Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, September 12, 1913, Image 2

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    Che tmatnook Rerald
C. G. Crcmblcy,
1ucd Civlcc J UJcck
Cuc(l.iv and Frld.iv
Kntorod M so-ond-diiio. mattor May 17, 1910. at the vwt otlloo at Tillamook,
Oren, under tho act of Marvh 8, ISW.
srnscKirnoN $1.50 a ykar in aovvnvh
Wdvcrtlsinrt Kale
' ceal Advertisement
Hr.t Insertion, por lin $ .10
Kach subsequent insertion, lino .06
Homestead Notice R-W
Timber Claim - 10.00
Notices per Una .06
Card of thank. pr line .0
Locals, or line, first .mrtion - .7J
Bach subsequent insrttou, line .Ofi
Resolution. of ( "omioliftH'e ami
lodKV notici", pr line .06
Business .C- Professional cimla.mo. 1.00
Display Advertisement, per Inch .26
ALL Oiaplav Ails tnut be in this of
fire on Monday awl Thursday Morn
ings to insure "publication in follow
ing Tuesday ami Friday issue.
Reasons are 'imperative.
tnlisiHWV no sensible, or Impartial'
man would receive for a moment on
aov toint in which their latere! wotiM
t,. iiitinmittl lv suvlm? what I not true.
I Hut who I this French priest! la he a : J
1 reality or a myth? If a realltv, he U . IJ
certainly tuuneles, and an npoHiaio i
Wsldos? III testimony against III old ,
co-rolii:lonit I worth much a
! would he that of one Henedict Arnold .
ne.nli.st the patriot of our glorious
' levolution, or of one Juda Ucanot
I against Christ and hi in-ostlo.
Seventh. How can the slanderers ev
, plain the following and yet believe in
the veracity of the word attributed to1
the croat general' LaKayette made a
speech in tho French Chamber April
l. l-JK, ami it t fouml in totu In th
!!iiU'i f, lirtexMMli'nce, etc. of I. a
Kitti. published in I'J volume by
, hi fnttnlt umler the Imiiriniatur of Ms
I favorite Von. Gootgo Washington m'
i Favotto. l'he subject In debate whs
, the motion to owl cortuin refugee
; from FrMeee. including the Kngllidi, or
rather lnh monks, who were sojourn-
i ing wi-h the Trapplsts nt MelWav.!
I La Fuvette wntmly opksod the hillj
! ami used this language: "I Know well'
: that in the report they have mkon of
i the expulsion of aome Knglwhn.en. i
who have entered among the Trnppists ,
at Mollarey. as a measure of good ami (
wim administration. Such measure,
gentlemen, are not nnoug those which i
will tnrrtt mv onloey. Mistnv mil)
riir foi f. r strength, nor dtmpotisin ,
for power, then. u will not hnve
row ot all thee precaution, and the'
I Mr. MaeKentie even aume the
I role of a rroohet in hi reference to'
' Krat -, "He I'He Pope) knows hs ,
Ttllaraook. Oretron. Sept. . 1913. cMct dauirhter (France) ha left U" ' !
To the Editor of the Herald mutertuil feome. never to return." t!
I am averse W d.-eti.1':s to the thin, my dear friwnd, that I .mw
level from whteh the Rev. Mr. Mac- mueh nr'itut that you. prhap a
kene ha eer fit to bc hi eartlondi little nwre, without preterwlinsr to fore
of tilth at the Cjitholic v.'huroh. He is 'tell future ent. I hnvw been ii
not. to u?e hi own evpresion. eon-i hranee e-vl tiroes, ami have t.,.nt i rJ,ppit f Mellerav will not be more
trovcrsalist.'" niiH-lv, man. who by weet and month in that beautiful ,Knuennm f- r you than are the JenuiU
sober reanirp am) so!id sreument country, and 1 can ay in all truth. 0f c;Hrvitovn to th. Utntetl i?rnt(!."
