe Jcdge Hamphri."
It was alleged that the governor and
tverai otiers at tie meeting severely
lectcred Jsdgtr Hamphrae and that
tfce latter prcid to b gcoi" aad
ctihsonanae hat soeeieor trom in
The cosifereac ai the dtmax of a
s-frt of jirotests et lo Govemcr
LiMr apaaast the higi-ntadtd man
ntr in whach Jodge Homphr.es has
dealt wtth lb eat cf Sorts lifts
trngi tare him lor ccntept
The protft were mei by Pcptr
Jer Joigea. the Kittor of tire lead
ing sewipaitr in Seattle aad by
accr cf battsets ad rcfesional
men cf this city and throngtont the
TiUaxnook, Ore.