seek to corvine hi fellow man of that faith, far from heme dead, is very n c,)m.Hion. 1 would like to remind
the riphteoun th cause he ha flourishing. I have ikon to orients . v)r cKenio of the word of one
espoused, but, like "The Menace." he i and peooK: I have visited .IttTurtrnt irrt.wttr th.in himoclf. namely. George
praife o Jnehlv. ami the Chiniw . churches in Ums Kreat city of Pan on Wmhinnton. After tho eenu'ra'tulatory
and Crowley, whore company he love varum Suralayx. awl at all the servir. . ,j,jtow lhnl wa, ir,,w to him
so well, the Reverend gentleman would j e I have en the nroHt hailira ' the t"tfMlitfH of tho country, wlum he
appear to be a tuuti-shn?;er, a man who : the eity fill! to their utimwt eapicity , WB unanimously elcctl llrwt presi
is a firm believer in the werda of Vol- by devout worhip. rs, men. women jet ( uvW r0tMiblie. Waahltiuloo
taire. Uie, :iWO-illlni; khi aia sn.i rmmri-n. .Miitroivr, i . iiwiuih- i rt.p!itti : "Aw mankind lx'COmt moro
IK? Oelieveo. irieu ui anrciinc mj
If You Can Manufacture Anything
Come to
To Do The Mantif acttiring
article fairly and -jUKrelv. he roraw
hack w'ith an avalanche of plati
tudes, of low insinuation, falseheod.
and misinterpretations of th' .scrip
ture, of o-eailed dead-ot i-' jection
to the Church, heretofore refuted a
thousand time. It is too bad that the
centleman did foreet to mention that
the basemen: of every Catholic Church
in the land are to-;ed with eut and
powder (inelodine; dynamite), to be
used whenever the CahoKe of Amer
ica wil! be ordered by the Pope of
Home to kill otl their Protestant
brethren. O Tempera. O Mores !
pepl. of r ranee in their impoverished ;,r..i thov Wiii i,e ,,ulr.. nt .,, niv
rnimon. robbe. . as tti.y are. of thnt tho,e wh cnluel themselves
th-r churches ami their lawful vs. i ns wortht ,no,i,ers uf the commi.mtv
essiona, besides uppsrtini; their home r,, ,.,,ui,v crtitloi to the protection
church, are irvim: more mon,.y for t.)e ,lf Ult. ,.,v"i government. I how ever
t.txca -ation o the rntth in heathen,.,,,.,,. ,nru.,t Hmnni. i, f,,p-miwi
f ! rtHtii.tw in Vimtitt4 nf ill t it-it unit
1 premime thut your
will mil forcet the
lard than all the other countries
the Cntholic world combined : they are i,i,i,,,. M1i
furnishinj; more mi,ionnries ami t follow. cituens
priest for iiairan lands than
Catholic of the real of the
en totrether. Bismark,
"iron and bloxI", when at the lenith
of his power, at the time of the Kul
turkampf, said "Wir irehon nicht nach
i Carossa". Hut he went, ami the Inll-
I am very much afraid, mv dear Mr. del government 0f r:nce (which .Mr.
MaeKenrii. that the mantle of your j MacKentie commend) is already be
charitv retcre , very far. It meas-1 i;inninc to retrace its step, ami i
a low iv coin;; to "i anoa . uut a
all the i itHtriiiti,. n,rt whii-K vll tiMik in llir
world tuk-l ccomplishmont of their revolution,
tho man of i .,i .i... ,4rfi(,hhri.i,t .if fl,,ir I'uVitrn
ment, or the important assisLanre they
reeeivetl from a nation, in which the
Roman Catholic faith is prufc4d.
Good Hye.
Frstneis Van Clarenbeek
ures but a few inches in length and it ;
i not very ide 1 sincerely hope that '
the charity uf Chrit, our Lonl. on j
Judgment " Dav, will be of greater
proportions than you are trvinir to at
tribute to it. I-ook at the text once
more and study and you will 'ind that I
the Calvinistie meaning yuu place upon
Our lori'i woni is entirely erroneous. ,
B?Doe Sivs ami Niclal
iilnr'Biiriit lo IBmisi
who wi3l briii pay
rolls lo - -
1 S3 V
11 y
XVIiulViii 15ay
few days auo Canlinal Vunnutolli and
the Kreruh Minister o' tho lutTior
-net in Pans with the view to ttl
if possible, the troubled condition otl SVe wl.h to secure bid for the con
c"unir. ' tlruction of a school house, t'lan-i can
Befor- pirtm; with mv friend, Mr be en at Floyd Culbron,. Clover- j
MacKeniie, I wish to tell him that lie dale. Ore. Bomd has the richt to re-
1 ... .u., .. I . 11 t , . k f l i. , .1 , i
ucvw ,ui ivwc .in jit-ru uict uiv i uw i leci iinv nnu nil uui. mils musi ue m ' n
By eivinK the examp'e oz chanty in , or Ko-ne i'nri! t i Vnertca ant g '- i y the Sixteenth of September, 1913
the Samaritan, he did not teach the ' blin up the United Suite. Nu one Wm. R. LawTonce.
Jew that the Samaritan was his neiph-J ever wa in dread of this, except men; Clerk Dial. No. 12.
lor to the exclusion of the rest of men, j of very distorted brains. Such was' . ,
but he taught the Jew that, as the not La ravette s. His wa n irreatl
Samaritan hau included one of his race mind, ami those who persist in iitLribut
amonir his neighbors, so he likewise intt to La Fayette the woril quoted by
must learn to expand his heart and t;Mr. MacKenzie ae slaTlerer of the
embrace ult mankini r. .hat new 1 -v.- j worst type, because they calumniate
which was to he the creat lesson, the : the dead, who cannot speak for them
great inheritance of the Christian race, i selves These words cane from some
Hor the Samaritan was not an enemy ! one elv, a:al in order to L'ive then
of the Jew, he was worse than this, he ome weight wre fslen-d on la Fay
Nehalcm Haiboi Co.
was his rival. He was looked utxjn
with that peculiar feelinir of low hat
red which is a compound of contempt
and of jealousy. Tne Jew co-.i.Jtred
himself unclean after any ir.'ercourse
with the Samaritan. The Samaritan
was one who had crept into the very
heart of that land which should have
been appropriated to him as his own
inheritance. He had reserved a wor
ship which the Jew cor.sidered as
exclusively his own. He was the only
one who presumed to offer sacrifices to
God in a holy place, and to despise
the ordinances of Jerusalem, but at
the same time observed even more
STA'I I: Ol1 ()WI:(i()N, P)K Till;
Wheeler. Oregon
PorlUnJ (Jlfitr. 327 lnUni ial
Tillamook Offwci Cif Is K IUjIi
ett- wner. he wns alreudv deait two or
three yean It is a cerUin profeaaor ' Clark Cour.tv Investment Comunnv.
t. . . L ' ----- - .-r ,
wejo-e ine,Curpor.Uon.
Morso who stunds cemvicted
Notice 01 (lunrdlnti
Wcnl I'ropcrty.
Ainericnn puhlic ;;J avint: originated. I Plnltiir
or at least given currency to, this bote t v
sUrvier aain-t hia Catholic fello-v-cit- i Srethna S. Phel(w atal Lucretm J. Kil
izen, without any decent pretext, much bourne
lesi any solid foundation for hu injurs-1 OcfemianU. 1
ous HUitemenU. Allow me Uj ask those To Sn.thnM lh..(1 nn,l l.ii,.r..ti,,' l
wno still persist in attrinutin to tho 1 Kilttoorne : - tu--l i tor, nir any oitor therefor ar-
Kreat general this slamler against the ie rut.' vi'tMPhPTiii' otiti' Mt, eeptml of lend than S7.K" per nrre, the
Catholic priestbowi a few questions, j ir, I Iloanl renervinij the right to rejtiet any
v.., .v ..i .. 1 and all bid. Snid lands are attuato In
i ou are hereby required to aimear i r..n , .. i ,
.. .l .u.. ...... .. a. i . .. i . I i iinimwoK uooniy, Krwifiio, ami ut-n
!reatln th" tide ami ovorllnw lamls
J hereinafter decrlbiii Klvln. however
to th owner or owmrt of any land
alw.ttinsr nr fmntinc on such tide and, NOTH'I' H II KUDBY ill VIN'. that
ovrilow laod. the preference riht to undnrstpml, b) v.rtuo and author
purchase raid tide and overflow lnU i ny ,,( an (rr Qf nlr fmmtv Cmirl uf
at t'. hleheat price olTtrtl. irovldil the Slate uf Oregon, made and enlvrml
i. -eh ,.Xi-r is made in eixid faith, ami ! In Ita records will front nd aftwr the
also iroi.lin that the Istwl will not , 1 1 th day of October, 1'Jll. at th
.snlc Of INTMIi CIKCl'll COt RTOf
' l t a t'il tf itlll liliM I
First by is it that the name of the
Prufessor who boasts of his loni; and
intimate companionship with La Fay
ette, is never once mentioned in the
ou in the above entitled cause on or
frirllv than the .I.w th snirit of th lwln inlumiH nf Vi.mi l'np,..,l. i "ll"ru ulu expiration OI SIX woeKS
law. He was enterprising and charita- ence and Manuscripts of General La
ble; he wa-kind and remarkable for ' Fayette published by his family at
his vir"- and cast u reproach on , Brussels in 1-S37? Sueond. lfLaFayette
those in the m dat of whom he lived. ; ured the professor so repeatedly und
Then, when Our Blessad Linl told the ', so earnestly, at he tell us, totfive thu
Jew that the Samaritan was to be in-1 warning contnineil in the words to the
eluded in the number of those whorr. he
was to call his 'neighbors, he at un:e
threw open the bounds of human love,
and made it embrace all men no mat
ter whether in our eye thoy were
objects of hatred or love. This i tne
f?reat principle, my dear Mr. McKer:
zie, which Our Lord laid down, and
iave tu his Church, and whicli has
been the rule of her conduct f rom the
LeKirininK, ami not the narrow, bigot
ed, Calvinistie, nateful meaning which
you seek to convey to Our Ixird'o
You stand on very weak ground, my
dear friend, when from the tieighu of
your self-constituted authority, you
accuse us of being "wolves in sheep'
clothing", and proclaim yourself the
the teacher of "all things whatsoever I
command you". Do not accept the
private interpretation of the Bible as
the rule of your faith? You certainly
do and must, otherwise you cannot lay
claim to being a Protestant. How
then, can you give to yourself and to
; American people, as early as 1MJ, why i
, did he delay giving the words out till'
1S3G or 17 (More gives both dates)!
about three years after tho death of ;
the French patriot. Third. If this
was really the sentiment of La Fay
ette, why is not the famous m.tto
found in the twelve volumes, consist
ing in great part of his own writings,
ai.d why is no trace of it to be discov
ered in any of the published lives -f
the French patriot? Why, especially,
does his physician, Cloquet, who was
ISO intimatf-lv ni.i,inli(l uilli In t-'ut.-.
ette's inmost thoughts, say nothing I "''"'i1 ?n". ,
whatsoever on this subject, in the elab
orate 'uric in which he treats of the
private life and conversations of the
patriot? (See Collections of the Private
Life of General La Fayette, by Jules
Cloquet, Vol. 1, Ixtndon, 18:55). Four.
How does Morse reconcile the two man
ifestly inconsistent facta of La Fay
ette'h using this motto to American
Protestant), and at the same time
passing as a oatnoin: in franco, prais
from the date of the first publication .if
this Summons, ami if you fail to so
appe.ir "ind answer fur want thereof
the plaintiir will apply to th court fur
the relief demandi.il in said comphiiut,
which is, that it bo decreed that plain
tilT is entitled to recover the sum of
J-175.75, with interest thereon from
April Kith, 11)10, at the rate of f p.-r
; cent per annum, the further sum of
j i2 'XI, with interest thereon at the
same rate from June 30th, 191.1, on
I account of taxes p.iid, tho further sum
! of I 25.0". as attorney'H fees, ami the
co.it and disbursement of this suit, on
account of a note executed by defe.id-
ant Srethna S. Phelpi. dated April llilh,
. 1010, in favor of plaintiff in the princi
i pal amount above named, and that the
l said amounts be decreed to be a lien
and against the following de-
property, situate in I'l I Iff
jour congregation anything else loan i ing the tender. Catholic piety of his
human opinion, and consequently hum- devoted wife, and wishing to be buried
an faith? The Bible is indeed insnired
by God --this the Catholic Church has
always taught, even for 1500 years
before Calvin's time. But you do not i
mean to say that the interpretation
you put upon the Bible is inspired, and
lr ......t.l I . , t :
I... I .-lot,, I I ..
uy ner siue; aa no a nyiiocrile, or
was he only inconsistent? When death
approached, ho enjoyed the ministra
tions of thu Curate of the Assumption.
as his physician. Cloquet. testifies?
How explain the solemn Catholic fun-
if you are so positive about teaching I ural service so beautifully described
"all thing3 whatsoever I huve com- by Cloquet, and the interment in the
manded you", you must certainly have I Catholic cemetery of Picnus, with a
a revelation i rom on nigh, for you do i large (Jatudic cross near his grave,
not admit that Our Lord gave us an i (See cut of his tomb, page 291, Clo
infallible authority to give us the , quet's Lite of La Fayette). Think you,
right meaning of the scriptures, as the I tho priests would huve assisted in such
Catholic Church maintains. ; large numbers at tho funeral, if he had
In the beginning of your article you , been in the habit of abusing thern? Or
disputed the fact that Christianity was , did La Fayette have one latifuago lor
brought to England by the Catholic ! American Protestants and another for
missionaries. Now, Errand, accor. French CuthoKca? Fifth. In his
ing to the great Piotestant hiHtorian castle at Lagrange, Lu Fayette, like
of that country, McCauley, was con-, other French Catholics of rsink, had u
verted Uj Christianity by Saint August- chapel. Now, vhat was the uso of tills
ine, who was sent by Pope Saint Greg- chapel, if hi" enemies (the Komish
ory. It is true missionaries reached I priests) were not to officiate therein?
cngianu previous io aaini Augustine, ( aixtn. .Morse quotes tho
landing in Kent. JJuut is a matter of
history that these, too, were tent by
the I'opu ot Koine at the close of thu
second century. Pope Kleutherius,
about lhO, hud sent to England Fugati
us and Ouiniumu, at the Instance of
King 1 uciuii, This is attested by all
the older British, writers, (See Lin
gard "Aniii'itU-s of the Anglo-Saxon
Church, ,ac 16, American rJdition.)
authnritv f
an anonymous trench apostate priest,
whose confession he edited in
186, in support of Lis cause,
Morse tUates that this priest either
had this statement directly or indirectly
from Lu Fayette, but such author
ity is worthless for ho Is
numelebs, and ho belonged, no doubt
mook County, Oregon, to-wit: All of
Iota , U, 4, 5, 0 und 7, of Block 6, No
tarts Bay Park according to the record
ed plat thereof on die in the ollice of
the County Recorder of Tillamook
Coui.ty, Oregon, and that a mortgage
executed by defendant Srethna S.
Phelps covering said property, given
to secure the payment of said note, and
which mortgage is recorded at page
SOS, Hook T of thu Records of
Mortgages of Tillamook County, Ore
gon, be , foreclosed and aaid nrotiertv
sold for the purpose of satisfying the
amounts claimed by plaintiir, and for
such other and further relief ut to the
Court may seem equitable.
This summons Is servud by publica
tion in tho Tillumook Herald, a weekly
newspaper, by order of the Honorable
Homer Mason, County Judge of Tilla
mook County, Oregon, made Saptum
11, 191.1, directing summons to be so
served iiwn the defendants. Tho time
prescribed for publication of said order
is once a week fornix sucessive weeks,
and defendants are required to appear
and answer the complaint on or before
the expiration of six weeks from tho
date of the lirst publication of said
summons. The lirst publication of
said summons is made on tho 12th day
of September, 1913.
Stapleton & Sleight, and II T Bolts.
Attorneys for Plaintiir, J
cribed as f-dlow. to-wit-
lleglnnlnr at a point 6.HU.J feci N.
I 21 17' IC. fHm tho quarter soetlnn cor
j nor between Section Ti und S T. fi S. R.
10W. of W. M.. a, tho high water llnr
I on the right bank of the lltllo Keslucea
River ; thiuico
i .V. fiV. WW. 270.1 feet along blrfb
I water line
S. 1.1 57- W. CO.O feet lo low WHltir
S W lir K. 2711. 1 feet along loVwal
er line
N I.T 57' K. 71.0 feet to the plan) of
beginning, containing .3s! acre of
tide land being tldo land in front of
tract owned by Oms. Uuv In sections fi
and (I. T. 5 S. R. 10 W. of W. M.
Applications anil bids should bo ad
dressed to (5. G. Brown, Clerk Statu
Land Board, Salem, Oregon, and
marked "Application and bid to pur
chase tide lands."
G. G. Brown,
Clerk State Land Board.
Dated July 22, 191.1.
In the Circuit Court ol the State
ol Oregon, for the Cminty of
jui i . ii. iicmm, in iiiMmk ( ity. Oro
gon. sell al prtvnt taiv for one-third
emit down and balance on dnferrod
pnyrilrnl with Intorost nt 7 por eoi
Kr annum, any portion i.r all uf thi
real properly niluatod In Tillamook
County, Oregon. Hoaflribod ns follow.,
Beginning at n point liT8J foot wot
of the .n:tliwpt corner of bluett num.
bered U, m Tllliimo.ik City, OroKon.
ami running thc. mirth lit A f.,.,i
munrit wcni iim itiftr
ttlftlai OJaCtltl t Miit.4j.a ...... I
-Hi li-ot; iirm thoiie.. on.l 03i fot l tbo plaintiir W ill i
the p ur,. ,,f beglnilloi;. ! the rollof dcmniuM
Oatod heptomlHir 12th. 1013. . Tbo relief defnandr
i , .. Goardlnn of ., that It Im dc rr. t
-.isrpu in-au mini aiM vrtw Dale , right, title or li.tc. '
TllUitu-ik t'4iun(y I
a eorporallon, I'lu i t
To Krnl Whrrlrr. e . f tb)
linlio-d ilofutxladt
In Iho nmnii of uteuf
nn.Wrr thq rmnplai ' ifd ltf
In tho nhovo ctitltlr I --Jft V
on or Ixiforr thu ri ' ti or -
of tin -utum-'ii. ' i i io
Mildred B. Small and
F. I), Small, Plaintlirs,
Anna Herrall, Charles
Hernill and Robert Her
rall, Defendants.
Notlco Is herelry given that the un
derslgned, J. C. Ilolden, us referee an-
pointed by thu Court lo make Inn sale.
pursuant Uj tho order and decree
Notice of Sale of Tide Land.
Notice is lierebv llven lhnl tlw. Ulu
Lund Hoard of the State of ()r,., ,.,m
sell to tho highest bidder at Rh olllee
in tho f'linllid ... w...i r-
,,. k ..I.,.,.. V......i. .. ....... i-u m, allium irii-
w jiiu duiiiii uun ui u lotrujiuiuun rene-1 gon, oti wctoDer 7, 191.1, at 10 :00 o'clock
gades as Chiniquy and Crowley, whoso a. in, of said day, ml t"j htate'a Uil-
oi mo said uirciill court of the State
oi uregon.ior me uounly or Tillamook,
made and entered on the 2f.th day of
ouRum, iJi.i, in Hie case or Mildred B.
Smiill, F, I). Smiill, plaintlirs,
vm. Anna Hernill, Charles Her
rull and Robert llerrall, do
fenduiiU, on the 27th day of Hepum
ber, 1913, ot 9.00 o'clock In the fore
noon of said day, at the Court Hounu
door in '1 larnook County, in Tillamook
Wty ,ut J'uhic '"'ctlon, to the
highest bidder for cash In hund, In the
manner required for the sale of real
property on execution, all thu follow-
nig iiescnueu real properly, to-wit:
fide lots one (1). two (2). three (),
and xljtht (8). n Htlllwell's Addition
to tho town of Lincoln (now Tillarnoolt
Such sale shall be sublect to confir.
matlon by the Court und the property
will be so hi-In one purcel. 1
llnin. MifKira.
Notice of A.sc.hiticilt.
Miami Lumber Company, a corjiorn
turn, baving its ollice nd priin-ipi
iJ iico of buslnoaa at No. K'U) Bast
i-irst Struet, in the City of U An
geles, State California.
"J " m,'".'.,,l"k' "f ,h" "f I'lrector
of Hi.id Miami Lumber Company, hold
on the Slr.l day of August, !93, an ns
("iMiiont of 11.50 pr ,(,,,, wn vjrl
upon the isnued capital slock of said
corporation, payablo itnuinlinU'ly to
H. W. Isliam secretary of .ud cor
poration, at No. H.10 F-ini I'ir-i
furnia (:'ty A"Kl!,u"' Slftt" "f "'l'
.A,.'yi',t.V'l wh,(,' l''a asses,
munt shall remain unpaid on tlio.lOth day
of September 191.1, will bo delinquent
and advertised fur sale at public ',,".
lion, and unless pnymunt In uuole be
;!"" w"l aold on tint IHth day of
October. Ml 3 at 10 '-Il . ' ...
n , . ' V P"y tl!,, lH"l)uMt aess.
ment, toguthur with coils of advertls.
Ing and expenses of sale.
Ii. W. Isliam,
i .i - Secretary.
Location of olllc. KMi Bast First
Street, Um Angeles, California.
(Publlslien) 035H3
Depnrtmcnt of the Interior.
U. H. LAND OFFKJB ut Portland,
Oruioii. .i,t..,i... u ,.,., '
Pressler. of V . U Vi ......... ...i .
lulu f-l into i ' .""-Kon, wild, on
J iiy 41, 1912, madu llomi-ui,.,.,! i,;
NO. 0.1583. furU'iupi i.iuiiTi ,',.,,
21. Township fi, iWvH
Wlllumutle Mi.rlflli... ' I.,.- i" l
"f Intention b 3 V;.. ' I "... 1 cu
a. - s VjIIIII Illll M .
I'miff k. a. in . .
....., ui csiaiiiisn cum to thn
land abovii described, ,uforo j, (V,,.
ilen. Countv f'h.pi M-iii.. . ,' ,' V "
Oreyon t Tillamook" v, on"
the 21st dav of n,.i.,i.... iiA "
GMbI!imu)ii'.,iU,ntI,,w"UB',0lt: Kdgiir
tillbert, William N. Hays, l-lwiird Tr i.
" Kb, John Haling, ..f,, ,lt
II. F.
i tain noim fur Uu
i by Kile Patt rsoii to i
'SK of HV. and j f SKj .
niMl SWJ of SWl S. I, i
i recorded at nauo '
i tho Records uf n rlif iu'ci of
iiitintv. OntL-iiii. . h
ni,i r v ii..i..,i.i i , uu and I1
trannfnrrid to Ti Ian. aK
ti... ..I ...... tr ... i..u inu
nil' IMlillll III IIIIF ,-, , I
lm foruviir bsried and f jfWW1
right, title, l-itornat .r rll
tho mild nuirtouL'rd I rpKltfi
mod. illi,,r iiM.i .irlluT Iflit '
i i....:.. .. ,i... ,.i .i d
111! LCIIinill U 111 llll H 1 M .,
i . . .. ikiu:
anu ii jiiuginuni iigao ii " , ,k,
Pattiirmii fur the ulliliUIlt 01 V
. .1 i. itfrtll
iioiva, loguiuer wno in.--
lorntiyii fees, . j
Ibla hiiiiimioos Is nu Id hcJ
ed iiimiii you by pillillcslw
ri ii,. ,l ii 1,1 i.u n dnii
llouoralilo Homer Mson.
of Tillamook County, Of
August 21st, 191.1, rc"lrlnrTJ
Pear and unswer the coniP'Jjj
ouioro Liiu iixoiiiiiiM i
iroin inu iiiitu oi inr
.. n.i.. ., .o .i tin! nrti
"i nun riiiiiiiiooni " i.
tlnn of this summons is wm
... i .i i a i
II', Mill IJI lMK"l ...
'I' ilium itiivti
a, an.
a ouimiu'ro a'ivil'C Nu
nuiiiiiii I Mil I wn -
v.,n.., i.'nv r.lVE
lm .J..I.1 .null niwj ' i
.v 'V'. . ,i... Riw
mo v.ouniy i.ouri in r ,b
(Kill I. fVilhtV. U"
Kon ior iiiinmoon '
signed, A, JM, Mariioi "v(l.
i. .....i ...i...i..iuirnini- at ":
..n ii... sii.....i Muron. -
oi aonii uimm "i,
tho said estate are l'ur.Vu' ,7at,
re(iilred to present the ''
voucbars. ilulv verified 10 Ti
. . . - - .
luiiLii, ur wj in hi-i' - i
non. ill THlAinooK. urenv.
months from thl diite.
Ai in nlitW" '
' Dated Auk, 25, WX